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Found 7 results

  1. Oh my. Finally. This half-scratch turned out to be more than half, and at least twice as much as I wanted to work. Nevertheless, it is here now, even if it taxed quite a bit my little grey cells. If you would like to see the construction process, please go here to the post on Britmodeller: Thanks to all who contributed to make this model better, and specially to Mika Jernfors of Arctic Decals, always providing superb graphics for these exotic projects. OO-ENC was owned by Belgian pilot Guy Hansez and gained much notoriety due to some assiduous aerial meeting participation and some remarkable flights uniting France and Belgium with far places in Africa. With its vertical stabilizer painted on silver and the number 13 on it -and no wheel pants-, it was also seen participating in the Oases Meeting. This airframe was originally G-ACDD, the machine owned by certain British prince that later on played a very sad role in world history. So far, the story you can find in books and newspapers. But it is known by some that Hansez was actually flying his compatriot Hercule Poirot, in secret missions designed to catch the baddies.
  2. Not long ago I saw this on Getty Images while looking for something else: https://www.gettyimages.ae/license/3430428 It was love at first sight. The search begun, and I learned that there was a resin kit from Aeropoxy and an out of production vac from Aeroclub. The Aeroclub kit can be seen popping sometimes on online auctions, but is not easy to get, plus it's a bit dated. The few images I saw online of the Aeropoxy kit didn't tempt me, but in all fairness I did not have the kit on my hands, so this is subjective. I think that Contour Creative Studio produced at some point a paper kit of the DH83, but I have no direct knowledge of it, besides is not the media I build on. Since there are in the market now two relatively new kits of civil De Havillands in 1/72nd scale, the 60 and 82, it could be perhaps possible to borrow some parts and achieve a credible representation of such beautiful airplane. Very fortunately, I was directed by Ebil Genius and friend Sönke Schulz to a thread on the topic right here at Britmodeller, where a great deal of information was provided by John Adams, to whom I am grateful. I am using a combination of plans that are available on the Net, although none seems to be completely accurate. So here it starts this attempt to a half-scratched 1/72nd scale Fox Moth, this time the one with the aft rectangular window. All this is a bit tentative, and although hopes are high I really don't know how far this will go or how successful this may ultimately be. So let's start the road, but bear in mind that I am very practical modeler. The flat sides and formers are cut: Windows and doors are cut. Usually I am unable to extricate the door cleanly from a fuselage side, and have to carve out first the opening and then produce a separate door, but this time somehow it worked: Both doors will be posed open: Gluing begins: It is very small, smaller than I though it will be, how they managed to cram up to four people there I don't know: The window that communicated cabin and cockpit is carved, seat and controls prepared, and the oil reservoir made too:
  3. Hello I am building a 1/72nd model of the Fox Moth based on the Airfix DH82 kit (that has slats). That means that without deleting those slats you are restricted to: G-ACAJ (first reg., slats) G-ACDD (second reg. as Royal Flight, slats) OO-ENC (pilot Guy Hansez, Belgian, not sure if it had slats) ZK-AEK (no slats, so no go) Not interested in modern regs. I am not keen on modeling G-ACDD as I am not particularly fond of its then owner, some prince. If you have any images of G-ACAJ, or OO-ENC showing the slats, they would be of great help for the build. I do have a number of images of all the other regs, not interested on those, and I do have what can be seen on the Net of OO-ENC, so no need of those either. Cheers!
  4. 've just finished (at least I think so - at the moment) - DH 83 Fox Moth. Scratch build. I used parts from AZ Tiger Moth (tail, engine, propeller, parts of u/c, wheels) and spare wings (sloteless) from A-model Gipsy Moth, with new central part and mounted at different angles. Fuselage is using rear part (enlarged by width and height) of AZ Tiger, front part is completly from pieces. I used basicaly Miranda & Mercado book plans, but I tried to corect some areas regarding photos (for exmple in drawings the doors ale flat, whereas photos show that they are bulbed). Two Fox Moths were impressed to SEAC: MA954 and MA955, both impressed 31.10.42 and used by 3rd TAF Communications Sqn, Comilla in .44. Soc 31.7.44 (second one was for short used also by Bengal CU). There are at least two photos in IWM collection showing of one of those machines (serial is not visible) http://www.britmodel...llaneous-types/ Above photos show, that colours were rather badly weathered. So I was demolished a bit colours on model as well . Here she is: And the whole mine Moth's family - all of 2015 "production", presented on RFI already. Thank you fro watching, comments welcome Cheers Jerzy-Wojtek P.S. A photo during work:
  5. de Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth G-ACEJ, pic thanks to Mark Mills.
  6. Aeropoxy has just released a retooled variant from its 1/72nd de Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth resin kit. Sources: https://www.facebook.com/121276231237463/photos/a.122285194469900.12687.121276231237463/1011956068836137/?type=1&theater https://aeropoxy.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/d-h-83-fox-moth-retooled/ V.P.
  7. Hi, Two Fox Moths were impressed to SEAC: MA954 was impressed 31.10.42 and was used by 3rd TAF Communications Sqn, Comilla in .44. Soc 31.7.44. MA955 was impressed 31.10.42 and was used by Bengal CU and later by 3rd TAF Communications Sqn, Comilla. Soc 31.7.44. There are at least two photos in IWM collection showing of one of those machines, they were recently quoted in a topic on this forum on SEAC types http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234976366-india-white-seac-roundels-on-miscellaneous-types/ On the photo of second post there - presenting SEAC Fox Moth - there is something on the engine cover, on right lower corner. I cannot recognize - is it a kind of nose art, or rather this is just a lack of paint? Position of it suggests rather the second option - but perhaps somone knows it better. Second question - the visible national insignia (roundel) on top of the wing has unusual proportion with very small light center. This recll me rather those used by FAA in Indian Ocean area then typical SEAC mark. Is it possible, that it was like FAA one - with white middle, not light blue? Can anoboty help? I am finishing with my Fox Model in this markings.... Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
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