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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Chaps Just for bit of fun here's my next subject for this Group build. Which plane is next in the sequence? Colin
  2. It is traditional for me to take a new project with me when I have my main holiday of the year and this year I decided that I would take the Heller 1/200 kit of the Fauvette 19th Century steam yacht. I am not sure how I came across this kit on a certain well known internet auction site but I was completely charmed by the kit and an example was duly ordered. As is my habit, I spent the time between ordering the kit and it's arrival, trying to research the subject with surprisingly little (read no) success. I found some paintings of a Fauvette yacht owned by a certain Eugene Perignon but there were some major differences between the kit's box art and the paintings. These included the type of rig, position of the funnel and the provision of a wheel house. All became clear(ish) upon the arrival of the kit. The instructions said that the kit was merely based on a yacht owned by M. Perignon and was intended to be a representation of the type of steam yacht of the period. Accordingly, I have decided to use the few paintings of Fauvette II, a subsequent yacht owned by M. Perignon to build something a bit closer to the prototype. Three paintings which may or may not be accurate plus an alien who does not know what he is doing, what could possibly go wrong? Anyway La Fauvette as per the kit looks like this: We need to try get to something a bit more like this: I bought in some pars from Master and some rigging thread of differing thicknesses and here are the sprue shots: I have no idea where the next couple of weeks will get me with this and I may well fall flat on my faces but lets see what happens. Thank for looking Martian
  3. Following discussions on other threads and the extremely kind offer of a set of beaching gear from Crisp (aka Ex-FAAWFU), I have decided that the time is right to get this previously stalled project underway again. The ever splendid Mrs Martian helped me get the kit and the relevant file down from the loft yesterday and I have been re-acquainting myself with where I was at with the project and what needed to be done to turn the Special Hobby 1/48 kit into a floatplane target tug. Before I halted work on the project due to the lack of a suitable beaching gear, I had pretty much sorted out the floats. These were taken from an old SMER Swordfish kit. As the main dimensions of the Swordfish and Blackburn Shark Floats, used by the Roc, were very close, most of the work had involved relocating the step. There was a slight difference in the shape of the chine but I have to decide a, if it is worth the work involved and b, if I decide that it is, how I am going to go about it. I have also to re-assemble some notes that went missing during all the domestic upheaval of last year. I have been making a list of jobs that need to be done on this conversion and in no particular order they are: 1, Plate over the kit wheel wells 2, Add correct fuel tank between cockpits 3, Construct target operator's position 4, Lower rear fuselage decking 5, Make strutting to support floats 6, Replace fairing under rear fuselage with a much larger item 7, Construct target towing apparatus 8, Possibly scratch build under fuselage drogue housing (unsure at the moment whether floatplane Rocs had these. Some land planes did and some didn't This is of course, in addition to such super detailing as we might chose to add along the way and we all know that my track record for avoiding this is less than stellar! Hopefully the model will be finished in the colours of 773 Squadron Fleet Air Arm when based in Bermuda before an airfield was available, if not I have a picture of a Roc in this configuration while under test and will go for that. Please note that the build might be a bit slow at first as I do have to give my builds for Telford priority at the moment. I know it seems a long way off but the complexity of some of the models I intend to take this year does not leave much leeway in my timetable. So join me then in what should be weird and wonderful ride (quiet Longshanks) and thanks for looking. Martian
  4. As already explained on my Albatross thread, mojo has been pretty low since Telford and it is only really today that I have felt like doing anything. Despite having a bench full of stuff to work on, I decided that a dedicated mojo restoring thread might help things along. I have always liked the film "They Who Dare", with the Lebanese Air Force Savoia Marchetti SM.79 aircraft being one of my favorite parts of the film. So, when I came across a dedicated decal sheet for Lebanese SM.79s at Telford, buying the sheet was a bit of a no brainer. I have a couple of Airfix kits of the type in the stash and over the years have collected the odd aftermarket set or two for the type. Thanks to the expertise of some other Britmodellers, a few outstanding queries regarding the Lebanese machines have been cleared up and I have even discovered that the correct paint, Bianco Avorio 5, is available This has duly been ordered. With the added bonus that I will be working using the old style Airfix "Locate and Cement" style instruction sheet (my favourite) and that the kit is one of my favourites from my childhood which will bring a large dollop of nostalgia to the build, there seems no good reason not to have a bash. So, with everything in place or on order let's have some fun...……. Thanks for looking Martian of the Lost Mojo
  5. Having driven myself to the brink of insanity with my Tracker build over the last few days and with more difficult stuff looming in the near future, I feel the need for a little light relief. By lucky hap, an item that fits the bill nicely turned up in my pile of Birthday presents a couple of weeks ago. Well, not so much luck really as every year, my wife and sister in law hand me a large wad of cash for Telford and tell me to go and buy my Christmas and Birthday presents. Even I can't be such a Muppet as to get that one wrong! The minute I saw this on the Big H stand at Telford, my grubby little mitt was clutching at an example. A whacky shape, great nose art (Bugs Bunny on a flying carpet), a smart Sea Blue Gloss paint scheme and the opportunity for some bonkers banter with some of my BM friends. What's not to like. I got some extra goodies that I felt might help the build along and hopefully I can make a start over the bank holiday weekend. Thanks for looking in and as always comments sensible or otherwise are always welcome. Martin
  6. Another Spitfire to my collection and a 1/48th one by ICM. This one depicts a Mk.XVI TD138 of 317 (Polish) Squadron post war at Ahlhorn germany. Those who have the Eduard Profipack kit will know the details behind this subject. As mentioned my build is from the ICM 48th kit and decals from the mentioned Eduard kit kindly supplied to me by BMer Jaw! Many thanks John! All I added are the seatbelts from masking tape strips and some etch buckles from a set by Re-heat. All paints Xtracrylix and coated with W&N acrylic matt varnish diluted with some flow improver and airbrushed. I attempted to represent the overpainted larger roundels but they don't show up to well here or on the model and also I felt that I would spoil the model having got this far unblemished. But the rear overpainted sky band is OK.....ish. OI also kept the weathering to a minimum. I also added the underwing antenna under the starboard wing from a toothbrush bristle by the way. Thanks for looking and any questions I'll be happy to answer. Once again many tanks to 'jaw' for the decals and Neil Belkin for the extra seat parts supplied recently
  7. OK, after some delay.....This/these are mine: I've got several Airfix Sherman kits, a couple of their Lee/Grants and three of Stuzzar's excellent M4A2 conversion sets (turret, deck & mantlet). I'll also be picking up a couple of the Dan Taylor Modelworks etched frets and a trio of Millicast 75mm M3 barrels. My aim is to build a US M4 Early as used at the Kasserine Pass and a USMC M4A2 as used on Tarawa Atoll. Things at home are hectic at present, so update frequency will be highly variable.
  8. HI all - she's finished at last. You can find the WIP here: http://www.britmodel...=234923967&st=0 In brief - fuselage lengthened, and main UC postions moved aft to give more rake. Brush painted with a mix of Aeromaster and Tamiya acrylics, detail painting with vallejo and Citadel. Kit decals used to represent VZ672 481 Q of 809 Sqn FAA on board HMS Vengeance 1951. A bit of light weathering applied, but nothing too much. ( yes the wingtip pitot tube is in the wrong place for an NF21- I realised after I'd CA'ed it in DOH!) Hope you like her. Jonners
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