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  1. Hi everybody, this should be a quick finish. Almost finished and ready to add decal shortly. Here is the build thread from many moons ago: Cheers for now. JR
  2. HI all and joining with this oldie, picked up at Duxford one year during the Flying Legends show.. Frog He_219_Box by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Here she is in all her blue plastic loveliness Frog He_219_contents by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr For any who don't know about this aircraft, you can find out more here Plan is to build OOB but a little added detail in the cockpit Good luck with your builds! All the best, Dermot
  3. Hi all, I'd like to join this GB with a 1/72 Bristol Blenheim 1f. It's the Revell kit, which I believe was originally produced by Frog in 1969 - I built a few Frog kits back in my youth, but not this one, I think! It's a project I intended to do years ago but never got around to, with an Airwaves etch set to tart it up a bit and decals from an FCM set, depicting an aircraft from 25 Squadron in September 1940. Cheers, David
  4. Hi, Recently I refresher or repaired my old three builds. First is Martin Baltimore. This is a Frog kit in Stormo Baltimore Italian colors. I followed the color profile presented in the Blandfor publ. "Bombers 1939-45" book . I did this model in years 1975-77 so when I was a teenager in secondary school. Now I replaced decals (Italian insignia), washed it and applied a matt varnish Vallejo coat. I added a tail wheel lost to some reason in a span of last 45 years... It has an overpainted British markings and to frank I am surprised how precisely I was able to paint it without help of any
  5. Looking through the stash for suitable long weekend kits I’ve been eyeing these two kits at the top of the to-build pile both of which I owe thanks to kind Britmodellers @Des pulled me out of a hole with a replacement set of decals for the badly yellowed and cracked Frog originals @Ray S also was kind enough to rescue me with some decals for this Lightning F1A snap together kit as the originals are rub-on transfers Mulling them over I’ve twigged that both scheme choices are from 1965 so what to do... Shackleton? Lightning? Go tonto
  6. I was nine years old when I originally built this. I know that for a fact. Every now and again my mum would go out with the friends to play bingo. My dad would let me stay up late and we would do stuff together. I remember my dad and I building this one together. I can state with great confidence that it was a Friday night between 6 November and 4 December 1970. I remember that the telly was on, showing The Adventures Of Don Quick. It wasn't the first episode which is available on Youtube. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventures_o
  7. Two thing's were a certainty for this GB,I'd do more than one subject and there would be an oldie involved.I was determined to build Monogram's kit which was a KK buy in a Revell box,it is for it's age beautifully molded with fine raised panel lines and clear well defined glazing looking forward to this one. Number two was an e-bay buy which was part of the seller's Grandad's collection which I got for a reasonable £13 still factory sealed so I'm determined to do this one justice,again nicely molded but not as refined as the Monogram offering but with some o
  8. Hi All I found this model for sale at a model show last year. All the parts had been removed from the sprue and the tailplanes glued up but everything appeared to be in the box so I bought it. I wanted a Gannet to build because I remember seeing them at Lossiemouth in the early 1970s. I can't actually recall if it was the AS/COD version I saw, or the AEW3. Although not the most attractive aircraft ever built I personally prefer the AS styling to the AEW. I seem to recall the approach to landing where the Double Mamba engines seemed to be working very hard and fast but the fuselag
  9. During the recent Blitzbuild Group Build here on BM, I took the opportunity to drag out a long term stash resident the Frog Wildcat. Despite all the parts being off the spruces and the decals looking past their best, the kit turned out really well despite the interventions of our kitten that decided it would look much better on the floor with one wing removed ! The aircraft is a Wildcat Mk.IV. 896 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, HMS Pursuer, February 1944. Work in progress below
  10. Having only recently realised that in my previous 3 Blitzbuilds I've built Luft 46 projects, I felt it was time for a change. So having recently had the pleasure of Co-hosting the recent epic Frog Squad GB, I felt something from the Frog back catalogue was in order. So a quick rummage through the stash found this. Good Luck everyone Cheers Pat
  11. This is a refugee from last years Frog Squad GB This is the reason I am keen to build it, as it served at Macrihanish with 857 Sqn, Fleet Air Arm. Macrihanish is near Campbeltown in Argyll on the Mull of Kintyre, it's a bit of local history. The previous build thread is below, Still lots to do, will post further photos soon. Cheers Pat
  12. Another quick lockdown build, the old (mid 1970s) FROG Maryland, in this case (I believe) its Novoexport guise. Actually it came in a dirty unmarked plastic bag from a vendor at Telford for the grand sum of £2, with no decals and moulded in what looks like brown chocolate. With the exception of the plastic, which was very brittle, but turned to melted chocolate if you even waved glue at it, this was a reasonable build. The split canopy, which I thought would be difficult to complete, only needed a little sanding to complete, although I did use quite a lot of Tippex as
  13. Hi all Really enjoyed making the Airfix Tomahawk. Recently descovered my Frog decals for a Flying tigers P 40B Only I have one side painting instruction and no decscription of colours. I thought of Humbrol 30 dark green and humbrol 29 dark earth for above and Revell 59 duck egg green for below. Can I improve on this in enamel paints? For those of you bewilded or need of revision: Gen. Clair Lee Chennault's American Volunteer Group took delivery of just 90 P 40Bs to fight the Japanese invasion of China. Thanks in anticipation for any links/pa
  14. Hi folks, Our esteemed GB fuhrer, aka @Rabbit Leader, has persuaded me to add a build here. I am going to try to update the FROG DH Hornet F3 and correct a few of the things that bug me about the kit. Masochism? Yes, but I'll consider it a small price to pay if, by annoying the modelling gods, they nudge Airfix to do an accurate new tool Hornet, with @David A Collins as technical consultant. So, what might I do? Well, reduce the thickness of the wings, improve the outline of the fin and rudder, gash up some cockpit gizmology, improve the canopy shape, an
  15. Hi all, FROG reboxed some of Hasegawa's output including a number of 1/32nd scale models.... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/frog-f289-messerschmitt-me262a--953399 So I'll be building this Hasegawa boxing of the ME262. So what's in the box? I'll be building it OOB and on a stand as the wheel wells have nothing in the way of detail at all and I don't really want to spend money on aftermarket or time on scratch details. Plus I'm not sure where it's going once it's built! Work has started
  16. When all is up in the air, concentrate on something familiar and re-assuring - like a quick build of a FROG Fairey Gannet model! The markings on this one come from Modeldecal (and were possibly the first after market set I ever bought - for a Sea Hawk IIRC, so at least 35 years old). The kit has seen some minor mods - the radar dustbin was removed and filled, some underwing tanks (or are they baggage carriers - not sure) were added along with the wire aerial arrangement. This is another kit that defies its age. OK so the pilots are moulded onto a flat
  17. Hello everybody! My second attempt to beat VIMY VICKERS. It has no relation to any particular prototype, nor does it have a historical link to the original. The fairing is not shortened, accordingly, the rear part of the fuselage was never touched. Just wanted a neat Assembly and painting with small additions in the form of glazing, cockpit, simulation of the power set, and other small things. Imitation of the ribs first made using strips of foil, it turned out rough, removed the foil and tried chiaroscuro. The set was old, the plastic was hard and brittle, but it was polished well. Cocka
  18. A recent gift from my LMS while getting some paint yesterday, a P-51A Mustang II by Frog in 1/72 and according to Scalemates, a vintage of 1970. Kit in a bag, haven't had one of these since... Two sprues. Another two sprues. Decals and glazing. Says it all. So, let's see what happens with this. Stuart
  19. Hot off the press is my latest from the P-51 Mustang STGB. The 40+ year old Frog kit was given to me by the owner of LMS to see what I could do with it. I used the kit to try out some heavy duty correction and scratch building. Improvements made: The kit cockpit was virtually non-existent, so a scratch one was built with the addition of a pilot. The main intake was made deeper. The leading edge extensions were corrected. Chin corrected. Also added some 'tube' guns. Added a landing light. Posed with 'wheels up' and being not a fan of the blurry
  20. I've just finished a long running (10 months) build of a FROG Beaufort. Well, the fuselage halves were from the kit and everything else was stolen from the new Airfix and Frog Beaufighters or scratchbuild. Long story, WIP here. Pictures, you say: It's about time somebody released a state of the art Beaufort. I take comfort in the fact that my three previous most complex fixings of kits resulted in new releases of high standards: old Airfix Swordfish (Airfix), Airfix IL-2 (Tamiya, Academy) and old Airfix He-111 (Airfix). So
  21. Recently I got the old Frog 1/72 Vultee Vengeance set from my local hobby store. I brought it to our second house in Palm Desert (We live in Los Angeles but go there every time my school has a 3-day weekend) to build there and paint at home. Somehow on the ride there one of the propeller blades fell off and I have not been able to find it. Do you guys know where I can find a replacement Vultee Vengeance propeller? From searching it up I found some people that have replacements like Ozmods and Pete's hangar, but Ozmods has a 1/48 version of it (looking for 1/72) and Pete's hangar doesn't have i
  22. Another finisher from the FROG Squad GB, this was my attempt at improving what FROG provided. Off the top of my head, I did the following: - removed the moulded in interior detail and scratched a 'pit - removed the fin and dorsal fillet; replaced with a cut down Airfix Mossie fin and scratch-built strake - reshaped nose and tail cone with milliput - removed raised lip at rear of cockpit opening - opened up and enlarged radiator inlets; added scratchbuilt rad detail - thinned down wing leading edges drastically, moving point of max thickness r
  23. Well after 2 previous failed attempts at starting this GB... Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Donetsk Toys Factory Vultee Vengeance, aka the Frog one made in the USSR ! I have checked beforehand with Rich and this one is a goer, pictures below. Yes I know what you're thinking who needs a Tamiya kit when you can have quality like this ! Still sealed in the bag Looks complete But isn't as the decals aren't in the kit, which isn't surprising as they didn't work anyway.
  24. The Fairey Gannet is an aircraft of the Cold War era developed for the Fleet Air Arm (FAA) of the Royal Navy. The Gannet was originally developed to meet the FAA's dual-role anti-submarine warfare and strike requirement. The prototype first flew on 19 September 1949 and made the first deck landing by a turboprop aircraft, on HMS Illustrious on 19 June 1950, by pilot Lieutenant Commander G. Callingham. It was a mid-wing monoplane with a tricycle undercarriage, and a double turboprop engine, the Armstrong-Siddeley Double Mamba 100, driving two contra-rotating propellers. After a further change
  25. Following the recent hugely popular posting elsewhere on BM, see link below. I thought it only right and proper that we channel all that enthusiasm for Frog kits into a Group Build. I had a look to see if this has been done already but couldn't find one. Participants 1. @JOCKNEY 2. @vppelt68 3. @Bonhoff 4. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 5. @theplasticsurgeon 6. @stevej60 7. @stevehnz 8. @Ray S 9. @bristol boy 10. @06/24 11. @CliffB 12. @Dermo245 13. @zebra 14. @Rabbit Leader 15. @TonyW 16. @Gr
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