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Found 8 results

  1. Phantom FGR.2 (04962) 1:48 Revell Following a period of cancellations and upheaval in the UK aircraft industry the Royal Navy & Royal Air Force found themselves lacking capability in the 1960s. The decision was taken to purchase the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom already in use in the US. An F-4K (FG.1) version was developed for the Navy and an F-4M (FGR.2) for the Air Force. These aircraft were not the same as the US ones as it was agreed that larger and more powerful Rolls Royce Spey engines would be fitted and the radars would be built under license by Ferranti. While the F-4J was the basis for the UK models the fuselage was redesigned by BAC to accommodate the larger engines. These changes would mean that the unit costs would more than treble over the F-4J. Due to changes in the Navy 20 aircraft originally ordered were transferred to the RAF, then in 1978 following the loss or HMS Ark Royal all remaining Naval aircraft were turned over to the RAF. The Kit This is a reboxing of Hasegawa's kit from the 1980s. this is still the only injected plastic kit in 1.48 scale of a British Phantom. Despite its age this is still a good kit. Revell last reboxed this kit in 2004 and it has always been sought by modellers for its better price and better decals than the original Hasegawa kits. The kit comes on 7 sprues of grey plastic and one clear sprue. Construction starts in the cockpit. The seats are made up first. These come without belts and are fairly simple as they are designed to be used with the kits pilot figures. The cockpit tub is then built up. Instrument panels, bulkheads and side consoles are fitted to make a complete assembly. The front wheel well is also fitted under the cockpit. Once this is made up it can be put inside the fuselage, and the fuselage closed up. On each side then the intakes can be assembled. Next up construction moves to the wings. The lower section contains the centre section, and the left & right uppers contain the folding parts at the ends of the wing. Separate flaps are provided which can be modelled up or down. The wings can then be attached to the fuselage. At the rear the engine exhausts and tail top fairings are then added. The auxiliary inlet doors are added along with the tailplanes. At the front the nose cone is made up and added. The landing gear is then made up and added. The front has twin tyres while the mains one large one. Each gear leg has its own retraction struts and doors to add. On the underside the air brakes are also added. Moving back to the top sides the intake ramps are added along with the 4 part canopy. The main canopies can be open or closed. For stores the kit supplies the main centre line tank and both wing tanks. Also for the centre line there is a 25mm gun pod and the large EMI reece Pod. Sparrow/Sky Flash missiles are provided for the fuselage, but while sidewinder rails are supplied for the wing pylons there are no missiles in the kit. Markings The new decal sheets which looks like it comes from Cartograf by the serial number features 3 aircraft wearing different schemes. XV470 - No. 56 Sqn RAF Wattisham, 1992 In the Later Grey Scheme. XV408 - No. 92 Sqn RAF Wildenrath, 1991 In the overall Blue anniversary scheme. XT898 - No. 2 Sqn RAF Laarbruch 1974 In the Grey / Green over light grey scheme. Conclusion It's a great to see this kit back in Revell's line up. The same plastic with much better decals, and dare we say at a much better price point. Highly recommended. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  2. Some cockpit pics from FGR.2 XV424 which is in the RAF museum at Hendon. Pics from Frank Bell. Julien
  3. Announced (sort of) on their FB page. https://www.facebook.com/Hong-Kong-Models-Co-Ltd-1375731456009809/timeline/ Cheers, Andrew
  4. Hello all, First WIP on britmodeller and I begin with some phantom builds, maybe 4-5 by the end (If I stick with them all long enough ). Some will be in flight, some parked with possibly flaps down. I know they will not be up to some of the standards set here (unbelievable dedication to detail on this forums) but I hope to learn a lot in the thread and you guys enjoy as much as I do some of my builds. So first up, some of the decals. The airdoc sheets are excellent, especially the grouped stencils for the luftwaffe jets, some are unbelievably tiny! The model decal sheet is old but hopefully usable, I'll spray some micro decal film on them to make sure they do not brake apart when I eventually place them in water. The first along the line will be an F-4J from 74 Squadron, not sure exactly which one yet, but it will be a repainted jet in barley grey as I'm not too fond of the odd blue/green on the US painted jets. This is the Hasegawa kit which to me has captured the phantom shape the best out of any kit in 1/72. I fitted some resin intakes from goffy models and they did not fit very well at all. I bought a few sets a while back and since they seem OOP, maybe because they make steps to the lower fuselage/side fuselage of greater than 1.5mm! Certainly will not use them on any other phantom kits. I will use the slotted stabs from the fujimi kit. The load will be 4xaim-9L, 4xSkyflash from Hase F3, 2 wing tanks and a fujimi gun pod. Currently just finishing the seam work and will begin the rescribing. I read off the forums that the 3M blue tape is ideal for rescribing and I have found exactly that, far better than dymo tape, highly recommend it if you have not tried it yet. Here are some seats and pilots. 2 are fujimi and 2 are hasegawa, they still need details adding yet. Also two pilots for the F-4J, Revell nato crew I think, still need work but I have always been rubbish at painting figures . The second jet along the line is an FGR.2 from 2 squadron circa early seventies. Thinking of using full colour roundels on this and a final gloss finish. It is the Fujimi FG.1 Navy kit converted buy using a spare hasegawa fin tip, filled the catapult hooks and will use stabs from a revell/hase kit. I will go ahead and purchase the odds and ordinance phantom recce suite as I need the strike camera and E.M.I recce pod. I was thinking of buying another fujimi kit for these spares and build that into another FGR.2 but seeing a few go on eBay recently at £40-£50 , I'll get the OAO replacement set. Again the cockpit needs to be finished, atm just finishing the filling phase. Nice fitting kit but had a few sink marks in a few places. Thats all for now, probably a few days cleaning up the F-4j before primer. I will try and use xtracolor paints as much as possible but for the barley grey. I think humbrols hue is a better match, so I have a question. If I mix humbrol matt barley grey with their 'gloss cote' will it spray to a nice glossy finish like xtracolor and actually dry? Best regards, David.
  5. I'm running a little behind on this one; too many irons in the fire. I know many modellers dislike grey schemes, and I completely understand that stance, but my favorite Phantom scheme is the final RAF grey one. When I was young, I came across a National Geographic article about the Falkland Islands, and it included pics of 1435 Flt Phantoms, and I was hooked. My plan is to build a Fujimi FGR2 in the grey scheme of 92 Sqn with a blue tail using a Modeldecal set. Then it can fly around the living room, I mean sit respectfully on a shelf, next to the blue-tailed 92 Sqn Lightning I built in the Lightning STGB. Full circle! Hockeyboy and 3rd Placer have been building the same kit, and I am going to copy them as best I can. No really, I've been taking copious notes. Note #1 - Invent amusing names for the pilots. Let's see... Flt Lt's B.L. "Blight" Youtale and R.E. Heat. Note #2 - Post a pic of the box and decals. Oh, already did that one. This is going well.
  6. Hello here is my entry, well the box top anyway! New 1/72 Project by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr I'll be using Xtradecals X003-72 and some Verlinden seats in the build. Truth be told I started this kit about a week ago before I saw the Group Build, I think it's it's well under 25% started though. I'll post some shots later as she sits now showing the progress and hope the limited work that has been done is acceptable. Just looking for a clean build,and some fun. Ryan
  7. After much studying of build logs and completed images, I'm doing a Hasegawa FGR.2 and have an issue with the intakes. I've paid much attention to dry fitting, removed locating pins etc but still they don't sit right. The top edges next to the body is fine, and the bottom edges near the wing is also OK, but on the shoulder they sit out of line with the rest of the fuselarge and it looks like lots of sanding and rescribing are needed. I've not seen this problem mentioned in builds anywhere, nor does it seem to be obvious in other pictures of completed builds. Is this something I've somehow missed, or am I just lucky with my kit? Thanks
  8. Does anyone have any good photos of the Spey burner can's for the British Phantoms? I'm specifically looking for any good photos that show the actuator assemblies inside the exhaust area. Thanks David
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