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Found 19 results

  1. Well, as promised on on the F-84F Build Thread HERE I am posting up the pictures of the finished model, with a little embellishment to the kit: Thanks for looking in! Ed
  2. Hello again. Well, I am excited today to tell you that the postman just brought something I have wanted for a long time -- a PJ Productions 1/72 resin F-84F Thunderstreak. While like most, I would have preferred a new injection kit, complete with Jato/Rato and Mk7 nuke options, the PJ Productions kit has long been held to be more accurate (particularly in the nose area!) than the Airfix or Italieri offerings, long overdue for a modern re-tooling!!! Anyway, I am glad to have it at last. This time the kit comes with European markings, and the box looks like this: Those on the far side of the pond will be glad to hear that Hannants has them in stock, from whence came my soft-side boxed kit. Here's what's in the box: You'll note that some of the tiny parts had come adrift in the bag, including some PE pieces, so for now, I'm holding onto every bit (including some that may only be smuts) until I can sort things. You will note some rather large sprue parts on the fuse halves, which will need sawing off. Everything else looks quite good, with very little flash and very sharp molding. The kit offers three ejection seats, based on mark, and two vertical stabilizers, again based on mark that you are building. There are good details in all wheel bays. The are also two nicely-formed vacuform canopies, which is good is case one is messed up while building, and also, they eliminate the separate rear quarter windows of other existing kits: Below, more of the kit's detail is shown; particularly the detail in the cockpit side walls: Despite the inclusion of the well-printed Euro markings, I will of course, be contrary and use American markings, the old Microscale sheet for the 81st FBW, 78th FBS "Bushmasters". As a nod to my British hosts and fellow modelers, at least there is the Bentwaters connection! Anyway, as reviews of this it are scarce, I thought it would be nice to throw one in during the building process. Little "PJ" here is now due for it's bath in Simple Green detergent -- stay tuned... Ed
  3. Hi all! Yes, in true London Bus tradition (you wait ages and then more than one come together.... see my F-100 recently) I have the latest product of the Crawley Down hangar ready for inspection. J As you can see, she is a F-84F Thunderstreak as she was when operated by the Turkish Air Force from Incirlik AB in the early 1970s. The Turkish Air force (THK) received around 300 Thunderstreaks from West Germany, France and the Netherlands. This one, 53-7086 (ex-WGAF), a F-84F-75-RE was one of the last built and arrived In Turkey after a major overhaul in West Germany. They were known as “F-84Q”s. The Turkish ‘streaks ended their careers with the 131st and 132nd squadrons (Filo) at Konya AB in 1974. There were replaced by the F-5. It is a point of note that “the F-84F had only very few air-to-air engagements. One of these was the shooting down of two Iraqi Il-28 Beagle by two Turkish Air Force F-84F Thunderstreaks when the Iraqi bombers crossed the Turkish border by mistake when bombing Iraqi Kurdish locations in August 1962.” My reference image was this: My model is based on the great (in my view) Airfix 1/72 kit. I added a few extra details, such as different tanks (450gals from a Voodoo), a Martin Baker seat, a small vent under the starboard wing root, and a different cockpit based around a spare F-86F resin one that I had in the spares box. It isn’t 100% accurate but close enough and certainly better than the kit parts. I also replaced the canopy hinge mechanism with a plasticard one and added a blanking plate that is a bit more refined. I then scribed her as best as my old hands could manage, leaving just the pierced speed brakes and wing brakes as raised items. I didn’t see how to cut these and have them looking acceptable. The paints are Humbrol enamels - 165 Grey, 163 Green with 11 Silver undersides, knowing the latter should be a silver-grey which I chose to do this way and then matted it. One of my compromises. The tanks are 191 Chrome silver (they certainly operated with these tanks although my image above doesn't show that). The red is 60 Scarlet. It is matt cote overall (except the tanks which are gloss coted). I weathered with Tamiya Weathering Powders D and Flory Dark Dirt. The national insignia came from the Tigerhead set. Because these aircraft were straight out of the German system they had WGAF stencils. I therefore used an AirDoc set (72-008) for this. The white numbering is from Techmod. Here she is: Umarım senden hoşlanırsın!!! Martin
  4. Wow! Feast your eyes on these beauties! Can't ever have enough Thud photo references! Enjoy! Mike https://imgur.com/a/k1k4D
  5. Source: http://www.themodellingnews.com/2014/04/guess-who-is-about-to-launch-new-f-84f.html#more Strong rumours say KittyHawk is working on a 1/32nd Republic F-84F Thunderstreak kit. Time will tell. V.P.
  6. Hello everyone... I present to you my Republic Thunderstreak. 92nd F.I.S., 81st T.F.W.. Stationed at R.A.F. Manston, Shepherds grove, & Bentwaters in 1955. Outside of a few decals which include the Star & Bars & USAF markings, everything is painted. I opted to load the Mk.7 “Device” on the inboard port station. This was a one way Nuclear strike unit or Tactical support/air-to-air. This was built in the 1950’s NATO Group build. Without further talk i present the model.  A link to the build. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235049416-a-streaker-from-republic/ Questions, comments, or jokes ? Dennis
  7. Looks like my next project will be the ancient Monogram 1/48th Republic F-84F Thunderstreak. I have the newer Italeri (Kinetic) and HobbyBoss kits in the stash however the 1984 Monogram offering is still supposed to be the most accurate kit and it comes with the Mk.7 atomic bomb! I would appreciate any help with the Mk.7 atomic bomb as follows: 1) Which pylon was it attached to on the F-84F? I think it was in the place of one of the fuel tanks on the fuselage, not on the outer wing pylon however any advice appreciated. 2) What colour was the Mk.7 painted? All I can find on the interweb is silver with a brown nose and yellow stripes. Were there training shapes and if so what colour were they? 3) I know that USAF Thunderstreaks based in the UK could carry the Mk.7 bomb. What about European operators - West Germany especially? Thanks in advance Michael
  8. Hi guys here is my Kinetic F-84F in the colors of the Dutch 311 squadron. This kit seems to have very deep panel lines but I did not experienced it as very problematic. In fact I liked this kit very much. Decals are from Dutch Decal and the cockpit oi from Aires. Erik
  9. Redux 1/48 Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (RDXENS-1) built as 29029/1-NX from EC.1/1 ‘Corse’ Armee De L’Air masquerading as 200 Tayeset of the Israeli Air Force at Lod in late October/early November 1956 The model was built for a magazine article last autumn but due to an unfortunate shelving collapse this model and most of my work for the past year or so took its first flight earlier this week and so looks even worse now than it does in the images which include a couple on a mirrored base I was experimenting with. The kit parts are those produced originally by Monogram and more recently by Revell for the 1/48 F-84F Thunderstreak but without the Nuclear Bomb and RATO bottles that feature in some of their many releases over the years. REDUX had planned two different releases each with a single set of parts and different Hi-Decal decal sheet as well as masks for the cockpit canopy, French squadron tail stripes and ‘Suez stripes’. One version would also have included a French/English book on the F/RF-84F however for commercial reasons all of the existing components were brought together in a clear plastic box offering two sets of kits parts, both decal sheets, two sets of masks and the book. The package first appeared on the market about ten years ago and when I bought mine a couple of years later it was definitely cheaper then than two of the standard Revell releases even before the extras were taken into account. The Hi-Decal markings are excellent, thin, in register, apply easily and bed down well. Included on one of the sheets was my choice as shown here of an Armée de l’Air F-84F from EC.1/1 ‘Corse’ in standard squadron markings and codes but wearing Israeli markings in place of French roundels and having the Tricolore on the fin blanked out. This arose from the Anglo-French-Israeli planning behind the Suez affair and was intended to bolster Israeli air defences under the fiction that the aircraft were operated by the non-existent 200 Tayeset of the Israeli Air Force based at Lod for a brief period in late October/early November 1956 from just prior to Israel’s pre-emptive strike against Egypt until the Anglo-French ‘peace-keeping’ intervention a few days later. The aircraft were flown by their usual French pilots albeit as ‘civilians’ and Israeli markings were applied before aircraft engines had shut down upon first landing in Israel, standard AdlA roundels were re-applied once the ‘official’ Anglo-French involvement began a few days later. As can be expected the Monogram/Revell parts fit together well and have good cockpit detail however the kit provides the later deeper ventral brake parachute fairing which needs to be replaced with the shallower early fairing which I sanded from a piece of ‘U’ shaped sprue. Like many kits originating with Monogram it does have raised panel detail which you either live with or build something else. The model was brush painted using various as sold and mixed Games Workshop metallics with varying final lustres on panels achieved from different mixes of Klear and Tamiya Flat Base. Learning from many mistakes along the way with my first use of aftermarket masks the REDUX provided ones for the fuselage squadron stripes as well as wing and fuselage ‘Suez’ stripes were a big help. No stenciling is provided, the original plan being to commission a dry-transfer sheet from a far-east producer but the project foundered before this was achieved, so I used some from a Carpena/Colorado set.
  10. Hi all, I came across this and thought I'd post it in case the data within it is useful. Martin http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/268825-148-republic-f-84f-thunderstreak-by-hobbyboss-a-first-look/&page=5
  11. Hi all, Seeking advice/info please. It looks like the ex- KLU/Luftwaffe F-84Fs flying with Turkey had MB seats? If so does anyone out there know which model they used? Thanks. Martin
  12. 1/48th Republic F-84F Thunderstreak by HobbyBoss in 2013 - catalogue ref.81726 Source: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/news/img_5748_1358082281_fe7282025aafa40f1fabea15ab64034f79f0190e.jpg.html V.P.
  13. Encore Models is to rebox in 2016 the HobbyBoss (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234932988-148-republic-f-84f-thunderstreak-by-hobbyboss-released/?hl=thunderstreak) 1/48th Republic F-84F Thunderstreak kit - ref. 48006(?) Sources: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2016/Bilder_AT/Squadron_MMD.htm http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2016/Bilder_AT/Bilder_AT_1.htm V.P.
  14. Hi all, wonder if anyone has a solution to the following? I want to make the P-212 Royal Netherland A/F F-84F from the Dutch decals sheet https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/5/2/3/317523-12382-41.jpg but it has Day-Glow Orange drop tanks. There's no paint type call out on the sheet and I wonder if there is a paint specifically for this? I have two orange paints at the moment, Tamiya X-6 and Gunze Sangyo Hobby Color H14, both of which look like generic 'oranges'. So question, is there a 'Day-glow Orange' paint i CAN BUY or if not is there anything I can add to either the Tamiya or Gunze orange paints to get them nearer to the colour of the drop tanks? Any advice gratefully received. Cheers, Pete
  15. This set intended to improve 1/48 Monogram / Kinetic F-84F Thunderstreak exterior details. Highly detailed airbrakes, wing interceptors with fine details, emty shell ejection ports fences, small air scoops for both fuselage sides, JATO hooks are included in the set. Though airbrakes are very complicated to build, you can simlify building process, using kit details as a base for outer and inner elements. We will provide some building tips here soon for better model accuracy. Made of steel with a thickness of 0.05 mm.
  16. Hi, here's the latest off the bench. Italeri kit with Aries resin cockpit and Quickboost nose intake. Not a bad kit IMHO, just needed a little filler at the wing roots. Thanks for looking. FF
  17. Hi, Here's where I am with my current build. Painted with Gunze and tamiya paints. Nice kit, although the panel lines may be a little overdone in places, and also a little 'soft'. Thanks for looking. FF
  18. This is the 1/48 Kinetic Kit reboxed by Italeri. Nice kit, need the quickboost nose part as the kit intake is the wrong shape. Overall silver is Mitheril Silver from Games workshop. Red spine is humbrol all the markings are the kit decals which are great. Italian Aerobatic Display Team "Diavoli Rossi" 1958 This was an enjoyable model apart the canopy which really is designed to be open! Julien
  19. Pics by Darwin from the SAC Museum in Nebraska Pics By Darwin from the Combat Air Museum in Kansas
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