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Found 23 results

  1. I have three weeks off from work, so what better way to spend those weeks than building a pair of F-4's. I will be building a very early F-4E, with the original gun fairing, non slatted wings, and not even formation lights, and a mid 80's F-4G in Euro 1 camo. Both are the 1/72 Hasegawa kit, which is, as you can see on the pic below, very modular. As of now, I could fit the wings of the E (white plastic) on the fuselage of the G, and it wouldn't matter. The E will be done as one based at Torrejon in Spain circa 1971, back when they didn't have a single tail code for the Wing yet, but each squadron had their own (TJ, TK and TL). The 401st TFW seems to be a bit forgotten, and their F-4E's even more so, since they only flew them for about 3 years before recieving short nosed ones. Luckily Wolfpak issued a sheet with an example from the 613th TFS in 1971. I ordered this sheet a couple days ago, but I think I already might change the subject a bit. The sheet is for F-4E 69-0275, which looked like this: https://www.sberg-movements.nl/afbeeldingen/1971/7473.jpg As you can see, the AF letters and the FY 69 are in black on the tail. Wolfpak did them in white. The other thing is my other build, which is F-4G 69-0280. This one also flew with the 613th TFS at Torrejon in 1971, as can be seen on this pic, taken at the same day as the previous one at Soesterberg AB here in NL: https://www.sberg-movements.nl/afbeeldingen/1971/4017.jpg This one does have the white AF and 69 on the tail. Now, I did look around in the stash a bit, and provided the size of the numbers matches the Wolfpak ones, I think I can do it as 280 instead. Which brings us to the other build. F-4G 69-0280. This one will be done in its final scheme of Euro 1, and in markings of the 23rd TFS of the 52nd TFW based at Spangdahlem in Germany. This one will also get Wolfpak decals. Ironically, this one crashed during a dog fight against an aggressor during a training mission at Zaragoza in Spain in 1984. So 69-0280 started its career in Spain, and ended it there as well. The pic below was taken by Scott R. Wilson just 5 days before its crash. So, like I said, these kits are very modular in design, which does make it easy to build multiple versions at once. The white plastic is from the Thunderbirds boxing of the F-4E, which is perfect for an early one. Only aftermarket used will be the decals, from Wolfpak as mentioned, and whatever else I need from various sheets I have.
  2. Wing commander's jet, F-4E 69-0305, of the 414th Fighter Weapons Squadron (the F-4 Fighter Weapons School), 57th Fighter Weapons Wing, Tac Fighter Weapons Center, Nellis AFB. Seen visiting Edwards AFB, August 1984. Unusual presentation of the 57th tail code, "WA" Thanks fo looking, Sven
  3. Found these slides in the drawer of a vacant desk while doing a clear out at the 6512th Test Squadron at Edwards AFB in 1984. Obvious from the slide frames that these were processed at the base photo lab, but no other info with them. The jet is F-4E 67-0392 of the 33rd Tac Fighter Wing. The "ED" tail code on a 33TFW jet would indicate this is late '60s or early '70s. (The 6510th Test Wing adopted the "ED" tail code in 1982). It looks like it is an Integrated combat turn that is being evaluated, though there are two different store loadings shown here. It looks like Eglin AFB, consistent with the 33TFW. Maybe the jet was being borrowed by the 3246th Test Wing across the field from the 33TFW? USAF images. Loading 20mm training ammo. Love those stencils. Yes, '392 was a MiG Killer. GBU-8 HOBOS (Homing Bomb System) on the right wing, inert GBU-10 on the left. 12 x inert Mk82 on the centerline, AGM-45 Shrike anti-radiation missile training rounds on the inboards. The fuel piping would indicate that this is taking place in a refueling hot pit. Thanks for looking, Sven
  4. F-4Es of the 70th Tac Fighter Squadron, 347th Tac Fighter Wing out of Moody AFB. At Green Flag 81-3, Nellis AFB, March 1981. Some have bullet fairings on the vertical tails, some don't. 66-0309 68-0358 - Squadron CO's bird. AVQ-23 Pave Spike laser designator pod on the forward left missile station. 68-0385 - AVQ-23 Pave Spike laser designator pod on the forward left missile station. 68-0423 - AVQ-23 Pave Spike laser designator pod on the forward left missile station. 68-0498 68-0511 - ALQ-119 on the forward left missile station. Don't think I've ever seen anyone model a USAF F-4 with that sealant around the panels forward of the intake ramps. Will have to remember that... Thanks for looking, Sven
  5. F-4Es of the 480th Tac Fighter Squadron, 52nd Tac Fighter Wing out of Spangdahlem AB at Nellis AFB for Red Flag exercise, June 1983. 71-1247 74-1044 74-1048 74-1049 74-1050 74-1057 Thanks for looking, Sven
  6. F-4Es of the 334th Tac Fighter Squadron, 4th Tac Fighter Wing out of Seymour-Johnson AFB. At Nellis AFB for Red Flag Exercise 81-1, October 1980. 72-1493 73-1171 73-1174 73-1180, squadron commander's jet 73-1183 73-1187 74-1039 on the Nellis transient ramp before the exercise. Crew participating in planning sessions. 74-1621 74-1627 74-1645 Thanks for looking, Sven
  7. The 52nd Tac Fighter Wing team out of Spangdahlem AB at the Gunsmoke Aerial Gunnery Competition, Nellis AFB, October 1983 71-1079 72-1067 74-1052 74-1638 74-1639 Gotta love the lo-viz shark mouth... Very odd. This is F-4E 74-1639, yet the "Identi-Plate" looks like it is a generic stencil. It starts with the very first production F-4E, 66-0284, and goes up to 69-0236. Yet this is a 1974 production contract year airframe. Even if it is generic, its use makes no sense. The data block is supposed to identify the production block number so that maintainers and aircrew know the equipment and structural configuration of the jet. The inclusion of the words "Identiplate Location" is also strange. Maybe this jet escaped the paint barn without the aircraft specific data block being applied here? Thanks for looking, Sven
  8. Kit manufacture: Hasegawa Scale: 1/72 Type: F-4E Phantom II Extras used: Brassin missiles, bombs and bomb racks Paints and colours used: Hataka European One paint set Finished this old kit today. Raised panel lines were sanded down. Minimal weathering added, as this was a trip back to child hood. Built this about 30 years ago. Great fun Best regards Rune Norway
  9. The 4th Tac Fighter Wing team out of Seymour-Johnson AFB at the Gunsmoke Aerial Gunnery Competition, Nellis AFB, October 1983 71-0243 73-1166 73-1166 73-1196 74-1625 Thanks for looking, Sven
  10. F-4E s/n 66-0289 is an ex-Thunderbird and served as a test support aircraft at Edwards AFB, 1978 through 1991. Operated by the 6512th Test Squadron, throughout the early 1980s is was part of the Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) chase flight, hence the white upper wings with the camouflage schemes. Safety chase proficiency mission, August 1984. That's a deer silhouette in grey on the left intake vari-ramp. In January 1984 we took '289 to Eglin AFB. On landing we took a deer down the left side damaging the external tank and the main gear door. We left the jet for repairs and when we came back ten days later, the Eglin maintenance troops had applied the deer kill marking and the legend "DEER SLAYER" in 2-inch block letters on the cannon fairing - barely visible in the image above, beneath the air conditioning ram air scoop. Practice weapon delivery, rolled inverted and pulling to the desired dive angle. Formation final approach to Runway 22 Taxiing in after a few fly-bys at the Edwards Open House, October 1989 July 1990 The deer kill marking. That's me in a posed "hero" shot for the squadron album in 1984. '289 is now on display in thunderbird colors at the Castle Air Museum. Thanks for looking, Sven
  11. The 3rd Tac Fighter Wing team out of George AFB at the Gunsmoke Aerial Gunnery Competition, Nellis AFB, October 1983. All the other F-4E teams (4, 35, and 52 TFWs) at Gunsmoke 1983 were in Euro 1 camouflage. The specification for Euro 1 on the F-4E only came out in Early 1983 and the stateside units received the required paint stocks first. The 52nd out of Spangdahlem received the paint stocks before Gunsmoke and painted their Gunsmoke participants Euro 1 while the rest of the wing didn't get Euro 1 for at least a couple of months. The 3TFW at Clark probably had not received the Euro 1 stocks yet, so their entrants got a fresh SEA wraparound camo just before heading to Nellis. 71-0238 71-0239 71-1083 71-1085 71-1391 Thanks for looking, Sven
  12. The 35th Tac Fighter Wing team out of George AFB at the Gunsmoke Aerial Gunnery Competition, Nellis AFB, October 1983 67-0216 67-0229 67-0248 68-0351 68-0474 Thanks for looking, Sven
  13. 336th Tac Fighter Squadron, "Rocketeers" at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 85-2 large force exercise, February 1985. 72-1479 72-1490 73-1186 74-1039 74-1061 74-1621 74-1629 74-1631 74-1649, squadron commander's bird with inert GBU-12 laser guided bomb 74-0665 Thanks for looking, Sven
  14. The "Chiefs" of the 335TFS at Nellis AFB for Red Flag Exercise, January 1983. 72-0128 72-0136 What's that marking on the intake ramp? See 73-1164 below... 72-0141 73-1163 73-1164 Zap on the right side intake ramp 73-1165 73-1176 73-1183 73-1189 73-1196 74-1644, squadron commander's bird. The crew: Chief Smoking Gun and Clueless 74-1645 74-1666 Thanks for looking, Sven
  15. F-4E 73-1175, 422nd Fighter Weapons Squadron, 57FWW, Tactical Fighter Weapons Center, Nellis AFB, 1980-81. My test jet for the First Article Acceptance Test of the Aerial Gunnery Target System, a version of the SECAPEM target. Despite the checkout shown below, and my request to do a ground release test ("We don't do that in operational testing."), our first deployment of the target was an ignominious event with both the target and the tow pod dropping from the aircraft and impacting on Dog Bone Dry Lake on the Nellis Ranges! The A/A37U-33 AGTS consisted of two separate pods. One pod contained the nylon towline and served as the towline connection to the aircraft. The smaller target pod contained a fabric mesh "tetraplane" for visual augmentation, which would deploy when the towline was fully extended, and a microphone on the nose for scoring miss distance as the shockwaves of the bullets passed the target. A control panel for the target replaced the ECM pod control panel in the cockpit. The tetraplane had a radar reflector to aid tracking by the shooter. The image below is a screen shot from a SECAPEM marketing video for the TAXAN system, a current version of the AGTS, showing the tetraplane target (very similar to the 1980 target). Thanks for looking, Sven
  16. USAF s/n 65-0713 is the prototype for the F-4E Phantom II. It was used for flight test evaluations of the E model configuration and then used as a development test bird through the 1970s and finally as a test support aircraft at Edwards AFB through the 1980s. The aircraft started out as an F-4D on the McAir production line and modified to represent the E. It is essentially an F-4E from the rear cockpit bulkhead forward and a D model fuselage from that bulkhead aft. Fitted with the J79-GE-17 engines. Here she is in the early 1970s testing development cluster bomb dispensers. She has store separation cameras under the outer wing panels, a flight test nose boom, and the early short cannon fairing. Note that she also has a Boron composite construction rudder for a long-term durability evaluation. Late 1970s in the test support mission, here used as a tow target tractor with RMK-19 target suspension/towing equipment. Note the shark mouth and the long cannon muzzle fairing. Because the shark mouth was not officially authorized by the USAF, every time she went to Hill AFB for Programmed Depot Maintenance, she cam back to Edwards without the shark mouth. The Edwards maintenance personnel would eventually replace the shark mouth each time - here with fewer and larger teeth than the earlier version. Here she is in September 1981 after being put on static display for the Edwards Open House. December 1983 April 1984, returning to Edwards from Hill AFB after a practice B61 delivery profile mission. The store is an instrumented B61 Flight Test Vehicle. because she had no external tanks, we flew the delivery profile on the Utah test and Training Range and then landed at nearby Hill AFB to refuel before heading back to Edwards. Blow up of the B61 FTV We were a little fast on the rejoin, so we barrel rolled over '713 so's not to over-shoot her. May 1985 on the Edwards main ramp January 1989 January 1990 over Edwards November 1991 (I know the copyright notice says 1981, I have to fix that), shortly before being retired as a display aircraft for the Flight Test Center Museum at Edwards. Serial number on the tail is smaller than the previous years. Thanks for looking, Sven
  17. F-4E Phantom II - 111th Sq. "Panter", TuAF, 1st Main Jet Base Eski┼čehir, 1992 Well known Hasegawa kit, Hi-decal (No. 48-028) with some of kits own decals. Built for a collector.
  18. The nom de guerre for this Phantom lies in its configuration. As it began life on the production line as an F-4D but was finished as the prototype F-4E. From the rear cockpit bulkhead aft it was essentially an F-4D, from that bulkhead forward it was an F-4E. In the 6512th Test Squadron, we maintained a unique flight manual denoting the differences and peculiarities of this airframe. Of course, the maintainers had unique manuals to keep this bird in shape. November 1981, shortly after returning to Edwards from Programmed Depot Maintenance at Ogden Air Logistics Center. She always went to the depot with a shark mouth on her, but always returned without one. Here she is in December 1983. Also has the short gun muzzle fairing replaced with a later long/vented fairing. On the way to the Utah Test and Training Range in April 1984 carrying an instrumented BDU-33 shape. A lucky shot as we barrel-rolled over her to check left side. On the Edwards ramp, May 1985. January 1989, returned from Ogden again and back to a short muzzle fairing. On her way for another test support mission January 1990. The pattern to the range skirts the Edwards housing area, seen beneath her. The didn't get her shark mouth again this time before being retired in 1992. The name in block letters on the gun fairing. October 1991, her last open day display. Thanks for looking, Sven
  19. Korean company D-Corporation has just released a 1/72nd McDD F-4E Phantom II ROKAF "17th Fighter Wing" kit - ref. DCM72002P Revell plastic. Source: http://www.finehobby.com/FrontStore/iGoodsView.phtml?iCategoryId=608&iCategoryIdMain=608&iGoodsId=DCM72002P&iCurrentPage=1 V.P.
  20. Evening all... well I've completed it finally after what feels like months! Here is a Revell F-4F (Phantom Pharewell) built as an F-4E USAF of the 307th TFS operating out of Udorn, Thailand during the Vietnam war. Following some great advice from here and some research I've ended up with a half accurate bird and I'm quite happy with the result. I used two sets of decals from Print Scale which had their good and bad points. The technical stencils went on like a dream with only the occasional silvering but the flight group and custom markings were very twitchy. I almost lost one of the shark mouths when fixing and had to call upon the wife and her patience to recover the ZF marking which had folded up on itself! I customised the cockpit as the detail was non-existent OOB and purchased brass pitot and ram tubes. The Revell canopy's suck and I cannot locate a replacement so they'll have to do. Thanks to PhantomBigStu for the correct central tank replacing the Revell supplied F-15 style one. I may return to this at a later date to add some chipping but I'm quite happy with the result at the moment. Hope you enjoy and comments as usual are welcome
  21. Hello all, In light of the recent air operations in the Middle East, I've decided on my build schedule for next year. Most (bar an F-14 or two) will follow the theme of aircraft used in Operation Inherent Resolve, or Operation Shader for my RAF contingent. I'll be splitting the builds into 3 parts, with 3 kits in each. First up will be a pair of Hasegawa F/A-18s: F/A-18F will be marked as 166663 of VFA-213 'Black Lions'. After market includes an Aires cockpit salvaged from a damaged previous build, Steel Beach ACS coaming, Steel Beach ECS pipes, Steal Beach FOD covers, Pavla ejection seats and Two Bobs decals. The real thing: VFA-213 Will be loaded with 5x GBU-38, 2x AIM-9x, 1x AGM-65 and 1x fuel tank. GBU's and maverick will be from the spares. F/A-18E will be marked as 166776 of VFA-31 'Tomcatters'. This kit was started briefly a while ago so i'd best crack on with it! Aftermarket includes a Wolfpack Design cockpit, Steel Beach ECS pipes, Steal Beach FOD covers and will include Fightertown decals. The real thing: VFA-31 This will be loaded with 3x GBU-31, 2x GBU-38, 2x AIM-9x and 1x fuel tank. Third up is a Hasegawa F-4E, marked as a 'Terminator' of the Turkish Air Force: Aftermarket will include Quickboost seats, Airwaves etch, Wingman Models Elta L-8222 ECM pod, Steel Beach FOD guards and Hi Decal decals. After a bit of a discussion on another of my threads, I'm loading this one with 4x GBU-10, 1x fuel tank and a Pave Spike targeting pod. For those interested, Parts 2 & 3 of this project will include an F-15E, Tornado GR4, Tornado IDS (Saudi), F-16F, F-16IQ and a Rafale M. Won't be starting until I clear the B-52 and F-4B off the bench but they shouldn't take much longer. Dave
  22. I managed to find this little gem on eBay recently... One of my favourite aircraft of all time and a legendary combat plane, i have very fond memories of watching these at Mildenhall and Weathersfield as a kid so im really looking forward to this build. The plane in question is 68-0493 which had a confirmed Mig-21 kill in July 1972. Its a good looking kit with plenty of detail, very little flash and a really nice decal sheet so it should go together quite well. Im going to try some different paint on this build, im usually a Tamiya kinda guy but ive heard good things about Hataka paints and the colours are apparently a really good match so looking forward to giving these a try.
  23. Hi fellas, With a few models sitting waiting for the gloss coat to go off, I've cracked out the neat little Hasegawa F-4EJ Kai boxing of the Phantom in 1/72nd scale. The kit is the perfect starting point for an RAAF machine as all the parts except weapons are included in the box. The RAAF machines had unslated wings so no need for any mods or hacking of the kit. The final item will be an inflight display of A69-7205 carrying two sticks of three 500b bombs on TER's on the inboard stations. Missile stations will be empty but it will have a full compliment of gas bags as per this pic from add-serials (the aircraft in the foreground on the right is A69-7205). I've skipped the cockpit build for the moment and gone straight to the fuselage to get the bulk of the exterior done as there's nothing too adventurous going on externally. The blisters just aft of the intakes need to be removed. Before After The sharpie outline for the mounting post is marked here. It turns out I needed to move it forward a panel as it would foul the exhausts when they were inserted. The two blisters further behind the main gear towards the trailing edge have since been removed as Aussie Phantoms didn't have these. Perhaps the F-4 gurus can shed some light on what they were/are? A start on the cockpit. There's not much to it but once the crew are installed the decal instrument panels should be okay. The rear section of the nose gear door installed. No filler required here. I've started to busy up the sidewalls as they will be partly visible. I've no idea what the rear left hand sidewall of an F-4E looks like, but some gizmology will get me by. For whatever reason the right side is provided as an insert but no mention of it is made in the instructions. Some of the panel lines on the spine needed reinstating after being removed when cleaning up the seam. Some Pactra tape and an Olfa scriber put them back in their right place. Before. After. The circular access panels also needed some work. The first effort was made using a fluted punch but I wasn't happy with the result. Perhaps okay for a flat surface but not on a curved one. I reverted back to the old scribing template and needle for the rest. Progress so far after two evenings. The outer wings and fin cap have also been adde. You can see the hole where I had to move the mounting post position to. I've been doing some work on the ejection seats and drop tanks but once they're done I'll load up some pics of them. Anyway, that's it for the moment. I'll be back with another update tomorrow. Cheers, Mick
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