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Found 32 results

  1. As this year marks 50 years from the first flight of F-14 Tomcat, I've decided to give it a special homage with triple build of Revell's nicely moulded Tomcats in "mini" braillescale: 1 - F-14A, VF-84 Jolly Rogers ("Final Countdown" movie) 2 - F-14A, VF-142 Ghostriders 3 - F-14D, VF-101 Grim Reapers I will keep whole of the build(s) in one topic, as I work on all 3 kits at the same time. For the beginning, I've sprayed Mr. Surfacer 1500 Grey on parts that will be painted in white and grey (cockpit and landing gear bits), and won't cut off parts from sprue yet.. I think it will save me some time during this initial phase... Cheers, S.
  2. Hi all, Some advice needed. I was in the process of removing some maskol from the clear plastic canopy of the tomcat I am working on. Being a bit impatient I decided to use some Mr Tool cleaner to spedd up the process. Big mistake. Some sort of reaction took place and to cut a long story short, the canopy is FUBAR. No way to recover it, the plastic has just messed up completely. I have been working on this tomcat for months and so I am understandably freaking out! The model I am working on is a Hasegawa F-14A 1:48 tomcat, model number 51508, as seen here: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/48-hasegawa-14a-plus-tomcat-special-1854032403 This model was made in 1989 and so the chances of finding a "spare" canopy sprue for sale anywhere is virtually zero. Hasewaga do not seem to have a presence for replacement parts? Is this the case? Does anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement canopy sprue for this model? I don't want to have to fork out for a whole new model just to use the canopy sprue! (But ultimately, if I have to, I probably will, as I have laboured on this model for a long time and it looks great). Thanks in advance.
  3. Excuse the kitchen worktop. Nearly completed the Tamiya 1/48 F-14A, having used Eduard PE cockpit,Brassin jet exhaust and Furball Sundowners Anthology decals. Not happy with the gap between the nosewheels, I will work on that before completion. I’ve not posted for some time now, hope you like the work.
  4. My first F-14 kit, OOB with small corrections, some rivets, panels, hydraulic pipes added and signal lights made with MKK. Very good cartograf decals included. Vallejo acrylics.
  5. OK, here goes my version of the popular Tamiya F-14A Tomcat. I'm doing it in the markings of VF-142 Ghost Riders in their 1981 low-vis scheme from the old Microscale Decal sheet 48-217. Controversy and confusion kick off right from the get go! Microscale, with their usually vague painting instructions contradict each other in how the jet should be painted! I thought an ancient copy of Scale Aircraft Modelling June 1983 Vol. 5 Number 9 page 403 may have been of some help.................... ..........but the article seems to copy Microscale's instructions! The problem here is that I believe both Microscale and Scale Aircraft Modelling have got it wrong in their illustrations. The scheme in question appears to be the then brand new (for 1981 that is) low visibility blue/grey scheme of FS. 35237 top, FS. 36375 mid section and FS. 36495 underside. This very scheme has been slightly better documented by a couple of VF-143 Pukin Dogs Tomcats as seen below. https://deskgram.net/p/1825662876444855523_3230508708 So, the search began for any colour photos of Bu No. 159452. My initial search, several months ago, found nothing. But a more recent search uncovered a very poor quality colour image that seemed to confirm my hunch. https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1048472 But, there are still unanswered questions! If anybody else is able to source any more colour photos of this particular jet I'd really like to see them. Anyway, so on with the build....... The cockpit is good enough out of the box. All that really needs adding is aftermarket seats. I'll be adding Quickboost seats from set number QB 48-754 for the EA-6B Prowler. As far as I'm aware they are the same seat as fitted to the early F-14A Tomcat, and you get 4 seats obviously, so enough for 2 Tomcats! I'm trying to build the kit in a way that avoids as much masking as possible. So I have painted the inside and outside of the nose section before gluing. This way I'm hoping I won't have to mask off the cockpit and undercarriage bay. Part number H6 the cockpit frame was painted Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black, then dry brushed with light grey. This will simply slot in to place once the nose section is finished. An example of ease of use and speeding things up a little can be seen here with parts D18 and K1 and K2. I assembled K1 and K2 then glued them to D18, then went about cutting off the antenna and cleaning up the join line. Doing it this way made it all a lot easier to handle. Next the unit will be sprayed FS. 36495 and glued directly to the model. The panel on the side of the jet was filled with a styrene and Tamiya glue mix, then sanded. Perfect! Also take note of the fuselage mold line that needs to be removed prior to painting! More filling required on the nose section. This time using Mr Dissolved Putty. I really like this stuff and can highly recommend it. Also, there are two more sections of mold line that need to be removed. As indicated by the black marker and red arrows.............. On the intake ramp parts I glued part E13 to part D4 whilst holding parts D4 and E10 together (not glued) with mini clothes pegs. This aided painting later on. Parts G56, A5, A6 and B12 were all added to the lower fuselage section as well as the two E13 & D4 glued parts. This entire unit was then painted Stynylrez white primer. K14 and K15 were glued to their respective intakes and sprayed Stynylrez white primer. This section (not glued yet) is a drop fit onto the lower fuselage section. Such is the quality of Tamiya engineering! Next will be completing the front fuselage section and painting the lower fuselage FS 36495 in its various sub assemblies. Cheers Richard.
  6. Some details of new PE set are installed on model. The set made of 0.05mm thick stainless steel and has many optional parts. ALM_3718 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3717 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3714 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3715 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3716 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3720 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3693 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3694 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3697 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3699 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3700 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3705 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3708 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3710 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3713 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr F-14_Tamiya_instruction_PG1 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr F-14_Tamiya_instruction_PG2 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr One more little set of stiffeners around the airframe is also 0.05mm steel. ALM_3719 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr PE4819.Instr by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr
  7. Some random shots of VF-1 Tomcats during visits to NAS Miramar, a.k.a. Fightertown USA... Starting with standard markings for the time, Bu No 161296, NE 107, in 1983 Now the strange ones. SAM Volume 25 Number 1 has a profile of NE 105 in this scheme, stating that it was flown as an adversary aircraft. Anyone have any more on this scheme? BuNo unknown, NE 111, March 1983. Canopy and windscreen masked for painting. BuNo 161290, NE 104, March 1983 BuNo 161292, NE 105, March 1983 BuNo 162599, NE 101, August 1991 BuNo unknown, NE 110, August 1991 Thanks for looking, Sven
  8. While the forum was flooded with beautiful Tamiya Tomcats I was finishing the Hobby Boss F-14A. Goal was to make a accurate Persian Tomcat, so the choice was the Hobby Boss one. Added with Eduard Sidewinder Niner Juliets to represent the Iranian operated Pappa's variant the job was done. Besides the Sidewinders some other Eduard add-ons were used, Aires exhausts, Wheelliant weighed wheels, and Hi-Decal, well, decals. Hope you like!
  9. When you say 1/32nd and Tomcat together most people think "Tamiya" but this project involves the new kid on the block - Trumpeter. You may have heard or read positive or negative things about this kit and to be fair it has a few peculiarities which are somewhat of a Trumpeter trademark. So many areas are damn good and then you discover areas where the usual designer must have gone for break and some crazy guy adds a few parts which do not match the rest of the kit. So let's get started by taking a peek at this rather large pudycat. This is no ordinary box, it is also a piece of luggage and comes complete with it's own carry handle and strong securing points to stop the box from opening unless you really want it to. When you do reveal the inside it is packaged very well with separate boxes and containers to protect the contents. The upper and lower fuselage halves come together in their own plastic tray with a clear cover, this should mean that they stay stress free and do not become out of shape. This kit comes with three decal options, all light-gull grey over white schemes. VF-1 Wolfpack, VF-84 Jolly Rogers and VF-111 Sundowners. But enough of this hear you cry! This is supposed to be a WIP and not a review so let's start at the beginning which is the best place to start so I'm told. For those of you thinking that Trumpeter supply a nicely moulded set of throttle handles to go on the phallic gesture sticking up - you'd be wrong as that's it! Deep breaths now and put it down to that crazy guy having his fun whilst the real designer went to the loo. You'll see more of this later. The kit comes supplied with another cockpit tub and instrument panels for an F-14B, so I put aside the original "A" cockpit tub and went to town on the "B" version. Starting by sanding down all the side console detail as I intended to try something using the Eduard cockpit etch in a new and unusual way. I dislike working with photo etch parts so scanned the fret on the computer where I could correct and change certain bits and then print out what I needed on to matt photo paper. More on how this worked out later on. The F-14A should have two circuit breaker panels inside the pilot's foot well so some surgery was required.
  10. Decals are a mix of kit and Fightertown 48077, painted with Tamiya & Gunze. Eduard seatbelts
  11. For my entry, I will be building Hobby Boss's 1/48 F-14A as a line jet from VF-24 Renegades during their 'Last Rage'. I will be using a fair bit of AM for this one, the Steel Beach Late Life Upgrade being essential for the NACA gun panel. Other AM being Wolfpack Design resin fuel tanks, Hasegawa Mk.83 1,000lb iron bombs (kindly donated by Neilscrim), Wheeliant resin wheels, Fightertown decals, Master Brass pitot and AOA and I still need to find my Quickboost GRU-7 seats. Kit and AM; Reference Material; (The Air International is particularly handy as it has some pics of VF-24)
  12. Hi all! Well after over 2/3 months of work I can finally and proudly present my version of a VF-111 Sundowners F-14a. This is my first ever RFI and my second 1/48 model. As you will see if you haven't been following my WIP I have opened up a good few panels and decided to put a lot of the model out on show. The kit is out of the box but the Eduard kit does include a lot of goodies such as the cockpit, wheels, exhausts and some PE. All this combined with some scratch built details and you have the below. I hope you enjoy the photos...however I must apologies for the quality/angles/lighting. I do not have a photo booth/materials to create one, or the space for one so if you want to see anything in any detail that I may have left out just let me know on here and I will gladly take a picture and upload it! Ok so lets get to it. General Overview: Top side: From End: Underside: Other detail/feature shots: Extended Wings Glove vanes: As always with my threads all questions, comments, advice, critiques or just a bit of chat is more than welcome and encouraged!! Always happy to share my train of thought and techniques with anyone who is willing to listen to me. Thanks for looking! Ian
  13. Hello all, This is my first WIP thread but is my second 1/48 model to hit my workbench. I have been really looking forward to getting into this bad boy. I will be using the Eduard "Danger Zone" Hobby Boss F-14 reboxing. The kit is absolutely beautiful and even with some dry fitting everything just clicks together and even has a lack of release pin markers that plagued their F/a-18d. For this built I will be pulling out all the stops as well as all the ports that the kit comes with...and some! Still undecided as to weather I will fix the wings extended with all the flaps and slates showing their red underbellies or if I will keep it simple and leave the wings swept back. One point I think is important to mention as I know some people may point it out if I don't mention, although I will be trying to create the model as close to the real thing as possible there will be an element of "Poetic Licence" regarding some parts/features/processes. I have so far been unable to find more than one picture of this particular jet, NL 212 on the USS Carl Vinson, so I am going to "assume" a few things. This mainly relates to weathering and any scratch building. With that in mind I plan to "Imitate NOT Replicate" Right enough waffling, let the games begin!! I started with an unusual point, rather than the cockpit and seats I went straight to the P&W TF-30 engine. I plan to open up some of the larger access panels around the back to show off this bad boy as well as all the other panels that kit gives you. First I need to get some strips: Followed by some dry fitting, measuring and measuring again and then a bit of cutting. Once the cutting and fitting was sorted I dove straight into the detailing. Phase one: Phase two to...well I lost count of the phases from this point but here is the result so far And then I had a final dry fit with all the extra details added: I plan to open up the largest panel on the underside of the engine to show it off a light similar to the image in the link below. http://www.aviation-militaire.com/Galerie/NAS_Oceana_98/015_07P.jpg From my research I have only ever found that when this panel is opened/removed the opposing panel also has to hang down. Can anybody clarify this for me? I would probably prefer to not have to open up the second panel. Mainly just to remove the chance of making any mistakes. if I can get away with one panel it would be fantastic! If anybody has looked at this before or has some references they can check that I don't have available to be can you please let me know? It would be a great help! Anyway, thanks for dropping by, all comments are welcome and encouraged!! Enjoy!
  14. Something new from me - Iranian F-14A in 1/72 scale. Built with Hasegawa SP14 kit, converted to Iranian with HDL decals and some scratch (opened refueling probe door and AIM-9Ps). Eduard`s PE ZOOM set, Rob Taurus` vacu canopy and Master`s pitot tube were used. AIM-7Es are Eduard`s Brassin and AIM-54A are from old Heller kit. Painted with acrylic Lifecolors. It was a hard work, but I hope it was worth it. ;-) Model shows my interpretation of F-14A number 160318/3-6020, TFB 8 IRIAF during Iran-Iraq War in 1986. This aircraft was one of the most successful "Alicat" in this war. It was still in service some years ago!
  15. Hello all, Here is my recently finished 'Top Gun' diorama, depicting the mighty F-14 piloted by 'Maverick' and 'Goose' chasing down the diminutive A-4 flown by 'Viper'. Both kits are from Hasegawa and are mainly OOP, the only additions being the Fightertown decals for the F-14, TACTS pods from a Hasegawa weapons set and Hobbydecal pitot tube for the F-14. I wanted the F-14 to be heavily weathered as shown in the movie. The process I used is on page three of the build thread. Build thread is here Thanks for looking, comments welcome. Dave
  16. Hello all, Started this project a few years ago, it kept stalling and has been sitting at the side of the bench ever since. Original thread So, this GB is the perfect excuse to get it done, finally! The reason i've decided to resurrect it is because my favourite decal maker has just released these….which of course i've ordered. So i'm able to do a proper 'Top Gun' jet! Plan is to make a dogfight diorama with the F-14 chasing down the A-4 Here's how the F-14 is at the minute: And the A-4, which is yet to be started: Hope that this qualifies even if the A-4 remains to be done as it's a KUTA for the whole project! Dave
  17. Hello again, Now it’s time for my Tomcat. Similarly to Su-27SM, this is mostly out of the box. I added details in the landing gear bays, there are metal pitot tube and angle of attack probe. I also corrected the opening for the gun (it was closed) and IR sensor under the nose. Painted mostly with gunze H315 and model master metalizers. Overall it looks nice, there are some mistakes – with few decals in wrong places and canopy not fitting properly (I attached it once everything was painted so wasn’t any room for corrections – and the Academy set is far from great, decals are terrible). I am aware that the sparrows are not fitted properly – when I found out how to do it, it was to late J Enjoy and thanks for watching!
  18. KA-Models is to rebox the Fujimi 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat kit- ref.???? F-14A 'Jolly Rogers 1978~1991' Sources: https://www.facebook.com/KAMODELS2007/photos/a.390320164315130.111612.185804791433336/1106701499343656/?type=1&theater https://www.facebook.com/KAMODELS2007/posts/1108277229186083 V.P.
  19. Hi all, I am calling this finished. It's the old Hasegawa kit that's been re-boxed umpteen times. Generally an ok build, just a few hiccups along the way. I used Hi Decal sheet for the decals which are quite delicate bur worked ok in the main. Seats are from Airwaves and the weapons from my spares box. Thanks for looking! FF
  20. Hi, here's a few pics of my current WIP. Nice kit but not without a few fit problems. Thanks for looking. FF
  21. Someone better get printing 1/48 VF-84 Jolly Rogers F-14A Decals things are getting ridiculous £95 for decals ! ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181565823396?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  22. Just seen that Fightertown have just released their new super sheets for VF-101 and VF-103! They combine a lot of the older sheets coverage plus new decals. Get 'em while they're hot (and before they sell out!) Fightertown F-14 Decals
  23. Hi everyone, This is my entry for the GB, from Hobby Boss in 1/72. Some references....not all relevant to this build but good reads nonetheless. This will be a build of a VF-41 'Black Aces' Tomcat from the Gulf of Sidra incident in 1981. (Source: Wikipedia commons; public domain) It probably won't be the most colourful build on this GB (as she's mostly grey) but an eventful story and one that's worth remembering I think. Good luck with your own builds! Dermot
  24. Hi Guys, This is my first GB of this year. I will build a F-14A+ from Hasegawa. I will backdate it to a Iranian version. Here are some pictures of the content of the box. The boxart The Sprues And now the goodies This will be the first F-14 from Hasegawa and a major build for me with all these goodies. I hope the Cheers,
  25. Hi Everyone, Because I enjoyed building my first F-14A Tomcat in 1/144 scale by Revell, I have purchased another one to build in the scheme of Aircraft 212 of the VF142 Ghostriders based aboard USS America in 1976 as part of CVW 6. Here is what the aircraft could look like when finished. Here are the sprue shots (as the kit is the same, I have used the shots from the previous build). Anyway I will get some more photos as soon as I have done some of the paint work on this kit. Rick
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