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Found 20 results

  1. As this year marks 50 years from the first flight of F-14 Tomcat, I've decided to give it a special homage with triple build of Revell's nicely moulded Tomcats in "mini" braillescale: 1 - F-14A, VF-84 Jolly Rogers ("Final Countdown" movie) 2 - F-14A, VF-142 Ghostriders 3 - F-14D, VF-101 Grim Reapers I will keep whole of the build(s) in one topic, as I work on all 3 kits at the same time. For the beginning, I've sprayed Mr. Surfacer 1500 Grey on parts that will be painted in white and grey (cockpit and landing gear bits), and won't cut off parts fro
  2. Hey all, A quick post of these two lovely little models I had a lot of fun building Trumpeter's 1/144th F-14D and Revell's 1/144th F-18D. Trumpeter's 1/144th kits are an absolute blast to build- low part count, perfect fit, excellent level of detail for the scale, and stress free. The perfect antidote for taking a refreshing break from your other high maintanence builds. I used the lo-vis Tomcatters scheme from the F-14D kit on the F-18D, despite the VF-31 not having the Hornet (they currently have the F/A-18E). Also for the eagle-eyes, the wing-tip rails are not acc
  3. Hi folks. Been away from the modelling desk for a while (insert 'work getting in the way' joke here) but had the itch to get something built by the end of the year. Cue Tamiya's superlative new 1/48 F-14D. I'm one of those Aircraft enthusiasts who was taken away with Top Gun as a young child, so the big 'Cat has always had a dear place in my heart; it's such a good feeling to have a kit as astounding as this to do the Tomcat justice. I'm sure everything that can be said about this kit has been said already, so I'll move on to my attempt at it! The plan was to see how good it
  4. Howdy all, I am a new member here and just getting back into modeling after a 20 or so year hiatus. I am open to any critique, tips, tricks, etc. Cheers! On the workbench at the moment is the new 1/72 Academy F-14A Tomcat, but I will be building a (D) version as Academy has supplied all the necessary parts for almost any version you want to build. I will also be setting this one up for in-flight display. This is not an option OOB and will likely provide some challenges, but should be fun. First up is putting the cockpit together. Nice amount of detail
  5. Since it's Christmas, I'll stop being a scrooge with my time and invite "Tiny Tom" back to the desktop for some modelling attention. Yes, it's the Revel 1:144 F-14D , mostly complete but in need of decals finishing off. .
  6. This is my latest build: a Tamiya's 1/48th scale F-14D Tomcat. It's a great kit, with superb fit and smart assembly, i had lot of fun building it! Kit built OOB, with some details from Eduard PE and KA Models exhaust nozzels. Painted with Gunze's Acryl Paint (h-307, H-308, H-337). So, let's start the photogalley: Ciao Ale
  7. Hello everybody! After months of procrastination, I finally completed this model I had started on in August of last year. Details added: Scratch built Ejection Seat detail Full hydraulic lines on landing gear using stretched sprue closely matched landing gear bays (hydraulic lines and additional detail) scratch built ventral fins Scratch build Sub-sonic ramps in the intakes (missing in the kit) Riveting where ever appropriate (around cockpit and on the upper surfaces of the fuselage Improvement to the chin pod TVSU Drille
  8. Wow I hadn’t thought this GB would come around so quick! I have way too many GB’s on the go at once but this was one I really wanted to join. This is one of my all time favourite aircraft……even if Tom Cruise “flew” one! I’ve only ever build older 1/72ndscale Airfix versions and have always wanted to build a big beastie to be part of a “Swing Wing” collection. I was super lucky in finding this one, Nup it's been replaced full of goodies and even white metal/rubber wheels, though these will be replaced. ….which some
  9. This is my first completed build of the year, it was built as part of the Grumman GB. This build was originally planned to be a Hasegawa F-14D with Aires Cockpit and Avionix’s “Bombcat” Update/Conversion kit. But as luck would have it I won the monthly raffle at my local IPMS and took home Tamiya’s awesome new 1/48th F-14D!! I can’t rave enough about this model, it’s truly beautiful and without doubt one of the nicest models I’ve ever built. I add a couple of extras to her just to finish her off. The OEM wheels are rubber/metal and rubber wheels only look go
  10. A fighter aircraft that brings me into scale modeling world!
  11. The F-14 Tomcat came into my life with "The Final Countdown", and I felt quite sad to see it go a decade ago. Therefore I decided, as a little tribute, to assemble one of the last combat cruise Tomcats. Hasegawa issued the F-14D Last Combat Cruise in 1/72, that includes two conmemorative schemes of VF-213: AJ 213 and AJ201. I decided to represent AJ201 as I wanted to have a Tomcat that was closer to combat scheme, not with the shiny blue all over it. The kit is quite accurate for a D, I used resin seats though as the seats provided lack detail, then you have to sand off some antennae arou
  12. Hello everyone! My next build is the F-14D. Easily one of my favorite aircraft, it's been on the build radar for a while now. I settled on the hobby boss offering as the I already own a die-cast F-18F in the VF-2 CAG scheme. The Hobby Boss kit is a pretty well balanced kit. There's a reasonable amount of well defined surface detail which stands up pretty well to reference photos. Despite this, it has a relatively low part count (as compared to the Hasegawa offering) and hopefully should come together with minimal fuss. The kit is lacking or could use some sprucing up in a few
  13. This had been sat on the shelf of doom for around 18 months, giving me that " I'd look really nice finished" kind of stare you all know the one I'm sure. The F-14 doesn't really hold much interest for me so I'd generally been putting it off but I decided to get it finished so i can avoid its sorry unfinished glare. SO here it is Hobbyboss 1/48 Tomcat D finished in grim reapers Hi-viz markings. Once again Trumpyboss are a let down on the amount/quality of stencils and other decals but overall i feel there is enough to give the scheme some feel. It was painted with Ak interactive light gull g
  14. Hello one and all, I started this project back when the F-14D STGB was on. I did have every intention of actually finishing it off. However my modelling time is few and far between nowadays So I had the great idea of putting this up in the WiP in the hope that the interest from other people will force me to actually get somewhere with it!... That's the plan anyhow and I am going to stick to it! I will start from the beginning with all the groovy pictures then I will upload the current state of play. Here we go I am really nervous about that mould line dow
  15. Hey gents, I'm currently turning my circles around the modelling forum world again, just trying to gather some intel and some impressions. I'm currently working on converting the Tamiya 1/32 Alpha Tomcat into a Delta and just fit the Aires Burners (please note, the ones explicitly for the Tamiya kit!!!) to the airframe and flamin' rod do I have to spend some proper load of putty to straighten everything out. Did I just hit a screwed kit or can it really be that the Aires cowls are somewhat too small? As said, I'm using the set specifically tailored for the Tamiya kit, at least that is state
  16. F-14D 159600 "Christine". Pics taken at the Fort Worth Aviation Museum, Texas. Pics thanks to Nigel Heath.
  17. Hi everyone, Here's one from me that definitely needs a kick up the a**e - it's a 1/72 Revell F-14D Tomcat from about 2 or 3 years ago. I started it as a catshot 'Cat so had started butchering the flaps, slats, etc...then lost interest. Fast forward to this year and feel it's time to make her fly. Looking at her again now, there's a lot of areas of fit and seams that need to be fixed - don't know what I've let myself in for! Good luck with your builds. Dermot
  18. Just seen that Fightertown have just released their new super sheets for VF-101 and VF-103! They combine a lot of the older sheets coverage plus new decals. Get 'em while they're hot (and before they sell out!) Fightertown F-14 Decals
  19. Here she is! VF-31's '110', BuNo 519618 as she was at the beginning of OIF in 2003. I used the Hobby Boss 1/48 F-14D, TwoBobs 'Felix in the Fight' decals, Humbrol enamels, W&D Studio pitot and AOA probe, Eduard canopy mask (Godsend!) and a really cheap airbrush. My aspiration was to use as little AM as possible to show what a great kit this is, in my opinion it is superb. It has one or two idiosyncrasies, but still offers a superb amount of value and is a great fitting kit which allows you to make a great looking 'Cat out of the box. I chose not to fill all the rivets, as I don't mid t
  20. F-14D Ace Combat "Pumpkin Face" Hasegawa 1:72 The Grumman F-14 Tomcat was a supersonic twin engine / seat variable sweep wing fighter aircraft developed for the United States Navy. Grumman designed the fighter to fill a gap created by the collapse of the then FB-111B programme. Grumman were able to produce the unique swing wing design fairly quickly due to their earlier experiments with the XF10 Jaguar. The aircraft first flew in 1970, with the first deployment in 1974. By the late 1980s the Tomcat was starting to show its age. The first major upgrade at this time replaced the Tomcats
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