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Found 73 results

  1. Well, it’s time I started to write up where I’ve got to with my first Tomcat build having spent the last few weeks pre lockdown, and the most of the time since lockdown, gathering information, drooling over others’ work and finally (I wish I had one)... set about and went and bought some. Intial (re) inspiration was an Airfix world mag article (Nov 2019) describing building the Finemolds F-14A as a Sundowners bird (was always my favourite) and it reminded me of when I’d made my last F-14A in “about” 1986 when I’d used some xtradecals to present the Hasegawa kit as a low viz sundowner. It suffered the problem that, as several have since, with the overall gull grey being a bit dark making the markings more low-viz than expected... but I made it nonetheless. However, that was lost n moves ago, and it wasn’t that brilliant. The Finemolds kit article looked interesting, so I found one on line and looked at a few additions to go with it. I then started conversing with a mate who also expressed an interest in the big Grumman feline and between us we started to investigate various other offerings (the new Academy one had just become available – or not), and Tony Oliver’s legion of Tomcat articles of seemingly all models proved so useful in admiring what could be done. Yup, it’s all inspirational stuff indeed. So, before I really start – thanks to all on here that have provided gen on the type and the kits, especially Tony Oliver for his monumental works and detailed threads on here, and to my mate Brian who, whilst living about 200miles away, has been a source of ideas and inspiration too... especially in these unusual times we find ourselves in at the moment. So, what better way to keep the motivation going than to have a good read on here, compare notes and ideas with a good mate or two and then crack on with a kit or two. It’s a great distraction from everything else that’s going on around us. So... a few books were acquired – the Detail and Scale two-volumes on Kindle (for inspiration), the Daco book (needs no introduction – does it) and the SAM MDF F14 book. A few older books were dug out of the loft from the 80s... and armed with these and the internet... I hoped I’d have enough references. No, probably not. In the end I ordered a GWH A model (and just order a D last week), a Hobbyboss A and D and a Ka A model. Despite the huge amount of detail offered my the FM and GHW kits, I thought that a simpler model might be best to start with so I opted for a Hobbyboss A model, and my chosen scheme would be of VF111 BuNo 161621 painted up with Miss Molly nose art. Yes, I know it’s a “bit bling” and I’ll probably produce something more tame with later models, but given that the HB kit lacks the pilots steps and doors, I thought that it offered a good clotheshorse to hang the simple scheme on... and give me something with a bit of a wow factor once finished (I hope). I still have questions, but I’ll either look into them as I go, or hide my ignorance somewhere. e.g. I’m sure that somewhere there’s a description of the differences in intake paint demarcation (grey-white) ... but I’ll guess for this one as the intakes will be fitted with blanks. I also plan for this to be my first model painted in acrylics, having previously stuck (doggedly) with enamels that, whilst I was comfortable with these, I often found myself swearing at them (and my poor attempts) when trying to get a good finish. My Phantom FG1 had been persevered with and got there in the end, but blimey it took a while. So, I thought I’d have a go at these new-fangled paints; which ones ... well, more of that to come. And again, it was useful to read a number of articles on here, as well as seeing Tony O experiment with a few different suppliers’ paints. The chosen bird is simply overall light gull grey... so how hard could it be? Having found a few “oddities” with the HB kit – more to come, one very noticeable point was that the fin was a little smaller than the decals that I’d acquired that were sized for the Hasegawa kit. Why are all the fins different sizes.... is it really that hard? Anyway, the Furball tail markings will be a bit wide, so I might opt to use the kit transfers for the fin... although they’re just the red bits (with the right ray shading) but on a grey fin (clear decal). So, I’ll paint my fins white first. Should work... I hope. IMG_20200508_080127304 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr There were a few items to improve upon ... so I bought a few aftermarket items that are spread out here, and more were to follow. Masters probes; Aires exhaust and seats (not shown here); Quickboost nose gear doors, ECM/TCS chin pod (as it wasn’t in the kit although I noticed there’s one in the D kit after I rdered) and ventral fins (latter two not shown here); Eduard internal, external PE and mask set; Armory weighted wheels, and; Flighpath access ladders and intake screens. I won’t be using the access ladder on this kit, but I can save it for later. I may use the intake screens (or the ones in the eduard PE set to make up for the lack of details inside the intakes... but we’ll see how it goes. Finally, the colourful Furball decal set... lovely. I’ll not express too much of an opinion on the Eduard sets just yet, but in the build so far, I’ve used fewer bits that I thought I would simply because some of them seem a little pointless... but more to come. I started off just be looking at the kit parts, starting with the forward fuselage halves, but comparing what Hobbyboss gives us in comparison to Finemolds (my GWH one was still in the post). Quite striking really... the Finemolds one really is rather fine... but showed what I could do to the HB one to perhaps add a little detail before starting. Forward fuselage Tony O had highlighted the reinforced RIO side step, so that was sanded off and re-engraved (not as cleanly as I’d’ve liked, but I managed it to a degree. The next item that caught my eye was the Vulcan cannon nozzle; it looked a little crude, and just a hole. I looked at this wondering if it could be improved and settled upon a representation made from two pieces of plastic rod (that I really struggled to photograph); one for the cannon and one for the shroud inside the port. IMG_20200508_112500605 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200508_113359012 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr By tidying the coaming outside and cleaning up after, it looks reasonable... but we’ll wait for some paint and look again. Note that the hole in the face is a quarter arc rather than a single circular hole; it doesn’t really show up in the photos... it might look better with some paint. IMG_20200509_134333465_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr I drilled out the smart probe hole to fit a new one (shown test fitted before going back in the bag for the time being) and drilled out the shell case ejector chutes too. IMG_20200509_143147827 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr In comparing the kit parts with photographs (and primarily the FM kit) it was clear that a little additional detail on the outside, especially the forward fuselage may be appropriate. I set about adding fastener “holes” with a needle in a pin vice (my standard tool for such) and with careful attention to photos, I added marks where I thought they would be worth doing. Once applied, I gave the whole a brush on Tamiya thin to settle any edges. Once it’s got some primer on, I’ll take another look. IMG_20200510_125441821 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Main body One point that Tony O notes is that the external fuel tanks are mounted too far forward; I couldn’t find where in his thread he’d mentioned by how much, but with some measuring (once realising that the fuel tanks’ tips should align with the engine intake lips, I estimated that they needed to move about 4mm aft, and about 1mm outboard. I made up a small plasticard template and marked where the existing holes would fall, drilling these out, then added a further pair of holes, 4mm aft and 1mm “out”. By placing this carefully over the half holes on the inside of the trunking, I was able to mark (and drill) the new holes. For the other side, I just flipped the template over. I think they’re ok... I guess we’ll see. IMG_20200511_140934226_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr The ventral fins lack any detail, no NACA intake nor panel lines (why oh why?) So I opted for the Quickboost ones (that still needed the panel line engraving on the opposite side to the NACA duct). I removed the existing fins and files smooth, replacing lost panel lines carefully. I drilled two 0.4mm holes in each fin (you’ll note that they’re different spacings – so that once I get one aligned, I wont mix them up. Each has a 0.4mm wire piece added, and a corresponding hole drilled in the body underside. Once one hole is in, I can “scribe” the spot for the other hole with the shorter wire piece in the other hole, and drill to fit. IMG_20200515_150249904_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Paint Then some paints arrived. I plan to give the Mission Models paints a try as they’ve had some good reviews and the system seemed quite well explained on websites, others’ threads and with all the videos on YouTube... I felt comfortable enough in trying these as my migration from enamels. I ordered some suitable colours, the thinners and polyurethane additive. IMG_20200516_124341524_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr I tested my clumsiness and ineptitude at airbrushing on some spare phantom wingtips, testing the black primer and a mix of the greys once that was dry. It seemed that no matter how I tried to abuse it, the paint flattened quite nicely. That’s good. IMG_20200517_191212407_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200518_181430920 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Nose gear bay I decided to try to improve the detail inside the nose gear bay; normally a plethora of pipework, hoses, pistons and boxes, the kit offering was a little basic. The Eduard bits added some items, but it was still a relatively empty box. I know that normally, nobody will see this... but I thought I ought to try something... just to lift it a little. The most obvious omission was that big pressure vessel (Air tank? Hydraulic reservoir?) that I fashioned from some sprue turned in a minidrill, cut with a scalpel... still in need of finishing in this photo. IMG_20200520_185337578 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr A bit crude and rough, but size wise it’s probably about right (compared to the FM kit item) and bulks out the bay a little. The brake units were made from bits of plasticard and various wire pieces added along the sidewalls and in the roof of the bay. My first attempt used the wrong size wires, so I replaced these and started again. It’s still a bit crude, but a little weathering will help blend all the bits together. IMG_20200522_161626403_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200522_161638963_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr At this stage, I popped the cockpit tub and bay into the fuselage halves just to see how it sat. It seemed ok. Oh, and the additional piston was fashioned from sprue like the reservoir/tank... with a bit of wire added for the sleeve. I guess this is linked to the undercarriage doors (?) Oh, and I removed those... I’ll either use the quickboost ones, or the Eduard ones if my sanity wants to be tested on their assembly. None of this is perfect... but I think it’s better than an empty bay. Main gear bays Having done the nose gear, I thought I ought to do the mains too. The Eduard bits replace the upper roof of the bays, but lose the wire harness mouldings in the process (is it really worth it then?) The inside of the bay is open to the kit inside; the bay is not blanked off. I added plasticard inner walls and then held the two parts together and marked the plasticard with a pen where it lined up with the kit’s ribs. I then added microstrip pieces to continue the ribs on the vertical faces. IMG_20200523_095243050_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200523_135147145 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200523_141014829 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr As the rear bays were a bit basic, I added some additional ribs to these too, again with microstrip IMG_20200523_163256076 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Then with a series of small holes drilled into the sidewalls, I added lengths of 5A fusewire to represent the pipework and harnesses, along the inner sidewalls and across the bay roof. Looks untidy (and needed tidying up so as not to foul the wings when test fitted but again hopefully something a little better that the plain bays provided in the kit. Well, I hope so. IMG_20200523_164408070 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Wings Yup... I put these together and needed to fill that seam. Took a couple of attempts, but got there in the end. I was going to add the PE access covers... but there’s no point. These just go over the markings made on the kit and, as far as I can tell, the access covers on this kit are a work of fiction. The GWH and FM kits seem fine in terms of number of covers and positions, but these are just wrong. I will live with them and just try not to draw attention to them too much. Yes, I could fill them and rescribe the right ones if I had the patience and skill... but nah; I’ll have other F-14 kits with better wings that can show them off. For now, I’ll pretend I didn’t mention it. IMG_20200526_180801587_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Glove Vanes OK, they’re not the easiest part of the kit... and cutting the recessed slots from the leading edge was a bit of a faff, and in the process of opening the forward edge of each, I managed to break the locating pin; thus a new one was made from a small piece of wire, for each side. Getting the “hole” square required a bit of back filling and re-cutting ... again, a fiddly bit. Ok, it works... but a transfer for the holes would probably be easier. IMG_20200531_151718570_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr First Paint I applied a light dusting of Halfords primer to the intakes, and then white (and then light gull grey) using the MM paints. Black primer went on the insides of the upper and lower main fuselage halves (especially in the wing areas to hide any light areas once the kit it complete) followed by some white to cover the gear bays. Engine disc was black primed and then treated with Alclad II Stainless Steel (for shine), after which a dark enamel wash was applied, and the spinner painted a light grey. The opportunity was taken to prime and “grey” some other buts including cockpit parts. Now, for the cockpit grey, I used some MM Dark Ghost which seemed about right in colour. Maybe a little light, but maybe that’s right “for scale”. Unfortunately, the bottle I had turned out to be full of little lumps and took ages to re-shake and mix with thinners to get a little that was lump free. The foil seal had also not been stuck properly when I came to remove it. I got in touch with the shop as I’d intended to buy some more colours anyway, and they sent me a replacement foc with my next delivery. I’m pleased to say that the new one is fine... as are all the others I’ve tried so far. IMG_20200601_201516590_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200602_180855099 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Cockpit details OK.. so every kit begins with the cockpit... (?) so time to start with this then. I fabricated the part that sits behind the RIO seat from plasticard and microstrip – oh for a resin one of these (hint hint)... fiddly, but it’ll do for now. I based it on the GWH and FM kits and will work out how to fit it later. IMG_20200525_163154284_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr I’m using the Aires GRU-7A seats rather than the kit parts, but will add Eduard bits as I go; I assumed they’d fit – and per below... most did (with some fettling). Given that the seats in the kit sit a little low, I wanted to test the Aires seats in the tubs before committing to them. A quick test. I think they’re slightly high, so I removed some of the inner tub frame to let them sit lower. They’re tight, but they do go in. I had similar issues with my Airfix Phantom seats after I’d fettled and added scratch details to those. Actually, the RN Phantom has MB Mk7s, and it’s interesting comparing the two seats... the similarities are evident. IMG_20200522_162128135_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Some colour went on the seats first, and it seems that I finally found a use for Humbrol 30 as it suited the seat base and back, with a mix of Humbrol 30 and 29 (dark green and dark earth) to make the colour for the cushions (chute). Some of the resin details were picked out in the appropriate colours (silver, red, yellow, white, etc) and these were set asides overnight to dry. IMG_20200604_151759042 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr The Eduard etch “bits” were applied using Bob Smith Industries Odourless CA glue, patience and a donation to the swear box. I didn’t use all of the bits, but most went on. Reference to the Daco book was very useful during this part of the build. IMG_20200604_195646651_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr The cockpit tub got its Eduard PE added in stages... The first bits had gone in before paint – the rudder pedals. Yes, these were fun and probably invisible, but I put them in anyway. Then, I started with the bigger bits covering the sidewalls and instruments panels one at a time. Take your time... there’s no rush. Some colour was added where it would enhance the moldings, such as around the throttle box, and a thin dark wash at the rear of the forward cockpit. The coamings got some paint too. I initially applied a light covering, using Humbrol dark earth, but then noticed in photos of BuNo 161621 in the Detail & Scale book that the coamings were dark green/olive drab and thus not faded at the time. I’m not sure how long the aircraft carried the nose art for, but I thought I ought to depict it per photos, so I applied a mix of Dark Earth, Dark Green, Black and French Blue and added darker and lighter shades of this to depict variation in the texture. The black was re-done with some matt black (may be tyre black). Later, I added a light dusting of satin/matt varnish to unify the appearance, which helped. These still need some wear added to the surfaces (worn metal) and the reflector dish for the head-up projector. IMG_20200606_151403238 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200606_151424641 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200606_151520644 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr At this point, the central coaming and IP are just balanced in place. The sticks got some paint .. again, making as much use as possible of the Daco book. They do look oversize... but not much I can do about that now. IMG_20200606_152324272 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Finally, I added some of the little etch bits. The throttle top, gear lever (down selected) and hook lever (up selected). Yes, they’re a fettle (and they’ll probably break off) but they’re there for now. I added the canopy pull lever for the rear cockpit (to the instrument panel) but haven’t photographed it yet. The front one will have to go in once the upper coaming is in place; that will be fun. Again, all parts secured with BSI odourless CA and then a little Klear added to provide a clear potting to the little bits. Seems to be holding, for now. Again – with apologies for the poor photos throughout – and this last one is just awful.. but the bits are there – just. IMG_20200606_160341518 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Anyway... that’s all for now. Now that I’ve started with the build properly, it feels as though I’m getting somewhere; it’ll be nice to join the major components together and crack on with detailing the other parts and the project progresses. Thanks for reading. Jonathan
  2. No it's not a joke. Great Wall Hobby (GWH) is also preparing a 1/48th Grumman F-14A Tomcat kit - ref. L4823 Sources: http://www.moxingfans.com/new/news/2018/0928/5025.html https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5896435363 V.P.
  3. Hi all, here is the third installment of 'pictures edited in lock down', this time from the amazing National Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola which I was lucky enough to visit during November 2018. Sadly the tour of the storage area wasn't available that day as the volunteer who drives the buggy was unwell, which meand I'll just have to go again I took loads of shots which are all here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/65364952@N06/albums/72157703428076121/page1 SabreLiner by tony_inkster, on Flickr B-25 Mitchell by tony_inkster, on Flickr SeaKing by tony_inkster, on Flickr A-4 Skyhawk (Blue Angels) by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-14 Tomcat by tony_inkster, on Flickr Bearcat by tony_inkster, on Flickr Douglas SBD Dauntless by tony_inkster, on Flickr AF-2S Guardian by tony_inkster, on Flickr RF-8 Crusader by tony_inkster, on Flickr S-3 Viking 'Navy One' by tony_inkster, on Flickr CH-53 Sea Stallion by tony_inkster, on Flickr F7U Cutlass (2) by tony_inkster, on Flickr F3H Demon by tony_inkster, on Flickr TV-2 T-33 Shooting Star by tony_inkster, on Flickr A-1 Skyraider by tony_inkster, on Flickr F11F Tiger by tony_inkster, on Flickr Photo Banshee by tony_inkster, on Flickr F2H Banshee by tony_inkster, on Flickr Prowler by tony_inkster, on Flickr
  4. This is the Revell F-14D Super Tomcat 1/72 kit. I've been waiting to do an F-14 since I got back into modelling a few years ago. The last one I built was the Airfix one in the late 1970's, I remember it was white plastic and was one of the first models I actually painted with the intentions of it being a model for displaying rather than a toy. This kit had a lot to live up to as it was competing with fond childhood memories of a kit that by todays standards, would probably not be nearly as good as I remember it being. Revell have nothing to worry about as far as the build goes. It went together very nicely, and although I'm not an F-14 expert, it was accurate enough for my liking. It was completed straight from the box using the kit decals and painted with Vallejo Model Air paints (which I'm now used to after the switch from Humbrol enamels and love). I managed to get some outside photo's the other day, hope you enjoy.
  5. Howdy all, I am a new member here and just getting back into modeling after a 20 or so year hiatus. I am open to any critique, tips, tricks, etc. Cheers! On the workbench at the moment is the new 1/72 Academy F-14A Tomcat, but I will be building a (D) version as Academy has supplied all the necessary parts for almost any version you want to build. I will also be setting this one up for in-flight display. This is not an option OOB and will likely provide some challenges, but should be fun. First up is putting the cockpit together. Nice amount of detail and decided to just use paint rather than the supplied decals for the instruments. Cockpit coming together. As I am building the F-14D I utilized the alternate dash panels provided in the kit. Cockpit assembled into the nose cone. This kit really goes together beautifully with hardly any fuss. Major sub-assemblies completed. Also bought some resin pilots and bang seats as the kit does not come with pilots and this will be displayed as in-flight. Starting to come together. Most seams are non existent. The interior side of the intake trunk will need some cleanup. Now to figure out how to piece the landing gear doors closed. Gear doors in-place. Will need a bit of putty and sanding but came together better than expected considering it wasn't designed this way. Vertical Stabs and various weapon pylons are in place. And this should bring us to current. Weapons loadout - 2x 2000# external tanks, 2x AIM-9M, 3x AIM-54, 2x GBU-12, and Lantirn Pod. That is one plus to the Academy kit, they have supplied so many different parts for displaying almost any Tomcat version you would want. Including various weapons and targeting pods. Thanks for taking a look and as always, I welcome any feedback!
  6. Hi guys, here are some more of the 'lock down, photos processed' collection, this time from Gillespie Field which is the reserve and storage centre for the San Diego Air & Space Museum. The F-14 stars in the new Top Gun movie and the A-6 cockpit was used in Flight of the Intruder (great film for A-6 fans!) IMG_6507 copy by tony_inkster, on Flickr T-33 Shooting Star by tony_inkster, on Flickr IMG_6481 copy by tony_inkster, on Flickr H-21 Shawnee by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-86 Sabre by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-14 Tomcat by tony_inkster, on Flickr A-6 Intruders by tony_inkster, on Flickr A-7 Corsair II by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-8 Crusader by tony_inkster, on Flickr Mig-15 by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-102 Delta Dart by tony_inkster, on Flickr Mig-21 by tony_inkster, on Flickr Untitled-6 copy by tony_inkster, on Flickr Untitled-3 copy by tony_inkster, on Flickr
  7. Detail set for Tamiya F-14D and A-late in 1/48. Made of steel with a thickness of 0.05 mm.
  8. Academy is to release in 2019 a new tool 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat "VF-143 Punkin Dogs" kit in the MCP (Multi Color Parts) serie - ref. 12563 Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047967-academy-catalog-2019/&do=findComment&comment=3218086 Box art V.P.
  9. Finemolds is to release a 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat kit and a dedicated weapons set - ref. FP30 & FP-31 Release expected in December 2017. Source: http://www.finemolds.co.jp/iroiro/2017THS-new.html Reports as being the "Air Graphix/FineMolds" F-14D kit with changed parts: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/958331-finemolds-mg-789-2015-grumman-f-14d-tomcat V.P.
  10. Sincerely hope all you BM’ers are doing ok during this unprecedented time, I know that some time at the bench is a great help for most of us when the proverbial hits the fan. Very grateful to have such a great hobby (and some time to do it!) at the moment. A major milestone passed in my modelling career, my kids are SO proud of me! These suckers have lain fallow for several years and from what I read have been the undoing of many a modeller. I’d just given up, which was a pity as the rest of the build had gone quite well .... ’Challenging’ AMUR Reaver PE wing gloves fitted(this was the second attempt!) Brass sheet shoulder blades added too. Lots more PE around the nose. It’s going to be a Grim Reapers bird, Gunfighter 163 most probably. One day. So yes, build stalled around the intakes, completely stumped. I’d done the tweaks from David Aungst’s build and had them looking pretty decent. Intake ramps though, no dice. Enter the lovely new AMK Tomcat, of which I simply had to have a copy. Amazing engineering, truly a thing of wonder, and I haven’t really started it yet! Having built up their intake ramps, I scratched a version for the Hasegawa kit, using the same method to get the angles right, and voila! Cockpit next. Best wishes to all of you guys and gals, I’ve a feeling RFI is going to be creaking fit to burst in a few weeks time! Take care all Matt
  11. Since i was a child, when i saw on an italian modeling magazine an article about the Tomcat in VF-31 colors, i dreamed about having it in my collection. It was 1997 or so. Now, after 22 years and lot of failure, i can put a red tailed Cat in my "showroom". It's not the perfect model, but i'm very happy! Tamiya kit with some resin bits from Quickboost (ladder steps, beaver tails, tail plates), Def Model (wheels), and Eduard (seat). Decals are a mix from Haseagawa and kits decals (insgina and stencils). Hope you like it! ciao Ale
  12. I had lot of fun building the Tamiya's Cat in 48th scale, so... i made my decision: i will build another Tamiya's Cat! This time i will build a colorful VF-31 bird with the iconic "Felix the Cat" carrying a bomb. This is one of my favourite livery on a Tomcat. (just for discussione purpose) The box Decals came from an unbuilt hasegawa kit I ordered some goodies to upgrade my Tomcat, others (wheels, beaver tails and CHIN pod) are on the way to my lab: I hope to start working on it soon, so stay tuned ciao Ale
  13. Hi Here is my latest build done for the "In the Years I was born GB" 1975 - Operation Frequent Wind - First F-14 Cruise Grumman F-14A Tomcat Hasegawa 1/72nd with Verlinden cockpit
  14. Tomcats of VF-211 at Nellis AFB for Green Flag, March 1981. 159462 159620 159626 159631 160915 Thanks for looking, Sven
  15. In November 2013, AvantGarde Model Kits (AMK) generated some buzz announcing a new tool 1/48th Grumman F-14 Tomcat kit project for 2014 ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234950051-avant-garde-2014-list/). Most of the rumourmongers - including myself - considered this project as dead. But some hours ago AMK has changed its Facebook introduction picture. The new one - rather grainy! - is a F-14 Tomcat taking off full AB. A sign or not? Time will tell. Source: https://www.facebook.com/avantgardemodelkits/photos/a.321594134672087.1073741835.279694855528682/485385101626322/?type=1&theater That said in my opinion a new tool 1/48th F-14 is like a new Me.109 or Fw.190: not necessary! To be followed. V.P.
  16. Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=310&l=en V.P.
  17. That's my Tomcat. VF-1, their second cruise on USS Enterprise, on 1976. A real joy to build this kit. Quickboost seats and Fightertown decals. The most difficult part was to find out a bird with Tamiya block 85 configuration (standard beaver tail and two-grills gun vent), but still with the tan radome. Thanks to Forums and to a dedicated Facebook group I found two, choosing Wichita106. Now I Iook forward to see a new release from Tamiya, in A late version. Hope you like it! Paolo
  18. Yes, yes, yes, I know. Another F-14 joining the Grumman GB. I was planning to just look around my local store for a bottle of thinner when I realized this Hasegawa F-14A is on sale for Rp 490k (about GBP24,49 in old money), and they're giving 10% discount. A Tomcat? Why of course I can't miss it, even though I already got 3 and my brother threatened to launch any of them if I'm adding another one. This build is going to be a long build... Oh, and I'll be making 161276, the CO bird that was dispatched from USS Kitty Hawk during Operation Iraqi Freedom, dropping 45 bombs and contributed to VF-154 Black Knights' tally of 358 LGBs dropped during its last stint with CVW-5 at Persian Gulf. Let's hope I can make it in time before the deadline...
  19. Hobby Boss has just re-released its Tomcat kit (link) as 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat "VF-1 Wolf Pack"- ref. 80279 Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=1445&l=en V.P.
  20. Hello colleagues modellers I would like to introduce to you my third F-14 from Tamiya 1/48. I built this model for Ted Rutherford who flew with him. Of the accessories, I only used Eduard's RBFs and seats. Fightertown Decals.
  21. Hello again. Getting ready to take a few days R&R. But before I do, here's something that I've thought about bring up for quite a while. Every now and then, on various sites, people ask about the very early F-14 Grumman Tomcats. Way back when, probably in the early 80's, I did this model of the #2 prototype Tomcat, used for weapons testing. The old Airfix kit was one of the first F-14 kits out, and it had SOME of the prototype characteristics, but not all. Also, about that time, someone came out in a magazine article and told about these prototypes, and how to do them. I forget the who and where, but I'm sure that I still have the info around, if anyone else just gotta... In any event here she is in all her (somewhat) faded glory, after to close to 40 years on the model shelf: Here is a picture of the data card submitted at her model contest debut, where I'm proud to say she took first in class! One of the tricky aspects was to reshape the wing gloves, and still keep the working wing-sweep mechanism. Here she is in the fast flight mode: And then wings extended for slower flight/maneuver: Next, note the modified wing glve outline, as well as the beefy early fuselage stiffeners: The altered wing glove outline was accomplished by cutting a sheet of Mattel vacuform plastic (the green I believe!), to the correct out line of the drawings, and then adding about 3/8" or 9mm to extend under the old wing gloves, where they were glued into place with CA. When the parts had dried, several applications of medium CA were flowed onto the new extensions -- each coat being allowed to dry -- and when enough thickness had been achieved, they were filed and sanded to final shape, resulting in wing gloves with new outline, and at least as strong as the original plastic. Of course, this was done before the top and bottom halves of the fuse were assembled. Also above, please note the half-round lights in the top and bottom of the wing gloves. These were round pieces of the appropriate plastic colors (LIte-Brite pegs, IIRC), installed into drilled holes, and then sanded smooth, then later masked to the half-round shape when painting. All the lights on the model were replaced with colored plastic bits -- no paints used. Also, the "2"'s on the tails were cut with an X-acto knife from black decal paper Below, another rear-quarter view showing the wing gloves, stiffeners, and the modified boat-tail: Another rear view with the wings extended: And with wings swept back. Note the parachute housing on the modified boat-tail, as well as the modified fuel dump: Right side view showing the open refueling probe, and some mods to the nose gear door: Some cockpit detail, and the rather naked fuel probe opening -- I had no photos of this area at that time: And a little more cockpit detail from the other side: Note that this was also before the act of dipping canopies into Future began, and the old girl is still paying the price! BTW, the yellowing areas are not attempts at weathering -- they are the result of applying MicroScale clear topcoat over the model, which because it was enamel-based, has begun to yellow. However, because this coat was very light on the model, it doesn't look nearly as bad as many others that were more heavily coated!. I now have an IMMUTABLE RULE -- no clear enamel topcoats ever!!! Next, the loaded-for-bear undersides: Not certain that all this was ever carried at one time, but it sure is impressive! One other note, at the time the model was originally built, it had no fuel tanks, nor had any other kits arrived on the market to steal from. I has to make my own masters -- and since no one had casting resin in those prehistoric days, I cast my own out of 70/30 lead/tin solder. Needless to say, over the years, the landing gear totally collapsed, and many years later, when some F-14 kit came out with correct fuel tanks, etc.,, I swapped out the tanks and the landing gear for the items you see now. One last shot of the nose: Note the scratched early under-nose fairing, as well as a "sort of" early style minigun cover. Now, I wish I had modeled the boarding steps, but oh well... Hope you enjoyed this trip in the way-back machine, when models were less-complicated, but some still sort of hold their own. I hope some of you will step up and make mine look bad -- can't wait to see YOUR results! Until then, Ed PS: while answer any questions after I return from R&R, but it may take a few days.
  22. Hi, my other cat in the collection. This is a machine from the Desert Storm operation this time. I used the decals from Fightertown, wheels and RBF from Eduard, Chairs and ChinPOD from Aires (Quickboost) I hope you will like it
  23. Today (May 13th) is official Top Gun day! Don't believe me? Take a look here: http://www.topgunday.com/ As I browsed the hobby shop looking for a new model, it occurred to me that now would be an excellent time to build an F-14, something I've wanted to do for a while. Nearby I spotted Airfix's A-4 Skyhawk and realised that with some extra decals (currently en-route), and decided to put together a trio of aircraft. The thought for now is to pose them "in flight", lined up to represent the conclusion of this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC976fuQm4E Not much progress yet, but I wanted to prove that I started it on Top Gun day. The Skyhawks will need a bit of cosmetic work to turn them into "E" models, but they were the only type I could find in the shop, and close enough. I've built that kit once before and very much enjoyed it. F-14 Contents A-4 Contents. This should be fun!
  24. Hi all. For my second WIP thread I am doing the HobbyBoss F-14D 1/48. This is a kit I’ve wanted to build since watching Genissis models walkthrough on YouTube and his final reveal on this forum. I known i could ha r waited for the carriers ahoy or Grumman GB’s.... but I was very keen to crack on with this kit! This will be another OOB build and I am sticking pretty much with the walkthrough on YouTube until I get to the painting stage. Here’s where I am so far..... Cockpit built along with the radar and front landing gear bay. All assembled and sealed up never to be seen again! I have also covered up the Gatling gun system. This is going to need some filling and sanding sadly. Then I moved into the wings. As per Bob’s step by step I removed the front underside of the flap don i could have flaps and slats up and closed and sit flush. And I have also assembled and painted the engine inside. As they are going to be sealed in I am not doing any of the exterior work on them. And that is pretty much where I am at the moment. Just waiting for the paint to dry on the inside of the intakes then I can start to mask and attach to the lower rear fuselage. thanks for looking.
  25. Academy catalog 2018 show a new tooling (yes another one!) 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat "VF-143" kit - ref. 12563 Source: http://www.greenmats.club/topic/4437-academy-172-f-14a-vf-143-№12563-анонс-на-2018/ V.P.
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