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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Having rested a day or two from my previous endeavors, I have decided to begin another project, hopefully a smidge easier, and pray God a little easier! I have decided to tackle the 1/72 scale F-100C quandary. I have read that some of the older kits are quite accurate, but lack modern detail. I have been told that the Trumpeter offering of the F-100C has detail, but is not accurate. Perhaps we can combine them for a better outcome. We shall see: My candidate materials for this effort are shown below: Model-wise, we have the Esci F-100D Thunderbirds marking kit (I have three in the stash, so there was really no other older kit choice for me), and the Trumpeter F-100C. Other potentially useful pieces are the Obscureco F-100C conversion kit, and the Aires F-100 wheel set and the F-100D cockpit set. (The latter is not really needed for the entire cockpit, as the Trumpeter's offer isn't bad, but the Aires set has one critically needed iitem -- secret for now.) In addition, "The F-100 Super Sabre In Detail & Scale" Part 1 by Bert Kinzey, features drawings direct from North American Rockwell, with a right-side view added by Mr Ed Moore. These drawing are accurate enough for me. This book only contains drawings for the F-100A and C models, with the D-F models covered in D & S Vol 33. The latter also has drawings for the A and C models, but fewer pics of these are in the later book. Now, for the background. There seems to be four major complaints about the Trumpeter kit: The too-shallow and flattened nose shape; the incorrectly shaped vertical stabilizer, the wing and the wrong ejection seat. These is also a complaint about the wheels being too large, which is easily corrected by sanding down the kit wheels, or easier yet, the Aires resin set. There is one other issue, the fact that the wings are too shallow, which leads to the wheel wells also being too shallow, I will ignore this problem, because my models will not get picked for examination, after they are complete. I also have read that the afterburner can (the original style, not the F-102 type) is too short front to back. The one in the kit measures pretty close to the drawings, so I will also ignore that concern. Now to begin sorting the rest, we have a comparison of the Esci F-100D wing to the drawings: A dead fit, except for the tiny area at the tips. Kudos to the older kit! By cutting back to the C-type wing outline, and filling the flap lines, and re-scribing a few lines here and there, you could have pretty much a nice C wing. You would not, however, have the open leading edge slats, de riguer for any Hun on the ground, whose crew hadn't taped up the slats. You can, however, chop up the wings and do your own slats, which I started on one of my stashed Esci kits. Next the Obscureco solution to the wing problem: It solves the problem, but the shape is a little off -- at least compared to these drawings -- but, they are also short, just under 3/8" short in real life. Now the Trumpeter offering: Except for being a bit wide, chord-wise, it's pretty much bang on. It is interesting to note that all of these possibilities have differing views on where the aileron and flap lines should be, They don't agree with the drawings, nor with each other. If this is a problem for you -- have fun. Next, we look at the Trumpeter vertical stabilizer: Here we can see that the shape is too tall, and not seen here, the chord is too broad, at the "kink". The model is not fully aligned with the drawing in this photo, to show the former. Next, the Obscureco tail: Pretty much an exact fit. And, for the final determining factor: The Trumpeter tail has too many segments in the area under the ECM pod down toward the fuse. This was pointed out in someone else's blog, but I couldn't find it again to give credit. My apologies. There is however, one bit of fairly good news concerning the Trumpeter F-100C tail -- It wouldn't take much carving (but a lot of scribing) to turn it into the earlier X and A style short tails: For me at least, the above information tells me that I'm going to build the Trumpeter F-100C, but use the Obscureco tail. Also, to be fair to Oscureco, my example was one of their very earliest copies, and they may be more accurate today, which might sway someone else's choice. Well, that's it to start with, as my brain is burnt out and it's almost time for the Super Bowl -- Yeah Falcons! When next we meet, we'll look into the nose issues, and my solution. Later, Ed .
  2. Hi all, The latest just rolled out of the paint shop after a final matt coat. As you can see, she is a F-100C operated by the Turkish Air Force. I have attempted to replicate, in my ham-fisted way, this machine: I have no idea why I picked her as she is pretty much standard fare for the THK at the time. She has kept the former Air National Guard cam finish, having only the "USAF" removed from the fin and the Turkish flag and roundels applied. She was delivered to the THK on 11/06/73 and was retired from service 14/07/87. Turkish C's were delivered from the US by ANG crews immediately after the Vietnam war. As you can see, they retained the IFR probe from their former lives but never used them in Turkish service. The image above was taken at Norvenich AB, West Germany in 1973. My build was to amalgamate the better of two kits - the Esci F-100D and the Trumpeter F-100C. Essentially I used the wings (with main gear and doors) and fin from the Trumpeter and the Esci provided the rest. The wheels are Esci. The wings gave me the slats. The former is not the best for accuracy in the fin area but for me she is close enough. I don't count the mm's. ;). I drilled holes and set the tail planes on rods so that they could be set at an angle as all Sleds sat this way. The paints are standard Humbrol SEA enamels 28/116/117/118. I added a spot of white to each of the upper colours so that I could paint on some panel lines. The rear jet area was weathered with Tamiya weathering set D over a coat of Humbrol 191. I used thin strips of tape to give me the lines I needed. The jet pipe is Humbrol Metalcote Steel, dry brushed with 191. Flags and roundels are from Tigerhead. I made the serial for the fin and the nose wheel door. The cockpit and the jet pipe are both from Aires. She was dirtied with Flory "Dirt". She's not perfect but I hope you like her. Martin
  3. Hello everyone. For those who have been following my build thread here: Build Thread Here are the final pics for the Trumpeter F-100C, all ready for inspection: Oops, just noticed the slats are at two different angles. Have to fix that! Like many a lady, she's not perfect, but she is very pretty. Kudos to Lt. Col George Laven, who thought of the color scheme first! Hope you enjoy, Ed
  4. Hi all, Looking for some guidance. I have an F-100C nearly complete but I have seen mention on line that the gear doors (those with the leg, not those under the fuselage) are one piece in this model and not 2-piecve as in the D-model. Is that correct? If so, the Trumpeter is wrong. Am I correct, though, in saying it is simply a matter of glueing the 2-part offering to make the single door? All help appreciated. Thanks. Martin
  5. Finished my second fighter from the 32nd TFS based at Soesterberg in The Netherlands. This time it's the F-100C. I finished the model with Vallejo Chrome and the tailsection was done with a mixture of Vallejo brass and copper, as well as Van Gogh pastels. In the end I realized that I hab better painted the tail section in stead of using the decals from Dutch Decals DD48049 'Soesterberg Eagles'. One broke while applying. There is one preserved at Soesterberg. Hereby a picture of the aircraft at Soesterberg in the way it is "preserved" at the National Military Museum at the former Airbase Soesterberg. Thank you for reading. Jan Remco
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