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Found 8 results

  1. As I put the finishing touches to this FW 190 I was amazed... According to the box and the plans it was a '57 Chevy Bel Air. But seriously (as if!)... Ever since I gave Major Von Plonk his Me 109 he's been bothering me for a FW 190. He insists it must be 81 better. So I saw this kit in Aldi for a fiver and figured there was a fiver's worth of paints and a brush in the box even if I threw the kit away. And maybe I should have... Well, it has two wings and the prop seems to have more-or-less the right number of blades so I think that's enough about the finer points of detail. And besides, Von Plonk liked the plane anyway... On his first mission in it he shot down a bogey. Unfortunately it was an Me 110 that he'd mistaken for a Blenheim. I found the fit in general to be a bit... "adjacent" and the wings didn't want to cooperate at all but I got it together with judicious use of bent coat hangers, blunt instrument trauma and bad language. I was a bit alarmed while mocking up the U/C legs and finding no way to correct the somewhat pigeon-toed look but a quick blast through google images told me it's supposed to look like that. And I have to have a little rant... What evil-minded, twisted, sadistic child of Satan decided the guns and pitot should be installed before wing assembly? Five hopelessly fragile sticky-outy thingys right where one will molest them while manipulating the aircraft for further assembly and painting. Whoever that engineer is, he can buy his own pint at the pub and he's definitely off my Christmas card list. Rant over! You'll have noticed I've gone a bit off-piste with the paint job but not enough, I hope, that you'll be piste off. When I considered my chances of making the wavy demarcation line along the fuze look like it was supposed to be like that and not the drunken waverings of a freehand botch I decided a straight piece of masking tape would be the better part of valour. And the copper colour on the nose and tail was a whim since I had some left over from a Cutty Sark and thought Von Plonk, being a stylish sort of fella (known as "Flash Harry" around the officers mess), would like the look. Thanks for looking and it's onward and upward to an F 100. I must research the family tree and see if Squadron Leader A.C. Plonk also has a cousin in the US...
  2. Hello again, lads, here's another contribution from Uncle Pete's House of Questionable Plastic Things. While perusing the Buckley Air Force a couple of months back it dawned on me Squadron Leader A.C. Plonk was getting all the action while his distant cousin in Germany, Major F. Von Plonk, had only 2 aircraft to his name (a Ju 87 and an F 104) so I thought I'd get him the German Spitfire, a good old Me 109. The build was quite uneventful and everything was going nicely, fit as good as one would expect, paint going on smoothly, masks detaching without taking any paint along for the ride but then... The mottling. It didn't look easy on the box art but on the other hand it didn't look terribly difficult. Well, only one of those conditions was met. I took it as far as the "stop trying to make it better because you're starting to make it worse" point and called it a plane. The antenna had crumbled when I attempted to cut it from the sprue so a spare U/C door found itself trimmed down and re-purposed. Size and shape are guesswork. You may have noticed something fishy about the tail wheel. I was in the process of installing it (and I'd done a lovely job of painting it, too) when it launched itself from the tweezers at Mach 2.3. I never saw it again. Given the strange physics of dropped small parts and the prevailing westerlies it could have landed anywhere between Chester and Birmingham. And that created a backstory for Major Von Plonk's 109. He'd been scrambled to intercept a squadron of American bombers and as he released the brakes his tailwheel inexplicably snapped off. "Himmel!" He snarled, "Now I vill not be able to lead mein men into battle!" (I learned fluent German from Battler Britton and Biggles stories when I was a kid). Von Plonk's faithful batman however stepped in, literally, to save the day. Obergefreiter Hans Blitzfuß was not only the best batman in the Luftwaffe, he was also the fastest sprinter. "Do not despair, Herr Major," he declared, "I can run 100 metres in 10.8 seconds. I vill carry you down ze runway!" And stuffing his body into the tail wheel well... ... Hans Blitzfuß saved the day. The mission was quite successful and Von Plonk shot down a B 25. Unfortunately, however, the pilot was this guy...
  3. Is it just me or does anybody else find a “honeymoon effect” with kits? I open a kit up and throw myself into it with great vigour, sticking and painting, painting and sticking, and the enthusiasm tails off as the kit nears completion and working on it becomes a bit of a chore while I start eyeing the pile of unbuilt kits in the stash with a new hunger. Coincidentally I’ve been divorced four times… This Wimpy languished on the bench for a month, 90% complete, 90% painted among a little heap of antennae, gun turrets, props, spinners and wheels while I couldn’t motivate myself to run it over the finish line but last week I finally got around to final assembly and touch up. It’s the 2018 Airfix with all the highly detailed but ultimately invisible interior, satisfying to make but disappointing to see vanish when the fuze was closed up. As we all like to say, though, “I know it’s in there”. Squadron Leader A.C. Plonk, VCR, MOT, SOB and bar, has been transferred from the Shepherds Bush Air Force in London to the Buckley Air Force in North Wales and is now a bomber boy. This is his current aircraft. The boarding ladder, by the way, is just leaning in place... I've yet to figure out how to attach it properly without introducing a massive and ugly blob of glue and/or positioning it too high or too low. The instructions called for painting it silver but having seen pictures of WW2 bombers with yellow ladders I thought the hi-viz had a bit more zazz. On the subject of yellow, I forgot to paint the tips of the props. Too late now, I find that difficult enough even when they're in a position where I can actually handle them. If you've seen my builds before you'll know I'm not very good at it but, dammit, I'll show them to somebody and the members here are the only people I know who are unlikely to remember a pressing appointment when they see me select "pictures" on my phone. You pros are very indulgent of my efforts and for that I thank you... Reminds me of when I was 17 and playing on bands with musicians my dad had played with in the 40s and 50s. The bomb bay and wheel bays came out not half bad. But efforts to see even the map table inside merely reveal flaws in the paint job. I know the windows are supposed to be blacked out but I thought it would look more interesting if I left them clear (alright, clearish!) I think I can say it passes the "Two Metre Test", although if you've just cleaned your glasses it might be 3 metres. And while I'm not sure an RAF crew would park it without centering the turrets and control surfaces, Squadron Leader Plonk is a casual type of guy. I also suspect, looking at the numbers, he's also a Cornish pirate... "AAR"! Now maybe I'll get around to finishing that Me 109 I started in August. Not long after I'd cut the painting handle off the pilot's bum the Wellington shouldered its way into the queue. Thanks for looking and any tips you can give me will probably be futile but I'll continue to build to the best of my limited ability. It's probably the best 1:72 Wimpy within a 50 metre radius of my house...
  4. Well, I was building this Airfix Vampire and wasn't very impressed with the colour scheme on the box and it occurred to me, how come nobody ever painted one up as a bat? It struck me as the sort of thing that Squadron Leader A.C. Plonk of the Shepherds Bush Air Force would like. I'd hit google images and found nothing along those lines so I gave it a whack. It only looks okay from the top and I'm semi-satisfied with that angle. From the side it failed miserably so I'm not showing that! A bit of repainting (or perhaps another Vampire) is in order but although there's acres of room for improvement I think I've got the general impression happening. I don't know if it was in protest of the low quality of my work but Popsie, one of my cats, sat on it and broke the starboard u/c leg! (She's now next to the computer supervising as I make this post). I seem to remember my big brother telling me he worked on Vampires (he was an airframe fitter before remustering as a musician and becoming the the scourge of Central Band) in Australia round about 1961-ish (I was only 8 when he was posted to Oz and 10 when he came home) so I've been wanting one for a while.
  5. I've not been able to build anything for a while having moved house in the Summer from London to Flintshire but finally managed to get a workshop set up in the spare bedroom. I stumbled upon Revell's Wright Flyer in a bits and bobs shop in Mold, paid far too much for it (don't ask) and took it to my new home in anticipation of a relatively easy build. How wrong could I be? This was an absolute ig-pay to put together! I'd looked at the plans and the parts and thought, I can handle this, I'll have a look at the Britmodeller site and see if anybody's done it so I can pick up a tip or two. Right now I have to give many, many thanks to Bengalensis who put his excellent build on the forum abut 5 years ago and without who's help mine would have been in the bin after the first few sessions at the bench. As I looked through his procedure and the way it varied from the instructions I saw the logic of his process and decided shamelessly to copy as much as I could. With a confident cry of "Onward and upward!" I donned the magic glasses... When I got this far... ... I began to suspect a phone call had been made... ...but I soldiered on. I've never tried to rig a biplane before but I thought, this is a big scale, 1:39 (Excuse me? 1:WHAT??? What kind of wacked out scale is 1:39?) so how hard can it be? By the time I got this far I'd stretched my vocabulary, honed over 40 years in the music business, 20 of them at sea, to the limit and the cats were wearing earmuffs lest they die from shock. Fortunately the missus is a working class lass from Liverpool so she was unaffected... I couldn't make head nor tail of a lot of the rigging despite having several pictures and diagrams available at my googletips and the excellent pictures on Bengalensis' build so my attempt went progressively from "I wanna rig this right on the nose" to "Let's get it really close" to "Maybe I can get it reasonably convincing" finally settling at "Well, it's near enough for rock n roll". All in all it's the hardest build I've attempted to date but I think it can get through the "Two Metre Test", even with clean glasses. I've never attempted any sort of diorama work before either so I used a bit of hardboard for the base figuring it was a decent facsimile of sand colour and did a bit of Jackson Pollock to mucky it up. Here she is, all done and dusted. Wilbur came out looking like my dad, although I can't picture the old boy running with so much energy. I think the last time dad ran at all would have been in RAF boot camp in 1940. I'd thought a successful engineer and businessman like ol' Willie would have worn a watch but when I considered my chances of painting a fine chain across his waistcoat I decided he just kept it loose in his trouser pocket. And is it my imagination or does Orville bear more than a passing resemblance to Super Mario? That moustache gave me a lot of headaches and went to the point of "Stop, Pete, before you make it even worse!" I know it won't win any prizes at the model shows but I'm betting it's the best Wright Flyer on my street, if not all of Buckley. There are four kits waiting for me in the shed including the new(ish) Airfix Wimpy that's supposed to be the cat's pajamas but the workshop has to get removed from the guest bedroom for a couple of weeks in anticipation of a visit from my sister so you're all spared from viewing more of my bodging a little longer. A table cluttered with paints, glues and the other various accoutrements of plastic sticking is not the sort of thing an old lady likes to see in the morning before she's had the first cup of tea. Cheers, lads, as usual I hope the prose gave you more to laugh at than the pictures.
  6. Uncle Pete

    UV Glue?

    I've just stumbled upon an ad for UV Glue, something I'd never known existed (dentists notwithstanding). Seems to be a bright idea. Has anybody given it a whack on their models and, if so, is it worth trying?
  7. It's been a while since I've offered anything new in the Shepherds Bush Air Force and, since I've already broke down my workshop in preparation of moving house, it will be a while longer before I can get the new Bat Cave up and running... 'Fraid cat flaps and wheelchair ramps take priority over sticking bits of vaguely plane-shaped plastic together. I'd just picked up four kits when we stumbled on the new house but managed to get 2 of them completed before folding the tent. First was the 104, a Revell if I remember correctly, that came with German, Italian and French markings. I have no reason to believe the Italian and French versions and pilots were in any way inferior but the German markings look a lot badder so I went with that. https://www.flickr.com/photos/142507118@N04/48075179077/in/dateposted-public/ Got a bit creative with the armaments, too. It came with the inevitable Sidewinders but not much else so I added a pair of Sparrows I had kicking around. After scrolling through innumerable pictures of Aims looking for suitable paint schemes I found the choices so dizzying I came to the conclusion they could be any colour I liked! https://www.flickr.com/photos/142507118@N04/48075179487/in/dateposted-public/ At first I'd been thinking of putting more weapons on it till I read up a bit and discovered the pilot basically had a choice of carrying enough fuel to reach the target or carrying enough bangy stuff to do any damage when he got there so the wingtip tanks won the argument. The build was going quite well (by my standards) until I realised the starboard fuel tank had gone on a bit squint and it was too late to fix it without major surgery so I have to be careful with camera angles. https://www.flickr.com/photos/142507118@N04/48075112428/in/dateposted-public/ And the other was an Airfix 'Stang. Having recently seen the movie "Red Tails" I really fancied the paint scheme and when I did a bit of reading and uncovered the squadron's remarkable record I thought these blokes deserve a bit of shelf space. The kit didn't come with the appropriate markings so I enlisted the help of my old friend Mr Google Images and busked it, even managing to scavenge letters out of the name "Rose Marie" that came with the kit to give a tip of the hat to the lovely missus. https://www.flickr.com/photos/142507118@N04/48075216887/in/dateposted-public/ The sides of the fuze were straightforward for lettering... There is none! Once again I dug into the spares for appropriate numbers. I dare say the font and size are off but managed to get the Moira's birthday on the side https://www.flickr.com/photos/142507118@N04/48075220352/in/dateposted-public/ The underside. https://www.flickr.com/photos/142507118@N04/48075118356/in/dateposted-public/. And a profile. https://www.flickr.com/photos/142507118@N04/48075119726/in/dateposted-public/ Thanks for looking. It may be winter before I get to build again and redesignate the SBAF as the Flintshire Air Force. (EDIT... Don't know why the pictures didn't come up but the links to Flikr work)
  8. Little help, please... I'm in the process of seeing if Italeri's 1:72 F 104G can take a joke and wondering about the "sit". There doesn't seem to be anything in the plans calling for nose ballast and it certainly looks like it won't need any but before I close up the fuze, can anybody tell me if a typical 104 is likely to sit back on its bum? I'd hate to get it all done and dusted only to find it pointing somewhat skyward instead of nicely on all three feet but I'd rather not put the weight in if it's not necessary. Thanks in advance.
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