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Found 21 results

  1. Hey all, at the moment I am building P51D, also by eduard, but somehow just lost the motivation for it after applying decals (not because the kit is crap, kit is the most amazing you can find in the scale, but just like that, sometimes happens). So decided to build a small diorama (never did one.). Well you need a plane for diorama first So Eduard Tempest let it be: Engine and gun bays arrived today together with some barrels from Tamiya which I believe will look nice: The actual kit should arrive tomorrow, so hopefully and give it a start on Sunday Ordered some valejjo paints also
  2. Hello Dears, This is not a brand new project since I started it years ago !! Around 2006... But as I am cleaning up my little personnal MASDC, I restart some buildings ! If I say Fokker DR I, everybody think about the red baron.... Almost right gentlemen ! I read this very good book... And some others Pretty well writed, It is a police investigation but there is a solid backgroung and lots of anecdotes ! I have in mind to represent the 2 brothers at one of their very last meeting in March 1918 I got this in the box I put the Albatros aside and bought this Aaaaaand some goodies More to follow in a few minutes
  3. After having my last 2 projects ending on The Shelf Of Semi-Doom, I was looking for something easy and quick. And it doesn't come more easy than the Eduard Bell X-1 ProfiPack, if you ignore the etched parts that is. Which I won`t. I don`t think there is any need to give a history lesson on the X-1. It was built to break the sound barrier, shaped like a 0.5" bullet since they knew those were stable in supersonic flight, and it did so in 1947. The Eduard kit is about 20 years old (I think?), and has few parts and pretty rudimentary detail so the addition of the photo etched harness and instrument panel(s) is very welcome: There are no added detail for the wheel wells, but it does come with 3 nicely detailed resin wheels: Since the X-1 is one of the most famous airplanes in history and was put in a museum in 1950, there is an incredible amount of online reference pictures for the cockpit and other details, with the notable exception of the wheel wells... So if anyone have any good pictures of the X-1 wheel wells I`d be happy to see them posted here, or a link provided. I`ll try my best to add some details to this kit, partly because I want to give this important aircraft the treatment it deserves, and partly because I have quickly grown fond of trying to scratch build stuff since I first tried it a couple of models ago. Where there are no details, any added detail is an improvement, right?
  4. This is Eduard's Nieuport XI depicted as one of French ace Jean Navarre's mounts. Unfortunately this wasn't an option provided by Eduard hence the missing 6 from the serial number. The build itself was fine but on the painting side I found applying the edging tapes a bit tedious and feel I could have made a better job of them.
  5. Hello everyone... This is my first finished build of 2020. It is an 1/48 Bf.109G10 from Eduard. I was given decals by another member to do it in Yugoslavian Air Force markings from 1950. I took a liking to the camouflage when I saw him build a similar machine in the 1950’s NATO Group build last year. I hope it meets with your expectations. Questions, comments and or thoughts ? Here is a link to the build thread if you're interested ? https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235062946-it’s-a-“yugo”-take-2/ Dennis
  6. Ah, yes another Tempest Picked this up at Telford, started it almost as I was driving home (well stuck in traffic) but didn't finish it till recently. Finally got the camera out and took a few shots. Only thing I did was to modify the spinner to close up the gaps based on the build the General did elsewhere on this site, otherwise as it came in the box. Lovely kit. Roll on the Mk II. Tim
  7. Hi, here is my Bf109E1 from eduard weekend edition kit aircraft flown by Hans Phillip paints are gunze acrylics
  8. A build from a couple of years ago, the excellent Eduard Spitfire XVI - built from the box with the addition of a wire aerial. There is some speculation that the serial should be RW394 and not RW393 but the serial is hidden from all but the bottom view anyway. No problems with the kit at all. Many people moan about the 2 piece cowl top but I simply superglued the 2 pieces together and carefully sanded away the joint - not losing too much of the delicate detail on the top. I have build a couple of the Eduard Spitfires and I tend to tack the cowl top on for painting, then remove to insert the exhausts, then replace the cowl top - saves tricky masking. With a bit of thinning of the props and drilling out the exhausts that was it. I acquired the attached picture of the real thing - bought to have a close look at the finish, which was fairly immaculate (obviously repainted for the 1949 Cooper Air Race at Elmdon - now Birmingham Airport- in which this aircraft took part). Unfortunately I didn't look close enough and the model (kit) contains a serious schoolboy error for which I must do some lines! Anyway - it is what it is and it has been around the show circuit for a couple of years and nobody has pulled me up on it! Cheers Malcolm
  9. I won't dwell on the kit in much detail - as most here will have read thorough reviews or seen WIPs - but it's a real treat to build. Lovely detail, and nicely engineered. My only issues was that for some reason the top of the instrument panel ended up too high, and as a result the instrument hood (?) didn't fit. Took a bit of whittling. My fault I am sure. I don't have an airbrush, which has always put me off making planes which require the typical Luftwaffe mottling along the fuselage. But I do love the FW190, so doing a desert scheme seemed a neat sidestep of the mottling fear. I got the tropicalised Eduard resin cowling, which was my first resin aftermarket experience. I was a little surprsied that there were no instructions about how to fit it to the plastic kit. Not sure if I did it wrong but I ended up having to chop quite a lot of interior parts off to make it sit flush. Anyway - it's a lovely and detailed addition. Kit was painted with Citadel primer and tamiya rattle cans. All details brush painted. And then weathered with oil paints. Pretty happy with the result. And a kit I would recommend to anyone! I made up the markings, and used a fun spare of what looks like snoopy walking over Africa with a bomb... Think it was from an Eduard Bf108 kit sheet. Cheers, Bruce
  10. This is one of my older builds. I use kitchen foil for OMF. For me it look interesting.... I hope you like it. Thanks for watching...
  11. A few photos of my present (and slowly) built Bf 109. First time with black basing or almost black basing by RLM66... ... and color preshadings.
  12. Hello Dears, I say, very shy, because I think that the dame was afraid to show herself on BM, She has been painted, de-painted and re-painted, The exhaust stacks will not go on their palce (my mistake) Broke an UC leg, and tailwheel (twice) Chemical reaction with the decalstransfer and so on, I was about to think that there was a curse on her since she was almost finished. So I took some photos before anything broke again It is the Eduard Mk VIII Spitfire with old Superscale decals The building has been straightforward, but I did have a bad idea.... Did'nt like the idea to paint the ac with the exhaust stacks on... So I did put a plasticard instead of the 5 parts Eduard's exhaust, thinking that I will glue the exhaust after the painting, seem promisig but ... NO When I did put the exhaust on, they standed proud of about 3mm from the engine cowling.... Next time, I'll put the plasticard more on the Inside of the cowling Well, I use some shhhhhht ICM exhaust on the Eduard Spitfire
  13. Hi Everyone, This is a recent build of mine, Eduard's Spitfire finished using Montex masks. Vallejo paints used throughout, even for the panel wash. Its a very nice kit to build .... All the best Gary
  14. Hi folks, Just took some pic`s of my latest completion, Eduards 1/48 Messerschmitt bf-108 kit, that I`ve completed to represent an aircraft of The KNIL ( Netherlands East Indies Air Force ) based at Andir, West Java, Indonesia, around 1941 Built almost completely OOB with just seat belts and decals which came from the stash I intended to do it as a French Indochina Nord 1000, but couldn`t decide whether they were blue, green or O/D and came across a couple of builds of this aircraft whilst searching and was hooked. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  15. Hi All Is more time that I not show something. Ok, here a Spit Mk.VIII of Eduard At you the "sentence" now ! Pbottom or fail? Ettore
  16. My current building model-eduard's Spitfire from 302 sqn of Polish Air Force in 1944. with resin cockpit and exhausts Preshading, first and second coat of Medium Sea Grey
  17. Hi people Is much time that I do not enter in this forum, but work commitments, issues of life and other boring things have prevented me. Now I return with this Bf 109 E-3 ok Kurt Wolff crashed in France August 1940 I hope you enjoy, but every criticism is always welcome sure ! Ettore
  18. Finished this last year, but only just managed to try and photograph it. Failed to get the depth of field I wanted. That's what happens when you let the camera decide on the settings. Normally I over-ride these, but in the rush, I forgot. Pretty much as it came in the box. Just replaced the 20mm and the pitot tube with some tubing. The markings in the kit are not quite correct. The "skylark" etc markings should be on both doors. I tried to get the darker line on the edge of the green, but when I varnished the kit the effect vanished. I did not try to re-create where the stencils had been masked off and the original background colour showed through. Figure came from the ICM set. Comments welcome. Tim
  19. Not my favorite fighter by any stretch, sorry if i pinch a nerve, but an interesting subject for the hobby. Easy piece lemon squeezy, such a great kit. Unfortunately for reasons being investigated the aircraft enter in a flat spin suffering major damage on the wing, and lower fuselaje, canopy and radio were jettisoned and front wheel well came loose. After some surgery i was able to put everything together the best i could. Okedokey here she goes.
  20. The armed version is Su-17m3, Soviet Naval Air Forces, 1980-1990 The red flag on the nose indicates that this aircraft was used by the Naval Air Force. The blue badge on the nose is the Sukhoi factory. The model itself is not bad, just some details on the fit of the wings on the pivots or axles of the same and the rudder, the photo etched pretty good and convincing, although I'm not clear whether or not repackaging or the sprue are old. The pics. Thanks for Watching. . . . . .keep in touch
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