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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, This time from my current, 2016, model production. Next “old and odd German” – the eleventh one. Actually more Swiss then German. This is Dornier Do 22 Kj, a observation floatplane and torpedo-bomber, designed and produced by Dornier factory in Switzerland in Alterhein near Constanza. Produced in small series only 29 items, but used in three countries: Yugoslavia, Greece and Finland, which got machines intended to go to Latvia. Very complete description of the type one can find here, for example http://www.histaviation.com/Dornier_Do_22.html. In fact there was the fourth country using it – it was UK Yes, because eight (for sure No 306, 308,309,313 and 4 others) out of orignally 12 existing RYAF Do-22 Kj flies to Egypt after collaps of Yugoslavia as result of in April War (1941) with Germany and they formed there the Squadron 2 of RYAF which became in fact a part of 230 Squadron RAF. They were operating till autumn 1942, when problems with spare parts for servicing forced end of exploitation. They were used for anti-submarine and sea-shore patrols, although on photos they carry normal bombs not depth charges. There is one really paculiar detail of construction of Do-22. She has one fixed MG fairing to the front. But where it was? I have found finally on a cutway - it was hidden in the air intake to the oil cooler on the top of fuselage ... The kit is US short run by Xotic/Aviation USK. It is injected model with some resin parts – among them nice interior. There are some flaws like shape of windscreen. In instruction it is proposed for self-made by a modeller, but proposed shape is wrong – it is said to be three section windscreen whereas on photos it is a single piece of organic glass (rounded). The other mistakes in instruction are positions of inner struts between fuselage and floats – photos shows that they should come in different, (lower) sites on inner side of floats, below the vertical strut, whereas instruction shows a single point for each pair on top of float. From construction point of view it would be much weaker of course. Besides those corrections, following photos I made some other modification to model: separate exhaust tubes of Hispano-Suiza engine, outlet of oil cooler beneath fuselage, opened end of engine main cooler, shorted struts supporting wing (the kit original struts are too long what ruined characteristic dynamic layout of a real Do 22). I added the rigging and gun sight as well as some inlets in front of engine. I added also window on the bottom of fuselage and three bomb rocks with bombs. There are informations about carrying two bombs, but photos shows three for sure. I added also some more then suggested in instruction elements in Dornier system of controlling horizontal stabilizers and mass balances on wings. Painting scheme – in kit there are painting schemates and decals for 6 machines (about one fifth of total production!): two RYAF, two RGAF (Grece) and two Finns. There are also "hidden" decals for RGAF PZL P24 (serials delta-112 and delta-102 and red spider) as bonus, which is not identified (!) in instruction. The doubts about the painting scheme I was trying to solve in a separate thread of WWII forum some week ago ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998130-markings-on-dornier-do-22-ryaf-in-egipt/). What I 've learnt - It seems that original RYAF Do 22 Kj were all light grey (I was using Humbrol 64 for similar colour on Dornier Wal). During the April War they got some fresh green spots on uppersides. After escape to Egypt they were repainted to some British colours, a bit similar to TSS but for sure not exactly that one. The contrast between two upper colours is far bigger than in TSS. The tradition is that darker colour was green-grey and the lighter was blueish –grey. I think it could be something like on early Martlet Mk I. But I am not sure. I used Humbrol 125 and a mixture of H31 darkered by adding H244+H33 as the greenish one. The bottom was in light grey (H 64). Thanks to Voja ( ) on the mentioned above WWII thread I've leart also that national insignia underwent modification in Egypt – first the white crosses (Kosovo crosses) were removed lefting only the background: red, white and wide mid blue center which then got white overpainted from top, then also from bottom and finally machines got British roundels. I made in intermediate state – with upper signs without white and lower with it. The last my reflection about this build - The most interesting would be machine no “308” – which has some additional circles and near triangular spots painted on similar to "306" pattern at least on right side of fuselage – unfortunately I have no idea about colours of those spots. Therefore I made more secure “306”. Nevertheless, photos (but not any profile) showes that "306" should has some dark colour strip on spinner (red, black, blue???) – I had difficulty to decide, which of them. So please - any expert on Yugoslovian colours - make advice, please. I will add it with pleasure . P.S. I was tryiing to catch daylight making the photos - perhaps the matt coat was not perfectly dry yet... Comments welcome Cheers Jerzy-Wojtek
  2. Hi Looking around in net for photos of Dornier Do 22 I've met something surprising to me. The escaped to Egipt after fall of Yugoslavia Dorniers were used in RAF structures but they were having very unusual national insignia. Look at this photo: The roundel below wings is not an English neither Yugoslavian one. If you compare to fin flash, which is suppoused to be Yugoslavian Blue/White/Red flag it looks like narrow red, then narrow white and huge blue circle inside. However, the Serbian company Lift Here reproduced decals as just outside red, inside blue (without white between): http://lifthereserbia.50webs.com/744-LH.htm This is second surprise (first was unusual insignie themselvs) - the Serbian company should be well informed on this topic, as I suppouse. Maybe better than Czech CMK specialists, who made typical British roundels B http://www.cmkkits.com/res/data/022/002286.jpg?seek=2 Next is painting scheme. On this photo The pattern is mach more "patchy" (and perhaps three colours) then on other photos (below), where it is definitly two-tone scheme, with large regular spots: I hope that among this forum some "RYAF in exile" experts appears - please clarify the details of paintings schemes (applied colours - was is Dark Slate Gray over original RYAF light gray?) and reveal some details about national insignia changes/mutations. I am considering build of Xotic Do -22 in this unusual pattern... Best regards Jerzy-Wojtek
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