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Found 50 results

  1. Going through the stash the other week I came across an oddment of kits that I do not normally build, but I have acquired over the past year or so. First up is the Spitfire that was given away by the Daily Mail one week, second is a Hurricane that I bought for some reason or other and the last is a Defiant that was won by SWMBO at a show tombola. So I am going to try this as a triple build, but if required I will put them into separate entries. I do know that the Hurricane has the wrong markings for the BoB, so I have been looking at either a Czech or Polish one, but the only decal sheet I can find of these is rather expensive for many a version that I will not build. I am also looking at the BoB sheet by Xtradecal, but I am unsure of its accuracy. So here are the pictures of the kits. The Spitfire. The Hurricane. The Defiant.
  2. Here is my initial entry to the GB, Airfix 1/72 B P Defiant Mk 1 & Bf 109E dogfight double, so to speak. I am building them in flight and will make a display stand with the 109 bearing down on the Daffy. The Defiant will be in the markings of 141 Squadron and the 109 will be from III/JG51. These two squadrons were involved in a very brief engagement on 19 July 1940 and was a clear indication that the Germans had got over the surprise of the Defiants sting in the tail. I will add a bit more info as the build progresses. This is a placeholder for the time being as i have two other projects ongoing in other GB's. A couple of pics....... TFL, Cheers Greg
  3. Well as it's New Year's Eve still in the UK, no doubt many BMers are planning for their night of excess and partying but somebody has to keep the ship afloat eh? So instead of nipping down to Tescos for a dozen tinnies of IPA and a couple of packs of Rennies, I've been finishing off my oft-stalled Airfix Defiant build for your delectation. Well somebody had to take one for the team didn't they!!? Now this build started off as L7009, the "Cock o' the North" from 141 Sqn, except like the "cock o' the south-east" that I can be at times I applied the wrong camouflage pattern, (it's a 50/50 choice so there's a 90% chance of stuffing it up as we all know!). Needing a victim that was wearing a Scheme 'A' outfit to the party, I consulted my many references and found a picture of the machine I wanted to replicate. It was a 264 Sqn machine, L7005 PS-X. OK OK, despite all my good intentions I managed to find conflicting evidence for this kite's serial number, with the majority of my books giving it a serial of L7006, so that's what I initially marked it up as. @AndyL, like a knight in shining armour, rode to the rescue pointing out that the Sqn ORB gave PS-X as L7005 so I waxed off the 6's and put some 5's in their place. Anyways if you want the peruse the WIP it's here, but if not then it's straight onto the piccies for those with those "ooh shiny shiny" afflictions!!!!! So here's to wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020. Stay safe out there. Chris
  4. I have been fascinated by the Boulton Paul Defiant from an early age. In the 70's I built many painted and unpainted examples of Airfix's first generation 1/72 kit, always managing to snap off the turret guns and even more always, flying them around my bedroom with yellow-nose Bf109Es falling prey to it's guns after bouncing what they thought were an easy-prey Hurricane! Dagga-dagga-dagga-dagga. Having just finished my RAF Sabre F.4 build over at the NATO/Warsaw Pact GB I was looking for another victim for my ham-fistedness. Although my garage stash contains nigh-on 400 kits, as my work/personal life was having a bit of a stress-blip I really just couldn't make up my mind what to build next. I recently built the Airfix quarter-scale Blenheim, a build I enjoyed immensely even with my self-inflicted Fledge injuries to dent my pride. One of the reference books that I obtained during this build was the Osprey Defiant, Blenhiem and Havoc Aces volume. Now as I had built up 3 or 4 Airfix Defiants in the stash (together with a number of Classic Airframes examples that will probably now stay burried in it!) this could be the anxiety busting almost OOB build that I could do with at present. I worked at the UEA vs Essex University Sports Derby Day last Wednesday up in Norwich, engraving the medals as they were won by the students. In a quiet moment I got chatting with one of UEA's IT gurus who had been drawn like a moth to a flame to my late 1980's vintage monochrome-screened engraving machines. Now I do have quite a few up to date machines back at the shop but like all modern kit seems to do these days the second you take it out the shop it breaks down, but these dinosaur machines can be lumped in and out of my van (possibly dropped from great heights too but I've never tried it!) and still work perfectly so these go on my travels with me. We got talking about mental health issues and how I had given up a city regulatory career after an injury-related breakdown, and he talked of his own issues and about a charity he used in Norwich called Men's Shed where folk affected by such issues can go and build stuff. Explaining that was something I'd love to do but wasn't local, I then started explaing that I got similar comfort from my issues from making model aircraft. Now this is the connection - he started telling me about how locals were being encouraged to build local manufacturer Boulton Paul's kits for a display and I was so happy to tell him that I had just started cutting plastic on my Defiant. At that point I knew I'd made the right choice. If any of you know more about this initiative then I'd love to know more too! Now my favourite scheme for an RAF craft to wear is DFS. The box contains decals for DFS examples but having seen the Printscale 48-096 set featuring L7009 Cock o' the North, I fancied building that. Some blurb stolen from the Corgi website describing their diecast model of this airframe. No. 141 Sqn was originally formed on 1st January 1918 but was disbanded on 1st February 1920. The squadron reformed on 4th October 1939 at RAF Turnhouse and was first equipped with Gloster Gladiators then Bristol Blenheims. These were replaced with Boulton Paul Defiants in April 1940. The first operational patrol was flown on 29th June before moving to RAF West Malling in July. Its first and last daylight encounter with the enemy followed a few days later when 6 out of 9 aircraft were lost over the English Channel. The squadron changed from a day- to night-fighter role, which was far better suited to the Defiant. L7009 (TW-H) was flown by Flt. Lt. D. G. Donald with gunner Plt. Off. A.C. Hamilton. This aircraft was shot down by a Bf 109E of JG51 near Dover on 19th July 1940 and both crew members were killed. It featured a rare (for the RAF) but attractive nose art depicting a rooster with the name ‘Cock o’ the North’. Unfortunately this tale did not have the happy ending associated with my bedrom dogfights but I hope it can be a fitting tribute to those two brave airman. OK, OK enough waffling already, I can hear you moaning at the back about a lack of pictures to keep you interested!!! Here are the customary sprue and box shots..... As I couldn't wait to start the fettling I built up as mant subassemblies as I could in order to primer them all in one hit. Now this has all had a thorough daubing in Halfords rattle-can grey primer (photos to follow). Since the sprue shots were taken I have to say that I've been so impressed by the detail in the cockpit and turret areas straight out of the box that I'm going to save the Eduard etch for another build. Well as you may pick up from my previous builds I tend to get distracted by shiny-shiny electric guitars, and this one will be no different as I'm just off to Basildon to pick up an Epiphone Les Paul that I bought on eBay earlier today. Right, that's enough for one go, until we meet again............... Chris
  5. Hi all! It's been ages since I last posted anything (I couldn't remember my password) but here's my latest build, the recent tool Airfix BP Defiant Mk1. I went for the night fighter version because of that cool shark's mouth! What do you think of this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JfL2f1WuYg Or a still image here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5vUNCyBstO/ Thanks for taking a look guys, Matt
  6. Did the Defiant have the black wing and/or Sky fuselage band in May 1940? It seems not. Despite RAF fighters needing the bottom half black plus the Sky Type S fuselage band, and despite several colour profiles that show them with either, I haven't found a single photo, not from 1939, not from 1940. I did find photos of crashed Defiants that can definitively be placed in May 1940, and these don't show a fuselage band and don't show a black underside of the fuselage, but no details of the underside of the wing is visible. Should we agree that in May 1940 the Defiant used neither fuselage band nor black undersides? Or does someone here perhaps have that rare photo we've all been looking for, showing both? The next question would be: why didn't the Defiant carry the regulation scheme? Cheers.
  7. I wonder if anyone can help? I've looked at references for the cockpit colours on night fighter Defiants but am struggling a bit. I'm pretty sure that the bulkhead and seat are cockpit green but the cockpit walls seem to be black in the pictures I have. I can't find any pictures of the floor so I'm not sure on that. The combination of black and green seems a little strange so I'd be grateful for any advice you can offer. TIA Matthew
  8. Have just started Airfix's lovely new Defiant in 1/72. So far all has gone well, the kit practically builds itself! However, I can't seem to find the FS number that best matches RAF Dark Green so that I can buy a bottle of it, preferably Model Master. Does anyone know what that number is? Photo's will follow, hopefully tomorrow if the weather improves. Thanks, Tweener
  9. Boulton Paul Defiant. This is the sole surviving Defiant at the RAF Museum in Hendon. Defiant I, N1671 (displayed as a night fighter). This was one of four Defiants delivered to No. 307 Polish Night Fighter Squadron at RAF Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire, England on 17 September 1940. It was passed to No. 153 Squadron at the end of October 41 and 285 Sqn in 1942. In 1954, it was identified for storage as a historical aircraft and passed to the RAF Museum in 1971. The aircraft was moved on 20 May 2009 to Rochester Airport, where it was restored by the Medway Aircraft Preservation Society (MAPS), and subsequently returned to Hendon on 6 December 2012. Pics are mine, thanks go to the staff at Hendon for allowing access to photograph certain aspects. It should be noted that when these pictures were taken certain fairings had been removed for examination purposes.
  10. Picked up this kit a few months ago, figured I'd use it to try out some new techniques and that kind of thing. Quite a nice kit for the scale, my only complaint would be the flashing that was rather extreme on certain sprues. And this is the photo I was basing it off.
  11. Hi all, Having had an excursion into God's (apparently) scale, for a Battle of Britain collection, I've drifted into 1/48 and the new tool (ill-fated) Defiant seemed a rather nice place to start again. I usually model in 1/32 but having gotten used to 1/72 for the past 3 builds the Defiant looks absolutely huge! I wasn't going to, but I do tend too get carried away with aftermarket and I lost all caution with this one finding myself ordering, almost with an unseen hand clicking the 'buy' button, a long list of extras: Eduard Big Ed set EDBIG49148 (interior, exterior, flaps, canopy masks). Quickboost landing gear doors QB48773 Quickboost exhaust stacks QB48755 Montex masks for the national & squadron markings MXMM48444 Quickboost antenna set QB48772 Master Barrels brass Browning .303 gun barrels for the turret Yahu models Instrument panel YMA4823 Just thought I'd give this a go to compare to the Eduard panel... I'm trying not to add up what the total cost was... On first inspection, the kit is an absolute beauty! Beautifully moulded and detailed. I couldn't wait to get started. I've kicked off with the Eduard flap set as I thought this could be an area that needed some care and attention, and I wanted to see if I could make these to my satisfaction before leaping into the rest of the model. I was very pleased with the construction - I managed to get them together without coating everything in globs of superglue! However, in hindsight, I wish I'd given myself more room with the cutting out of the moulded (up) flaps - it was an exact, but tight fit, and I'm left with some distortion of the delicate brass from squeezing it in. You live and learn. In retrospect, I would have just given myself more room to work with. I'm doing the, seemingly standard, PS*V version from 264 squadron, but here is some Airfix artwork from another boxing - I post this as I'm going to try and replicate this finish on my model - the little bit of artistic licence in the shading, shown by the artist (goodness me, I wish I could paint like that!)... No real point to this post other than it's a lovely image of the Defiant being refuelled: Although, it does highlight the riveting, which is fairly noticeable and I'm hoping to replicate this with my shiny new Trumpeter riveting tool! Another photo here highlights the effect: I'm quite surprised Airfix don't try and mould this detail as the panel line detail is fairly sparse and the wings and fuselage do look very bare... Anyway, here are some photos of the surgery and flap build up work: This one shows the undercarriage bay detail from the exterior Eduard set: Thanks for looking in, Guy
  12. Hey everyone I’ve been away ‘up country’ for the past few days so I’ve had no chance for any modelling - until tonight when I made a start on the Airfix 1/48 Defiant. So far its proving to be a lovely kit, well detailed, well engineered and well fitting (I understand the glazing on the turret is a little tight though)... I have a set of Montex masks so I intend to finish her as N1801 PS*Y, 254 Sqn RAF Biggin Hill 1941.. I also have some quick boost bit and pieces plus the Eduard masking set. Cheers all Iain In a very wet Kernow (it was sunny up country )
  13. Hello fellow modellers, Last summer I had a chance to buy my firs Airfix kit since more that 25years and I have to say I have been positively impressed. Really nothing to do with the old stuff I used to buy when I was a boy. The Defiant kit is nicely detailed and quite easy to build even if the turret requires a bit of patience. As usual for me it is an OOB with just little additional details like belts, some wiring etc. Paint has been done using airbrush and Tamiya acrylics with Tamiya spray cans for finishing. Any comment or suggestion is always welcome. Enjoy pictures. Cheers, Andy
  14. I've been itching to start this since it arrived a couple of weeks ago: ... at least I think that is what has been causing the itching The surprisingly large box is stuffed pretty full; It was a bit fuller than that, but the first thing I did was sling those horrid little pots of paint and the tiny tubes of glue since I will be using these instead: I bought the RAF set for my Defiant nightfighters; the Luftwaffe paint sets... well what can I say, I like buying paints and decal sets and stuff which absolutely does not count as stash and I wanted some acrylics to lower the environmental smell as far as possible. I also got these: The Peewit masks were a bit over a fiver; I am quite capable of masking canopies reasonably well, but when presented with the opportunity to buy a canopy mask set I have to ask myself: "Would I pay that much money to get out of having to do it myself?" The answer almost invariably seems to be "Too right I would!" though I am glad that Peewit and Montex are providing a bit of competition for Eduard in this respect because frankly Eduard's prices for pre-cut Kabuki tape shapes had reached the point where I felt they were just taking the mickey; I hope that some credible competition might reverse their pricing process until it reaches a more agreeable level. As for the AML camo mask set - three and a half quid. Still feels like cheating a bit, but again, it is something I am capable of doing so really it is just a time saver. That's my feeble justification and I am sticking to it So my first task I think will be masking the Do17's clear parts, as I am keen to get that out of the way... Cheers, Stew
  15. I had an interesting discussion at SMW about which 1:72 kit of the Defiant is 'best'. We were comparing an modern Airfix kit with another (not sure if MPM or Pavla) side by side and there were differences in cowling shape (not length) and length of u/c and gear doors and the corresponding sit of the aircraft. Let's say best means best overall shape and dimensions.
  16. Just finished, my Airfix Defiant and Kittyhawk. The Defiant is the outstanding kit that I've tackled recently, maybe ever. Beautifully designed and detailed with near-perfect fit, it was a pleasure to build. The turret is an extraordinary model in its own right. The decals are very good as well. The Kittyhawk is the old Otaki mould which has been in the stash for years. I can't remember where I bought it - I guess secondhand, maybe I was sorry for it with its squashed box. I thought it would be a quick and easy build but both fuselage halves were distorted around the removable engine bay hatches, so I had to use the hatches to coax them back into shape. Then I dropped it on the kitchen floor! The impact shattered the filler on the wing roots so I had to start again there. I did think of the Japanese toolmaker making the zillions of tiny countersunk rivets - what dedication. The worst part was the cockpit glazing which was not very satisfactory. I was surprised that the kit decals were fine after so long. Both are from the box apart from an Eduard harness in the Defiant and a tape one in the Kittyhawk and are brush painted with Humbrol and Revell enamels.
  17. For me, there's something quintessentially British about the Boulton-Paul Defiant. A misconceived oddball that nevertheless went on to find roles that the designer would never have dreamed of. Crews that, despite being outmatched, kept on fighting. I think of it as the fighter equivalent of the Fairey Battle, and I've always had a soft spot for it. So, of all the possible candidates, it seemed a good fit for this GB. I had a four month hiatus from modelling from November last year. I think that helped me consider my approach: it had been all about the detail before, PE, resin. But I'd neglected some basic skills. I finally located my airbrush as well, something I'd never learned to use. So the focus now is on getting good results from plastic. This won't be my first airbrushed kit; that "honour" goes to a Spitfire PRXVII. But it will be my first attempt at camo with an airbrush. And it won't be wholly devoid of aftermarket, as I'm going to try the Eduard steelbelts (I cordially detest PE seatbelts so that could go out the window!) Here's the obligatory uncut sprues: The kit has two very similar marking options: PS-V of 264 Squadron in July 1940, or KO-I of 2 Squadron in September 1940. I prefer PS-V as it has a slight tie-in to my preference to build aircraft that served in bases local to me (in this case, Duxford, where 264 spent some time in 1940, though in July they were at Martlesham Heath). At the time, the squadron was resting and training after its efforts over Dunkirk, and the various photos that I can find show little fading and only some exhaust staining, so I'm not going to weather it too much. Cheers, Chris
  18. Don't smile, Trumpeter is to release a 1/48th Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 in 2016-2017 - ref.02899 Source: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/news/img_9587_1449141028_16.jpg.html V.P.
  19. The old original 1960's Airfix B P Defiant. For some reason I found this in my stash and decided to build it, probably to test Halfords matt black spray on plastic. I remember building this back in about 1979 and thinking it was quite good. I have to admit that this time around I wasn't so impressed, a truly horrible kit, wrong shape and badly fitting parts. The big gap between the fuselage and wing was the worst bit.
  20. Hi folk's,I have one or two projects on the go at the moment(to put it mildly) and should know better than to start another but I have,Now I have waited over a year for this kit to arrive at my LMS but he's never been able to get one despite being an Airfix main stockist,so after ordering one from King Kit which arrived Friday last week I now have one in my grubby mits!I will stick my neck out right now and say I think this is certainly in the top three as the best kit in quality that I 've seen from Airfix the only negative is the almost Identical schemes on the decal/colour sheet even a black version would have made me grab another straight away.So Boxart. Some of the beautifully main parts. As you can see I,ve started the basic cockpit detailing. Sidewall detail. So you know me,a relatively quick build of a couple of weeks OOB but I might try a couple of new techniques picked up on the forum and just to liven thing's up a couple of snippets from what I'm doing with Airfix's 1/48 Vb and Spitfire xii. Regards Steve.
  21. Just to announce that I am currently working on the developmental, political and operational history of the Boulton Paul Defiant, for release ( all being well ) late summer 2018. The book is being published by Frontline/Pen & Sword, and will be about 80,000 words in length with 100+ images. But that's a ball park figure as I have been given free reign to make this book as large as possible. Hand over date to the publisher is 1st December 2017. There will be a complete list of claims made by Defiant crews, and a roll of honour listing the 200+ aircrew lost on type; the latter will where possible, have an image of each airman. Other areas covered will include a section on aviation archaeology, and modelling the Defiant. If anyone wants more information, please drop me a line, and thanks for looking. Regards Andy
  22. Morning all,my take on Airfix's 1/48 Defiant,I,ve loved this aircraft for year's ever since building the horrible 1/72 original many moon's ago,after initial success in combat it's flaws were discovered by the Luftwaffe and it was easy prey for their fighter's never the less it held it's own in the night fighter role until the Beaufighter and Mosquito took over.This has to be one of Airfix's finest kit's to date and the only issue I had was the final fit of the turret which may well have been my error the rest was a delight,a background to the build is here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010022-airfix-148-defiantand-a-couple-of-spits/ Many thank's for taking the time to look.
  23. Good afternoon. My first RFI for a while: Airfix's 1/72 Boulton Paul Defiant. I finished this one sometime last year and I'm finally putting her on here. Painted with Tamiya flat black for the main colour, Vallejo steel for the base coat and a mix of Vallejo zinc chromate green for the primer, using Shuttleworth's - then unpainted - Spitfire Mk.Vc as a reference. Built OOB except the harnesses from spares and the Master gun barrels. Weathered with powdered chalk pastel. Enjoy!
  24. Here are a few images of my completed 1/48 Airfix Defiant Mk 1 made OOB. For the build thread go to the link below: http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=11691
  25. My friend is building the new Airfix 1/48 BP Defiant, and he was wondering if there were any aftermarket guns for the turret. I couldn't find anything listed at Hannants, but I may have been using the wrong search terms. Larry in Florida
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