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Found 231 results

  1. Dragon's Fw 190D-9 has been replaced by the Hobby Boss kit, a much superior offering with much better fit all around. I had bought Dragon's kit in order to have Gerhard Barkhorn's decals. The kit itself has many moulding defects, big gaps around the fuselage/wing section (which is solved by adding a spreader bar aft the cockpit), the propeller blades don´t have locating tabs, the aircraft sits too high on its gear because of a manufacturer idea, it comes with steel PE parts which are nigh impossible to cut from their sprue with a regular hobby knife, etc... I decided to paint the model as Oskar Romm's aircraft, which in reality had the old Fw 190 canopy instead of the blown one. The model was brushpainted with what I thought were the Revell equivalents of RLM 82 and RLM 83 (Bronze Green 65 and RAF Dark Green 68).
  2. Heres my proof of life picture, not sure how I'm going to display the beast. I've got some ideas, I've picked up some figures just in case.
  3. I have had this cyber-hobby kit in the stash for a few years so I have dusted it off and I will throw it into this GB. The plastic has just been re-issued as a 2 in 1 kit by Dragon, I have always fancied building this scheme with the charging Knight on the turret, so it's as it comes with just a new Armour Scale barrel. Here's the obligatory box full of bits picture: Wish me luck, it's covered in Dragon zimmerit!
  4. Which is the better kit, Dragon/DML or Eduard (old)(weekend) Fw-190A-8. If I go on a US website I get Dragon/DML, if I go on a Czech website I get Eduard. Now I would like to hear it from the UK crowd. I am looking at general fit and dimensional fidelity. They can both be gotten for about $17 here. I would like some justifiable opinions.
  5. A bit of fun since I have a surplus of red stars.
  6. My entry for this GB will be Dragons Ju 88C-6 in 1:48 scale which came in a large Revell box. A while ago i have purchased the very nice AIMS decal set 4804 with six marking options for three C-6 dayfighters and Fitting for this group build three nightfighters. Also helpful for this project are two Eduard sets. One photo etched set intended for the A-4 bomber but most will fit in a C-6 cockpit as well. The second one is a masking sheet designed for the early C-6 cabin with two bulged B Mounts and the early windscreen. fits the black NJG 2 aircraft. Boxart. The two marking options are interesting as well. 2./NJG 2 with RLM 79 sandy Brown on the two tone standart scheme of RLM 70/71 and FuG 202 Lichtenstein BC radar 4./NJG 2 with a non standart scheme and the same radar. The AIMS set. D5+AV was the mount of Staffelkapitän Oblt. Günther Koberich with the FuG 202 Lichtenstein BC Radar and a slight mottling with RLM 75 over 76 and low vis markings. R4+BH of 1./NJG 2 in North Afrika. Black with a White fuselage band 4R+AS flown ( and wrecked ) by the Staffelkapitän of 8./NJG 2 Hptm. Friedrich Tober with a more intense mottling, FuG 220 Radar and two upward firing 20mm guns known as "Schräge Musik" Also on the decal sheet is a Ju 88G-1 3C+MP of 6./NJG 4 with a scheme for die hard airbrush guys. Enough for a start. Cheers Bernd
  7. For my first build in the GB, I will be building the other EA-6B Prowler from the two boxing set that @nimrod54 kindly sent me, after completing his in the Grumman GB. Shouldnt take too long to build, there’s only 2 stages in the instructions Just have a couple of build to complete in the Trainers GB before I get cracking.
  8. Hello all, This is my Cyber-hobby/ Dragon Bf-109E-3. I riveted and stressed the skin on this project. I used HGW seatbelts, Yaha instrument panel along with some minor scratch building in the cockpit. As per my usual I used Model Master paints. Thanks for looking. Rod
  9. With the bombing of the Japanese home islands increasing, the IJAAF was on the hunt for a newly designed interceptor capable of penetrating the fighter screen and attacking the bombers. When U-1224 arrived in Japan in February 1944 she brought with her plans and details of the Messerschmitt P 1101, a single jet engine interceptor along with their new stand off wire guided missile technology. With the coming B-29 raids on the home islands, the Japanese thought this was just the fighter for them, commissioning Mitsubishi to build the aircraft. The Mitsubishi Ki 90 Thunder Lord was only built in limited numbers, serving with the 520th Temporary Interception Group, the first to see combat with the new jet in March 1945. The group comprised of Senior flight instructors and the most talented flight students. Escorted by the groups Ki 84 Hayate's, the Ki 90 scored significant success against B-29 formations, being able to penetrate fighter screens with a 200mph speed advantage and stand off at a safe range while launching their X-4 wire guided missiles at the formations. Despite their success, there was never enough in service to change the outcome of the war. The kit itself is the Dragon 1/72 Me P 1101, with decals from the spares box. The kit itself goes together nicely and makes into a smart looking jet.
  10. Afternoon all....well, finally got the time to sit down and set up the build log. This is to be the contribution to the GB. Only two test units being built in reality, and a further ten for test purposes on the Eastern Front. Once under test, it was realised that the 105mm howitzer could easily fit on the obsolete Panzer II chassis, becoming the Wespe; so the proposed further 200 were cancelled as the Panzer IV chassis's were needed to supply combat Panzer IV's due to urgent need on the Eastern Front from the losses of 1941 and early '42. All ten production vehicles served with the Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment 16, attached to the 16.Panzer-Division on the Eastern Front. The Division was held in reserve during the Balkan Campaign, but took part in the invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa, in June 1941. It was used in the southern sector of the Front, advancing to Stalingrad via Lvov, Pervomaisk, Zaporozhe, Taganrog, Makeevka and Artemorsk. The 10.5cm leFH 18/1 (Sf) auf Geschutzwagen IVb joined the rest of 16.Panzer-Division in late December early January. The regiment was destroyed in early 1943 in the Stalingrad pocket. Overall it'll be a clean build and apart from mud and dust, not too much wear and tear as is seen on the AFV's of this front. I have developed a build plan and schedule to efficiently build, and try and have the most time for the painting sequence, as I intend to use a new product for the making of mud. I'll need to spend some time practicing that first. The hardest part will be the PE phase.....lot's of tool clamps..... I have prepped as much as I can as I have a feeling the Christmas fortnight will be a zero build time as I have to pack away the bench as it's in the spare room,(family visiting...) All my part spru's are washed and ready to go, just filling the time trying to confirm some Dragon Model issue's as regards the reality of the interior ammo storage; which I think they have wrong. I discovered a pic of Voyager Model upgrade with an additional ammo locker, not specified in the Dragon build instruction sheet -even though supplied. Plus to complicate things, a photo has popped up with the ammo cabinets at an angle in the fighting compartment.......nothing but issue's. Anyway, hope to post first progress by the 16th, as we have rain over the weekend.......must always see a positive somewhere on a grey day... Simon.
  11. Firstly Tamiya's Fw190F-8. I quite enjoyed building this one. Pretty good detail and fit. Finished in a mixture of Hataka, Xtracrylix and Vallejo paints with the kit decals 1. 2. 3. 4. Secondly a Dragon Fw190A-8/R-11 nightfighter. Not such a good kit. Some poor fit and over-complicated in places. Finished in RLM 74/75/76 in Hataka, Xtracrylix and Vallejo. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  12. Dragon has just re-released (original release in 2008?) its 1/72th Blitz kit as Arado Ar-234C-3 with V-1 "Huckepack" - ref.5011 Source: http://www.platz-hobby.com/products/5602.html Box art V.P.
  13. Hello and good evening everyone. I'm back.......well, starting to get back into being at the bench after having to withdraw from the GB Panzer IV due to some medical and personal issues to fix; my apologies to everyone who finished and congrats on a great build from all. Even though I didn't drop by any contributions as regards comments etc....I followed avidly on all your builds. Thoroughly enjoyed everyone's progress. My medication prevented me from being able to positively contribute both at the bench and on here as a forum with some chat etc. ...but I'm back and will slowly get up to speed. I have a few projects on the go that I flit between like a butterfly, medications limit concentration at times............ Here's one that I'm slowly,,,,,very slowly plodding through. I'm working from a walk around set of images from the Ferdinand that's resides at Bovington at present (the one from Maryland). Had some issues with it as regards the Dragon kit itself and the moulding in places as regards fit. The rear sponson construction that I think was added at the time to form the Ferdinand from the prototype Tiger chassis.....took a long time to sand and pair down to make fit and line up the chassis........ There's a lot of weld lines omitted from the kit itself that I'm working through adding, a very intricate PE set from Aber that I'm going for; even through the kit itself is a Smart Kit with PE included. Nice metal barrel and host of metal parts etc to get into over time. SO HERE'S WHERE SHE STANDS AT PRESENT.....WELD LINES TO ORDER OF THE DAY. FRONT GLACIS WITH ADDITIONAL BOLT HEADS SUPPLIED BY MASTERCLUB. One note to add is the front drive wheels. There's no position marker of any sorts provided by Dragon to set them in place. I recommend taking a peek at some actual photos of that area of the chassis to get the position as close as possible. I set them wrong and had to remove and re-set...... WELD LINES ADDED ON BOTH SIDES FOR THE MUD SCRAPERS AND IN REVIEWING THE BOVINGTON FERDINAND, THE ADDITION OF SOME VERY HEAVY WELDS TO HOLD WHAT I BELIEVE IS SOME SORT OF ARMOURED EXHAST COVER....I IMPROVED THE TEXTURE OF THE COVER ALSO WITH SOME ADDITION OF LIQUID CEMENT AND FINALY....EVEN THOUGH NOT REALLY SEEN ARE THE GRILS FOR THE EXHAUST (OR AIR IN TAKE) WELL....can't say when the next update will be....but it's nice to be back on the forum to some extent, slowly is better than nothing...........catch you all soon...regards....Simon.
  14. Continuing the Luftwaffe fighters theme I've been building recently. Firstly the Revell boxing of the Fw-190D-11 which I believe is the old Dragon kit. Reasonable kit with only a few problems. Finished in Vallejo arcrylics as a JV44 example from 1945. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Next is the Dragon Ta-152H. Similar to the Fw190D kit this goes together fairly easily with only the landing gear posing any problems. Again finished in Vallejo paint with Model Alliance decals. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  15. Taking part in the recent PzIV STGB, I was persuaded to build a scenic base for my model. Comments and questions welcome
  16. This is my Dragon Panther A which has been shuttling between the workbench & the shelf of doom for over 10 years. I made most of it then decided it needed Zimmerit. I tried Milliput but wasn't too happy with the result. Back on the shelf, fast forward a few years & I bought some Eduard etched Zimmerit but had to remove all the parts I'd stuck on the hull - exhausts, pioneer tools etc. Back on the shelf again. Finally got it Zimmered up & re-attached the parts. I decided to go with a winter whitewhash & decided to replicate the application in the field. I used off white artist's Guache slapped on with a brush then scrubbed with a stiff brush to simulate wear. Sealed & weathered with oils, Mig pigments & ground soil from the garden. Can't say I'm uber chuffed with the results but glad to see the back of it! Figures are Alpine. Any comments or criticisms welcome. Pete Thanks for looking.
  17. This is my diorama of a first aid station. It utilises the Dragon SD.Kfz.7 Maultier ambulance, the Miniart Village Street and various figure sets from M&B all in 1/35. The village was damaged in 1940 and the war returns in 1944 as the Germans are driven out of Northern Europe! Hope you like it!
  18. A long time back, my father and I used to play board games by, amoung others, Avalon Hill. One of Avalon Hill's games was PanzerBlitz, which represented combat units at squad or company level. Amoung the most effective weapons, and my favourite, was the German Hummel, self propelled artillery - very effective at long range. I have wanted to build a model of one ever since, and now, maybe, I have a chance. Here it is ... ... one of Dragon's Hummels, an early version. Sprue shot ... There is a review and critique of the kit on the PMMS site, http://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/reviews/vehicles/dragon/dr6204.htm with detailed sprue shots. I think I'll start with the tracks, which should require less thought than the rest of the kit ...
  19. Hello! Here is an old build from 1995. It's my Dragon 1:144 General Dynamics (now Lockheed-Martin) F-16D Fighting Falcon. It represents 85-0572/SP, of the 480th TFS/52nd TFW, USAFE, USAF based at Spangdahlem AB, Germany in late 1980s/early 1990s. I recall making a series of small modifications to improve/correct this kit, with one major one: I replaced the awful intake part with one from an Academy/Minicraft kit. Thanks for looking and all comments welcome as always Miguel
  20. Whilst having a rummage through the stash for some 1/144 RAF aircraft, I found this Dragon boxing of a pair of EA-6B's and thought that I would make one up for this GB. Here are the box and content shots, whilst some the parts are off the sprue the kit has not been started. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  21. Grumman EA-6B Prowler, Bu. No. 163046 USS Dwight D Eisenhower CAG, VAQ-140 Patriots, Dragon 1/144 I failed to meet the Grumman GB deadline with this one when it finished a couple of weeks ago, but I finally wrapped it up yesterday by adding the scratched ram air turbines for the AN/ALQ 99 pods, which are not included in the kit, along with a couple of the missing aerials. Apart from the few additions mentioned, the model was built straight out of the box and is brush painted. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  22. Dragon is to re-release soon its 1/72nd Nortxhrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23 Black Widow II kit (link 1 & link 2) - ref. 2507 Source: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10594440 Box art 8 V.P.
  23. I'm finished with moving into my new modelling room, so I can now finally join in with this GB! My project for this group build will be using an old Dragon Kugelblitz kit from 1999. The Kugelblitz turret from this kit however has been earmarked for another build (Flakpanzer E-25) so I'll be using the leftover hull along with new 3D printed parts to make a Panzer IV Ausf.K. In 1943 during the development of the Ausf.H Krupp proposed changing the Panzer IV's hull to a new sloped armour layout. This change would have required production to stop while factories re-tooled for the new design, this came at a time when production of the Panzer IV had been ordered to increase though so the new design was cancelled & the Ausf.H instead only received minor upgrades. Krupp also proposed a new simplified turret design for the Panzer IV in 1944 that would have greatly decreased the the time & resources needed for production while increasing protection. Production of the Panzer IV was ordered to be stopped though, with only the Jagdpanzer IV continuing so development of this new turret was cancelled. The combination of Krupp's Ausf.H sloped hull & simplified turret is what is known as the Ausf.K, which is an unofficial "what-if" name used to help differentiate this design from the other Panzer IV variants. Before I start work on the kit I first have to design the the new parts for the conversion & 3D print them, so it might be a few days before the next update.
  24. Here is my Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23BN "Flogger H" which I built back in 1994. It was made combining a Dragon MiG-23M "Flogger B" with Italeri's issue of the Dragon MiG-27 "Flogger D". It represents 23172 of the Iraqi Air Force in the 1980s. The markings came from a Revell MiG-21PF kit and the numbers in arabic were painted with a brush. Part of the scheme was guesswork as I only had a couple of photos covering one side. The kit was fully painted with brush. Thanks for looking Miguel
  25. I've been looking forward to this build, here's my kit I've got some figures to go with her From Tamyia and Dragon. Not sure how I'm going to display her, I will keep you posted.
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