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Found 19 results

  1. Morning all. This will be my first build: An ebay purchase, still sealed in its shrink wrap. Think this is the right catalogue info for it: Airfix Catalogue information: Series: 2 First Issued: 1970 Catalogue Ref - 7th Edition (1969): A205V Catalogue Ref - 8th Edition (1970): A205V Catalogue Ref - 9th Edition (1971): A205V Catalogue Ref - 10th Edition (1973): 02305-8 I have the 1973 boxing judging by the box number and artwork. Contents This will be built as an early(ish) Mk2 as this is what the kit depicts. The chieftain went through many upgrades during it's service life but I'd really like an early one to go with several cromwell resin kits I have of later versions. This is my reference pile - can you tell I rather like chieftains? I'll be using these add ons. The matador set is to convert it to a Mk 3 which I won't be doing, but a couple of the bits will be needed. The wee friends running gear set replaces the horrible vinyl tracks and corrects (in my opinion) the one main failing of the kit - the strange multi-ridged roadwheels. I've built this kit before (as a later version), so have some idea of the challenges the build will throw up. The main issue is the fit of the roof top so I'll be paying special attention to that! Looking forward to making a start. Roll on the weekend! All the best Ben
  2. This is Takoms excellent Chieftain Mk 11, figures are from Firing Line. The only problem I had was that some parts wanted to stay on the sprue & broke when I cut them off so I had to make the headlight guards from brass rod. I figured the real things would have been kept reasonably clean but would have got mucky when on exercise. This is the look I've gone for so a little bit of chipping & no rust. Any observations & constructive criticism welcome as always. Pete
  3. On this occasion, I will dedicate myself to a Chieftain. I always liked this model, the heaviest thing that the western block could offer against the Pact, but I have never been able to do it, now I am glad I did not do it, because before the only viable kit, it was Tamiya, already surpassed with the kits today. It is my first Takom kit, and in which I have given way to more expensive models, because so far I have not overcome the € 50 barrier on any model. I hope to treat it as it deserves I have opted to choose the Mk2 version, which is the "closest" to the original Chieftain model, maybe later (depending on the result you get), get an Mk5, for example. It is obvious that the quality of the kit is very high, accustomed to more basic kits, and with less clear instructions. Although like Tamiya's, none, IMHO, the best. A great kit of a magnificent tank. Cheers to all.
  4. Hey Guys I bring to you my first build log, the rather lovely Chieftain mk.11 from Takom. I chose this kit mainly due to the brilliant build logs on Youtube, I wanted something with fiddly little parts, a bit of PE and I could follow along to for my maiden voyage. I'm already a week into the build and loving it so far, i forgot how relaxing cutting, sanding and gluing can be, beats watching the junk on the TV. Here's what i have so far. Seamline hell! I've scraped, sanded, scraped and sanded, will probably need more scraping and sanding I got carried away gluing, those exhausts are going to be a pain to paint. So far no issues with fit, the size of the gates are questionable, they are huge. OH and extra thin cement is pure witchcraft, so much better than the tubes of cement I used many years ago Anyway that's it for now. Going to make a start on the lower hull and more stowage boxes
  5. Good morning all I hope this is an appropriate catagory to place this post in. A friend of mine produces technical artwork on ordnance for EOD companies around the world as well as NATO and other organisations and has given me permission to start to provide it to the modelling work and I thought I would show you all what is available. He provides artwork for ordnance from 2PR upto 160mm AVRE. As well as the ordnance images he provides ordnance packaging - boxes, tubes etc.
  6. Hi, I'd like to share my Tamiya Panther G, (and the old Chieftain), my second (and first, but can't find most of the pics i took) finished afv builds for many many years. It's been a different and fun experience compared to my more usual aircraft builds, got a bit bored of the latter (temporarily) a while ago so found some cheap second hand deals on 1/35 stuff. Been enjoyable experimenting and learning with different paint techniques and weathering especially. Now a small stash has grown up - nor rivaling the pane stash yet, but you never know. The base, as you can see unfinished, for the Panther is from Miniart. Look forward to all constructive feedback, Take care, Matt
  7. I'm also calling this one finished. This was boxed as a mk5 but I'm aware of the inaccuracies and how it's nearer an earlier mark. Not fussed by that as wanted to practice weathering on it a touch. So here it is with mud and all.
  8. I'm back with another wip, this time the Tamiya chieftain mk5. I'm still building a Churchill VII at the moment so I'll post up when I can. The box art And sprue shots follow:
  9. Here is my Takom Chieftain Mk 10. I was pretty impressed with the kit overall - the tracks work well but I still managed to get them wrong around the rear sprocket. The camo scheme is not accurate but I was losing the will to live with all of the masking needed. I matched to Tamiya colours as best as I could as I 100% trust them not to clog my airbrush unlike some other brands. The turret baskets looked a bit empty so I got some Value gear tarps and the excellent Meng water bottles. It's probably a bit over weathered but looks really toy like once you've finished all the masking so it needs something. I think the real ones were pretty well looked after from the photos I found. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks for Looking
  10. Hello! I'm a Fairly recent returnee to to the hobby, and was keen to try out all these new techniques. Please excuse this rusty Chieftain, I got one of those Tank Art books, and it's easy to get carried away practicing all those techniques. I could say it was a very lucky range target, but I don't suppose they'd leave the baskets and GPMG on... Anyway, I had fun making it (Apart from the tracks, that wasn't fun) and learnt a lot about chipping, oil paint and such. Cheers!
  11. I've decided! Biting the bullet with a Best of British Beast!
  12. Chieftain Mk.5 Takom 1/35 I finished Takom's Mk.5 last December (having started it all the way back in September) It's a nice kit, although the BATUS markings supplied should in fact be for a Mk.10. I think Mig J. was a little lax on his research for this one. Built OOB apart from the MG and smoke discharger covers. The base used one of the AMMO branded model scene grass mats. It'll be nice to see how it stacks up against the Meng one, but that seems to have disappeared again, after having a brief revival late last year Thanks for looking Andy
  13. In all the excitement about the new Takom Chieftian tank releases last month we didn't post our article here! So for the record, here it is!
  14. The New Takom Chieftains Are Now In Stock Takom 1:35 - Chieftain Mk 11 Main Battle Tank MBT Takom 1:35 - Chieftain Mk 5 Main Battle Tank MBT Takom 1:35 - Chieftain Mk 10 Main Battle Tank MBT Click on the image or visit our website for all new releases. www.creativemodels.co.uk
  15. TAKOM 03.10.2028 CHIEFTAIN Mk.10 British Modern Battle Tank I have been fortunate to have received an advance release of TAKOM's new Chieftain Mk.10 Within about 20 minutes of it's arrival I had commenced this build Ssssh! Don't tell anyone BUT? ...................... It's an absolute corker! The large kit box measures in at 380x250x85mm and weighs about a kilo. Molded in a light grey plastic and with chunky sprues the parts have good sharp detail. Care will definately be needed removing the parts from the sprues. The plastic is 'a little' soft but Tamiya Extra Thin Cement will be my glue of choice and so-far, it's working fine. It should be noted that although this kit is not necessarily for the beginner, it is not going to be hard work - at least so far? You will need a fresh, new blade in your scalpel. The Photo-Etch parts are very fine, detailed and though there looks a lot, there are some large pieces. The instructions follow the newer exploded CAD view and come in 22 sections across 13 pages. A noticeably smaller manual that would normally be expected. For the Mk.10 you have to remove a few pre-molded parts like the bullet splashes around the drivers compartment. I used my micro-chisel for this. This Guys, is a dream build as the parts generally just fall together - kinda Tamiya Quick! The Stowage Bins though intricate in reality are perfectly atuned to the model builder and the PE is super-fine, so easy to fit and no messing about. The detail is solid and safe with only 2 plug grab handles (like you get with Tamiya) on the searchlight housing. A simple cut off and replace with wire took a couple of minutes. The engine deck grills comprise 6 major parts and 16 assorted PE handles (3-types), easy peazy! Up to now, I have expended some 10 hours on this build and I have a couple more to go before I move on to paint. This will be camouflaged in the Berlin Brigade markings - some serious masking off! This model WILL be on display at the Newark Show on 11th October This is a build summary as I have been doing progress posts on my Club Facebook page I have also done a full build blog on my Club website here, should you choose to take a look.
  16. I am about to make a start on Takom's Chieftain Mk.11 and I had a question on the anti-slip coating. According to Richard Kent in his Mk.11 build article, he states that "The Hull front on a Chieftain is a single casting and in service the British Army version of anti slip was applied at least once a year (wet sand thrown onto wet paint then sprayed over)". My question is around the turret, was a similar wet sand approach used on the turret and how far back and forwards on the turret did it extend? Any help on this would be much appreciated. Cheers
  17. My Chieftain tank (1;35) done in "Berlin camo" wanted to do something different ,rivet counters bewarned this aint the one for you lol
  18. Calling this done..........Fought me every minute of everyday, but finally, I have had enough!!!! I decided to make it different, so, its a Gulf War Bridgelayer and not a bronze green. Many delicate resin parts recast in white metal and to make it different I decided to add the Tamiya Pearson Mine Plough.(Rivet counters keep quiet about it not being a British plough) This plough has 1 more blade fitted than the British, but, it looked right, so went ahead with it. It is fitted with Fruil metal tracks and has replacement light lenses from our friend "Little-Cars". It was initially sprayed in places Bronze Green then hair sprayed, then overall sprayed in Desert Color scheme, then picked at for hours with a tooth pick and cotton bud to reflect the state of a weathered Bridgelayer. The call signs and reg numbers are authentic as I worked from photos of the Gulf War Bridgelayers. [/url]">http://
  19. Right, with the M3 Stuart almost done, I'm considering these to build next. Originally I was going to build the MRC/AFV Club OH-58D but I#m waiting on some nice resin crew figures to arrive. Here are the candidates... First up and my favorite is the Old Tamiya Chieftain and just a touch of AM. And then or the same era is the M-60... same drills with the AM, this one I've been collecting the detail stuff for a few years. I'm leaning toward the Chieftain ? Regards Dan
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