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Found 21 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have a question, I have made my first few models and was hoping to finish my canopies as nicely as possible. I wanted to make sure that my process is not hindering the clarity of my canopy. First I clean and polish the canopy with a polishing stick, this seems to work really well. Then I dip the canopy into a pot of Pledge multi-surface polish, this used to be known as ‘KLEAR’ in the UK. It is left overnight under a box to prevent dust whilst curing. once its ready I will then glue it to the unpainted aircraft, ‘I finish all my models with canopies closed’. I then mask the aircraft and canopy, I use mask tape on the canopy. I prime and base coat the aircraft. Now… here is a crucial question. I remove all masks, including the canopy mask, and gloss coat everything including the canopy with KLEAR gloss by airbrush. It seems to flow nicely across the glass. Would this process reduce clarity or quality or perhaps enhance it? How many times could I apply gloss coat with an airbrush if the process is ok? Could I polish the KLEAR coated canopy if at all, and how? I would love to here your thoughts fellow modellers. Kind Regards Matt
  2. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    P-51D canopy variations - a quick guide

    hi all - for those of you building the new Airfix kit, or any P-51D - I found this guide rather useful in working out which canopy shape is which http://www.gaetanmarie.com/p-51dk-mustang-canopy-variations/ Jonners
  3. Magua87

    Tamiya Spitfire Mk1 Canopy

    Hi, gents. I'm building a Tamiya Spitfire Mk1. It's got some nice interior detailing, but unfortunately it's got a horrendous canopy which is distorted and thick. Are there any after market solutions? I've had a bit of a google, but so far the only option seems to be the squadron vacuum formed canopy which is already parted for displaying in the open position. I'd rather keep the canopy closed. Any advice appreciated. Cheers.
  4. Hello, I've been musing myself with making a vac canopy for my model (since the Pavla Vac doesn't fit the Revell 1/72nd kit). I have noticed that some frames are internal, to which the perspex is just screwed-on. Both wartime and restored example walk-arounds seem to confirm this: But then, I found some more (both wartime and restored example) photos, which depict these (and all other) as external: Some drawings clearly show them as internal: While this one shows all frames of the same depth (i.e. external): Soooo.... What's up with that? I thought it might be an early-war / late-war machine difference, but my wartime external photo shows an early machine (as denoted by the small window on the fuselage), while "Just Jane" is restored to a late-war standard (wide props, bigger blisters and everything). Or maybe it had something to do with the astro-dome size? Any opinion is most welcome Regards, Aleksandar
  5. A friend is using the Pavla set to convert a 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire I to a PR 1C. The supplied canopy doesn't fit, despite trimming, can any-one suggest one that would fit? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello fellow modellers, I hope you are having a pleasant weekend. I am building a 1/72nd scale Amodel Polikarpov I-16 Type 5. Unfortunately something strange happened to the canopy. It is no longer clear, it has gone a milky white and is now opaque. I live in Queensland Australia and had stored it in a little parts tin. I feel maybe humidity or some other factor related to heat caused this change, as it hasn't happened to canopies stored in normal kit boxes or zip-lock bags. It has probably been cooked! I have tried emailing Amodel and they cannot provide a canopy, only complete kits. I then found out that Falcon list an I-16 canopy in their Russian canopy 1/72 set. Unfortunately it isn't listed as an individual item in the Squadron range, so I would have to buy the complete Falcon set. It would be better value for money to buy this set than another I-16 kit, but I can't find any pictures of the Falcon set and wondered if the canopy included is the correct early type I need? It needs to be quite 'tent' shaped and fully enclosed. Does anyone know what type is in the set? Finally, I am hoping to model a Spanish Civil War Example (I know the kit has probably the wrong type of wings. I can live with this - this time ). I did wonder if anyone knows of a picture showing a SCW Polikarpov Type 5 (6?) with the later, open, round windshield rather than canopy? So far I have only seen this on type 10's, but if any type 5's like this existed my problem is solved. I have a good non-fogged one as I left it in the kit box rather than in the 'cooking' tin! I wonder why it became so fogged in that little tin, was it really that warm in there? Thank you for reading All best regards Tony
  7. Bernie Mac

    Canopies and PE

    So I have heard and remember the terrible side effects of using superglue with canopies and clear parts. With this in mind can anybody recommend a better way of glueing PE to canopies...I have heard whispers of using gloss varnish and I am sure if the part is light enough it should go fine but wonder has anybody else got a different method?
  8. Bonehammer

    Airacobra and Kingcobra, same canopy?

    Hi all, I took my halfway built P-63 out of its cocoon and the vacform canopy has yellowed badly. There are no replacement canopies for the P-63, however, Squadron makes one for the P-39. Can I try adapting the Squadron canopy? Did these aircrafts differ significatively in this area? Thanks in advance, Bone
  9. RAAF Beaufighter WW2 & Post-War Observer's Canopies 1:72 Red Roo Models These are a pair of vacuum formed observer canopies for the Hasegawa Mk.21 Beaufighter. The set features a WWII style canopy, and a later post war style canopy. Conclusion This is a quality vac formed canopy set for those who like the more realistic thickness of these. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  10. Jonathan P

    1/48 Yak-23 Replacement Canopy

    Hi, Does someone know who - if anyone - makes a replacement canopy for the Bilek Yak-23? Or if there is someone who has a "dead" model and is willing to part with the canopy... Can't seem to find anything (but did find a cockpit, tanks, even canopy masks...). Thanks ! J.
  11. Hi all, I'm still pretty new to model making, so this might be an obvious question, but is there any easy way to build a replacement clear part for the cockpit glass? I stupidly cracked the kit part after the below picture was taken, and it really is beyond repair. I can't afford to get into vacuum forming either sadly. This is only my second model building project, an old MPC Millennium Falcon I got for a reasonable price - and being the novice I am, I was totally unaware (or rather didn't read up before making an impulse buy at a convention!) of the amount of inaccuracies with this kit. I've made some minor modifications, such as building a new engine grill, lighting it, as well as ordering some aftermarket parts (the inner cockpit detail and a smaller radar dish), but I wasn't brave enough to correct the scale of the cockpit section. My hope with this kit was to get some experience using oil washes/weathering techniques, rather than getting a screen accurate model, as my only previous experience was building the Voyager from Star Trek (so, pristine and very little weathering). It's still not finished yet, so i'm hoping it will get a little darker/dirtier with the later layers. Hope you can help, as I'd rather not leave the glass out if possible. (the top half isn't attached yet, hence all the light leaks)
  12. Having followed John Aero's excellent work on the Hornet on this forum, I was inspired (for better or worse) to exhume my Skybirds'86 1/72 Sea Hornet NF Mk. 21and see what could be done with it. To my surprise (and impressive amounts of putty and sanding) it came out quite well. Until I tackled the canopy. Approximately 30 years of storage had seen the clear parts yellow and become brittle. Despite tender handling, the main canopy cracked while removing excess plastic. It is also slightly opaque. I have searched for aftermarket replacement, to no avail. I have also not been able to source parts from an ex-Frog (which is far from accurate), or a Special Hobby kit (also less than perfect). I suspect that I will have to attempt a 'smash-mould' if the model is to be finished. Can anyone offer suggestions to an easier route to replacement clear parts for this kit? KE
  13. Hi Perhaps somone know it... - Is there any aftermarket canopy for P61 Black Widow in 1/72 scale? I was googling and found only in 1/48... No hope at all? Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  14. modelglue

    1/72 Spitfire canopy differences

    Hello, This morning I took a look through my spares box and found a few Tamiya centre and rear section canopies. It dawned on me that I had a short shot in another spitfire kit and compared them to see if I could make a swap. The Tamiya Mk. Vb rear most section was very skinny in comparison to the Hasegawa Mk. IX. I took out a few more kits and discovered the Fujimi Mk. XIV and the Sword PR. IV were very different as well. Was there a large change in the size of the windscreen, hood, or rear (backlight?) sections between Marks? Taking out of consideration armoured/unarmoured and PR style windscreens. The Fujimi seemed monstrous, yet came from a later Mark. And I won't mention the Academy... Which canopy should be considered "The Best" ? Thank you for looking in.
  15. Hi all, I've posted these models before, however, the good weather gave me an opportunity to take some much better photos. All 1/72, all Fujimi Spitfire XIV Thanks for looking, Ben
  16. I have a Hasegawa 1/48th scale Harrier GR Mk. 7 I am trying to finish, but the canopy has small cracks where the sprue attachment was. I tried dipping the canopy in Future without success. Is there any way to fix these cracks or at least make them less visible? TIA, Jens
  17. I'm very close to finishing my 1:32 Trumpeter Wildcat and just dry fitting the canopy I found that it doesn't fit very well when it's shown in the open position. It's fine closed but I've put a lot of effort into the cockpit and want to show it off! Any tips to make it fit? There doesn't seem to be a 3rd party vacform alternative and I really don't fancy making my own.
  18. Rabbit Leader

    Typhoon vs. Tempest Canopy - Dumb question!

    All, This is probably the dumbest question to ever get asked here, however - Q. Are the canopies for the Typhoon and Tempest the same or slightly different? I have a number of publications, have looked here and on other web pages, however I cannot seem to find the answer I am looking for. I am assuming that if they are the same, then the new 1/72 Airfix Typhoon transparencies are more accurate than the 1/72 Academy Tempest clear bits. From photo's I've studied. there seems to be a more tapered end to rear of the canopy, which is captured with the Airfix Typhoon parts. The Academy Tempest has a more fatter shape towards the rear. I'm tempted to use the Airfix parts on my Academy Typhoon Tempest, however would like some expert opinion to back up my assumptions. I'll also need a new set of Typhoon parts if that's the case!! Thanks for looking / answering my dumb question. Cheers .. Dave. Edited - I wrote building an Academy Typhoon rather than Tempest.
  19. Hi all. This is a question that I never really have given much consideration. In the past plastic modelling glue was the Britfix tube and you applied whatever was necessery to hold the pieces together. Now it seems to be a much wider variety of glue and cements. Could anybody please give me some good advices on glues to use on transparent plastic ?
  20. ANovaScotian

    Two Step Scratched Canopy Repair

    Are you tired of having to spend hours and hours of polishing and buffing your canopies and other assorted clear parts back to they're pristine, clear condition after having found a scratch, or made a booboo with your #11 blade or had Tamiya Extra Thin Cement bleed under your careful masking job? Fear your canopy no more, these kind of light damages can be fixed with surprisingly little time, work and profanities. Step 1: using minimum 2000 grit wet and dry (emphasis on the wet) sandpaper, carefully wet sand away the damaged area to where you have removed the damage Step 2: with a soft paint brush apply a generous coat of Future to the offending area and your problem should be solved. Feedback, comments, and tellings off are all welcome
  21. Help needed on colors for post war army vehicles in 1/35. Recently completed, from the "shelf of doom" a champ, 3 short wheelbase Land Rovers, 1 Long wheel base Land Rover, 2 Centurion Tanks, 1 Ferret and an Antar Tank transporter.....all stalled again due to something they all have in common and I cannot get right. They all have canvas tops, exteriors or mantlets. What is the color of said items? with so many vehicles stalled it has been easy to paint each in individual colors and pick the one that is nearly right. I have used various shades of green, forest, russian, drab, even gone to the other end of the spectrum and used Khaki with various shades, grey, drab, I have tried various shades of sand, anything and none look right......so any suggestions? These are post war, generally between 1960 -1980. There are a lot of vehicle enthusiasts who buy the real thing and renovate with "new" canvas, thats not right, these new canvases appear to light, bleached and out of character of the vehicle....When brand new and issued complete with vehicles they were a close matched "Bronze Green" but not quite I drove many of said vehicles and cannot remember....... Over a period of time, these green canvases turned to a lightish grey....I remember the Centurion ARVs penthouse turning to a very light grey, Centurion Mantlet and the Bedford 4 tonner.....any ideas are welcome