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Found 34 results

  1. Good evening. Here is my take on the beautiful C-47 sky train, specifically the "Camel Caravan to Berlin", a good story and based in Neubiberg, a stones throw away from where I live. The kit is Revell, 1/48, with various mods and a few table spoons of putty. Enjoy and thanks for looking. CF
  2. My entry will be Italeri's C-47 finished as an aircraft operated by Buffalo Airways using the Leading Edge decals.
  3. Good Day All, Finished my C-47 for the Group Build. Thought you would enjoy the pictures. All the Best! Don
  4. If things go well and I manage to land the days correctly, I´ll be able to visit the Big H in June, planning to buy a decal sheet with an Argentinian C-47A TC-34, plus the Dakota Mk.IV from Airfix. My question is, what version of the C-47 does the Dakota Mk.IV represent? Would it be the C-47D? And if so, were there any external differences between the C-47A and C-47D? I´m not familiar with cargo aircraft, my favourite planes tend to be Luftwaffe fighters. Thanks in advance!
  5. HobbyBoss is to release in late June 2017 a 1/72nd Douglas C-47 Skytrain kit - ref. 87264 Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=88 V.P.
  6. Airfix is to release in 2014 brand new tool 1/72nd Douglas C-47A/D Skytrain/Dakota & DC-3 kits Ref. A08014 Sources: http://www.airfix.com/shop/new-for-2014/172-scale-military-aircraft/a08014-douglas-dakota-c-47-ad-skytrain-172/ http://www.airfix.com/advent-calendar/present/166/ Ref. A08015 Source: http://www.airfix.com/shop/new-for-2014/172-and-1144-scale-civil-aircraft/a08015-douglas-dakota-172/ Maybe an idea from the future 1/72nd Airfix AC-47 & DC-3 box arts, scroll Adam Tooby's (Airfix illustrator) facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Finest-Hour-Art/235890616429673 V.P.
  7. Air National Guard C-47s 1:72 Iliad Designs Iliad Designs is a producer of decals, colour charts and books from Canada's capital city Ottawa. This sheet sees them continue their line of Air National Guard decals with a selection of C-47s from the early years of the ANG. Schemes for four aircraft are included, all of which are interesting in their own right. The aircraft in question are: C-47A 0-92079 of the Puerto Rico ANG; VC-47A 315568 'The Old Dominion' of the Virginia ANG; C-47A 315555 of the Nebraska National Guard; and C-47A 220691 of the New Mexico National Guard. Aside from being an interesting collection of schemes, the decals themselves look to be of very good quality. The printing is crisp and sharp, while colours are bold and solid. They look thin and glossy on the sheet, so they should perform well. Conclusion This interesting sheet is nicely printed. If you have the (relatively) new Airfix kit or the older Italeri kit waiting for you to build it, then this sheet will enable you to produce a range of aircraft with interesting variation in markings. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  8. Hello! Here are several photos of the construction and final result of the latest model to come out of my workbench. The airframe is painted in order to represent a C-47 in service with the Portuguese Air Force detachment on Lajes airfield, Terceira Island, Azores. The base was built by the RAF in 1943, as an effort to close the azorean gap which allowed german U-boats to run havoc amongst allied vessels. In 1945 it was passed on to the Portuguese forces, and since 1945/6 it has served as an American base. This scheme was not normalised and existed during 1952 only on this C-47 It`s the Airfix kit with the addition of Quickboost engines and wheels. Hope you like it! Cheers! José Pedro
  9. Dear Fellow Modellers Here is the Airfix 1/72 C-47 Skytrain in the guise of an RAF Dakota IV from the period of the Berlin Airlift. I used the Eduard photo etch, quickboost resin exhausts and resin P&W engines. Panel lines were partly filled then sanded, sprayed with primer and the process repeated several times. Then I carried out ‘rivetting’. The U-shaped aerial had to be moved to behind astrodome and Gee aerial fitted. I used the Xtradecal decals to represent the aircraft of 46 Squadron normally based at Oakington in 1948. The DC-3 ‘sleeper’ was originally commissioned by American Airlines as they thought the fuselage of the DC-2 was too narrow for berths back in 1935. The DC-3 was then revised by the USAAF as the C-47 transport. 46 Squadron flew Dakota’s from Wunsdorf to Berlin Gatow during the Berlin airlift in 1948. As you can see I added 1/72 Hauler windscreen wipers and have slid back the pilot's window. I'm afraid opening up the engines has felled one of the ground crew! Hope you like it? Andrew
  10. Here is the Airfix 1/72 C-47 when based at Sembach with the 66th TRW. It is not an easy build due to my mistakes (both the build and decals) and some tight tolerances but will have a go at another and avoid the pitfalls. The decals came from XVTonker on here, who produced some decals for USAFE C-47, Furball Decals for the stars and bars and a Scalemaster sheet for the USAF titles. The metal finish was done with Tamiya Aluminium spray can and various panels with Vallejo Metal Color. Robert
  11. Can anyone please tell me whether there is, apart from the transfer sheet, any difference between the A08014 C-47 Dakota/Skytrain and the A08015 Douglas Dakota Mk.IV kits? Ie is the plastic the same in both kits? Thanks in advance.
  12. Berlin Airlift C-47s 1:72 Iliad Designs It did not take too long after the end of WWII for things to turn sour between the former Allies of East and West. The first real test of the Cold War came in 1948 when the Soviet bloc decided to blockade the former German Capital of Berlin which despite being in the Soviet Zone of occupied Germany was administered jointly between the Soviets, The UK, France and the USA. Road, Rail & Canal access to West Berlin was closed off but not the Air Corridor. In what has been described as the biggest humanitarian airlift in history, air Crews from the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia & South Africa would operate an Airlift to bring in Supplies to West Berlin. Over 200,000 flights would take place in the space of a year, at the height of the campaign, one plane landed every 45 seconds at Tempelhof Airport. 39 British & 31 American personnel, and 13 German civilians lost their lives in the Berlin Airlift. They are remembered on the Berlin Airlift monument at Tempelhof. The C-47/DC-3 was still at the time available in large numbers and as such saw a lot of service during the Berlin Airlift, this new sheet from ILIAD allows for 4 different aircraft can be built from the sheet; USAF C-47 "Fassberg Flyer". USAF C-47 S/N 315672. S/N 293708 European Air Transport Service. DC-3 from BOAC G-AGIZ . The decals look excellent, well printed, colour dense and with minimal carrier film. Conclusion These decals help commemorate an important part of Cold War history. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  13. RAAF ARDU C-47 Dakota Project INGARA 1:72 Red Roo Models What must be the longest serving transport in the history of the Royal Australian Air Force must be the venerable Douglas C-47. Even after its successors in the form of the Caribou & Hercules were on the scene the C-47 continued to serve with the RAAF's Aircraft Research & Development Unit (ARDU) based at Edinburgh in South Australia. It was finally retired in 1994. The last job of this venerable aircraft was to take part in project INGARA. Ingara is an aboriginal word which mean "long way" Between 1992 and 1994 C-47 A65-86 was modified with a radome under the rear fuselage which housed a synthetic sideways looking radar which had been developed they the Defence Science & Technology Organisation. The project was undertaken to test the design of a radar system capable of producing high resolution ground mapping at long stand off ranges, including target detection of trucks and tanks. 75 hours were flown between 1992 & 1994. Following retirement in 1994 A65-86 is now at the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm museum at Nowra. The INGARA project did not end with the C-47, the radar was later integrated into a Beach 350 King Air aircraft to test and validate broad area airborne surveillance concepts, as part of Joint Project 129 - airborne surveillance for land operations. The experience of the Ingara team was critical in convincing the US to undertake the Global Hawk project with Australia. Scientists and engineers from what was then DSTO (now DST Group) played an integral part in adding maritime surveillance and dynamic control capability to the Global Hawk system and systematically tested the deployed system against various ISR scenarios. The system was proven in the Gulf War where tactical intelligence was collected at night and through thick oil smoke. The system is now part of the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Test Bed to assess and evaluate multi-sensor ISR issues, and is the only system of its kind in Australia that can collect fully polarimetric radar data. The Conversion This conversion from Red Roo contains the parts and decals to make A65-86 as she was when fitted with the INGARA radome. The parts are the main radome, blanking astrodome mount, VHF antenna, Blade antenna, two etched transponder aerials and a mounting plate for the radome. The instructions are clear about where to fit the parts, the colour scheme and decal placement. The decal sheet designed by Hawkeye models provides all the markings needed including the Blue cheat line. They are in register, well printed and look colour dense. Conclusion This set enables a late use C-47 to built which had an interesting and important job with the RAAF's Aircraft Research & Development Unit. Red Roo continue to bring us interesting conversions with an Australian slant. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  14. Hi, I'm calling this done. It's the new tool Airfix kit with Rocketeer decals (I didn't get on well with these). Thanks to Paul J for the blister window, though I have come to realise it should be tear drop shaped, please don't chastise me! Finished with Tamiya acrylics. Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  15. Combat Models is to release in 2015 a 1/32nd Douglas C-47/DC-3 Skytrain/Dakota vacuform kit Source: http://combatmodels.us/ V.P.
  16. Howdy all, TCA DC-3 decals now available to order from the website:
  17. C-47 as used by Pionair Air Charters, pics by Graeme H. This aircraft is now retired to The Ashburton Aviation Museum in New Zealand.
  18. Douglas AC-47 Spooky Roden 1:144 The rapid development of jet aircraft in the immediate post-war years seemed to promise the end of the use of piston-engined aircraft in combat. However, the local conflicts of the first decades of the second half of the 20th Century proved that it was too early to send the veterans into retirement. The war in Vietnam presented a number of unpleasant surprises to the US military command, one of which was the so-called "Ho Chi Minh Trail" - an extensive network of trails and small roads in southern Vietnam and Laos, through which there was a continuous supply of weapons for the Army of the National Liberation Front. Attempting to attack it from the air using jet aircraft became a fiasco - the small groups of rebels quickly disappeared, long before the approaching aircraft, and therefore the effectiveness of such missions for the US Air Force was near zero. Perhaps the only positive factor was the weakness of the rebel defense, or indeed the complete lack of it. Initially the old A-26 Invader attack aircraft was used to fight the guerrillas, immediately converted to the B-26K standard. The plane carried effective weapons, but its flight endurance was very limited, even with the use of external fuel tanks. So the idea was born, to equip transport aircraft with weapons to attack ground targets from the air. Transports could stay up in the air for a long time, and their big cargo compartments allowed for the installation of ample armament. The ideal type in every respect to perform such work was the veteran C-47 Dakota / Skytrain. In two of the rear window openings were fitted six-barreled Miniguns, and a third was installed in the space for the side door of the cargo compartment. The new aircraft received the AC-47 designation ('A' denoted that the type belonged to the category of attacking machines). AC-47D is the next modification of this aircraft. The crew consisted of two pilots, three or four gunners, a navigator and an air to ground co-ordinating officer. The first squadron of these aircraft was established in early 1965. Several machines were non-standard modifications, while others had already standardized weapons and gained the call sign 'Spooky', after the mythical ghost that suddenly appeared and fatally struck down their enemies. The first few months of using the AC-47 were quite successful; however, in early 1966 the rebels on the Ho Chi Minh Trail appeared with 37 mm anti-aircraft armament, which offered formidable defense against the gunships. In a short time six of these machines were lost, and in the following months the intensity of their use significantly decreased. The AC-47 gave way to more modern gunships, such as the AC-119 and the AC-123. But with the advent of the mighty giant AC-130 all the earlier gunships were instantly obsolete. They were transferred to the air forces of South Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, where they were used until the early 1970s, when, given the advanced age of the design, they were finally deleted from the inventories of those countries' air forces. Source: Roden Scale Model Kits The Kit This kit, No. 310, is a new issue of Roden's No.308 Douglas C-47 Skytrain; however, this kit has an additional sprue, with parts to build a gunship version; often referred to as the "Spooky". The sprues containing the main components are crisp and well detailed, with finely recessed panel lines etc. Some areas have small amounts of flash around the pieces; however, these can be easily removed with a sharp blade. The engine facia and cowling units are separate items which means that the engine components can each be pre-painted before assembly, thereby avoiding any little overpaint issues. The panel lines on the wings, like the fuselage, are well defined without being overly deep. Elements of flash are more evident here, especially in the undercarriage wheel well but again this comes away cleanly with the use of a sharp bladed craft knife. Sprue C holds one each of the propellers, tailplane and undercarriage assembly. There are two sets of this sprue per kit. As mentioned previously, the engine cylinders are seperate, as in the view below, and they should be able to be painted up nicely with a mix of black and silver etc. If there is an area of concern then that would be where the wheel hub is joined to the tyre. There is an unusually wide gap between the hub and where the tyre fits to it, this can be seen with the wheels on the sprues above and below. As this element would normally be under the full load of the aircraft, then I would expect the tyre to be pressed fully against the rim of the hub. It appears that the hub has not been placed fully into the tyre recess before moulding and this leaves the rim proud on both sides. This next sprue is what differentiates this kit from the earlier C-47 Skytrain kit. It contains an internal half-deck and bulkhead; an additional half-door section, plus three MXU-470/A miniguns and mounts. The half deck is required to sit the miniguns on and the half-door section replaces the double door of the original kit. The Miniguns are quite detailed for such a diminutive size and should look effective when painted up and fitted. The clear spue has the main windscreen, cabin windows and the navigation lights and dome piece. The windscreen is incorporated within a larger piece of the fuselage which should make it easier for masking and painting. Three of the cabin windows on one strip will need to me removed, for fitting on the port side of the model, where the miniguns will protrude out. Decals The AC-47D Spooky carried minimal markings and this is reflected in the decal sheet. Apart from a small national insignia and tail marking, thre is only a nose art decal and propeller danger signage. The decals are clear and look to be register, although they are so small (correctly so) that I had to use a magnifying glass to check them. Conclusion Having checked the wheel hub and tyre setup more closely, I can see that, with a good sharp knife and some application, that the hubs could be cut away, the excess removed and then be replaced to give a more secure fit. All good modelling fun. This looks to be a nice kit and I can envisage lots of different models and dioramas being built of this. They didn't just operate in VIetnam, or only with the U.S., as many other operators used the C-47 as a gunship for their own security situations. Review sample courtesy of UK Distributors for
  19. I have a couple of 1:144 aircraft that I would like to paint in Vietnam colours. I would like to know what the colours are for camouflaged F-4E Phantom and a C-47 Skytrain, are they the same colours? I normally use and like Vallejo Air but I need help with identifying the bottle numbers to get for the Vietnam cam of tans and greens. I am also interested to hear If there is a better acrylic paint, which can be easily obtained in UK and, if so, who supplies them. And finally, any recommendations on who retails acrylic paints, such as Vallejo etc. at the most economic prices? Thanks for any assistance with this Mike
  20. Here's Roden's new 1/144 C-47. I started building one to complete a theme and then thought it would be rude not to do another at the same time. Really liked the kit and feels that it captures the C-47 lines a bit better than the Minicraft version. Only additions were the home-made decals and the "towel-rail" antenna on the Air Force version. Rhodesian Air Force "7307" This plane ground looped at Rushinga in February 1975 following a brake failure on landing. The landing gear collapsed as a result and the port propeller sheared off and sliced into the fuselage, missing the crew by inches. Air Rhodesia "VP-YNH" Built in 1944 for the USAF, this C-47 somehow ended up flying in the colours of Hunting Clan before being acquired by Central African Airways. CAA eventually became Air Rhodesia (with the break up of the Federation) and the aircraft continued to fly in Zimbabwe until 1983 when it was sold to a Zambian operator. In 1987, the aircraft was eventually written off in an accident while flying for Sunbird Aviation in Kenya. The whole reason for building the C-47 was to complete my collection of Air Rhodesia aircraft in 1/144. Here it is with the Boeing 720 "Mashonaland" Well, that's it ! Time to fire up the old engines for another flight : Thanks for looking. mike
  21. This is my build straight out of the box of the old Esci kit, which is very easy to build, although it probably has its critics is still a nice model, although the panel lines are quite evident, I used aftermarket decals, anyway hope you like, needed something simple to keep my mojo going
  22. Etch Douglas C-47 Updates (for Airfix) 1:72 Eduard Having built the Airfix C-47 last year as a diorama, I was impressed with the kit. It went together very well and the detail was certainly good from the box. That said, us modellers know that we can always take it one step further when we build a favourite aircraft. Eduard provide the solutions to do this in their familiar etch 'flat pack's and Brassin resin. Both the interior and exterior are catered for. Brassin Resin C-47 Wheels (672 046) The kit wheels are well defined, but these resin replacements are superb with more accurate looking hubs. They are single piece direct replacements and include paint masks to make life easier. Like the kit parts, they are modelled in a weighted configuration too for a more realistic look. C-47 Interior (73513) The interior of the kit is well detailed, although naturally, the limitations of injection moulding present some opportunities for etch enhancement. This set give some nice touches to the cockpit area including self adhesive pre-painted main panel, control wheels, seatbelts and side panels. The cockpit floor gets a replacement surface too. A nice touch for the cabin are some inserts to fill the ejector pin marks left from the moulding process. A complete front door is included with hinges for the open position and the rear door gets etch handles too which if in the open position are prominent features. C-47 Interior (Zoom SS513) This set provides the self adhesive pre-painted fret included in the above set for a budget alternative just focussing on the cockpit area. C-47 Exterior (72587) A single sheet here provides a mix of noticeable and subtle improvements for the exterior of the kit. The gear legs get several enhancements including the 'X' struts and brake lines that feed up the drag link. A 3 dimensional boarding ladder for the rear access is included too. The engines are treated to the plug leads, oil cooler mesh's (front & rear) and exhaust support brackets offering a great improvement. The gear bays benefit from a number of surface panels and straps for the oil tanks.Finally, windscreen wipers, landing light apertures and aerials are included too. C-47 Surface Panels (72590) Given the small size of these sheets, it would of been good to see this one included in the exterior set rather than being an additional set to purchase. This set provides pretty much what it says on the pack. Included are window frames for the cabin windows & astrodome. You also get the wing joint reinforcement struts that are prominent on both the upper and lower surfaces with pleasant subtle riveting detail, but you will of course need to sand the raised areas from the kit parts to use these. Further 'toothed' surfaces are included for the reinforcement strips immediately outboard of the engines on the lower wings. Finally, several small panels for the fuselage and wings make up the rest of the set. C-47 Landing flaps (72588) One of the great things about the new Airfix kits is the regular inclusion of separate flaps so you can have them in the lowered position and the C-47 is one of these kits. The kit parts are OK, but this set will provide a much more scale accurate rendition of the lattice work on the inner surfaces as you would expect. However, they can be a fiddly affair in my experience with lots of folding of intricate parts, so have the swear box emptied before you start! C-47 Cargo Seatbelts (73514) The cabin seats are pretty basic with no seatbelts included, so this simple set is a great enhancement. I used masking tape on mine, but these would of provided a much improved look. If you have the rear doors open, they will be noticeable. A great benefit is the fact that they are pre-painted, so they can be added after painting your interior. C-47 Die Cut Window Masks (CX401) I'm a big fan of these, whilst the windows on the C-47 are simple shapes, this set will take the sting out of masking prior to painting. Conclusion There are a lot of sets provided for the C-47, and it would add up to a significant amount of money if you used them all. However, I've no doubt that using a few of the sets would much improve the look of your finished build. At some point I would like to build a civilian 'Dak' when released so will be intending to use several of these sets on it. Review sample courtesy of
  23. Hello there, I am looking for RAF 512 Squadron C-47 paint scheme layout and colors. Circa 1944. KG330. If anyone has any links or any info that would me much appreciated! I have found one picture but of not the whole aircraft. http://www.vintagewings.ca/Portals/0/Vintage_Stories/News%20Stories%20K/Twice%20Lucky/TwiceLucky36.jpg It will be used for a 1/32 Guillows kit
  24. I reviewed this kit quite recently and as with most of Airfix's recent releases, they're just crying out 'BUILD ME' !! So the initial plan is to pretty much just build it out of the box and have some fun, but there's some temptation to add some ground stuff in too and make a diorama. Depending how things go, it might evolve as it progresses. After spending half an hour or so, most of the interior is pretty much assembled, so I'll leave it all to set before getting some primer and paint on. I'll get some pictures over the weekend of the progress. So far, very impressed with the kit, a quick dry fit of the fuelage halves reveals no issues....fingers crossed!
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