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Found 46 results

  1. Hello, I am in the process of building a 1:200 Hasegawa DC-10-30. I would like to make it a British Airways in Landor livery. All I yet have found is 1:144 from Airline Hobby Suppliers. Anybody have any idea of where I can purchase these decals in 1:200? Another option could perhaps be to get the decals of an aircraft of roughly the same size as a DC-10.30, for example a B-767, and buy separate windows and doors? Best regards PanAmFlyer2
  2. Hallo again Here is one Sopwith Dolphin in 48. Enjoy the photos. Happy modelling
  3. Here is the little Gadfly. For the WiP go here:
  4. The smallish Gadfly I started life in 1929 as an ABC Scorpion-powered conventional monoplane of simple lines and conservative design. Soon after, though, its ailerons were deleted and instead a new device was installed, the so-called "oyster" rotary ailerons, becoming the Gadfly II. Gadfly III had a Salmson AD9 radial. This rather simple and small Gadfly is representative of an entry-level project, but there are plenty of other good candidates out there. I happened to have an old Aeroclub Salmson 9AD white metal engine (Aeroclub accessory), so I will be building the Gadfly III (G-AARK) that had that engine. Photos can be found of it flying with either "oyster" or normal ailerons, but I will do the "oyster" ones, since have never seen them on a model. The techniques and resources used for the build are far from being written in stone, and there are many ways to solve scratchbuilding engineering challenges. The build is meant to be only indicative of some basic approaches to the task, for those interested in scratchbuilding endeavors. The completed model is here:
  5. Hi, can anyone recommend 28mm figures for British Infantry and Indians from the French and Indian war? May be some French and Civilians too? I do not need large numbers but I am looking for good quality figures. TIA Ingo
  6. Curiosity as much as anything else, but it crossed my mind to wonder if tank tracks were painted or otherwise coated after production to provide a measure of corrosion protection? Obviously any such coating wouldn't survive long in use when the tracks were mounted on the vehicle but at least some of them must have been kept in storage for a while before use. Interested in any info. John
  7. I am currently building the Asuka/Tasca Direct Vision Sherman II (35-014), as used at the Battle of El Alamein, and I’ve hit a wee snag. According to the instructions, and the odd photo I’ve found, 9th Lancers’ Shermans carried a jerrycan on the left rear of the hull. The problem is that the instructions simply show it ‘stuck’ in place - which, obviously, it can’t have been in real life. All of the photos I’ve seen are too small and/or grainy to really make out what sort of method was used to secure the can in place, other than that there’s a strap running up around the can and under the handles. Does anyone have any definitive information on the ‘holder’ for the can please?
  8. So here's another slightly out the box one from me. Underneath it's the Revell 1/35 German Luchs with a bit of scratch build added to make my rendition of a British NBC Recce vehicle. Originally gifted as a stop gap by Germany I had a look on line and these vehicles have gone through various reincarnations with storage bins plus bits and bobs added and removed since we had them around the start of our journey over to the big sand pit. I know the markings and exact configuration may not be 100% but it achieves the overall feel I was after. This one comes complete with half of Salisbury Plain under it and definitely needs a trip to the wash down! The additional storage boxes were a few I had left over from the Takom FV432 and anything in white was scratch built from plasticard. Hope it's ok and thanks for looking
  9. Reposting due to problems with the photo's uploading on my last attempt so here we go again., hopefully with some photo's this time? This is the Trumpeter 155mm AS-90 with a few added extra's Photo Etch set Metal barrel with sagged recoil sleeve Scratch built cam nets and poles Accurate Armour GPMG (The kit one is a horrendous attempt at a gimpy) Accurate Armour GMPG ammo boxes Lights & indicator lens purchased as self adhesive gems from a craft shop A great kit and as an Ex-Gunner I couldn't help a pic next to my last 155mm build, one of the guns the AS-90 thankfully replaced an FH-70. Hope you enjoy.
  10. (I guess this is as good of a choice for "first post" as any other idea I might have had...) Greetings all, I had thought I remembered seeing an article years ago where someone had built the Sovereign 2000 2-pounder gun in a Caunter scheme pattern. But I went through my database of references, and I only have one article of someone doing that kit; Steve Zaloga built it in a 2002 Military Modelling issue. And, alas, he did his in a straightforward desert tan scheme. Did I just imagine having seen this at all? None of my Google-fu has been able to turn up any photos of the gun in that scheme. I'd love to do it, for something kind of different than my usually artillery projects. But I prefer to feel at least a little certain that it's legitimate! Thanks in advance for any help/advice... -Randy
  11. Hi all, This is my stab at the 1/35 Masterbox 'WW1 British Infantry before the attack' diorama set, fun to build, I hope i've done the kit and the men who went over the top justice. Ive now revised the trench with a simplified muddier terrain, seen new pics below. Cheers Simon PS: the title comes from a song by New Model Army :-)
  12. Hi guys,So I have entered a GB ran on Facebook by British Aviation In Scale, the GB is called Brit 72, really simple anything that is either British in origin or that has worn British markings.I have decided to build a Harrier as it is quintessentially British and it will start of my little collection of a model of every mark of Harrier that has flown in British service.I though that you guys may be interested to see how I get on with it.So as always here is the tradition tour of the box and its contents.Nice box art with both kits contained in the box:20170923-27.jpg by Neal, on FlickrOlder style Airfix instructions, total of 45 steps to the build:20170924-28.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-29.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-30.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-31.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-32.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-33.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-34.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-35.jpg by Neal, on FlickrThe kits give you a lovely camouflage scheme of DG/DSG over LAG, very classy looking in my opinion. Would love to see a Typhoon in this scheme!20170924-36.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-37.jpg by Neal, on FlickrThe sprue with Airfix's softer plastic, makes it easy to work with but marks easily in my experience:20170924-38.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-39.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-40.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-41.jpg by Neal, on Flickr20170924-42.jpg by Neal, on FlickrSo that is the owners tour over and done with!I've already got a bit done on this one and I'll get that posted up here tomorrow hopefully.Neal
  13. I'm just beginning to start painting figures. I have avoided it up until now and stuck to armour, but fancy a change. I'm particularly interested in British WW2 figures. I usually stick to Tamiya and always find their kits to be great quality, but I'm not sure about figures. Could anyone recommend a brand, or maybe even a set, which would be a good starting point? I'm looking for something not too expensive, about £10ish I suppose, but high mould quality.
  14. Just finished Takom's FV432. Great to finally see some British modern armour available other than tanks. It's a great kit which was a joy to build with an excellent instruction booklet with some good colour photos. The separate link tracks were a first for me but the jig supplied with the kit was brilliant and they are much easier to paint than the standard rubber types. This was a number of firsts for me. My first outing with Hataka paints using their Modern British Army & RAF AFV paint set. In the past I've used Tamiya, Vallejo and AK colours on modern British vehicles, but without doubt they have to be the most accurate NATO green and NATO black I have seen by far. Also the first time masking with White Tac ( a big thank you to The Salisbury Model centre for that tip). Also a first attempt at weathering with pigments and still some learning to do there but I tried to replicate a 432 on exercise somewhere in Salisbury plain, which for those who are familiar with being sent to play there will know, in summer everything gets a nice coat of dirty white chalk dust. The Gimpy is the kit one (which is actually pretty spot on) with a Accurate Armour ammo box and belt and the cam net is one I had in the spares box with the addition of some oregano and chopped chives (don't tell the wife) Still need to add ariels but I've got the time to post now so here it is, hope you like it? WT
  15. A few resources for British Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars. British Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars. More British Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars Napoleonic Guide: British Cavalry A list of books for sources on British Uniforms of the Napoleonic Period
  16. Whilst looking for images of early Shermans in the British Army I stumbled across this image of a tank called "Sheik" dated 29 September 1943 according to the Imperial War Museum (which also hosts the image) this tank was operated by the Royal Scots Greys and is pictured in Italy. The camouflage scheme looks interesting, can anyone tell me what colours I am looking at? It almost looks like a homage to "Mr. Blobby". That looks like Mt. Etna in the background which would make this Sicily rather than mainland Italy? As mainland Italy was invaded on 3rd Sept, I'm guessing this is a posed photograph for publicity/propaganda purposes? Do any other images exist of "Sheik"? Looks very err "modellable" which model Sherman is she? Sherman III?
  17. Ok i know the RAF Dk. Green, Medium sea grey, Ocean Grey was the follow on to the Temperate land scheme of Dark Earth, Dark Green over Sky or a variation of grey. What was the Dk green, Med Sea grey, ocean grey scheme called ? I cant for the life of me remember ? And when the RAF went back to camouflaging jets such as lightnings, Phantoms, Harriers etc. What was the scheme called and were they the same colors or similar but different ? Any help as usual will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Dennis
  18. Well, after a prolonged build I've finally finished. Built pretty much out of the box but with the Eduard etched set. Decals are Tamiya's own for C Squadron, 5th RTR, 22nd Armoured Brigade, 7th AD. Tank crew are a mixture of the figure that comes with the kit plus others from Tamiya's Bren Carrier. The Infantry figures are from one of the really useful Mini Art sets which I really like. Everything was painted almost exclusively with Vallejo acrylics. More details in my WIP thread. Thanks for looking. Cheers
  19. Dear Colleagues Wanting a break from 1/72 scale aircraft for a while I fetched my 1/35 AFV club Valentine out of the attic. I added Bronco early tracks. I was inspired by a picture of troops clambering over Valentines probably in 1941. Believed to be the new establishment of Guards Armoured being shown the tanks of 17th/21st Lancers. The figure was from Passion models I think Hope you like it? Andrew
  20. Hi all, I was wondering what the interior colours of Corsairs used by the brits, Is it the British colour or were they left in the American colours (If it is the American colours it would be greatly appreciated if I could get the paint colours) Also what are the colours for Fleet Air Arm in the Pacific? Thanks in advance, Cam
  21. STEEL Seatbelt Sets German WWI, British Late, IJN and Soviet 1:32 Eduard Eduard are continuing their build up of the steel seatbelt range with the release of these four sets. As we have found with the previously released sets, these are also pre-painted and appear to be remarkably flexible, and even with quite rough handling the paint adheres to the metal really well. They are still made from 0.1mm sheet with the resulting etch is thin at around 0.06mm and have the same details printed on them, such as the webbing, stitching, and shadowing. Unlike some sets, all the buckles and clasps are etched as part of the strapping, so there is no fiddly work required to assemble each belt. [32874 – IJN Fighters] – There are six complete sets of belts in total on the single sheet. There are two for Mitsubishi late war, two for Nakajima and two for Kawanishi aircraft. All the lap straps are included but it appears that only the Mitsubishi and Kawanishi aircraft that used a shoulder strap arrangement. [32875 – Soviet WWII Fighters] – There are four complete belts included on the single sheet. Two of the belts are for Yakovlev aircraft and two are for Lavochkin aircraft. The Yakovlev shoulder straps are joined at the top, whilst the Lavochkin are separate, The instructions are nie and clear which set to use. [32878 - Late RAF WWII] – This sheet contains three complete seatbelts, all in a beige colour and with separate lap straps. All three shoulder harnesses are of the same type, naturally, and I believe they are meant to attach to the armoured bulkhead. [32879 – German WWI ] – The single sheet in this set contains enough belts to fit out at least six aircraft, if I have counted them correctly. There are just two variations with shoulder straps, the rest being just lap straps. With these you can detail your Fokkers, Albatros CIII, Hanover CI.II and other multi seat types. Conclusion Whilst many modellers are able to make their own seatbelts if they are not happy with the kit items, even if they are included, there are those who like the ease of using these style belts. The pre-painted look is, perhaps a little clinical, although there is some shading around the straps and clasps, but they can be weathered to your own personal taste. Review sample courtesy of
  22. Can anyone help me with Good paint colours for a ww2 para jacket. Thanks Rio
  23. Hi, i'm currently in the process of building a small vignette for the GB, and have run into a small problem. Did British troops in Greece wear 8th army desert equipment, or standard Khaki battledress? Also, what figure sets could I use? Thanks in advance, Seabo14
  24. We need a new one. Eduard is the only game in town, what I know. Painted with Humbrol colors. Pierre Clostermann made the plane famous. It must have been a brutal plane to fly.
  25. Well Guys! We made it!!! When: 2nd Jan 2016 to 24th April 2016 Hosts: Shermaniac and Col. How about 'Made in Britain GB' so: British Designed and/or built and Used by Britain British Designed and/or built and Used by Others (Saudi Lightnings, Danish/Swedish/Israeli Centurions, Kuwaiti Saladins, Swiss Hunters etc) So, no Phantom's or C130's just proper British made goodies The Jaguar (Car), TSR2, Vulcan, Churchill, Centurion, Chieftain, Sopwith Camel, WWI Tank - see what I mean....... This can encompass Cold War Jets and AFV's from then as well as anything from the year 'dot' right up to now Experimental subjects: Any of these elements will need to be supported by archive pictures (not drawings or CAD) Just seen the TV prog Cold War, Hot Jets and it seemed that we, the Brits, had the world in our hands then someone sold us out so! With the advent of Britain being the technology leaders of that time we should have a GB around this subject. Happy to Host but would like an 'Experienced' personage to co-host We're there guys and this is for 2016 - thanks for your support: Exclusions: Anything which us not factual by nature. This will also apply to 'paper projects' which never achieved at least an experimental working prototype. I'm also going to put What-if's into this statement as well. There are more than enough possible subjects which can be covered within the base parameters. Current volunteer list is, as follows: Shermaniac (Moderator) Col. (co Moderator) MAD STEVE noeyedears Max Headroom Sean Padraig Sgt Squarehead theplasticsurgeon Atom.UK Cheshiretaurus SleeperService Black Knight kwaterous Breaker Arniec Roland Pulfrew Badger Milktrip whitestar12chris PlaStix Caerbannog Skids thepureness Radleigh thueser nimrod54 Rickpadwick1801 depressed lemur davecov Moggy CliffB AndrewE moaning dolphin DAG058 hgbn Rob G Bonhoff feoffee2 Jb65rams Mitch K Blitz23 kpc7676 Hockeyboy76 charlie_c67 John_W trickyrich bigbadbadge T7 Models richellis Supertom RayS wimbledon99 robw_uk jrlx Pin Bish fatfingers FIGHTS ON Blastvader English Electric Mancunian airman Mr B Mark Giorgio N AntPhillips At Sea Target achieved, we just need to maintain it Guys!
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