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Found 5 results

  1. X-Resin is to release 1/48th Breguet XIXA-2/B-2 kits Parts - ref. A01 - Breguet XIXA-2/B-2 (Polish Air Force) Source: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/breguet-xixa-2b-2-polish-air-force-a-01-x-resin-48019-a01-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=161775 - ref. A02 - Breguet XIXA-2/B-2 (Belgian AF) Source: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/breguet-xixa-2b-2-belgian-af-a-02-x-resin-48019-a02-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=161776 - ref. A03 - Breguet XIXA-2 (Turkish AF) Source: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/breguet-xixa-2-turkish-af-a-03-x-resin-48019-a03-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=161777 - ref. A04 - Breguet XIXA-2 (Spanish AF) Source: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/breguet-xixa-2-spanish-af-a-04-x-resin-48019-a04-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=161778 - ref. A05 - Breguet XIXA-2/B-2 (French AF) Source: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/breguet-xixa-2b-2-french-af-a-05-x-resin-48019-a05-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=161779 V.P.
  2. Hi, I would like to present late variant of Breguet XIX - build in Kingdom of Yugoslavia by Kraljevo model 19.8 equipped with Wright Cyclone engine and used mainly as recce and light bomber plane. Some 50 of them were build and few survived April War in 1941 and later were used by Croatia. Bregeut XIX was constructed in 1922 - this 19.8 in 1936. The power of engine rised from some 340 HP to almost 800 HP. This variant had also taller fin, rounded wingtips, reinforcement of upper wing-fuselage join (4 small struts and appropriate riging). This is a scratch conversion from 1/72 Hit-kit kit ( ). Actually I had the single kit of Breguet XIX and made some resin copies of u/c, tail, fuselage, wheels what together with completly scratch work on wings for 19.8 enabled me to to this models and version CASA Breguet XIX A2 in Spanish nationalist colours. The WIP, not very detailed is here: But this the result: And a set of my RYAF army machines from April War with Germany in 1941: Breguet is made just now, Blenheim (Frog) more than 40 years ago (refreshed two years ago) IK-2 is 100% scratch work from about 1980 and IK-3 is vacu Formaplane, also from deep past (some 1977) One more of this set (sorry for my enthusiasm): Here a bigger set with two seaplanes (Dornier Wal converted from Huma kit and Gypsy Moth converted from A-model - bofere float version was issued...) And finally family photo of Kraljevo Breguet 19.8 with CASA Bregeuet A-2 On last photo wings of 19.8 looks shorter but this is only effect of short focus distance here. If anybody wat to see more photos of Spanish one the CASA Breg A-2 RFI is here (also converted from ... bucket to Flickr already) Comment welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  3. Hi From some time I was thinking on doing finally the Hit-Kit Breguet XIX, which is in may stash from 1995. This is a Polish short-run kit with provision for four different engine version (Elizade W or three V types, no radial ones). If you have not heard on this kit the box looks like that: However an idea came to me - why do one model, perhaps I can do two (or even three) if I will copy some parts in resin. Let's try just two. I will try to make a CASA-Breguet 19 from Spanish Civil War (a Nationalist side) with Elizade/Lorrain W-type engine and a RYAF Breguet 19.8 with Wright Cyclone radial one. This model exists by Omega by I will try to do a scratch one based on Hit Kit copied parts. Version 19.8 has different wings, with rounded tips, so I started from wings. First the wing for Spanish one. The wing provided by Hit-Kit is too flat from top. So I tried to make it a bit more thicker. It appeard a bit more difficult than I thought, since the plastic of model is very hard. How I started. The parts of upper wing looks like that: Lower surface completly flat, without ribs. Upper not curved along chord. Since the plastic is really hard I start to cut back sides Add some kind of spar I tried to curve it but not very successfully The wing for Breguet 19.8 (with rounded tips) I decided to do from scratch - namely based on 1:48 RWD-8 wing (remains of a kit glued by my son at age of 7 years or less) After some cutting, glueing, sanding, using filler, sanding, etc...- wings looks this way: As you see the "19.8" has no ribs yet. Lower wings (bottom side): Bottoms sides need a lot of sanding still. The lower wing of "19.8" (rounded tips again) I will do from Polikarpov Po 2 - old Russian kit which I decided to shift to spar parts set. The fuselage Lower is resin copy To be continue Jerzy-Wojtek
  4. Hi, I started now work on models of Breguet XIX. 20 ex-Polish (French build) Breguets XIX were sold to gen. Franco forces in 1936. This implies, that in Spain there were not only CASA Breguets but also some original French build machines. Since there are differences in fuselage between them it would be nice to know the numbers which were given to ex-Polish machines. In particular there are some profiles reproducted, all showing CASA style fuselages like here: Any info on this will be interesting and apprecieted Cheers Jerzy-Wojtek
  5. As promised in this thread here is a rapid review of the Airmodel vacuformed kit. The contents comes in a sealed bag, as usual with Airmodel vacs: instructions, two sheets of 1mm thick vacuformed plastic some epoxi resin detail parts. No decals are included. I must add that whenever I received kits acquired in Airmodel site they arrived well packed in card boxes protected inside by foam or newspaper. The instructions consists on a folded A3 sheet with a resumed history of the plane (in German and English), some black and white profiles and an exploded view of the parts. The fuselage has molded the Lorraine Dietrich engine but extra parts are provided for an Hispano-Suiza 12H (or 12L?). I've got two kits and one has the main parts already sanded (well, almost. I tend to do the final touches on the wings when I begin the construction). You may see that the cylinder covers are crushed, but that is my fault as they were good when I acquired the kit. Nothing that a little CA or milliput from the inside and a some filler in the outside doesn't cure. The detail is good, with a realistic representation of the canvas over the structure. The parts - fuselage and wing halfs - fits very well, although the wings requires very cautious sanding on the trailing edges, as usual with vacforms. The resin parts are very well molded, although they could have some more detail, mainly the wheels that lack the very characteristic spokes of the Br. XIX. Also the radiator must be detailed with a mesh, as the faces are plain. I didn't investigated the accuracy yet; I only measured span - 204 mm against the real 205 - and lengtht (fuselage + spinner) - 131 mm vs 131.1. So at least dimensionally it is good enough for me. In conclusion, and in my opinion, the kit is well worth the 12.50 euro it costs. It needs some preparation work as all the vacs do, and you must scratch build some parts, mainly in the cockpit, but the required work is within the reach for most modelers and result will be rewarding. Although the Br. XIX was used by many countries during the thirties, only a few decal sheets are available - Hannants lists two sheets by Blue Rider, one for Bolivian aircraft during the Gran Chaco War, and another for a Manchukuo machine. Probably others are available, and if you know of any one please please refer it here. The main reference I know is an extensive article in Air Enthusiast Quarterly number seven. Again, please share here some other references you find important. Carlos links: Airmodel site Bolivian decals Manchukuo decals
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