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Found 8 results

  1. Trumpeter is to release in 2018-2019 a 1/72nd Tu-22K "Blinder-B" kit - ref. 01695 Source: https://www.facebook.com/TrumpeterModel/photos/ms.c.eJw9UtmNRVEI6mhy3LX~;xiYX5X0SBRUceRYRoh5plX~;z4RQdUZ2Ww9lRPTF6uPTr14jFpYm6OfkNfl090kfUng75sfzTi9r5cfPD5dMruf6IAN~_a~;Q0s1O~;Fj9gTer~;9~_2G~;frcv~_Nrk19jXL9y~;UlC326~_eg8~;9qgv9Tj1r4B7y5~_v3~_c3fe516sv5xfpoDj7FeWz~;99AfcRT~_gX4~;6b~;1T5qebXwnz2XuK89ffoL85CpxNvVo9zo8HPed~_XtBz~_rF5CvOsGWA9vQrcJ2XUA3~_M~;L1feH8m8tC8PEI332S~_ihcoIzb4aUM~;Ff~_apv9w7JUi.bps.a.910355045789756.1073742119.103526326472636/910355559123038/?type=3&theater V.P.
  2. Thanks Maks MikroMir is reported working on a 1/144 Tupolev Tu-22KD "Blinder-B" kit - ref. Source: http://www.greenmats.club/topic/967-анонсы-моделей-авиации-mikromir-официальная-тема-производителя/?do=findComment&comment=62413 3D render V.P.
  3. With apologies to everyone in the other two GBs I'm currently involved in (KUTA and Grumman), this is the one I've really been looking forward to since the Airfix GB finished. I think it's because the three builds I've been contemplating - a Neptune MR.1, SAAF Turbo Dakota, and this - are all exactly the models I want to be building right now. So I'm starting with this one and may well get onto one of the other two before this GB ends. In any case, my plan is to do all three within the next 12 months, since they all fit multiple GBs in the next year. Which one to start with was a bit of a dilemma for a while, until I realised that the Tu-22KD fits the bill. I've been wanting to build this kit since I bought it, but also been procrastinating over it, and this GB is the kick I needed. So it's the Tu-22 first. It's not the most obvious maritime patrol aircraft to choose. But the Tu-22KD's main role was anti-shipping warfare - in WWIII its role would have been to attack carrier groups with the Kh-22 (aka AS-4 Kitchen) missile, with either a conventional or nuclear warhead (it occurs to me this could have been a good fit for the proposed armageddon GB) and in the cold war they apparently regularly practiced targeting carrier groups in the North Sea. It also ticks a lot of my boxes - a big, idiosyncratic Soviet design, and also one of those kind of cold war designs that seems to represent a transition between the early jets and modern aviation. Here's the kit, from Modelsvit in 1/72: It's pretty typical of a modern A Model/Modelsvit kit - quite nicely detailed, some nice surface detail in particular, and most definitely short run (e.g. no locating pins and a fuselage which comes broken down into more pieces than the likes of Airfix would have. But the likes of Airfix would never give us one of these). According to the box top there are 320 parts for the aircraft and 28 for the Kh-22, which I think comes with a trolley to display it separately but mine will be semi-recessed under the fuselage (a bit like a Soviet Blue Steel). And here's the aftermarket stuff I'm going to use - Barracudacast wheels and afterburners, Amigo resin intakes, decals from Authentic Decals (sadly the most interesting markings are for other versions though), and New Ware masks: Can't wait to get into it - roll on tomorrow!
  4. Hello mates, not only old stuff no... this is my big new Shilo, quite hard work... but i love her...started on April 16, 2016, finished on October 17, 2017, 170 hrs...she is quite pimped and the real coke bottle took 40 hrs alone i added one picture, PJ Productions navigator forgot his scratchbuilt briefcase, omeio checkov, therefore hatch open by eduard crew chief, second Kh-22 under belly is a pimped Trumpeter Tu-22M3 one Cheers, Tom
  5. Here's what you get for your money...... I have made a start on the ejection seats - 3 of them, with 13 parts per seat..... They are very accurate - and capture the look of the KT-? seats fitted to the Blinder..... Its just a pity they can't be seen once the fuselage is assembled.... (the seat looks better than this - honest! - the camera shows all the faults.) Here's a photo I took at Engels in 2007 - showing how good Modelsvit's seat is... A couple more photos of the instruction sheet here. Ken
  6. Not as good a finish as Alesha's model - but I have finally finished.... my 1/72 scale Tu-22KD Blinder from the Ukrainian firm of Modelsvit. I've replaced the kit tail cannon with a tailcone mounting the SPS-100 'Reseda' active jamming system..... I also cut the bottom fuselage panel to show the three downward opening doors for the ejection seats (which are in the kit) I added straps and altered the footrests (the pilots and WSO seats are slightly different to the Navigators kit seat - thanks Gabor). The dragon decal is from Begemot (thanks Kotey!) - and I changed the bort number to 'Red 61' to reflect the tailcone changes and markings. The kit comes complete with a Kh-22 missile and its handling dolly..... The kit is a typical short-run kit and I had a few issues with the fully-detailed interior (which can't be seen on the finished model!) - but Modelsvit are to be commended for producing a scale model of such an important and iconic Soviet warplane. More photos and WIP pics here. WIP Thread is here Ken
  7. The build is available to view in Work in Progress if anyone's interested, Esci get something of a bad reputation due to accuracy issues but aside from the decals( which were pretty atrotious) it went together nicely and I'm happy with how it turned out. There is a far better Modelsvit kit on the market which I may be doing at some point in the future. Sprayed with Humbrol 11 Silver and painted with tamiya acrylics, panel line wash done with Humbrol black enamel wash and metals weathered with humbrol washes and acrylics. Hope you like it, I'm certainly pleased with the result. Next build will probably be another 1/72 bomber. -Flash
  8. So with my Vietnam GB Phantom finished I've waded into my next project. Recently I've been getting into Soviet aviation and combined it with my interest in Cold War Bombers with this Tu22, which I purchased on here about a month ago. I'm quite interested in the aircraft, which has got a futuristic, unusual look to it quite in contrast to earlier designs and so have decided to go ahead with it. I will be building it in the Soviet metallic finish (as opposed to the desert camo Libyan/Iraqi schemes which are in the Revell kit of the aircraft). Here's the kit and what I've done so far: Not sure why the word Bomber is in inverted commas: Unboxing: Decals a bit minimalist: So I made a start by assembling the wings and the tailfins: Required a fair bit of cleaning up where the mould attachments were on the leading edges but with clippers and a file you can hardly notice tailfins were a lot neater and the wings are nicely detailed- the sticking-out bits (to use the technical term) make it look a bit different to the usual more empty wings that you see. Lots of clamps used and some tamiya tape applied to the wing fuel tanks (I think they are) to keep them together while they're drying. Overall it's come together quite neatly though. I also assembled the cockpit which I will be painting in the Soviet cockpit green, and then primed it: The dashboards- not massively detailed but then again it's quite literally physically impossible to see when the aircraft is closed up as far as I can tell anyway (certainly in the case of the rear one): These will be black and I'll use some drybrushing and so on to bring out the dials, should look ok. I went out to buy some green paint for the cockpit today after doing this- it's not exactly a common color to have in your inventory. Now, back to it! -Flash (P.S. General 'The Legend' Melchett, famous bomber maestro, is as many of you know a great fan and expert of the Tu22 (why I don't know, it's a right ugly aircraft- JOKING!) so hopefully he'll be having a look at some point and if that doesn't put me under pressure I don't know what will)
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