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Found 59 results

  1. I'm working on Classic Airframes 1/48 Blenheim IV.f. I've vacuformed the blister side windows, and cut out and filled the triangle window in the center of the windscreen, and am working on the other details that make the 404 Squadron Coastal Command aircraft interesting. Here's some of the progress so far … The blister windows .. The cockpit (based on pilots handbook photo's) Lot's of scratchbuilding here, including the throttle quadrant (20 pieces in that!) The engines, props, and flame suppressing exhaust (Ultracast Beaufighter long exhaust, with a reprofiled bomb nose) ... and the twin Browning .303 upper turret (all scratch built) hope you like so far Colin
  2. I'm working on the Classic Airframes Blenheim Mk IV, to be finished as a 404 Squadron machine, Coastal Command. I think I have identified all the changes I believe I need to make as follows ... - The bulged side windows, - The rear view mirror for the pilot, - The small oval windows behind the canopy, - The flame hiding 'hedgehog' exhaust, - The twin .30 cal. Browning machine guns in the turret, - The unusual blast plate ahead of the gun pack, and, - The non standard gun pack. I do have a couple of questions for those who might know, though. Have I missed any changes that I still have to make, and, what is the significance and the color of the semi-circular dark marking on the landing gear doors above the main wheel. It appears in all the photo's of 404 Squadrons Blenheim's. Does the marking continue onto the wing or nacelle? I hope someone may know, and thanks for your help, in advance. Colin
  3. Finally got started on my Airfix Blenheim Mk.I. Decided to give it the full treatment with PE and resin parts. Made up my mind long time ago to use decals from an Xtradecal sheet for a 45 Sqn aircraft in desert colours. Have now reached the stage when the interior areas must be painted before I can continue. The colour for the cockpit is no problem; standard British interior gray green. Now, Airfix gives the same colour for the wheel wells, the bomb bay, gun turret interior, and the insides of the engine cowlings. Whilst this might very well be corect, I'm always a bit suspicious about the colours given in kit instructions. So I would be very thankful if anyone could confirm this or correct it if it's wrong. Airfix also states that the landing gear legs were black. This is certainly true for the restored Blenheim Mk.IV at Hendon. However looking at many contemporary b/w photos, although not of the best quality, the gear legs appear much too bright to be black. To me it looks like they were painted interior gray green too, just like the wheel wells. Or could it be painted aluminium, just like the wheels? Questions like this can sometimes drive you nuts! TIA
  4. Hi everyone! For this group build I'll be building a 1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk. I night fighter. Below are some shots of the kit and the extras I'll be using (Eduard "Zoom" photoetch set, seatbelts and paint mask, and AML camouflage mask). I've struggled with Airfix 1/72 Blenheims in the past so I'm curious to see how the 1/48 version goes together. I have followed other builds such as this one and I'm planning to use some of the tips mentioned. You'll see from the third photo below that I've already started dry fitting to see how well the main parts fit. From what I can tell it looks to be a great kit ... I hope! All the best, Matt
  5. While the decals on the Sea Fury are drying prior to putting on more and the MIG-17 PFU is off the bench I have started the Blenheim Mk 1f. I have started on the interior builds with the bomb bay and cockpit areas together and put in to the fuselage for a test fit. It appears to be ok but I might have to check the bomb bay as it appears to have a very slight gap there. It may just close when glues but I don't want to put undue pressure in to the fuselage. The pilots area is a complicated beast that seems to fit in ok. The bomb bay goes together well but the stage where you have to cut the parts to make the centre beam in half confuse me, hopefully it is something to do with a difference between the bomber and fighter version
  6. Hi Gents I know the subject has been treated but i would like to know if someone can do a reliable synthesis for the colors of: - Interior (cockpit, turret): Raf Grey-green. - Undercarriage bay: Aluminium or Raf Grey-green ? - Undercarriage : Aluminium/black or Raf grey-green/black - Flaps (interior): grey-green. for a Mk.1 or Mk.1f. Do you know where i can find a plan with rivets lines (book, internet) ? Thanks a lots Best regards Pierre
  7. OK, my first WIP in a long while has come to a bit of a disappointing end. I was going great guns until impatience was mixed with an equal amount of stupidity in a similar proportion to how I mixed Flory Wash with the not quite dry enough Pledge to create the new, and most certainly unwelcome, phenomenon of "Fledge"! Yes it could have ended up so much better and I know it; so be gentle, I feel bad enough already! I have tried to use the most flattering angles! Now I wasn't going to show you all my far too dirty knickers but in for a penny in for a pound. Although it has a B printed on the nose in my book this is very much a D Minus - must try harder! Arrrrrrggghhhhhhhh!!!! Chris
  8. As most will know Airfix are up to their stash spoiling ways again and are releasing a completely over detailed 1/48 Blenheim 1, at no point did they ask me if that was acceptable, if they had I would have told them straight 'no thank you, I have a perfectly good Contrail one'. So as a snub to Airfix I'm going to indulge in some proper modelling by building it regardless; it will be detailed but not over detailed with never to be seen again , I know it's there interiors and to make it different it will be the prototype Blenheim 1 K7033 in natural metal finish, a silver shiny Blenheim like this.... Typical Contrail vacform sheets, but I have a Classic Airframes interior resin set, plus replacement wheels and a paintmask- see, I'm not as stupid as I look. a few reference works to assist. Like all vac builds nothing will happen for a while why I hack and sand the bits into shape.
  9. Happy New Year to my fellow Britmodellers! Here is my Airfix 1/72 Blenheim MkIVF. The shape is nice but the fixtures and fittings are not as refined as their more recent offerings. It has SBS resin spinners, Eduard PE, Quickboost Brownings and a fine molds nano-aviation Lewis gun. Looking at the plans of the Blenheim in the Valiant book I decided the dorsal turret needed to be lowered by 1 mm. The wing tip nav lights were formed from Krystal clear and sprue bulbs. Hope you like it? Andrew
  10. Airfix 1:48 Blenheim IF - Colours of L6739 YP-Q, currently flying with ARCo at Duxford. The Inside - To start off, this kit is fantastic by Airfix. Nearly everything is in there thats on the real thing. You can really see they researched this kit well. The instrument panel is detailed superbly with raised detail, unlike other Airfix panels that were just flat. The decals on the panel were also very well done, as shown in the photo they went on well and the colours are good. The rest of the cockpit is well made with all of the main controls, dials and wheels in place. The two spars coming off the bathtub-like structure provide extra strength to the wings, all four fit very nicely into the allocated gaps. The cockpit glass - Unlike the inside where everything fitted fine, the glass was a different story. To start with, Airfix indicate the wrong left-hand side canopy (there are two in the kit). If you look at photos of the aircraft, you will see the difference. The fit was dreadful on both sides, and if Airfix did the whole front section in one mold it would certainly better (but im not sure this is even possible with injection moulding?) . Maybe something for them to consider if they are doing a bomber version or a Mk IV version. The rest of the glass/ canopies - As you can see, my hand isnt the steadiest and masking individual panels wouldnt be worth it. Only after painting did I realise Eduard has done a set of masks. Bummer really. The turret came with a nice little assembly jig that helped ALOT with the little parts. The turret fitted together fine and can just be slot into place onto the aircraft. Personally I haven't glued it into place just to add that element that the aircraft can 'move' . I also didnt glue the main wheels on, since the undercarriage spars are really quite tight on the wheels and they havent come off yet after a few days of me rolling it around. The tailwheel though is one solid piece, and strangely its one of the last things you're told to put in place (i.e not during the closing of the fuselage). The engines - The engines could be a model of their own - the 6 part engine and 3 part propeller are superbly detailed and the first proper radials I've made. The propellers move aswell which is nice, as shown below. No photoshop! Just some wind a slow shutter speed. All in all its a superb kit, and Airfix are really doing well with the new toolings. My only wish would be rivet details like Eduard's but you cant have everything. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring you joy through scale modelling! All the best, Olly.
  11. So, this is my first input since I joined this forum a few weeks ago. Probably some of you will be bored by another Blenheim building report - especialy the 40+ year old airfix model. However building this kit will hopefully be an important step to improve my skills. As usual I started with interieur details. Actualy I planned to add some details to the cockpit to make it look more interesting. But in the end I build up a totaly new cockpit section, using only some fragments of the kits parts. Pictures will follow ...
  12. Hi all. I found this pic that shows a Blenheim I in North Africa (the web says that is a Mk IV, but it is wrong): https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1513311 Any idea how is painted? Thanks. Milo.
  13. Prompted by the Spitfire and Hurricane topics I've noted with the same intent, I trust it's not out of order to establish one for the Blenheim, as I suspect a few of us are getting stuck into the Airfix Blenheim kits. I have 4 on the go - a pair of Mk. I and Mk. IV types respectively. When I get a moment, I might put links to some of the recent questions about the Blenheim in this post/thread - and start my build thread.
  14. Blenheim Mk.IV Update sets & Masks 1:72 Eduard for Airfix Kit The new tool Blenheim was welcome for those who build WWII British Aircraft, Eduard are now along with some sets for it. Get what you want for the areas you want to be more of a focal point. As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE) and Mask sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between. Interior Set (73634) This set has one pre-painted fret. You get cockpit details, seat belts, instrument panel, throttle details, machine gun details and rudder pedals. Exterior Set (72669) This set contains many fuselage and wing access panels. Undercarriage bay fittings and interior, and engine details, Landing Flaps Set (72670) This set contains as the name would suggest a new set of detailed flaps. Some removal of the kit areas is needed to fit these. Masks (CX514) Supplied on yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the glazing. In addition you get a set of hub/tyre masks for the main and tail wheels, allowing you to cut the demarcation perfectly with little effort, plus a landing light mask. Review samples courtesy of
  15. @Procopiusand I decided a few days ago that a Blenheim buddy build would be a great way to start the New Year. We've each chosen an airframe, and with Edward's Wimpey finished and with my Zero nearly so, we can make a start. I’ll let Edward introduce his own star, but mine will be the most recent Airfix boxing, the IV bomber, in the OOB markings of 107 Squadron. The aircraft featured is seen here at RAF Leuchars, not a million miles from chez 06/24: AIRCRAFT OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE 1939-1945: BRISTOL TYPE TYPE 149 BLENHEIM IV.. © IWM (CH 2428)IWM Non Commercial Licence Whereas choosing a subject was easy, choosing a thread title took a little more work. We toyed with many options: "The Scarlet Caterpillar", Churchill’s description of Marlborough’s army en route to Blenheim, too obscure; "Britain First", the name of Lord Rothermere's private antecedent of the Blenheim, was discarded on grounds that the name's appropriation by the far right made it unsavoury; and the mottos of our two chosen Squadrons: Nous y serons ("We shall be there") Si vis pacem para bellum; (Translation: "If you want peace, prepare for war") But in the end, what better than Churchill’s words of encouragement: "Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”
  16. Bristol Blenheim: The Yugoslav Story Operational Record 1937-1958 by Aleksandar M. Ognjević I keep being pleasantly surprised when it comes to books on the subject of aircraft that flew for, against and simply over Yugoslavia during the Second World War. After buying the Messerschmitt Bf 109: The Yugoslav Story I came across a book in a very similar format, but by a different author and from a different publisher, dedicated to the history of the Bristol Blenheim in Yugoslavia (for avoidance of any doubt I want to say that I have payed full price for my copy of the book, including the rather expensive Serbian Post that amounted to some 40% of the book`s cost). And the news keep getting better as this book`s author, Mr. Aleksandar M. Ognjević, has also been working on a title dedicated to the Hawkers (Hurricanes, Hinds and Furies) in Yugoslavia and this book is just months away from publication. Can`t wait! To the Blenheims now... The book is available from the publisher/author and you can also find a technical presentation there and some sample pages: http://bristol-blenheim.leadenskybooks.com/ One small note: opening the presentation pdf file on the above address I`ve noticed that the photographs in that sample are rather murky, but the ones from the actual book are actually very clear. Table of contents I found the book quite conveniently organized. The first chapter recounts such things as the Yugoslav acquisition and production of the Blenheim, complete with the savory adventures of the Yugoslav crews sent across the already at war Europe to bring home the lot of British produced aircraft. This chapter is also supported by three tables: one detailing the Blenheim types that entered Yugoslav service (complete with respective dates, numbers and serial numbers) as well as the prototypes and abandoned projects, a second listing both the British and Yugoslav serial numbers of the twenty British produced machines and a third table being a complete list of the Blenheims in Yugoslav service that mentions the units in which they served and - in many cases - also their fate. The second chapter is dedicated to the April war and is divided into three sections, each following the history of the three major units that flew the Blenheim: the 1st and 8th Bomber Wings (Bombarderski puk - BP) and the 11th Independent Long Range Reconnaissance Group (SGDI). This means some episodes are recounted more than once - but from different perspectives - as some of the aircraft and units intermingled in time, but I liked this approach. I was left with a very clear image of the aircraft disposition and of which unit did what throughout the war. This was also helped by two useful maps showing not only relevant locations in Yugoslavia, but also the exact disposition of the Blenheim units at the start of the April war. The text of these chapters (and throughout the book) is well supported by the recollections of contemporaries (mostly the air crews) and is accompanied by a large number of photographs. In fact I think there is at least one photograph on each page, depicting both aircraft and crews. Among the latter, there are many portrait type photos of the airmen in uniform so that after you read their stories and memories you`ll be able to put a face on these. In this sense, the book lives up to its goal of keeping their memory alive. The following chapters are dedicated to the other operators of the Blenheim over Yugoslavia (the RAF, Independent State of Croatia and Partisans) and to those countries that operated former Yugoslav aircraft (Hungary, Romania and Finland). The chapter on the Royal Air Force is once again organized according to the squadrons that operated the Blenheim (both Mk.I and Mk.IV) and recounts their adventures to the extent that they took place over Yugoslavia or encountered Yugoslav aircraft (including the one that transported the Yugoslav king to Greece). The chapter dedicated to the Croatian Blenheims is reasonably long and it includes a three pages operational diary of the Rajlovac Airport between 27.04.1942 and 24.06.1943, but the chapters on Romania and Hungary are brief enough as they only tell the story of the one Blenheim that defected to Hungary and the three Blenheims sold by the Germans to Romania. So too are the following two chapters dealing with the Finnish acquisition from Germany of B-4 (Mk.IV) parts and their assembly in Finland and the sole ex-Croatian (ex-Yugoslav) machine captured by the Partisans. The next chapter is a discussion of the camouflage and markings of the Bristol Blenheim in Yugoslav service, with some notes on the machines taken over by the Independent State of Croatia, the ones sold to Romania and the Hungary defector. Though brief (one page worth of text) it is very informative: from the evolution of the styles of serial numbers to the one of the national insignia to the actual paint-jobs. The text ends with a glossary, a list of comparative ranks of the VVKJ (Royal Yugoslav Air Force), ZNDH (Air Force of the Independent State of Croatia), Luftwaffe and VJA (Air Force of the Yugoslav Army) and finally a substantial bibliography. Now, for all scale modellers interested in this subject, comes the exiting part: the Colour Plates section. It contains 24 profiles that depict thirteen Blenheims Mk.I - both Ikarus and Filton/Avro built - in Royal Yugoslav service, three of the RAF machines in Greece (two Blenheims Mk.I and one Blenheim Mk.IV), the single Hungarian - ex-Yugoslav - Blenheim Mk.I, one Croatian (Independent State of Croatia) Blenheim Mk.I, one Romanian - ex-Yugoslav - Blenheim Mk.I, the Partisan captured Blenheim Mk.I in two different camouflage styles, two Finnish Blenheims Mk.IV (one from the war period and another from 1955) and one profile of the sole, unlicensed, B-4 version in Yugoslav service (similar to the official Mk.IV). In addition there are three top views of Blenheims Mk.I (two Yugoslav and one ex-Yugoslav with Hungarian markings) and one bottom view of a Yugoslav Mk.I machine. These are very helpful for modellers given the somewhat complex pattern of the upper-side three-colours Yugoslav camouflage scheme. Each artwork is accompanied by a short description of the aircraft in question and taken together they highlight all the specific elements (from colours to stencils to certain modifications) that modellers will need to take into consideration when deciding how to build a certain machine. As mentioned, the Yugoslav camouflage schemes are quite colourful and should make eye catching models. The back cover is not wasted either. It depicts two RAF Blenheims (an Mk.I and an Mk.IV) in Greece, a close in on the cabin of the Mk.I machine showing its emblem and another view with the front of a modified Mk.I in Yugoslav service which highlights the modification of the windscreen to support a frontal machine-gun. In the end I`m gonna pull another "highly recommended" from my hat. Great book!
  17. Blitz23

    In flight props

    Hi chaps I have a 1/72 Airfix Blenheim that's been floundering on the shelf of doom for some time, with the 1/48 kit due at the end of the year, which is my preferred scale I've been thinking of maybe modelling my 1/72 kit in flight. Just wondering if anyone had some good tips on how to make props look realistic in flight. Any tips would be appreciated!
  18. I've got a bit stalled on my Fairey Long Range Monoplane and I've got an Airfix F-111 on the go in group builds, so I'm building this for some actual fun! It has been semi-started for a while now, and I painted up the cockpit when I was doing the old Airfix Blenheim. I was impressed by the etch instrument panels with celluloid backing. I tried an etch seatbelt for the pilot but the observer got a wine bottle foil and fuse wire harness instead. Not sure I will be able to tell the difference through the canopy... I kitted out the cockpit an extra seat and panel for the observer: The two transparent halves of the canopy worked well: ... as long as you check the width beforehand and add a wedge to the bottom of the fuselage: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  19. Hi everyone I’ve been gripped by the modelling doldrums lately. I have zero enthusiasm for either my HK B25 or my FLY Hurricane so rather than half heartedly attempt to build them I’ve packed them up and put them to one side (for now). So what to do in the mean time? I’ve been following, as I’m sure many of you have “From Failure to Failure” a jolly good thread by messers 06/24 and Procopuis and it inspired me to think small. I have several of the Airfix Blenheim’s in the stash and after following the said thread I thought that I’d give mine ago and I’m glad I did coz I’m really enjoying it. I started last night and from the off I’ve decided that its going to be a totally OOB build without any extras or do dads, in fact I’m not even going to get the Eduard masking set for it - I have tape and a knife so I’m sure I can mask it! So far I’ve completed the cockpit tub with the only additions being some masking tape belts and I’ve mated it to the fuselage. To get a better fit than you otherwise would I removed quite a lot of plastic from the rear of the cockpit and I’m quite happy with the results, I still have some gaps to fill but compared to what they could’ve been they should be easy to address. First up a photo of the amount of plastic I removed to try and get a semi decent fit.. The results aren’t too bad.. Excuse the dust I have since removed it (well most of it) I do however have a little work underneath the old girl to fill the gaps - I guess this is a trade off for getting a semi decent fit of the cockpit to the fuselage? But overall she is starting to take shape (it’s only taken me about 6 hours work to get to this stage.. Right I’m off to mask the cockpit. Cheers all Iain
  20. The latest release from Airfix is in stock now and available to order. The 1/72 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV (04061) has decal options for 2 aircraft 1. Z7633 of Groupe de Bombardement 1 (Lorraine), Armee de l'Air, North Africa, 1941 2. R3816/OM-J of 107 Squadron, RAF Leuchars, March 1941
  21. Blenheim Mk IV in Finnish Service 1:48 SBS Model This set is for the Bristol Blenheim as used by Finland. 4 Options are provided for aircraft in different years of service. BL-129 of 1/LLv 46 in June 1941. Olive green uppers with silver dope undersides. BL-129 Photo Flight of LeLv 48 in June 1943. Green/Black uppers with RLM65 undersides. BL-201 of E/PLeLv 48. Agust 1944. Green/Black uppers with RLM65 undersides. BL-199 of 1. Lsto summer 1956. Overall aluminium dope with metal cowlings. Conclusion This is a good sheet with a fair spread of Blenhiems used by Finland over a few different year. The decals look to be in register, colour dense and should pose no problems. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  22. Well it took longer than expected but enjoyable every minute. 16 years ago i built the airfix blenheim of the time. I was 10 years old, sat alongside my dad, using brushes and enamel paint. But today its all airbrushes and new tooled kits. This Airfix Bristol Blenheim MkIVf is the lastest tooling from airfix. It was a great kit with only a minor fit issue on the main fuselage join. Despite that every part was a great fit and had the resemblance of a Blenheim. The whole model was painted with vallejo model air which was a nerve racking task for me as this was my first camoflage aircraft painted using my airbrush. Ìt is a little rough round some of the edges but im more than happy with it. I learnt alot of new techniques along the way as well as some of the old tried and tested techniques. I used an enamal thinned paint for a panel line wash, and learning to preshade and create tonal variations in the paint. Finally the exhaust staining was done using chalk pastel shavings and also used some dry brushing to create chipping on the propelllors. Everything was then given a coat of matt varnish and finished off with removal of the masking tape. Overall i am happy with the Blenheim and cant wait for the 1/48 Mk1 from airfix. Thanks for looking in. On e again thanks for looking in.
  23. So recently i got hold of one of my favourite world war 2 aircraft. The bristol blenheim was an aircraft which was both a bomber and a fighter but lacked improving technology along with other aircraft. By the 1940s it was considered the blenheim to be too outdated and was too slow against enemy fighters. Pilots and crew were awarded medals just for flying in the aircraft. So onto the kit and to begin with there is a very nice box art. And also a choice of day or night fighter included. And also some very well produced details, which is common in airfix new tooled models. As expected the parts are very well made... To begin with the undercarriage bulkheads where fitted into place and the main frames were fitted into place also. A small bit of detail will be required but already a good start. Next the main fuselage was joined together. Work then began on the cockpit sections. Including pilots seat bombardiers position and interior components. With a basecoat of green down weathering will be done with a wash and details picked out. To finish off the evening i fitted all the parts together with a dry fit to see how well the fitments are. Details and wash will be done next before fitting everything into place. And i am also looking for referances if for addimg details and other parts. Thanks for looking.
  24. Airfix is to release in 2014 new tool 1/72nd Bristol Blenheim Mk.I & Mk.IV kits. Ref. A04016 - Bristol Blenheim Mk.I Bomber Source: http://www.airfix.com/shop/new-for-2014/172-scale-military-aircraft/a04016-bristol-blenheim-mki-bomber-172/ Ref. A04017 - Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV Fighter Source: http://www.airfix.com/shop/new-for-2014/172-scale-military-aircraft/a04017-bristol-blenheim-mkiv-fighter-172/ V.P.
  25. Has anyone else noticed the Blenheim IV in the foreground of the photo at the top of p.125 of the May 2017 Flypast? It's an article on the history of XV Sq and the photo depicts a gathering of XV and 82 Sq Blenheim IVs at Wyton in July 1940. The aircraft of interest to me (Txxxx, LS code but no individual letter) seems to have a long ventral bath under the nose, like that used later on the Blenheim V. It is quite unlike the transparent blister with ventral gun featured by other aircraft in the shot and is definitely not the later FN underside turret. I'm assuming it is a trial of the Blenheim V configuration but was unaware that it was flying on one (or more?) Blenheim IV(s) as early as July 1940.
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