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Found 8 results

  1. The Belfast Telegraph on-line has this short aerial film on its site The film is dated 12/31/1935 As it goes over Harland & Wolff you can see some ships in the H & W wet-dock - on the right, at 0:40 to about 0:50. One looks like an aircraft carrier under construction maybe Then from about 2:21 to about 2:58 as the aeroplane heads towards part of Belfast harbour we see, at first in the centre and at a distance, then centre and then to the right another aircraft carrier. Is it the same one? perhaps, perhaps not - its not where H & W did final fitting out of ships, it lies in the deep water section of Belfast Harbour proper, H & W are off further to the right. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/archive/incredible-aerial-footage-of-belfast-in-1930s-can-you-spot-your-street-31218710.html PS. Just before 0:40 you can see a black mass on the left, disappearing into the bottom left corner. These were the iron work gantries where Olympic, Titanic and Britannic were built. They were only demolished in about 1972/73 ish
  2. HMS Belfast Eduard 1:350 The Trumpeter 1:350 HMS Belfast has been out some time now, in fact it was released in 2013, although rather late to the party, Eduard have now decided to release two sets of etched brass to detail the model. The two sets arrived in zip lock bags with the yellow card inserts. They are well up to the usual standard and provide a tremendous amount of extra, as well as replacement detail parts. Detail set- (53-210) comes on two sheets of relief etched brass and also includes a small sheet of acetate for the bridge windscreen. The sheets contains a myriad of parts such as watertight doors which can be posed open or closed, cable reels, for which the modeller will need to provide plastic rod for the reels themselves, flag lockers, replacement single and twin 20mm Oelikons, 20mm splinter shields, complete new mountings for the 2pdr Pom Poms along with replacement ammunition racks and even the ammunition belts. There are also replacement aerials for the Type 282 Yagi radar arrays and new mounts for fitting to the AA director mountings. The bridge receives a new shields, wind deflectors, ADF aerial and platform, while the searchlights are fitted with new mountings. The catapult is completely replaced with PE, as are the Type 279 radar arrays on the mast tops and the Type 284 aerials and their mountings. The detail continues with the 4” mounts being provided with new shields while the Type 271 radar in its distinctive lantern is completely replaced, as is the whole tower structure it sits on. The main directors are fitted with new Type 274 radar arrays, as well as new doors, hatches, and access ladders. The ships prominent platforms and supports on each side are replaced. The large, cranes for the aircraft and boats are also completely replaced with PE, including the, jibs, cables, hooks, all the mechanics and workings, in fact there is too much to mention, but each crane is made up from 30 parts. All the cradles for the ships boats will need to be removed, before being replaced with PE parts. The boats themselves are given new thwarts, gratings, gunwhales and oars where required. The motor boats also have new cabin tops, windscreens, rudders and propellers. Railings (53-211). With the title of this fret being so very descriptive, it’s not difficult to see that this provides ships railings which cover all sections of the ship from the main deck upwards, including the turret tops. There is a selection of three bar and two bar rails the majority of which are shaped to fit their specific positions. Also included in the set is a pair of accommodation ladders and platforms, deck extension beams for the ships boats, all the splinter shields around the 4” gun deck. The Carley floats get new inserts which represent the wooden tread boards. The funnels are provided with internal structures, unfortunately the funnels aren’t the correct size so they may not fit any replacements. The flat, plates you can see in the accompanying photograph are the main turret tops. The turrets also receive new ladders, surrounds for each main gun, and access doors. Each mast is fitted with new yardarms, although they are a little flat for the purpose, ladders, platforms, gaffs, and support frames. The Walrus also gets the Eduard attention and is fitted with a complete set of replacement struts, propeller, catapult cradle, transport cradle which is fitted with a turntable. > Conclusion It’s about time Eduard did something for the poor old Belfast, they aren’t usually this slow out of the block. The Trumpeter kit of the Belfast is very nice out of the box, but with these two sets you could dramatically improve the finished model. There are so many parts that you will need quite a bit of patience and care to fit them all, as with any etch set, but the results will be worth it.
  3. Trip to Brize courtesy of RAF Brize Norton and the Swindon branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society- hope you enjoy Maybe someone can explain why there two drogues on the Tristar centreline (photo six) - presume they could not be used at the same time?
  4. Hi Everyone, I took my wife up to London for the day on Saturday as our anniversary trip and we visited the exterior of HMS Belfast. Whilst there I was allowed to buy a kit of the ship. We took some photos of the exterior of the ship as we didn't have time to actually go inside as we had a theatre trip. Here are a couple of the exterior photos. I will be starting this kit as soon as I finish my two bikes, car and make a start on the Lifeboat for my step mum's birthday. Anyway here are the sprues. Anyway as soon as I make a start on the kit, I will post an update. ATB, Rick
  5. In January 2015 Anigrand is to release a 1/144 Short Belfast C.Mk.1 resin kit - ref.AA-4090 Source: http://www.anigrand.com/future_releases.htm V.P.
  6. HMS Belfast detail sets 1/350 White Ensign Models The release of HMS Belfast was yet another pleasant surprise from Trumpeter, but as is their want, they didn’t quite get it right. But now, with the release of these three sets from White Ensign Models will help the maritime modeller build a pretty accurate and very detailed model of one of the finest looking light cruisers in the world, and probably one of the most famous, since it’s still afloat in the Pool of London and open to visitors. Etch Detail Set, PE 35172. To detail the kit White Ensign Models have released this large etched set, comprising of two sheets, each 290mm x 127mm in size, packed to the gunwhales with parts, delivered in their usual sturdy envelope, well protected with thick card. The instructions are typical WEM, being very clear and easy to read with some useful written instructions on how to shape the relative parts and which alternative parts are required and were they are fitted. There are parts for building an earlier mod state of the ship as well as the later outfitting. Sheet A contains all the ships railings pre-made to the correct size for each area they are required. There are several types of radar included, such as the Type 284, 282 and 285 Yagi antennas, Type 291 and Type 281 radars in addition to Type 86 and Type 91 TBS antenna. There are one set of accommodation ladders provided, one for each side of the ship. The usual inclined ladders are provided along with the 8-Barrelled Pom-Pom fittings, Walrus Amphibian parts, Early mast top platforms and DF antenna, boiler room vent grilles, Foremast and Mainmast top gaff, paravane parts, Mainmast IFF responder and the Foretop Anemometer array. Since the funnels in the kit are of the wrong shape two sets of cap grilles have been provided, one pair for the kit parts and another pair for the correction set, available from WEM. Sheet B contains the more specific parts for the ship. Starting with the main cranes, these complete replacement units consist of new jibs, bases, jib rests, pulleys, and hooks, along with two lengths of rigging depending on whether the jib is raised or lowered. Styrene rod will need to be used for various parts in the build. There are numerous platform supports and new platforms for the Radar lantern, mainmast, and foremast. The foredeck gets a new breakwater with its respective front and rear braces. There are also new items for the hanger with doors that can be wound round a styrene rod to show them open. The catapult gets a new track, top inside plate, side braces, extenders and manoeuvring pump. Whilst Trumpeter have produced some very nice ships boats, this set takes them to a new level in providing interiors for each of the 35’, 36’ and 25’ motor boats including steering wheel in addition to new rudder/propeller skegs, handrails, and masts. The 16’ dinghy, 32’ cutter and 25’ motor launch all get new rudders and a selection of oars for the all except the dinghy. All the ships boats are provided with new cradles and/or frames to sit on. The rest of the sheet is filled with items such as watertight doors, deck hatches, replacement torpedo doors, blakes stoppers, 4” gun mount details, 20mm mounts, the mainmast starfish platform and supports, aldis lamps, bridge and lower bridge venture strips and the hawspipe gratings. Finally there are three runs of stock anchor chain, but these are a little flat for use and they would be better replaced with real chain or WEM’s own battleship chain set and several lengths of generic vertical ladder stock. Pro 3536,. A direct replacement set for the kit parts, mainly meant to correct the ships funnels, but also the compass platform, which inaccurately moulded in the kit. The resin is really well moulded and the new funnels give the whole kit a more accurate look. They don't have the "depth" of opening like the kit funnels, but once painted black and the grilles fitted they will look fine. Of course the modeller could always open the funnels out more. Pro 3537, is another simple direct replacement set for the ships yardarms with one each of very finely turned upper and lower yards. Conclusion It was wonderful to finally get a kit of HMS Belfast in 1:350 scale, it had been a long wait, but it was worth it, even with the inaccurate funnels. Now though, the modeller can not only super detail their kit with the fabulous etched brass set, but also make the model more accurate with the release of the funnels and compass platform, then, add a little more finesse to the finished model with a pair of scale turned brass yardarms, what more could the modeller want. Very highly recommended Review sample kindly provided be John at
  7. There's life in theses old kits yet,I built 2 Belfast as a kid and was one of my favorite ships,much I like 1/700 ,when I do a 1/600 its just right ,anyway, this is Belfast from May 1945,she had a refit for the far east,she went back to over all grey with the blue strip along the hull,but the war was finished by the time she arrived.Then she went to spent most of her working life out there.had large refit between 56-59,mostly the bridge was rebuilt for N.B.C.with lattice mast and up grade on the smaller armament.Back to the model,as usual,the hull has been waterlined.having done one ship already,this was easy this time,had enough plans and pictures to make the changes to Belfast,most of it is where the walrus use to be.the crane was repositioned,the ships boats and added decks for anti aircraft armament and extra accommodation.I thought it was going to an easy conversion,but as we get deeper, keep discovery thats change and thats moved.In too deep now and all the main items are finished. I started this about 3 weeks ago.The P.E. is by White Ensign models and deck by Artwox Hull getting for the saw lots of dry fitting Yes I replaced every single port hole, mad comes to mind more dry fitting,getting the new boat deck right Made up the plastic kit crane to make sure every fits right,only one crane required,which will be P.E
  8. This is Belfast in July 1945,before she set sail to the far east,she went back to over all grey with the blue strip along the hull,but the war was finished by the time she arrived.Then she went to spent most of her working life out there.Back to the model,as usual,the hull has been waterlined.having done one ship already,this was easy this time,had enough plans and pictures to make the changes to Belfast,most of it is where the walrus use to be.the crane was repositioned,the ships boats and added decks for anti aircraft armament and extra accommodation.I thought it was going to an easy conversion,but as I get deeper, kept discovery thats change and thats moved.In too deep now so carried on.The P.E. is by White Ensign models and deck by Artwox. The Walrus was used to dropped the mail off and was kept on the fleet carriers for this and other duties. Link for build http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234946874-airfix-1600-hms-belfast-may-1945-waterlinedpe-wooden-deck/ Photos
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