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Found 12 results

  1. British 4.5 Inch QF Marks I, III and IV 1:700 Master The QF 4.5 inch L/45 was developed as a dual-purpose gun for aircraft carriers, battleships and battle cruisers of the Royal Navy. It was later adapter for use on destroyers as the Mark IV, replacing the 4.7 inch gun. Despite the slightly smaller calibre, it used a heavier shell and was capable of inflicting greater damage. Master are well-known for their brass barrels, all of which are streets ahead of their plastic counterparts. These barrels look excellent and should be just as easy to use as any others. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Gun Barrels & Pitot Probes 1:48 Master This month’s releases from Master Models include these three sets for 1:48 scale aircraft. Two of the sets are the more usual replacement barrels for the Hawker Tempest series, and one set for the SR-71 Blackbird that contains the pitot probe. [AM-48-132] – This set for the SR-71 Blackbird contains a three piece pitot probe, with the two brass parts joined by a resin element. Whether it’s normal to have a spare element is normal in the sets or not, but this set does. Just glue the brass and resin parts together and, having drilled a 0.6mm hole in the nose of the model, glue into position. [AM-48-133] – Designed to be used with the any early 1:48 Tempest Mk.V they are a simple replacement for the kits barrels, these being with a full jacket. Just drill out a 2.2mm hole where each barrel is to be fitted, then glue into place, ensuring the inner barrel is inserted 1.3mm further into the wing. [AM-48-134] – This set is designed for any Tempest Mk.II/Mk.V late, Fury or Sea Fury and contains four barrels and a pitot probe. Once the holes have been drilled out to 1.8mm the barrels are inserted so that the outer muzzle is visible just ahead of the leading edge of the wing, while the inner barrel should be 1.3mm further in so that you can just see the muzzle in the hole. The pitot probe requires a 0.8mm hole drilled out before the probe can be glued into position. Conclusion Master Models just can’t stop bringing new sets out for the benefit of those who like to have the highest level of detail in their models. It’s great to see older kits still being catered for too. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  3. Masts and 14 Barrels 1:350/700 Master Models Master Models continue to build their range of accessories and barrels in both 1:350 and 1:700. Having released two sets of yardarms in both scales, they have now released two sets of tapered masts to go with them. [sM-350-89] The first of the mast sets is contained in the standard Master packaging, only the internal bag is compartmentalised, allowing each of the four masts to be slid into their own pouch. Each mast is 100mm or 4 inches in old money and are meant to used as the main section on larger ships masts.. [sM-350-90] Set two in 1:350 also contains four mast sections, each 100mm long, but these are more tapered and a meant for use as the top sections on larger masts or the main section for smaller ships masts. The tips of these are quite sharp so be aware when using them and you might want to keep any models with them fitted in a case, as they could easily damage an eye for the unwary. [sM-700-47] For those modellers who like their ships in 1:700 scale, Master Models have masts sets for you too. Set one once again has four mast, as per the 1:350 sets, but each are 60mm long. Whilst they are meant to be used as the main section of larger ships in the smaller scale, they could also be used in :350 ships for the very top of taller masts. [sM-350-48] This second set also has four masts, again each 60mm long and again for use as the top sections of large ships masts, but could also be used on smaller ships. They could also be used as gaffs and other mast parts on larger scale ships. Now these are the sharpest of the four mast parts and boy are they sharp. I actually drew blood trying to get one out of the packaging, so the warning above is even more relevant with these. [sM-700-50] This and the next set return to what Master do best, and that is to make turned metal barrels for model warships. This set contains twelve 14 barrels for use with the Tennessee and New Mexico class battleships. These barrels are for use when there are no blast bags fitted to the model. [sM-700-51] This second set of 14 barrels is as per the set above, only for use when blast bags are fitted to the turrets. Conclusion I just love what Master do. Everything is so precise and realistic looking, which is exactly what we, as modellers, are looking for. The mast sections will be a real boon to those who dislike the slightly bent look that injection moulded masts can get when the rigging is attached, with these sections and the yardarms mentioned earlier, you will have a nice sturdy mast. Just be careful when handling and once built. The barrels are just what we have come to expect from Master Models and make for very convincing replacements to the injection moulded parts, which can look quite clunky in comparison. Very highly recommended Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  4. Turned Barrels OrangeHobby 1:35 OrangeHobby continue to enlarge their portfolio of armoured subjects with this superb selection of new turned barrels to fit some of the latest armour releases. The barrels are all beautifully turned and come with additional features to make the completed models even more detailed. [G35-128-58] The first set contains a replacement 1:35 NSV machine gun barrel for the no particular kit, just any that has this machine gun mounted. The main barrel and under barrel reciprocation tube are of turned brass, whilst all the fittings are in photo etched nickel plated brass. It will build up into a very detailed unit, complete with folding rear sight and will make a great addition to the finished model. Vehicles which use this weapon, include Finnish Leopard 2R’s, PASI APC and Nasu Transport, Russian T-72, T-64 and T-80 MBT’s, and a whole host of other vehicles used around the world. [G35-130-80] This barrel set is the only one that actually comes in its own box. Designed for the Dragon 1:35 M48A3 the set comes with the turned alluminium barrel, and interestingly designed two part muzzle brake, also in alluminium and a soft resin dust sleeve for where the barrel enters the turret. This is the only part the will need some cleaning up, but nothing too taxing. [G35-133-96] This large barrelled set is for the Trumpeter 1:35 2S7 203mm SPG. The set comes in two poly sleeves, with a single card header. One sleeve contains the main barrel and breech end joint, whilst the other contains four hydraulic rams which are a combination of turned alluminium and resin, along with a separate resin end cap for the barrel and an etch brass sheet containing the rifling for the interior of the muzzle, to give some semblance of realism. [G35-137-98] This barrel is for the Trumpeter 1:35 2S19 “Msta” 152mm SPG and is a combination of three brass turned barrel parts, seven etched brass parts, and four resin parts. The resin plug is fitted between the two kit parts that make up the base of the barrel, followed by two etched rings and centre barrel section, which has four etched braces glued around its base and an attachment ring at the other end. The front section is also fitted with an etched strengthening strip before being glued to the centre section. The three piece resin muzzle brake is then assembled and glued to the end of the barrel. The finished barrel is then fitted to the kits trunnion part and the two reciprocation tubes glued underneath. [G35-141-88] This next barrel set is for the Dragon M-103A1 and consist of a turned brass barrel which has then been added to the mould for the resin sections to be moulded around the barrel. The muzzle end is fitted with an attachment ring and muzzle. The resin parts on the barrel are joined together by a long sprue section with just a single sprue gate on each which shouldn’t take too much cleaning up. [G35-146-96] The final barrel set is of the Rheinmetall 120mm L44 for the Meng 1:35 Leopard 2A4, even though the etch does state it's for the 2A5 variant. As with the M-103A1 barrel, OH have turned the main barrel section, this time out of alluminium, and placed it into the resin mould so that the parts can be moulded integrally to the metal part, although this time the sprue gates are much large and will take a fair bit more cleaning up. The set also comes with a sheet of etched nickel plated brass, resin muzzle mounted sight, four brass rings and a rubber dust cover. Two of the rings are each fitted with etched parts to represent the locking rings and another etched part which needs to be bent into a hexagonal shape, which, with the other rings make up the barrels muzzle. The areas around where the resin has been moulded will need to be cut away and cleaned up before fitting. Conclusion It’s great to see OrangeHobby continuing with their production of armour parts and this selection of barrels also shows that their attention to detail is all being kept to a high standard. Although not everyone feels the need for replacement barrels, these really do add an improved look to the completed model. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  5. Gun Barrels and Static Wicks 1:48 Master This months releases from Master Models include these six sets for 1:48 scale aircraft. Four of the sets are the more usual replacement barrels, but there are two sets that contain the important, but rarely thought about static discharge wicks, for those modellers for whom detail is everything. [AM-48-110] – This set contains two turned brass 20mm cannon and two resin fairings, which are designed for use with the Airfix Spitfire Vb. The resin parts fit straight into the slot provided in the kits wing leading edges, after which the barrels can be glued into the fairings. No cutting required, other than removing them from their moulding block, although I imagine, but could be wrong, that a little fettling will be needed to fair the resin parts into the wing. [AM-48-111] – Designed for the Tamiya Mk.II/Mk.VI Mosquito, this set contains four replacement machine gun barrels, complete with separate perforated cooling jacket and four 20mm cannon muzzles which require the kit parts to be removed before these can be attached. The set also includes a replacement pitot probe for the fin. [AM-48-112] – Rather unusually, this set doesn’t contain machine gun or cannon barrels. Instead it contains sixteen static discharge wicks, as used by the F-16. Naturally they can be used on any model of the Fighting Falcon in this scale, and whilst extremely small, could be the icing on the cake when it comes to making a really detailed model. [AM-48-113] – As with the set above, this set also contains static discharge wicks. Only this time they are for Russian aircraft, and whilst it states they are for use on modern Russian Sukhoi jets, they could probably be used on most Russian jets, although they are of a rather unusual design, so best check your references before use. They are even smaller than the wicks in the F-16 set, so don’t forget your finest tweezers and a optivisor type device, as you’re going to need them. [AM-48-114] – Back to sets containing barrels, this set is for any P-38 Lightning. The set contains the early armament 0.5” barrels, with separate perforated cooling jackets, plus early and late 20mm cannon muzzles. [AM-48-115] – Also for the P-38, this time though these barrels are for a specific type, the P-38M and contains replacement 0.5” machine gun barrels, plus 20mm cannon muzzle, each complete with conical flash hiders. Conclusion Master Models just seem to be able to churn these sets out, but still keep the quality we have come to expect from them. The addition of the static discharge wicks add another dimension to the detail of a model and are usually left off most kits. Did I say how small these parts are? They are so small, my, fairly decent camera and lens couldn’t focus on them properly, as such the photos of the wick sets are of the 1:32 items, though the shapes are very much the same. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  6. Maritime Accessories 1:700 Master Models As with their 1:350 range Master Models continue to build up their range of 1:700 scale armament sets, and they are also including the other accessories as seen in the larger scale. Some of the parts are ridiculously small, and there must be some kind of magic to be able to turn parts as small as these. [700-043] The first set contains 10 barrels, depicting the British 12” gun as used by the battleships Lord Nelson, Dreadnought, Bellerophon, plus Battlecruisers Invincible and Indefatigable. These barrels do have a tiny bit of flash that will need to be removed before fitting. [700-044] This set contains 26 12pdr (3”/50) 18cwt QF Mark 1 barrels as used in the Dreadnought, Lord Nelson, King Edward VII and Minotaur classes. These tiny turned barrels beggar belief in how something so small can be turned. [700-045] This set is the equivalent of those in reviewed in 1:350, but even smaller, and consists of a selection of turned brass yardarms. The contains two of each size which are 5mm, 7.5mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 15mm, and 17.5mm. As with the larger scale yards, these are very prone to being bent, more so, in-fact, so great care should be taken removing them from the packaging and when handling them during a build. [700-046] As with the larger scale set, this second set of yardarms provides the modeller with another six yards, similar to the above set, but of the larger yards. There is one yard per size and come in 20mm, 22.5mm, 25mm, 27.5mm, 30mm and 32.5mm. Oh yes! These and the other yardarms were blooming hard to photograph. Conclusion I thought that the parts in the 1:350 scale sets I reviewed were small, but these sets take the biscuit. They are just so exquisite though and a wonder of the turning art. I’d love to see the machines these are made on. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  7. Gun Barrels and Static Wicks 1:32 Master Yet more releases from Master Models, but this time we have eight sets for 1:32 scale aircraft. Similar to the 1:48 scale sets reviewed earlier there are six sets of replacement barrels, and two sets of static discharge wicks. [AM-32-081] – This set contains two turned brass 20mm conical, (early) cannon fairings, two stubs and two muzzles, which have been designed for the Tamiya Spitfire IXe/XVIe. As with all these sets, they are direct replacement for the kit parts, but with a better look to them. [AM-32-082] – Also designed for the Tamiya Spitfire IXe/XVIe, this set contains two turned brass 20mm rounded, (late) cannon fairings, two stubs and two muzzles. [AM-32-083] – This set has been designed to fit the Tamiya Mosquito kit, and consists of four .303 Browning barrels, and their associated perforated cooling jackets, and four 20mm cannon muzzles, along with their associated spring sections. As with the 1:48 set, this set also contains a replacement pitot probe. [AM-32-084] – This is an upscaled counterpart to the 1:48 set that contains sixteen static discharge wicks for any F-16 kits. Even in this scale they are quite small, but a little easier to photograph and I presume, use. [AM-32-085] – As with the set above, this set is the larger scale counterpart of the 1:48 scale set for the Russian static discharge wicks. Again for use on Sukhoi aircraft, but may be of use on Migs as well, just check your references. These are certainly unusually shaped and quite distinctive. [AM-32-086] – This set if for early armament barrels for the P-38 and contains four 50 cal barrels, each of a different length, their attachment collars and drilled cooling jackets, plus the single 20mm cannon muzzle. [AM-32-087] – Also for the P-38, this time though these barrels are for a specific a late armament fitting and contains replacement 50 cal machine gun barrels, this time with covered cooling jackets, attachment collars, and the 20mm cannon muzzle. [AM-32-088] – Also for the P-38, this time though these barrels are for a the P-38M and contains replacement 50 cal machine gun barrels, attachment collars, and the 20mm cannon muzzle, each of which are fitted with cone like flash hiders. Conclusion There’s not a lot more I can say, that I haven’t said before. These are great replacements for the kit parts and give a higher fidelity that injection moulding cannot readily match. The perforations on the P-38 cooling jackets are superb and the static discharge wicks, well, actually all the parts are beautifully turned. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  8. Russian Machine Gun Barrels 1:35 Master Continuing our journey through the bundle of review items that Master Models very kindly sent us, we have here three sets of Russian 14.5mm heavy machine gun barrels. Each packet holds just one barrel, along with the cooling jacket, etched sights and resin handles. Whilst this is ok for the type used on the BTR-60/70/80s and BRDMs the other two are for use with ZPU 1/2/3/4 systems, for which you will need to buy up to three more barrels to complete the model. [GM-35-009] – This barrel comes with the elongated cooling slots on the jacket and is to be used on the ZPU systems. [GM-35-010] – Also to be used on the ZPU systems is this version of the barrel which has round cooling holes on the external jacket. [GM-35-011] – This barrel can be used on all the vehicles mentioned above, although it was widely used on many other vehicles so you will need to carry out some research before buying. Conclusion There’s not much more I can say about these sets other than be a little wary of the BTR version cooling sleeve with the elongated holes as it has a tendency to bend quite easily. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  9. Armour Detail Sets OrangeHobby 1:35 OrangeHobby are producing a fine selection of detail sets and their ever increasing range appears to have something for every 1:35 armour modeller. The five sets reviewed here are some of their newest and include aerials, machine gun barrels and even hydraulic actuators. [G35-118-36] The first set contains a replacement 20mm cannon barrel for the Meng AMX-30B2 and consists of a simple drop in replacement for the kit part. The main barrel is turned complete with the prominent recoil spring and really does look the part. Once the separate muzzle brake is attached, complete with the drilled holes, it will make a great addition to the kit. [G35-119-48] This set contains a selection of German aerials, four long and two short and come complete with four turned brass parts that represent the rubber mounts. There appears to be a slight amount of flash on the bottom of some of the aerials which will need to be nipped off before use. The mounts are simply glued into position on the particular aerial the attached to the model via a pre drilled 0.5mm hole. As with most metal aerials these are very sharp, and care should be taken when displaying the model as anyone getting too close a look could take their eye out. [G35-120-58] This set is very similar to the previous set, only it provides a set of aerials as used on modern Russian vehicles. There are four long and two short aerials contained in the poly bag along with the two part aerial mounts. The mounts are assembled, after which they just slip on to the base of the aerial and added to the model. Unlike the German set, these aerials are completely flash free and can be used straight out of the pack. The general warning about using these aerials is as per the above set. [G35-128-58] This set provides a replacement barrel and fittings for any kits version of the NSV 12.7mm heavy machine gun, both tripod mounted, and in the AA role as fitted to tanks like the T-72, T-64 and T-80. The kit parts will need to be modified to allow the fitting of the turned brass barrel and recuperator, plus the etched nickel straps, sights and clamps. If the modification is done correctly it will make a world of difference to the standard parts found in most kits. [G35-134-48] This final set is designed to replace the pistons and actuators in the Meng D9R “Doobi” armoured bulldozer. The clever part of this set is that the turned alluminium parts are then moulded into the resin fixture rings, making them direct replacements without the need to cut or modify the existing kit parts, although the resin sections do require a bit of a clean up. The two long turned alluminium parts are again direct replacement for the kit parts and slide into the kit fittings. Overall these parts will not only give extra strength to the completed model but the metal will not need to be painted, only weathered. Conclusion Although these sets provide a varied selection of parts, it does show that OH aren’t just trying not to copy what a lot of other companies are releasing. The quality of the parts is very high and what with the ease of use, they should be able to be used by all but the most novice of modellers. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Orange Hobby.com
  10. Fairey Firefly brass barrels. 1:48 1:48 Master Models Another three sets in the batch of new releases to arrive at BM are all designed for 1:48 Fairey Firefly kits. You’ll need to do your research on which type you need for which variant, but whichever set you choose they will be a vast improvement on the styrene parts. [AM-48-095] – This set contains four 20mm cannon with uncovered barrels and come with the four two part barrels, four of each of the two types of fairings and four springs. You will need to drill out the location holes to 1.5mm before fitting your choice of fairing. The two barrel parts are then joined together with the tiny spring fitted at the join. The barrel assemblies are then glued into the fairings. Be aware, the springs are tiny and could be easily devoured by the carpet monster. [AM-48-096] – The four cannon fairings in this set are simple replacements of the kit parts and depict the long fairings which were predominantly used on the early version. To fit, just open up the location holes to 1.5mm and glue into position. [AM-48-097] – As per the set above these are direct replacements but depict the shorter barrel fairings generally used on later marks. The location holes need to be opened up to 1.5mm before fitting. Conclusion Master Models just seem to be able to churn these sets out, but still keep the quality we have come to expect from them. All you have to do is choose your weapon to match the particular variant of Firefly you’re building Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  11. USS Indianapolis replacement barrels 1:350 Master The latest sets received from Master Models provide items for two manufactures interpretations of the USS Indianapolis. Both sets include brass/aluminium barrels for the main and secondary armament, 9 pieces for the 8” guns and 8 pieces for the 5” guns. Whereas the Academy set just has the barrels, the Trumpeter set also comes with three resin trunnions for the main guns. The barrels are superbly done and bring a real scale diameter which injection moulded items can’t seem to match. Academy Trumpeter Conclusion These barrels make for a simple upgrade to either kit that will really enhance the look with that extra finesse they bring to a model. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  12. Bismarck Barrel Sets Master Barrels 1:200 Just arrived at BM Towers are these three sets for the huge Trumpeter 1:200 Bismarck. As is usual the stand of manufacture is superb with even the smallest barrel detailed with various strengthening rings etc. The sets provide enough barrels to arm the complete model. You get eight 15” in set SM-200-006, twelve 5.9”, sixteen 105mm in set SM-200-007 and sixteen 37mm, twelve 20mm C/30, 8 20mm C/38 in set SM-200-008. Both the 15” and 5.9” barrels are produced in turned aluminium making them surprisingly light which won’t strain the glue attaching them to their respective barrels. The smaller barrels are all done in turned brass and really do bring a finesse that injection moulding cannot hope to reproduce. Conclusion You really can’t go wrong with using these barrels for such a wonderful kit. Although some might say that the kits 15” barrels are already good enough, there is something about have a metal barrel that seems to give a model a lift in the detail stakes. Of course you don’t have to buy all three sets which is why Master Models have released them separately to give the modeller a choice. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
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