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Found 20 results

  1. This figure was completed alongside my 1/48 Mosquito build. It’s a figure from Barracuda Studios depicting an RAF pilot (or navigator!) in late-war garb. Casting detail is nice, although there was noticeable mold slip on the legs which was tricky to clean up due to the folds in the cloth. Paints are acrylic, mostly an assortment of Vallejo and GW. Comments and critique welcome.
  2. Special Hobby is to release a new tool 1/72nd Fairey Barracuda Mk.II/.III kit - ref.SH72306 Source: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2016/Bilder_AT/Special_Hobby_11.htm V.P.
  3. Barracuda Studios is to re-release a 1:48 P-51D decal sheet with markings for five aircraft: 1) P-51D-20-NA "Double Trouble Two," 353rd Fighter Group, 352nd Fighter Squadron, 8th Air Force Flown by Lt. Colonel “Wild” Bill Bailey. 2) P-51D-15-NA Mustang “The Millie G,” 55th Fighter Group, 343rd Fighter Squadron, 8th Air Force Flown by Major Edward Giller. 3) P-51D-15-NA Mustang “Amorous Len III,” 357th Fighter Group, 363rd Fighter Squadron, 8th Air Force Flown by Captain Reager. Yoxford Airfield, England, 1944-45. This fictional airplane can be easily adapted by the clever modeler to represent another well known aircraft. 4) P-51D-5-NA Mustang “Lou IV," 361st Fighter Group, 375th Fighter Squadron, 8th Air Force Flown by Lt. Col. Thomas Christian. 5) P-51D-15-NA Mustang “Alabama Rammer Jammer” 353rd Fighter Group, 352nd Fighter Squadron, 8th Air Force Flown by Lt. Arthur Cundy. According to www.1999.co.jp/eng/, the decal sheet is to be released in January 2019, but it's been on preorder since November 22. Wanting to get my hands on the markings for "Amorous Len III," I went and preordered (first time in my life) the decal sheet from Barracuda Studios website for 11.95$ plus 8$ for shipping. Recommended kits are the Hasegawa and Tamiya P-51Ds in 1:48. Link to to the Barracuda website: http://barracudacals.com/proddetail.php?prod=BC48011 Link to www.1999.co.jp/eng/ website: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/m/10157689 Link to Hannants website: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BC48011
  4. I'm about to start building the Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster kit inspired by Johnny @The Spadgent build, and thought I'm not happy with the plastic pieces brought in the Tamiya kit. Was looking for some resin replacements - the better if hollowed ones - and I just stumbled upon these Barracuda sets for the Spitfire Mk.XIX Do you think they could ever pass as exhaust stacks for the Lancaster engines? Yeh, will need to get four sets of 'em, but I still prefer to do so before using those in the "Temia" kit. Thanks in "they're" advance, blokes. Cheers, Unc2
  5. Hi everyone Once my 1/72 Airfix DC3 Dakota Mk IV is finished I'll be making a start on a 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk IXc. I've built the Mk XIV flavoured version of the phenomenal Tamiya Spitfire and after seeing Navy Bird's build here on this very site I've decided to bump it up on my to build list. My Spitfire Mk XIV finished as WX*V, TD240, 302 Polish Sqn, Germany 1945. For this build I will be using the resin goodies from available from Barracudacast.. I'll also utilise some bits and bobs from the Eduard Spitfire Mk IX early interior.. the Sutton QS Harness will be made up from the items available from RB productions.. The IP will be made up from elements of the products available from Airscale.. I'll add the missing rocker cover logos from some etch items from Iconicair.. For references I have the Wings and Wheels Publications Spitfire LF.Mk IX in detail.. and I also have access to the rather splendid resource Spitfire Mk IX & XVI engineered by Paul H Monforton available from Monforton press I intend to finish her as EN286, flown by Lt Eric Robinson, 1 Sqn RAAF, Luqa, Malta, June 1943 and for this I'll use the super mask set K32271 produced by Montex. Well I think that's everything! Cheers everyone Iain
  6. FROG 1/72 Barracuda Mk.II 829 Squadron , Fleet Air Arm, HMS Victorious  Flew on the mission to Attack the German Battleship Tirpitz, 1944 This kit has been in the stash so long, I honestly can't remember when I bought it. The recent Carriers Ahoy Group Build on here offered the perfect opportunity to build this one. Work in progress link below. Let me know what you think cheers Pat
  7. Stand by your beds everyone another GB is upon us. Is it me me or does there seem to be more of them and less time to finish things ? I have gone for a real "Stash Queen" ie it's been hanging around for years, no doubt loosing bits every time it's been moved. However all is not lost as I have another one that should supply any missing parts. A couple of bits have been glues together but well below the 25% allowed. I'm going for the Tirpitz version Good luck everyone cheers Pat
  8. Hi all, I recently picked up this kit and thought I'd share my progress on BM Obligatory sprue shot Before I begin is there are faults or problems in this kit that should know about before I start? -Cam
  9. Barracuda Crew Members - Standing 1:72 CMK I have to confess that this set of crew members for Special Hobby's rather excellent Fairey Barracuda dropped onto my door mat some time ago. For some reason they were put to one side and subsequently forgotten about. Thanks to Mike and his accursed spreadsheet, however, I have been prodded into bringing you this review As per the title, the set includes three crew members, all in the standing position. This means you just need a section of flight deck and you have an interesting diorama in which to display your model. The figures are well detailed and nicely cast. Two of the crew members are cast in one piece, while the third has seperately cast hands. Conclusion These figures make an excellent addition to Special Hobby's very own Barracuda. I dare say they could be adapted for use with a number of other WWII-era Royal Navy kites too. Detail and quality of manufacturer are both good. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  10. This is going to be a slow build, because I really want to get it right. Based on the Special Hobby 1/48 Barracuda, I am planning to build this aircraft: It is a Fairey Barracuda Mark III, PM 933 / N6L, of 810 NAS, and it will be depicted as it was when flying from RAF Beccles in Spring 1945 on anti-E-Boat patrols off Holland and Belgium; I was electrified to see that this very airframe is one of the profiles in the Barracuda From The Cockpit book - but note how battered the nose is, in particular. This is a weary veteran! The photo above was actually taken a couple of months later (though the aircraft is unchanged), when the squadron was working up with HMS Queen before setting off for the Far East, though they never got further than the Irish Sea as the Bomb was dropped first (my Dad always used to claim that the bomb had nothing to do with it: they heard he was coming, so just gave up). The Pilot is my Uncle, Ted Hartwell, and the Looker my Dad, Bill Morton (both, alas, no longer with us); their TAG (when flown, which was rarely) was Leading Airman "Tex" Northover. [uncle Ted married my Dad's sister after the war]. For obvious reasons I want to make this one good; though the aircrew are no longer around to see it, my Mum is and it will be a present to her. I have two copies of the Special Hobby kit - one the bog standard Mk II, and one the 'Hi-Tech" Mk II/III - the latter obtained at the weekend via eBay (which at least solves the ASV radome issue). I also have a CMK Merlin III, ready to be modified into a Merlin 32 (following some excellent advice from Britmodellers over in the WWII discussion forum). The Bren Gun Barra II/III detailing kit has been ordered, but not yet arrived. It probably seems wasteful to some of you on here to have 2 kits, but the second kit was bought as an insurance policy to allow me to make the wing fold etc modifications right, with some back-up available in case of disaster. Makes me feel more comfortable when doing radical surgery, anyway! I plan to build it with wings folded and at least one engine cowling open - probably both - with maintenance work going on. I have a different picture of Dad's, taken of a 744 NAS Barra at Maydown in 1946, which has given me some ideas for the diorama aspects. There is also a great pic on p44 of Barracuda From The Cockpit, of an aircraft being worked on at North Front, which has given me inspiration. This will not be a speedy build, because I am working on others at the same time - for instance I plan to do the Gazelle in which I did my first rotary solo for the Helicopter GB starting in a couple of weeks, and something else (not yet decided) for the slightly later FAA GB. The Barra, being a labour of love, will be the thing I turn to occasionally for slow-time relaxation, and might take months! One plea; if anyone has any reference material which shows the engine installation, open cowlings or whatever, than I'd love to see it. I have the aforementioned book (which has some good shots in it), I have the Flight cutaway drawings, and I have photos of the FAA Museum nose (both with and without the restoration which is currently going on), but there doesn't seem to be much else around that shows the engine bay. I may have to make educated guesses, but I'd rather model from evidence if it is available.
  11. Avis is to release soon a 1/72nd EADS Barracuda UAV kit - ref. BX72029 Source: http://hobbyterra.com/product/eads-barracuda-uav-avis-72029.html Box art V.P.
  12. Barracuda Mk. II "Home Fleet" 1:72 Special Hobby The Fairey Barracuda was an all-metal torpedo/dive bomber, designed to replace its Fairey stablemates, the Swordfish and the Albacore. Although vastly more modern than the aforementioned aircraft, the ungainly Barracuda had a mixed service career. It achieved some fame for the part it played in the successful attack on the German battleship Tirpitz in April 1944, but when deployed to the Pacific theatre, the high temperatures and high altitude requirement were not a good match for the Barracuda's abilities. Despite the fact that in excess of 2500 Barracudas rolled off the production line by the end of the War, none survive intact today. The Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton is, however, slowly rebuilding an example from recovered wreckage, so there is hope for fans of this rather interesting aircraft. This is Special Hobby's second attempt at the Barracuda. Their first was a traditional, short-run injection moulded kit initially released in 1999 under the MPM label. Although that was a massive improvement over the old FROG kit, the world of scale modelling has moved on since then. Happily, Special Hobby have moved with the times, to the point that they are now able to offer a completely new kit produced from all-metal moulds. As you might expect, the new kit is a quantum leap over its predecessor, both in terms of detail and overall quality. Apart from three sprues of nicely moulded grey plastic, the box also contains a single clear sprue and a decal sheet with marking options for two aircraft. Construction starts with a reasonably well detailed cockpit. This sub-assembly is effectively split into two main parts. The forward cockpit includes a pilot's seat in three parts, a floor pan, side consoles, rear bulkhead and control column. An instrument panel and rudder pedals are also included. The rear cockpit includes the other two crew seats, radio kit and other details. The inside of the fuselage halves also feature some sidewall detail. The overall effect is a pleasingly detailed cockpit, which is just as well given the large canopy that is a characteristic of their aircraft. The only improvement I could suggest would be the addition of a set of photo etched harnesses, if you happen to have some available. Before the fuselage halves can be joined, the shackle for the torpedo must be fitted to the belly of the aircraft. The fuselage side windows are fitted from the outside, so there should be no danger of them popping out of the frame and rattling around inside the fuselage. Construction of the wing is fairly conventional. The wing itself is split into upper and lower halves, between which are sandwiched the walls of the main landing gear bays. These might be slightly fiddly to fit, but the level of moulded detail should mean they look terrific once finished. The light in the leading edge of the port wing must also be fitted at this point. Ailerons are moulded in place, but the Barracuda's distinctive dive brake flaps are separate parts, as are the wingtip formation lights. The horizontal stabiliser has the elevators moulded in place, and rudder is moulded as part of the vertical stabiliser. The Barracuda's ungainly landing gear is quite nice and each wheel is split vertically. The distinction between wheel and tyre could be clearer, but with careful painting they should look fine. The airscrew is moulded in six parts, which each of the four blades moulded separately. You will need to take care when assembling this part in order to make sure that everything lines up properly. The canopy is moulded as a single solid part. The canopy is thin and clear but the frame lines could be a little crisper. Ordnance comes in the form of a large torpedo and a single bomb. Bombe racks for the underside of the outer wings are also included. The outer wing locking plungers and radar antennas are both present and correct. The exhaust parts can be fitted from the outside, which means they can be painted separately and then added at the end of the build. Two decal options are provided: Barracuda Mk.II LS556 (or LS550) of 829 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Victorious, May 1944. This was one of the aircraft that successfully hit the Tirpitz during Operation Tungsten. Barracuda Mk.II BV937 of 830 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Furious, 1944. This aircraft also took part in Operation Tungsten. Both aircraft are finished in Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey over Sky. The decals themselves look great on the sheet and a full set of stencils is provided too. Conclusion It's great to have a brand new tool of this important (if not especially attractive) aircraft. The overall shape looks ok, while the quality of moulding, treatment of surface detail and the rendering of parts such as the cockpit are all very good indeed. Overall, this is a really nice kit which is already tempting me to build it, if I can find the time. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  13. We have the excellent looking Special Hobby 1/72 Barracuda back in stock now (well, for nearly a week now!). We had people back order this one but no one has bought it since we restocked, we'll have to reconsider the back order service if this keeps happening. Anyway here it is - http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/sh72306--172-fairey-barracuda-mkii-home-fleet-5296-p.asp thanks Mike
  14. Hi everyone. My Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire Mk XVIe built as TD240, 302 Sqn (Polish) Germany 1945. I used the rather brilliant after market sets from Barracuda, with additional detail added using Airscale decal sets. I did a little scratch building in the cockpit by adding wires and valves as well as adding some more detail to the engine. Those eagle eyed amongst you will see that I added Rolls Royce rocker cover logos, I know that these are wrong as the motor was built under licence by Packard,but it was too late to try and remove them. The kit was painted with Tamiya acrylics with all the roundels, fin flashes and codes being painted using Montex masks and she was weathered using Tamiya weathering sets, pastels and oil washes. Sorry about the rubbish photos,I'll try and take some better ones out side if the weather ever improves! The WIP can be found here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234981952-tamiya-132-spitfire-mk-xvie-finished-4-april/ Thanks for all of the encouragement and here's til next time. Iain
  15. Kit manufacturer: Hasegawa (Kit no. E26) Scale: 1/72 Type: B-26C Marauder Extras used: Eduard Photoetch Zoom Set Paints and colours used: Alclad, Gunze, Tamiya This particular Marauder - "Barracuda" belonged to 495th Bomb Squadron, 344 Bomb Group. Any comments appreciated Best regards Rune Haugen
  16. Hi, From deep archive shelf - Fairey Swordfish Mk I and Fairey Barracuda. Both kits by Frog (or rather Novo). Both those Faireys nemes are of fishies. I made them about 1992-3. Swordfish was my first ever build with riging. Swordfish is from 700 Sq. FAA, HMS Malaya, Mediterranean Sea 1941. In some sources I found that she should wear letter "M" on side - some others were not saying this. I made with letter... Here she is: Barracuda Mk II from 812 Squadron HMS Vengeance, Pacific, 1945 (decals by early Techmod - thick ....) Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  17. After the Leopard, time for an aircraft, now you can never have enough spitfires, so it's spitfire time. The lovely tamiya kit, but rather than the Mk IX wanted to be slightly different, and not do an Ocean Grey / Green one. I may have one or two extras for this, oh all right, maybee 6 or 7...... Work starts as expected with the cockpit - aluminium for the most part, but interior grey green ( Agama Red Top - Alcohol based paint ) for the main section of the cockpit The rest of the day was spent with the Instrument panel, and control column. The control column is the Barracuda resin replacement, with the added cables, and the additional decals on the instrument panels - these really do add something to the panel. Finally I started assembling the harness - glueing grommits into holes Peter
  18. Finished today, this is the Tamiya 1/32nd Spitfire VIII kit with extras from Barracuda, Eduard, Master, Quickboost and Radub. Constructed as one of 152 Sqdn's mounts from Burma in late 1944. Painted mainly with Gunze Aqueous paints, and weathered with pastels and oils. Mostly loved this kit, but the Engine cowlings are a pain ( might be due to the AM rocker covers), and some of the swappable parts are basically pointless. Also you are left with holes to fit the slipper tank. I am happy how it's turned out though. Build Thread is available here Peter
  19. Was'on For my next build I will be tackling Hasegawa's Hawker Typhoon. First order of business was to remove the cockpit coaming as per the Barracuda resin instructions... Before I started this build I was aware of fit issues with the cockpit inserts and after a search of the internet it became apparent that the easiest way of correcting the problem was to glue the inserts to the fuselage sides ensuring that you have a good fit, this will however leave a gap between the fuselage half's that will need filling... Well that's all I've managed this evening. See you dreckly Yours aye Iain
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