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Found 3 results

  1. Pre-pre-amble: I know I have other things on the go. I don't care. I'm fed up with them and want something easy. I've been working loads recently and even any modelling time has been hijacked with work, the latest being a pair of Bf109s to go on the table at the Scottish Nationals at Perth next weekend as part of a general drive to show what the paints look like on the models. I'm not enjoying these. There's nothing wrong with the little Airfix kits, but it's not my scale and I don't like making models to deadlines (I sprint from one deadline to the next in real life and don't need any more at home). They're almost done, but they're a chore. The project: I wanted to start this little project months ago but I don't get the time to do much for myself, or at least I don't get much time when I'm not also burned out and sat like a zombie or sat answering emails at 10:30pm. I grew up and still live in the north east of Scotland. It's home and I like it here. I like how unpopulated it is, how quiet and technical rural roads can be and I like little reminders dotted around of the past, something largely bulldozed and redeveloped long since further south. I live roughly equidistant from most of the military airfields from WW2 in the area; Dyce, Peterhead, Dallachy, Banff, Crimmond, with Lossiemouth and Kinloss not that much further. But for a few subtle memorials dotted around it's generally not that well known that the Banff Strike Wing existed at all here, nor how prolific they were at the time. I decided to build a few aircraft that took part in what is now known as "Black Friday" - the 9th of February 1945, a raid on Germany destroyer Z33 in a Norwegian fjord which to be honest was probably the worst day of the war for the wing and indeed they racked up the worst losses of any Coastal Command wing during the whole war. First up is the sole Mustang lost during the raid. This was a Mustang III from 65 Squadron, temporarily based at Dallachy I understand at this point (RAF Peterhead where 65Sqn and 19Sqn Mustangs were usually based was having runway work done for around 2 months). The aircraft was HB836 and carried squadron codes YT-N. The pilot, W/O Cecil Claude Caesar, was assisting a 404 Sqn Beaufighter when he was shot down by Unteroffizier Heinz Orlowski in Fw190F-8 "White 1". Caesar was reportedly hit but kept on the offensive before crashing in to a pine forest on the side of a mountain. Two teenage Norwegian boys climbed the mountain hoping to rescue Caesar but he was dead when they reached him. Some German military arrived and had the boys extract Caesar's body from the wreckage and take him down the mountain on a sleigh to be buried. Orlowski himself was hit and forced to bail out by then too low, but was tangled on the way out and hit the ground hard with a partially opened parachute, causing an avalanche in the snow and somehow igniting the flare pistol in his pocket badly burning him. The model: For this I am returning to my preferred scale of 1/48, and will use the Tamiya kit: To help me along with minimal effort, I'm using some Ultracast resin bits: New propeller New seat New wheels I will get new exhausts for it too. Probably. Last night I sprayed a base coat of Colourcoats ACUS09 ANA611 Interior Green on the cockpit, some ACUS24 Dull Dark Green on the seat and cockpit combing and aluminium in various places. I am trying to confirm the colour of the fuselage fuel tank. I've found no photographs yet but black would seem an educated assumption if it's a self-sealing tank. If anyone can contribute here I'd appreciate that! I was about to spray the wheel wells aluminium with yellow zinc chromate spars but concluded that I couldn't live with the kit inaccuracy here despite my desire for a quick and easy build, and late last night ordered a resin wheel well insert by Vector via the nice man at Neomega. I received an email notification this morning saying it was dispatched, which is excellent. http://www.neomega-resin.com/p-51b-wheel-wells-469-p.asp In addition to this, I have already got some Xtradecal RAF squadron code letters in Sky and another set of registration code letters in black. To end the first post, if anyone has an actual photograph of HB836 I'd love to see it now rather than after I've built it with some assumptions based on typical aircraft I've found
  2. Evening, Final bits n pieces fitted this afternoon, and I'm calling this done. Built straight out the box, decals and all. Only additions were some tape seat belts, oh and I cheated on the canopy masking with an Eduard set. Flory models panel line wash and weathered further with pastels. I have already noticed a couple of omissions, the gear doors are a tad too clean. Given their location aft of the the lower side of the engine, I suspect these would be far from clean! I have left the wire antenna off just now as the mast had not set when I took the pics. Lessons learnt.......again, must fit, blend and polish the nav lights way before we get to the painting stage! Fortunately the fit wasn't too bad but it's still really noticeable that these have been fitted at the end. Anyway here's a few pics taken in the sun this afternoon, yes, sun again, no snow today just hail earlier! Hope you like her Had to do a wee bit of taxiing and marshalling to find her a wee spot on the shelf though! Thanks, Eng
  3. Morning guys, i was not sure at first, if i should show this one here, but even though it did not turn out as good as i hoped for, there are still parts of the build with which i m happy So, i decided to give it a try This is Mosquito FB Mk.VI from the very nice Tamiya 1/72 kit. It was built as part of Less than a tenner group build here on BM, here is WIP link for anyone interested http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234955313-mosquito-fb-mkvi-172-tamiya-finished-yea-lets-call-it-that/ . The goal was to keep the spirit of the GB, so no aftermarket stuff was used, just scratchbuild using some evergreens, wires and home scrapyard. I was running out of time at the end, so i had to ignore some ideas i had and mossie is not carrying full load of rockets/bombs she should, ll be added later hopefuly The list of changes/additions would be quite long, so just in short: - new cockpit + inner construction inside the canopy frame - new interior in the fuselage behind/between wings - new bomb bay (back one, ran out of time to add the front one, though the front bomb bay doors are glued with white glue so i ll be able to add there later) - new rocket launchers + guards between launchers and fuel tanks (there should be 4 rockets under each wing) - some more details added here and there The camo should be the RS625 NE*D. The plane was originaly painted with light grey overall + green fields on top side, later repainted with extra dark sea grey on top and sky on bottomside. On some areas the original camouflage was showing through the EDSG. I tried to achieve the effect on the kit too, its quite good visible on live and on photos taken outside, but i dont have good enough camera (using phone) and lights to show it good on the photos taken inside.. Anyway, here are some of the better photos (speaking about "yay i can see something here", not about the build or photos quality ) + few shots from the building stage, to show some details you could not see otherwise most likely. The interior Mix of little parts (doors, etc) Few shots taken outside And some shots taken inside Two shots taken with not so good light conditions, was trying to use desk lamp but it created somehow special effects.. Thanks all for looking and hope you could see at least something on the photos, i should realy think about geting some better photo equipment.. All tips are welcome guys
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