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Found 12 results

  1. Just finished the B-727/100, Stretched VEB 1/100 to version 200, home made decals
  2. Here is the Revell Boeing 727-100 in the classic orange and blue of Hapag-Lloyd circa 1984. The inspiration was this, one of my all time favourite airliner photos, although my model depicts an earlier version of the livery. The kit first appeared in 1964 and has been reissued on and off since, most recently in the colours of Germania whose 727s were actually leased from Hapag-Lloyd. Although it’s probably the most accurate injection-moulded 1/144 727, the Revell kit suffers from sunken windows, raised detail and rashes of rivets. However with a bit of t.l.c. it scrubs up quite nicely and my aim was to create a reasonable likeness rather than absolute accuracy. Anyone who wants the perfect 727 will need to look to Authentic Airliners. The outline shape is pretty good but to my eyes the windscreen is slightly too upright and the tip of the nose cone is too blunt. I replaced the cockpit with the spare clear section from a Zvezda 738 which was an amazingly good fit. Using the Zvezda model as a pattern I added a little Milliput to the tip of the nose then sanded until everything looked OK. I don’t claim 100% accuracy but I think it’s a bit better then the original. Revell have rather overdone the slope on the top of the number two intake which makes the opening too small. Thin plastic, superglue, Milliput and a few minutes of carving and sanding quickly put things right remembering that on the 727-100 the intake was slightly oval. Still with the fuselage, there should be a faint hint of “lobe crease” level with the bottom of the main door which I represented by light scribing with a P-cutter followed by a few strokes from a triangular needle file. I’m not sure I got this quite right and I will probably rethink it if I build another Revell 727. Otherwise it was a case of getting rid of the rivets, smoothing out the lunar landscape of sink marks on the wings and re-scribing the raised lines where appropriate. I replaced the kit wheels with a resin set from Brengun intended for the Airfix -200 but easily adapted for the Revell kit. Paint is Halfords Appliance White and Racking Grey with Revell Aqua 30 Orange on the fin. Natural metal is by Tamiya and Revell Decals are by Flightpath with Authentic Airliners windows, Scaleliners coroguard and some odds and ends from the spares box. Flightpath confused themselves with the door outlines and gave us 737-style outlines with white lower sections instead of the 727s’ characteristic dark blue ones. Luckily I was able to source some thin dark blue decal stripes and curves then do a sort of decal jigsaw puzzle, mildly annoying at the time but worth the effort. Replacement nose wheel doors, pitots, aerials and other sticky-out bits are from a Daco P/E set intended for the 737. The is the third “classic” airliner kit I’ve built recently (the others were the Airfix Caravelle and DC-9) and it certainly won’t be the last. I’m already eyeing up the Airfix Comets and Tridents in my stash. Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome. Dave G
  3. Some ancient Airfix Boeing 727-100s... These kits have become rare items by now and getting sold sometimes at silly prices. I was lucky to get a collection of Airfix 727s from a modeller who cleared his stash,and among those were 2 of the 727-100 kits. Interestingly the fuselage offers separate doors and cargo doors compared to the later -200 version of Airfx and also the nose is better rendered on the -100. The rest of the parts are the same as in the -200 kit,which means also the wing fences are in the wrong spot and need to be relocated. Another interesting,yet annoying issue with all the Airfix 727s are the wings...they start to warp and bend after glueing the halves together...some more than others but they always do.No idea why this is...? Anyone has a solution to avoid this ? The TWA decals are a mix of the original Airfix decals (red window line) and a set for a -200 from 26decals that I had in my stash but never used it for a 727-200. All windows come from a 707 detail set but I am not very happy with the cockpit window and I am planning to replace it with a Authentic Airliners set. The same goes for the Delta Airlines version.This set comes from Pointerdog 7 and is very nicely printed exept the cockpit window looks a little off,but it will have to do for now. I really like these old classic liveries of TWA and esp. Delta,and I am planning to do some other airliners in those respective liveries in future. Although I like the Revell 727-100 kit better,I am still happy to have 2 of those Airfix -100s in my collection. Hope you like 'em
  4. This particular model was done by me somewhere back between 1991-1993.I cant remember exactly. Back in those days I brushpainted all my models,sometimes more successful...sometimes less... This one belonged somwhere in the middle. It was first built as Wardair Canada but over the years it had badly yellowed and also the seams were visible in some places and the overall paint was not correct compared to the real one. Last year I decided to redo the model,and give it a fresh paint and a nice new livery. I searched on Ebay and found an originial vintage Revell/Lodela decal set for Cruzeiro of Brasil. The set was bought and the renovation was on...strp off the old paint with Revell's paint remover,clean up all blemishes fill the cracks and also the cabin and cockpit windows. The main problem of the Revell 727 are the recessed cabin windows,which just look unnatural and the cockpit has no clear part,just holes. After everything was cleaned and repaired,it was time for the new paint. The decals worked well despite their age,but it was quite troublesome to get the blue sections around the front.A lot of cutting,patching (and cursing) later,it was all set and done. The Revell 727 kit is in my opinion the better option compared to the Airfix kits as it captures the lines of the 727 pretty well. Cheers First 2 pictures as she was before the redo (sorry for the quality of the pics,the ligting was unfortunately not very good)
  5. Between my renovation projects and other builds, I decided to do something easy. Hasegawas 1/200 LoveLiners are a perfect diversion from nerve shredding projects... Built straight out of the box,Hasegawa's Boeing 727 kit is still one of the best ones there is. Despite being in the tiny 1/200 scale, its probably the most accurate representation of this famous classic that is available as a plastic moulded kit. The fit is also perfect and adds for a fun and quick build. Painted with Revell and Testors enamels. Hope you like it For better viewing,Hasegawa provides a display stand,this way its also possible to place more models in the vitrine....
  6. Heller's 1/125 Boeing 727 kit is one of their more questionable ones. The overall shape is actually very good and represents the graceful lines of the 727. The cockpit area is sadly misshaped and if built up unchanged,the model looks very strange. Also the landing gear is very basic and due to my changes in the nose area it was impossible to install it properly.Thats why I decided to place the model on a display stand. I spent a long time in reshaping the nose,using tons of putty and having endless sanding sessions. During that time,I lost the hope of producing a halfway decent result and the kit went to the shelf of doom,where it sat for more than a year. Earlier this year I decided to give it another go to see if I can get it done.If not,the kit would end up in the bin... Somehow I managed to achieve an acceptable result and get it over the finishing line. It was a problematic build all along but it came out all right. Apart from the cockpit window,all decals are from the kit and at least they worked fine.The cabin windows are filled with Micro Scale Krystal Klear Cheers Even kitty made an appearance...
  7. The Boeing 727 was one of the best selling airliners from the early 60s until the end of production in 1984 with 1832 aircrafts produced. Some are still in service today. With so many airlines operating the 727 over the years,there is a great choice of liveries available. Airfix re-issued their 727-200 kit in 2010 and 2012 with nice decal sets printed by Cartograph and Revell re-issued their ancient 727-100 kit in early 2016 in the attractive Germania livery,done by Daco. I gues both kits don't need much introduction,as these have been available frequently over the years. Revell's 727 is probably the most accurate of the two,as they got the nose shape pretty much right and also some other details are better than on the Airfix kit. The wheels are a tad too big on the Revell kit,they are better done on the Airfix version. For my 727 I used the wheels from some Airfix 727 leftovers I found in my spares box. As the Airfix 727s nose shape is not the best,I decided to replace that part by the Daco windshield for the Boeing 737.It fits quite well on the 727 and improves the look significantly. The other thing I changed was the raised panellines on the wings,which I rescribed and I relocated the fence from the back to the leading edges by using plastic card. And I thined the engine exhausts by sanding them down from the inside.The plastic is too thick there. The fit of the Airfix 727 was pretty bad,the re-issues had some badly warped parts,esp.the wings and on one kit even the fuselage halves. The wings bent themselves even more after the halves had been glued together....I tried to correct them as good as possible but its still visible. On all kits I replaced the front gear doors with new ones created from plasticard in the correct size ,as on both Revell and Airfix,the doors are too short. The new decal sets are of great quality printingwise but the Iberia/Aerolineas Argentinas decal set has some serious mistakes. One piece of the aft decals had the blue reversed.Dark blue on the upper half,light blue on the lower part.Luckily I had the right colors to repaint those areas and correct that.Furthermore they forgot that the 727s door arrangement is different on the right side so the logos had to be cut off and relocated to the correct position. Being printed by Cartograph,I was surprised to find such inaccuracies.Even the Iberia set had mistakes which the instruction sheet oversaw as well. The worker was either in a hurry or a complete douchebag Revell's 727-100 is despite its age a nice little kit which is fun to build.It has no open windows,except the cockpit and no clear parts.So the windows need to be filled and replaced by decals.The very nice and detailed DACO decal set provides cockpit windows as well as cabin windows already printed on the cheatline. The sets providedes enough details to enhance the look of the finished model. On the Airfix kits I used decals from my extensive stash as well as from a detail set to further enhance the looks. Painted are all of them with Tamyia pure white from a spray can,Testors and Revell for the grey and metallic parts. It was a timeconsuming but fun project building those 4 727s simultaneously . Enjoy the pics...kitty has made a guest appearance as well.... Boeing delivery line Renton...
  8. Some of my recent builds are 2 Revell Boeing 727-100s. This kit was re-released earlier in 2016 with Germania decals,which is on my workbench at the moment among other projects. Its a very nice kit given its age and quite accurate compared to the Airfix kit. The build is pretty straight without any bigger issues.It needs a fair amount of filler though,esp.the windows. The cockpit windows are "holes",while the cabin windows are engraved only.So its unavoidable to fill them and use decals,otherwise one needs to drill out all windows if clear ones are desired. My 2 kits are early Revell and Revell/Lodela releases,both came with Lufthansa decals. For the Lufthansa 727,I chose the best decal set from the box and some spare decals from an Airfix 727,such as the doors and the tail logo. The cockpit window and other details come from a 727 detail set. For the First Air 727 I bought the decal set from V1.Its the old livery of that airline which I find quite attractive. The decals are of top quality and fit on the model very well.Once applied,they look like printed on.The carrierfilm is completely invisible. Both Boeings were painted entirely by airbrush using Revell and Testors enamels. Revell's Boeing 727 is a very good kit for its age and its nice that its available again. Currently I have 3 Airfix Boeing 727-200s ,2 Airfix 727-100s and the re-release Revell 727-100 on the assembly line.The Revell one will probably be done sooner as the Airfix kits need more correction work. Cheers, And a group shot...
  9. I acquired today one of these and at first sight it is very nice, with the main parts in injected plastic and detail parts in resin. It has the panel lines too deep for my taste, but otherwise I think it is a good kit. Are there any known accuracy problems? Thanks, Carlos
  10. Hi, Simply question PanAm operated 727-21 planes in European routes and there are many pictures of those in Berlin airports. My understanding is that -21 is referring to Boeing's customer numbering. So is -21 plane a 100-series or 200-series? Br. Vesa
  11. I wasn't going to post this last build of 2012, I really had a hard time of masking and avoiding some paint run especially along radius line work. However, I spent a long time modifying the kit from the 200 series (longer fuselage) to the 100 series and thought i would share it anyway. This particular reg ZS-SBE was hijacked May 1972. Anyway hope you enjoy, and don't be too critical about the paint job. I am going to look into making use of masking sheet and a small vinyl cutter for intricate masking shapes.
  12. Hi Everyone Im doing an Airfix Boeing 727-200 in Iberia Colours. Looking at photos it appears the instructions are all wrong. The instructions state the 727 have grey wings and tail plains with a grey belly. Looking at photos it appears that the aircraft in the box, EC-CFI, Has white tail planes with a bm leading edge and the belly is just white. The main wings is what i need help on. The photos i have found show the wings being white, but the front is silvery grey, can anyone confirm to me what colour that is was and if it is on the underside. Thanks Bradley
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