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Found 7 results

  1. Having already done the Conqueror Mk.1 previously I couldn't face the Dragon kit so waited for Amuzings next release. Vehicle depicted on exercise on the mudhole called Soltau, Germany and thought I'd have a little fun with it. Completed on 28th February 2019
  2. CENTURION Mk.5/2 Modified now into a Mk.6 Will include the originally planned AF35162 Hush Puppy Track and will include the AC35009 Centurion Mantlet (Type 'B') as neither come in the kit. I'm on a bit of a B.A.O.R kick at the moment so this is right in my ball-park
  3. Evening All, The next project, still have a little to do on the Spartan but I started this one a few days ago. The Spartan will get finished probably this weekend so don't panic I bought this kit when it was first released and let a friend borrow it for a school project, needless to say I never saw the kit again and a few years later bought it again, this time with a view of building it. This one will get finished in the proper colours of the cold war so another Green and Back machine and none of the once so fashionable fad of desert cam. You never know I might give the crew some black coveralls this time around so I'm not accused of favouritism :-) So onto the build, nothing fancy yet just putting together the bulk of the Tamiya kit so far from the box. a little Mr Surfacer on some of the joins but nothing too serious. Blocked in the rear of the gun with plastic card, we don't want to be seeing the commander and loaders lower torso through the gun mantlet, A little more Mr Surfacer to cover a few sink marks. Carpet crawler holes are filled. The sponson undersides will get plastic card blockers as well. Gun Travel lock added. Gun Barrel done, just some clean up required of the two piece moulding, not a problem as it will probably get some cam around it. Please enjoy folks. Dan
  4. No pictures yet but listed, they are very good resin figures having a few sets in the stash at the moment Also not too expensive. http://www.valkyrie.co.kr/ Soviet Army Tank Crew in Afghanistan - 1980 Era (2 Figures and 1 Bust) VM35014 British Army of the Rhein Tank Crew in Germany (2 Figures and 1 Bust) VM35015 Modern US Army Truck Driver and Support Crew for M977 (2 Figures) VM35016 JGSDF Tank Crew - 2000 Era (2 Figures) VM35017 Modern British Army Tank Crew in Operation Granby 1991 (2 Figures) VM35018 IDF Tank Crew in Yom Kippur War 1973 (2 Figures) VM35019 Egyptian Army Tank Crew in Yom Kippur War 1973 (2 Figures) VM35020 Modern US Army Driver and Support Crew for M1151 Humvee (3 Figures) VM35021 Bundeswehr Tank Crew - 1950 ~ 60 Era (2 Figures) VM35022 Modern IDF APC Crew included Female soldier - 2000 Era (2 Figures)
  5. Now this might be an extreme shot in the dark.... But does anyone know which antenna was added to the turret of the Centurion tanks circa '59/'60, It was probably armour & tanks belonging to the Royal Scots Greys. The reason for asking is that my Dad was doing his National service with the REME at the time, Stationed at Fallingbostel, and he tells a story of a long weekend spent drilling holes in Centurion Turrets to take a new antenna for some urgent radio equipment update. Now the less qualified REME guys in the depot were on constant drill sharpening duty, were as the ones who had been around a bit got to spend hours trying not to get slung off the turret by the drill bit catching and spinning the drill and operator but not the bit. Apparently this job was so urgent that all the REME guys were allowed to go into mess in their dirty work gear, which didn't go down too well with a certain Royal Scots Greys junior officer, (yes, that one the Queen's 1st Cousin), who didn't want all these dirty/oily types in the mess, the REME's Senior officer on the job (also a dirty/oily type at the time) then told said junior officer to go forth and multiply and leave his men to get on with their break. I've got AFV club's mk5/2 Centurion kit to make, along with the Edaurd BigEd etches and Spade Ace metal tracks. I thought i might just pose the tank when its completed with a figure drilling a hole in the turret.
  6. Tamiya Challenger 1 from the way back when! After a trip to the BAOR back in 1991, myself and a few club members got the build bug - for me it was all Gulf stuff which was popular at the time with the guys having just returned. Concord Publications were around at the time and cranking out books on all-sorts and the BAOR was one of them. I saw a Chally 1 with Grass/Turf as a camouflage sceme and did this version. At the time I was quite chuffed with myself but has it stood the test of time??? Over to you! The kit Ferret bin was rubbish - to small and misshaped Yuk! - so I scratched a new one which I cast in resin, also the smokies box too. The Cheiftain bin on the turret left is also a resin copy Weathering was Naples Yellow and a dirt slurry with a brushed (pin) wash over a Mid Bronze Green & Black Base The Aerials aer some fuse-wire which desperately need changing at some stage. I think that with todays weathering powders and gadets I can bring this vehicle up to date. What do you think Guys?
  7. Right, with the M3 Stuart almost done, I'm considering these to build next. Originally I was going to build the MRC/AFV Club OH-58D but I#m waiting on some nice resin crew figures to arrive. Here are the candidates... First up and my favorite is the Old Tamiya Chieftain and just a touch of AM. And then or the same era is the M-60... same drills with the AM, this one I've been collecting the detail stuff for a few years. I'm leaning toward the Chieftain ? Regards Dan
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