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Found 18 results

  1. Been on an epic journey with this - build thread is HERE . Many thanks to BM's Canberra Fan for the generous donation of the kit; also thanks to the many people who genuinely supported and encouraged me during the build process. Aircraft represented is a 90 Sqn machine polished up for the 1953 Coronation celebrations at RAF Odiham. Build notes: True Details replacement props, Eduard Brassin wheels, Eduard exterior etch set, Karaya metal gun barrels, Falcon vacform transparencies for the bubble windows. Painted with Alclad (various shades) and Mr Metal Color (Stainless and Chrome Silver) for the metalwork, and mostly Xtracrylix for the other colours. Also used metal foil (kitchen and Bare-Metal) for some of the details. Thanks for looking! Alan
  2. Hello All, I have been working on this Academy B-29 on and off for a couple of years. Finally decided to make a big push on it to get it done. In any case I have not decided on the markings yet...but most likely a WWII machine. It has a gloss coat of Tamiya black as a base and many hours of polishing before putting on the the Vallejo aluminum...which is outstanding. I have a few panels I will be doing in varying shades but the overall came out pretty good I think. In any case I hope you enjoy the pictures. Of course any comments are greatly appreciated. All the Best! Don
  3. RESIN2detail is to release 1/48th Boeing B-29 Superfortress resin fowler flaps for the Monogram/Revell kit Source: https://www.facebook.com/RESIN2detail/posts/1108542982669786 V.P.
  4. RESIN2detail is to release 1/48th Boeing B-29 Superfortress resin fowler flaps for the Monogram/Revell kit Source: https://www.facebook.com/RESIN2detail/posts/1108542982669786 V.P.
  5. Hi All, As long as this nice (? well, mild anyway!) weather continues my outdoor shed is still bearable. The last few years I've usually built ships indoors during the winter months, but this year I've been bold enough to start a nice aircraft project going into January. This has been one of my "must-build" kits since I saw one hanging from the ceiling of Beattie's in Leicester when I was 17 or so. Since then I've never really got round to getting one of these kits, but last year I was very kindly donated one by my good mate Canberra Fan. At Telford in November he also discovered a set of Air-Craft decals for RAF Washingtons, and that set this build up! I have some hopes for this project, but if it comes out anything like Ian (fu manchu)'s recent epic build, (and I'm not going to draw comparisons with the late Paul Coudeyrette's amazing looking version!) I'll be really happy! I do hope this comes out as a bit of a reference build, as this is one of those kits that lots of people seem to own, but not many get made due to the sheer scale of the finished product. I hope plenty of people get involved with references, questions and the like, as I hope to answer a lot of questions about the kit and subject, as well as pose a few of my own. References I've found useful so far are Chris Howlett's excellent PDF Washington Times series (link HERE) and Dave Forster's 192 Sqn info page HERE. I'd also recommend a good general B-29 page featuring brilliant panoramic views like THIS (it's Enola Gay - a museum piece but authentic!) Here goes...!!! Al
  6. A great place, highly recommended if you ever get the chance to visit: thumbnail_IMG_1676 by tony_inkster, on Flickr thumbnail_IMG_1633 by tony_inkster, on Flickr thumbnail_IMG_1640 by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-100A 'Super Sabre' by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-4D 'Phantom II' by tony_inkster, on Flickr CH-54B (S-64) 'Tarhe' (Skycrane) by tony_inkster, on Flickr A-4D1 'Skyhawk' by tony_inkster, on Flickr HH-43F 'Huskie' by tony_inkster, on Flickr UH-1B 'Iroquois' (Huey) by tony_inkster, on Flickr P-47D Norma by tony_inkster, on Flickr IMG_6825 by tony_inkster, on Flickr IMG_6823 by tony_inkster, on Flickr IMG_6817 by tony_inkster, on Flickr IMG_6822 by tony_inkster, on Flickr
  7. Hi all, photos of my finished Academy 1/72 B-29, sorry for the distinctly mediocre picture quality, haven't really figured out how to photograph big models like this... The scheme is "Celestial Queen" with decals from warbirds and I also added the Eduard etch set. She's painted with various shades of Alclad - it was a bit of a battle at times as I was pretty much learning how to airbrush and how to do NMF as I went along. I enjoyed detailing the cockpit and scratch built a few bits and pieces like a lamp, map and headphones for the radio operator. The front of the fuselage is held on with little magnets so you can take it off to see the detail inside (looks better in real life than in the photos!). This works quite well but if I was doing it again I'd make the whole upper half come off so the joins appear along panel lines rather than on top. I also put quite a lot of effort into the bomb bay with doors open and all those bombs to decal! It took me most of 2018 to get done but in the end I'm really happy with it and it looks pretty cool alongside the B-17 with matching red wing tips! I learned absolutely loads along the way, thanks to those who provided help and encouragement, the WIP is here: Enjoy!
  8. I must have been nice this year as Father Christmas came up trumps and delivered the 1/72 Academy B-29. I want to make it bare metal, but with the turrets and conventional bomb load, so went for the "Old Battler" version. Thanks to the discussion in the link below I've sourced the Eduard cockpit and engine etch, the canopy mask set and Kits-World decals for the "Celestial Queen" whose red tipped wings and fin particular appealed . Detailing and painting the interior is one of my favourite parts of the modelling process and I was looking for a way to show this off once the model is finished. Last year I built a B-17 which was held together with small magnets and can be split right down the middle. This worked ok but I didn't fancy trying again with the larger B-29. Instead I've opted to cut away part of the fuselage around the cockpit. This cutaway section will then be held in place with small magnets but can be removed using the turret has a little handle. I decided to bite the bullet straightaway and the surgery was the first thing thing I did after opening up the box. I used a new, sharp modelling knife and scored along existing panelling lines (carefully) to make the cuts. I think the operation was a success: The canopy piece is glued to the cut away section to allow better viewing of the cockpit and also because it helps to "jigsaw" the two parts together. I've put some filler on the cut away part and this is waiting to dry and be sanded down. I'll also fill and sand the tanker version panel lines at some point. Having made the effort to open up the cockpit my thoughts have now turned to making the interior detail look good. The etch set should help (my first go with extra etched parts) but I noticed that the floor of the cockpit is somewhat lacking in detail. I've therefore tried to use Aluminium tape plus a rivetting tool and the knurled finish on the handle of my modelling knife to give the floor some texture and interest. This will all be painted over but hopefully the patterns will come through, we'll see! I'm not going for a super accurate depiction but these type of textures at least seem plausible based on some images I hunted down online. I'm afraid progress will probably be fairly slow on this one but I'll try and keep the updates coming as regularly as possible. Thanks for looking in!
  9. Well folks this one has sneaked up on me a bit! I got a sharp reminder while perusing the GB's for what was happening to see lots of you were piling in with some great choices. So with out further a do here's mine.... IMG_2743 by G DSC, on Flickr Box art from a 1992 issue made in France no less.... IMG_2744 by G DSC, on Flickr A big box full of bits, which i hope to make in to a Stirling shape! IMG_2745 by G DSC, on Flickr And, yes it does have the tractor and bomb trolley too. Looking forward to this immensly as i haven't made a 1/72 4 engine type in years. Cheers Greg
  10. I've started thinking about by next project and thought I'd take on a 1/72 B-29, an aircraft I've wanted to build since I was a kid. It looks like the Academy version is the best option and I'd like to do nmf but with turrets, so not the Enola Gay / Bockscar version. Is the best option to get the "Old Battler" and a different decal set? Can anyone recommend a WWII, nmf scheme and decals? Also what other extras are worth looking at? Thanks!
  11. Just sitting here puffing on the thought pipe . Why was the B-29 never deployed in Europe? It was far more capable than the B-17 and probably stood better chance of surviving than the B-17 due to speed and altitude. I do wonder if the German piston fighters would have had as much success downing them. I guess it was best suited to the Japanese theatre due to range so they were all sent that way and that B-17 production was in place and geared up. Makes you wonder what would have happened if Japan had given up a year early and they'd been available in Europe. Discuss... :-) Phil
  12. Levin

    Academy B-29

    Good evening from Germany I`m thinking about buying (and of course building ) the Academy B-29 and got some questions to you: At first should I buy the eduard etched Stuff; I mean is it worth it`s prize? And when building one in silver: is it a natural metal finish, so I can highlight some panels, or is it silver painted? Thank you in advance Levin
  13. Flight engineering has designed an impressive 1/48th engine nacelles upgrade set for the old Revellogram Boeing B-29 Superfortress kit. Source: http://www.flightlineengineering.com/b29-kit.html V.P.
  14. It may have been posted already, not sure. The B-29 named Doc has just had it's long restoration done. It will be flyable!! It was supposed to be flying by now. Look for it online, they have a youtube channel. Hope they someday bring it above the border.
  15. I picked up the Airfix kit from the stash to have a look at it as I'm contemplating the idea of making the Stratovision aircraft. The kit is better than I remembered, although it seems to have the wing leading edges too blunt (leave as is...). However, looking at some photos, the engine nacelles seems to be not vertical (as depicted in the kit) but perpendicular to the wing middle line. I don't remember to read about this in any review. Look at the this photo: http://www.40thbombgroup.org/images/Schutte/Katie1.jpg Can it be an illusion? How's the Academy kit is this detail? And is it much better than the Airfix one? Thanks for any help. Carlos
  16. Minicraft 1:144th B-29's - Korean War I started building these for the Korean War GB earlier this year but with a house move and a baby arrival I ran out of time. The Minicraft 1:144 B-29's are quite simple kits but required quite a bit of work to make them presentable. All the gun barrels were removed from the turrets and replaced with wire. The raised panel lines were sanded back and both aircraft were completely rescribed. Decals are by Kits-World and are some of the best I have used lately. Painted with Citadel and Vallejo. Weathered with Mig Ammo washes. WIP Here Spirit of Freeport IMG_4272 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4273 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4274 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4275 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4276 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4278 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4290 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4291 by Snapper_city, on Flickr Top of the Mark IMG_4280 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4281 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4283 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4285 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4287 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4289 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4288 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4293 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4269 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_4271 by Snapper_city, on Flickr
  17. Hi all These will be my air entries to the GB. Two of Minicraft's 1:144 B-29's with decals from Kits world. IMG_3897 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_3899 by Snapper_city, on Flickr I will be building the 'Spirit of Freeport' and 'Top of the Mark' with black undersides. IMG_3900 by Snapper_city, on Flickr I'm tempted to get another B-29 and do 'Command decision' also which shot down five Mig-15's during her time in Korea. There is some great reading a few paragraphs down HERE about 'Top of the Mark' and 'Command Decision'.
  18. Pics by Mike Murray from Castle Air Museum. The aircraft on display at Castle Air Museum is made of parts of three B-29s recovered from the Naval Weapons Center, China Lake: B-29-75-BW 44-70064 ; B-29A-35-BN 44-61535 (the original Raz'n Hell); and B-29-50-BA 44-84084. The fuselage and tail sections were trucked to Castle; the wings were lifted over the mountains by helicopter. It was restored entirely on the Museum grounds. It has the markings of the 28th Bomb. Squadron, 19th Bomb. Group in the Korean War era, when the group was at Kadena AB, Okinawa. The nose art is an accurate reproduction of that it had in 1950.
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