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Found 14 results

  1. The Avro Vulcan is my favourite aircraft without a doubt. Although the only one I ever had the chance to see in flight was the Vulcan B.2 XH558 from 2007-15, my favourite Vulcans are the B.2's less famous predecessors, the Vulcan B.1 and Vulcan B.1a. The first B.1s retained the pure delta of the prototypes, although after the fifth aircraft they were fitted with the first iteration of the Vulcan's distinctive kinked delta. The Vulcan B.1a was a stop-gap measure while the B.2s were coming into service, they were given the full set of ECM gear of the early B.2s with a few other less notable modifications. They were retired in the late 60s to early 70s, and although one B.1 lingered on at Cosford for many years, they were all gone by 1986. Today the only surviving physical evidence of their existence are a handful of cockpit sections that to most would look no different from that of a Vulcan B.2, however the aircraft in reality were as different as two derivatives of the same basic airframe could possibly be. I never got the chance to see a Vulcan B.1 in person unfortunately, as I have said the last one was scrapped in 1986, and I was born 17 years later in 2003. So here is my model of my favourite aircraft, the Vulcan B1.a, this one is XH500. The model is based on the 1/144 GWH Vulcan K.2 kit, and heavily modded to build the earlier variant. This is probably my favourite angle to view a B.1/1a from. Here you capture the look of the 'sporty Vulcan' as it was often called. The Vulcan B.1/1a's pitot tubes are on the wingtips, whereas the B.2's are on the sides of the nose. As can be seen here, the Vulcan B1's intakes are narrower than those of the B.2. They were powered by the Olympus 100 series of engines which were less powerful than the B.2's 201s or 301s. The GWH kit's intakes are already too small for a B.2, so very little modification was needed, although I would go even thinner when I do another B.1/1a (it's inevitable) And here you can see the smaller jetpipes of the Olympus 100 engines. Another one of my favourtite angles, seeing the whole aircraft from below the nose shows off just how much smaller the B.1/1a was than the later B.2s. I trawled through photographs of the underside of the aircraft to get a good approximation of the weathering on the B.1, which was significantly different to how dirt accumulated on the B.2 And here's the WIP thread for anyone who wants to read that. Huge thanks to @robvulcan for the conversions he's done that inspired this, without his builds and advice I could not have done this
  2. Here's some sightly editted pictures I took in October 2018 at the North East Sea, Land and Air Museum (N.E.S.L.A.M)
  3. Good day fellow Britmodeller's and welcome to my first build thread in a very long time. In this thread i will convert a 1/200th scale Dragon Avro Vulcan to from a B2 variant to a B1a. As some of you may know i have built a few of these and really love the kit. I have an idea to cover most the vulcan's variants in this scale in various schemes also and mount them on a stand of some sort perhaps all in flight in formation in order of age. I have long been fascinated by how different b1 vulcan's and b2 vulcan's were and i just really love the early kinked wing shape. there is just something about it that appeals to me and i don't know why but i love it. So the difficulty is in creating that shape and i'm not good at maths at all being dyslexic but i found a rather quick and crude way. I downloaded a b1 silhouette image of the net and used the flat screen of my lap top to size it against the kit part (i couldnt have done this in 1/72 so there are some advantages to 1/200 when you like doing stupid things like cutting its wings off!) Then i used a piece of plain a4 paper and drew out with a ruler the shape of the silhouette. this became my plan. then i had a 1/200th b1 shape to use joy! Next i put another piece of paper over that traced out the shape with the ruler again then cut this out and then masking taped it to the vulcan along the wing join line and then carefully used a fine tip marker to outline the wing edge. Then took a dremel to it and then a file to tidy up. then i took the bottom half of the kit and drew on the next parts to be removed and this is what i have a lovely b1a vulcan in 1/200th (well getting there anyway's) here are some photos of the real thing the photos are not mine but im very gratefull of there existance and it is very sad no b1s remain. and a line up of b2s so for those who are not aware of the huge difference in wings you can have a look. time for a coffee!
  4. After far too long it’s time for my first official WIP, Lola doesn’t count as I only posted her after all the naughty language had faded. As I’ve not dipped into the stash for a couple of years I thought I’d get back into the saddle with a nice easy fits like a glove build The inspiration for this build apart from being an iconic plane is basically a mate of my dads gave me a fully built Vulcan when I was a nipper which had pride of place on the shelf for many years until lost to a slightly irate sister. so here we go with the always popular Airfix Vulcan. the Intention is to approximate airframe XL391 which from googling about had the same paint job as the aforementioned model and by happy coincidence was assigned to 9 squadron which also counted a previous build Lonesome Lola among their lancs Any vulcanologists (or anyone else) feel free to shout when I stray off course
  5. Morning folks. I've begun work on an Airfix 1:72 Vulcan. This is my first kit for more years than I care to remember,and will post some photos when it's finished for comment if I can pluck up the courage!. One thing I've come up against already is to do with re-scribing. Because the original detail is raised, I decided to use the raised edges as a guide for the scribe marks. I'm doing a lot of it prior to assembly because I don't want to be handling large awkward shapes and it seems to be working so far; I've got both wings dome and am part-way through the upper fuselage. However, due to the scale, I don't want the lines to be too wide and have opted to scribe by using a scalpel (I'm using a Swann Morton handle with 10A blade). However, after sanding the raised pieces off, the scribe lines fill with dust which I can't easily remove. I've gone over all of the lines again several times again using the reverse edge of the blade so as not to deepen the cuts, but can't remove all of the dust. I can't brush them out either so have tried immersing the parts in water and soaking them out, I've also using a small nailbrush on the wet parts, but the dust still seems to be stubbornly embedded in many of them although it is coming out very slowly coming out. I suspect that the scalpel blade is too fine. What tools do others use for scribing while keeping the lines as fine as possible?
  6. An image I did quite some years ago already I see, I'm not 100% satisfied with the light effects on the plane but for the moment this is how it looks. I might do some new renders of it some day. My idea was to depict the Vulcan now displayed at the Midland museum, as the crew took her for a last imagined spin, really letting her stretch her legs.. the second shot is more a shot without a plan In my opinion the Vulcan is still one of the most beautiful flying machines built.. alas I've never had the chance to see her 'in person' (thanks to you guys I'm now a happy member of Flickr and will keep on posting never ending shots )
  7. Apologies if posted before, but this is a superb film encapsulating the last few weeks of 617 squadron, and their Avro Vulcans, in November 1981. Excellent footage and sound of the aircraft itself, starting with a four ship ORP scramble, it captures well the air and ground crew perspective (with jolly japes a plenty!). It is also a really useful reference for modelling crew, ground support equipment and vehicles of the 1980s RAF.
  8. Hi guys I have been very quiet this year but I am catching up fast. here are 2 vulcans from dragon wonderfull little kits too. XL321 is standard out the box from the first release XH533 is from the falklands box and im rather proud of it as its my first attempt at scratching parts. you could have fun spoting the difference betwean XH533 the first b2 which was in essence a b1 with b2 wings and avon engines and later olympus engines. I liked the look of this vulcan hybrid and realised as the falklands boxing of the kit had a blue steel missile which i used to form the centre of the much smaller b1 tail cone seemed to be almost designed to fit the interior of the vulcan once i took the gamble of cutting off the b2 tail cone. i did much checking and then glued it into place then wet smoothed with a finger some milliput forming the shape of the b1 tail cone. then i used the optional tail fin to cut a fillet to extend the tail fin and then rescribed it. i pinched some tail pipes from a diecast 200th scale vulcan and then painted her and used fantasy printshop decal alongside kit ones from the first release vulcan and hey presto an early vulcan. and a representation of the original flash white scheme with the later more familiar type. now i have managed to make the tail im going to do the same again only this time chop the wings down and make a b1 to go with these 2 to have and evolution of production vulcans in 1/200th (cute) hope you like em love to hear feedback good and bad. they were painted with humbrol rattle can white and the black areas and windows free hand painted with a brush and then given lashings of johnsons klear. cheers guys. If anyone would like to see photos of how i modded it ask. cheers Rob
  9. Hello, I am on Brtimodeller here about 2 years long and I am very often impressed of the builds a also inspiring discussions. I would like to ask you - Avro Vulcan lovers or admirers. I was going to go to England (in August) or to Scottland (in September) to the last airshows, where the Vulcan will be flying. But I had a few collisions with my computer and another stuff in my house, so now I am without money to go to the airshow. I am really big lover of the Vulcan. It was very sad for me as for as everyone to hear, that Vulcan will fly for the last time in history. I will be very happy, if anyone, who is going to visit the Vulcan for the last time will help me just with e.g. authentic video or photo with date and his sign on it or something. I am from Czech Republic, so it is very long way to go on your home island even though I would like to see it for my own for the first and last time in my life. I will be very happy with every response. Please, write me an e-mail (SkarkaOndrej@seznam.cz) or private message here, on Britmodeller. Thank you very much in advance. King Regards, Ondrej Skarka
  10. Anybody interested in Vulcans interested in the development program for Vulcans, Someone selling official documentation for mods carried out on this aircraft during its trials heres the link:- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AVRO-VULCAN-B1-XA902-REPAIR-MODIFICATION-PAPERWORK-FILE-1958-61-/231189222658?pt=UK_Collectables_Aeronautica_MJ&hash=item35d3f39502
  11. Hi all way back in Dec 2011 I bought my first of the now numerous Dragon 1/200 Vulcans I have now built. Back then the only boxing was the first blue steel one. this come with 2 options but i opted to do one that was not in the box options. I did XH558 but i did not have the right bomb bay as the original kit comes with only blue steel options. nor did it come with the later tail as a choice so i did an approximate XH558 as best i could and made do with decals that i had found to suit it. This is what she looked like back then. Now thanks to the spares and options of the later Falklands boxing I've filled off the tail top and replaced with the new moulding repainted the tail and updated the decals and added the small stencils. then sealed over with satin varnish. she now looks much better I reckon. She was initially brush painted with xtracrylix raf dark green and medium sea grey. here she is today Thanks for stopping by to look at her.
  12. Hi folks this is one I am very happy with its the Pit road boxing of the new Avro Vulcan B2 and a wonderful kit the only fault i can pick is the air intakes would be easier to paint if they had made the turbine fans a separate fitting. I managed to do the white inside but the engine faces are white too as i cant think how to paint them but as they are buried deep it does not matter that much. The fit was fantastic and this is the second one if have done and will be making more definatly. The model was painted with Humbrols already excellent but now significantly improved since coming back to the UK. spray cans. I cant believe how good these are at levelling out and giving a gorgeous almost indestructible finish. I used hu 163,165 for the top camo green first then grey with the help of blue tak, hu64 for the undersides, and hu 34 for the white patches and intakes, The radome and fin were hand painted with hu33 with a dash of flow improver from W&N AMAZING STUFF! Its nice to see a model of a vulcan that finally gets the vulcans sinister looking radome outline right the only company that nailed it before was frog. The exhausts were brush painted with the excellent citadel paints chain mail. Any way on to the model all comments and questions welcome. Here XM599 is seen with XL427 Thanks for looking I hope you enjoy this photo loaded post.
  13. Here is yet another Vulcan this is a 1/200th Dragon Vulcan finished with humbrol rattle can matt white with brush painted black areas and metalic areas. Sealed in Klear and then weathered with a mix of pencil, dark grey chalk powder, and citadel nuln oil. Finished as XJ783 in later style anti flash white. The only mods to this one is the tail cone this one features the early b2 tail cone with smaller more rounded tip than later ECM with a bigger tip. Hope you like her Cheers for looking guys
  14. This is my 1/200th Dragon Vulcan B2 photos taken edited and uploaded with my iphone. Painted with humbrol rattle cans and weathered with citadel nuln oil, a pencil, and some dark grey chalk. Now the weather is getting better i will be giving each of these little 'ns its own place on here rather than the old group shot which didnt really have that good photos. hope you like her. Cheers Rob
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