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Found 14 results

  1. After a long hiatus I’m back. In fairness I started this model well over 12 months ago but due to a recurring loss of mojo, it kept returning to the shelf of doom for what seemed like an eternity! When I did eventually go back to it in earnest I intended to finish it in the PIA delivery scheme, however this scheme proved to be particularly challenging! Unhappy with my efforts I ended up completely stripping the paint off it, not very successfully I may add. I briefly toyed with an doing an Air Florida machine, but quickly moved onto something a little simpler as by this point I just wanted it finished. Anyhow here is the eventual end result, Iberia’s second DC-10 - christened ‘Costa Dorada’ after the north eastern Catalonian costal region. The decals are by 26 decals, with the Authentic Airliner Decals providing the flight deck and cabin windows. The obligatory Halfords Appliance white, and Racking grey were used straight out of the rattle can for the airframe. As a interesting footnote the real aircraft featured paintings by the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali in the passenger cabin!
  2. This is the Authentic Airliners 1/144 scale MD-11. Anyone who has built an AA model can testify that this is not an average model, nor do they take a routine process to finish. The solid resin casts present unique issues that are challenging in their own right, but with patience and persistence return great reward. This is my first AA build. I’ve wanted to build an MD-11, in particular the AA kit, and thoroughly enjoyed learning a “new” process that took me outside of the usual “box” of model airliner building. I decided before beginning that I would finish her in the early Delta Air Lines “widget” livery, choosing in particular N801DE. This MD-11 began her life with Delta in 1992, outfitted with a cheat line stripe on her #2 tail mounted engine, which stood out as “different” than her sisters in the fleet. I am not aware of any subsequent MD-11s at Delta that carried that cheat line. She led a distinguished life at Delta, flying from Atlanta to Osaka, Brussels, London, Frankfurt, among many others, as well as some domestic routes. At some point, she was painted in the newer Delta “stripe” scheme before she was retired and stored for a while at Montreal. She began flying again for World Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, then again for World, and finally ending up at UPS, where she was outfitted in 2008 as an MD-11F. She STILL flies today as a freighter! In fact, as I write this biography, she is actually (in real time) flying as N294UP (under UPS livery) from Dallas-Ft. Worth to Ontario, California! She's painted with Tamiya TS-26 white, Alclad Chrome and Duraluminum, household enamel that was blended especially for the wings and fuselage fairings. I used 26 laser printed decals for the livery and some of the details, Authentic Airliners 3D windows and details, some Nazca decal details, and .06mm red model train lenses for position and navigation lights. Hope you enjoy the pictures! There is detailed post in WIP of the building process of the model…you can access it here:
  3. I have many projects on the go, but at the moment paining is on the back burner as I’m awaiting to finish turning the loft into the shed of the sky, so have nowhere to spray/airbrush. Anywho, I thought I’d try my hand at the world of resin. I ordered a Authentic Airliners 757, with RR engines. I’ve started basic work on the tail. I must say I love the detail of resin. While looking into the scheme I plan on doing, I noticed I needed to change the engines, thankfully braz do the ones I needed, so ordered Braz RR RB211 535c. This may be a slow project as I’m new to resin any tips and advice be grand! and yes in the background is a 1-11 I’m slowly working on, I’m a fan of old airliners and old kits.
  4. I present my Zvezda A321 in the delightful Egyptair livery SU-GBT. It’s a simple, yet sophisticated looking livery that they adopted in 2008. The build was OOB, with the aftermarket decals supplied by Ray at 26Decals and Authentic Airliner Cockpit and Cabin Decals. One thing I do like with the Zvezda Airbus kits is that they have the correct scale for the winglets, which saves having to make your own or purchase some from Braz. As with my other Zvezda kits the fit is excellent and only minimal filling is required, it even comes with the clear windows which are ok, but are incredibly thin. It also, like the A320 kit, has the option to have the flaps/slats extended and also to have the L1 door open with a detailed internal FWD Galley area. There is also a detailed cockpit, but I opted for filling the windscreen and using the AA decals. Being an all over white fuselage and engine nacelles, this was achieved using Halfords White Rattle Can Primer and then brush painted using Humbrol Gloss White. The wings and horizontal stabilisers are Revell Aqua 371 and my own mix of lightened Revell Aqua 374 for the coroguard sections with Revell Aqua 99 leading edges. I initially used the ‘blacked’ out windows, and then went over them with the AA ones after falling in love with them while building my Qatar 787. Luckily they aligned ok over the old ones, to avoid damaging the ‘main’ decals trying to remove them. Hopefully I have managed to bring her to life a little. Right enough waffling on now, as always thank you for taking the time to read and have a look. Any constructive feedback and comments are always welcomed. Regards, Alistair
  5. G-BNNL was delivered to Dan-Air (hence the designation 4Q8 rather than 436) in Jan 1989 and acquired by British Airways in Nov 1992. In March 1995 ownership was transferred to BA's franchise partner GB Airways. In the late 1990s it was painted in the "Chelsea Rose" variant of the "World Image" tail designs as seen in this model built from the Daco 737-400 kit. Main paints used are Halfords Appliance White & Fiat Capri Blue, with various metal shades on the engines. Livery decals from F-Dcal, windows from Authentic Airliners and leading edges and coroguard are kit decals. and finally a "tails" shot of my four BA 737s. The other three were built in the STGB last year but unfortunately the Chelsea Rose decals didn't arrive in time - so I was forced to visit Danny Coremans stall at Telford to get another kit for them. Regards Mike
  6. Finally took the plunge last fall and spent a small fortune on a 1/144 scale Authentic Airliners MD-11, and I am so glad I did...worth every penny! I began the build soon after arrival, and wanted to bring everyone in on the process. This entire build is being chronicled carefully, as I will eventually write a detailed booklet as to "how I built this." So jump in, and here we go..... Upon opening the box, the kit is carefully packed and separated for easy inventory. Though my kit was packed well, it still had a couple of minor "rashes" that required some small repair, but nothing that was a show stopper. I did contact Kurt at AA with the complaints, and he promptly answered with an offer to replace anything that was defective or not to my satisfaction. Much appreciated, and a true demonstration of the quality that the kit represents. The fuselage is one cast piece, and very heavy, with enough nose weight not to cause worry when it sits on the metal main landing gear. The wings and horizontal stabilizer are also one piece, with acute details that are precisely cast. There are a few small parts, such as flap hinge fairings, the hot and fan sections of the engines, all landing gear struts and actuators, and two small clear nav lights for the wings. Not to worry...they ARE different sizes to match the mismatched cuts in each wing. I did not use these, but rather fashioned my own nav light lenses. There are large flashings on the tail piece and the hot and fan sections that need trimming with a sharp cutting tool. Wear a mask when cutting or trimming or sanding! The dust from the resin can be most irritating. She's being finished in the "widget" livery, as one of the earliest MD-11 deliveries to Delta Air Lines. I'm using Tamiya gray surface primer, Tamiya TS-26 white paint, Alclad black primer, Duraluminum and Chrome finishes, 26 Decals, and Authentic Airliners MD-11 detail, 3D windows, raised detail sheets, and high shine metallic decals. At the completion, she'll be posted in the Ready For Inspection forum, with a detailed history of the real airplane. Hope you enjoy..... I began with the trimming and securing of the tail piece. Really a good fit together, after drilling a small trench to hold the epoxy. Then came putty and sanding to make it all flush..... Next the engine work... During the process of working with the hot sections, one of the small tabs broke off, so I had to fashion a new one. Small and tedious work... Once painted and assembled, I did NOT like the result, so I stripped the engines down, and started over.... And the engines finished.... And assembling the tail.... The winglets, wings, and horizontal stabilizers.... Small parts and gear... Fuselage work... Had to paint the nose because I knew for certain that the decal provided would not fit easily without cutting and coaxing, and would probably end up wrinkled anyway.... This weekend I've spent applying decals. I think she looks pretty good with her "clothes" on.... I'll post more soon...she coming along nicely. All that's left at this point is to attach the wings, horizontal stabilizers, gear, engines, then the photo etched parts. I can see the finish line!
  7. This is the last of my built AA models (hopefully more to come...time permitting?!?). For a change I thought I'd do a cargo version of the once ubiquitous 757. It represents an ex passenger model converted to freighter config for Ethiopian Cargo - hence the window outlines, but lack of passenger doors. The Ethiopian Airlines decals are by F-Dcal, with added Flying Colours corogard and leading edge decals. I also used the excellent Authentic Airliner decals flight deck windows. I made a bit of a hash of applying the corogard, as the leading edge decals appeared oversize,which in turn threw everything out. That'll teach me for being lazy and not painting the leading edges! That was the only faux pas in an otherwise pleasurable little build. On with the pics
  8. Here's my first offering for your perusal. To say this model was a disaster from start to finish is an understatement! The build started off well enough, however I made the fatal mistake of taking it with me to a hotel I was staying in with work, so I could to do bits and bobs on it in the evenings. Not sure how, but I lost/mislaid the PE fret, distinctive avionics spine, undercarriage legs, and wheels. Thankfully an Airfix/DACO A300 kindly donated its landing gear and horizontal stabilizers, as the one's supplied by AA appeared to be undersized - more appropriate for an A300-600/A310 (?) The engines that came with the AA offering were the early style GE CF6-50's, so I also used the DACO engines as they were a better representation the latter CF6's that powered the majority of the Alitalia A300 fleet. Unfortunately both wings were quite badly warped, and despite using a hairdryer, hot water,et al, to try and fix the problem - nothing would alter their alarming droop. This was something I was going to have to live with...or so I thought at the time. The next disaster that befell me happened whilst applying the beautifully printed Alitalia 26 Decals. When I tried manoeuvring them into position they disintegrated into numerous pieces, resulting in me having to (not very successfully) patch them up. In fairness I've never previously experienced any problems with 26 Decals. For the engine cowlings I decided I'd try using bright bare metal foil. This was the first time I'd used foil on a curved surface and to be honest it'll probably be my last, as I wasn't particularly happy with my effort. Thank goodness for metalizers! Then my grand finale - I dropped the model, not once, but twice!! At this point I gave serious consideration to binning the thing as it seemed jinxed. However I took a step back, left it for a few days then fixed up poor old 'Tizi' as best I could. As both wings had snapped off at exactly the point, they were reattached which miraculously partially cured the wing droop! Anyhow enough pratling, meet Tizano the terrible (aka the cursed build).
  9. Hi Guys, Here's the second bus in the queue, a BCal A310. This was the first Authentic Airliners model I made a couple of years ago, complete with the lovely 26 Decals. The only mods I made were to slightly reshape the engine cowlings to give them the more rounded appearance of the dash 200's GE powerplants, and strengthen the undercarriage bogies with brass rod (as recommended on the AA website). Such a shame that BCal only operated two of these chunky little 'buses' for a couple of years in the mid 80's
  10. Authentic-Airliners (http://www.authentic-airliners.de/epages/64205758.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64205758) has announced a 1/72nd Vickers Viscount 800 resin kit at the SMW2016. Source: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Telford2016/VH/44.html V.P.
  11. It's been a while since I've built Revell's 1/144 737-800 and I fancied a 'quick build' after the nightmare of Revells 1/48 F-5F This one has been built almost oob, the only change being replacing the kit engine fans with home-made decals on plasticard. The main decals were from Gio (the Nok Air scheme) and Authentic Airliners (fuselage windows). The model was hand painted using Model Color acrylic for the orange, Tamiya X2 acrylic for the white, Humbrol 85 acrylic black, and Xtracolour enamel greys for the wings. I also painted the yellow beak rather than the Gio decal to avoid inevitable decal wrinkling and creasing around the complex nose curves. I've not used Gio decals before - lets face it, they're not easy to get hold of, but a word of warning: check your references carefully before using them as I found a major error in this set. Gio has printed the Nok logo (yellow beak on white disc) with the beak mirrored so that it always faces forwards i.e it would be different on the port and starboard sides. This, however, is not correct as the Nok beak always points to the left and is therefore the same on both sides of the airframe. Luckily the decal sheet has 4 options of Nok aircraft so I had enough correct-facing logos to build this model. I will need to make some replacements though if I want to do any of the other options from this sheet. Another error is that the white Nok telephone number font (forward fuselage below windows) is too small. This is also the first time I've used Authentic Airliners windows, but I understand now why everyone raves about them - they really look nice. Anyway, hope you like
  12. Aer Lingus Boeing 737 Authentic Airliners 1:144 This is the Authentic Airliners all resin kit, the most accurate Boeing 737 in any scale. They are pricey kits and I have long wamted to try one, and secured this one via e-Bay for a fair price. There are few parts, all beautifully cast and a small fret of photo etch to go with it. There were no instructions, which was not a problem for the main assembly, but left me wondering where a few of the etched parts were meant to go. This was an early release with a separate clear casting for the cockpit much like the Daco and Minicraft 737's have. Current kits are all-resin fuselages without the clear part, which I think is a better idea. 'With something else' - These 2 could frequently be seen parked near each other at airports in the early 70's. (Welsh Models Vac BEA 1-11 500) This project did not run smoothly, every now and then I seem to get a 'jinxed' build, and this was certainly one of them! It is a beautiful kit and well worth getting, just try to avoid the errors I made along the way! Troubles I had; Mixed my own Coroguard for the wings, and it looked too dark. Remasked, resprayed with lightened mix. Cockpit insert was fine and blended in well, fuselege sprayed with Appliance white. After a couple of weeks the join across the top of the fuselage began to show as a 'ghost'. Re-Milliputted it, blended it back in, reprimed, resprayed, remasked and redid the grey on the fuselage. The Appliance white on the fuselage then developed a 'micro-crazed' affect where I had re-filled the cockpit join. Happily this was solved with micromesh polishing cloths. I did not get the undercarriage right. the main legs were too 'stilty'. Cut them off, shortened and re-fixed them. Decals went wrong, I had to strip them off and buy another set. After the first attempt something did not look right. I realised that the cheat line was too high. The cabin windows needed to be lower, and the cheatline curve upwards to the cockpit window. The white paint under the green cheatline should be half the width of the cheatline itself. I had to strip it all off, and order a new set of decals. On the second attempt, I lined up the cheatline with the white underneath it, and curved the front 3cm or so up to the cockpit windows. It is a subtle change but makes a huge difference. A picture speaks a thousand words. Upper - first wrong attempt. Lower - second correct attempt. Another little 'gotcha' I noticed is that one of the Irish flags is upside down on the decal sheet. Simply cut if from the 'Aer Lingus Irish International' titles and rotate it 180 degrees, the green portion of the flag is always on the left. Top one is ok, lower one needs correcting; Well there were times when I nearly gave up on this one, but I am glad I persevered. It is a nice kit and a lovely looking livery, so don't be put off by my errors. I've now got an Authentic Airliners Boeing 707 to have a go at! Thanks for looking John
  13. I am thinking of buying the Authentic Airliners E190, and I want to build the Helvetic plane I flew on a few days ago. Does anyone make Helvetic decals? If not, I would be just as happy with Lufthansa, or buying the E195 and making one of the many Air Dolomiti ones I've flown on, or really any other airline, but I would quite like to make the Helvetic one. Does anyone know about decals?
  14. Hot on the heels of his 737NG Improvement Set, Kurt is working a 737-900(ER?) resin kit: http://www.authentic-airliners.de/epages/64205758.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64205758/Categories/NEU/VORSCHAU Looks nice Cheers, Andrew
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