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Found 11 results

  1. Myself and my camera wandered down to the Avalon Airshow here in Victoria yesterday. Its a biannual airshow, and I usually try to attend on one of the trade days Shooting conditions are notoriously bad, with the harsh sun in your face, heat haze and lots of gunk in the air. Anyway, managed to capture these images. I'll hopefully have a few more to add after Thursday. I have also added a link to my full album Cheers Bruce and a link to the album here https://www.flickr.com/photos/131700029@N03/albums/72157678971013968
  2. As well as modelling, I also enjoy doing a bit of photography. This link will take you to some shots that I took at the recent TAVAS Great War Flying Display at Caboolture airfield here in Queensland. Unfortunately, my DSLR is out of action at the moment, so I was using my wife's bridge camera hence why there are no in-flight pictures. Ross
  3. Ok I wont take the credit for this one but the original idea for a RAAF GB really grabbed me for some reason!!! To make it a bit more appealing and a wee bit more inclusive I thought to widen it to include not just the RAAF but to include all Australian and New Zealand service men (and women) and their equipment, be land, air or sea, throughout the years. So I would like to propose an ANZAC in Service GB. I know ANZAC was a term originally used to name the army corps of both countries during and after the Gallipoli landings but it has grown to include all services and is something of great national pride. This is why I decided to use this term for the GB. So pretty much anything from 1914 (its just a starting date) on is in, so a huge range of options here. There would be plenty of scope for the AFV and boat builders as well, which should make them happy. Any equipment that was used by either country would be eligible which should make choices fairly easy. Plus I would like to include Australians and New Zealanders who served with the RAF with Fighter Command, for these the individuals aircraft is eligible. Plus there is Bomber Command where RAAF 458 and 460 Sqn. and RNZAF 60 Sqn. were the main squadrons but there were other detachments to RAF squadrons as well. For the AFVs and navy its a wee bit harder, but I am open to queries. Plus finally 2018 is for us the final part of the ANZAC Centenary with the Battle of Hamel, Villers-Bretonneux being most poignant. So its a very open GB that all members can find something they're interested in to build, and for us downunder to build something to be proud of. ok the list..... 1, trickyrich - host 2, stevej60 3, Silver Fox 4, Caerbannog 5, Cookenbacher 6, adrianm2 7, Plasto 8, TrojanThunder 9, Rob G 10, feoffee2 11, Arniec 12, stevehnz 13, CliffB 14, nimrod54 15, spaddad 16, SleeperService 17, Joss 18, Basilisk 19, DennisTheBear 20, Giorgio N 21, bubbasparksuk 22, Graeme H 23, Cammer625 24, Jon Kunac-Tabinor 25, Rafwaffe 26, Sgt.Squarehead 27, Paul J (Barry) 28, Rob85 29, Admiral Puff 30, PhantomBigStu 31, Antoine 32, TonyTiger66 33, 34, 35,
  4. I don't know if this has been posted before but it is worthwhile listening to. In 1942 the Japanese were bombing ports in the north of Australia, ranging all the way across the top of the continent from Western Australia to Queensland. Several of those raids were on the city I live in now, Townsville. As it happened one of Australia's great war correspondents, Chester Wilmot, was passing through Townsville on his way to New Guinea and was doing an interview with an American pilot when the third of these raids occurred and was able to capture the sounds and give a commentary. This is from the Australian Broadcasting Commissions archives. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2009-06-08/archive-audio-eyewitness-report-of-japanese-air/1705516
  5. One of my friends, displaying a touching if unrealistic faith in my modelling skills, has asked me to build a Mosquito for her ex-RAF Grandfather for his 90th birthday later this year. I understand that he was with 618 Squadron when it was in Australia working up to attack the Japanese Fleet at Truk and has recollections of the PR XVI photo-reconnaissance Mosquitos which operated with it. By way of parameters, I will be working in 1/72 and trying to keep down costs for my friend as much as possible, so any low-cost, spare part or recycling options would be warmly appreciated. To help me, I have a small shopping list of questions which I am hoping learned members may have the answer to. Firstly, does anyone have any pictures they can share of 618 Sqn's PR XVI Mosquitos? I have seen references from other fora which seem to have embedded links to pictures hosted online but the actual images themselves I can't trace. In particular, what was the colour scheme for the PR XVIs attached to the squadron. I have done some research and the options seem to be two - PRU Blue as stated by one source which I found on Hyperscale or silver, as shown in an RAFWeb profile? Then, can anyone confirm the link-up between serials and codes for these aircraft? I understand that the codes in play were XI (tentatively identified as NS729), YI (very tentatively NS732), and ZI (likewise very tentatively the crashed NS735.) Were the serials and code letters black? Are there any 1/72 decal sets of the actual aircraft available? If not, I have heard that the roundels [and flashes?] were standard RAF-type, with the red of the roundels overpainted with white RAAF-style, thus changing the proportions. Do these exist as decals anywhere? I have in my stash some old Frog Havoc and Ventura decals including RAAF options which look roughly the right proportions. Might I be able to use these? I understand that these Mosquitos, like the Highball B.IVs, but unlike the practice F.B. VI, would have been fitted with V-frame arrestor hooks. Would an arrestor hook from a 1/72 Blackburn Shark or Sea Hurricane be suitable for that part? If not, would it be worth seeing if anyone has a spare Aeroclub white metal one? I understand that their 2-stage Merlins would have been fitted with 4-blade Rotol propellers. Is Blackbird the best source for the 4-bladed props? Also is there any evidence to suggest that the engines would have been fitted, like their B.IV counterparts, with tropical filters? The wikipedia entry, which is my source for the list of mods, isn't clear. If yes, how could these best be sourced? Finally, does the PR.XVI canopy only exist in Vacform in 1/72? Many thanks in advance for your help.
  6. We are pleased to announce a new relationship with Creative Models Australia who were Colourcoats stockists previously. We now have agreed a restock which we are compiling and shall be shipping imminently. Creative Models Australia shall be able to supply customers within both Australia and New Zealand. http://www.creativemodels.com.au/'>http://www.creativemodels.com.au/
  7. Something new for my Korean War aircraft collection - 1/72 Hawker Sea Fury FB.11, serial VX 730, number K 109, 805. Squadron Royal Australian Navy, HMAS Sydney, Korea 1951. Built with Trumpeter`s kit, Eduard`s Zoom PE parts for cockpit and Pavla`s resin propeller. Some modifications were made (for ex.: 3mm longer gear struts, bigger wheels, area behind the cockpit aligned to fuselage, opened step on port side, exhaust pipes, pitot tube etc.). Decals are from AIMS decals set "UK & Commonwealth in Korea". Painted with Gunze C.
  8. Here I present my second AFV build, the Airfix 1/76 scale Matilda finished as a vehicle from 2/4 Armoured Regiment, Australian Army, New Guinea, 1944 (see here for details from the Australian War Memorial, also some great photos here from the same site). Intended as a long weekend quick build in time for Australia Day - and I managed it! The basic kit needed some modifications to make it look more like one of the Australian Matilda's, including cutting down the height of the commanders cupola, the addition of some scratch built stowage boxes and some wire mesh to cover the rear hull - my first serious attempt I think at any kind of scratch building. The model was brush painted with Tamiya Acrylic, the main colour being Tamiya XF-13 (ironically enough IJA Green). Weathered with dry brushing and washes of Italeri and Tamiya acrylics. WIP thread can be found here, many thanks to Sgt Squarehead and Steve (Fatfingers) for advice on colour and the modifications. Really beginning to enjoy these little tanks, a few more may be and I will have the courage to try a larger scale model. Thanks for looking.
  9. Vickers Wellesley, one of those forgotten types from the unfashionable side of modelling. Here's the very first boxing that I will be using for the build: Typical Matchbox kit, basic but accurate to the eye. I'll add a few details but won't be going rivet crazy - actually theres very few rivets in the design as it is a smaller brother to it's more famous stablemate the Wellington and shares it's fabric covered geodesic structure. As befits the simple kit it's appears a simple build: Schemes are two similar green/brown birds differentiated by their engines. Option 1 is a standard short cowl Mk1, but option 2 is more interesting as it is a form generally associated with just 3 aircraft of the Long Range Development Unit that flew from England-Egypt-Australia with the longest leg being 7300miles (in 1938!). But to confuse matters the kit decals arent for one of these 3...but more on that later
  10. Wow everyone is quick listing their builds! Ok for this GB I’m doubling up, not just the colour scheme is Australian but the aircraft was designed and built here as well! So here she is Not the prettiest aircraft ever build but it was Australia’s first combat aircraft to be designed and built here. Initially it was designed as a fighter but it lacked speed and high altitude performance to take on the Japanese fighters. But it was easy to fly and quite agile along with its heavy armament meant it was a good light ground attack aircraft. It featured extensive armour plating over an airframe of wood and aluminium which meant it could sustain heavy battle damage and still return to base...though it was a bit prone to ground looping. I had wanted to build the Alley Cat 1/32 version but it was a wee bit expensive....so I settled for the Special Hobby version. It looks to be a nice model with a resin engine and details. Ok I said it looks to be a nice model but a really close examination reveals that it will need quite a bit of work to get in right.........I should have bought the Alley Cat one! The extras will be Eduard’s PE set and Montex masks, though I thought I had a set of aftermarket decals for it.......will have to have a look. Now just need to get the 110 finished by next break......plus find time for the SciFi build as well!!!
  11. http://www.panoramio.com/user/7396952?comment_page=1&photo_page=1 9 Pages of RAN, RAAF, RAF, RN, RMAF. Something for everyone. I found the link on hyperscale.com. Enjoy Pete
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