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Found 3 results

  1. It's reported that a company is working on a injected 1/72nd Bristol 175 Britannia kit. Official announcement is expected in about 45 days. Considering this rumour is coming from the French forum Master194 I fear a Mach2 kit. A Bristol Britannia would be logical follow-up to the A.W. Argosy (link) and the Avro York (link). Wait and see. Source: http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=100071 V.P.
  2. I thought I'd share and older build with everyone It's a CP-107 Argus in 1/72. As most will know this never existed as a kit, although I have heard Frog made one and Welsh models has a 1/144 one still available. I made this back in about 2002. At that time I only saw one of these in person (#715)and it was cut up already sitting at the Gimili airport (one hour north of Winnipeg, former RCAF base) belonging to the Western Canada Aviation Museum. They had bought it from a Saskatchewan scrap metal dealer (It was flown there sometime after retirement) It was hauled in sections from there to Gimili. The wings and tailplane were cut off. One wing per rig, the fuse on another, engines etc on another. I only saw pictures of that. To bad they never premade fish plates for the wing spars, so I doubt you could ever reattach the wings to any degree. Otherwise it was complete. I heard not long ago it was scrapped and the engines were sold. I did see my first complete one in Summerside PEI five years ago as a gate guard. Anyway, at the time I had no real idea how to do it. I decided to kitbash a DC-6 and a B-29 since they had the most usable parts. I had a second DC-6 fuse and wings. I used these two because the B-29 is the same size minus the MAD boom and the DC-6 has a similar fuselage, same props,usable engines and cowlings. Here's the fuse with some notes on it. Here's the inside with bulkheads made. I had to because the weapons bays was going to be open and it needed any extra strength I could put into it. I also cut the nose down and reshaped the nose sides to make them flatter.The base of the dorsal fin was removed and the B-29 tail cone area was inverted and glued on. Any light grey plastic you see is the B-29 parts. The fuselage also has to be widened by two scale feet. I made that from channel strip styrene. Here's the cockpit parts, most I made up, the seats are the DC-6 ones, just made taller and made headrests. Here's the cockpit roof which is a thick piece of plastic shaped and fitted. You can see some bulkhead and nose detail. I drew the lightning bolt stripe on the side in order to reference to line things up. Note air scoops on the sides which I put in the wrong spot, to low. Here's a look at the instrument panel. The cockpit windows will be opened. A few more details and notes, some bodywork do to. Here's the wings now. You can see how they were made longer, or wider depending on how you look at it. I also had to make strong spars to to help hold this all together. The flaps are also being left down since that's how the were left when parked. I was told it made pre-flights easier. Here's the new tail plane, good thing I had a spare tail plane. Here's most of the bodywork done. I made the nacelles from balsa, should have used a harder wood, takes a lot to seal balsa for painting but it's easy to sand. The dorsal fin was also enlarged. Most surface details were added to the best of what I could tell was accurate. Here's more views of body work, last one is just before painting started. The clear parts were all vac formed by a fellow club member (who also supplied a lot of detail pictures) except for the cockpit windows which are flat. The waist windows are slightly bulged. The landing gear was made from bits of the two kits. The nose wheels are from I think a 1/200 747. The mains are from some spares I had,forget what. Click2Detail was offering a 3D set of landing gear for the Britannia, not sure if they ever did anything with them, look them up on facebook. I don't have much for good finished pictures but this is the most recent. It's a link to my flikr, so I hope it works here. It shows as the picture, good. It's parked next to my Super Crusader. Here's the one at Summerside PEI, #739. I did mine #734 because it was the easiest to cut and all I had left from the decal set I had. I used two maritime Lancastor decal sets and some spares. I paint is Humbrol white and guards red. The silver in a couple shades of Metalizer with Metalizer clear. Kinda funny note, when I first brought this out to my model club,very few people knew what it was. This was strange since they are are self proclaimed experts on Canadian subjects. Luckily one member was an engine tech on these. After seeing the real ones (one in Greenwood Nova Scotia to) and a very good book that came out a few years ago, I now see details that I missed. But that's ok, I'm not going to send it in for refurbishment. The ailerons do point up when parked. They come down and become effective on take off roll. Word now is that Mach2 is bringing out a 1/72 Britannia which is what prompted me to post this build. Hopefully there will be aftermarket bits and conversions for it. I want to have another Argus, but don't want to torture myself building with this method again. This one took 225 hours and I had no rotory motor tool for grinding/sanding/cutting and no internet then. Here's a link to the topic about the Mach 2 Britannia. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235027098-172-bristol-175-britannia-by-mach2-test-build-release-november-2017/&
  3. Hi everyone, This is my new model – little and yellow-wing Fairchild 24 in service with US Coast Guard where it was designated as J2K-2. In fact the kit allows to reproduce only Fairchild 24 as restored nowadays and painted in USGC colours. Original USCG’s J2K-2 had several variations not reproduced in the kit: different engine cowling, smaller tail, wider undercarriage struts (the pair that joins wheels and fuselage), rear windows were installed upside down. The kit by Legato is fairly good for a short-run. I assembled it almost OOB. Major scratchbuild being rotating propeller. Fit is reasonable with most difficulties around fitting transparencies – in particular front screen fit with awful gaps along almost all sides. Some sanding and extra stripes of plastic helped though. Another drawback of the kit was the decal sheet with some colours visibly out of register – black and light blue in my case. As a result USCG (and Israeli) insignia were unusable so I borrowed USCG insignia from another kit, but had to spray white and blue roundels as a background. Also decal representing stripes on the rudder did not perfectly match the rudder shape. I expected this and probably could better spray at least white and red stripes. According to historic photoes and USCG documents both “USCG” letterings have to be placed on the lower surfaces of the wing – not one on lower and one on upper sides as suggested by the instruction. So here are the pictures: And with another yellow-wing airplane in my collection - Lockheed Vega: Best regards! Dennis
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