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Found 11 results

  1. About 15 years ago I won an ebay auction for two Airfix Lunar modules. The first one I built as part of a project for my stepson (he's 25 now !). With the 50th anniversary of the moon landings fast approaching & no sign of a new-tool version I thought it was about time I dragged the second kit out of my stash. Well it was 15 years ago... the second kit was in a bag: problem 1: no decals - no problem, I have a couple of decent printers problem 2: one of the legs isn't complete The problems above didn't put me off starting. I've spent literally hours looking at pictures of the real thing & even made a trip to the Science museum where I got a few more pictures. So now it's time to get going. My main gripe about the Airfix kit is the deflectors - they should be mounted on the descent stage, but in this kit they are moulded to the downward thrusters on the ascent stage. So one mod will be to mount the deflectors on the descent stage, this will require some bits to be knocked up to support the things. I've also ordered some gold-foil sweet wrappers So here's the incomplete leg I used a piece of styrene to replace the missing section. This shouldn't be noticeable once it's covered in foil. I've made a start on the big piece of the descent stage: And I've started covering the legs with foil: since taking these pictures, I've turned my attention to check out the rest of the kit & it doesn't look good. The thrusters with the deflectors attached are missing. The ladder is missing. The cradle that supports the dish above the door is missing. Who knows what else is missing - having started the kit & having done all the hunting for info on the web I'm not stopping now, so I've returned to ebay & managed to get hold of a 40th anniversary edition, which will be arriving soon. Thanks for watching
  2. Astronauts (A00741V) 1:76 Airfix Vintage Classics In the 60s and 70s there was a huge interest in going to the Moon, and consequently there were a lot of space-themed toys. These figures stand out in my memory because I used to own a set, and loved the little gadgets you could put together and play with. I have no idea where they went in the long-term, but when I opened the little box from Airfix the other day, I was beaming from ear to ear (not the Star Trek kind) almost immediately. Arriving in a small end-opening rectangular box, you get four sprues of pure white vinyl, unlike the old ones with were a cheesy yellow colour, even from new. Funnily enough, the illustration of the contents on the back of the box show them to be yellowish, but white is the colour, and a proper colour it is too. The copyright message tags them as from 1971, and time hasn't been too unkind to them. They hail from the era of angular sprues with no external runners to protect the parts, but vinyl isn't as prone to breakage as styrene, so everything is still attached to the sprues. There's a little bit of flash here and there, but most of it is on the sprues, so won't be an issue, and there are a few ejector pin marks too, most notably on the rear of the tyres and the astronauts' backs, although the latter will be covered by their backpacks anyway, so don't matter. Some of the design work is fanciful, including two types of lander that could allegedly be used for getting around faster than the moon rover that is also supplied. The vehicles are a little simplified for obvious reasons, but they still have that cool factor that makes me smile. In the box you get 59 parts to make up the following: 1 x Astronaut with a flag 2 x Astronaut with a probe/golf club 2 x Astronaut carrying a pair of containers 2 x Astronaut walking with his hands stretched out to his sides 2 x Astronaut with a video camera 2 x Astronaut with a personal one-man rocket-propelled travel platform 2 x Astronaut in a moonbuggy 2 x Astronaut on 1 x larger 2-seat lander-style travel platform A brief clean-up was done for this photo of some of the parts, but most of the figures were much as they came off the sprue. The round platform took the most clean-up. Preparation involves nipping the parts off the sprue and cutting the gate flush to allow them to sit straight on the moon's regolith, and then using an incredibly sharp blade to remove any small blemishes or flash that might be found. Be careful of cutting the pins too short on the various parts that slot together, as they're a bit hard to see amongst the white of the sprues. This can bite you in the bottom later on when you realise your rocketman won't stay on his platform, which is incidentally where the most flash is to be found in between the verticals. They're vinyl of course, so flexible and not likely to take standard paints if you get the modelling urge, but I believe that there are some flexible paints out there, or some that can be made flexible with the addition of something akin to PVA… my memory is hazy on this though, so have a Google if some bright spark doesn't help us out below. Conclusion I think they're awesome, but then I'm biased. They're still very cool IMHO, and surprisingly affordable if you're feeling nostalgic. Lots of play value for the 8 and older child, self included. What glues vinyl well? Nostalgically highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  3. The final category of kit that I believe the GB has not as yet covered is 'Space. (Nimrod54's excellent Angel Interceptor covers the 'TV and Film' category). Having really lost my senses this time, I put out a call in the 'Wanted' section to see if I could lay my hands on one of Airfix's Space kits, the smaller the better. My prayers were answered with the 1/72 Apollo Lunar Module from 1970. Let's pause to drool over the 'Red Stripe' packaging and box art...... All the bits were there - someone has looked after this extremely well.... You even get an additional leaflet on the Apollo missions - this is excellent reading for me now, never mind when I was 10! Instructions are comprehensive. Wait a minute - it came with a small note! Yes, indeed, it was no lesser a person that 'our' Heather that got in touch with this kit which could have continued to 'appreciate' nicely ready for a bidding war but which she has generously passed on to me to build for this GB - Heather will let you know the background in due course. No pressure then to make a good job of this one and finish in time - I am really looking forward to it!
  4. Hi guys, well this has been a fun build. I had a picture in my mind how I wanted this diorama to look and for once it has come out looking just as I imagined it, spooky! It's a bit biased towards the movie look rather than a true representation of how an actual explosion would appear in the vacuum of space. I hope you enjoy the pics. Finally, you can see the work in progress of my build in the link below.
  5. Hi all, been working on a new real space project this last week or so. I bought this kit off eBay, I wanted to convert it to be Apollo 13. I have opened up one of the compartments and scratch built the damage from the explosion. Adding some RGB (Red, Green, Blue) flashing LEDs to give a flashing explosion effect. I also wanted to light the thruster rockets on the side of the command module, however the nozzles were micro small and there was no way it was possible to drill them out to add lighting of any sort. I did a slight cheat and drilled some small holes through the back of the wall of the service module which allowed light to pass through underneath the nozzles and has give me a satisfactory effect of the retro rockets firing. I plan to mount the model on a tube running through the rocket motor nozzle of the service module going through up into the Lunar module. This tube will be driven from a motorised gearbox which will allow the spacecraft to slowly rotate, the plan is to have the model in some form of box that will have a space background and also showing the debris field following the explosion of the oxygen tank. "Houston, we have a problem".
  6. I read on CultMantv.com that Dragon will be reissuing 4 space kits. This is good news to me. Last year when I became excited about real space I soon learned that many of the kits I wanted were no longer available. The kits that will be reissued this summer and also available for pre-order are: Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle 1:48 Part Number:DRA-11008 Apollo 11 Lunar Approach Columbia and Eagle 1:72 Part Number:DRA-11001 Apollo 11 CSM 1:48 Part Number:DRA-11007 Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Columbia and Eagle 1:72 Part Number:DRA-11002
  7. Presenting the Monogram 1/32 Apollo CSM, with New Ware etch interior (and other parts), and Space Model Systems decals, plus of course the Realspace Models resin unitary hatch. This kit was released in 1969 and is still available. It is the only accurate commercial kit of the craft, although it appears to be based on monochrome official drawings and some photos, and has inaccuracies as it comes - the biggest one being the gold plated Command Module! A full interior is included, although the complex instrument panels are for reasons that may never be understood, represented by terrible stickers in green, black and red. Most interior colours are wrongly specified in the instructions. The space suited crew figures are best discarded. With some research however a reasonable model may be produced. The CM chrome finish - strips of tape on the real one - is hard to replicate, I used Extreme Metal chrome. The build progress on this model is here in In Progress.
  8. (Note - I've probably put this is the wrong section, it should have been in Ready for Inspection, but I'm not sure if I can move it easily....) Welcome to one of my now infrequent postings, as the title suggests, here's a Revell 1/48 Lunar Module I did earlier, about 39 years earlier in fact... this is my oldest surviving model of any kind. For some reason it's just always been there! First, a little history... Yup, that's me - No-more Shelf-space Junior, from Scale Models August 1978. (thanks to Jinxman for the pdf copy!) Note the financial confidence, quite unfounded as I was on a student grant at that time, if anyone remembers those. (I am no longer at that address). From that ad I got an Aurora Land of the Giants Spindrift (orange and bright green plastic, uuh), a Lindbergh wheel type space station, and a nice Revell 1/48 Apollo stack in all its totally inaccurate glory. The CSM and other parts did not survive the decades, and the other two got sold on. And I never got the Saturn and Vostok... Anyway here's the Lunar Module; I detailed it up from photos of the mockup then in the Science Museum. The landing legs were mostly rebuilt from EMA/Plastruct tubing, plume deflectors were toothpaste tube and straightened paperclip wire (stuck with Evo-Stik when it was actually glue), and foil - rather faded now - off a Cadbury's Caramac, another one of those things that isn't quite the same nowadays. Here's a photo round the back, where they kept the bins. Most of the details were rebuilt with plastic rod, and by some miracle nothing has ever got broken off! I had no airbrush then apart from one of those horrible Humbrol squirt-brushes so it was all hand painted in silver 11 and matt black. The windows were acetate, and now very yellowed, although you can't see this against the black interior. When I examined the interior with a torch I could see some attempt to stick something inside, although what I was intending to do I don't remember. Reference at that time was very hard to come by unless you were a smart alec and wrote to NASA. The base I made quite recently - it's the base you have seen in my aircraft photos, cut into a circle shape with "moon" built up with lumpy Tetrion and painted with tube acrylic. The placard is mounting board with lettering via a technical lettering stencil and rOtring pen - sort of in keeping with the era I made it in - I could have done something on the PC but, nah. Keep it 1978!
  9. Hi folks, Been very busy but managed to fit time in to finish this nice little kit my wife got me for Christmas. A very nice kit and well worth the effort. enjoy. Thanks for looking.
  10. I did actually make some kits without putting any lighting in them and this is one of them. Like most of my smaller kits, this was built 'as is' straight from the box. I've also done the Airfix Saturn V and will post some pictures of that once I have worked out how to get it all into one picture.
  11. HI, Well finally finished this to a reasonable finish,the build,s are posted in the in-progress section,warts and all? a little bit of history,about this major vehicle in the up-coming moon programme... Saturn one----SA-1.....A.K.A. BY ITS CRITICS as " CLUSTERS LAST STAND" Programme named Saturn as its the one after the jupiter,programme launched oct 27....1961 This was basically the first step towards the Moon,President Kennedy,said of the Saturn Project,that the launch of SA-5 was the launch that caught up with the russians,and passed them,with regards to lift weight capability?,He said this the day before he was assassinated. The SA-1,s big successes were,verifying the launch configuration of the lower booster stage,and a dummy version of future,Apollo upper stages,flight simulations of the Apollo command and service module,s. the next flights would fill the dummy stages with water to see how fuel would react /affect flight,suprisingly the project was named "Project Highwater". also the last few of this configuration were used to launch the Pegasus serie,s of satellites. It was also considered for the launch vehicle for the proposed Dyna Soar space plane.?and also considered for launching a Gemini capsule on a proposed Moon mission? So basically SA-1 was a cluster of eight Redstone boosters,around a Jupiter tank,With 4x tanks painted white which contained L.O.X {LIQUID OXYGEN]. And 4x tanks painted black,which contained RP-1 rocket fuel. The outer 4x engines {,with red on the model] were swivelled,so the booster was steerable. Right heres the pics,let me know what you think?,and thanks for sticking with this. cheers Don enjoy Don
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