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Found 59 results

  1. I'm a bit fascinated by jet and turboprop-powered flying boats. I think it's because the heyday of the flying boat was very much the piston engine era, so there's a combination of the modern and the anachronistic about them. So of course I'm interested in Beriev's aircraft. I'm planning to build three of them - the A-40 Mermaid (which I've wanted to build ever since I saw one at Fairford in '96), its smaller civilian sibling the Be-200, and their ancestor the R-1, Beriev's first jet flying boat. The A-40 and R-1 are from Anigrand - the R-1 is one of the bonus kits in the A-40 box: And the Be-200 is from Eastern Express. In theory the injection moulded kit should be the easier one, but I have a feeling it might be the other way round! cheers Julian
  2. Here's my Anigrand 1/144 Convair R3Y-1 Tradewind, just finished in the Flying Boats and Floatplanes II group build. My first resin kit and I enjoyed it - won't be my last. Build thread is here. thanks for looking Julian
  3. I'm going to have a go at the Anigrand 1/144 Convair R3Y-1 Tradewind. A fascinating aeroplane - conceived initially for maritime patrol, it was redesigned for transport and ended up with a brief service life as a tanker. From the sounds of things it could have been a very good aircraft, but was beset with engine problems, and it only lasted 2 years in service. The Anigrand kit looks quite nice. This and the Beriev will be my first go at resin kits, and it looks like a good place to start. Here's what you get for the Tradewind - the box also contains 1/144 kits of the Beaver, Seasprite (both tiny!) and North American XA2J Super Savage. Hopefully I'll make a start at the weekend cheers Julian
  4. The North American XF-108 Rapier was a proposed long-range, high-speed interceptor aircraft designed by North American Aviation intended to defend the United States from supersonic Soviet strategic bombers. The aircraft would have cruised at speeds around Mach 3 (3,200 km/h; 2,000 mph) with an unrefueled combat radius over 1,000 nautical miles (1,900 km; 1,200 mi), and was equipped with radar and missiles offering engagement ranges up to 100 miles (160 km) against bomber-sized targets. To limit development costs, the program shared engine development with the North American XB-70 Valkyrie strategic bomber program, and used a number of elements of earlier interceptor projects. The program had progressed only as far as the construction of a single wooden mockup when it was cancelled in 1959, due to a shortage of funds and the Soviets' adoption of ballistic missiles as their primary means of nuclear attack. Had it flown, the F-108 would have been the heaviest fighter of its era. This is the Wikipedia abstract, full story here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_XF-108_Rapier I recently completed this build from the Anigrand resin kit: since both incarnations of the mock-up (overall metal or white) were quite bland and uninspiring I chose to depict a fictitious evaluation a/c from Edwards, as imagined by the artist on the front cover of this Airpower Magazine issue: The build thread can be found here for those interested. As you will read it was truly a collaborative effort with great inputs from BM members, thank you again to all! So here are the images. Thanks for looking!
  5. Finished my self imposed one month posting and forum hiatus but still got this one done for April and my seventh for the year: A sweet but full of casting /moulding flaws kit from Anigrand. I scribed and riveted the surface, Alclad and Mr Color for a "Man in the High Castle" vibe. Decided that post war the victorious Luft '46 boys would have dumped the camo and gone full shiny. Scratched an exhaust and throttle body to distract from the strange oval hole Anigrand presented, then made up some aerials for radar/drone use and drove myself crazy gluing 0.1mm nickel rod. Decals from various Skys sheets and spares box. Fun was had and no styrene was unnecessarily hurt. WIP here:
  6. After the 1/144th kit (link) Anigrand is to release in November 2018 April 2019 a 1/72th Sikorsky XPBS-1 resin kit - ref. AA2137 Patrol bomber compete with Consolidated PB2Y Coronado Source: http://www.anigrand.com/future_releases.htm V.P.
  7. This is my rendition of Anigrand's 1/72 the Douglas F5D-1 Skylancer. The Skylancer was an improved F4D Skyray, similar to the F-106 being an improved F-102, but unlike the F-102 the F5D's came out while the F8U and F-4 where already under development so its timing was bad and it never went into production. This is typical to my experience with Anigrand kits; nice casting with a few pin holes, slightly undersized and slightly warped fuselage halves. It came with a nice looking ejection seat, but I used the CMK F4D interior. The decals were a mix of the kit ones for the aircraft specific markings, with national and Navy markings from other sheet. On the whole it was a pleasant build that took a total of 15 days. Here it is with an F4d-1 for comparison Next up is the Hasegawa SP-5B Marlin Enjoy
  8. This is my rendition of Anigrand's Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III. This was a very good Anigrand kit, free of pinholes and with a surprisingly clear canopy. The only disappointment was the decals. These had yellowed and taping them to a sun facing window for a few weeks only slightly clear up the yellowing. They were also very glossy and thick. Other then that it was a pleasant 2 week OOB build. What appears to be a second stabilizer would fold down in flight to augment the vertical fin. Next up in the Hobby Boss UH-1B Huey. Enjoy
  9. I've rebuilt the Build Thread for this unusual subject (originally from an old What-If Groupbuild) with new picture links! Republic F-103A Thunderwarrior 5th FIS, Minot AFB, North Dakota 1969. Commander's aircraft for the 1969 Air Show season. This radical interceptor design was cancelled in 1959 after reaching the mockup stage, [what-if mode ON] but was reinstated in 1962 after the Cuban Missile Crisis as three Soviet long-range supersonic bombers were poised to enter service. Two full wings of Thunderwarriors were deployed at Minot AFB, ND and Elmendorf AFB, AK. [/what-if mode OFF] Despite extremely short range, the F-103 was a point-defence interceptor with combined turbo-ramjet propulsion, capable of Mach 3.7 up to 80,000ft and dash speed of up to Mach 5 at 100,000ft. Its peak rate of climb was 70,000ft/min in ramjet propulsion above Mach 2.5. The Thunderwarrior was armed with 6 AIM-47 radar-guided missiles and could track and kill supersonic targets at over 100nm range. (All that last bit is the true projected specs back in 1954!) Anigrand Craftswork 1/72 resin kit modified, with homemade decals. Alclad finish, Xtracrylix other colours. This was actually a fun build cos everything I tried worked!! Al
  10. Hi folks, Well I mentioned in the Revell C-17 thread that I was working on the 1/72 Anigrand kit. I have a thread running over at ARC but since a lot of you don't frequent that forum I thought I would run a thread here as well. Since the issue of the 1/144 Anigrand kit and now the Revell kit the short comings of Anigrand's monster are becoming well known (to me at least). So a summary of the work so far. Cockpit/Nose. The kit's nose is too bulbous, so I fill the inside of the cockpit area with 5-minute epoxy and started sanding. This shot shows the modified side on the left after this shot was taken I sanded it a bit more to flatten it a little more. This also shows the left side wind root moved back, more on that later. No picture thanks to Photobucket ...C-17/wingrootcomparisonsm.jpg The windscreen panels are the wrong size and shape, took 3 goes to get the position and proportions about right. The nose profile also needs reshaping. The clear piece on the kit was deceiving as the rear window actually should be about 10mm forward of where the kit has it. It looks a mess at the moment but I hope after a primer it will be better (I hope). You can also see how much resin I have removed, the cockpit walls were about 2mm thick! No picture thanks to Photobucket ..C-17/windscreenrework2sm.jpg Wing Root The wings are about 25mm too far forward on the fuselage so the root was removed and shifted back 25mm. This shot shows the move in progress, I cut a section out, removed 25mm from the back end of it, moved the root forward and glued the 25mm slab to the front. It needed to be reshaped to fit as well (I used an orbital sander to take the excess off ). No picture thanks to Photobucket ...C-17/RootmovedbackSM.jpg This shot shows the root moved and compared to the Revell kit. No picture thanks to Photobucket ...C-17/cutting.jpg Tail Fin Started with this (below) shape is out, who would have guessed? No picture thanks to Photobucket ...C-17/TailbeforeSM.jpg After some putty, cutting and sanding... the rudders will be posed offset. No picture thanks to Photobucket ...C-17/rudder3sm.jpg Sponsons/Wheel wells This is where I am up to now, Where do I start? Well let's see... the main well is short by 10mm and too far forward my 3mm. As a result, the paratroop door behind the sponson is also out by about 3mm, the auxiliary gear doors also need moving and I had previously noted the shape was out as well. Which means that the locating holes for the main gear legs are too far forward by about 5mm... are we having fun yet? So the Aux door I cut out on the other side is wrong and will need filling and moving to the correct location. I also found another issue with the height of the well opening on the sponson (outboard side), it seems to be too tall, At this point I am not going to change it, all it may need is some card to fill the top edge of the opening and removing some material for the outboard gear doors. I may revisit it later. On the picture below you can see my scribbling, the dotted lines show the current scribed positions of the aux and para doors, I have also drawn in the sponson extension. The hatched areas are what I need to cut out/off. No picture thanks to Photobucket ...C-17/RHSponsonSM.jpg Rear Ramp I decided to open it up and used the kits panel lines as a guide, turns out they are wrong, so I have remarked the lines and will have to cut more (hatched area). No picture thanks to Photobucket ...C-17/RampmodsSM.jpg So there you go, that is where I am at, I have a day at a model show do a building demo tomorrow so I will be updating the other side cockpit windows, modding the sponsons and openning up the ramp area. Wish me luck!
  11. Anigrand is to release in December 2018 a 1/72nd BAE Tempest II resin kit - ref. AA-2138 Source: http://www.anigrand.com/future_releases.htm V.P.
  12. What about doing an conversion of an Tamiya or Airfix F-4D Skyray to an F-5D Skylancer? How hard would it be? Its longer with thinner wings, coca cola shaped fuselage and with an different canopy (can be ordered from Anigrand). The Anigrand F-5D looks fine but is rather expensive these days including shipping... http://www.anigrand.com/AA2055_XF5D-1.htm Cheers / André
  13. Anigrand is to release a 1/72nd Great Lakes XSG-1 resin kit - ref. AA-2133 Source: http://www.anigrand.com/AA2133_XSG-1.htm V.P.
  14. Not a lot to show here, simply an old Shelf of Doom model finally completed, just to sort of "show the flag". Here is how it looked before I started back on it a couple of months ago: (It's at the top right). Pretty much the fuse and interior were all assembled, and all the primer and coats of Alclad were done. Just needed t add all the final bits and a little other painting. Since I never intended to post this was, I didn't take any pics along the way, but it's just your usual resin kit. Can't remember what I did for the cockpit -- may have used a modified F-84G. Everything else is stock kit, except for the pitot tubes are tiny tubing and wire, and the use of some landing gear doors from either an F or RF-84 kit. The supplied kit decals for the wing stars and bars are too small compared to the photos I used, and the kit supplied buzz number was printed in black. I scanned those into the computer and changed the color to Insignia Blue in Photoshop, and then reprinted two sets onto clear decal paper, using my Epson inkjet printer. The two sets of decals were kind of semi-transparent, so I installed the second set atop the first set, after the fist set had dried thoroughly. Sorry for no more photos, but I am glad to finally have her join the collection. Ed
  15. Afternoon all. I’m building a Supermarine type 545 (essentially a Mach 2 redesign of the Swift that was cancelled) and the instructions say it should be natural metal overall. I can’t confirm this in writing on the internet or in the few books I have that touch on this subject. There are a few pics in black and white floating around the internet. For instance (via Wikipedia)... These don’t look natural metal to me. Too pale perhaps? To my eye more likely a primer (the project was cancelled half way through construction). I’m pretty relaxed about this build and the colours really, but before I plunge on - does anyone in this extraordinary resource have any gen on what these colours in reality might be? What sort of colour did Supermarine use for instance as a primer? I’m thinking a pale yellow, throwing in some different coloured panels in various metal shades... Thanks! Angus
  16. Anigrand is to release in July 2018 a 1/72nd McDonnell 119 UCX prototype (compete with C-140 Jetstar) - ref. AA2130 Source: http://www.anigrand.com/future_releases.htm V.P.
  17. Anigrand is to release in September 2018 a 1/72nd Yokosuka MXY-6 (Test-bed of Kyushu J7W Shinden) resin kit - ref. AA2135 Source: http://www.anigrand.com/future_releases.htm V.P.
  18. Anigrand is to release in December 2017 a 1/72nd Columbia XJL-1 resin kit - ref. AA2134 Source: http://www.anigrand.com/future_releases.htm V.P.
  19. Anigrand is to release in February 2018 a 1/72nd Curtiss-Wright C-76 Caravan resin kit - ref. AA2136 Source: http://www.anigrand.com/future_releases.htm V.P.
  20. Well, I was supposed to build the Italeri F-21A AKA Kfir C1 kit next, and I started it, but I was unhappy with the way the build was going and then there was a tragic solvent spill and all I was able to salvage was the interior: So I had to order another one and while I was at it I ordered DNModels' painting mask and canopy mask and while the new kit has arrived the masks won't get here until late January. In the mean time I decided to do a few quick builds. The first one is the Anigrand M2-F2 lifting body. I had previously build the HL-10, X24A and B, and the M2-F3 and since the differences between the M2-F2 and the M2-F3 are minor I figured that was enough. But the competist in my said I really had to do the M2-F2. The M2-F2 was what the designer, R. Dale Reed, called and "angry machine" and it had stability issues that lead to it crashing on landing, made famous by the Six Million Dollar Man TV show. In the real crash the pilot survived with the loss of an eye due to infection. There were no major issues with the kit. It has a nice interior, but since the Anigrand canopy is translucent at best with a lot of internal bubble, I didn't spend a lot of time on it. The body is divided into a top and bottom half and the top half is just a little too short in the rear, but that was fixed with a strip or styrene. The decals were excellent. From start to finish was 8 days. And here it is; Next I am going to be working on the Platz RQ-4B Global Hawk drone which has no canopy or interior to mess up Enjoy.
  21. Anigrand is to release in March 2017 a 1/144th Sikorsky XPBS-1 resin kit - ref. AA4111 Patrol bomber compete with Consolidated Coronado Source: http://www.anigrand.com/future_releases.htm V.P.
  22. Anigrand is to release in August 2017 a 1/144th Sikorsky JR2S-1 / VS-44 resin kit - ref. AA4096 Source: http://www.anigrand.com/future_releases.htm V.P.
  23. Anigrand is to release in October 2017 a 1/72nd Budd RB-1 / C-93 Conestoga resin kit - ref. AA2128 Source: http://www.anigrand.com/future_releases.htm V.P.
  24. This is my 3rd in a series of lifting bodies, the Northrop M2-F3. As many of you are probably aware the M2-F2 famously crashed after 16 flights as seen in the intro to the "Six Million Dollar Man". After the crash, using some creative accounting, they were able to rebuild it as the M2-F3 which went on to 27 more successful flight. Differences in appearance between to 2 are; a third vertical fin added, The main gear reversed so the wheels face outward rather then inward, a bigger engine, and a re-enforced nose which split the front window in to 2 pieces. There were also internal changes. These changes turned it from what R. Dale Reed called an "angry" machine into a much more pleasant one to fly. More information can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northrop_M2-F3, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northrop_M2-F2, and in Reed's book "Wingless Flight" https://www.amazon.com/Wingless-Flight-Lifting-Story-2002-06-28/dp/B01MT30UGD/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1502472205&sr=1-5&keywords=wingless+flight The Anigrand kit is of the M2-F2, but they give instructions on how to modify it to the M2-F3. I chose to make the -F3 because it was more successful and made more flights. I am not inclined to also make the M2-F2, but never say never. Like my previous Anigrand kit, with the exception of the "transperancies" the casting were excellent with no visible pin holes, short shots and crisp edges. It did have an issue with the fuselage top being slightly shorter the the bottom, but this was fairly easy to the. The transparencies were translucent at best with internal air bubbles. The decals were a bit stiff, but worked. So on to the pictures; Next up is the Mach 2 X-24B which will be my last lifting body, at least for a while.
  25. This is the second in a series of NASA lifting bodies. The first was my X-24A that I posted a few weeks ago. This is an Anigrand kit and while I see a lot of complaints about pin holes, and short shots with Anigrand kits, this one must have been cast on one of there good days. With the exception of the "transparencies" all the parts were clean and crisply molded with no pin holes or voids and the fit was very good. The exceptions were the "clear" parts that were translucent at best and in the case of the main canopy was way too small for the opening, but nothing some super glue, styrene strips, sanding and polishing couldn't fix. The decals were OK being a bit thick and stiff. Paint was Alclad II Aluminum. This was a very quick build taking less then a week to complete. On to the the pictures; Note that this was designed to fly at a high angle of attack, imagine the pitot tube horizontal and the pilot spent most of hist time looking between his legs out the front glazing. More information about HL-10 can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northrop_HL-10
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