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Found 40 results

  1. With my other build rapidly coming to a finish and still plenty of time in the STGB, barring some disaster, I decided to do another build. This time the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk XIV in RAAF 451 squadron markings. I have found the two Australian squadrons 451 and 453 quite interesting. Both remained in the European Theatre as part of the Occupying Forces. Hence, my topic title "After Journey's End", alluding to a period after war's end and the VE-VJ Group Build that is just about to commence. The Mk XIV came into service with 451 and 453 at the end of 1945 with both squadrons deployed in Germany. It is always tempting to build 453 squadron with the Fox Uncle squadron code (or Freddie Uncle or Foxtrot Uniform depending on the era) and the photographer always made sure he got a photo of K for King (port fuselage). I have built a 453 squadron subject previously, D-Day Mk IX FU-N, and having the Xtradecal sheet for the Mk XIV with 451's NI-K NH895 decals made my decision easy to select this subject as the next build. As mentioned I am using the latest Airfix 1/48 boxing plus a little PE (IP and belts) and resin (wheels and exhausts). These are the chosen markings - very standard. Inspecting the sprues we find no disasters with the exception of a short shot or break off in the mould of one prop tip that I will have to repair or hunt for an appropriate aftermarket solution. Should be fun … Ray
  2. I picked up these two second hand MkI Spitfires last year, after a long hankering to make a prewar two bladed prop version. I love the yellow bordered A1 style roundels the first batch delivered had, and I was a little disappointed the newest tool version I got first didn't have this option a couple of the earlier versions had. I was also gutted it didn't come with the original flat unblown canopy, just three very similar (to my eyes) blown canopies. The detail is amazing though. 2010 kit top 2015 kit bottom by Mike, on Flickr The second kit was the previous tooling from 2007, which was is much more basic, especially in the cockpit, but came with the squadron transfers I wanted. It also has the earliest flat canopy. MkI Spitfire transfers by Mike, on Flickr Instruction comparisons by Mike, on Flickr 2015 transfer options by Mike, on Flickr 2010 transfer options by Mike, on Flickr Spitfire MkI – 19 Squadron RAF, (1) by Keith Pharo, on Flickr Now, my initial thoughts are to build the newest tooling MkI with the transfers from the older kit. I'm not sure yet what to do about that blown canopy though, as I'd really like to do it with a flat version. And for the second kit with the older tooling, my plans are a bit more ambitious for a novice builder. I have always wanted to build K5054, in one of its variants. This kit has already been started, but thankfully the previous owner gave up quite quickly. This makes me less nervous about making a balls up of it! I've already got a bit of reference material to swat up on. Being a Southampton lad Supermarine is a pet subject. I'm guessing I'm not the first to attempt this, and I'll have a gander on here later to see how others have gone about this. My initial thoughts and worries - where to get the transfers from - how to make the curved windscreen - how to make the stubby exhausts - radiator - tail skid - colour - wing planking ... I think my basic skills will be more suited to later appearances of the prototype, as trying to replicate that bare metal finish looks beyond me. Also later versions will be closer to the production model. Some reading up required by Mike, on Flickr Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I, K5054 by SDASM Archives, on Flickr Well, here goes. First build of 2020. First 1:48. Well, since the 80's anyway. Even then I think I only made one? My mince pies are thanking me already.
  3. Hello Dears, Did I've been a good guy in Telford ?? Have a look... To my point of view... Yes, I've been, but I'm not sure that SWMBO will agree... Will be curious to know how many of the 1/48 Walrus have been sold this year in SMW ??? And some trainer Harrier too..... And today, I started her Cleaning up the ejection pin This is really a great kit... I asked the Airfix guys about the next 1/48 kits... Seemingly we will not hav the Avro Bison or Blackburn Ripon next year !! What a lack of good taste.. But a Beaufort is possible in a near future, The Blenheim is sure and will be great... But No Stirling or Hampden..... Damn it !! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  4. Operational pause, maintenance checks underway. Return to operational status 14 Dec 0000 Zulu Cheers, Rich
  5. Well it had to be done. Everyone else has one. Don't you? Have to fish out the typhoon and tempest out the roof sometime for a family portrait. Just need a MkII tempest and I'd be a very happy camper. Enough has been said about the Airfix Sea Fury, so I wont repeat details. I enlarged the cowling by putting a 15 thou plastic card shim on each side. That just about makes it fit. I added a gun sight from an Eduard Spitfire that I had spare (not that you can really see it). The decals are from an AeroMaster sheet as I wanted one with the black and white stripes. The photos show a couple of areas I need to touch up. Oh well. Its not like I have other kits to build Enough waffle, on with the pics. Tim
  6. Hello Dears, At Least… This kit is a birthday gift from SWMBO in 2005, then it has stalled for month when we moved. Then the amount of sanding and adjustment send her (Not my lady of course) to the waiting room. I Added a KMC interior and a brass Master pitot All the NACA have been opened, the 30m/m guns are syringe needles... Paints are Xtracrylics as usual ! When I saw the pic, I got back to my cabinet, thinking the U/C leg is bowed… But NO Pfiuuu it's only a visual flaw I will make some better pics tomorrow on daylight, but I was to happy to share, since I just finished her right now ! It's my second Sharkmouth and still british ones ! Decals are from the box except for some roundels and fin flash that came from an Xtradecals sheet... That induced me into another Lightning build….. BUT NOT for that while ! As usual, comments are welcome, hope that you'll enjoy the thread more than I enjoyed the build !! Have a very good Friday, still 2 evening work day to do ... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  7. On the RN S2 Buccaneers was the ejection seat handle the D-type or the double pull ring. I have seen some pictures where the handle is the D-type but the Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer has the double pull ring. Was it a requirement of the RAF that it be changed to the double pull ring ? TIA Robert
  8. Hi Folks, Just a quick trawl for information; Does anyone know if decals for the title subject aircraft exist in 1/48? I have the Airfix kit and a superb promo glossy of ZJ100 in flight and always had designs on doing the kit in that particular scheme. I'd be grateful for any information. Failing the decal option; is obtaining, from my own artwork a custom printed sheet of decals (as there is a lot of white in the scheme) or alternatively an accurately cut set of stencils an option? Cheers, M.
  9. Hello Dears, Here I come back, Thanks to @AndyRM101 who shared a tip to post images from Flickr Here's my PR XIX I really enjoyed the kit, she's built almost OOB However I changed the seat for a resin one from my stash I used the excellent Barracuda cast propeller And I changed the Rocker cover, wich is not really necessary since the difference is really not noticeable The prop' is a real enhancement, glad to have used it ! The camera compartment has been detailled and the exhaust stacks are just bored and weathered !
  10. I was half contemplating cashing in on my Airfix Buccaneer before the Tanmodel arrives. Before I did, I went round it with clamps and tape and it actually lines up pretty well, must have a decent one. My question now I have it taped up where it should all line up, would a dunk in hot water then cold water change the memory of the plastic so it would put up less of a fight when I come to build it. Ive decided to keep it so wondering if it's worth a try Cheers Chris
  11. Hello folks, my latest attempt. Built OOB apart from a resin seat I somehow aquired.... Liked building this one. Painted with tamiya acrylics. (sorry for the quality of photos) and next to it's older brother - the tamiya vb....
  12. Hi everyone. Although this might not be the most original of choices, there's no denying that the English Electric/BAC Lightning was a proper Cold War icon of the 1970's and totally deserving of my attempt to replicate one. Despite the obvious difficulties involved in replicating a realistic scale nmf, I find myself drawn to the F.2A as the box top artwork..... ....but to minimise the stress, it will be gear-up, in an appropriately dramatic pose, finished with AK extreme metal paint.......possibly! Cheers for now, Craig
  13. Hi folk,s I can't imagine many of the aircraft brigade here on BM not checking out the superb Battle of Britain GB but just in case here's my take on Priller's 109,the kit is Airfix;s newer tool with Eduard;s weekend edition decals.The kit comes a very creditable second to Eduard's in comparison with the glazing not quite as well molded and the awful sprue attachment's on the separate leading edge slat's letting it down.Colour,s are all Tamiya which I mixed from photo,s and profile,s.Many thank's for looking.http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234984672-and-beware-the-hun-in-the-sun/page-1 Build can be found here.
  14. No, not a Whif.... 85 Sqn operated Defiants for one whole month, in January 1941. They were assigned for use shortly after the squadron took up it's night fighter role, it's Hurricanes not being suitable for the job. Unfortunately, the Defiants that were given to the squadron were early mk1s and we're not fitted with AI radar, so relied on ground controlled interception. By February 1941, the squadron were re-equipping with American Havoc night fighters. No photos seem to exist of 85s Defiants, so I have used artistic licence with the finish of this kit. Built from Airfix's excellent 1/48 kit. The build was quick and viceless. The worst part of the build was the paintwork. In order to get the intensely matt look, I tried several varnishes, all without success. Normally tamiya matt gives me a semi matt finish, but, after several coats of Revell and Humbrol matt, the Tamiya seems to have done the trick. The only addition to the kit, other than the sqn codes, was the pilots harness, which is an Eduard part.
  15. Hi folk's,playing it safe for the first completion of 2017,although I started her a month ago,Airfix 1/48 Mk1 Spitfire recently delivered to 19 Sqn. Duxford in 1938.I kept her in cleaner than usual condition due to the peacetime roll that was soon to end,many thank's for looking.
  16. New airfix's kit contains landing light and place to make a hole in right wing but "forget" about it at instruction. Do I think P-40B haven't it?
  17. Another pair of Spitfires. Firstly the new Airfix Vb with the Silver Cloud floatplane conversion. Finished with Xtracrylix and a brush. Next the new tool Airfix Mk.I. Lovely kit albeit a bit complex.
  18. This is my own tribute to Edgar, I will also join the GB but my record of finishing them is, to say the least, poor. The kit was built from the box except for an Eduard harness and a couple of pieces from an Aires cockpit set, and I have not made any attempt to correct any shape inaccuracies Like many others on BM and elsewhere, I have been grateful for all the knowledge ( and not only on Spitfires ) passed on by Edgar over many years, and will miss his contributions. I have really enjoyed building this kit and hope that you like the final result. John
  19. I finally got round to setting up my studio so I could show off better quality pics of my models. I found this a bit of a ballache in places, with bad fits, and the landing gear wouldn't glue in place properly, so I had to use super glue and leave it supported all night
  20. My first post on britmodeller and my second 1/48 scale model from Airfix. I'm going to be brush finishing this model with humbrol enamel paints and will be updating this topic a couple times a week I hope all of you enjoy and I look forward to some feedback from you guys thanks ! This the colour scheme I choose for the finish with the 24 yellow nose cone and 123 extra dark sea grey on top with a Number 90 beige green and 135 satin vanish mix for the underside of the model ">http:// I also have some Sprue pictures and a picture of the paints themselves ">http:// ">http:// paints ">http:// Thanks for having a look And I'll be starting the build soon
  21. So here`s the kit I`m entering for this Group Build...., .... and I was initially going to finish it in another unit`s scheme. I hate the fact that the swastika is sometimes missing from kits, although I do understand as to why if has to be. However in the case of `white 12` which crashed at Broom Hill, Strood, near Rochester, Kent on Monday 30th September 1940, it seems there was a very valid reason with a good story and a perfect option for another diorama build. I quote..., The following photos below of the downed aircraft on Broom Hill are shown with a soldier standing in front of the tail section of the aircraft, this is because in the interest of morale he was possibly obscuring the kill markings recording the number of enemy planes the pilot had shot down. This Aircraft had 8 kill markings present, all of which were earned by this particular aircrafts former pilot Feldwebel Hermann Neuhoff, who was at this time the only pilot of 7./JG53, who had 8 kills. Also the Swastika is placed in an unofficial position on the tail. The interrogation reports of several captured pilots from JG53 shed some interesting light on the history of the Geschwader's markings. According to these reports, when first formed, the personnel of JG53 adopted as their badge the Ace of Spades, or card of death, and are believed to have worn uniforms with a distinctive cut to show they belonged to an elite unit (in much the same way as RAF fighter pilots denoted their status by leaving the top button of their tunics unfastened). However, in the Summer of 1940 the Geschwader Kommodore of JG53 was Major Hans-Jurgen von Cramon-Taubadel. While JG53 was making a reputation for itself during the Battle of Britain, according to RAF Air Ministry intelligence summary no 60, Reichsmarshall Hermann Göring was informed that Major Jurgen von Cramon-Taubadel's wife was Jewish. Göring then ordered the whole of JG53 to remove the "Pik As" emblem from their planes, and replace it with a red stripe around the engine cowling as punishment. All of JG53's planes were immediately stripped of their "Pik As" insignia. Soon after the whole of JG53 stripped the swastikas off the tails of their planes in protest. During this phase of the Battle of Britain, JG 53's planes were easily recognizable because of the red band and the absence of a swastika on the tail of their Bf109's. On 30 September 1940, the day that this aircraft was shot down Major Günther Freiherr von Maltzahn became Kommodore and JG53. So it would seem this unit did not indeed bare the swastika as a form of protest. However on closer inspection it would seem it was visible close up. You can`t say I`ve not done my homework on this. On to the kit and I have to say I`m quite impressed. Two large sprues with lots of options and the detail seems spot on. The destructions are also nicely set out. ..... and with the last 24 hours being a fun filled wet fest with the next 24 hours looking much the same out of my window, here`s where I am with it now. It`s all still WIP and mostly tacked together for the camera. The pilot figure has had quite a bit of `surgery`. Head came off and was rotated. The hand on the arm pointing skywards was also cut off and turned 180 so it looks like he is pushing open the canopy. The other arm has been glued at a funny angle so it gives the impression he is leaning on the canopy ledge. The prop has also been `manipulated` so that it looks like it`s caught the earth when the aircraft belly landed in. More soon.
  22. As part of the MLAEP (mid-life airframe extension program) initiated in 1980, the Eagle GR.3's were fitted with the Concorde derived Eagle F.4 engines, as well as LRMTS, improved EW systems and updated electronics and a new radar. Many improvements made to the cockpit, making it a more work friendly area. The canopies were replaced with all clear, but still gold tinted, units, giving better all round visibility. Eagle GR.6 of 31Sqn
  23. Hi all,third and final 1/48 scale entry is the Airfix new tool Hurricane which in the box looks to be a stunner,she will be finished in the colour,s of 303(Polish) Sqn RAF flown by Fl.Off.Witold Urbanowicz (see link)This build is dedicated to the pilots from the Commonwealth and other countries that took part in the Battle of Britain especially those Poles and Czechs who would never return home and enjoy the Freedom they fought so hard to secure for the rest of us. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witold_Urbanowicz
  24. The BAC TSR-2 has undertaken many roles since entering RAF with No. 40 Squadron at RAF Conningsby in the autumn of 1967. Many Canberra squadrons were re-equipped with TSR.2 B.2 Eagles as were several of the V-Bomber squadrons by the mid 70’s. By 1983 11 squadrons were equipped with the TSR.2 B.2 and GR.1 Eagles with a GR.3 variant undergoing development. The West German Air Force equipped two squadrons with B.2 Eagles. The "standard mission" for the TSR-2 was to carry a 2,000 lb (900 kg) weapon internally for a combat radius of 1,000 nautical miles (1,900 km). On that mission 100 nautical miles (190 km) was to be flown at higher altitudes at Mach 1.7 and the 200 nmi (370 km) into and out of the target area was to be flown as low as 200 ft (60 m) at a speed of Mach 0.95. The remainder of the mission was flown at Mach 0.92. If the entire mission were to be flown at the low 200 ft (61 m) altitude, the mission radius was reduced to 700 nmi (1,300 km). Heavier weapons loads could be carried with further reductions in range. The range of the TSR-2 was increased by fitting external tanks: one 450 Imperial gallon (2,000 L) tank under each wing or one 1,000-Imperial gallon (4,500-L) tank carried centrally below the fuselage. If no internal weapons were carried, a further 570 Imperial gallons (2,600 L) could be carried in a tank in the weapons bay. It was equipped with de Havilland Firestreak missiles; a rear-aspect, fire and forget pursuit weapon, with a field of attack of 20 degrees either side of the target, and was eventually replaced in service by a developed variant, the Hawker Siddeley Red Top. West German TSR.2s were unique in that they carried both missiles for a period. Red Top was originally a rationalised, upgraded version of the earlier Firestreak air-to-air missile. In 1956, de Havilland Propellers started work on the Blue Jay Mark 4 (its development codename) and Firestreak Mk. IV. Such were the changes that it was effectively a new missile. It arranged its components in more logical fashion than the Firestreak (which had its warhead in the tail), with an improved "Violet Banner" seeker, "Green Garland" IR fuze, and a more powerful "Linnet" booster rocket. It also had a larger warhead, at 31 kg (68.3 lb) against 22.7 kg (50 lb). The Red Top was faster, and had greater range and maneuvrability than the Firestreak, and its more sensitive infrared seeker enabled a wider range of engagement angles. Being more sensitive it could home in on a target that had been warmed by air friction heating. The Red Top entered service in 1964 and with further development continued in service until 1998. 9519 wears this distinctive livery for the Tigermeet at RAF Upper Heyford, United Kingdom, 12/09/1990 - 17/09/1990.
  25. can anybody recommend some alternative makes of acrylic paints it says i require these for my model kit 11 Silver 14ml £1.70 27 Sea Grey 14ml 33 Black 14ml 53 Gunmetal 14ml £1.70 61 Flesh 14ml £1.70 85 Coal Black 14ml £1.70 86 Light Olive 14ml £1.70 103 Cream 14ml £1.70 130 White 14ml £1.70 165 Medium Sea Grey 14ml £1.70 166 Light Aircraft Grey 14ml £1.70 171 Antique Bronze 14ml £1.70 238 Arrow Red 14ml £1.70 Been told humbrol acrylics are rubbish not very good
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