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Found 469 results

  1. Academy is to rebox the Revell F-86D as 1/48th North American F-86D Sabre Dog "ROKAF - 108th Fighter Interceptor Squadron" kit - ref. 12337 Source: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=12112&pCategory=NEWS5 V.P.
  2. I've been reading Mark Bowden's book Hue 1968 recently, and one of the things the USMC brought into Hue to turn it into a big pile of rubble, was the M50 Ontos. This was a US Army hand-me-down small tracked vehicle with 6 recoilles rifles mounted on top of it. These proved quite usuable in blasting holes in walls, allowing infantry to go through buildings and walls, rather than use the streets where they an easy target for snipers. I'm using the Academy kit, which was first released about 10 years ago, so it's quite a decent modern kit. It comes with some PE for things like fender braces, light covers and perforated exhaust covers. The tracks are the rubber band type, which is actually much like the real thing. I haven't build any armor in years, so stuff like weathering will be a nice challenge. I've completed the lower hull: And added many parts to the upper hull: Next up will be the turret with the rifles.
  3. Academy is to release in 2019 a new tool 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat "VF-143 Punkin Dogs" kit in the MCP (Multi Color Parts) serie - ref. 12563 Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047967-academy-catalog-2019/&do=findComment&comment=3218086 Box art V.P.
  4. After the 2019 programme (link) here's the first Academy newsletter of the year. Source: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=12089&pCategory=NEWS2 The aircraft kits pages - 1/72nd - ref. 12567 - Boeing F/A18F Super Hornet "VFA-2 Bounty Hunters" - 1/72nd - ref. 12569 - LM F-35B Lightning II "VMFA-121 Green Knights" (Italeri rebox ?) - 1/144th - ref. 12621 - Tupolev Tu-160 "Blackjack" (Zvezda rebox ?) V.P.
  5. Thought I would give this a try, so in the interest of not embarrassing myself first time round (plenty time for that later, have a 1/72 TSR-2 waiting in my stash...) I picked something that's virtually idiot proof to build. Plus it's a kit that took 2 years to get to my country, much to my annoyance. So, some sexy sprue shots. Box: Part trees in no particular order: Will mainly be using Vallejo paints, with some Tamiya and others. Feel free to pass judgment at my worth as a modeler, good practice for Christmas lunch with the family !
  6. looking forward to this GB, hopefully I can finish this one, my track record is getting worse. This little lady is winging its way to me Perhaps the phantom will be a popular choice in this GB? I think it will be an exciting chance to try some tricky metallic work at the rear and I love the Phantom in SEA schemes. I’ll enliven it with just a touch of AM mainly this.... and a montex canopy mask Hope it fits in my display cabinet The phantom is a big beast in 1/48!
  7. Hi friends I've been in this great britmodeller forum for a year now and i was thinking its time to make my own and my first build progress report here. Since im a huge fan of the F-86 Sabre i choose this one for my premiere, but not in typical NMF or any other camo scheme, no, i want make it in a flying target tug for the Montana Air National Guard at Nellis Air Force Base in 1955. Long time i have these decals already in my cabinet and my fingers tingle now,so here we go Ok the experts of you do knowing the real one was a F-86 A not a F-86F-30 what Academy shows, but there is not a,, A ,,on market, so excuse me to choose this one. First i want start with some pictures to share to you what i mean. As you can see many versions you can build with these decal sheet, and they all are very interesting look, so who knows what will comes later........... ok i will come back later in the afternoon or evening, have to assembly now the cockpit
  8. Hi All, This is my attempt at the Chesapeake, as the SB2U-2 Vindicator was called in FAA service. A batch of 50 Vindicators was originally earmarked for the French Navy, but following the fall of France the order was diverted to the FAA. The Chesapeake was modified to FAA standards, including an extra fuel tank, armour for both crew and 4 wing-mounted 0.303 machine guns. The aircraft were delivered to 811 Sqn at RNAS Lee-on-Solent in July 1941, where it quickly became apparent that the modifications to the aircraft had made it even more underpowered for their planned role of anti-submarine patrol. They were replaced within months by Swordfish and relegated to training duties or squadron hacks. Here is the WIP if anyone is interested. Academy's kit is a re-box of the Accurate Miniatures kit, and includes decals for 3 FAA aircraft as well as a French Aeronavale aircraft. The kit is nicely detailed, although the colour schemes are a little spurious, so good references are key - the decals however seem pretty accurate, down to the non-standard font used for the aircraft serial number. I chose to complete as AL924 of 811 Sqn FAA in July 1941. Here's a photo of the actual aircraft: Here's another shot of a sister aircraft which shows the unconventional font used on the serial number, which the kit decals capture correctly: Following @Dana Bell's references I chose to complete the interior in Dull Dark Green (Bronze Green) with natural metal and doped fabric fuselage sides. The pilot's head armour and headrest were scratch built, and holes were drilled in the wings to represent the 4 wing-mounted 0.303" machine guns. The kit was painted in acrylics using a speculative 'Sky' underside, and EDSG/DSG uppers in the standard TSS scheme as noted in the references - I chose to add doped linen patches for the wing guns, as I thought this to be most likely. Anyway, on to the photos: Although this aircraft had a short and undistinguished FAA career, it is certainly an interesting subject. The kit builds up into a lovely representation of the aircraft and those with more skill could go to town on the highly visible interior. I've thoroughly enjoyed building this interesting footnote in aviation history! Thanks for looking, Roger
  9. Afternoon all, My build rate has slowed up a bit since lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, but I've still been plugging away at the workbench when I can, completing my 14th build of the year this morning. Fittingly, it's the stunning new F-14 from Academy, built completely out of the box as an early A model using the colourful markings of VF-143 'Pukin Dogs' supplied, which performed superbly. Finished as ever using Hataka Orange Line and Alclad, with a touch of Xtracolor here and there too, namely the fin caps, which try as I might I could not get to match the blue colour of the blue fin flashes.... A few other imperfections on my part, but this might just be the finest kit I've ever built in this scale, a pure joy, and given just about all the parts are present to build virtually any F-14, the first of many I'm sure! Academy 1/72 Grumman F-14A Tomcat by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Academy 1/72 Grumman F-14A Tomcat by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Academy 1/72 Grumman F-14A Tomcat by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Academy 1/72 Grumman F-14A Tomcat by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Academy 1/72 Grumman F-14A Tomcat by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Thanks for looking, comments welcomed as always Shaun
  10. Hi All, My next project is Academy's 1:48 Chesapeake MkI, as the SB2U-2 Vindicator was called in FAA service. A batch of 50 Vindicators was originally earmarked for the French Navy, but following the fall of France the order was diverted to the FAA. The Chesapeake was modified to FAA standards, including an extra fuel tank, armour for both crew and 4 wing-mounted 0.303 machine guns. The aircraft were delivered to 811 Sqn at RNAS Lee-on-Solent in July 1941, where it quickly became apparent that the modifications to the aircraft had made it even more underpowered for their planned role of anti-submarine patrol. They were replaced within months by Swordfish and relegated to training duties or squadron hacks. Despite an inauspicious and short career the Chesapeake make an interesting addition to an FAA collection. Released in 2019 Academy's kit is a reboxing of the Accurate Miniatures kit. Here's the box art: Here's the sprue shots. Detail looks to be fine and crisp, although the wing fabric effect looks a little exaggerated on initial inspection: The decals look to be very nice and in good register, with options for 3 FAA aircraft and an Aeronavale version. I'm going to complete as AL924 of 811 Sqn FAA. Here's a photo of the aircraft: Here's another shot of a sister aircraft which shows the unconventional font used on the serial number, which the kit decals capture correctly: Here's artwork of the aircraft - there is much speculation as to the colour scheme, so I shall do some further digging. My initial feeling would be to complete in ANA equivalent colours, but I'm not committing to that just yet. Here's a couple of shots which show interesting detail: Anyway, on to the build! Thanks for looking, Roger
  11. Hello all, Biting off more than I can chew no doubt, but here is my second entry (well second thread anyway ) for this Group build, actually consisting of two kits....as you can probably tell from the title... and you have probably also deciphered that it's a pair of F-4 Phantoms for Close Air Support (CAS). If you didn't know, you do now! Both Academy kits, one USMC, the other USAF. First up, F-4B 152258 of VMFA-323 'Death Rattlers' in 1967: Aftermarket: I'll be using Eduard etch, Eduard Mask, Quickboost FOD covers, Brassin MK.77 Napalm canisters, Hypersonic Models ejection seats, a mixture of Eduard, Microscale and Academy decals along with some MK.82s (the kit ones look a bit off to me) and twin shot Zuni rocket pods from the spares. She'll be fully loaded for a Close Air Support mission - 6x MK.77 (stay with me on that one), 6x MK.82, 2x Zuni pods on the inner AIM-9 rails and 1x fuel tank. Another Osprey book for some reference: Regarding the Napalm, check out the below showing the some Marine Phantoms with 3x MK.77s on MERs on the outer pylons: https://danangafb.blogspot.com/2017/06/jun-6th-f-4-phantoms.html The above is the jet I'll be depicting, although sporting a black nose during an earlier tour in 1966, I'm going to do mine with a white nose as per the Eduard instructions during 1967: The second kit is Academy's F-4C, marked as 64-0776 of the 389th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 366th Tactical Fighter Wing 'Gunfighters' based at Da Nang during 1967. 64-0776 shot down two Mig-21s on the 22nd May 1967, using an AIM-9B and 20mm cannon mounted on the centre fuselage station. This jet is now on display at the Museum of Flight, in Seattle, Washington (I had a trip here planned for next month, but you know what got in the way). Aftermarket: I'll be using Eduard etch, Hypersonic Models ejection seats, Quickboost FOD covers (from the spares), Top Notch camouflage mask, New Ware paint mask and the fantastic Furball Gunfighter Phantoms decal sheet. Close up of the decals and scheme: She carries 3 red stars for some reason... I'll also be adding the Gunfighter badge, as Furball suggest this would likely have adorned the jet before it was transferred to the 347th TFW in 1968. I'll be loading this one with 6x M117 750lb bombs (Hasegawa, from the spares), 4x AIM-7 Sparrow, 2x fuel tanks and 1x SUU-16/A 20mm cannon pod. A lot of building across the 3 kits for the GB... hopefully I can get them all done! Cheers Dave
  12. This will be my entry for this GB, I won't actually get started until after I finish my studies in September. The aircraft is BuAer No.89411, 3.F.10 of the Aeronavale's 3F based at Bach Maï during the battle for Dien Bien Phu in 1954. I'll be using the Special Hobby SB2C-5 kit which is itself based upon the Academy SB2C-4 kit with some extra goodies to make up for the differences in the two sub-types. While the kit has markings for an Indochina based aircraft I'll be using the Model Art decals for the unit markings and serials at least. Whilst the aircraft was assigned to 3F, the Allied Wings book has a picture of this aircraft at Bach Maï and it still wears the badge of the Khourigba Station Flight, Kourigba being in North Africa, fortunately the Model Art set includes these markings. The aircraft got into quite a tatty state and was scrapped on its return to France, so I'm aiming for the well worn look with this one! Here's the kit and decals: And here are the references, the SAMI article has a useful build article for the Academy SB2C-4 which I'll be leaning on during the build. This will be my first build post studies so I'm hoping to be able to do it justice, it's so good to have time to return properly to modelling! Thanks for looking and good luck to all in this GB!
  13. Looking forward to building my first Corsair for this Group Build. I'm very tempted to go for the VMF-212 Gloss Navy Blue version piloted by Captain Philip Delong. Scalemates link.
  14. I started this 1/48th Academy F-86F Sabre in February and after some long time gaps have completed her 20200805_184347 by Ghostbase, on Flickr The kit is the c. 2000 Academy F-86F "Mig Killer", I was quite impressed with the kit for the detail and how easily it went together, it proved to be an enjoyable build and I am reasonably pleased with the finished model. 20200805_184408 by Ghostbase, on Flickr She was painted using a spray can, I think it was Humbrol 11 silver, and all other colours were brushed using Vallejo acrylics. In reality she is much shinier than in my photos. 20200805_184426 by Ghostbase, on Flickr So why "vanilla"? She was supposed to be finished as F-86F 51-12958 "The Paper Tiger" flown by Capt. Harold E. Fischer in Korea in 1953. The problem was the kit decals and specifically the yellow bands on the wing and the fuselage. As much as I drowned them in Decalfix they refused to settle, Inevitably I got frustrated and ham-fisted and they ended up in the bin. I checked my references and found that the F-86F was operated in Europe with buzz codes as well as U.S. Air Force titles on the forward fuselage so I decided to go for a just-out-of-depot look and add a couple of U.S. Air Force decals from the spares box. 20200805_184309 by Ghostbase, on Flickr My next 1/48 Sabre will be the new Airfix kit when it is released. Michael
  15. This vessel doesn't need an introduction, but I'll write one anyway: The R.M.S Titanic was a British ocean liner, one of three Olympic-class ships and the largest ship in gross tonnage at the time. During her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York she struck an iceberg at the North Atlantic and sank in just under three hours, resulting in the death of 1,496 of the 2,208 passengers and crew. This was the event that immortalized her name in history. This is Academy's non-premium version of the model, meaning that it only came with the model itself; It didn't have any of the extras that came with the other boxings of the kit such as photoetch or wood decks. Other aftermarket used was Eduard's photoetch set and Master's Olympic-class brass mast set. Other corrections or additions were either scratchbuilt or 3D printed. Here are the photos, before I get into the details of the kit (This is going to be bandwidth-heavy): This is the single longest (8 months) project and largest, most difficult build I've done and it definitely tested my limits as a scale modeller. Being that I usually do aircraft I had to learn multiple skills on the spot to get this model across the finish line. The materials and tools used are fairly straightforward; All of the paints on the model except the white (MRP), anti-fouling red (Mix of (XF-2:2/XF-7:1) and some of the thinner brown parts (light brown marker) were painted with Tamiya acrylics. If I were to revisit this build I'd probably lighten the mix of anti-fouling red and use a much lighter color for the wooden decks and the dark mast color, though. The rigging came from Infini's Super Fine Black Lycra rigging (40 denier), but for the Marconi array that connects the masts I decided to experiment by heating the black PLA filament I use for my 3D printer and pulling it, like stretched sprue. The material behaves like it as well, but is tougher and sags much more consistently than sprue (although more brittle). I used this on the model but the sag disappeared when I attached the lines attaching it to the boat deck and those lycra lines pulled it taut. I would definitely recommend trying it out if you have some PLA to spare at home for rigging that has to droop. As for the quality of the kit, well, of the large scale kits of Titanic the Academy's probably the best one for beginners, but that doesn't say much given that its competitors are a kit released in 1976 and a monster that's twice the size. The way it goes together is relatively straightforward if tedious, but the instructions frequently make it difficult to be sure on anything or to figure out how some parts are supposed to be placed, something that's crucial when there are up to 20 copies of the same ventilator, pipe or crane. The fit isn't great either, especially with the decks and superstructure. It's also highly inconsistent in this regard; sometimes a part will fit just as it's supposed to, and on other times it has to be wrestled in to place. The worst part came when it came to the forward "wall" of the superstructure; This is the part where the bridge windows are located. The gap is inconsistent on each side and I had to use a lot of plastic card shims to get it in place properly, and even then some of the seams are still slightly visible. The inaccuracies on this kit can get annoying as well, so much so that I can't really go into too much detail listing all of them unless I want to make this much longer than it already is. Any builder of the Titanic could uncover many of them through just checking surface-level photos and references and correct accordingly, but I suppose the most important corrections to make are adding a set of missing emergency "cutter" lifeboats (the ones that are opened and hang over the ship), and the lack of C-Deck openings under the forecastle and poop deck. I implemented as many of these as I could but there are some that I had to leave in. For all the inaccuracies, it builds up to a nice looking model in the end, however, and the kit still stands up to what other companies have to offer and is superior to the Revell kit in the same scale. There are many things in the build I know I could have done better in or rushed too much in; but after many months of work I'm just satisfied to call it done for now. Maybe I'll be able to build something closer to the real thing in the future. Thanks for reading!
  16. Hi All, Here's the Academy Gulf War Warrior which I've marked up as a Cheshire Regiment UN vehicle in Bosnia using the excellent Star decals set. The kit is a challenge with no PE,clear parts or individual link tracks. Lots of release marks including one on the front face of all of the turret vision blocks. I don' t think its that accurate as a Gulf War example so this will be way off for detail fans. The mud was to try and disguise the poor rubber band tracks. I did find an ABER barrel which is a huge improvement over the kit one. Usual C&C Welcome. Regards David
  17. Introducing this kit, that cost me £2.50 at FAAM show in 2003. The boxart option is 1941, thus ineligable for this GB. Parts. this kit was borrowed by another IPMS club member for some measurements, hence the fuselage parts are taped together. These are the two options applicable for this GB - I'm currently undecided.
  18. Hello Britmodellers! Here's one of my lockdown builds, made for the In The Navy groupbuild. It's the Kinetic 1/32 kit (reboxed Academy) and one of the best jet models you can get. This one's mostly out of the box except the cockpit (Avionix), seats (Aires), chaff buckets (F4dable Models) and armament, which is a mix of Wolfpack (GBU-38) and Trumpeter (GBU-12). It's a really attractive two-sided scheme with the flag on the airbrake, excellent decals by Flying Leathernecks. I used Xtracrylix paint for the main scheme and Colourcoats for the wear and tear effects. This aircraft was painted in Kuwait at the end of the deployment in 2007 but my main references were some excellent photos of it at Las Vegas shortly afterwards, so the degree of dirtiness is reasonable for a special scheme! The wings were depicted folded even though that's not normal for land-based Marine examples, because I think it's nice to show off an aircraft's unique features on a model! The two-sided scheme is also very attractive, commemorating all the units making up MAG-2 at the time. The cockpit was a Black Box/Avionix set from way back, but built up really well. The kit canopy was less fun to build...it's the biggest clear part I've seen on any model, and the attachment points were very flimsy to hold such a large cantilevered piece. Epoxy glue was the only solution. Unusually for me, I even painted up the underside (out of sight out of mind is my usual policy ) If anyone's still reading this, the build thread is here: All the best, stay safe and thanks for looking, Alan
  19. ?'ve just bought the Academy C-97A in 1/72. I was wondering in is possible to convert it in a Civil B-377 thanks
  20. So I really wanted a Flogger in my collection. The Academy kit was pretty much all I could get my hands on but, knowing the issues with fit and low level of detail, I was hesitant. Ended up biting the bullet after all and steeled myself to expect very little from the build. As expected, the cockpit detail was sparse (and that's being generous) so I stuck a pilot in there after having raised the seat to a more reasonable height, and closed up the canopy. The intakes on both sides of the fuselage had the most horrible fit; these needed large amounts of putty and coarse-grit sanding to shape and smooth the step/join. The main landing gear proved a tricky affair as well, being complex but poorly described in the instructions. I consider it a minor accomplishment achieving good alignment so the model sits evenly on its gear. Being a cheap kit I saw no point to putting in any aftermarket - so this is a completely OOB build. Please excuse the overall grey scheme, it is rather plain. Thanks for looking
  21. Afternoon All! Second entry into this GB. I'll be a bit slow at making a start on this one - working on a few other bits too at the mow. Have the Eduard mask set already and some pre painted etched belts on their way over in the post. I'll be doing the box art markings so that it fits within the time frame needed for the GB I've been having a read over some the previous WIPs on this kit on here. From what I can gather based on what I've read here and on the IMPS link that has popped up a lot - I'm thinking it should be interior green through, with no bronze green around the pilot area? Couldn't find any info on the bomb bay colour - interior green is called out in the AM instructions or should it be zinc yellow / insignia white etc? Any thoughts? This will the first time I've build any of the re-boxed Accurate Miniatures kits so looking forwards to it. Aaron
  22. New Academy mold, furball decals...
  23. New Academy mold, furball decals...
  24. Academy is to release in 2019 a new tool 1/144th Rockwell B-1B kit in the MCP (Multi Color Parts) serie - ref. 12620 Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047967-academy-catalog-2019/&do=findComment&comment=3218086 Box art V.P.
  25. Good day, colleagues! So, finally, I finished my "Black Cat". Carried with her for 3 months, I wanted to slightly improve and diversify the interior, then more and more. By the way, to simulate walkie-talkies, electrical panels and other equipment I tried to use all kinds of SMD components from the old computer motherboard (engineers at work helped). They just fit in size and shape. You can experiment endlessly. I put lead in the nose for stability, but when I put it together, it turned out that the tail was still heavier. In general, the heavy construction came out, so I had to put it on a stand. Separately painted the wing and fuselage. First, in Tamiya aluminum, it blew matte black from above, then, with a wet nulevka, polished black in places to visible “metal”. Well, then I took up oil with white spirit. Top coated with matte varnishes, on the sides matte + glossy (mixture). The junction of the "glass" with the body paved with strips of aluminum self-adhesive, pre-knurling. Redid a lot, not much. Some errors came out on a macro shot. He painted as usual with paints Mr.Hobby, Valejio, art oil from the times of the USSR. The latest photos show the stages of work. Enjoy watching! Sincerely, Mikhail.
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