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Found 331 results

  1. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Academy Hawker Tempest, built from the box. I used Print Scale decals (72-273) to represent an aircraft of 3. Squadron, based at Newchurch, England, in summer 1944. I did not like Print Scale's RAF Roundel colors, so these were replaced by products from Xtradecals. More info and period photographs on squadrons based at the Newchurch Advanced Landing Ground here: http://newchurchvillage.org/history/newchurch-ww2/squadron-photo-gallery/ The model was painted with Gunze acrylics. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. The 'Chipping effect' on the D-Day stripes was done with Vaseline creme: According to original photographs, 3rd sqaudron aircraft had a halo effect around the fuselage code letters. This was probably the result of the ground crew, hastily painting the D-Day stripes around the letters. I tried to replicate this effect with masks from Tamiya tape. These were cut slightly larger then the corresponding letters. To avoid the Black/White stripes shining through the Roundel, I masked these areas too. Exhaust stains airbrushed using Gunze H95 Smoke with a drop of H12 Black added: Thank you for your interest. Best greetings from Vienna, Roman

    Big A$$ed Bird

    Greetings Folks, Its been a while since i posted anything following the Matchbox GB. Here is my latest effort, Academy's Thunderbolt Nose Art Edition. The option i chose was the one on the box top the well known Big A$$ed Bird 2 flown by Major Howard Parks. Although this is not as perfect a kit as the Tamiya version it built up without any problems whatsoever IMHO a very nice kit. I built it OOTB but used a set of Hobbyboss decals i had in the stash as Academy's aren't the best in my experience. The entire model is brush painted using Revell acrylics. Masking was a bit of a chore but it appears to have been worth the effort in the end. Here's the pics... IMG_2736 IMG_2732 IMG_2734 IMG_2735 IMG_2733 IMG_2731 Well thats it for now, see ya later, and thanks for looking. Cheers Greg
  3. Hi all, If anyone remembers this from 2014, I'm doing another one! This time it's a commission build. I'll be using the same kit (Academy Sufa) and the IsraCast Block 60 F conversion for a UAE Air Force bird. Work starts soon, and I'm going to get back to my usual building pace. Al
  4. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Bucking Bronco

    Hello everyone ... I thought id post these as I finished the kit in Febuary for the Britmodeller 10th Anniversary group build. The aircraft is Academies OV-10A Bronco. The colors are from an U.S.Navy example based at China Lake with VX-5 in late 1986-87. Not exactly sure why the desert colors on a USN. Bronco ? My working theory is a camouflage test as we were anticipating possibly getting involved in the Iran/Iraq war. In the five photo’s i found the only marking on the aircraft that hadn't been oversprayed was the XE of VX-5 on the Starboard vertical stab., even that was partially over-sprayed. Here is a link to the build. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235032165-corsairs-bronco-build/ As usual feel free to comment ? question ? Or joke. Dennis
  5. Panzer IV PzKpfw IV Auf. H Ver MID (13516) 1:35 Academy via Pocketbond The Panzer IV was a German medium tank, and most widely used German armoured vehicle of WWII. It would see action in all fronts for the Germany Army and was the only tank to see continuous service for the Germans in WWII. There were many versions of the Tank throughout WWII. The Auf H version began production in 1943. Glasis armour was improved by making it a single 80mm thick plate. On the sides of the hull and turret spaced armour plates (5mm & 8mm) were added to defeat hollow charge warheads. The roof of the tank was reinforced from 10mm to 16mm armour, and 25mm in places. The extra armour resulted in about 2500kgs of extra weight and a reinforced final drive train with higher gear rations was added. The tank had the 75mm KwK 40/L48 main gun. The Kit This is a brand new tooling from Academy arriving on 9 sprues of plastic and still with the rubber band style tracks. Unlike a lot of AFV kits which arrive with a one part hull and single part main deck, with this kit you have to make these parts up. The lower hull is made up from a bottom plate, two sides, a back and two internal bulkheads. A front half plate is added along with the front top sloping plate, and an additional rear cover plate is also added. To the side the drive gear boxes are added along with the suspension carrier units (4 each side). The road wheels (8 each side) are then made up and added along with the drive sprockets and idler wheels. 4 return rollers are also added to each side. The flexible tracks can then be added. This now completes the lower hull. For the upper hull the front plate for the driver and machine fun positions is added to the main centre section along with the front fenders and the rear engine deck. The engine deck is made up from 5 parts and includes detail under the louvres. Once completed this can then be added on to the main hull. Additional parts are then added to the rear of the tank, with stowage for extra track links and the exhaust system being added. Parts are then added onto the sides of the tank to take the side plates. Racks are also added to take spare road wheels. Additional spare track links are added to the front of the tank, along with the driver's and machine gunner's hatches. Attachment points are added to the side plates and then these can be mounted to the tank. Construction now moves onto the turret and gun. The single part barrel is added to the mantle with a breach part going the inside. External mounting parts are fitted over the barrel and then the 3 part muzzle brake is added. There are two different muzzle brake styles provided, however there is no information on which to use so the modeller will have to consult their references. The gun is fitted to the lower turret ring and then the main body of the turret is fitted over it. Additional side armour panels are then fitted. The large rear turret bin is made up and added to the back of the turret. Side hatches are also then fitted. Next up the mounting points are fitted for the stand off armour plates, along then with the plates themselves. The commanders copula and machine gun are then made up and added. The turret can then be fitted to the main hull. Markings From the box you can build one of three tanks from the 12th SS Panzer Division in Normandy 1944. A nice inclusion in the decals is textured decals to apply for the Zimmermit before painting. Conclusion This is a great new tool from Academy of the import German Panzer type from WWII and will be welcomes by many modellers. It also seems to be offered at a good price point for a new tool Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of UK Distributors for
  6. Finnish Army K9FIN "Moukari" 1:35 Academy via Pocketbond The K9 Thunder is a modern 155mm artillery system developed by Samsung for the Republic Of Korea (South Korea) Armed Forces. The need to a new system was recognised in the late 1980's and the new gun system was produced and put into service 10 years later. This self propelled gun features steel armour capable of withstanding 14.mm Armour piercing rounds, and 152mm shell fragments. The 155mm 52 calibre gun has a range of 40km. The gun also features a hydro-pneumatic suspension system and a 1000hp engine. The Finnish Army realised their current Artillery systems would be outdated fairly soon and have struck a deal to buy 48 used K9's from the South Koreans. Now their neighbours Norway and Estonia are looking to procure the gun as well. The Kit This is a reboxing of Academy's 2009 boxing of the ROK 2009., with only new decals to differentiate it. You can always rely on Academy to give us kits of ROK equipment. The kit arrives as the main upper & lower hulls, five sprues of plastic and a set of runner tracks. Construction starts by adding the suspension components to the lower hull. The track return rollers are added along with the mounts for the lower suspension, once these are on the suspension arms are added. At the front the drive gear boxes are added. The two part road wheels (6 per side are added along with the drive sprockets. An idler wheel is added at the back. The rear bulkhead for the gun is made up and added to the lower hull. Construction then shifts to the upper hull. The drivers hatch, engine access hatches and grills are added along with a spare pair of track links. The drivers vision blocks are added along with headlights, and their protective covers. We now shift to the gun turret. The back is added to the turret and then it can be added to the base plate. Hatches are added along with external tools, and jerrycan stowage. A tow cable is added to the roof along with lifting eyes. A roof mounted sight is made up and added along with the commanders hatch and its heavy machine gun. Stowage baskets are then added to the rear of the turret. Next up the gun is put together. The front and rear parts of the barrel are in two halves and these are joined by a centre section, muzzle brake is then fitted to the end. The gun mount is then made up and the gun added, this sub assembly can then be added to the turret. The upper and lower hulls can then be assembled and the turret added. The flexible track is also added. A gun travelling mount is also then made up for the front hull. Markings From the box you can build one vehicle which was seen at the National Flag Day Parade in June 2017. Conclusion It is good to see models of these gun systems used by the less mainstream countires. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of UK Distributors for
  7. Hi Guys. Now that I recently finished 2 projects (one Bearcat and one Lavochkin), it's time to move on with another one. My next client will be the Bf109D in 1/48 from Academy. I intend to use the Eduard zoom set for this kit also. Because I want to convert it to a Bf109 A, I bought myself also the Kagero Top Drawings edition dedicated to Bf 109 early (A to D) series. I hope that it will guide me in order to obtain a decent 109 Anton replica. First, I present you the mandatory pics with kit box and its contents. Hope I will be able to finish this one. It will be a long-term project anyway, because I'm such a slow builder... So, I'm thinking about Spain...1937...
  8. After 2017 (see here) while waiting the new catalog 2018, here's the first Academy newsletter of 2018 (1/4). Source: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=10688&pCategory=NEWS2 Two aircraft repop. - ref. 12324 - 1/48 - Vought SB2U-3 Vindicator (new decals) - ref. 12564 - 1/72 - McDD F/A-18C Hornet (new decals) V.P.
  9. Evening All! I attended RIAT last year and saw the incredible display from the Ukrainian Flankers. As soon as I saw the scheme I knew I had to do it. Luckily, Foxbat do decals and paint masks for the Ukrainian digital scheme. The Academy kit was used as the base and I added the Neomega cockpit, canopy from Yufei (haneto), Quickboost nose and traffic cones, Aires exhausts, DAN models FOD covers and the NorthStar Models towbar. I decided to do it as it was at RIAT 2017 with the famous blue cones. Overall, the Academy kit wasn't too bad, however with the amount of AM I had added, blending everything in took many attempts. The nose cone was too large for the kit and the canopy took lost of blending (I'm sure it was down to my poor cutting of the canopy and not the mould!) I aded the blind flying hood to the canopy from stretched sprue and tissue paper. The scheme was painted with the AKAN Ukrainian digital camo set, however I found most of the paints to be way too dark and had to be lightened extensively. In the end, the scheme was actually quite easy to paint after having a couple of arguments with the masks. The NorthStar models towbar was great and fell together. I think it's a nice addition to the scene. Here's a few photos. Hope you all like. DSC_0695 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr DSC_0668-Edit by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr DSC_0667 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr DSC_0674 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr DSC_0676 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr DSC_0678 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr DSC_0683 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr DSC_0690 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr DSC_0671 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr
  10. Shelliecool

    JU87G-2 Stuka

    Ready for inspection is my 1:72 Academy JU87G-2 Stuka. This is the first Academy kit I have built and at £8 it was well worth the money. The build ran nice and smoothly, went together with little to no filler needed, and with a nice amount of detail. My only issue came when I lost the cannons, I researched contacting Academy, but decided against it when I read that Academy rarely send replacements. Instead I brought another kit (no hardship as I'd enjoyed this one so much.) Once the replacement arrived the build was quickly completed, I have to say I really like the camo patterns of German WW2 aircraft.
  11. Shelliecool

    JU87G-2 Stuka

    Having just finished building a Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC, I decided it was time to attempt a German fighter aircraft from WWII. Luckily enough I had just the right kit in my stash, so my next build is an Academy 1:72 JU87G-2 Stuka. This will be the first Academy kit I have built, however looking at the sprues you can see they are very detailed, fully engraved (like it says on the box) and have little to no flash. The kit contains a neat set of instructions, separate sheet showing the colour scheme and a small set of decals (I plan to airbrush rather than decal where I can). There are 5 grey sprues, all nicely detailed........ There is also a clear/glass sprue. I aim to produce an out of the box build, but may airbrush some of the decal sections. I am really looking forward to this build, and hope I can do the beautiful aircraft justice.
  12. Here is my entry for the RAF Centenary GB. Academy Spitfire FR.XIVe, certainly not the most accurate Spitfire on the planet, but is nicely moulded and a fairly hassle free build. I am certainly on a Spitfire roll on the moment and doing a Far Eastern machine in SEAC colours is slightly different. Looks the business with that big red spinner. Using a smart set of Xtradecal. I won’t be starting for a week or so as have a trip away planned for this week. Some photos. Thank for looking.
  13. Hi, this my new finished kit. This is really good F-18E from Academy in 1/72 scale. I added one of the Eduard's GBU-12 bombs. Painted with Tamiya and Gunze H.
  14. The Thunderbolt has always, just, been my favourite of the US piston engined fighters, though it faced tough competition from the Corsair. I used to drool over the colour profiles in Bill Gunston's Aircraft of WW2, and wonder how it was that the biggest and heaviest could also have been the fastest. But there are no P-47s in my display case, and it's about time that oversight was rectified. I shouldn't really be building this. I promised myself that I'd finish off some of the half-built models first, and there's a bottleneck of models awaiting paint (I can only airbrush at weekends, and only if we have no household guests, since the spare bedroom is the designated spraying area. But after a two week modelling hiatus (thanks, Aussie 'flu!), I really wanted to start something new. I have only one P-47 model in the stash, and it's the Special Hobby reboxing (with added bits) of the Academy 1/72 P-47 bubbletop. The SH parts are intended to soup the base plastic up into a P-47M, with improved engine parts and airscrew, resin wheels and tanks, and a couple of PE parts. In the box it all looks rather neat: I've not photographed the Academy plastic - that's the SH sprue, resin, and decal sheet. All the P-47Ms served with the 56th Fighter Group, so the five decal options cover the three, wildly varied and unusual, schemes sported by the three constituent squadrons. My preference is for the blue/light blue markings of the 63rd FS, and Cpt Flagg's Darling Dottie, UN-F. The belly and leading edges are natural metal, which will be a first for me. Captain Flagg went on to serve in Korea, and then worked with NASA on the Gemini missions (and apparently also the early work on the Shuttle). I found some gun camera footage on Youtube that is apparently from Darling Dottie: Hopefully this won't be a taxing build, though I do need to double check my paint stocks. Thanks for looking in!
  15. Seeing as my scammell is a flat coat and some photos away from the finish line, i thought I'd have another bash at armour, so I'm entering the fray with academy's m4a3 calliope kit, as i had no luck finding some academy photo etch for this kit i took the plunge and ordered the tamiya m4a3 set, i'll use what I can and put the rest in the spare pe box Glynn https://i.imgur.com/FjZpYEu.jpg
  16. Canadair F4 Sabre 71 Squadron Royal Air Force Germany Wildenrath 1955 Trying to get back into the modelling groove after a very quiet couple of years. So here is my quick build of Academy's F-86 sabre, representing a Canadair F4. Built OOB with the exception of Eduard Brassin wheels and painted with Mr Paint and Gunze Aqueous Colour. Decals are from an Eagle Strike set. Regards Howard
  17. CamberrySauce

    Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V

    Hi all, This just turned up in the post today so I'll be starting this soon. I just haveto wait for a new airbrush nozzle to turn up Thanks for checking in, -Cam
  18. Hi, I finish few days ago new Academy F15E kit. I added Aires exhaust nozzles to this kit. I'm happy with the work, there were no bigger problems. Unfortunately I destroyed decals for weapons under the wings. I painted the model with Gunze and Tamiya. The new project will also be Academy:
  19. Unfinished project

    Academy FA-18F Jolly Rogers Decals

    Good afternoon I am looking for a little advice, has anyone had any experience with the decals from this kit? They are from a new kit with the decals still in the bag. When using them several of the decals struggled to separate from the backing and even though the kit had been glossed and also using Micro Set and Micro Sol they just refuse to stick to the kit. I have stuffed it away in disgust and have started to look for other decal options. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Stef
  20. So here's my entry for the GB:
  21. Decided to go for a 1/72 FA-18F SuperBug for my next build. Always been a fan of Naval aviation, and have really been enjoying the Academy new tool 1/72 kits as well. I know they're snap-fit (sort of), but the detailing is superb and the size is perfect for my shelf. I am going for a Fleet Interception/ Air to Air specific loadout. Payload will be 6-7 AIM-120s and 2 wingtip AIM-9Xs. I am using 2 resin dual LAU 115/127 launchers from Attack Squadron, and 2 single LAU 115 launchers on each side. An additional AIM-120 is possible for mounting to the lower airframe right next to the landing gear. Will likely forego this, but it is possible. Part 1: The build. Began with the cockpit and airframe: Intakes installed: Cockpit: Dark Gull Grey. Part 2: Final build and weapons. Had issues with the nose fit, so putty was a must. and after: Good fix, and looks solid to boot! Weapons and launchers: Weapons are from 3 different sources: 1/72 f15e eagle, Hasegawa Weapons V pack and this kit. I decided to use 2 dual resin LAU lanchers for the AIM-120s, to bring the real Air to Air/fleet interception mission to life. I think these came out quite well, and will bring the total possible number of AAMs on the bird up to 8-9 depending on if I go for 6 or 7 AIM-120s with the 2 wingtip AIM-9X's. Final pre-paint assembly: Part 3: Priming and paint. Primer is Alclad grey primer and microfiller: Paint: Bottom: Light Ghost Grey MM enamel. Top: Dark Ghost Grey MM enamel: Bottom: Impossible to note difference between primer and paint. Top: I purposefully did the top with some thick blotches of the dark ghost to give me a head start on weathering. The blotches are to simulate salt air eroding the paint unevenly. Next update will be post shading and further weathering (maybe salt crystals on topside). I will also try to finish weapons, and paint the LG bays, gear, and doors. Stay Tuned....
  22. My second refurb of the year after the Sea Fury was the Academy 1/48 P-47D. I was not happy with the original NMF finish so I decided to strip it and start again. I used kits-world decals, Tamiya/Vallejo paints and Winsor and Newton Matt varnish to finish. The gear doors were scratch built as I managed to lose the originals and the canopy is a vac-form from Squadron. Hope you like it! Thanks for looking, Chris
  23. German Tiger-1 Ver.Early "Operation Citadel" 1:35 Academy via Pocketbond The Tiger tank was part of Hitler's obsession for bigger, heavier and stronger, which drove him to extraordinary and dizzying heights of impracticality later in the war, but in this case served him well. The goal was to mount the extremely successful and powerful 88mm cannon used in the Flak 36 in a tank with sufficient armour to withstand any round fielded by the enemy, and this was achieved, but at the cost of reliability and thirst for fuel. It also made for some interesting bridge-crossing as the finished article weighed in at almost 60 tonnes, which was too much for many smaller bridges of the day. There was a competition with only two contenders, and it was the breakdown of the Porsche designed prototype and subsequent fire that decided in the favour of the less ambitious Henschel design which became the Tiger, and then the Tiger I when the King Tiger came into being. When it first reached the front it caused panic and disaster for the Allies, being able to do almost everything it was designed to do, including knocking out tanks long before their guns were in range. Even when the Allies could get into range, it wasn't until they get VERY close that they had any significant chance of crippling or destroying the mighty Tiger. Many of the early Tigers were lost to mechanical breakdown due to the excessive strain on the transmission, and had to either be dragged off the field by half-tracks under the cover of darkness, armoured protection, or failing that, destroyed to stop them falling into the enemy's hands. The Tiger underwent many and constant changes throughout production to improve performance, fix problems and to simplify construction, but these are generally lumped together into early, mid or late productions for the sake of us modellers. If you want to get maximum accuracy of fit and finish, check your references for certainty. Operation Citadel was the German name of what became known as The Battle of Kursk. The German Army had planned an offensive operation against the Kursk Salient, however through various means including Allied Intelligence the Russian forces knew the attack was coming and were able to prepare an in-depth defensive of the area. The battle was to deplete both German Armour and Air assets. At the same time the Allies invaded Southern Italy and the German forces decided to withdraw from the action. This would be the last German offensive action on the Eastern Front. While there is some debate as to whether this was the largest tank battle ever, it is certainly up there in the top handful of. The Kit The Academy Tiger I is a middle-of-the-road kit that has an attractive price-point while giving plenty of detail to satisfy all but the most detail hungry modellers. This boxing also gives the Henschel turret, however no interior is included. Even thought the base kit have been around since the late 90s Academy have been improving it over time. The original two part split barrel is still in the kit, but there is a new multipart solid round barrel as well. Is worth noting that the new boxing now comes with link and length track instead of the previous rubber band ones. Construction starts with adding the suspension arms to the lower hull. PE fittings must then be made up and added to the lower hull as well. 8 double sets of outer road wheels are made up, followed by 8 double sets of inner road wheels , sandwiching a ploy cap between to the two wheels (inner ones only) . The drive wheels and idler wheels are made up, again sandwiching the poly caps between the halves. The inner single wheels are added to the hull, followed by the inetleved main wheels (two sets), and lastly the outer singles. Drive and idler wheels are also added. Once all the wheels are on the rear bulkhead of the tank is made up with the mud guards and exhausts being added. Next up the upper deck is assembled. Photo etch screens are provided for the engine cooling vents. Full detailed hatches are provided which can be opened, but given the commission of an interior unless you are adding crew figures most will leave them closed. The font bulkhead of the tank is also assembled at this time. The tracks can then be assembled and added to the tank. As mentioned earlier these are now link and length, however no track jig is included. Once the tracks are on the upper hull can be attached. Various tools and towing cables can then be added. Construction now moves to the turret. The multi part barrel and mantle are built up and placed into the turret sides, Smoke dischargers are added. along with stowage boxes and finally the roof; along with the hatches. Finally the turret is added along with the side skirts and a small length of track placed on the front of the tank. Markings As this boxing would suggest there are three marking options for Tigers which took part in Operation Citadel. 9th SS Panzer "Totenkopf" Yellow 921 8th SS Panzer "Das Reich" White S33 Black 211 Decals are printed in house by Academy and should pose no problems. Conclusion It is good to see Academy updating this kit as looking online the kit is quite competitive on price. Recommended Review sample courtesy of UK Distributors for
  24. Hi all and while I'm mostly a wings and rotors man, I decided to try out a braiille scale AFV for a 'Cars' GB. Probably my first AFV kit since I was a kid so still learning a bit about painting and finishing. Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_box by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr The only changes I made were to turn the front wheels and add some extra tyres from the spares box. Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_paint_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Paint looked a bit stark so tried to tone it back with some drybrushing. Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_paint_5 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_paint_6 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr For weathering, this is dark earth and mud pastels mixed with flat varnish and then layered on with a brush - probably a little heavy overall so lesson learned there. Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_1 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_7 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr I found these metal crew figures from SHQ Miniatures - really nicely moulded and great detail IMG_6697 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Which get posed like this. IMG_6698 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr To mimic this well-known photo (Source Wikipedia Commons) Men from 1st SS Panzer Div at Kaiserbaracke crossroads, between St. Vith and Malmedy, December 1944. by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Tried my best not to hide all that lovely detail under paint! Schwimmwagen_crew_crop by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr And happy with the end result! Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_Crew_2_crop by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_Crew_4 crop by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Will start on a little roadside diorama for it in a couple of days. Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_Crew_6_crop by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking and appreciate all comments and feedback! Cheers, Dermot
  25. I began this with the 2017 Sukhoi Flanker STGB group build but wasn't able to finish in time. To recap it is the Academy Su-30MKK kit with the Sol Su-35 (Su-27M) canards, scratch built instrument panels with the Neomega Su-30MKK cockpit, Aires wheel wells, new resin nose, A.M.U.R. Reaver burner cans, AKAN paint and Begemot decals. Bort 01 Neomega cockpit with MKI instrument panels being made. Tried to make some resin extras as backups but my casting wasn't very good. Canopy mechanism work Days of putty and sanding to come. I ended up filling it with foam to give it some internal strength to compensate all of the cutting of both fuselage halves. A.M.U.R. Reaver exhausts are a lot bigger than the original Academy pipes but look great. No complaints with AKAN's Su-30MKI demonstrator colors. The overall pale blue the dark blue were perfect, I grayed the middle blue just a bit to get a better match. I always use little 1/144 kits as color testers G Gear is on it's way. I found some photos where that wonderful Russian pink sealant was used on this plane's gear which certainly adds a bit more color. I'm using the resin Armory wheel set with the nice sagged tires. Thanks for looking, more to come.