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Found 6 results

  1. Alright, my first time building a jet in like forever! Or at least, not one that was not sci fi... Anyway, this is a build for a coworker's uncle, due for Christmas. I was looking for the Revell F-model super bug, but those were either prohibitively expensive or not available. Another option was the Hasegawa kit, but that lacks cockpit detail, made up for with decals, and very short intake trunking. The Academy kit falls between the two in my estimation, and from the pics I've seen turns into a very fine looking model of the subject. Here are some obligatory box art and pics. The box art is really attractive! Sprue shots, I like the wings and body already being together. One less long join to worry about. As for external detail, I'm no expert, but this looks mice and refined. I'm going to have to light on the paint! It should look good with a light wash too. Here's the cockpit with its nice detailing. There are some decals for it, but mostly it'll be up to some careful painting to pick things out. Here's one of the seats. I have some PE coming for it, including belts to dress it up some. Don't know how well they can be seen. but there is some nice rivet detail along the rim of the canopy. It does have a seam down the middle to be sanded away, but that shouldn't take too long. I'm going to keep it wrapped until it's needed, at which point it will be secured in the down and locked position. Bottoms of the wings here and the elevators. The elevators will need a little work, seeing as they are intended to sit neutral, and I'm going to want to droop them at the back. Then we have the belly and the gear bays. The bays themselves look nice. They could use a little more wire and piping detail, but otherwise nice. Except for the mounting holes for the gear doors. Those are ugly. I'll see what I can do about them. Then we come to the multi-colored parts. There are two sets of fins, a pair in gray for a common squadron mount and ones in black for the more colorful of the livery. I'll be using the black, more because the detail is a little sharper on them than on the gray ones. Also the intake trunking and gear and main gear bays. Next is the ordnance, which could be better. If I was building for myself I'd probably source from another kit, especially with those blocky pegs. I may cut those off and fill the mounting holes and just pin the lot. Last up are the decals. Not the stickers. Won't be using no stinking stickers! As to the much preferred decals, they look nice! I can't wait to get those on! Well, that's all the parts. Depending on how this one goes, I may buy another one for myself... All that's left is to start, and despite where the instructions say to, I'm beginning with the flaps! Those and the slats are going to be cut away and dropped, and I figure it is easier to get the major surgery out of the way first before tossing it all back together again. And that's it for now. I'll continue cutting away the plastic tomorrow and probably in the evening, and hopefully get those separated in short order. Until then, model on! Thom https://imgur.com/a/yxeDAfC
  2. Hi All, Here is my recently finished Stratocruiser kit by Academy decals from Flying Colours (Hannants still have stock) a project I have wanted to do for a long time now done! Kit went together very well indeed with only tiny amounts of filler here and there. When I worked out how much noseweight would be required for it to sit on its wheels I attached a small metal rod underneath instead. Paints are Revell Aqua gloss white and Alclad Chrome which has been toned down with varnish which will also protect. Decals were very keen to crack up under movement so much care needed, if I did this one again I would mask and spray the tail at least. Anyway she is done and I for one am happy how she turned out, what do you think? MODeller
  3. Lockheed-Martin F-35A Lightning II 421st Fighter Squadron ‘Black Widows’, 388th Fighter Wing Hill AFB, Utah, present day Like many other people, I regarded the F-35 as being too ugly to model. But things change! I was tempted to buy a 1/72 Academy kit at a reasonable price (£20 I think it was) at Yeovilton Air Day this year, and it just went in the stash. Meanwhile out of interest I did a bit of research on what shade of grey to use, etc, and at the same time a friend of mine sent some photos of a 421st FS aircraft at an airshow in Greece. One of the major things that removed my barrier to building one of these was the fact that production aircraft no longer have those RAM panels painted in a lighter grey, so none of that awkward masking, though there are still some subtle shades of grey on various panels. I also then discovered Mr Paints acrylic lacquer airbrush paints, and found that they do FS 36170 ‘Camouflage Grey’ and ‘Have Glass’ special matt varnish to give that metallic sparkle, so the fire was lit and off I went to build one of these: A pleasurable wander through Wolfpack Decals resulted in me buying sheet 72-125 which includes a 421st F-35A (it also includes a VFA-147 F-35C which got me looking forward to a 1/72 F-35C kit which surely can’t be too far away). Building this model made me realise how different the F-35 is from any other modern jet (except perhaps the F-22) with those weapon bays, facetted construction, sensors everywhere, lack of HUD, strange paint, etc and it was a great pleasure in the end to build it.
  4. Hello everyone... straight from the D-Day group build i present this. It is a Hawker Mk.V series I Tempest of 3 Squadron June 8th 1944. I modified by adding the extensions to the barrel's as the kit represents a Mk.V Series II Tempest. There is some debate about the 3 Squadron crest on the vertical tail. I know its supposed to be a post war only thing. I have a photo from my research that appears to have the crest painted out. However i believe some aircraft had them. They were either painted over at the time or airbrushed out by censors during the war. I've had a couple of discussions about it and I'm going to leave the crest on as i believe they were there. Please feel free to Question, comment, tell some good stories, or pass on your thoughts. Dennis
  5. Hiya Folks, Another one off the production line, this is my first (but not last) Academy 1/72nd Tempest Mk.V wearing the immediate Post War markings of 56 Sqn which reapplied its famous Phoenix and red and white chequerboard markings to the fin; I hope that you like it, All the best Tony O ps- This model has an incorrect propeller and spinner, which seems to have been included in the second hand kit from a Hobbyboss Typhoon kit, hence the large cut outs in the spinner. Here s an updated photo using a better prop and spinner taken from a Bren Gun Typhoon kit;
  6. Wolfpack

    ROKAF T-50

    I've heard a rumour (not the Fleetwood Mac one) that the u/c is incorrect. Anyone got any thoughts and or suggestions about this? W
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