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Found 28 results

  1. You know how it is when you get a kit that just fights you till the end, well this is one of those. I had reasons for getting this done besides having it next to my Whitley and Wellington (that is being worked on next). Originally this was to be the Valom boxing. That got so far, but I messed up the wing joints and the legendary fit of the clear parts defeated me (even tried the Airfix and falcon versions to see if some combination would work). Then the AZ version with new clear parts came into my possession . This time it would work! There would be no duff wing/fuselage joints! The glazing would fit! ebay provided the torpedo upgrade set! I had the Authentic Decals decal sheet! What could possibly go wrong? Yeh, well, the wings had to come off as I mucked that up again. Chucked a load of filler at it, and called it a fit. After ignoring it for a while I decided it was time to just finish it and be damned. It will grace the collection until airfix or someone does a better version. Even now as I look at the photos I realise I have a) missed the aerial lines off b) not fitted the exhausts! Life............... comments welcome. Tim
  2. Don't know about you mates, but this lockdown unleashed the inner beast in me For this build I took inspiration from the the wonderful Attacker build presented by @Navy Bird here: All issues described were present in my kit as well, except for the misalignment of the fuselage halves. I have added the boundary layer plates, reshaped and boxed the tailhook compartment (albeit a bit deeper then needed) and the tailwheel well too. Added the aerials, scratchbuilt a new tailhook. I regret not opening the canopy as the fit of the closed one was awful. I like the "pregnant" look with the belly tank and added this too. However, after the long and painful process of glueing, trimming and fitting the tank in place and filling the ever-present large gaps, the plane still retained his elegant lines and that puzzled me . When comparing with the photos in the Richard Franks' book it seems to me that the tank AZ offers us in the kit is the one from the prototype that differs from production ones by being shorter and slimmer (photo on p. 13 for the lucky ones to have his book on the subject). I never knew that there were two types of external tanks for the Attacker (different capacity, probably?). Modified the landing gear a bit by adding scissor links and some missing rods I tried to keep her clean as the photos show that the fleet was well maintained. Oh, BTW, managed to pull the paint off twice while removing the masks... Hope you will enjoy it! Stay safe!
  3. Three of my six builds are almost done so it's time to start another. I'll be doing this: I haven't been able to find any photographs online to confirm or deny the colour of the wing stripes- I think they would be white. Here are the sprues: The transparencies and resin bits: The transfers: The kit is typical of the older AZ kits, it's short-run and has some plastic that needs removing: I've made a start. As usual, painting the bits that are black and bits that'll be aluminium with Humbrol 33 and, the cockpit bits with Colourcoats Interior Grey-green: Thanks for looking.
  4. Here are a couple of fots of my 16 Squadron FR IX. I have only seen images of "X" and "V" consequently the choice of aircraft was limited! The kit is AZ model from the joy pack IX/XVI , three kits in one box, no decals, I had bought a set of vallejo paints earlier in the year and the PRU pink looked interesting, desperate to use it, I did a bit of research and thought a MK IX kit would be a good starting point, so one saturday on a diversion to the LMS I found the joy pack languishing on the shelf for less than the price of a weekend edition Eduard IX, I have an AZ model P 51 B/C in the stash which is IMHO a delightful and delicate little kit so I parted with my doubloons and trotted off home with three Spitfires! I was not disappointed! I think the AZ kit is a cracker, lovely detail, tiny and delicate and captures the look of the Spitfire. The only thing I added was seatbelts from the spares box, which you can hardly see but they are in there none the less! So this is the first of the trio, a FR IX, C wing, five spoke wheels, the camera window was drilled out and a circle 2.8mm diameter was punched from some clear plastic and fitted using acrylic crystal paint on the inside to seal it since my Gators grip had not arrived in time. There was minimal filler required although I did have to use a couple of shims to close a couple of gaps in the starboard wing root and port leading edge. the cockpit is adequately detailed if a trifle tricky to fit, the second of the trio, a high back XVI has had a different approach in this area with the seat bulkhead being fixed into the fuselage prior to painting as opposed to after! Primer was Stynylrez white with preshade done in grey, then Vallejo PRU pink, invasion stripes for late 44 when the squadron was operating from France so only on the fuselage, masked and sprayed with Vallejo from the same set, decals are Blackbird model, the same aircraft as AZ have in their FR IX kit (I subsequently found out!), Flory dark dirt wash and some Tamiya pastels for exhaust and gunstaining and a bit of filth on the port wing root, hopefully I have not overdone the weathering, I read that some of the recce aircraft were pretty minging in service late 44! So thats my fourth RFI since my conversion from the dark side in the summer! Forgot to unmask the camera window in this shot! That's better! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  5. Ok, so how do you choose your next project while your in the final stages of completing the current one? One way is to be distracted by your son playing War Thunder and choose the plane he's using. In my case this turned out to be the MB5. I've always had an interest in this plane and this is my third kit of it. I started off with the Falcon vacform and picked up the Skybirds 86 kit when it came out. The latter always looked like a nice project however I didn't help myself by standing on the nice pre cut vacform canopy a while ago. I decided to give the AZ kit a go as it was on hand. I've read the reviews of this kit and the identified issues helped me prepare for them - misaligned tailplanes and an ill fitting canopy. The canopy was fixed using plastic shims and apoxie sculpt, the tailplane slots were adjusted. One final hurdle to overcome was an unintended flight when masking the topside resulting in a detached wing and various loose bits in the cockpit requiring he canopy to be popped off and the offending parts reattached. The result is ok but it is still a bit rough around the edges. I have a feeling either the Falcon or Skybirds kits might actually result in a better MB5. Cheers Michael
  6. Hi, As in title - the second Kestrel driven Dutch Fokker in livery from April-May 1940: The Fokker C-X made out of AZ kit with small improvements. I was puzzled that in instruction colour of top is different from that in LF box of C-VD (I mean - the FS numbers are different) - so I asked in WW II section and got confirming. Therefore it is khaki from top. Please note, that "707" on photos have hastitly overpainted Dutch roundels on top wing. {EDIT - Three first photos replaced} Among improvments new intake to bottom glycol cooler and landing lamp as well as bombs were done or added Regards and comments welcome! Jerzy-Wojtek
  7. Beard

    AZ Fulmar

    From the AZ/ KP thread in the WW2 section.Not so much a rumour but an announcement, no release date yet. Posted 15 hours ago ยท Report post Coming very soon, AZ model Fairey Fulmar Mk. I 1/72
  8. 1/72 AZ 109's built out of box with a slight fattening of the nose and leading edge of wing. Still learning plenty through trial and error regarding clear coats and weathering (or lack of). Theses 2 builds were mostly complete about 9 months ago, but suffered a stall due to a loss of enthusiasm. They were finished very early this year, and I wanted to re-learn how to post pics for participation in the 109 group build. IAR Brasov assembled Bf 109Ga-2 "White A" was the personal mount of Capt Av Cantacuzino April-May 1944. Kit supplied decals, hair antennae (last time ever), PV glue navigation lights. Bf109G-6 Trop of 364a Squadriglia, 150 Gruppo, 53 Stormo of the Regia Aeronautica in Italy 1943. Piloted by Mario Bellagambi. Sky Decals, (thick) hair antennae, PV glue nav lights. Thanks for looking.
  9. I've managed to finish two more Spitfires, and it's still not enough. They're both Post-war FR.18's based in Palestine and Cyprus with 208 and 32 Sqns, which were among the last Spitfires to see air-to-air combat. Ironically and tragically it was against other Spitfires, flown by Israel and Egypt. Both Spitfires have roundels and squadron codes painted on using masks from Pmask and Maketar, and Quickboost props made for the Fujimi Mk XIV. The build thread is HERE. The first is a 208 Sqn Spitfire built from the AZ kit, and is meant to resemble the REFERENCE PICTURE FOUND HERE. It's been painted using Colourcoats Light Slate grey, Dark Earth, and Medium Sea grey, which is appropriate since the aircraft depicted was maintained by Jamie Duff's (of Sovereign Hobbies fame) grandfather. Weathering was done with cheap poster paints and chalk pastels. The second FR.18 was built from the new Sword Mk XIV kit and represents a 32 Sqn aircraft, and is based on this REFERENCE PICTURE. It was painted with Lifecolor and Tamiya acrylics, and also weathered with poster paint and pastel chalks. And here they are both together.
  10. For what will, probably, be my last build in this GB, I'm going to 'do' this aircraft: (Linked from here: Cecil Golding) The kit will be the ubiquitous AZ Spitfire Vb, paint will be (as ever) Humbrol and Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats (with some Tamiya acrylics) and I'll be using the decals from the Xtradecals 'Fighters over Africa and the Mediterranean Part 1. Photographs will follow shortly.
  11. I currently only have three builds on the go and two of them are nearly finished so it's time to start another. As there appears to be a distinct lack of Hurricanes in this GB, I decided I should do something about it. I got one of these from a well-known Lowestoft-based supplier the other day (they were selling them for about six quid so it seemed rude not to). Obviously, the two decal options aren't suitable (although I really fancy the EAF one); luckily I have a few choices: or, or, I can't decide which one, although I like the 43 squadron as I'm a little sick of Dark Earth/ Middle Stone over Azure Blue schemes, so I'll let you decide. Please post your answers below.
  12. I've nearly finished my Sword Kittyhawk Ia and am at the painting stage of a USAAF Spitfire Vb so I thought I'd start something else. I'm using a AZ P-40E, because Hannants were selling them cheap. Here are the sprues: Some photo-etch and a bit of acetate for the instrument panel: The clear parts: Only two pages of instructions: The boxing doesn't include any RAF decals. I'm going to use some spares from a Sword Kittyhawk Ia/ III: I'll use codes from a Hannants sheet. Should they be Sky or MSG? (I probably have the answer in a book but they're all in boxes).
  13. As I've nearly finished my KP Spitfire VB I thought it'd be a good idea to use the spare decals on an AZ Spitfire VB. Here's the aircraft that I'll be attempting: I have taken some in-progress photographs, as I've made a start, but they're out-of-focus so I'll take some more and post them later. Edit: there's a typo on the instruction sheet... the serial is ER570 not EP570 (luckily the decals are right).
  14. Of the three Spitfires delivered to Turkey in May 1940, 2 were later taken back into RAF service and used by No.1 Middle East Training School at Abu Sueir in Egypt in 1942. AZ include the decals in their original short-run MkI kit and the camouflauge scheme, of Middle Earth/ Dark Stone over Blue (Azure, Light Med or Med - I'm not sure which) is striking as MkIs are usually DE/DG over Sky (or something else). Having sought advice in the WW2 section here, it seems they even had Vokes filters fitted (even more interesting). The Wooksta suggested using the AZ Spitfire MkI & MkV. Anyway, here's my attempt. I'll be using the AZ MkIILR as it has the same plastic as the 'early' MkI (and a couple of other eight-gun Spitfires as well) and one of these: Here are the sprues: The MkI The MkV We need to see if the MkI wings fit the MkV fuselage: They do. I've made two or three of the AZ MkVs and they go together well but my only attempt at the AZ MkI ended in the airframe being reduced to spares so, I'll need to take it slowly when assembling the wings. I currently have a Mk22 that's nearly finished so this will be started in anger in the next couple of days. (Edited to add information.)
  15. As my two AZ MkIXs approach completion, I thought that I ought to start another. This time I'll be making a mess of the new-ish KP (or AZ) Spitfire V. You may be familiar with the boxing: I can't decide which one to make, I quite like the USAAF one (and could use Tony O'T's build on here as a guide) but I don't think anyone has made anything that was flown by Neville Duke. Luckily, I won't have to decide until most of the painting is done. Here are the sprues: It's a great-looking kit on the sprues, I think it's the best second-generation Spitfire out (although I haven't got a Tamiya V). It's also got loads of spare bits (like the Aboukir filter). Here are the decals: KP forgot a couple of USAAF roundels but include them on a seperate sheet. I've done the interior: (Colourcoats Interior Green and a bit of Tamiya Flat Aluminium dry-brushing). The white plastic at the front of the nose is to stop the exhausts falling inside. A bit more: KP include decals for the seatbelts and instrument panel on the other boxings but forgot to include them on this one (or I can't see them). I made the belts out of Tamiya tape. I've done more since taking these photos, the wings and fuselage are together. So far, it's been a really nice kit to build. More to follow. Thanks for looking and advice or comments are welcome. I'd particularly like suggestions as to which one I should make (the Malta one is beyond my painting skills).
  16. It's raining this afternoon, I've done the shopping, and I'm waiting for the paint to dry on my Tomahawk and 92 Sqd Spitfire IX, may as well start another. I'm going to attempt Mf532 of 43 601 Squadron RAF which was based in Famo, Italy, during November 1944. I'll be using the last of my AZ Joypack, Humbrol and Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats enamels (brush-painted) and decals from a Xtradecals sheet. This is the aircraft I'll be making a mess of (Hannant's have it as an aircraft of 43 Squadron, that's wrong, it served with 601 Squadron (and later 253 Squadron): and here are the sprues (there's some mix-and-match with the other Spitfire I'm doing in this GB as I got confused). Thanks for looking, I'll post some in-progress photographs in due course, Simon
  17. I'm going to have a go at EN446 QJ-1, using the AZ Spitfire IX and the Xtradecals sheet X72-110. It'll be brush painted with a mixture of Humbrol and Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats enamels. Before I start, the decal sheet has the aircraft having wide cannon bulges and the spinner either Night or Dark Blue. What does the Britmodeller hive mind think? A quick search shows that the spinner colour has been discussed before, the photo suggests, to me, that the aircraft has wide cannon bulges but I'm no clearer as to the spinner colour.
  18. In an attempt to meet the Macchi scourge over the desert skies of this Group Build, I will attempt to add to Basilisk's Kittyhawk contingent. The plan is to build a couple of James "Eddie" Edwards' Kittyhawks: Kittyhawk IA, FZ-R, of 94 Sqn using the AZ/Legato kit Kittyhawk II (short-tail P-40F), HS-O, of 260 Sqn using the Hasegawa kit and a DB Production resin Merlin nose. The title of the thread is borrowed (stolen) from Procopius' epic Desert Anvils thread. Thanks vppelt68 and thepureness for hosting this one, and thanks Enzo for your oversight of the general BM Group Build goodness.
  19. Hi, here comes my latest model that I finished yesterday. It's my first P-40 and I went for the obvious option: a shark mouth of 112 Sqn. The kit is the 1/72 from Legato/AZ and it is finished basically out of the box. The break lines on the landing gear are the only addition. The paints are Tamiya and I have used oil paints for panel wash, oil/fuel spills and general weathering. Special attention was paid to the decals and tires which shouldn't look too pristine on a desert a/c. It is a nice kit despite being short-run and needing some filler. I like the fine panel lines while many smaller parts are a bit softly moulded and ill-defined. The decals supplied with the kit were used and they worked without problems. These Kittyhawks were delivered in in the Temperate Land Scheme (US paints used, of course) and the Dark Green was later overpainted with Middle Stone. Therefore DG is still visible around the serial. The photo of the original also shows that the edge of the fuselage roundel was carelessly sprayed over with Middle Stone. There seems to be some discussion on the correct colour for the underside whether it is Azure Blue or perhaps Light Mediterranean Blue. On the original photo it sure looks very dark but this might be due to the stark shadow. I went for a mix that looks right to me. The original photo can be found here: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205208930 The a/c carried the small inscription "London Pride" barely visible over the "Y" on the port side. In these days one could write the letters G, A and Y as well as the word "pride" on an aircraft and nobody would consider it odd. The base is a bit small for the Kittyhawk but it is just recycled. Originally it served quite a different vehicle: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234964208-sdkfz-263-172/ Thanks for looking. All comments welcome. Ole
  20. It's been a while since any proper updates, due to being at a show, holidays, me moving flat, more holidays and visitations from relatives. Despite this we've been getting orders out and restock and still get new stuff in and still all for discounted prices! Recent arrivals include the following in 1/48 AMK MiG-31B/BS, Kinetic F/A-18C Hornet, Eduard Lysander Mk III (re-edition) And in 1/72... AMK Delfin, AZ Models Gauntlet MK II (all 3 boxings), Auster AOP MK III, Spitfire VIII RAAF, Bf109G-14AS (both versions), Bf109F-2, Bf109F-4, MS.406C-1 (both versions). KP Models Spitfire IXe (both boxings), Spitfire VB and Red Stars, Piper Super Cub (Israeli), MiG-23ML. Eduard Spitfire IXc Profipack Special Hobby Vautour Cyrano, Me163 (2 boxings), Mirage F.1B So quite a lot for 1/72 fans! thanks Mike
  21. In the latest hot sheet, Hannants say that they are not going to be able to get any more AZ or Sword kits. Presumably this also applies to Admiral and (more importantly) KP. This reads like a problem to my modelling choice, if they are to disappear from the UK altogether. Is this because these companies have arranged for some other distributor in the UK? If so, I can see why Hannants doesn't want to name who it is. Or is there some other reason?
  22. This is an AZ 109G-6 built to represent W.Nr. 760381 Built at the MWG plant and originally allocated to the Luftwaffe, ( as part of the contract stipulating two for the Luftwaffe, for every one for the Hungarian Air Force) it somehow ended up with the MKHL. W-021 of 101/3 vadaszszazad was as piloted by Lt Laszlo Daniel, at Veszprem, Hungary in August 1944. The AZ kit is a nice build, but requires a bit of attention regarding test fitting before glue. This was not helped by me choosing to fatten the nose up a little using something similar to the method posted by Barry Numerick (sp?), though not quite to the same standard. I have two more AZ 109's on the go, both fattened at the nose, but I'm not sure the work is worth it. Might build the next one straight from the box. Painted with Tamiya and Gunze Aqueous. HAD decals were nice to use, though i managed to get a few silvering spots in panel lines. Gloss coat with decals. The matt coat was too matt though, and as a result the colour has lost a little contrast. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.
  23. Here is my attempt at an AZ 1/72 Spitfire IIB. It is the first short run kit I've started, but the fourth I've finished (managed a few short run P-40's first for the Group Build). It represents the 303 Sqn aircraft of FO Miroslaw Feric (P8385, RF-A) in the summer of 1941, although four different pilots, including Feric, made claims while flying it according to Wojtek Matusiak's 303 Squadron history. The prop and spinner come from the Airfix Mk I/IIA kit, and the rear view mirror and antenna mast were scratched from plasticard. The build thread is here. My cheap camera and lack of photography experience led me to try a hodgepodge of backgrounds, so please bear with me. The reference photos showed a plane that looked like it had been across the Channel a few times, and I tried to capture that weathered look. Here it is next to a 303 Sqn Mk IIA from the Airfix kit. I can say that I've started a Kosciuszko 'collection' now that there are two of them. Thank for looking, any and all Spitfire advice is welcome.
  24. These were done for the P-40 STGB, which was very enjoyable (like all Group Builds!) I decided to do an Aleutian theme, since I grew up in Alaska and that campaign has always interested me. All of them are 1/72, and the build thread is here. First up is an Academy 11th FS P-40E Aleutian Tiger. I tried a few modifications in an attempt to correct some of the Academy kit's peculiarities: bulbous spinner, upright canopy and straight spine. The spinner was replaced with the Quickboost resin set, and the canopy was replaced with an AZ one, and the spine was reshaped a little in order to accept the canopy. Next is an AZ/Legato Kittyhawk IA of No 111 Sqn RCAF. This is a Sword P-40K 'deputized' by 111 Sqn and used by Ken Boomer to score the RCAF's only aerial victory to take place over North America. Last up, a Swork P-40K of the USAAF 344th FS based on Shemya Island in 1945.
  25. I'm pulling a bit of an 'Enzo' for this GB and hope to complete four builds, all 1/72: 1. Academy P-40E as a USAAF 11 FS 'Aleutian Tiger'. I know this scheme has been done to death, but it wouldn't be a proper Aleutian collection without it. I bought the Quickboost spinner and propeller set for this kit, and I may try and attach a different canopy if my skills allow. 2. AZ/Legato Kittyhawk IA of RCAF 111 Sqn that served in Alaska, and it points out the fact that the British Commonwealth was active in the defense of US territory and North America itself. 3. Sword P-40K of RCAF 111 Sqn as flown by Sqn Ldr Ken Boomer when he achieved the RCAF's only aerial victory to take place over North America. Of note is that his aircraft was indeed a P-40K and not a Kittyhawk III, as for a period weather conditions were too dangerous to bring in more aircraft and several USAAF P-40K's were 'deputized' by 111 Sqn with RCAF roundels replacing the USAAF stars, but otherwise retaining USAAF markings and serial numbers. 4. Sword P-40K of the USAAF 344th FS based on Shemya Island, in a silver scheme - just because I think it would be fun to make a silver Aleutian P-40. The plan is to start the P-40E and Kittyhawk IA together and then follow on with the P-40K's if things are going smooth enough. I grew up in Alaska, but have never visited any of the Aleutian Islands (the state is gigantic). Even though I now live in 'the lower 48', the Aleutian conflict still retains my interest to this day. It is often referred to as the 'Forgotten War' in Alaska. It is so forgotten that I think that the rest of the country feels that the phrase should refer to the Korean War. Above are a few references for the builds. Thanks Mish, Mungo, Dazdot and Wyvern for organizing this group build - can't wait to get started.
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