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Found 48 results

  1. Due to summer 'distractions' this is not going to be a quick thread, but I'll try to keep you amused with occasional updates. The starting point is an Airfix 1/72 Chipmunk T.10 that I built way back in 1969, shortly after the kit was released; WK574, Cambridge UAS, c 1952 by Philip Pain, on Flickr I have never been happy with the look or accuracy of this kit, but at the time my skill only ran to doing something to correct the canopy, substituting the 'canadian option' windscreen which doesn't have an external frame at the front (it is internal on the real aircraft). WK574, Cambridge UAS, c 1952 by Philip Pain, on Flickr The model is showing its age and the transfers have yellowed. In this view it can be seen that I added the missing flap actuation hinges. WK574, Cambridge UAS, c 1952 by Philip Pain, on Flickr The main problem with the 'look' of the Airfix Chipmunk is that it doesn't have enough 'chin' at the front, also the propellor spinner is too short and bulbous. The intakes on the sides of the engine also too bulbous. WK574, Cambridge UAS, c 1952 by Philip Pain, on Flickr The other big problem is the undercarraige legs which are far too slim, and the wheels don't look right either, being too 'square'. WK574, Cambridge UAS, c 1952 by Philip Pain, on Flickr The cockpit has two seats and nothing else, so I added scratch-built instrument panels. WK574, Cambridge UAS, c 1952 by Philip Pain, on Flickr All of the raised rivets were rubbed down, not that they shouldn't be there, but they were far too prominent. I made a mistake with painting the yellow 'T-bands', they don't go on to the flaps. So I was delighted when AZ Models recently released a new 1/72 Chipmunk kit, and the box promises much; Chipmunk T.10 (1) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr Chipmunk T.10 (2) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr The contents were less inspiring, but seemed ok Chipmunk T.10 (4) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr It is a typical 'short-run' kit, a bit rough around the edges, and generally lacking mounting pins and tabs, making it hard to glue together at times. Chipmunk T.10 (7) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr It has a full cockpit interior, but a familiar problem soon became apparent - once again the canopy is wrong! External frames front and rear, don't Chipmunk mould makers ever go and look at the real thing!? The AZ Models canopy is actually worse than the original Airfix one, because the windscreen is too long with the main frame set too far back. So I've tried to disguise this fault by extending the forward instrument coaming to fill the gap. Chipmunk T.10 (8) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr So here is the basic assembly, and there were big gaps to be filled with modelling putty. Chipmunk T.10 (9) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr Also on the tail, and the spin-recovery strakes were a bitch to get right due to their small size, and vague fit. Also it should be completely flat from one tailplane to the other, but the AZ model has a raised rear fuselage in between. This took a lot of whittling down. So I was starting to lose faith with this model, so I dug out one of my un-built original Airfix kits, to compare notes and check out the differences; Chipmunk T.10 (10) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr And then I couldn't help but start making the Airfix one as well! This time using the AZ model as a guide to correct the Airfix one. Chipmunk T.10 (11) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr Added a basic interior to the Airfix one, and scratch built a pair of spin-recovery strakes for the back end. The Airfix kit also has an annoying feature at the back end, with the tailplanes split where there isn't a split on the real thing. This takes careful filling and sanding to get the required flat finish from one side to the other. But basically the Airfix main parts go together well, with smaller and better aligned gaps. Chipmunk T.10 (12) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr Using the AZ kit as a guide, the incorrect Airfix nose, spinner, and undercarraige legs were then improved using modelling putty. In this photo they still need a bit of finishing off. Chipmunk T.10 (13) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr So now there are two, roughly similar. The front instrument coaming on the Airfix Chipmunk (right) has also been extended, just to make it look better. Chipmunk T.10 (14) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr Chipmunk T.10 (15) w by Philip Pain, on Flickr Here are the two canopies, AZ on the left. Both have had the front and rear external frames filed off and re-polished. Also being made are the two prominent internal frames to go in the rear of each canopy, both absent from the kits. I'm not looking forward to gluing them in place, as there is no room for error with glue and transparencies. So that is the progress, so far.
  2. Hi all, Not very often I get to post two new builds in a week, but here goes...at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, Spitfire MJ772 has recently been restored and repainted in new livery, prior to its return to flight. I was recently asked to build a model of this particular airframe for Greg Davis, the chap who runs The Two Seat Spitfire Page on FaceBook, who has a growing collection of 1/72 Spitfire T9s. As per usual, the AZ Models kit was used in the absence of any other available kit, and just a few minor tweaks were made. The rear canopy bow is moulded way too thick on the kit part, scaling out at around a foot wide and several inches proud of the perspex, so I carved it off, sanded it down, polished it back to clarity, dipped it in Klear and then masked it to paint a much thinner bow. I think it was a small improvement worth making. The invasion stripes were a pain to mask, taking over two hours for these alone, and the decals were a mixture of Xtradecal for the roundels and code letters and home printed for the serial numbers. The Cross of Lorraine on the cockpit side was assembled from a blue shield shape cut from a scrap Argentinian flag decal from an Airfix Canberra, and three smaller red strips which started life as a wing walk line on a Hasegawa Zero! Lining those up properly on a shield 3mm across was a challenge... The paint used was Tamiya acrylics, and a panel line wash was added to the movable and removable bits only - engine cowlings, flaps, ailerons, elevators, trim tabs etc. I resisted doing a panel line wash all over as in such a small scale it just looks overdone. Final finish was done in Xtracrylix Flat Varnish, after which the canopies were unmasked, the wingtip lights were painted in, the whip aerial under the wing was added and the final touch was to add the propeller - something which always signals the end of the build for me. Special thanks go to CedB on here, for sending me his surplus prop decals - saved me a lot of hassle printing my own! Cheers, old boy. You'll be glad to know that it survived the postal service journey to it's new owner, and he seems pleased with it, which is what it's all about really... Here's a walk around: And a couple of flyaround shots: Now, what's next...? Dean
  3. This is my 1/72 AZ Model's Douglas X-3 Stiletto. This is another kit that is not for the faint of heart or the easily discouraged and for more details on my trials and tribulations you can see my WIP entry at To summarize nothing that is supposed to go into the fuselage interior will fit and nothing on the right side of the fuselage lines up with the corresponding thing on left side. Including the canopy which is one piece. But it still built fairly quickly and I am happy with the outcome. So on to the pictures I am not sure why the canopy appears so cloudy in the pictures. It is not like that in real life. Here is a better view that also shows the small slit intakes I added ahead or the primary intakes; Next up is the newly remastered Anigrand Douglas XF5D-1 Enjoy
  4. I don't usually do WIPs, but since this is a new kit and it has received some negative reviews: http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/douglas-x-3-stiletto-im-massstab-172-von-az-model-az-7597/#more-41416 I thought I would do one so that those are interested can see my trials and tribulations. First the sprues of which there are 2: Just ignore the Sidewinders, they are for a what-if boxing. There isn't a lot of flash but there is some and it is in awkward locations, like the slot for the wings Next the transparency, which is...transparent: Decals, which look really good: Finally the instructions, they are simple and some placement is vague but they are adequate Following the instructions I assembled the cockpit, main wheel well and engine exhausts. Then I tried a dry fit, and nothing fit inside the fuselage. Not the wheel well This is after I had already done some sanding. Not the cockpit And not the exhausts, which I didn't get a picture of. So out came the grinding tool and sanding sticks. In order to get the exhausts to fit I had to do major sanding to them and some grinding of the fuselage. They are mostly hidden so it isn't too bad. So after that I was able to button it all up; The wings are just stuck in place and not glued, They are going to need some more work before they fit correctly. The canopy fit is OK, but there are gaps that will need to be filled That's it for now. Next will be seam filling on the fuselage and then attaching the wings. That will be in a couple days since I have another project to finish first. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hi folks, Those of you who followed my build thread on this will know that it was built from the AZ Models 1/72 kit of the two seat Spitfire, and it was painted up and had custom decals and masks made to replicate NH341, otherwise known as Elizabeth. It will shortly be in the hands of the owner of the real thing, but I thought I'd take advantage of a sunny half hour this morning to photograph it before it goes... Cheers, Dean
  6. Hello all, After my bit of silliness with the Mustang, I'm back to a serious build again. I was recently asked if I would build a replica of the two seat Spitfire T.9 named Elizabeth, which can often be seen in the summer months fulfilling peoples' bucket list ambitions by getting them in the air in a Spit, flying from Headcorn or Sywell. Here she is, photographed by the talented Ian Amis: Ultimately this model will end up in the hands of Keith Perkins, the owner of Elizabeth, so I'd better make a good job of it! I used the AZ Models T.8/9 kit in 1/72, which is pretty much the only game in town for two seaters unless you have the 1/48 Brigade Models conversion set (I have ) or are willing to do a LOT of scratchbuilding in 1/32 and convert a single seater yourself (I did ). It's a short run kit with all the shortcomings that that implies - dubious fit, no locating pins or tabs and numerous moulding flaws such as an ejector post mark right on the fuselage behind the rear canopy. The boxing I had also only came with Dutch or Irish markings, so I had to buy an aftermarket set of decals for a Mk.IX Spitfire to get the right stencils and roundels for an RAF machine. Typically, the day after I'd bought these, AZ brought out a new boxing of the kit, with markings for several of the currently airworthy warbirds! At Telford, I also bought a set of resin wheels of the three spoke variety, as most modern warbirds use these post war wheels these days...not Elizabeth though, oh no! She's still wearing her four spokers, which are provided in the kit anyway. Should have checked, really... Also, having checked my decal stash, none of the RAF fonts used for squadron codes matched the decidedly non standard font used on Elizabeth, so working from photos, a friend of mine was good enough to use his profile cutter to custom cut some masks for the RB*E for me - thanks Nige! The canopies on this kit are pretty thick and there is no option for posing them open, so although there is a fair bit of detail in the cockpit virtually none of it will be visible after the lids go on. I kept the interior detailing basic, using the kit decals for the instrument panels, and confining the painting to some black details and a dark wash, although I did add some seatbelts from masking tape: The airframe goes together pretty quickly, but as the kit this was based on was a clipped wing Spit, the kit's wingtips have to be carefully removed and the elliptical wingtips glued on. As mentioned before, this short run kit has no tabs or pins, and the wingtips are a straight butt joint onto the wing. There's hardly any land for them to attach to, and as a result this will be a weak point on the model. I'll have to inform the owner not to pick it up by the wingtip, or he'll be looking at a pile of wreckage with a chagrined expression on his face - not for the first time either! The most laborious bit of the build is the filling and sanding specified in the instructions...the cartridge ejection chutes under the wings have to be filled and sanded flush without losing the surrounding detail, the cannon and machine gun ports have to be filled (I used plastic rod glued into the holes and sanded flush) the two halves of the carburettor air intake scoop are a terrible fit needing putty right down the middle, the rear glazed portion of the front canopy isn't deep enough, so I had to build up the fuselage it attaches to with plastic strip, and the rear windscreen stands so wildly proud of the fuselage it almost seems to be a different scale! The rear canopy is a pretty abysmal fit all round really, and a lot of scraping down, carving to fit and puttying was used to get it anywhere near fitting. Still, mustn't grumble... Once the inevitable rounds of putty-sand-repeat had been dealt with, a primer coat was used to detect any further surface blemishes - and there were a few! Then it was time for a bit of head scratching - Elizabeth proudly bears her name in curly cursive script on the side of the port cowling, in white - trying to do white decals is the bane of a modeller's life, as you can't print white on a printer. I considered using white decal film, but experiences with this in the past have showed that the stuff is so thick it'd look like the name had been riveted onto the airframe attached to a steel plate! My solution was to take a photograph of the name, reduce it to the right size by trial and error, and then print it on clear decal film. The appropriate spot on the model could then be painted white, the decal attached to allow the white to show through as the lettering, and then the non white bits touched up with the right camo colour. Sounds complicated, but it worked ok. I also did the same for the squadron crest and the two kill markings below the windscreen: You can also see in the above photo the masks on the fuselage sides - I painted the area Sky for the theatre band and the letters, applied the masks, and then applied the camo on top. Again, the camo had to be patterned as best I could from reference photos, as no two modern restorations are the same, and differ from standard wartime plans. I was trying to get the demarcations to pass over the canopies in the right places, through the squadron codes in the right places, and so on. Easier said than done, but the little details matter. All in all, when the masking came off, I was satisfied enough, with just one or two areas needing touch ups: Then, just as the last touch ups had been done to my satisfaction, the wingtip fell off. It was bound to happen sooner or later, and it did. Ooh, such expletives. It's a good job I live alone, as the the sort of language emanating from my workroom would frighten children and animals, tarnish silver and bruise fruit. ^+^£%$%* butt joints! One invisible repair and respray later, and the airframe was ready for a gloss coat ready for decals. That's how it stands at the moment, all shiny: More when it happens, Dean
  7. Hello everyone. This is Messerschmitt Bf 109G-12 Yugoslav version, 15/9615, 83 Fighter Regiment, Yugoslav Air Force, Cerklje airfield, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, 1948-49. 1:72 AZ Model kit with Kora resin conversion set. Following the Second World War, Yugoslavia received some standard two-seater Bf 109G-12s from Bulgaria. Needing more, they converted a couple of one-seaters. This conversion visually differs from the original G-12 in the rear cockpit section where an Erla Haube canopy was used instead of the special G-12 rear canopy. As soon as I found out about this variant I went looking for options to make it and found a Kora resin conversion set with decals. This set was meant for a Fine Molds kit but I used an AZ Model kit from the blank 3-kit pack instead. This of course meant more work to get both to come together but in the end I managed and it came out nicely. Paint and varnish all applied by brush. This is the last 1:72 kit I've built so far (I build mostly in 1:144 nowadays) and I completed it last year. Thanks for looking and all comments are welcome. Miguel
  8. I have just finished this badge of 109's, which is no. 211-215. It is the Az model of the F and G. Build out of the box, with aftermarked decals. Cheers Jes
  9. 3 builds into my return to plastic manipulation its time to build a Spitfire or two! The 1st Spitfire will be a deviation from my primary theme of aircraft flown from US bases in Essex during WW2 in 1/72nd scale, but still has an Essex theme, a 131 Squadron MkVII Spitfire flown by Ft Lt C. 'Pete' Bearman. He was a close friend and colleague to my Grandfather at Essex Police before he volunteered to join the RAF . The 2nd Spitfire will be an Eagle Squadron MkVb Spitfire based at North Weald. I will be making the decals for this aircraft Onto the kits - No.1 AZ Models 1/72nd MKVII Spitfire - my 1st venture in limited run kits - hmm where are the locating pins No.2 Tamiya 1/72nd Mk Vb
  10. We've got a number of new and recently released 1/72 kits in stock here @ MJW Models! All are at discounted prices too! AZ Models Hawker Hurricane Mk IId - https://mjwmodels.co.uk/azm7594-172-hawker-hurricane-mkiid-6527-p.asp AZ Models Focke Wulf Fw190D-9 Early - https://mjwmodels.co.uk/azm7591-172-focke-wulf-fw-190d-9-early-6526-p.asp AZ Models Messerschmitt Bf109K-4 - https://mjwmodels.co.uk/azm7595-172-messerschmitt-bf-109k-4-kurrfurst-6528-p.asp KP Models Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vc- https://mjwmodels.co.uk/kpm0121-172-supermarine-spitfire-mkvc-four-barrels-over-malta-6529-p.asp Special Hobby McDonnell FH-1 Phantom - https://mjwmodels.co.uk/sh72297-172-mcdonnell-fh-1-phantom-6519-p.asp thanks Mike
  11. Hi all. I have been away for some time due to some major building work I have been having done and doing myself . This is still ongoing, but now I have modelling time too. I have been busy on this little beauty which is a limited run kit. I have also used the rather nice Marabu photo etch set which is quite comprehensive. The fit is not to bad at all although lots of testing is required along with some fettling. The kits comes with various resin items such as seats although I have used the PE ones, Engines wheels etc. I am doing an overall aluminium painted Royal Navy Oxford II. I am going to finish this and a 1/72 Percival Proctor and Lockheed Ventura that I have on the go and move onto a PRU blue phase with a 1/72 Mossie to test paint techniques and then when I am happy with that a 1/48 PRU Hudson. The Cowlings come in two halves and go together much better than I thought they would and the engines sit on pedestals/mounts made out of sprue. The intakes are resin items which area added to the plastic kit items and look quite good after some fettling. There are no windows in the roof of the aircraft and I pondered this for a while. They are quite a prominent feature so I decided to model them using the chain drilling method. The rears will be done in Crystal Clear, the front ones were cut out and the bit between them was filed down enough to fit some clear sheet and then I made the frame in between flush with some plasticard. I am quite chuffed with this so far. Thanks for looking All the best Chris
  12. Here's a Messerschmitt Bf109 you don't see that often, the G-1. The G-1 and G-2 were the first of the G series (obviously) and the G-1 had cockpit pressurisation but the G-2 did not. AZ Models make a reasonably decent series of 109 kits, many of which you can't get from more mainstream manufacturers, so far 109 fans, these kits are brilliant. This one is from JG54 'Grunherz' and I believe it's one that Walther Nowotny flew. thanks Mike
  13. Rabbit Leader

    Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    Just thought it might be timely to start a reference thread dealing with the Saunders Roe SR.53. Homebee has already started a thread advising us of the soon to be released AZ 1/72 kit here - I've attached a link to 17 relevant photographs c/o the Airliner.net website - http://www.airliners.net/search?aircraft=43331&display=detail I was just hoping that other BM members could contribute with any additional information / magazine articles to help us all make this most of this exciting new release. As far as I can see, there's not much around so any additional information or walkaround photographs would be much appreciated. Cheers and thanks... Dave.
  14. Simon in Wales

    AZ Models Bf109-G2

    Hello, Having been a long time lurker I thought I would take the plunge and post some of my efforts. They are nowhere near as good as some of the masterpieces that appear on here but I enjoy building them and each one is a little bit better than the last (or a I buy something which means I can do something that I couldn't previously!) First up is the AZ Models Bf109-G2, finished as Hans-Joachim Marseille's 'Yellow 14'. OOB apart from the aerial wire which is EZ-line. Paints were Vallejo Model Air applied with a brush over a white primer. Photography at my desk after dark with my Huawei P8 lite which I'm still getting the hang of.
  15. Just finished this one fra AZ, build out of box, ok kit had some resin parts that did not fit well, brush painted witm Modelmaster paint, clear/mat lacquer with airbrush, decals from kit. Photo dok. from internet. Cheers Jes
  16. Hi all! As a break from cramming detail into Matchbox biplanes, I embarked on one of my Telford buys, the AZ Chipmunk - on the suggestion that I needed a bit of a rest and a mojo restorer! It's quite a nice kit, with very delicate surface detail and a well-detailed interior. It's rather lacking in some of the finer details however- I added tie-down rings, actuator jacks for the flaps, pitot probe, catches for the sliding portion of the canopy, two blade aerials, a scoop on the cowling, the little strakes on the wing leading edges, brake lines, etc, plus drilling out the exhaust and all the scoops. Fit is questionable - it's been a while since I built a "proper" short-run kit and it was a bit of a shock! There's thick flash, the wing-fuselage joint needs a shim, and the cockpit won't close up unless you shave off some of the sidewall detail to admit the sides of the seats. You need to shave a goodly amount off the fuselage decking sections under the canopy Also, the tailplanes fit much better the wrong way up - I thought this was the correct way of fitting them until I noticed that the elevator trim tab was on the wrong side! Nothing a bit of filler and a rescribe couldn't fix... Decals are a right mix, on account of the kit schemes being a bit uninspiring and quite a few of the stencils being inaccurate. I raided the spares bank for an old Airfix kit sheet, which provided most of the stencils and the wing walkways (AZ provide these but they're the wrong shape and don't follow the panel lines). The markings for WP901/B of 6 Air Experience Flight (based at Abingdon in the 1970s-1980s) came from the excellent S&M "Post War Piston Trainers" sheet - although they're super thin and settle down like a dream I had to double up all the roundels in order to get them remotely opaque! The most outlandish decal source is the red First Aid cross - which is part of a 41sq insignia from the Italeri Jaguar! So a bit of a mixed bag - Not as easy to build as the Airfix, and like that kit is a bit of a blank canvas for added external details - but if you've got the skills to make it fit, it's a considerably more refined starting point, and you don't have to attack it with sandpaper to get rid of hundreds of scale fist-sized rivets!
  17. OK...to explain...I didn't read the fine print on the instructions when I thought, "I yeah...I'll do the Swedish one..." The Swedish aircraft was not the Morane 'WR'...it was the MS 3G Thulin B. I discovered this when I went to modify the wings for the WR (sawed off sections of the ribs) as instructed and then later that day noticed that the Thulin did not have the shorter wingspan. Luckily I didn't pitch out the removed sections so they have now been glued back on. Phew! I have also found some excellent photos of the real thing from a museum so I might try to replicate that...I'll post a photo or two in the chat thread. But for now... I removed the resin floats from their sprue and cleaned them up. Same with the prop, etc... Construction is basic. I have built this kit before when it was a Pflaz (Az Models also) back then...the moulds are pretty much the same. Basic Gnome-shaped motor, cockpit essentials...I may try to improve them a bit since you can see inside pretty well. I tried my hand at some rib detail...not so bad, not the best. I primed it with Humbrol Desert Sand rattle can and then airbrushed MrKit French Doped Linen on top. And as I write this I am suddenly aware that I have cleaned and painted the wrong motor! So it begins...with a sense of humour and some humility...as it should. --JDCM
  18. Two of the just released AZ Models Chipmunks arrived from Mr H in Lowestoft yesterday. I have been thinking of what to build for this GB and this little treat of an aeroplane is a goood start. Although a De Havilland Canada design, the majority of Chipmunks were built in the U.K. by De Havilland first at Hatfield and then at Broughton. So this should be OK for this GB. I will complete it as one of the Navy T10s. The Fleet Air Arm received a number from the RAF and indeed still have some in flying condition for the Royal Navy Historical Flight. I'm not 100% sure which aircraft it will be but I'll work on that. Anyway here's the box and sprue shots. Not a lot of it and a tiny little thing. But the detail is a lot better than the old Airfix kit and no Rosie the Riveter! Unfortunately none of the options are for a FAA aircraft or even one that got transferred.
  19. CamberrySauce

    AZ Models Decal Quality

    Hi all, I was considering buying an AZ Models Spitfire MK VIII because of the SEAC markings that are provided, I am just wondering if someone could tell me about the quality of these decals Thanks in advance, Cam
  20. Many moons ago I kind of started on this kit, I got a far as gluing the bulkheads to the floor, dry fitting the parts and tried to figure out how to position the gunner's tunnel where it made sense - gave up on that idea and quietly put it back in the box and placed a few more models on top of it hoping I'd forget about it and my kids could dispose of it after I was long gone. Well, the bug has bit to finish up those models that were never finished. I struggled with the fuselage trying to get the length of it not to look like a worm, as this one had a tendency to want to curve sideways. So after fighting this issue for 10-12 minutes I decided to glue it up as true as I could sighting down the spine. I'll then then add the extra bracing details in the interior. The tunnel was both glued with Tamiya glue and acc'd in place and then liberal amounts of Tamiya putty was used to blend it into the side walls and bottom of the fuselage. I don't remember building a kit with this much putty being used in the first hour nor having to use every clamp I have available and wishing I had more. Anyway we are off and running.
  21. I will join this GB if I may with an AZ Models P-51B in Foreign Service. Its a limited run kit with the usual issues which probably means I am going to make a bit of a mess of it ;-) The kit: http:// http:// All three options look very colourful but I am thinking of going for the Swedish ex 356th FG plane. I have always have a soft spot for Swedish markings. Doing a bit of research I came across the following webpage which sets out the background to Swedish Mustangs much better that I could. NB the first picture is of the plane I am going to build but appears to be before it was repainted. If anyone has more info please shout. http://mustang.gaetanmarie.com/articles/sweden/sweden.htm All comments much appreciated. Dave
  22. Ok folks there's hopefully something for everyone in stock today! Some of this was due in on Wednesday but Parcelforce were more like Parcelfarce and didn't deliver it until today. We've got the new Eduard kits in stock, including the 1/48 Bf109F Royal Class for under £60! We've also got the 1/72 Sikorsky JRS-1 Ltd Ed kit, Spitfire F Mk IXc Profipack and Fw190A-5 'Light' Fighter Weekend edition, all at good prices. We've got the new AZ Models 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf109H kits in stock, along with the Martin Baker MB5 + Hampden kits. We've finally got hold of the Airfix Victor for a discounted price and the new Sword Harriers are back in stock too. Fresh bargains (1/3 off RRP or more) include Eduard's 1/48 Gladiator and Skyhawk Ltd Ed kits and also the Bf109G-5 and Airco DH-2 Profipacks, plus the Hellcat Nightfighter weekend kit. Bargain Eduard 1/72 kits include the Hellcat Mk I and Hellcat Nightfighter and we've reduced the Bf110C weekend to a mere £6! Lastly, we've got another Hobby Boss 1/48 MiG-31 in stock for over 40% off RRP! First come first served on everything! thanks Mike
  23. Hi guys, Well I've struggled with my mojo over the summer thanks in no small part to an SR-71 build thats stalled but I think its time to get back on the horse and I can think of no better way than with one of AZs lovely little Cobra kits. This time I have the Murder Inc boxing of the kit: I do like these AZ kits I have to say, I will be building this using Eduards lovely little etch set for this kit, you will also notice below there is a Pavla canopy in the image, not sure if I am going to use it yet as the standard one is actually looking in pretty good nick truth be told and I don't have that much time to get this build over the line. I was hoping to have got started on this yesterday but a combination of a cat induced lack of sleep and a PH crash in my marine tank meant I lost most of yesterday, I haven't really done much with etch before so this will be my first real go at it, so I spent what little time I did get going over the instruction sheet for that. I will start cutting sprue after work tonight though and hopefully be able to post some real progress! Cheers Mark
  24. Based roughly on the Me 262 and using engines based on the BMW 003 the Kikka made one flight in 1945 but the length of the take-off run caused concern so for the second flight booster rockets were fitted. Unfortunately these were mounted below the fuselage so when lit they caused the a/c to rotate and the tail to drag on the runway and presumably in a high drag situation making take-off impossible. The a/c was badly damaged and could not be repaired before the war ended. One Kikka still exists in the USA A fairly typical short run kit in that some cleaning up of the parts is required. The only tricky bit a found was installing the 'bullets' in the engine nacelles - which I didn't do terribly well. I saw a revue of the original issue in a model mag a while ago and it mentioned using PE. None of this was present in the current issue. It also mentioned the lack of support for the nose gear - there is a gear bay in the current issue so there is no trouble there. There is some confusion about the decals on the upper wing surface. The diagram shows them as red with a white surround but the numbers on the decal sheet suggest red only. There are two colour schemes given. One orange all over and one with camouflage. Talking to the Japanese a/c Sig it was suggested that it should have been orange in accordance with Japanese practice but probably prudence resulted in it being camouflaged. The only pictures I have seen are of it in camouflage. John
  25. This is my stab at AZ Models excellent little Bf 109 G-2 in late war Romanian guise. It depicts a machine post Romania joining the Allies in 1945, and built for the Great Patriotic War GB. The kit is very nice, with excellent detail straight out of the box, while requiring a little more care than a mainstream kit. The instructions are a little vague in places, particularly with regard things like wheels and aerial masts which varies between early and late model G-2s, so apologies if mine aren't quite right. I won't tell if you won't. Paints are my usual mix of Gunze & Tamiya acrylics, thinned with cellulose thinners,xand applied with my trusty Badger 100S. Thanks for looking. Karl