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Found 8 results

  1. This is my Sword 1/72 TBM-3W Avenger. The TBM-3W was developed as the first US Navy Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft during the latter part of WW II under Project Cadillac (named after the mountain in Maine where tests were performed, not the car). While the TBM proved a little cramped for the AEW task and was superseded by variants of the Douglas AD Skyraider in that role, when teamed up with a TBM-3S it served as part of a hunter/killer team in the Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) role for several years until replaced by the AF-2W/S. While certainly not Hasegawa this Sword kit proved to be a very pleasant build with only the wing to fuselage connection proving problematic. The slots in the fuselage for the wing tabs were a bit undersized and needed some filing and then the joint needed filling, but that is par for the course from these smaller manufacturers. The only other issue was that the otherwise excellent decals wanted to stick for dear life to the first location they were placed. I found that I could work a wet brush under them and once loosened they could be repositioned. But this also had a tendency to make the roll up into a unusable ball. Luckily I had a second set handy and it all turned out in the end. In my net searches I came across this picture of the aircraft that the decals were for So we can see how close I came. I am looking forward to Sword's upcoming release of the TBM-3S2 to build the killer half of this pair but until them next up will be the Octopus/Pavla F7F-3N Enjoy
  2. This is my Ace 1/72 Grumman AF-2W. The AF-2W worked in the ASW role with the AF-2S in hunter (-2W) killer (-2S) pairs. Ace makes kits of both the -2W and -2S and I build the -2S back in 2014. The Ace kits are limited production plastic kits and are heir to all of the faults of limited production kits so, I won't belabor them. In addition to the plastic it comes with a PE sheet for the cockpit and other area. The decals were very thin and once placed were very hard, if not impossible to move. Despite its faults it took 15 days from start to finish and make an impressive model almost as large as the S2F which replaced it. So here it is. Here it is with its stable mate Continuing with with my blue models with big antennas next up will be the Sword TBM-3W. Enjoy.
  3. This is my 1/72 Gyrodyne QH-50C DASH (Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter) 3D printed by Shapways. My understanding is that these were used as anti-submarine homing torpedo delivery devices for ships had sonar and other submarine sensors but that were too small to carry a full size helicopter such as a SH-3 Sea King. As anyone that has tried to fly an RC helicopter can attest they were very hard to fly, especially with 1960's technology, so they were somewhat dangerous and accident prone and were eventually replaced by SH-2 Seasprites. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyrodyne_QH-50_DASH for more information. It comes from Shapeways as a 3d printed block: with an instruction sheet The block also has a template for the wire used for struts, and the landing gear You just need to supply the .02 wire, .01 wire and decals. I could not find any suitable .01 wire so I either left it out or used the .02 wire. Once separated from the block you have the following parts Because of the way the 3D printing process works all of the hole for the wires are "printed" into the pieces and just need to be cleaned out of the printing powder with a small drill bit. Also because of the printing process the parts have some striations and are little grainy. After printing they tumble them to clean and polish them smooth but this doesn't get into all the nooks and crannies of the block so some clean up is required. Because of this I used Eduard Brassin Mk. 44 torpedoes rather end the one supplied. Assembly was straight forward. I used CAA glue and epoxy. And hear is the results. Here it is between an SH-3 and SH-2 for size comparison Next up is the Olimp/ProResin Edo OSE-1 floatplane. Enjoy
  4. This is my Italeri Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat. Italeri is not my favorite model company but, in this case the kit had no major issues and went together in 10 days start to finish. The only issue I did have was that I was not able to completely seal the interior from paint dust infiltration so the cockpit ended up pretty dusty. I was able to partial fix this by using my compressor hose to blow it out, but there is still quite a bit of dust. I have to get one of those compressed air cans used to blow out dust from inside computers and see if it improves things. I also used the Eduard interior and Printscale decals. My last couple of uses with Printscale decals have been problematic with any attempt to position them causing the decal to just roll up into a useless ball but, this set, with care, worked out pretty well I almost lost one decal that way but was able to recover it. The torpedoes are Eduard Mk 44s which I think would be correct. So here it is: Next up is the Anigrand Bell HSL-1. Enjoy
  5. I was going to build the Italeri HSS-1 next, but I realized I had not purchased the after market accessories that I wanted for it, so I ordered them and built the Cyber-hobby (Dragon) Sikorsky SH-3D Sea King kit instead. This kit seems closer to a 3A to me with the short horizontal stabilizer and some other features, but it comes with a lot of extra parts so probably several versions could be built. It also gives you the option to display the rotor either open or folded, so I went with the folded version to save space and I never did them before. You get 3 decal options implemented with Cartograf decals that worked excellently with no silvering. Fit was very good and the transparencies were very clear and distortion free. I also used the Eduard interior. The only comment I would make on the decals was they are very tightly packed on the sheet, making cutting out individual ones difficult. They also tended to want to stick to the first position they were placed, but would be coaxed to move with some pursuance. The torpedoes did not come with the kit and are from my spares. So, here it is. Note I noticed while posting the pictures that I forgot to remove the masking from the front landing lights, but I just went and fixed that. Next up will be the Italeri HSS-2 Seabat, and I really mean it this time. Enjoy
  6. Continuing my series of ASW helicopters this is my build of the Fujimi/Testor's kit of the Sikorsky SH-3H Sea King. The kit is an early 80s molding from Fujimi and is a bit crude by today's standard, about on par with Hasegawa kits of that era. This was pretty much OOB with the exception of a set of Microsacle 72-390 decals. The kit decals were nice but, were pretty old and had gone "stale". The Microscale decals were excellent with no silvering. There is an Eduard interior set (72256), but it is impossible to find, even on Ebay. On the whole a pleasant 17 day build. So on to the pictures; Next up is an MH-60R StrikeHawk using the Hobby Boss SH-60B kit and the Olimp conversion set. Enjoy
  7. Here's my entry, the new Airfix B-25D out of the box with kit markings: It looks like a really great kit, and I'm definitely looking forward to getting started on it...
  8. Hi guys, I thought there might be some among you that have an interest in the Alizé. If so, just be advised that Christophe Touzet have launched a subscription for the third edition of his book, the only monography concerning the Alizé. If you're interested yet have difficulties with ordering (the site's in French), just let me know, I might be able to wait.
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