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Found 2,807 results

  1. "Valiant and Brave" -SAR Sea King HAR3A (1:72 Airfix) Hi everyone, I hope you're all keeping safe and well. Well, my final exams are all done now, so back to the bench I go while I nervously await the results! This kit was given to me many months ago by a close friend at university, and I wanted to save it until I had the time to have a good crack at it. On with the build! Kit: Airfix 1:72 Sea King HAR.3/Mk.43 Paints: Vallejo, as always, along with (for the first time) a dash of Tamiya clear green to tint the upper canopy (I think it's worked well?) Decals: Mainly kit decals, along with some from the Xtradecal RAF Anniversary Update 2011/12 set *Disclaimer: The decals used represent a bit of a hodgepodge of various markings that the aircraft carried, and are not 100% accurate Scratchbuilt: The sensor pod under the port "stub" is entirely scratchbuilt, the aircraft instrument panel was scratchbuilt (not that's it's particularly visible), the riveting is all done by hand, and there's a full interior (it's just a shame I couldn't get the lighting/focus right to photograph it!). The filter "box" in front of the intakes is also heavily adapted from what came with the kit- I had some photoetch grill sections lying around, so I used those. I scratched some of the main rotor mechanisms and added the "whisker" aerials with thin wire. Well, there we are. I'm quite happy with the result, and I'm certainly tempted to have another shot at this wonderful kit from Airfix in the near future. Thanks for having a look! Best wishes, Sam
  2. Hello BM's! A while ago, 2016, I built an Airfix Hawker Typhoon in 1/72 scale and attempted some 'chipping' using maskol and not a lot of common sense as to how it might look! I had some constructive feedback on the forum after sharing the result and retired to the Typhoon to the back of the man cave as a lesson learned. Anyway, whilst creating some room for my latest models, I decided I would either improve the paint job or throw it out, now I have learnt newer techniques and generally improved with the hobby. Anyway, after some close calls with peeling paint and cock ups with the airbrush, here we are: And this is what it looked like before: I am happy with it, there are still some little problems here and there but it now looks a bit more authentic, after studying some colour photos from the period. I achieved most of the 'new' chipping and subtle changes in colour on the panels with a hairy stick, some buffing to remove brush strokes, washes and a good matt coat. Here's some pictures and a couple of the original. As ever, would appreciate any feedback - looks better, right?! Cheers all! Oh and the nav light colours are the correct way round this time
  3. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/72 Airfix Lancaster B.III Special of 617 Squadron 'The Dambusters'. ED932, AJ-G, was the mount of Wing Commander Guy Gibson, VC, DSO & Bar, DFC & Bar for Operation Chastise on the night of 16/17th May 1943. Extras used included an AML camouflage mask along with an Eduard canopy mask and interior etch set. Paints are a mixture of MRP and Tamiya. This kit proved to be a bit of nightmare for me, with numerous things going wrong. Despite that, I'm happy with how it turned out. The build thread is here Beside the Tallboy armed Hasegawa kit: Thanks for looking. Dave
  4. I'm slowly moving back through the years. This is a kit I first built in the summer of 1982 (memories of the World Cup in Spain!), doubtless with the proceeds of my first summer job. The Airfix DHC Beaver was another kit I clearly remember from that time. Both kits have been favourites of mine ever since, but I've not yet managed to get another kit of the Beaver. I picked up the Skyray again second-hand in 2015, and have been waiting ever since for a good time to build it. This kit must have been bought c. 1976/1977, as it has "new" on the box cover: The Skyray was first issued in 1976 1977. The kit I built in 1982 had modified artwork, and I suspect was in a slightly larger box. It's not included on Scalemates, but it did exist! Here's my own scan of that - spot all the differences: The box contents appear identical, save that the original issue kit includes a stand. I will be building this kit "wheels up", because (a) the kit supports this option, and (b) it supports - and includes - a stand. I have two of the excellent Tamiya kit, but that can only be built "wheels down" out of the box. I'll probably go with the USMC subject on the cover. And I'll be using the pilot. No painting instructions are included for the pilot figure, but that's easy to figure out. I should get started this evening. The long-term weather forecast for this week is very good, so I may not be going at full tilt on this. On the other hand, it's a very well engineered kit, so assembly should be relatively straightforward.
  5. My next build is Airfix's 1:72 Bristol Beaufighter TF. 10. I have had it in my stash a while, and have always loved the look of this aircraft, and can't wait to start building her. So lets have a look at the box. The artwork as usual is ace, and depicts the aircraft in the colour scheme i plan to build her in. The box contains a detailed instruction booklet, small decal sheet and clear sprue. There are 5 grey sprues, all with little to no flash and lots of detailing. Looks like it will be a nice clean kit to build. I am planning on building it straight from the box, using Vallejo model air acrylics in place of the suggested Humbrol. I also intene to use some resin wheels i picked up at a model show a while back. I am building her in the colours of No. 45 Squadron, "Operation Firedog", RAF Kuala Lumpur 1949. Here's hoping I can do the aircraft the Japanese called 'Whispering Death' justice. So far I have cleaned off the sprues in soapy water, and given the cockpit parts a blast of Vallejo primer. Here we go....
  6. Hi all, I've finally got around to starting my 1/72 Lancaster B.VII, to be finished as NX611. I've used the Eduard B.III (S) interior set for this kit, which, although not entirely authentic for a B.VII, has all of the important bits. The biggest visual discrepancy using the Eduard set is that of the starboard handrail, which is simply a less complex design than that in '611. The aircraft will be built in the condition as shown in my illustration. The fuselage has not been 'buttoned up' yet, in case anyone notices any glaring irregularities before I close her up. The B.III (S) mid-upper blanking plate is being fitted and the new mid-upper turret opening will be cut once the fuselage is closed. The aircraft will be brush painted, as with my B.III (S) ED825/G. The landing gear will be down, but I am yet to decide if the bomb bay doors will be open or closed. The interior has been an interesting first proper foray into building etched details.
  7. I first built this back in 1983. Here is the original packaging, as I scanned it in many years later: I have the early 1990s series 2 boxing in the stash, but I can't get to it just now. What I do have is the Starter Kit edition from about 2010: Not shown, I also have an aftermarket set of decals for an "Operation Musketeer" aircraft ... and two suitably sized sets of Indian Navy roundels, both leftovers from built Sea Harrier kits (Italeri/ex-Esci, and Matchbox). However, going down either of these routes might open up a can of worms about stores, version specifics, etc. So the easy option would be to build either of the Starter Kit options, preferably the aircraft preserved at Yeovilton (... but not sadly flying at present).
  8. Hi all and what a great idea for a Group Build! Like so many of us, Airfix and Matchbox kits (and the odd Esci) in the 70s & early 80s were my gateway to the hobby. Built with great enthusiasm at the kitchen table, my choice of kits were inspired by the comics I read and the movies I watched. I also remember 'The World At War' TV documentary, I think on Sunday afternoons. It was probably the first time I saw real footage of WW2 and especially film of the war in the air. So this will be my build, bought on auction a few years back in a moment of mad-nostalgia for those model-building weekend adventures of my youth. Looks like everything is in there.. In all it's rivet-glory. I can't wait to get started. Thanks for looking and enjoy your builds. Dermot
  9. Hello all! I'll be doing the superhero option starting tomorrow. As usual, I'll be using my geographic location to get a head start, it's Satuday in just 4 hours here in Melbourne. This time, I've got my hands on the Airfix 1:72 Gnat: I'll be building the scheme on the box-top. At some point I may have to build this thing again in the Hot Shots colours, but not this time, I've just restocked my red and white paints and its been a while since I built something colourful. I'll also be joined by @emily who somehow has let me drag here into another one of these things. Her kit came with 2 in the box....and they're similar colours to the gnat.....and small..... This may turn into a double-blitzbuild!
  10. Airfix's 1/72 Douglas Dakota III out of the box, with the exception of Xtradecals for the RAF D Day version. Bought second hand online and missing some of the antenna and stencils, but hopefully got these on order from Airfix spares.... Nice kit with good detail. Only real problems were self inflicted with the fit (little tolerance) and also tearing some airframe specific decals on the invasion stripes (last time I paint those...)
  11. Ready for your inspection is my 1:72 Airfix Bristol Beaufighter TF. 10. It is built as it comes from the box, with the exception of Vallejo acrylics in the place of Humbrol, and resin wheels I purchased from a model show. It was a pretty straight forward build, no real surprises, no flash and a nice amount of detailing. As usual with my builds, I preshaded the panel lines before applying the top coat, and added some light shading patches after I was happy with the top coats. I'm really happy with the finished piece amd hope I've done the aircraft justice. Thanks for looking.
  12. Just finished this old girl for the 'A kit you built as a kid' Group Build here. If you haven't seen it, it's a great plastic-filled nostalgia trip of kits we built when we were younger. Along with Spitfires, Hurricanes & 109s (and the odd bomber), the Hellcat was one of those kits I slapped together at the kitchen table many years ago. If you're interested, the build thread is here but to recap: Kit: Airfix 02023 1/72 Grumman Hellcat F6F-3. First release 1967, this is the 1995 boxing Build: Mostly OOB with tape for seatbelts and some plastic boxes in the cockpit. Sanded down all the rivets! Paint: Revell Acrylics with airbrush. Klear, Flory Models Wash. 4B pencil and pastels. W&N Matt Varnish Decals: From the kit, all seven of them! Marking are for Lt James Flatley, Commander Air Group (CAG) of Air Group 5 USS Yorktown, August 1943. Yes, the gun barrels are missing and hopefully to be replaced with some Albion Alloy this week. The weathering is probably not to everyone's tastes but I wanted to try out a heavily-weathered Pacific veteran. I'm happy how the weathering worked and like how the three colour scheme blended together. Airfix Hellcat_fuselage_10 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Airfix Hellcat_fuselage_12 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Airfix Hellcat_fuselage_13 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Airfix Hellcat_fuselage_11 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Airfix Hellcat_fuselage_14 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr While building this, I found out the '00' markings started in WW2 for the CAG bird on a carrier and that the tradition continues to today. So had a bit of fun and photographed it with an F-14D 'Bullet 100' of VF-2 (Revell kit). Grumman Fighters by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking, keep building models and stay safe. Cheers, Dermot
  13. When people ask me what my favourite Spitfire version is, I usually reply something along the lines of "whichever one I've built a model of most recently". I do have a particular fondness for the late-model Griffon Spits, though, so this GB seems like a good opportunity to bring out my Grand Phoenix "Ultimate Seafire" - which as I'm sure everyone here knows, is a reboxing of the well-regarded Airfix kit with extra resin, etch and decals. I must confess to being slightly apprehensive about doing this one in public, so to speak, especially as it's been a while since I did anything with so much aftermarket gubbins. A couple of shots of box and bits to start with. I was lucky enough to get this kit for a good price on ebay a few years ago. It does look like an awful lot of plastic, resin and metal! I just hope all the bits are there. Oh well, here we go...
  14. Hello, and welcome to my first WIP on Britmodeller! No exotic plastic here I'm afraid, just the newish Airfix 1/72 Hurricane which I'm sure is familiar to most readers. The obligatory box and sprue shot: This was an impulse buy. I saw it sitting on the shelf of my LMS, thought "I fancy making a Hurricane with a two bladed prop", and picked it up. Naturally, it turned out that this was not a boxing which included the two bladed prop option (I could maybe have guessed this from the box art) and that furthermore that I already had these exact same sprues in the form of a starter set I picked up a while ago but what the heck, I can learn from the mistakes I make building this one and make a proper job of the starter set. I'm not the sort to lie awake at night worrying about misplaced rivets (I have plenty of other stuff to worry about) so my intention was to build this totally OOB ignoring the myriad faults that make this kit practically unbuildable such as mis-sized main wheels with the wrong number of spokes, missing metal panels behind the gun access hatches, trailing edges a scale 7ft thick and incorrect framing on the cockpit canopy. My only aims were the usual ones of getting engrossed for a few hours in creating something, and producing a finished model which would not be mistaken for the work of an unusually clumsy 5 year old. Alas for my intentions! Britmodeller contains much dangerously seductive information and having read somewhere that adding photo-etch harnesses to a cockpit would increase its attractiveness by at least 1000% (I may be paraphrasing slightly), I resolved to give this a try. With the etch ordered, the first task on hand was to open up the holes in the seat and back armour to allow the harnesses to pass through: This was accomplished without destroying the parts being worked on or running the drill into my finger. This is going well! More soon. Craig.
  15. So if you managed to join me over in my post for the SB 2M, I told you that I had also completed a Hawker Hurricane and would be completing a separate build thread - so here goes. As the title suggests, I decided to go a bit off piste with the Hurricane and rather than build as the usual RAF machine, decided to mix things up a bit and go for the Belgian scheme within the box. I'm really glad I did as the all silver underside and the black, yellow and red of the Belgian Air Force roundels really makes it pop. This is the Mk 1 (2 bladed prop) boxing of the Airfix Hurricane and unlike some of the trials and tribulations I had with the SB 2M Bomber, I can happily say that this was a joy to put together with no fit issues and probably the most solid undercarriage of any aircraft kit I've ever built. Build is OOB with the addition of seat belts, wing tip lights and aerial wire just to add an extra few realistic touches. Painted with Tamiya for the RAF Dark Green and Mr Hobby Aqueous for the Dark Earth with the usual pin wash and pigments etc to add some weathering to blend everything together. Again photo heavy - sorry - can never decide what to leave in and what to take out!! Hope you enjoy and feefback is always appreciated from BM's modelling greats. Thanks Kris
  16. As the title alludes to the limited number built, my offering for this GB is the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire XII. It seems this mark is a favourite of many of you out there in BM World, so I hope I can do her some justice. Now I've not finished a kit since New Year's Eve, but that doesn't mean I have been away from the workbench. I have had trials and tribulations with a few kits that have had the unfortunate pleasure of crossing my path lately. I was working on a 1/48 Lightning F6 that I was hoping to build as a "wooooooooo shiny" NMF 74 Sqn Tengah version but I foolishly used Vallejo Metallics for the airframe and it looked like a bag of nails. I therefore bit the bullet and tried to strip it back to bare plastic which was a real trial by itself, that in the process melted the cockpit and undercarriage bay resin that I had painstakingly added. This led to the mojo taking a good shoeing!! I set the Frightning aside and thought, "how about a lovely simple build, what about a Trumpeter Vampire?" Well that was all a good idea until I fell upon @Jon Kunac-Tabinor's build which showed what a PoS that kit was and although I only followed 80-90% of Jon's refinements it could hardly be described as a nice easy build. This has been progressed to the stickering stage which as the mojo was still on the lowish side got set aside and the Frightning picked up again. New undercarriage and cockpit were fitted to the already complete but now fully stripped back airframe, and trust me this is not the order you want to be constructing this in!!! To add to the woes the paint stripper used (BioStrip 20) whilst it was effective in stripping everything back, made the kit plastic very brittle so flaps and trailing edges cracked and shattered and had to be rebuilt using gloop and PPP. OK, a weaker person may have buckled and hurled this pig of an abomination squarely at the nearest wall, but I'm stubborn (not always in the good way!) and wasn't prepared to lose out to an inanimate object!!! I think I have done a passable job of the repairs (bar one tiny crack in the port wing trailing edge), and this too is stalled at the stickering stage. This is a quick insight as to where they stand: So here I stand, pretty much fed up to the back teeth with kits that fight back so really really need a good palate cleanser, a sorbet to refresh between such overpowering courses, a kit that will build up well OOB (less seatbelts and stickers), so here I present my entry into this GB. Some sprue shots to keep us legal and decent....... Well not quite 100% legal and decent as I had also managed to pick up an unboxed version of this kit with no instructions or decals, Airfix Overtrees if you like, that may or may not get built alongside this kit. My thinking is that the early XII's that were based on Mk.V airframes subtly differ from the later Mk.VIII based ones so once I select some not in the box markings options (Squadrons! No.5 is winging it's way to me from La Belle France as I type to help me choose), I may be drawn into building one of each. This is the unboxed plastic, which seems to be of a slightly different consistency and colour to the one in the box. I've nipped the cockpit parts off the runners, knocked up a couple of sub-assemblies, primed the propeller and spinner which I'll photograph later as the battery on my DSLR has given up the ghost! I did managed to get a shot of the hollowing out of the exhaust stacks before it bought the farm. Comparison shot of the first side done vs the kit parts. Two holes drilled in each stack and then joined by a sharp 10A SM scalpel. A dab of Tet was dolloped in to clean up the rough edges. 5 minutes charging gave us enough juice to upload these pics to the PC/Flikr but I'll leave it on an overnight charge so I won't have to worry about it for the rest of the build. Anyways so far so good. No meltdowns (physical or mental) like the previous builds so far is a good sign I'm sure. Best wishes to all you out there in Lockdown; stay safe and stay well. Speak soon, Chris
  17. Here's another build I did over on the 'In the Navy' GB, an Airfix new tool Swordfish. Build thread is here; A straight forward build, had to lengthen the Pavla Radome a bit but apart form that just the rigging was tricky with my fumbling fingers! The extended exhaust, bigger oil cooler and wing aerials are from the Pavla set which also includes the cockpit hood and seating for the |Mk III. This is a machine featured in Xtradecal sheet X72144, all Swordfish aircraft. Apparently this is a Mk II airframe brought up to Mk III standard but retained the standard cockpit and 3-man crew, so I used a fair bit of modellers licence as to where to put the radar gear, eventually deciding to install it under the pilot. The observers scope can be seen under the coming behind the pilot in one of the shots. Paints were the usual Vallejo ModelAir with Vallejo and Galeria Varnishes. Uschi thread for the rigging. Weathering kept to a minimum, just a bit of dry-brushing to bring out some detail. Comments and critism welcome. Davey.
  18. So this will hopefully be my second entry in this GB Being lazy the following is largely a copy of what I said in my MC 200 entry so if you have read that you may wish to skip this with the possible exception of the 2nd paragraph! As a teenager in the 1960's it took a while before I became aquainted with Italian aircraft from WWII. In fact I think it is true to say I had no knowledge at all until I started buying the fighter volumes 1-4 from William Green's series "Warplanes" published by Macdonalds starting in 1963 with Vol 3 Japan and Russia. Coincidentally I saw and bought the Frog MC 202 Folgore the same year, closely followed by Revell's Fiat CR 42 in 1965. The MC 200 from Revell and the Fiat G 50 from Airfix arrived I think in 1967, and I still have both somewhere in my roof space. This particular kit is a more recent boxing from around 1990 bought a few years back and I will build it over the next few weeks. It is as I recall a nice little kit though I seem to remember the fit of the wings was somewhat poor and I am not entirely convinced by the totally flat fuselage underside. The cockpit is non - existent as usual with kits of this age, but as with the MC 200 there is only a tiny opening so it will not be visible. I will box in the wheel wells and might do a modest amount on the cockpit but otherwise it will be OOB, and a fairly quick build. I do have some resin wheels and will spend a bit of time on the exterior finish which was pretty rushed on my original build. I now have access to rather more info so it should look a bit better. Like the Japanese, the Italians in the 1930's were used to light open cockpit biplanes such as the Fiat CR32 and were reluctant to move to closed cockpit monoplanes with reduced manoeuvrability. Add to that the problems the Italian Aero Engine industry had producing high powered engines (usually radials) and at the start of the war the Italian Airforce was still basically equipped with CR42 biplanes together with a few of the earlier CR 32, though the MC 200 and G 50 were steadily taking their place. With speeds in the region of 300 mph and light armament of only 2 Mg in the cowling, they were already obsolescent and only their manoeuvrability kept them just about viable. Later, both types would benefit from imported/licence built German inline engines which made them far more of a threat. Italian aircraft and pilots have received a bad press or been ignored but in truth they were generally as brave and skillfull as any allied pilots, let down by a underdeveloped aircraft industry and poor political management. Not sure exactly when I will start this but I should be able to slot it in whilst waiting for glue/paint/decals to dry on some of my other builds. More as and when. Pete
  19. My take on the Airfix Heinkel He-111 H6, lovely kit - goes together well, except the side windows seemed oversize and the fit was very tight.. Out of the box with the exception of an Eduard Mask and QuickBoost German gun barrels. Few mistakes along the way, mainly forgetting to paint the insides of the side windows and some glue stains on the canopy. The top gun canopy has now been corrected as it's reversed in the images.
  20. I cannot ever recall having built a Spit....in this forum that statement may be akin to admitting something really really bad. I am sure I did 40 years ago but somehow I can't remember. That said I seem to have 4 kits in the stash so I am going to try and build at least one if not more for this GB. First up the Airfix Mk.i tool from a few years ago. Not sure which scheme I will go for probably the No.602 Squadron scheme from the box art. Thanks for looking. Cheers Dave
  21. Not content with having the B58 and TSR2 on the go together I've got some spare drawers in my modelling desk and I have been waiting to build Airfix's GR7/9 kit for a while and while I was ordering the weapons set for the B58 I found the Hasegawa AV8B Plus II kit so that was ordered as well. This should be an OOB for both so I can compare the 2, Hasegawa's is from 2001 and the Airfix kit from 2011. So onto the kits, Airfix first. And the Hasegawa kit Initial impressions are good, the Airfix kit is the usual light grey plastic with slightly heavy panel lines and the Hasegawa has it usual shiny harder plastic with finer panel lines, the newer Airfix kit has multiple LERX parts, better decals and weapons, the Hasegawa kit has only one LERX option and one pair of AIM9's with fuel tanks. I hope to start cutting plastic this week.
  22. This will be my effort in this GB. Since the great Botophucket debacle of 19Oatcake I have been without a photo host and haven't really contributed much in terms of WiPs or GB participation, but having already started one of these kits and enjoyed it immensely, I have decided this GB is the perfect excuse to change all that. I will be doing an RAF example from 237 OCU, specifically XN977 and finished in matt Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey/Light Aircraft Grey with red/blue roundels and will be using the new Freightdog resin bomb bay insert specifically produced for this kit. Decals will be a combo of kit and generic sheets of roundels and serials etc with a smattering of Xtradecal/Modeldecal/Model Alliance thrown in for good measure. The kit, not the first one on here and one I'm sure we're all familiar with by now! And a selection of reading material. The images on which I've based this build on are not my copyright, so can't share them here but I've garnered plenty of details from them for this project. It will be a week or two before I get into this properly, so will be a bit quiet until then. Mark.
  23. My next build is Airfix's 1:72 Handley Page Victor B.Mk.2 (my Christmas Present). Although my favourite aircraft to build are from WW2 era, my passion for real military aircraft comes from the 3 aircraft that made up our fabulous V Bombers. Of the 3 the Vulcan is my ultimate favourite, but the Victor, with its space age, almost alian loom is a close second. I plan to build the kit as it comes out of the box, using Vallejo acrylics in place of the suggested Humbrol. I am building her in the colours of 139 Squadron, Royal Air Force Wittering in the iconic anti flash white. Now down to business, the box is extremely large with beautiful box art. It contains a very detailed instruction booklet, colour and decal chart and a selection of decals. There are 10 very detailed sprues with no flash, and a small clear sprue. I am really looking forward to building this beast and hope i do her justice.
  24. Like many of us, I'm sure, I find it helpful to have more than one project on the go at a time so that while waiting for glue to set, paint to dry or enthusiasm to rekindle on one project, you can do some work on another. My Hurricane build is proceeding apace but having finished up a couple of long-term projects which will be appearing in the RFI section as soon as I can figure out how best to photograph them while disguising their manifest failings, I was in the mood to start something new. Scanning my mini-stash, my eyes fell upon this: I should make it clear that I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the Airfix Modellers Club but Wonderland, one of my local model shops, seems to have acquired a truck-load of these at some point. I bought this particular example at the East Fortune Airshow last year. You can tell because the box is still damp. So, first decision, which marking option to make? This: or this? That night fighter looks very good, and promises an easily applied paint scheme with a highly attractive lack of masking, but in the end, and as spoiled by the title of this topic, I've always had a real fondness for the clipped cropped and clapped LF Vb (clipped because the wings were clipped to improve roll rate, cropped because the supercharger was cropped to improve low level performance and clapped because the airframes recycled to produce this mark were, erm, not in the first flush of youth) so that's what it's going to be. The mandatory sprues shot: I was going to say that this will be the first time I have strayed from the one true scale of 1/72 but actually I have a vague memory of working on a never-completed Esci 1/48 Tornado when I was but a stripling modeller. The hope is that 1/48 will prove more compatible with my generally failing faculties. Join me as I find out whether this is the case or if I should start contemplating 1/24 scale. Craig.
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