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Found 12 results

  1. I discovered The Sopranos just a few years ago and got hooked on the box set. One of the iconic features of the series is its opening title sequence, which shows Tony Soprano driving home through the suburbs of New York. At about 40 seconds in, there's a fleeting glimpse of an Amercian Airlines Boeing 727-200 climbing out of Newark Airport. Every time I see this (and it's been dozens of times), I think 'how cool' . So I've decided to make this aircraft the subject of my GB entry - built 'wheels up' of course! I'll be using a 1/200 scale Hasegawa kit. I've got several boxings in my stash, but not their American Airlines version. Separately though, I managed to get a set of AA decals and instructions via eBay. I'm really looking forward to this build, but it unfortunately it will be November before I can make a start. I'll see you then! Cheers Cliff
  2. Hi all! Now it’s been many years since I’ve modelled, I’m talking 10+ years when my grandmother was still alive, she’d often take me to model shops or I’d spend my time building old kits from her loft that my grandfather never build. As I became a teenager I stoped making models, and when my grandmother died I thought I’d never build them again. Fast forward to now, my other half gets me a 1/72 spitfire from hobbycraft and I’m back hooked. After a late night eBay mission memories came back and I find my self bidding on every old 1/144 airliner that I ever found in my grandmothers loft and built as a kid. Back story over. Now I’m older I find I’m a lot more OCD than I was as a kid, this old 727 kit from 1982 probably wasn’t the best choice to start with. A lot of filler needed and this is a new technique to building to me. First of the tail. I removed the harsh line where the engine sits, every reference picture I find seem to not have this, and most posts I read on here mention it. I filled all the windows, panel gaps I could and filed forever. This is my first experience of ever doing this as I built models as a kit they were thrown together, often never painted or painted poorly. After reading a lot on here I decided to try the decal options for the windows and doors. excuse the poor job. As I say this is the first airliner kit I’ve properly built since being a kid. Im note sure what livery to go with, I'm tempted by a BA Delftblue daybreak, as my plan is to build a lot of the old BA/BEA fleets. or an old Air Canada scheme I remember seeing once at Southend airport as a kid. I’ve seen the on the forum the Delftblue daybreak and I’m not sure if I could do it justice compared to FortyEighter’s build, that was a great read and gave a lot of tips and help. But I’ll get the primer on and decide. the tail mod wasn’t to hard, but I’m sure once the first coat of primer is on it will need more attention Im about ready for the first coat of primer, once I go over the model with a finer grain to clear some of my bodgery, once again this is a first painting properly, will start with Halfords primer then once im happy move onto appliance white (seems to be a forum favourite) then as for the rest of the paint I have no idea yet, never used an airbrush and my brush painting skills I need to get up a few more key stages :’) i am am starting to build a collection of kits so I’m sure I’ll be forever busy! Thankyou for the read and bear with me, as I say at a guess it’s probably been 10-15 years since I’ve built a 1/144 airliner and this time I plan to do it properly... ish :’)
  3. Boeing 727-200. 1:144 Airfix kit. 26Decals Iberia 'Delivery scheme' sheet. This is the venerable old Airfix kit that originally appeared as a 727-100 in the late 1960's, and the mould was modified in the early 80's to make it into the stretched -200 version. It's a bit clunky by today's standards, but can be made into an acceptable model. Some mods I made were; Cut out the cockpit area and replaced it with a Daco clear cockpit section. It makes a big difference and is well worth doing. Scratch built a basic cockpit, seats & instrument panel. Reshaped the nose, as the kit has it a bit blunt. Cut the wing fence off the trailing edge, and made new ones on the leading edge. Scribed the wings. Scraped and sanded the hard line that runs back over the fin from the top of the engine intake. Removed it and blended the area smoother. 10 minute job, but again, it makes a noticeble difference. Replaced the wheel with a set of Brengun resin ones. Paint is Halfords appliance white, Alclad, and Tamiya acrylics, all sprayed. Hope you like it! 'With something else' could only be the Iberia DC-9, also an Airfix kit with 26Decals. Some WIP photos. The cockpit area cut away: Daco glazing trial fitted Cockpit painted up, Milliput on the nose to help with reshaping. overall view. Note the 'hard line' running onto the fin from the centre engine top has not yet been scraped & sanded away. Thanks for looking, John
  4. After seeing this aircraft fly low overhead while out with the family and then again give a great display at Farnborough last year i really wanted to try and build her in plastic! Never done anything other than an OOB build before so its also a good chance to learn some new skills and most likely give myself some headaches! The Aircraft in question is the Oil Spill Response Boeing 727-2S2F G-OSRA Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Photo not taken by me but sourced online She has a couple of interesting features that i will try to capture including a spraying boom mounted beneath the engines and tanks mounted inboard which hold the oil dispersant. Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Photo not taken by me but sourced online I am using the Minicraft 727-200 F kit as the base and have also got some aftermarket Resin Wheels and Aerials (Which are not moulded into the kit) Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr I know this kit has plenty of issues but im just going to live with them for this one and not run before i can walk!Thanks to Skodadriver for some initial advice on kits!! So my first job was to mark out the location of the cargo door (which i am going to try and display open to see the tanks inside). I scaled up some photos of other 727-2S2F's and had a look at what ive got! Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr I roughly marked out the paint stipes with some masking tape just to check the rough positioning. Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr The first issue i have found with the kit as that the wings appear to be mounted about 5mm to far forward! Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Everything forward of this seems to measure up fine and also the measurements to the centre engine tally up so bit of a strange one for minicraft to get wrong! Anyway small steps for a first hour or so of the build but looking forward to it! BTW dont expect a quick build i make a snail look quick Cheers Andy
  5. Hello, My name is olli and you can read my introduction here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235014757-hi-short-introduction-of-myself/. After more than 15 jears since i finished a model, i finally got enough inspiration and encouragement to actually start a kit again ( and, if not more important, now I have a little spare time, kids are growing up...) anyway, I always liked vacforms and especially cargo planes,( not that I have managed to actually finish a vacform...) and I always loved the 727with all its cool liveries. So I purchased some modelling tools and some kits over tha ladt six months or so, and after some attempts on an Italeri ATR 42 and Airfix Vanguard I got pretty far with this one. ATR and Vanguard in the shelf again, bot not binned! Quick summing up of my work so far : Reshaped the front section with milliput, Scratched the s intake duct with milliput, will be sanded to an oval shape Started rescribing tailplane and wings Scratched fan fronts with streched sprue I have the fun of my life modelling again, more and better pics will follow soon. Not decided on the livery yet, my favorite is f-decal SABENA 727.. http://URL=http://www.pic-upload.de/view-32471519/20170111_193321.jpg.html][/URL] Hope this works and you can see the pics, Regards, Olli
  6. Hi guys, Another one has made its way onto the bench... This is going to be a long term project. Basically I can foresee this being a project which I'm going to do a bit, then wait a while for drying times, do a bit more, wait a while, do a bit more... It's also going to be my first ever airliner, so will be interesting to see what happens. Help, C&C is more than welcome I'm going to do the Alitalia version, and then the plan is to use Halfords White acrylic spray for the gloss white, Xtracolor enamels for the wing grey and Metalizers for the metal areas. I hear that acrylics over enamels is a no-no, but from what I've learned is it's because of the enamel paint outgassing and reacting with the acrylic top coat, but it's ok to do so if the enamel has totally cured. I've experimented with Tamiya over Xtracolor, and this seems to be ok if the Xtracolor is given time to totally go off, and I mean 4-6 weeks plus!! If I'm wrong, please let me know Worst case scenario, sand the wings clean and start again. I've filled the windows with milliput, I'm yet to sand down though; there are no pictures as I was covered in liquid milliput and leaving white finger printers everywhere! I'll sand off the panel lines on the fuselage and won't rescribe these. I will probably try and rescribe the wings though, as the panel lines seem to make good guides for painting and the wings seem to get a bit dirtier and therefore panel lines more visible. Basically this is all that's really happened bar the milliput... More to follow (one day, you know what my builds are like!! Sssslllloooowwwww!!) Oh, and I've also got a couple of AM bits for her: The wheels seemed a bit crude OOB so replacing them, and I've heard the metal landing gear is a worth while addition to this kit as the way the kit gear fit makes them quite week OOB. Well, speak to you all soon Val
  7. Hello all, Here is my first topic, and it is about my last model, a B727 from the new Airfix kit. I used Continental Micronesia decals. I bought them on F-dcal, and I was satisfied by the quality. I did not pay a special attention to the accuracy of the model, thus I didn't make major changes on the plastic kit (to be honest I wanted to finish it rather quickly). Yet I know some details are not reproduced (on the wings and the gears). I chose to glaze the windscreen and the windows instead of filling and adding the decals. Only I didn't use the small Airfix clear parts, but placed plastic sheet and Clearfix. Here again you will notice it's not perfect (first time I try it). Continental Micronesia was founded in 1968 (as Air Micronesia) and ceased its operations in 2010, when Continental merged with United. It used to have routes to Hawaii, Asia (mainly, if not only, Japan) , Micronesia and Australia as well as it was island hopping. The paint job is done with brush for all colors except white, which is Tamiya Gloss White. I obtain a glossier finished by spraying a grey primer (Tamiya too) instead of a white one. The paint job "pattern" on the wing is done a little bit randomly because there wasn't many pictures on the internet. I had made the 3 Pitot tubes but my little brother broke them ... I hope you will enjoy. (I will probably prepare a diorama+backround for my next models ...) Cheers, Jean
  8. I wasn't going to post this last build of 2012, I really had a hard time of masking and avoiding some paint run especially along radius line work. However, I spent a long time modifying the kit from the 200 series (longer fuselage) to the 100 series and thought i would share it anyway. This particular reg ZS-SBE was hijacked May 1972. Anyway hope you enjoy, and don't be too critical about the paint job. I am going to look into making use of masking sheet and a small vinyl cutter for intricate masking shapes.
  9. This going to be one of my entries, its an Airfix Boeing 727-100, in a -200 box... It will be in the last Dan Air livery, decals from RichW. Im making no mods, my entires are going to be straight out the box..... so this is the kit, i will post a photo of the decals when i get them.... Thanks Bradley
  10. Hi Everyone Im doing an Airfix Boeing 727-200 in Iberia Colours. Looking at photos it appears the instructions are all wrong. The instructions state the 727 have grey wings and tail plains with a grey belly. Looking at photos it appears that the aircraft in the box, EC-CFI, Has white tail planes with a bm leading edge and the belly is just white. The main wings is what i need help on. The photos i have found show the wings being white, but the front is silvery grey, can anyone confirm to me what colour that is was and if it is on the underside. Thanks Bradley
  11. Hello Everyone This is my Airfix 727-200. It was built straight from the box. The decals are a mix of 737-800 and A320 decals, i didnt have any actual Lufthansa 727 decals...... As you can see it is in the present scheme. It was the only 727 to were this livery. The tail is alot darker as well. Im using my phone and it has a very bright flash... I hope you Like it. Thanks Bradley
  12. Boeing 727-100 pics from Graeme H
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