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Found 4 results

  1. QuickBuild Flower Power Beetle (J6031) QuickBuild 'Surfin' Volkswagen Camper Van (J6032) Airfix Quickbuild Range Airfix released a new range of easy-build kits some years ago that combine the looks of a model kit with the ease of assembly of a Lego block construction toy, with large self-coloured parts and stickers that add quite a bit of realism to the finished model/toy. As well as aircraft the range includes tanks and vehicles, with re-releases in different schemes and with new stickers opening up new markets. Each kit arrives in a bright orange box with CGI artwork and a quick breakdown of parts on the rear. A small tab holds the flaps closed on the end-opening boxes, and inside you will find a single or double bag of parts in high impact plastic, the stickers for markings, and an A3 instruction sheet printed in colour on glossy paper with easy to follow steps. QuickBuild Flower Power Beetle (J6031) This gem of WWII engineering that stood the test of time, and more commonly known as the Beetle was a design classic. This big pile of 33 parts builds up into a very nice looking rendition, which you then cover in stickers unless flowers and hearts and mandalas upset you for some reason. Moulded primarily in green with sand-coloured interior, grey chassis and hubcaps, it fits together in 32 steps plus the stickers with the hubs, hub caps, tyres and clear lights arriving attached by single gates to mini-sprues. They're easy to cut or twist off and the marks are difficult to see whether you cut or twist, so don't worry yourself too much about it. The similar-looking side panels have L and R on the insides, and a few sand filler bricks fit inside the otherwise empty bonnet/hood, which even though it isn't an opening feature, still has a spare tyre moulded inside. The glazing is all together in a single part that attaches to the inside of the roof before it is fixed to the lowers. The wheels have squishy rubberised tyres that fit over the hubs, with the caps fitting by friction in much the same way as the real thing. They're free-wheeling once you've clicked them into position on the axles that are moulded into the chassis. The stickers are fun, printed on a clear sheet and pre-cut to size with a small overhang past the printed area. The instructions show you where to put them, but as it's yours you can put them anywhere you like! QuickBuild 'Surfin' Volkswagen Camper Van (J6032) This one's a rather large one with 42 parts, and comes in a slightly deeper box for that very reason. The camper van is a big vehicle, and the parts count is high as evidenced by the two pictures of parts that are below. It is moulded in black for the chassis, engine and pop-up top, orange for the lower body, cream for the upper body and roof, plus clear for all the windows and headlamp insert. There's even two of the front-mounted VW logos in case you lose one which could be harder than it sounds as they clip in really tightly. After the chassis is completed with its engine insert and pulley sticker the sides are made up with overlapping glazing panels keeping things together, and when you insert the two sides it traps the engine hatch so that it can hinge open and closed. The front and rear panels are both laminated to continue the two-tone look and then everything is locked in place by the roof with its pop-up top that turns the van into a camper van in short order. If you've ever been in one, you'll know that it's just barely a camper and even as a kid I found being inside one really cramped, especially when the doors were closed. A pair of bench seats and a steering wheel sticker finish off the inside and then it's time to make up the wheels with orange hubs, cream caps and black rubbery tyres that clip onto the axle parts. These parts are a bit of a loose fit on the chassis on my sample, so I popped a bit of superglue on the joint to avoid frustration. Again the sticker sheet contains loads of hippie-era designs that can be stuck anywhere you like, or you can follow the instructions…. On the instructions, man! Review sample courtesy of
  2. Hands up if you watched Only Fools and Horses, looked at the Trottermobile and thought "i want one". Well Mr Scammell thought the same...he was just a little early that's all... The Scammell Scarab is a British 3-wheeled tractor unit produced by the truck manufacturer Scammell between 1948 and 1967. Its name is commonly believed to be derived from the rounded bonnet that resembled the elytra (wing covers) of a Scarab beetle, but the name really comes from a more conventional source, Scammell's idea of the combination of an Arab horse...and the word Scammell. Sca-rab = Scarab...It was extremely popular with British Railways and other companies which made deliveries within built-up areas. The Ministry of Defence also used the Scarab and trailers for predominantly internal transport on large military bases... And it's the last sentence that allows me to contemplate a less than commonly seen Service Garb for an already less than commonly seen kit. :) Roll on the Dapol (ex-Airfix) HO/OO Scammell Scarab...
  3. Just been trying to fill in time on shift and came up with an interesting idea for another group build…….though resin one has to be first. During the Cold War and especially at its peak East and West Germany would be the great meeting ground for NATO and Warsaw Pact, with the most likely spot being the “Fulda Gap”! The Fulda Gap was the hypothetical ideal strike point for Soviet forces to strike deep into West Germany and towards the Rhine. This area was smooth and flat which was ideal for swift mechanize warfare and would provide a chance to split the NATO forces in half. With the 72/73 time frame it was an era just prior to the NATO forces moving to the weaponry more commonly seen now. Around that time the “heavy metal” weapon systems of the late 60’s were still at the fore front of both forces. In the air you had the classic F-4’s, F-104’s, Lightning’s, and Mirage 5’s facing off against Mig-21/23’s, Su-15’s and the new “King of the Hill” the Mig-25. Strike aircraft Harrier’s, Jaguar’s, Buccaneer’s, A-7’s, Mirage F1’s, and the new F-111’s while the Soviet forces had Su-11/17/20’s, Mig-21/23’s. On the ground you had Chieftain’s, Leopard 1’s,AMX-30’s, M60’s, Scorpion’s, and M-113’s facing off against T-64’s, T-72’s, BMD-1’s, and BMP-1’s. These would have been just the main protagonists in conflict of this scale, with a conflict broadening a little the Viggen, Drakens, and S-Tanks become eligible to name a couple. I know there will be a few who are a bit sad they can’t bring their early Tonka’s, Eagles, Falcons, A-10’s along, but that would be too easy. With a build like this the choice of subject matter is quite large and there’s bound to be some all time favorites in this list, F-4E’s for me! Just wanted to throw another idea into the hat to see what people think, can either be an all inclusive air/ground GB, or could just be broken up into separate air and ground GB’s if the numbers are there. RESIN RESIN RESIN!!!
  4. Not sure how long this has been going on but Fernando Pinto in Portugal is now selling his models in kit form. He only used to supply built models as far as I am aware. Some nice subjects for fans of classic/vintage open wheelers. I ordered one of these from him last week. The kits are available on ebay, open to bidding but he sells them without having to bid if you contact him through message seller. Looks like a nice kit, I'm looking forward to this one. He also does a 1958 Dino 246. If the Cooper builds up nice I will probably have one of his Dino's as well. http://www.ebay.co.u...d7472a12&_uhb=1 Regards, Steve.
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