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  1. Kit - Hasegawa 1:72 Paint - All enamels Decals - Superscale 72-530 Extras - None Douglas AD6/A-1H Skyraider VA-65, NAS Miramar 1958 Had this in the stash for years, so over the post-Christmas & New Year, dragged it kicking and screaming to the bench. Such an easy build like so many of these 1990's era Hasegawa kits, hardy needed any input from me whatsoever. Painted in 'Old Skool' Humbrol and Xtracolour enamels and used decals from a
  2. Kit - Airfix 1:72. Paint - Humbrol, WEM & Xtracolour enamels. Decals - Kit. Extras - LAU-3 pods from Hasegawa Weapons Set. Hawker Siddeley AV-8A Harrier VMA-513 'Flying Nightmares' MCAS Kaneohe Bay 1976 Bought this on impulse from a mate here in NZ just a couple of weeks before Christmas and decided to get it built more-or-less immediately. Hit the bench at the same time as the Skyraider and built side-by-side. Definitely does not 'fall together' i
  3. Before anybody says, 'There's no way the Nimrod was an interceptor ' this is a much earlier airframe. The Nimrod was the FAA's last biplane fighter, being replaced just before WW2 by the Skua. The Nimrod was effectively a navalised Hawker Fury with catapult capability and an arrestor hook. It was the Fleet fighter throughout the 1930s serving in all FAA carriers. A number were also sold to Denmark without naval equipment and they were still in service when Denmark was invaded, but none of them saw combat. A valuable and effective fighter that took over Fleet defence from the Flycatcher.
  4. I have a bundle of Seafires in the stash and I thought a good addition to this GB would be a pair of the FAA's first high speed interceptors, a pair of Seafire MkIb's. Although different boxings these are the same kit. And although they say Admiral, the bags containing the kit inside the box says AZ Models. I've already built one earlier this year in the Spitfire GB, finished as this unusual blue version. This pair will be more conventional. Each boxing gives two different options but in one of the boxings the two options are for 2nd line squadrons. I'll
  5. "Seek and Destroy" (Part 2) 41 Sqn's finest Hi everyone! I hope you're all keeping well. I've been sitting on this kit (metaphorically of course) since last year when I picked it up at the Cosford airshow. As many of you will know, I've had a soft spot for 41 Squadron for quite a while now, after my visits to RAF Coningsby (I wrote a little bit about my first visit here). I've done a Typhoon FGR4 and a Tornado GR.4 in 41 Sqn markings prior to this, but it was only after I was trawling through the photos i took that I decided to have a
  6. This is a placeholder, as I might not be able to start this for some time. The original catalogue number was 277. This could easily qualify as a "kit you never built as a kid", and so on. I am building the Heller-Humbrol boxing, which includes the Norwegian markings that were dropped from later Heller releases: There's a school of thought that says this is really a Canadair-specific version, and as such the USAF subject (John Glenn) is not kosher. At any rate, I plan on building the JG 71 aircraft.
  7. I first built this kit back in the mists of time, as my own scan of the boxart proves: The kit is currently being sold by both Mistercraft and Heller. The Mistercraft boxing is cheaper, and has 14 (!!!!) subject options. For once with Mistercraft, the contents of the decal sheet and the instructions line up, more or less: I will be building this is a Yugoslavian aircraft, with a distinctive 3-tone upper camouflage schemes. The exact colours are uncertain. The instructions for the Eduard 1:32 and 1:48 kits are a good reference. Eduard has covered the Yugoslav
  8. Six Oregon ANG Eagles visited and trained in Finland in 2016. Because of that, in January 2017 I bought this Academy boxing of their F-15C MSIP II #12506. I looked at the kit several times and as I couldn't find its propellers, I never started it. I even had it for sale at Scalemates for three years, but I must have asked too much as it's still here. Come the Desert Storm GB and a thread at modern aircraft modelling about MSIP Eagles at the Gulf War. My first TV war, it was. I was a fresh reservist and woke up every morning to view the allied press conferences. They really nailed them. So
  9. This is the first Panther kit I've built since, oh, 1983 or so. As the box says, this is a snap-fit kit, but it is certainly not simplified: Almost 100 parts, despite each track being molded as a single piece of hard plastic, and the inner banks of road wheels molded as single parts, as some manufacturers are wont to do in this scale. This subject has the very early style of bow MG housing, correct (I assume) for an Ausf.D model at Kursk, which is what the kit represents. I've already start on this. The real detail is in the suspension. Like the Panzer III, Tiger and T
  10. Another resin model on a stand.I only added the pilot figure in the cockpit.Did the nose light form transparent sprue and made a gunsight.I used paints from tamiya and MM.
  11. Looking for inspiration for a new project I found photo of Texan used as a crop duster. Searching for next photos resulted info, that this same airframe was used as... air tanker. For me it was obvious that I have a topic for a new project I bought a HobbyBoss Easy Assembly kit (sorry - only this was available), planned "some" changes and after few days (easy kit ) I can present to you my try to build Tanker #8 And at the end
  12. Hello to all.Here is my 1:72 Aircast resin Soko g-2 galeb.This has got to be one of the best resin kits I have ever worked on.it fits really well and the resin is quite soft and easy to sand and glue.I added some spare fujimi pilot figures in the cockpit and made the nose light from transparent sprue.The paints used are tamiya and MM.The decals came from the box, some are balkan models and some are home made.
  13. This is another placeholder. I figure I need to build at least one really old kit of a French aircraft, and this will do for starters. This is one of the Smer reboxes that were issued c. 2000, to my great delight, as the original Heller kit eluded me. The original catalogue number was L093 (?), the "black box" reissue was 213: These SMER box scans are my own:
  14. I found this underneath the Italeri kit boxes that I just finished and thought it would be a nice filler between other builds going on. The 2 pounder was the British Anti-Tank gun at the beginning of WW2 and was a very effective weapon, being the best AT weapon of its time. It was used both as an anti tank weapon in AT units as well as arming British tanks. As armour became thicker it became less effective and was replaced by the 6 pounder in 1942. It's a weapon often overlooked and continued to arm armoured cars up to the end of the war. The box contains
  15. When you say „Luftwaffe single-seat fighter” you mean Bf 109 or Fw 190. When you hear „US single-seat WW2 fighter” you have a dozen options (P-35, P-36, P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47, P-51, F2A, F4F, F6F, F4U, and maybe even P-26, F3F and F8F). It is quite the opposite with tanks: compared to 7 German and (at least) 9 British types, only four types of American tanks were widely deployed during the war. And (with just 6,260 vehicles built) the M3 Lee/Grant family is „numer two” among American medium tanks, second only to the ubiquitous M4 Sherman – almost identical BTW for the first 4ft above the gr
  16. Next glider finished After almost two years from start (read: it's not so complicated kit; just the modeller was lazy....) I've finished model of first Polish post-war glider: "Sęp". Model shows a prototype which is easy to distinguish from serial ones - has no air brakes on top wing surfaces. The source :
  17. Here is another Flanker project I have launched recently. If you follow my other topics that I have started in this forum, you may ask why I am launching a new one before completing existing ones. Each of these projects has some specific issues to be solved to continue (mostly based on casted parts with aged bleeding resin which was my fault not to check it's shelf life) and therefore they have to wait until the problem does not exist anymore. I hope it will not last too long Here the aim is to build Su-30MK No:603 using Heller Su-27UB kit with minimum modifications (we will see
  18. I mentioned this model in another post and I didn't want to thread-jack an interesting build so I thought I'd post it here. It's from a group build I did a couple years ago using the old 80's Italeri kit which I lengthened and modified. The original kit had two very small weapons bays, I wanted to give a it a more realistic internal payload which is why I lengthened it. My second goal was to make it look more "stealthy", as these kits were made before stealth aircraft where known to the public.
  19. This is a re-box of the venerable ESCI Churchill. I recall building the AMRCR version upon a time (as in 1981). Like most of the ESCI kits, this was "upgraded" with hard tracks in the ESCI/ERTL era, and that's what's in the Italeri box: Four of the six subjects in the Italeri boxing are eligible for this build: "Kingforce" at El Alemain, two Tunisian subjects (one with field-applied sand camoufllage), and one operating near the Gothic line in northern Italy: British AFV colours from WW II are a veritable minefield, which is the only
  20. First completion for the year, the Mirage M3 Stuart completed as an Australian example in New Guinea. It’s very small in 1:72 scale! Also an experiment using a new (to me) brand of paint - Mig AMMO acrylic. My local hobby shop is running low on my usual Tamiya paint so I thought I should give this a go. Not entirely convinced - may need to give it another go. It brush painted ok over a coat of Tamiya acrylic as a primer. The kit has a great decal sheet, allowing you to complete the tank as a whole bunch of different examples from the 2/6 th Australian Armoured Regiment in New Gu
  21. Just a placeholder for the moment until I finish my BoB and MTO3 builds but I'll be joining with this in the next week or so.
  22. Following on from my 1:72 Airfix Handley Page Victor, my next build is Airfix's 1:72 Avro Vulcan B Mk2. This is XH558, and the Vulcan to the sky gift set. Truth be told I have built this kit before, it was my first ever build and started me on my fantastic journey of model aircraft building. The Vulcan is my favourite aircraft of all time, hence the reason I was given the kit as a gift the first time. Because I have past experience with this kit (albeit novice at the time), I can remember how ill fitting the wings are, how much flash there is and all its many other challenges.....
  23. An impulse buy while picking up supplies, managed to finish it before the end of the year. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with oil and acrylic washes. Finished out of the box as a vehicle from HQ Platoon, 11th Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, Normandy, August 1944. Build thread can be found here. thanks for looking - and a Happy New Year!
  24. You would think I would have learnt my lesson with the recently completed Staghound - but while picking up supplies at the local hobby shop I saw this going for a very reasonable price: Having never heard of the Otter, I was intrigued and grabbed it. On viewing the contents though - so many tiny pieces!!!! So taking stock I did some reading around to find out about the Otter, discovering it was a Canadian built equivalent of the Humber Light Reconnaissance Car (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otter_Light_Reconnaissance_Car).
  25. 825

    Sea Otter

    I started this three years ago in a Floatplane and Flying Boat GB but run out of time. It's a nice kit but complex with resin, etch and some scratchbuilt parts as well as being a biplane. The original build can be found here. This is where I finished way back at the beginning of 2018.
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