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Found 732 results

  1. SoftScience

    USAF A-7D

    Hi folks, My next (and likely final) project for this build is this Fujimi A-7 in a Testors box. I used to absolutely adore Testors kits when I was young, and seeing these boxes really brings back some good memories. I bought this kit on ebay, and it came with a little surprise. I'm not sure what ejection seat was used on the a-7, but I don't think it's whatever this is. Can anybody help me out?
  2. It's time to start my next build of Italeri's desert Italiana. The Sahariana was specifically designed for desert use based on experiences with Scout and armoured cars. It's a very attractive and purposeful looking machine but a bit different from British and German equivalents. There's definitely a touch of Italian style in it. On one sand coloured sprues that's nicely moulded, crisp and clear with little signs of flash or seams. It's a fairly modern kit, according to Scalemates, it's an Italeri new tool from 2007. Straightforward instructions over a few pages and a nice transfer sheet sheet for two vehicles (just different registration plates), including a very neat little dashboard panel and an Italian flag for over the engine cover. Painting instructions in the instruction sheet and on the back of the box in typical Italeri style.
  3. Heather's @Heather Kay latest build has galvanised and motivated me to join in the GB with this. It doesn't have an 804 NAS option but as far as I can see there wasn't too much in markings so should be able to sort something from a combination of the kit markings, left overs from other builds and some generic markings for the serials. I won't go much deeper into 804's contribution to the BoB bur they used Sea Gladiators initially for the defence of the Fleet at Scapa Flow out of RNAS Hatson, with a sojourn on HMS Glorious, before re-equipping with the Martlet towards the end of the Battle. The boxing is a double option of a Gladiator/Sea Gladiator. And one of the Gladiators is a BoB option based at RAF Rosborough to defend Plymouth. The plastic is quite soft and has a bit of flash. Mind you there are only 33 parts, 32 if you take into account the fact there are optional props. And a nice bundle of detail as resin. and a couple of vac form canopies to allow for crack handedness. A nice transfer sheet for 5 options, with a variety of schemes.
  4. The next Italian kit pulled from the stash is this. Initially designed as an anti aircraft gun, like the Flak88 it was also used as an anti tank weapon. This is is a simple kit comprising of a single sprue of not many pieces. The plastic is softish, not quite as soft as the old Airfix polythene figures, and it does sand, albeit it needing a fair bit of heft. And it is crisply detailed but I do worry about whether solvent will glue it together. And another sprue with 8 crew. Same plastic and it's just as well it sands as there are seams and moulding pips aplenty. Simple instructions on the back of the box, although the painting details for the figures are nice. It shouldnt take take long to build but it'll be good practice for another Italeri dragged from the stash.
  5. VPAF MiG's, Part 4: MiG-19S 'Farmer-C' (KP 1:72) Shengyang J-6 (MiG-19S 'Farmer-C'), '6066', 925st FR, Noi Bai, 1974 Shengyang J-6 was the Chinese license built version of the MiG-19S 'Farmer-C'. Even if MiG-19 was the first supersonic fighter to go into mass production - it is overshadowed by it's predecessor and replacement. One reason is because it had quite short life span, just filling the gap between MiG-17 to MiG-21. Even if it had better performance than it's US counterparts - for example MiG-19 had superior rate of climb when compared to F-100 Super Sabre - the type was plagued with all kinds of technical problems, engine issues and design 'features' that made it somewhat dangerous to fly in inexperienced hands. Many of those flaws being caused by the hurry to get the plane type into production. '6066' is one of the 24 Shenyang J-6's that the Chinese provided as combat attrition replacement in 1974. The kit, newly tooled KP Shenyang F-6C 'Farmer-C' "late". Back of the box, not that we're using these with this build. Which is kinda shame, looking for a GB that gives me an excuse to build Pakistani jets (*hint* *hint*). What's in the box - plus some aftermarket stuff. Like I said, this is a newly tooled kit. And while not quite up to par with the big names - it's a good looking kit and MiG-19 is something that has been neglected for quite a long time. Great thing is that KP is releasing even more MiG-19 goodness soon. Aftermarket stuff - Pavla seat, Master gun barrels and Print Scale Decals. This is what Print Scale offers as a scheme - and it's definitely not a bad one. But... ... when I saw this, I had to choose it. It's even got the same number - so it's simply meant to be! But as can be seen, Print Scale VPAF insignia are way off, looking at the pics, the bars are slightly chunkier than 'normally' (US etc.) - but what Print Scale offers is very thin and wide bars. I'm thinking of cutting them down and see if they look any better. The scheme on the plane is quite non-typical - as it is Chinese scheme that was left on the plane as it was taken into service. BTW is anyone familiar with Chinese J-6's? I'm guessing getting any color codes for these is a long shot - but for example the underside, is it gray or metal? Also any pics where the scheme can be seen (on the wings etc.) would be highly appreciated - my Google skills are failing me... My other MiG's: VPAF MiG's, Part 1: MiG-17 'Fresco-A' (Zvezda 1:72) VPAF MiG's, Part 2: MiG-17PF 'Fresco-D' (AZ Model 1:72) VPAF MiG's, Part 3: MiG-21PFL 'Fishbed-D' (Eduard 1:72) VPAF MiG's, Part 5: MiG-21F-13 'Fishbed-C' (Modelsvit 1:72)
  6. Although I've got a few aircraft that would be suitable for this build, Martlet, Swordfish, Seafire, Sea Hurricane, Maryland, Albacore, Fulmar, I've already built a few of them in the past few months, apart from the Maryland and Albacore. The Maryland is a taxing build and my Albacore is a Magna Models resin kit that will need loads of work. So I've had a look at my AFV stash and found a fair few of different kits, especially some Italeri Italian armour. So here is a first one.
  7. Hello everyone! Here is my latest kit, an Airfix 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 built mostly OOB. It represents Black "<", W.Nr 1480, flown by Oberleutnant Franz von Werra, Gruppen-Adjutant of II./JG 3, at Samer, France, in August 1940. After a series of tricky builds in 1:144, this was a pleasant change. There was flash and moulding lines to deal with and several parts needed some sanding/trimming to fit. The worst area, by now well-known, is the wing roots. I only used filler to deal with an ejection pin mark in the cockpit, on the sill behind the seat, and a seam on the top fuselage just in front of the cockpit. The radio mast shattered when I tried to remove it from the sprues so I used one from an old Matchbox Bf 110 cut to shape. One of the underwing mass balances pinged into oblivion so I made a new one from stretched sprue and CA glue. Radio wires were made from stretched sprue. The kit was fully painted and varnished with brush. There are many interpretations of this scheme and I used one of Eduard's 1:32 kit instructions (downloadable Pdf file) and a build of another kit on internet as a guide, apart from the kit's box colour guide. What I found odd was that Airfix supplies all the stencils and they are numbered but there is no guide as to their placing. I used Eduard's Pdf instructions for that. Despite everything, this, my first of the "new" Airfix kits, was an enjoyable build. Thank you for looking and all comments are welcome as always Miguel
  8. This is a placeholder for my first kit in this GB. I should be starting it in a couple of days time. I built the old Airfix Sikorsky Sea King kit in the very early 1980s, probably a year or two before this revised tooling was issued. I must have turned down numerous opportunities to buy it since then, and once the "new" Westland Sea King tooling was issued in 2014, it looked like I'd never get the old kit. But then I saw it in my local model shop in 2018, second hand for 10 Euro: I will be building the all-yellow RAF HAR.3 version, as per the box artwork.
  9. VPAF MiG's, Part 1: MiG-17 'Fresco-A' (Zvezda 1:72) Shenyang J-5 (MiG-17 'Fresco-A'), '2310', pilot Pham Ngoc Lan, 921st 'Sao Do' FR, Noi Bai, 3. April 1965 'First Kill' This early Shenyang J-5 (license built MiG-17 'Fresco-A' by the chinese), number 2310, was flown by Pham Ngoc Lan on the 3rd of April 1965 when the first recorded VPAF kill was achieved. This happened over Thanh Hoa province and Pham Ngoc Lan claimed to shot down a F-8E of VF-211 flown by Lt Cdr Spence. But in fact, Crusader was only badly damaged in this incident and Spence made an emergency landing at Da Nang. The kit by Zvezda. Gotta love these sturdy top opening boxes. Here is what we get in the box, plus some extra. I'm not much of an expert when it comes to MiG's - but the easiest way to tell between 'Fresco-A' and 'Fresco-F' is the airbrake, different shape, size and the location of the 'bump' is different. I think other differences are the ejection seat but someone with more knowledge feel free to educate me Here is the aftermarket. I like the Master pitot's & gun barrels quite a lot, they're not too expensive and they add good looking details to the plane that is difficult to achieve with just plastic. Here is the scheme, we're going with kit decals. More info about the scheme on the top of this post. Altough info provided here might be more accurate, F-8E was not indeed shot down, it was shut down. My other MiG's: VPAF MiG's, Part 2: MiG-17PF 'Fresco-D' (AZ Model 1:72) VPAF MiG's, Part 3: MiG-21PFL 'Fishbed-D' (Eduard 1:72) VPAF MiG's, Part 4: MiG-19S 'Farmer-C' (KP 1:72) VPAF MiG's, Part 5: MiG-21F-13 'Fishbed-C' (Modelsvit 1:72)
  10. I'm joining in with this Airfix's Sea King HC4. A proper 'Junglie'. It's a nice kit with 5 sprues of crisply moulded grey plastic. Though there is is a lack of rivets compared to older Sea Kings. Also a single but fairly busy clear sprue. A little different from my recent Seafires with a canopy and a couple of other small parts. Usual modern style Airfix instructions. A number of options in the box, the biggest being the option of a folded tail and folded rotors. Comprehensive transfer sheet with loads of stencils and two options. I'll be doing this one. Now for the paint.
  11. Shenyang J-5 (MiG-17 'Fresco-A'), '2310', pilot Pham Ngoc Lan, 921st 'Sao Do' FR, Noi Bai, 3. April 1965 'First Kill' This early Shenyang J-5 (license built MiG-17 'Fresco-A' by the chinese), number 2310, was flown by Pham Ngoc Lan on the 3rd of April 1965 when the first recorded VPAF kill was achieved. This happened over Thanh Hoa province and Pham Ngoc Lan claimed to shot down a F-8E of VF-211 flown by Lt Cdr Spence. But in fact, Crusader was only badly damaged in this incident and Spence made an emergency landing at Da Nang. - - - - - - Kit: Zvezda Soviet Fighter MiG-17 "Fresco" (#7318) Scale: 1/72 Aftermarket: Master pitot tubes & guns, Eduard brassin main wheels, Eduard PE Paints: Vallejo Model Color, Model Air & Metal Color, Tamiya Lacquer Weathering: Flory Models Wash, Mig streaking effects Decent all-around good kit from Zvezda (originally from Dragon). I did enjoy the build, no big issues. Built for Vietnam GB Build thread: Airfix MiG-17F in the background David and Goliath.
  12. Dear all, As requested by Jerzy (JWM), I herewith post some images of the Roden Heinkel He 111B I built a few years ago. Markings are mostly from the kit, although I swapped the white fuselage numbers for black ones, as they should have been. The trick I used to get the fuselage to close, was to add a shim (1.5 mm behind the cockpit, 0 mm at the tail), which allows the clear parts and the bomb rack to fit). I kept weathering rather light, just adding a pin wash to the control surfaces, the tank filler caps and the bomb bay. Certainly not my best result, but in the end I was just glad to have finished it. I do like the elegant look though of the 'classic' bomber nose, rather than the later 'all glass' nose from the P and H versions. Peter
  13. Inspired by @theplasticsurgeon I shall build a Hasegawa F.3 Tornado compare it with Revells/Italeris kit. The Tonka will be in Italian livery, since Italian Tornados are slightly underrepresented in this GB, even though they have some striking liveries. Pictures to follow...
  14. Since No one helped me to choose which Tpoornado to build from the picture Posted In the general Chat, I decided to take up the challenge and see how many Tornados I will be able to build during this GB., Hence the AYCB - All you can build - Moinker. The first Tornado will be this little fella: Because surely the ADV Tonado will be hugely unpopular, and the Revell boxing way to obscure to be build. (actually I start with this one, bedcause it does not require a nose job, and I am stll waiting for the corresponding Parts for the IDS/ECR/Recce Tornados. Oh wait... this is actually the THIRD build in the GB of this kit? Well color me surprised. This could become a mini SKGB in it's own right! I intend to do this as an OOB build, save for the pitot tube and maybe the bang seats. I am not sure if they are worth the hassle though. Day 1: some mayor components have been assembled (the wings are preliminarly glued together with a cow gum for semi-dry-fitting Day 2: First coast of paint applied. The grey paint on wings and tailplanes is Vallejo Light ghost grey, It looks in the picture quie dark tough, and I Might spray a coat of light greay over it. BTW. has someone an Idea which colors are the "proper" ones for the scheme, particularly from in the Vallejo air colours? Clearly visible is the noseweight which pretty ideally fitted the nose cone. You can also notice the Hindenburger Tanks which pilfered from the Revell RAF GR.1 kit It just makes so much more sence for me to have them on an F.3 than on a strike jet. .
  15. @Marlin beat me by announcing his intended double build of Luftwaffe Tornados equipped with MW-1 and B-61 first, however I still have an ace up my sleve: a GR.1 Tornado armed with one (or two?) WE. 177. Both of the markings in the Revell box (the 9th and the 17th Sqn) are well suited for this task. I am wondering about the rest of the loadout though: Shall I use the Hindenburg tanks, or three of the smaller ones? I imagine it depends if I want to put one or two nukes under the belly? Apart from the nuke(s) what other armament would make sense - could I slap ALARMs on the underwing pylons or should Sindewinders be the only sensible choice? Also on a semi related note (as it may limit the availiability of the special weapons for this project) - could the SEPECAT Jaguar T.2/T.4 double seaters carry nukes or were those only restricted to the GR.1 variant?
  16. This has been sitting at the top of the stash for a while and I keep moving it to get into other kits. So I thought it time to bite the bullet and make it. I don't know where I go at it but it was cheap, which is probably why I bought it. It may have been during Modelzone's closing down a few years back but to be honest I don't recall. Its effectively the same basic kit as in my AEW build but without the new parts. so it's effectively the original 1960s mould with an original Sea King radome. This is what what is in the box And this bundle of plastic has already had some Dark Admiralty Grey on it. I must have thought about starting it some time ago but that's all that's been done. There are transfers for an RAF HAR3 and a Norwegian Rescue helicopter. However, I'm going to build it as a Fleet Air Arm SAR helicopter of 771 NAS. This means some extra work to make it into an HU5. I've identified some transfers in the stash that will do. Most are for Culdross based HU5s and I'd like to build a Prestwick based machine. This ModelArt sheet has markings for nearly every 771 machine including at least one Prestwick based aircraft. Now to search for the additional parts and the bottle of Signal Red I think I have.
  17. I enjoyed making my Lynx HAS 3 so much I thought I'd build another Hobbyboss Lynx, this time an HMA 8. Or as Hobbyboss describe it. 'A Super Lynx' I will use some aftermarket as I have some etch, and the transfers to produce an HMA 8 of the Black Cats to go beside my HAS3. They are intended for the Airfix boxing, but hopefully they'll fit. I do have an Airfix HMA8 somewhere but my impression having built both Airfix and Hobbyboss's earlier Lynx Marks the Hobbyboss is a better build. The core sprues, fuselage, interior, rotor head, aerials and transparencies are the same as in HAS3 with some different sprues for the nose, undercarriage sponsons and both tail and main rotor blades. I do have a set of Pavla resin BERP rotor blades but they don't look much ch different to the kits injection moulded blades. Sorry about the photo quality but as sooon as I got this out to photograph, the skies turned black and the rain started to pour down. Anyway now to slap on some paint.
  18. My next build is Mister Crafts 1:72 P-51B Swiss Mustang. This is the first Mister Craft kit I have built, and all in all it looks pretty good. The box art is simple but effective, inside the box there is a detailed instruction booklet, a with colour depictions of the various schemes you can build, and a small decal sheet. There are 2 grey sprues, with little to no flash and a nice amount of detail. I plan to build it as it comes from the box, with landing gear down. I will be using Vallejo acrylics in place of those recommended, and aim to finish the build in the colours of Swiss Air Force Switzerland, late 1944. The sprues have had a wash and prime and its time to begin.
  19. Hi everyone! After the gargantuan 777 I built last time, I quite liked the idea of doing something a little bit smaller, and far more straightforward. I've previously delved into the world of the BAE Systems Hawk, in the form of a 1:72 Airfix T1 and 2 Revell 1:72 T1's. But that was a few years ago, and I can barely remember building them! This time I will be working on 2 Revell 1:72 Hawk T1's, and an Airfix 1:72 Hawk T2. For this first T1, I'd like to do it as the 2011 display Hawk, flown by Flt Lt Jules Fleming. I can just about remember going to the 2011 Cosford airshow and watching the Royal Navy "Black Cats" team, the Reds and the solo Hawk display in what can only be described as a downpour of torrential proportions. From a bit of internet digging, I don't think the Hawk used on the day was either XX244 or XX245 (both having been painted in the 2011 display scheme) but I would like to have a crack at it anyway! So in terms of aftermarket bits, I've got: -the Eduard "zoom" set (I'll be saving the seatbelts for the second Hawk T1) -2x Pavla resin ejection seats -a Master pitot probe -the Xtradecal decal set (X72137) -2 PJ Production RAF pilot figures The plan of action, therefore, is to build this Hawk as it might appear on the flight line; with the canopy open, the nose electronic bay open, flaps down, the steps built into the port side of the nose extended, and maybe a few RBF tags too. And don't worry, I'll be breaking out the riveting tool on this one as well In terms of modifications to get the Revell kit up to scratch, I gather that there's a spot of bother with the fin fillet being too short, and the angle of the rear end being a little bit too curved (?). So i'll see what I can do with that! As for the other Hawks, I have a set for a 4 Sqn. T2, yet I'm torn as to what scheme the second T1 should be in. At the moment it's a choice between an ETPS example, an early red/white example, or one of the Centre of Aviation Medicine aircraft (I'm leaning more towards the latter, given that aviation/aerospace medicine is rather close to my heart). But anyway, thanks for dropping by and having a look! All the best, Sam
  20. As my Sea Kings are nearing completion, believe it or not I thought I'd add another in this Lynx. I've a couple of Hobbyboss boxings in the stash and may follow up with a HAS 2 but this one has transfers for a Black Cats airframe. The Black Cats were the FAA Lynx display team and they did things with a small helicopter that you didn't think was possible including a loop. The paintwork is complex and although I've got some aftermarket transfers in the stash to do one of the Black Cats, Hobbyboss include it as an option here.
  21. Woohoo, finally it's here What's up, then? I have been sparing my reboxed by Revell, plastics by Hasegawa 1:72 H-6 for this one. No need to write more about the plane type because this is a STGB . I have an Eduard mask set which is numbered CX003, one of their very first I believe. I have also got a pair of Hasegawa torpedoes kindly donated to me by fellow Britmodeller @bil some years ago for a Ju 88 torp build, but I then went for Zvezda parts instead. Now they'll be finally put to good use, thank you yet again! I will build a convoy hunting KG 26 plane from summer 1942, that's for sure, but what I have not yet decided is whether it'll be one from the Arctic or the Mediterranean . We'll see! V-P
  22. My first contribution to this GB, hopefully not my last. I always associate the Sioux with Korea, haven grown up watching M*A*S*H, but it also served in the early part of the Vietnam war. This Italeri kit from the late 1990s depicts three Vietnam-based US Army gunships from the mid-1960s, with a choice of fuel tanks, gun installations (M60s or Brownings), and tail rotors, It's a reasonably complex kit, with about 80 parts in all: Work has already started, and quickly progressed to the point where I now need to decide on colours, and not just which shade of Olive Drab: The parts as illustrated in the instructions don't always match the real thing, but that hasn't really slowed me down.
  23. Having gotten bogged down with certain other kits, I am going to take a diversion here for a couple of days. It's not a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland, so I am taking advantage of "the Scottish option". My choice is the IBG Models Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai. I received this only on Friday lunchtime, so it spent less than 30 hours in the stash. Some kits have been in there for more than 30 years ... The Chi-Nu Kai was an improved version of the Chi-Nu, with a longer-calibre 75mm gun, but it only reached prototype stage. The IBG kits of Japanese armour all have Japanese text on the box and in the instructions, so they are obviously meant for the Japanese market, without any changes or re-boxing by another company required. I wonder what the Japanese make of the somewhat curious artwork here? Anyway, this is the first time I've built an IBG kit. Start time, just after 7:35pm Saturday: The one-piece tracks with the inner wheels molded in place simplify construction, as well as ensuring a realistic "sagged" appearance. But they needed careful cleaning up first, and painting them is going to be arduous. I suspect I will spend at least half the total time on these. Speaking of paint, I have plumped for Humbrol 105 to represent IJA "Grass Green", 1942 version. Here's where I finished just after 11pm this evening, having taken an hour out for a walk and some much-needed eats (did you really want to see a picture of a bowl of cereal?). So total elapsed time so far is c. 2 1/2 hours, of which almost 30 minutes was spent researching the paint choice. The plastic is generally very thin, perhaps overly so in some cases, as it breaks easily. My first task tomorrow morning will be to remove the suspension arms from the sprue. If I can do this without breaking any of them, it will be a minor miracle, given that there is an extremely delicate section in the middle of each: EDIT: Forgot to show the time at the end, but it's been a long, long, day.
  24. Last weekend I decided to build something "fresh". I've just received a parcel with model of Agusta-Bell 47J with SAR markings so choice was quite easy Very shortly appeared that idea to build something Out-of-the-box is impossible if I'm thinking about something similar to real helicopter... At the end after eight days of work and making many mistakes I can present to you my newest model
  25. My next build is Revell's 1 :72 P-47M Thunderbolt. I plan to build the kit as it comes from the box using Vallejo acrylics in place of the recommended Revell acrylics. The colour schemes require a lot of mixing of colours (which Revell seem to love), so I will be finding the equivalent colour matches and mixing as closely as I can. Lets have a look at what's in the box. The box is relatively small with a picture of the colour scheme I plan to build. Inside there is a small decal sheet and a detailed instruction manual. There are 4 grey sprues and a small clear sprue. They all have a fair amount of flash, but the panel line detail is good. I am going to finish the build in the colours of 'Devastatin Deb' of 63rd Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group, US 8th Army Air Force based in Boxted, England 1945. Here's hoping I can do it justice. I have given the sprues a wash, dry and prime so they are ready for action.
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