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Found 557 results

  1. I have had this next build in my stash for several years, and am finally getting around to putting the thing together. Chosen out of the stash by my son is Revells 1:72 Halifax Mk.III, this is going to be a straight from the box build with the exception of using Vallejo acrylics in place of the suggested Revell (purely personal preference here). It's a big kit with many sprues, and a choice of 2 colour schemes and decals. The sprues are very clean, no flash to be seen (which is a bonus) and lots of detailing. I am planning on building the aircraft in the scheme of 'Oscar,' No.424 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air force, 1944. Let the fun commence.
  2. Hi folks, Our esteemed GB fuhrer, aka @Rabbit Leader, has persuaded me to add a build here. I am going to try to update the FROG DH Hornet F3 and correct a few of the things that bug me about the kit. Masochism? Yes, but I'll consider it a small price to pay if, by annoying the modelling gods, they nudge Airfix to do an accurate new tool Hornet, with @David A Collins as technical consultant. So, what might I do? Well, reduce the thickness of the wings, improve the outline of the fin and rudder, gash up some cockpit gizmology, improve the canopy shape, and make the nose a little less blunt. We'll see how this goes; it's not a full-on accurising job, but if I do it right, it should look more like a Hornet. Of course the existing kit also looks like a Hornet oob, so I may be onto a hiding for nothing! More when I've gathered some bits n bobs and worked out how to post pics after the PB debacle. Regards Martin
  3. Running alongside my Halifax build, I am about to start construction of Airfix's 1:72 De Havilland Mosquito FB.Mk.VI. I am pretty excited about this build because I have thought for a while what a striking aircraft Mosquitoes were. This will be a straight from the box build, with the exception of using Vallejo acrylics (my preferred acrylics at the mo). I am going to build the aircraft with gear up on a home made stand, in the colours of A52-520, 'NA.B' of 1 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force. On opening the box however, I was slightly disappointed. Lots of flash, not a great amount of detailing and not great moulding, I have worked with worse, but I'm hoping it turns out alright. Let the sanding begin!
  4. Good day one and all! Its been some time since I've frequented here, I used to spend many a lunch and break time in work trawling through these pages but about 2 years ago they blocked BM (I know the B*********). I then found it difficult to keep up with all that was going on, slowly losing out, I had done a couple of posts but nowt major. However recently a random google search highlighted a BM page and remarkably it was back. The mighty BM had returned! So having had a good a catch up, and nice to see a few builds still going on ( @hendie and @Martian Hale being the main culprits) it was like I hadn't been away. So I thought Id would make a concerted contribution, but what? Well this weekend is Canada Day long weekend, and the weather sucks like a Cornish Bank Holiday, so its almost a perfect storm. It has to be a Canada Day weekend quick build, so I went through my stash and dug out one of my Seakings. I had a decal sheet from ages ago that I bought for the 771 version, but it also had a old Canadian version so what better than a RCN Seaking in Grey, EDSG and fluorescent!.......in a weekend! The challenge is on, convert a revel Mk41 into a CH124. This will be a quick build so no major work on the interior and to be honest artistic license (I love that phrase) will be applied liberally! So first up it was time to clear the bench... Time to stash my swordfish for the weekend and get out the plastic This version comes with a lovelly decal sheet but no it has to go! this is my chosen option So I don't have much time, its Friday night and I want to complete by Monday 2nd July, Canada Day. So it was straight into the build. The first thing is ALL doors and windows will be closed tight so that gives me the scope to ignore much of the internals. The only visible bit will be the cockpit and the most hideous bit about that is Revells seats. I know Canadians take it easy but the comfy chairs Revell supply are no where near realistic so its a quick re model. They are the same as Sikorsky offerings and not the Westland type so a bit of modification is required. (Disclaimer: Although I have spent several years around Canadian Seakings, my main experience is the RN type so a lot of the internal details may be more UK than Canadian......but hey that's where artistic license comes in!) This is the evolution of the front seats As I'm only bothered about the cockpit I only need to worry about 2 seats. After this I added a tubular surround to the seat and that is where I am, although I haven't go a photo yet of that part but ill show it when its complete. Another area is just behind P1 which the kit displays as a random spaghetti pattern so that was removed and a more appetising background created. This was then primed with Mig Ammo One shot primer. I prefer this as it sands well and is a good bed for Mig, Vallejo Air and Model Master, my preferred acrylics. I have tried vallejo primer (grey and black) and although it sprayed well it wouldnt sand, it seemed to want to peel rather than feather, causing much heartache on my silver swordfish! But this Mig stuff is great! So before I retire tonight this is my progress So that's the primer down, tomorrow morning will be an interior grey (not sure which yet) and then a splash of colour and finally close up the fuselage, not a bad target for day two! This will be a tricky target, for although the weather is pants Mrs C will need some attention, which basically means a touch of mooching around the shops. And we have a rib fest here in Halifax so that may be a distraction if we can find a break in the weather but at least I don't have any kids soccer so that is a god send! Oh well, time to settle down with a bit of Chateau Nerf du Bobby homebrew (which ironically is a bit papp but its cheap and cheerful!) and ponder on tomorrows details. Cheers now Bob
  5. I've been encouraged by a respected member of this forum to provide some of my work for others to see. The last number of years I've struggled to finish and complete a kit. My building started in the 70's and the 80's and 90's, completed many and reaching a quality level that I was really pleased with. I have a good feeling working on this kit, I do see the finishing line relatively speaking. The LTV A-7 aircraft has been a favourite of mine for some time. And 2 seat versions of normally single seat aircraft as well a favourite. Yes the Hobby Boss Corsair has its warts, but I don't really see another on the horizon any time soon. My local hobbyshop had only the TA-7C available but it did include all the parts to build as an Air Force version. The South Dakota Air National Guard is one units markings I've admired with the Mount Rushmore art on the top of the tail. Those markings are included on a Xtradecal release. One aspect of the kit I disliked were the numerous rivet/screw details engraved everywhere. Most were filled with Tamiya surface primer, leaving just a hint of a few here and there that will show slightly after painting and weathering. The boarding ladder and steps will be made. I viewed the main wheels as a bit thin looking, so I sandwiched plastic card between the halves. The ejection seat seemed rather narrow and I've started to adjust it with Milliput. My work keeps me from progressing everyday and I am not sure how many installments I will have but my goal is to show my completed work in the finished model section.
  6. Hi all, apologies if the initial title confused anyone - no, this is not a perverse rehash of that hideous girl-band song from the 90s. This is a new one on me in a number of ways; firstly, I've never started another project whilst still having one on the boil as it were. Secondly, to my knowledge this is my first go at an Italeri offering, although I have several such kits in my pile right now. It also represents my first go at something where major surgery will be required in order to get it to the required shape! Interestingly, the venture also appears to be a first for this forum - a fairly comprehensive search has not returned any WIP for this particular aircraft; unless anyone knows different, in which case please can you point me in its direction! It may be some days before I am even able to make a start, so I will use some of that time to look into what exactly I will need to do. First though, I would like to acknowledge the generosity of Mr @Bungled in forwarding to me the kit that will now form the basis for this project. It's currently missing any kind of front windscreen clear part, which according to Messrs Italeri will cost me the princely sum of 5-6 Euro to replace - assuming they are even able to locate replacements At the present time I am thinking of modelling the aircraft as used by Canadian Airways Ltd (registration CF-ARM) - sourcing suitable decals for that could prove problematic! Another challenge will be obtaining an appropriate propeller(s) - reference pics show that what at first sight was a 4-blade prop, was in fact two 2-blade props at right-angles to each other on the one shaft! The problem is, the prop blades are longer than the existing 2-blade props in the kit. So there it is, that's the plan - let the laughter commence...
  7. I've had a couple of these kits in the stash for fair old while. I lost my mojo with them as they are coated with mould depressions on almost every part. I filled the great majority using Tippex but the sanding down took forever and they were simply put to the side and left. It is a pity that Airfix made such a mess as otherwise the moulding is really pretty good. I was going to finish them in desert livery but one kit would be ideal for this GB as they were the staple truck for the British Army for many years including D Day and the Norhern Europe campaign. Each boxing has two kits, very similar with two different bodies, one a General Service body and the other a troop carrying body. Gratuitous sprue sprue shot as is traditional. You can see the multitude of election depressions. The kit also has transparencies for the cabs and a fairly comprehensive transfer sheet. Now to add some paint and get cutting.
  8. On the 25th June 1955 at Prestwick the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer first took to the air. Some 4 months earlier a few miles away in an Ayrshire hospital I made my entrance to the world. So with such close geographical gestation and delivery to the world a Twin Pin seems appropriate. However, my relationship with this aircraft is not just timing and geography. Although my father was a PO airframe articifer in the Royal Navy when I was born he finished his term in the Fleet Air Arm not much long afterwards. He then went to work at Scottish Aviation where amongst other aircraft he worked upon was the Twin Pioneer. So the fact my dad helped build a number of the Twin Pioneers makes this a must do aircraft for me. I bought the Combat Kits Twin Pioneer at Telford last year as I had always wanted to build one as a tribute to my father. I know Valom have just introduced an injection moulded version but it is quite expensive and I suspect it will not just fall together, so I'll stick with the resin kit. I think this is the old Magna kit but on opening the box the resin looks much more refined. Hopefully it should go together with epoxy and cyano with minimal amounts of swearing. On opening the box there are two large bags of resin parts and two small bags of parts. A further bag has some white metal parts and a bag of clear resin parts for the transparencies. Hurray! No vac formed canopies. Instructions are basic but there's a great transfer sheet With transfers for 6 versions, 4 RAF, 1from the Empire Test Pilots School and a civilian version.
  9. My second contribution, the Special Hobby Vultee Vengeance in its target tug version. The plastic parts parts are relatively simple and they're nicely moulded although the detail is soft and the level is quite muted. Everything on a single sprue. A fair bit of resin, including a cockpit pit. Two vac formed canopies provided. Nice transfer sheet.
  10. I have lurked here for years and finally decided to take a plunge and post. So, I have been on this straight OOB quick build binge recently as I experiment with new paints and techniques. I have been working on older kits in my stash and for this I chose the Frog 1/72 Spitfire Mk VIII that came out in 1974. There is not much in terms of details OOB. The cockpit is as bare as can be but the lines are close to accurate. It is only after I committed myself to the build that I realized I was dealing with raised panel lines - ugh. The build was fast enough but I was not happy with the decals and standard camo scheme. I browsed through the book, "Spitfires in the Sun" by Vikram Singh that chronicles the Spitfire in Indian Air Force and Royal Indian Air Force service. It has some excellent profiles and I chose NH 631 which is still alive and kicking at the Air Force Museum in New Delhi and is part of the Museum's historic flight, though it sports a dubious camo scheme now. I used a rattle-can for the NMF using Model Master's semi-gloss metallic silver. The cockpit and wheel wells were painted using Model Master's Zinc Chromate. The exhaust was painted using Tamiya dark iron and the exhaust stains were sprayed on using Tamiya Smoke using my Grex. For the rest of the stains and in an attempt to highlight the raised panel lines I used a coffee/mud color acrylic wash. For the decals I rummaged through the spares box and the roundels are from old Matchbox Sea Harrier kits and the fin flash is from Bright Spark. The lettering is Berna Decals. You can also see a recently finished Matchbox Tempest II is the background. The Jeep is Airfix and the Pilot figure is Hasegawa. Hope you enjoy!
  11. This is my first post here. I build this model when i was 16, thats a long time ago. The Me-262 is from Revell and the update set is from cmk. It will be used in a small vignette in a forrest, abandoned setting 1945/1946. Cheers, Bas
  12. Hi All, Initial plan was to backdate Tamiya's HMS Nelson to its 1944 fit when she bombarded the French coast just after D-Day - Unfortunately, it'll take too much work so I'll save her for another day. Keeping with the floaty thing theme though, I'll have a second go at Airfix's LCVP - This time in the RN multicolour scheme. Second go? I did one a couple of years back for the August Blitzbuild Here. A nice simple little kit which I can enjoy a second time and hopefully at a less frenetic pace... KR's IanJ
  13. Here is my latest bench blocker, My second Revel FAA Corsair in 1;72 scale. In a break with tradition and against all common decency I have not posted the obligatory sprue shots or any of the decal set or the Eduard Zoom fret, mainly because I didn't take any. Having built one already I was aware of the immediate action remedy's on the wings, mainly fill the wing tip join gaps, fill the lights on the underside of the port wing and create another light and chop out the wingtip lights. I also fitted the stall vane outboard of the guns on the starboard wing. The radiators need a bit of shimming to fit nicely...…. The seat got some detail and the armour got some bolts and a new head rest.....Oh and the prop got reworked too. I made up the two fuselage vents side vents, these get cut down severely, and I gave the cowling a good reaming...... A bit of a rescribe and a shot of primer followed by Zinc chromate and gloss coat then Flory wash...……. Eduard Zoom...…………..frustrating as hell! This is during the build...………..before the really delicate and quite frankly invisible stuff! Pilots seat and bulkhead ready to go...…….. The lump all buttoned up...……. More of the Zoom set, the throttle quadrant was very flimsy, so I filled it with GatorsGrip which worked a treat! Parts of the Under Carriage were not great, they were a bit short, so I slid a thin length of brass tube inside another and cut two piston like lengths, using the original parts as a guide, I drilled a hole to accept the thicker end in the UC leg and put a dab of CA there then when I fitted the gear I extended the inner tube and CA`d the other end! That went in the win column! There was a bit of "Handbags" on here earlier in the week regarding FAA Corsairs and bombs, I wouldn't let it lie as usual, but it all got sorted, as usual members had all the relevant gen, the upshot is I need a couple of british bomb carriers, I still dont know weather they`ll go on this kite or not yet, it means getting a Swordfish for the relevant parts which will hold up the build...……………….. But there is another Corsair in the stash she`ll be a really late bird ! Radiator doors scribed and a shot of primer...…………… The lights on the starboard wing have been drilled out, they will get acrylic crystal treatment, the new port wing light will get a punched clear plastic lens. Armoured windscreen primed...…………. Bomb fairings after a scribe...…………...I have seen fots of these missing altogether and the hole plated over, or in place with the fittings for ordnance or tanks covered with the curved fairing as they are now. Canopy masked Here`s the Prop main wheels and the modified tail gear...……. all ready for the next sesh! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  14. I’ve been busy the last month or so, and really missed working on a model. At the same time, I have been lacking inspiration as to what to build (or complete... like most I suspect, have some half built kits hanging around). Picked this up last week and was almost enthused to start straight away, but decided to hold off for awhile. Now though I think I am ready, after looking at a few completed kits on this site (particularly @tonyot‘s collection - very inspiring). First, a box shot and the sprues: I’m going to do it straight out of the box in these markings, as Dunsfold is not far from where my in-laws live. I am sorted for the top colour, I’m going to use Tamiya XF62 Olive Drab (I brush paint mostly Tamiya Acrylics). However the undersides is another matter - I realise neutral grey may be a bit of can of worms. Any suggestions for a closeish match in Tamiya (or Vallejo at a pinch) would be gratefully received.
  15. Inspired by two recent RFI of very beautiful Spitfire 22, I went to my storage of finished models, searched for and found these two little models. I put in a little work and added position lights and tried to accent the panel lines. I used Revell Aqua Colours Silver. Here is my representation of the Airfix Spitfire F.Mk.22:
  16. Kit - Airfix 06015 Paint - All Tamiya acrylics Decals Xtradecal 72-273 Extras - none B-25D Mitchell 489th BS, 340th BG El Kabrit, Egypt Summer 1943 So here's my take on the Airfix B-25. One of my all-time favourite aircraft. Let's start with the kit, I could do pages on the fit, the quality of the engineering, the 'buildability' etc, etc. So long story short, folks, it's bl**dy superb - what you see here is precisely what comes in the box, cannot recall enjoying a build as much as I enjoyed this one is many years. I have tried two new techniques in the build - first time using the marbling technique for adding texture into the paint finish and first time using oil paints to dry-brush and fade the upper panels. First attempts aren't always successful, so I'll leave it to you folks to decide how I've done. If anyone is interested the build thread is here: Not much else to say, the 'sand' colour was mixed by eye using 'Dark Yellow' and 'Flesh' and possibly some luck and / or witchcraft. The Olive Drab had a couple of drops of Tamiya 'Deep Green' added and the underside grey is Tamiya's recent 'Medium Sea Grey' which to my eye is closer to the USAAF Neutral Grey. Thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment. Please feel free to hurl abuse, ask a question or make a comment - all welcomed. AFN, on to the next build (a grey jet). Best from a chilly Middle Earth. Ian.
  17. I wanted to join but time is short, and I'm still manfully working my way through a pair of challenging TT builds in the trainers QGB, a Pavla Martinet and a fairly elderly Special Hobby Vengeance. We're also away for 10 days for a family wedding so my bench time is limited in the coming weeks. So if permissible this Fleet Air Arm sub hunter and killer from Hasegawa should be a relatively straightforward and trouble free build compared to my recent builds. And is all in one colour. Five nicely moulded grey sprues, not extensively detailed but not at all bad. And one small mall sprue with the radar on it. I've so got a masking set in the stash from Eduard. All the glazing on a single, quite large sprue. And a white metal arrestor hook. Good idea as shouldn't break when handled. Typical Hasegawa instructions, simple breakdown of parts, logical build sequence and no obvious pitfalls. Hopefully the fit will be exemplary. with options for one Suez aircraft from HMS Bulwark. The transfers have yellowed so they'll have to go on the front window sill for a few weeks. If they don't bleach out the actual markings not the Musketeer stripes are pretty straightforward and I should be able to sort something out Now to get some paint on.
  18. As I am currently on summer vacation till beginning of August I have no chance to progress on my currently ongoing builds. But hence I have my notebook with me I can still make some brainstorming for my future projects. I have some deformed airframe parts from T-10M conversions due to wrong heat treatment process of self casted resin parts in oven. I have decided to use them for Su-27LL conversion which looks also very distinguished with her blue/gray paint scheme. I have made 3 view drawings based on available pictures in internet. But I could not found any reference pictures of real aircraft which show top and bottom surfaces. The only material I have is the instruction sheet from Begemot Decals. But still I have some doubts especially for upper surface. Here are my drawings with available data I have: I would like to build the aircraft displayed in 2013 MAKS. Any feedback/comments about the above drawings will be highly appreciated. Serkan
  19. Hello everyone! Here is the Airfix 1:72 McDonnell F2H-2P Banshee BuNo 126678 “2” of VMJ-1, USMC in Korea, 1951, which I built back in 2000. I opened up the solid-moulded camera ports in the nose, scratchbuilt some cameras and glazed the openings with Kristal Klear. The kit was fully painted with brush. Thanks for looking. Miguel
  20. Hey folks Been a l-o-n-g time since I posted a WiP thread here, so thought it's time I did just that. I bought the 'new' Airfix B-25 the day it was released simply because it's been one of my favourite aircraft for as long as I can remember. It's sat in the stash, waving and trying to grab may attention since it arrived. On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to have a couple of hours at the bench, and I finally gave-in to the temptation despite the three other aircraft and two car builds I have going-on ! Build will be straight from the box, decals are going to be from the excellent Xtradecal sheet 72-273. When it comes time to paint, I'll be trying the 'marble technique' for the first time so hopefully I don't stuff-it-up, but if I do, at least it will be 'in public' so to speak !! - During the course of the build if you have any thoughts, comments or questions, please feel free to chime-in any time. AFN, stay tuned - Best from NZ. Ian.
  21. My next build is Airfix's 1:72 Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V. I was lucky enough to receive this kit for Christmas, and am looking forward to the challenges of the build. The kit contains a very detailed instruction booklet, and decals for 2 aircraft. Several of the decals are rather large (which worries me slightly due to silvering), so I may carefully cut them down. There are 5 detailed grey sprues and 2 clear, these are very clean with little to no flash and help make this look like a great kit. There are two colour schemes for this kit, the Coastal Command version pictured on the box, and The British Overseas Aircraft Corporation. My son has chosen The British Overseas Aircraft Corporation scheme of 1942, which has no rear or nose guns or glass. I plan to make this an out of the box build, using Vallejo acrylics throughout. I hope to learn more about this aircraft along the way.
  22. I'm going to start with these two challenging ones. The Martinet already has had the resin parts cleaned and some paint on. I've added the white paint to the underside as a starter undercoat for the yellow. Here's the sprue shot and although some paint on nothing clipped off or assembled, so well within the 25% rule. Nice transfer sheet and a fair amount of resin but not too much and thankfully two vac canopies. This is the version I'll be doing, 772 Squadron NAS in South India near the end of the war. Thankfully there is also a nice paint guide for the 'stripy' underside.
  23. Ready for inspection is my 1:72 Airfix Armstrong Whitworth Whitley GR. Mk.VII. This is a straight from the box build, built with gear down and doors open. The only variation is that I have used Vallejo acrylics in place of the recommended Humbrol. The kit went together with relative ease, and has a nice amount of detail. Thanks for looking.
  24. Ready for inspection is my Airfix 1:72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat. I have built it straight from the box, with the sto-wings folded, the only deviation from the instructions is that I have used Vallejo acrylics (my personal preference). This is a cracking little kit, no flash really, lots of detailing, and it went together with relative ease. I've really enjoyed building this aircraft, and intend to build some more in the future. Thanks for looking.
  25. My next build is Airfix's 1:72 Grumman f4f-4 wildcat. I'm really looking forward to building this kit, it looks great, it's a pretty little aircraft, and I'm imagining the Sto-wing will be a challenge. The kit contains a detailed instruction booklet with a choice of two colour schemes, and a small decal sheet. There are four grey sprues and a smaller clear sprue, all are very detailed with no visible flash, it looks like it will be a superb kit to put together. I plan my build to be finished in the scheme of Wildcat VF-6 United States Navy, flown from USS Enterprise (CV-6) 1945, with landing gear down and wings folded in the Sto-wing position. It will be a right out of the box build, using Vallejo acrylics, I will aim to find the correct equivalents to the suggested Humbrol colours. Time to get underway, the sprues have had a wash and coat of Vallejo primer.
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