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Found 544 results

  1. Hello everyone! Here is the Airfix 1:72 McDonnell F2H-2P Banshee BuNo 126678 “2” of VMJ-1, USMC in Korea, 1951, which I built back in 2000. I opened up the solid-moulded camera ports in the nose, scratchbuilt some cameras and glazed the openings with Kristal Klear. The kit was fully painted with brush. Thanks for looking. Miguel
  2. Here is another Flanker project I have launched recently. If you follow my other topics that I have started in this forum, you may ask why I am launching a new one before completing existing ones. Each of these projects has some specific issues to be solved to continue (mostly based on casted parts with aged bleeding resin which was my fault not to check it's shelf life) and therefore they have to wait until the problem does not exist anymore. I hope it will not last too long Here the aim is to build Su-30MK No:603 using Heller Su-27UB kit with minimum modifications (we will see ) I have already made 3 view drawings of Su-30MK No:603 as given below: The next step will be to map camo onto model. Serkan
  3. My second contribution, the Special Hobby Vultee Vengeance in its target tug version. The plastic parts parts are relatively simple and they're nicely moulded although the detail is soft and the level is quite muted. Everything on a single sprue. A fair bit of resin, including a cockpit pit. Two vac formed canopies provided. Nice transfer sheet.
  4. I'm going to start with these two challenging ones. The Martinet already has had the resin parts cleaned and some paint on. I've added the white paint to the underside as a starter undercoat for the yellow. Here's the sprue shot and although some paint on nothing clipped off or assembled, so well within the 25% rule. Nice transfer sheet and a fair amount of resin but not too much and thankfully two vac canopies. This is the version I'll be doing, 772 Squadron NAS in South India near the end of the war. Thankfully there is also a nice paint guide for the 'stripy' underside.
  5. My next build is Airfix's 1:72 Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V. I was lucky enough to receive this kit for Christmas, and am looking forward to the challenges of the build. The kit contains a very detailed instruction booklet, and decals for 2 aircraft. Several of the decals are rather large (which worries me slightly due to silvering), so I may carefully cut them down. There are 5 detailed grey sprues and 2 clear, these are very clean with little to no flash and help make this look like a great kit. There are two colour schemes for this kit, the Coastal Command version pictured on the box, and The British Overseas Aircraft Corporation. My son has chosen The British Overseas Aircraft Corporation scheme of 1942, which has no rear or nose guns or glass. I plan to make this an out of the box build, using Vallejo acrylics throughout. I hope to learn more about this aircraft along the way.
  6. I wanted to join but time is short, and I'm still manfully working my way through a pair of challenging TT builds in the trainers QGB, a Pavla Martinet and a fairly elderly Special Hobby Vengeance. We're also away for 10 days for a family wedding so my bench time is limited in the coming weeks. So if permissible this Fleet Air Arm sub hunter and killer from Hasegawa should be a relatively straightforward and trouble free build compared to my recent builds. And is all in one colour. Five nicely moulded grey sprues, not extensively detailed but not at all bad. And one small mall sprue with the radar on it. I've so got a masking set in the stash from Eduard. All the glazing on a single, quite large sprue. And a white metal arrestor hook. Good idea as shouldn't break when handled. Typical Hasegawa instructions, simple breakdown of parts, logical build sequence and no obvious pitfalls. Hopefully the fit will be exemplary. with options for one Suez aircraft from HMS Bulwark. The transfers have yellowed so they'll have to go on the front window sill for a few weeks. If they don't bleach out the actual markings not the Musketeer stripes are pretty straightforward and I should be able to sort something out Now to get some paint on.
  7. My next build is Airfix's 1:72 Grumman f4f-4 wildcat. I'm really looking forward to building this kit, it looks great, it's a pretty little aircraft, and I'm imagining the Sto-wing will be a challenge. The kit contains a detailed instruction booklet with a choice of two colour schemes, and a small decal sheet. There are four grey sprues and a smaller clear sprue, all are very detailed with no visible flash, it looks like it will be a superb kit to put together. I plan my build to be finished in the scheme of Wildcat VF-6 United States Navy, flown from USS Enterprise (CV-6) 1945, with landing gear down and wings folded in the Sto-wing position. It will be a right out of the box build, using Vallejo acrylics, I will aim to find the correct equivalents to the suggested Humbrol colours. Time to get underway, the sprues have had a wash and coat of Vallejo primer.
  8. Hey folks Been a l-o-n-g time since I posted a WiP thread here, so thought it's time I did just that. I bought the 'new' Airfix B-25 the day it was released simply because it's been one of my favourite aircraft for as long as I can remember. It's sat in the stash, waving and trying to grab may attention since it arrived. On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to have a couple of hours at the bench, and I finally gave-in to the temptation despite the three other aircraft and two car builds I have going-on ! Build will be straight from the box, decals are going to be from the excellent Xtradecal sheet 72-273. When it comes time to paint, I'll be trying the 'marble technique' for the first time so hopefully I don't stuff-it-up, but if I do, at least it will be 'in public' so to speak !! - During the course of the build if you have any thoughts, comments or questions, please feel free to chime-in any time. AFN, stay tuned - Best from NZ. Ian.
  9. While I was sorting out the kit rest and spare parts left from massive kit butchery for various Flanker conversions reported in my other topics here, I have realized that I can build my own Flanker version by combining these parts. It will be a kind of creating a Frankenstein, therefore I have called this project as "Flankerstein". I hope you will like it. Serkan
  10. Hello all, Here is another Flanker "what-if" project I would like to share with you. After casting the front upper and lower halves of Su-27IB modification, a funny "what if" project came into my mind: Su-33UBM!... The idea is to combine Su-27IB nose with Su-33 rest parts left from T-10M conversion butchery: The casted Su-27IB parts seem to fit Su-33 rear fuselage halves without having big issues: To be continued Serkan
  11. The era of this GB saw the end of the piston engined fighter and the beginning of the jet age. I'll be doing two threads, this one of the FAA's last Supermarine piston fighter, a Seafire and their first Supermarine jet, the Attacker. I'll be tackling Hawker aircraft in a second thread. So here are the aircraft. Sword's Seafire MkXV which will be a post war example based at Hal Far. and AZModels Attacker FB2 which will be an HMS Eagle based aircraft in 1950. Let the building commence
  12. So, having taken the plunge and had my weak mind swayed decided to commit to three models for this GB, i will start with the venerable Blohm & Voss BV141. I had this very same kit purchased for me at a Badminton Airshow by my father, then decided to go against the painting instructions and paint in a WWI era lozenge camouflage. Rose tinted specs say it looked amazing, having binned the model decades ago it cannot hold up to modern scrutiny! So, the unboxing and note the pre-masked clear parts (i couldn't stop myself before taking this photo!) and slighty yellowed decals. The decals i can deal with, as i have a lot of spares kicking around if i need them. Thanks for looking, Matt
  13. The Flankers with canards are one of my favorite aircraft since long time and I was checking all available kits in market to build these nice birds. Finally I have decided to go with mainly Revell/Zvezda Su-27SM and Su-33 kits (and some "cloned" parts from Trumpeter Su-30MKK). In this topic I would like to share my work on progress with you and get your opinions/advice to improve my project. Regards Serkan
  14. I've 'won' the Zhengdefu 1:72 HAP-Tigre in our club's annual random modelling competition. Irrespective of the kit's merits (or not), the rules say I have to make it, but it's a subject I know little about. There are plenty of photos on the web of service machines, but I can't find any of the 1995 Paris demonstrator, or the French Army evaluation aircraft, which are the decal subjects in the kit. I'm particularly keen to know what style of gun turret and fairing (if any) these aircraft had and what the rotor head detail was like as the model's parts are noticeably different from service machines in these areas. I have found a photo of the prototype's first flight in 1991 and while its rotor head matches the kits', there's no gun turret carried. Please can you help.
  15. I got this a couple of weeks ago and rashly dived straight in. I do like Fulmar's and have quite a few done and more than a few in the stash. Although criticised as being a bit slow and not terribly aerobatic, it was a very effective fleet defence fighter. Remember, it was never designed to dog fight against fighters but defend the fleet against long range bombers and reconnaissance aircraft as well as acting as a spotter for gunnery. It did had a long range and could stay in the air for a long time, as well as being a stable and effective gun platform. Fulmars shot down more enemy aircraft than any other FAA fighter so it wasn't a failure and certainly was a major factor in the success of the Malta convoys. A nice set of well moulded sprues, although there is a little flash. Good cockpit and wheel well detail. There is a bit of paint on them already. I did say that I had dived straight in. Nice nice instructions but in traditional SH manner some locations are a bit vague. Clear sprue, a little bit of resin and some etch. Good transfer sheet from Cartograf for four versions I am going to do this version as it's a bit different. Happy modelling to come hopefully. I have also got a masking set. I recall the time it took to mask my previous attempts.
  16. I suppose you're all familiar with this striking artwork by Wiek Luijken for Osprey Publishing, which adorns the cover of their book of the Ju 88 Kampfgeschwadern in North Africa and the Med: It's nothing less than L1+AM, the long time ride of Joachim Helbig, the most famous aircraft of the most famous pilot/commander of the most famous bomber unit of the Luftwaffe south of the Alps. It's been said to log more than 750 combat flight hours and a total of more than 1000 flight hours, before getting destroyed on the ground due to aerial bombardment. Enough "mosts". This plane is definitely good for a ship-killer. It's combat record against 8th Army should qualify her as a tank-buster too. Probably spent several hours recceing for targets too. But a nightfighter... definitely no. I'm jealous for all you half-blind scale guys and the variety of pre-Jumo J engined Ju 88:s you're given by ICM. In the proper scale we have the very good Revell Jumo J- versions, but backdating them to A-5, D-2 and C-4 is practically impossible. So we have the Zvezda early A-4 kit, that is almost as difficult to backdate, and the out-of-the-box A-5/A-17 which is unfortunately getting very hard to find. But! ! I bought a Zvezda A-4 kit and got the surplus A-5 parts from a fellow Britmodeller's A-17 build, a very big thanks goes to @Mikemx! So Zvezda A-4 kit + Zvezda A-5 parts + Eduard masks + Humbrol enamels + AIMS and Revell decals are my way to go. Can't wait to get started - though I have a Revell A-4 to finish before that in the Maritime Patrol GB. Good to have a deadline! Best regards, V-P
  17. It must be the recent run of hot days, but despite the tales of woe I have read about the Valom Hampden torpedo bomber I am going to give it a go. Nothing to lose really as I picked it up cheap at a model expo. At the least it will be character building. A box top top shot to start with. As this is intended as an out of the box build, I will be making this 489 Squadron aircraft, although I will be painting it with the Temperate Sea Scheme of dark slate grey and extra dark sea grey rather than the green and brown bomber colours, as I gather that is more likely. I made a start with the instrument panel, more to keep my fingers of my close to complete Beaufort (so I don't rush and spoil it). The panel is a sandwich of a plastic back part, a printed film and a photoetch front. Not done one of these before. I painted the back plate white, stuck the film to it with some Micro Kristal Klear. The photo etch I painted black, and dry brushed with some medium sea grey while still on the fret. I then carefully attached it to the rest of the assembly with Micro Kristal Klear. Looks pretty good to me, although not sure how much of it will be seen through the canopy.
  18. I’ve been busy the last month or so, and really missed working on a model. At the same time, I have been lacking inspiration as to what to build (or complete... like most I suspect, have some half built kits hanging around). Picked this up last week and was almost enthused to start straight away, but decided to hold off for awhile. Now though I think I am ready, after looking at a few completed kits on this site (particularly @tonyot‘s collection - very inspiring). First, a box shot and the sprues: I’m going to do it straight out of the box in these markings, as Dunsfold is not far from where my in-laws live. I am sorted for the top colour, I’m going to use Tamiya XF62 Olive Drab (I brush paint mostly Tamiya Acrylics). However the undersides is another matter - I realise neutral grey may be a bit of can of worms. Any suggestions for a closeish match in Tamiya (or Vallejo at a pinch) would be gratefully received.
  19. I will be joining this GB either a AC-47T Fantasma of the Colombian Air Force. The Basler BT-67 is a remanufactured and modified Douglas DC-3; the modifications designed to significantly extend the DC-3's serviceable lifetime. Not just a case of adding new turbo prop engines, but the forward fuselage is extended to keep the centre of gravity correct. The wing tips are also modified, as are the ailerons, elevators and wing tips. From Jet Photos https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8073362 I will be using the Airfix Douglas Dakota boxing as the base kit and the Alley Cat Models Basler AC-47T Fantasma conversion set. Images to to follow shortly, once I can get into my Flickr account.
  20. Hi all, apologies if the initial title confused anyone - no, this is not a perverse rehash of that hideous girl-band song from the 90s. This is a new one on me in a number of ways; firstly, I've never started another project whilst still having one on the boil as it were. Secondly, to my knowledge this is my first go at an Italeri offering, although I have several such kits in my pile right now. It also represents my first go at something where major surgery will be required in order to get it to the required shape! Interestingly, the venture also appears to be a first for this forum - a fairly comprehensive search has not returned any WIP for this particular aircraft; unless anyone knows different, in which case please can you point me in its direction! It may be some days before I am even able to make a start, so I will use some of that time to look into what exactly I will need to do. First though, I would like to acknowledge the generosity of Mr @Bungled in forwarding to me the kit that will now form the basis for this project. It's currently missing any kind of front windscreen clear part, which according to Messrs Italeri will cost me the princely sum of 5-6 Euro to replace - assuming they are even able to locate replacements At the present time I am thinking of modelling the aircraft as used by Canadian Airways Ltd (registration CF-ARM) - sourcing suitable decals for that could prove problematic! Another challenge will be obtaining an appropriate propeller(s) - reference pics show that what at first sight was a 4-blade prop, was in fact two 2-blade props at right-angles to each other on the one shaft! The problem is, the prop blades are longer than the existing 2-blade props in the kit. So there it is, that's the plan - let the laughter commence...
  21. I have finally got around to uploading some photos of my Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.I. I thought I had posted it last weekend before we went away for the week, only to discover today that I hadn't. So anyway, ready for inspection is my 1:72 Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.I, the aircraft is built in the night fighter scheme of N3328 of No. 151 Squadron, flown by Sgt J.L. Coulter (pilot) RAAF. There is a wealth of information about this aircraft online and film footage of the excavation of its crash site available on YouTube. I would like to thank Andy for emailing me the crash cards from the real aircraft, I aim to sit the build ontop of them once printed. The build is an out of the box build, the kit went together really well Airfix have done a fantastic job, the only variations I have made is using Vallejo acrylics, and mixing up a very dark grey/black for the aircrafts top coat. I hope I have done both the pilot and aircraft proud. Thanks for looking.
  22. Based on my ongoing Su-35UB (T-10UBM-1) project I launched another project to build Su-30MKI/MKM which needs additional modifications on VTP and TVN area (and new antennas, sensors for Su-30MKM). Here are my 3 view drawings of new project: Cheers Serkan
  23. Dear all, Please find below some images of my recently finished Special Hobby Vultee V1A in the colours of American Airlines. The build in itself went pretty smooth, but close to the finish line I wanted to respray the anti-glare panel and with the masking tape pulled off part of the decals... Special Hobby wasn't able to supply a replacement, but Arctic Decals came to the rescue. Of course Mika from Arctic also corrected some of the errors in the decal sheet, so 'kiitos' (thank you in Finnish) to Mika. On to the pictures! Peter
  24. Since long time I was waiting for Zvezda's new Su-27UB kit (7294) for one of my ongoing Flanker projects namely Su-35UB. The main idea is to merge Zvezda's Su-33 and Su-27UB kits. Next I will add some pictures of my work in progress. Regards, Serkan
  25. As I was looking around to find some reference pictures for one of my ongoing projects namely Su-27M (T-10M 701, 703, 709 and 711) I have landed the Ken's Su-27IB conversion progress page. Then I decided to launch a parallel project for T-10V1 conversion using one of my Revell Su-27SM (I have 60+ pieces of it ) and Italeri Su-34 (currently only 4 pieces in hand) kits. The main idea is to join Su-34 nose and Su-27 rest. Next I will add some pictures of my work in progress. Regards, Serkan
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