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Found 445 results

  1. Hello guys, here's my most recently completed model, Hobby Boss's Bf 109G-2 in 1:48.
  2. I did most of my growing up in Chicago in the 1980s. My first few years were in Poland and later West Germany, but I didn't really build models at that very young age. We had a great hobby shop in my part of town, and I would go there with my uncle and we'd both get Tamiya and Italeri (italierie back then) tanks. They were about $5-10 back then. I remember when my uncle got a Tamiya churchill that was over $20 and it seemed like a fortune. Time permitting, I'll revisit one of these early tanks, bit first some unfinished business... Around 1990 I became interested in aircraft models, and suddenly it became easier to find models for sale, because almost every toy store, department store, corner five & dime, and junk shop carried Monogram and Revell kits. They were our equivalent of Airfix and Matchbox in 1970s UK. My first airplane was a Testors (ex Hawk) P-51D. That model is best left to nostalgia, as even back then I remember thinking it was a dud. Shortly afterwards came a Monogram P-40 and Harrier. I actually remember my mom getting me the harrier at the Toys R Us at the Brickyard Mall. And I may be conflating memories here, but I think when we came home that day, my dad was watching Hammer's "You Can't Touch This" on TV. I think it was late summer, shortly before the start of the school year, because I recall feeling anxious. I don't know, it was 30 years ago, and I was 12... Anyhow, one reason the harrier kit stands out is because it was the first kit i never finished. I remember trying to paint it with whatever colors I had, and that meant a a set of gooey, clumpy, ultra glossy Testors enamels from the little square jars. I had some random shade of gray and green, and the result was junk! This kit was the first one to die on my shelf of doom. Today I'm determined to reverse this, and maybe close the loop on unfinished kits. I was able to find the same boxing of this kit as I had in 1990. I actually bought it about five years ago. I had grand designs to upgrade and tweak things, but I kept putting it aside. This GB will be my chance to finally build it. I think I'll build it largely the way Monogram intended. I'll probably need new decals, and I might try to hunt down fuel tanks, as the snakeye and sidewinder load seems unusual. But maybe I'll leave it. Who knows? Here are the pieces. It looks like I painted a few sometime in the last five years. I glued a few together as well. But we'll under the allotted limit. Yes? Wish me luck, boys and girls.
  3. Having been a Navy brat and spent some time in myself, I have always been fascinated by their aircraft but strangely always have built RAF models. However this is about to stop and Fleet Air Arm all the way now, starting with the wonderful Sea Vixen which has always been a favourite of mine, probably because my father was on carriers. I vaguely remember going onboard HMS Eagle when she returned from the far east in 1972 and seeing these mighty beasts has left a lasting impression. So the fun begins !
  4. Good day all! Hope you are all keeping well, or as well as you possibly can. This is my latest completion, Hasegawas AR234 B in 1:48. I got this quite cheap as a second hand from my LHS so I also splashed out on a couple of extras. I used the Aires Cockpit detail set along with the landing gear bay set. Both of these sets are exquisite and beautifully cast. The cockpit set is well worth it as the greenhouse style cockpit canopy really calls out for some extra detailing. The landing gear bay is also beautifully produced but unfortunately the gear well door openings are so small you can really see any of the detail. I wish I had taken a couple of pictures before assembly just to show that area off! But alas no, still at least I know its in there! The kit went together very well as you would expect with a modern Hasegawa kit. I hardly used any filler and by careful test fitting the parts went together nicely. My only problem was for some reason I kept picking it up by the nose canopy area which kept cracking the glued joins and caused me great annoyance - but that was only down to my clumsiness though. Paints were all from the Vallejo Air range and decals were the ones supplied by the kit. I did have a couple of embellishments though, I really liked the set up for the recon cameras in the rear fuselage, I couldn't find any examples of the 'B' variant having these fitted but I installed them anyway with the glass panels. A bit of artistic license if you like. Any how this was a nice kit to build and went together quite quick, definitely recommend the cockpit resin set but don't worry too much about the undercarriage bay. Here are the photos... And just to show off the exquisite detail in the wheel wells! There is some there honest guv! This was as good a shot of the cockpit as I could manage! Thanks for looking in! Bob
  5. Hi there! I've recently been drawn towards dioramas. I've always found them to be super cool - and as a kid I started a few but they never got finished. Found Warhammer games instead and off I went. Anyways, I've been back in the hobby for year and a half now, making quite a few airplanes which are my passion. But like I said, recently I've picked up interest in the dioramas again and wanted to try to do one. I got couple models on the post, but I wanted to start with something that I already have. And I have this: I don't normally do 1/48 - so the ones I do I usually try to do something special with them. I've gotten this Monogram 1/48 as a gift it came to my mind as I was flipping through the 'Bent & Battered Wings'. Couple of images stood out for me: On the back of the book there is this photo which is like a ready diorama on its own! Now, I don't have a Banshee, but I have a Skyraider: So maybe something like this. Maybe not as beaten, I think this plane has had a fire after it came down - but something in similar vein. Rough idea for the diorama. The extras are from old Monogram B-24 kit, including the tractor. Not the greatest of details but inspired by the scratch building master @JeroenS maybe we can pull something off and make it look more detailed. Probably can't do anything about the tracks, but what we can't make better, we will hide with mud! Let's see what comes out of this.
  6. Kit - Airfix Paint - All enamels & AML vinyl camouflage masks. Decals - Academy, Kits World 48058, Kit & spares. Extras - None Curtiss Warhawk 81A-2 Sq. Ldr. John Van Kuren Newkirk 2nd Pursuit Squadron (Panda Bears) American Volunteer Group Burma, early 1942 One of those subjects that I've wanted in the cabinet for so long. When Airfix brought this kit out - like the B-25 - I ordered it directly and may have been one of the first folks here in NZ to get my dirty paws on it. Long-story short, it wasn't an easy build, all the locating tabs and pins needed to be removed from the wings in order to get a proper-looking dihedral, and even now I think it's too shallow, there was also a fair amount of chamfering needed where the root meets the top of the wing. No matter it's all done now and I'm really pleased with it. I found the AML camouflage masks by accident in the Hannants catalogue and bought them without hesitation - d*mn glad I did, because getting the Curtiss factory applied pattern would have been quite tricky. If you haven't tried them for your more complicated camo patterns, I'd say give them a go, they worked great for me - your experience however, may differ. Also first time using Kits World decals... won't be the last, they are superb, reminded me very much of the much-missed Eagle Strike sheets in the way they performed, clarity, register etc. Not much else to say, other than the wing-fit issues, it's a delight, cannot see me doing another 'Curtiss', but along with the (already built) Defiant, Hurricane and Mk.V Spit, this is a superb addition to the Airfix 1:48 range, looking forward to the next one, (don't tell Frau, but I bought the (early) P-51D this morning aswell). Next from me will be a (very) 'Old Skool' Airfix build, which has already consumed more filler and sheets of wet'n dry than my last six builds combined. Best from NZ, AFN Ian.
  7. Short Crusader 810hp / 604kw Bristol Mercury 1 Built for, but not entered into, the 1927 Schneider Trophy race in Venice Maximum quoted speed 270mph / 434kmh 1:48 resin kit by Karaya , with a few modifications; White metal pilot by Phoenix Figures, again with a few modifications; Resin Bristol Mercury (crankcase & half of one cylinder only!) by Vector; Timber plinth by Jim's Bases; 'Sea Blur' plinth graphic by Coastal Kits. A tortuous long-winded account of the build lives over here Can't believe it's done! Please forgive the mobile phone photography, my camera is .. somewhere in a box.
  8. Hi guys! Well, Cosford was a few days ago and I managed to come across a wonderful Airfix 1:48 Canberra PR.9: (amongst other things >_> ) I was inspired by Navy Bird's excellent 1:72 Canberra PR.9 "End of an era": ...and thought I should probably have a go myself. So, the plan of attack is as follows: -OOB apart from a fair bit of scratchbuilding -Scratchbuild the cockpit -Scratchbuild the Navigator's "cupboard" -Scratchbuild the flare/bomb-bay -Open up a few panels, if possible? -Gear down, flaps down, flare/bomb-bay open -Scratchbuild the cameras -*Anything else that needs editing/making (The chosen scheme) What I could do with are some good reference drawings/photos of the flare/bomb-bay. Also, could I ask what panels on the Canberra could be removed for maintenance, I would be particularly keen on modelling panels that gave access to the cameras or perhaps a reference showing the engine cowling removed (who knows, I could have a go at scratchbuilding an engine!). Thanks for dropping by! Kind regards, Sam -Oh and an update for those following my application for medicine= rejected. Nevermind, Biomed it is!
  9. A new thread! A new cardboard jig! Fresh solid, weighty resin floats already with cheeky white socks & sturdy stance white metal struts! Test fit with horizontal radiators doing an impression of a wing... Test fit with shapely curved cowled fuselage! And I'm underway with my next Schneider Trophy racer!!
  10. Gentlemen... The model I present is a SFR Yugoslav MiG-21PFM in experimental (RAF) camouflage back in the '70s. Kit is an Eduard weekend edition built OOB with the exception of decals. please check my blog for more info and photos: http://militaryaviation148.blogspot.com/ thanks for looking in.
  11. Kit - Tamiya Paint - Alclad & AK Xtreme metal lacquers, Tamiya acrylics. Decals - Aeromaster 48-569 Extras - Eduard placard set, Ultracast resin wheels Republic P-47D-27 Thunderbolt Assigned to Major Clay Tice 507th FS, 404th FG Autumn 1944 Not too much to say in all honesty; Tamiya's still superb 2003 kit is a dream to build and really does define the 'shake & bake' kit in my opinion - this is the fourth one I've built and the first 'bubbletop'. The AK Xtreme Metal lacquers continue to astonish at just how 'user friendly' they are... just need some more tones as my choice is a wee bit more limited than I'd like, hence I used a couple of Alclads in this build. As ever please feel free to comment, hurl abuse or ask a question. Next two projects are already on the bench and both come from boxes marked 'Airfix'. Best from NZ. Ian.
  12. I love this model! I had such a great time with this kit, as it provides a lot of options for interesting markings, as well as ability to build it with a fully exposed engine. The kit is fairly well detailed (alas the inner gear door actuator arms are missing) and is simple to build. Clear bits are a bit foggy, but that actually worked to my advantage, since I wanted to build a pretty weathered airplane. The model is painted with Gunze and Tamiya paints and weathered with oil dot filters. I used Tamiya weathering master makeup for the wheel dirt. The only extra bit was some generic PE harnesses I found in my decal stash, of all places. Not sure what they were initially for, but probably not a yak. all my photos were lit the same way, why can't I get this kind of clarity and light level consistently? Thanks for looking.
  13. Hello folks, Just completed my latest work on the table, a 1/48 J8M Shūsui rocket interceptor. As a Japanese copy of the German Me-163 Komet it was a less known topic, and Finemolds is the only game in town. The limited version I bought comes with a pair of cannon barrels so I made my Shūsui into a "what-if" combat ready model (The real one didn't pass beyond unarmed prototype stage). For a kit originally released in the 90's the assembly is super straightforward, apart from the built-in PE set I just replaced the plastic pitot tube on the left wing with brass, and it was ready for painting. I used the sole surviving Shūsui from the Planes of Fame Air Museum as a camouflage reference, but used green instead of orange (the colour for trainer/prototype aircraft). The upper was painted with dark green from AK interactive's WW2 IJN Aircraft Colours set. After masking I painted the bared lower using Gaia Colour's star bright duralumin. The roundels were painted too, after finding out the decals have become unusable after decades. The plane was weathered using MIG (filtering and washing), AK (panelining) and oil paints (color modulation and fake shadows) before a protective semigloss coating. I made a small round base using rigid foam covered with Tamiya's weathering paste. To better reflect the name of the aircraft (Shūsui means "Autumn Water" literally in Japanese) as well as the time it would've seen combat (Autumn 1945), I planted some yellow autum grass onto the base. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Some WIP pics: Cheers.
  14. You guys, it's here!!! I ordered this kit from Megahobby on Tuesday night and it arrived this morning. Big kudos to Megahobby and the US Postal service. Granted, MH is in New Jersey and I'm in Maryland, so it's not that long of a trip, but considering the covid crap, I'm impressed by the speedy delivery, and I'm grateful to both. If there are any posties reading this - big thank you to all of you for the work you do during these dumb times. You are the glue holding us all together. More to come soon.
  15. One way or another not had any time, or inclination, to be at the modelling desk. Picked up the Weekend Edition boxing of Eduard 1:48 Bf108 a few weeks ago, a great relaxing build. Finished as my interpretation of one of the machines seized at the beginning of the war. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics (for the top camouflage) and Italeri Acrylic for the underside yellow - which was a a bit of a pain to do! Light wash with oils and a a spray with Tamiya flat clear from a rattle can to finish. Decals from the spares box. Thanks for looking!
  16. My entry for this GB will be the HobbyBoss 1:48 F-18A Hornet She will be in the markings of VFA-25 'Fist of the Fleet' circa 1987 whilst the squadron (part of CVW-14) was assigned to USS Constellation stationed the Western Indian Ocean / Arabian Gulf providing air cover during Operation Earnest Will So the build will be another learning exercise I will be adding the Aires Resin Cockpit - eek! Painting ... Black-basing & mottling, Make it up as I go along haha etc to give a grubby , well used exposed to the elements finish Kit pictures will go here when Aires cockpit is delivered!
  17. Good day one and all! Just seen the thread open so laying down my marker. I am going for Italeris Avenger in 1:48 (the old Accurate Miniatures kit). This one will be decked out as a Fleet Air Arm version, hoping to do a Pacific Fleet one. The only thing I have done is blow the dust off and give it a good wash! I will do the obligatory parts and accessories shots tonight and post them up tomorrow, along with more details on what version I am doing. Until then Laters! Bob
  18. Hello My newest creation. Effect of quarantine. Enjoy. As the last I guess most iconic British planes form WW2. (Spitfire its Eduard production) Cheers Mike
  19. Hello guys, here's my sixteenth model since the beginning of the quarentine. It's the Tamiya 1:48 Raiden with the striking orange-yellow lightning bolts on the fuselage. I hope you enjoy the photos.
  20. Good evening guys, here are some photis of my most recently completed model, a Hasegawa N1K2-J Shidenkai in 1:48. The numbers on the tail came from a Tamiya Raiden and Zero, while the 4 was masked and painted by me.
  21. Hello guys, here's my latest build, Hasegawa's 1:48 J7W1. The original box of this kit was for the jet version J7W2, but I wanted to have another J7W1, so I used the propeller that came with the kit. The name Shinden means "Magnificent Lightning" when translated, so the decals are really appropriate for this aircraft.
  22. Hello guys, here's my next model, Hasegawa's Shinden in 48th scale. I'll be building it as the propeller pushed J7W1 instead of the jet powered J7W2, but I'll add the underneath fuel tank.
  23. Alas, wrong scale
  24. Hello guys, this is my latest project, Hasegawa's 1:48 F-86. It was an awesome kit to build, without issues.
  25. Good afternoon, Below my efforts on the wolfpack SU-27 Flanker, of the Russian Knights. While I mostly enjoy propeller planes, I could not resist the fantastic lines of this plane. Thanks for looking and comments more than welcome. CF
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