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Found 9 results

  1. Continuing the Royal Navy theme, it's way back to the time of HMS Glory serving in the Korean War, with her air group of Fireflies and Sea Furies. First up, the Fairey Firefly. I'll be making it oob as usual but adding a few odd bits here and there. I might try and do a different serial number/code to the decals, as I try not to ever make models of aircraft that have crashed. Only problem is, information from this far back is hard to come by; I have no idea which specific Fireflies 812 NAS used, so it might be time for artistic licence. Nice box art ... It's an old kit, so I assume there'll be errors and fit issues? Anyone have any tips? As a start, I've given the observer a few more boxes to play with, his position was looking somewhat sparse. And the crew can now safely belt up ...
  2. Maybe it’s my age, well, I was born in 1952 after all, but I really like the jets from the ’50s. To me, they just look like a jet fighter is supposed to. It seems that to aircraft designers back then, there was no limit to their imagination. Some of the most beautiful fighters(the Hawker Hunter comes to mind!) were born then and no computer calculations determined that. For many it seems that if it looked “right” then it was! This is another of the “good” Monogram kits I think. It’s possible to make a real nice model out of this old bird. I originally bought this kit back in the late 1980s(!) and it sat in the stash for years. When I did finally get around to building it, I tried an experiment of sorts. I primed the bottom side in a dark gray, and then sprayed the light gray over that. Then, I gently sanded away the lighter color over the raised panel lines. It turned out pretty much as I wanted, but the pics I’ve taken show it to be much dirtier that I’d like. Oh well, that’s how it goes with builders of “four-footers” such as myself. I really like the looks of the Thunderstreak and yes, I do know about it’s shortcomings as a service aircraft. I always thought it was cooler looking than the F-86 Sabre but it's career was not as illustrious. I'm not certain, but I believe that French F-84Fs were used in combat during the Suez Crisis and that may have been the only combat usage of the type. Someone here maybe able to confirm that? Still, it’s a sleek, swept-wing beauty to me and I love how it looks parked with it’s 1950’s peers. The kit dates back to 1984 and its detail must’ve been somewhat state of the art back then. I have seen examples on the web that are really outstanding. I finished mine in the three color camo seen on these birds near the end of their use. This one represents an aircraft of the Texas Air Guard. I used Humbrol 116 enamel for the darker green, Humbrol 117 for the lighter green, Model Master Tan for the third color. The underside was done in Model Master camo gray. All of the upper colors were lightened with Humbrol satin white to get a faded look and sprayed with the venerable Paasche Model H. The decals are a combination of aftermarket and kit choices. The seat harnesses are from an Eduard set for an F-104 if I recall correctly. I figured close enough for government work! The characteristic insulation around the canopy framing is EZ Mask vinyl stripes and I used EZ Masks to paint the canopy too. The canopy support arms gave no end of trouble and I redid them several times, finally achieving the most tenuous attachment to the canopy. The arms should be more vertical but damn, I was just tired of fooling with it and left it as is. We’ll just say the hydraulics are leaking a bit, lol. The model has many flaws, as do most of mine. But, it is finished and I love seeing it in my “gallery” of 1950’s planes. As usual, I photographed her at the little Cameron airport. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at her! Comments are always welcomed! Gary https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_F-84F_Thunderstreak http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_fighters/p84_12.html Some cockpit pics:
  3. Hot on the heals of the Sea Venom comes another little-publicised Royal Navy jet, the Supermarine Attacker F.1. This kit is even more basic than the Frog Sea Venom! This is all there is ... Look at these! Most basic decals of all time? Luckily I had these left over on an old aftermarket decal sheet!
  4. After a visit to the superb Fleet Air Arm Museum recently, I decided to find a few Navy bargains on ebay, one of these being this ancient 1/72 Frog Sea Venom. It looks like a nice simple kit and a sojourn back to this scale after a lot of 1/48 kits. I also picked up a Wyvern, Gannet AEW and Sea Harrier in this scale, so if the Venom turns out ok I might do one of them next. Fairly basic Frog fare, reasonable simple decal sheet (hoping they don't break up in the water!) and I even ordered some FAA colour scheme sprays too. All set to go. Well, after Blue Dot Festival anyway. Who knows how to turn matt into gloss once it's sprayed on and dry? Is it fraught with danger and bubbling/running/changing colour? What do I need - is there a 'magic' spray I can use over the whole airframe?
  5. This is one of my more recent builds. It was my second Tamiya kit to finish and it was well-engineered and thoughtfully designed. I started this Skyray in 2012, only to put it aside about half finished. I returned to it and finished it in August 2015. I took her out to the Cameron Airport for a little photo-session. We have a new hangar out there and I wanted to use it for a background. It was quite hot even in the time I was there, 10am-noon, building up to a heat index of 108 in the afternoon if I recall. The Douglas F4D was a carrier-based American fighter. The 1947 Navy requirement for which it was designed called for an aircraft that could reach 50,000 feet in five minutes, enabling it to intercept enemy bombers. Some interesting facts from Wikipedia: "Although it was in service for a relatively short time (1956-1964) and never entered combat, it was the first carrier-launched aircraft to hold the world's absolute speed record, at 752.943 mph,[1] and was the first United States Navy and United States Marine Corps fighter that could exceed Mach 1 in level flight.[2]It was the last fighter produced by the Douglas Aircraft Company before it merged with McDonnell Aircraft and became McDonnell Douglas." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_F4D_Skyray) Even though the Skyray didn't see combat, it's intriguing to imagine how that might have played out. It's first test flight occurred January 21, 1951, during the Korean War. A couple of it's early test pilots, Bob Rahn and Major Marion Carl, said this about the Skyray: " Rahn called the machine a "fighter pilot's dream", the best machine he had taken into the sky since flying the Spitfire. Its instability made it supremely agile for a skilled pilot, and Rahn claimed that he out-flew every Air Force chase plane sent up with him. Marine Major Marion Carl, one of the top test pilots of the era, flew the Skyray and claimed: "If we had this airplane now in Korea, I could just pop off the MiGs -- one, two, three." (https://web.archive.org/web/20070805072633/http://www.vectorsite.net/avskyray.html) The Skyray was also the only Navy jet fighter assigned to NORAD. "The F4D not only served with the US Navy and Marines, it also served under USAF command, though not with USAF pilots. One Navy Skyray squadron, VFAW-3 out of North Island in San Diego, was assigned to the North American Air Defense (NORAD) system under Air Force control, scrambling to intercept intruders entering the southwestern corner of the USA. The Navy Skyrays participated in Air Force interceptor competitions and walked away with their share of prizes. VFAW-3 Skyrays deployed to Naval Air Station Key West in Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the fall of 1962, protecting US airspace from Cuban intruders. There were radar contacts with MiGs but nobody ever tried to force a confrontation." (https://web.archive.org/web/20070805072633/http://www.vectorsite.net/avskyray.html) The gull gray on top and insignia white underneath are Model Master enamel, and the wingwalks are Humbrol dark gull enamel. The leading edges were done with Humbrol matt aluminum. Paint was applied with my Paasche H using CO2. The paint scheme was deceptively simple at first but turned out to require a lot of masking, compounded by several mistakes on my part. The final finish is MM semi-glass acrylic clear and Future was used for a gloss-coat for decaling and weathering with Flory washes and pastel chalks. I used the kit decals for the most part with a few from my decal spares stash. EZ Masks were used for the canopy. It is pretty much all out of the box, with tape seatbelts added to the ‘pit. Originally, I intended to build her “clean” to show off the Skyray’s cool lines but in the end, I did gaudy her up with a full load-out. Looking back on my recent progress, I realize several were 1950s jets! Man, I just love the planes from this era. The Navy and the Air Force weren’t afraid of trying any new designs it seems now, and new designs were coming off the ‘boards at a fast rate back then. It doesn’t help that all these cool aircraft were coming along when I was a tender youth, zooming their plastic lookalikes around my room and yard! Thanks for taking a look at my “Ford” and as usual, I do appreciate your interest! Gary
  6. On we go with the RAF Cold War jets; hot on the heals of the Sabre comes this tiny Vampire FB.5 from Heller. On opening the box I was pleasantly surprised by its neatness and simplicity - though I bet this is actually a harder kit to build well than it looks! Could be interesting getting the booms straight and finding enough space in that tiny nose for enough weight! Here is the obligatory opening shot. I'm undecided on the decals. I'd like to build the kit option OOB, but the decals look quite old, and I understand that the shark's mouth should actually be black inside with a red trim, does anyone know if that's correct? I've also read that this particular aircraft didn't even carry the mouth, or if so then just for a few days!? Again, any information would be welcome. In the meantime I'm going to consider some alternate markings in case I don't go with the kit ones.
  7. Looking for FS Standard number for flight deck Colossus-class aircraft carrier of the British Royal Navy for the 1950's (Korean war period). Dark grey + white markings? Any FS number info would help. Any ship: HMS Colossus, Glory, Ocean, Venerable, Vengeance, Pioneer, Warrior, Theseus, Triumph, Perseus, Majestic,Terrible, Magnificent, Hercules, Leviathan, Powerful... Thanks.
  8. I hope someone here can help me with this. I am sure that at one time, someone (Leading Edge, Arrow Graphics, ???) offered a 1/72 decal sheet of Post War - 1950s black code letters. I have a few sheets of numbers, but can not locate a corresponding sheet of letters. Does anyone know who or if such a decal sheet ever existed? and, if so, who made? Thanks!
  9. I found this in amongst the feed of new films from Persicope Films: Tony
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