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Found 3,698 results

  1. Hello all, for my entry I will be building Italeri's A10. The kit come with four decal options 2 European green schemes and 2 low vis grey schemes but one has the shark mouth and the later the snake teeth options. I haven't decided which on to build as yet as the kit is not right for a or c model. Just found the Print scale decal sheet which has an experimental camo with warthog tusks and nostrils, 3 tone brown camo looks unusual. Now that the Blackbird is finished I can get started on this one. IMGA0746 by neil Connor, on Flickr
  2. It's been a while since I posted any progress on modelling work, due mostly to six weeks contract work away from home in London, followed by just over three weeks vacation in Japan. On my return I contracted a chest infection and just felt yuk for a while!. I'm well on the mend now and although I have a handful of projects on the go, I decided I needed a small new project to get my mojo going again. Some constant nagging gentle encouragement from the member for Bury St Edmunds, aka @Courageous, also had a part to play .................. and you will be pleased to know Stuart, I have also done more work on the Vosper, but you'll have to wait a bit to see that! Some of you will have seen some questions I posted in the Interwar section a while back to obtain some information on the Gamecock. Responses were very helpful and encouraged me to start this one which had been sitting in the back of a cupboard for many years. The customary box top artwork, which when I dusted off the box, was in itself enough to get me cutting plastic! A start has now been made....... The cockpit consists of white metal floor and seat, to which I added some wire rudder pedals, which when closed up can't really be seen, but I know they are there......... All closed up with seat inside And the white metal I/P is in there painted up for effect: Lower wing will be next up, together with some work to clean up the white metal front and engine. More to come Terry
  3. Hi, The other day I was wondering why in the recent past I have had so much trouble obtaining a 1/72 kit of the venerable Caribou (which also, coincidentally, happens to be my favourite transport aircraft). As far as I'm aware only Hobbycraft from Canada has ever brought one out to relatively modern standards, but it seemingly disappeared years ago. Any thoughts among fellow Caribou enthusiasts on what the chances are of this kit returning to shop's shelves? Also, does anyone know what happened to the molds for this model kit? Jay Pic by Bidgee
  4. Well, as promised over on the YRF-84F Build Thread here are the finished pics: Again, thanks to fellow modeler Bill Dye, who inspired this build. As usual, it's not perfect, but it's better than the one I had before... Ed
  5. If I may, this seems like a good time to build this. What do you mean, 'tidy your room'? That's time I could spend building. Nice bits. A fair bit for flash, some of it a bit thick, such as that around the fin. But, lovely resin wheel well and seat. Plastic is cut:
  6. Hello! My contribution for this GB will be the F100F Wild Weasel I. I've had the deepest respect for all crews involved in the SEAD/DEAD mission (or rather, I remember how tricky it was in the good old PC flight Sim EF2000 back in the 90:s) During the Vietnam war it was clear that something needed to be done about the SA-2 threat on a more permanent basis, and the Wild Weasel concept was born. A fast(ish) two seater was needed, and suitable modded to pick up and and locate the SA-2 radar. Once found, they would then mark the target to lead a bunch of strikers to take the site out. The aircraft chosen was the old (that that time) F-100F because they were available, not because they were the best choice. Equipment were different radar detectors and homing devices and to deal with the threat it was then attacked with cannon, rockets or napalm. Unfortunately the F-100F was slower than the strike team the were supposed to protect, and after less than a year it was replaced in theater by the much more capable EF-105F and the F-105G, which had the speed, equipment and weapons to be a better Weasel. This little picture sums it up best: There is a lot more to read up on the F-100F and its Wild Weasel missions on the net, and I might add that to the reference thread later on. Anyway, the plastic I've chosen is this: Trumpys model is lovely detailed and has plenty of parts which is always nice. I know about the fin having the wrong sweep angle, cockpit being way too long and its also missing all the stuff to make a Weasel out of it. I do not plan to change the cockpit nor the fin, but will make an effort to scratch all needed ECM and radio stuff. Just to show that I haven't started yet, here are the runners: Since I'm almost unable to build models without some AM stuff, I tried to keep my AMS in check and have only got this: LAU-3 and napalm canisters will be taken from the old Hasegawa weapon sets. I can already say that I have no idea of how to paint the rear fuselage with it's massive heat distorted paint/metal but I look forward to experiment on it!
  7. My build will be a Dart engined Dakota and i am going to use the following set.. http://www.aim72.co.uk/page159.html the decals won’t be used as i have a very nice screen printed set for this aircraft wich is more correct from liveries unlimited.. pictures will follow... cheers, Jan
  8. Hi everybody; here's my new project, the 1/72 Revell Eurofighter Typhoon This type entered into Italian Air Force service (AMI, Aeronautica Militare Italiana) in 2004, and it's currently deployed in three different bases: Grosseto (4° Stormo), Gioia del Colla (36° Stormo) and Trapani Birgi (37° Stormo). The kit supplied decals allow to build six different versions: two Germans, one Austrian, one British, one Spanish and one Italian, which is the one I'm doing. Typical Revell instruction sheet, with basically useless color table - it only refers to Revell paints The airframe I'm going to reproduce and the sprues (there's many of them ) The clear parts: the windshield shows some bubbles While the canopy has an annoying moulding seam going all along mid-line I'm planning to use the AM cockpit set from PAVLA More later, now I need to take care of my lawn. Ciao
  9. Having just enjoyed building the Revell 1/144 Airbus A380 in British Airways livery, I thought I'd stick with the subject of commercial airliners and have a go at this: On opening the box its certainly much bigger than I anticipated, being 86cm, or around 2 feet 10 in old money, long. As I understand it this is the former Airfix/Heller kit reboxed by Revell, and having read other build logs, can be a bit of a pig to build, allegedly with lashings of filler required. Even Revell seem to acknowledge that a modicum of filling may be required as can be seen in their instructions.... not sure about the trowel symbols, though, hopefully one of those won't be required! No matter, one can only try one's best, so let's have at it and see how we get on! I will be building it in flight with the nose up, especially since the kind folks at Revell have supplied us with a substantial stand in the box. I always thought Concorde was a beautiful bird with the nose up, whereas she looked a bit snooty with the nose down, so nose up in flight it shall be. It also means I can ignore all that infamous and fragile "working" nose-drooping mechanism that the kit comes with. Now, one thing that a plane in flight can't do without is a crew to fly it. I looked around the web and the only suitable commercial pilots that I could find in 1/72 scale are those produced by PJ Productions thus: Out of the bag they look like this: Painting those will be a real test of the eyesight! So, on with the office! The kit's cockpit is a very simple affair...3 seats, a "dashboard", a centre console, an engineer's console and two control sticks. There are decals for the control panel, centre console, engineers console and overhead panel. Reading other build logs I've gleaned that some folks have learned the hard way that if the control panel is fixed in its intended position it will not allow the inner canopy to fit properly within the forward fuselage. In anticipation of this I sanded of the locating lugs and positioned the panel a couple of millimetres aft of where the kit would have you put it..... I hope that will suffice - time will tell. Lots of eyestrain later, here are three shots of the completed cockpit and crew. Not much of this will be visible once sealed up other than the pilots - they will be seen and i think are a must for an in-flight pose. To be continued......
  10. This started with a 1/72 Corvette lifeboat and progressed from there . . . I did post the work on the lifeboat/punt but it seems to have disappeared. The punt Layout Fisherman's store Created with plastic card, tile grout and a needle in a pinvise used to carve the stone Though it may not show there are 7 prime colours used and another 5 wash/ pin/ etc. Cement yellowish as they probably would have used beach sand. The main characters Thanks for stopping by on the next journey ........... Kev Edit Thanks to @JohnWS He remembered where I built the lifeboat which became the punt.
  11. Finished towards the end of 2018, this was a kit that I'd had in my stash for close to 10 years. Had held off on building it telling myself "one day, when I get better at this hobby and won't make a mess of it". Finally got tired of waiting and just bit the bullet. As I recall, the build was relatively trouble-free and I really enjoyed seeing it come together. I built the Austrian Air Force scheme because it was the only one available from the box, I did not manage to source alternative decals in time. Since then I've managed to get my hands on the more recent boxing by Hasegawa, this time with Swedish markings - can't wait to build and paint that one! This is a completely OOB build, weathering was kept subtle as I read somewhere that the Austrians kept their jets pretty clean. As always, thanks for looking
  12. I'd like to join this GB with this kit. I intend to build a WWII SAAF Ventura with it. I have only done about 45 mins of research so far, but I think that I should be able build a SAAF Ventura from this kit, with relatively minor modifications. I do believe it was used for maritime patrol, so should fit nicely into the criteria of this GB. I'll post the mandatory sprue shots as well as some reference photos later. Cheers Jimmy
  13. I've been pondering what to make next and decided it was time to have a go at some jets. The harrier is one of my favourite aircraft, it just has a punchy, no nonsense sort of elegance and I also like the full wrap camouflage scheme. The new tool airfix kits I've made (Spitfire Mk1, Henikel He-111, Bf109e) have gone together without too much hassle so decided to stick with what I know with this one, supplemented with the eduard etch bits and pieces. I find the B-version F-35 a fascinating aircraft, I've not exactly fallen in love with its lines but can see it growing on me. I decided to build these kits up in parallel as I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast them, both in terms of the aircraft itself and as Airfix v. Hasegawa. I'm still learning loads with every new kit I make and these will be the first models without props that I've made since about 1998 - looking forward to it!
  14. An old Novo 1/72 Beaufighter with aftermarket decals finished as a Coastal Command Torpedo and rocket armed aircraft. the panel lines are pencil and chalk. All hand painted with Tamiya acrylics. Figure and jeep are Airfix, the truck is an old unnamed metal kit. The grass is some Czhek ready made mat and hangar printed off the net!! the base is mine!!
  15. Hi gents! While waiting for the primer to try on the endless sanding repetitions on my YF-105A Thunderchief conversion, I a going to do something I rarely do, start a second project at the same time. Well actually, I do it all the time, but I just never publish it at the same time! Nevertheless, I'll begin first with the backstory. Several years ago, I ran across an interesting conversion by a modeler named Bill Dye. I never met Bill, but I he apparently loved to kitbash and convert, like I do. What I first found was his YF-96A conversion YF-96A Build I decided I'd have to build one of those, one day, but as is my norm, other things intervened. Sometime later, I ran across this pic: : The bottom aircraft is actually the second YF-84F, modified with a solid nose and wing intakes. I decided I'd like to build on of those, because I had never even seen a picture of one before. While researching THIS aircraft, I ran across another build started by Bill Dye of the same aircraft. Sadly, he never posted finished photos of the build, and I do not know where he is, or how he is doing. In any event, he (unknowingly) encouraged me to do this project. Here is a link to his version: Bill Dye's YF-84F While my research pointed me in a slightly different manner of conversion than Bill's, I will still use his technique of chopping out the needed cockpit cutout as a whole panel, and transferring it from the Heller F-84G kit to the Testors/Italieri RF-84F kit. Which is exactly how I'll begin, sawing two cuts 58mm apart across the Heller fuselage, and then laying out tape the long way to mark those cuts. The front saw cuts were 12mm wide, centered on the fuse join line, and the rear saw cut was 14mm wide, also centered on the fuse join. Almost all my panel line cuts are made the same way. First a tape line is laid out if needed. Then, a sharp #11 X-Acto blade is run along the guide, followed by a couple of passes with my Trumpeter scriber, and then finally, the saw: This usually leaves me a nice, clean cut-out, reducing sanding later. Next, the same procedure is repeated on the T/I RF-84F fuse, using the same measurements: Of special satisfaction to me is the fact that this is the same RF-84F kit that I had previously swiped the turtledeck from to build the YF-105A, the other work still in progress, which is why the little triangle of plastic is missing from above. Saves a kit! There are a couple of reasons why I decided to modify the RF-84F vs the Heller kit as Bill did, and I'll explain these later. Also at this time, I glued all the camera windows in place of the RF-84F for added strength. (Turns out only the single window further back really mattered!). Then, I sawed off the camera nose, just a hair ahead of the nose gear well: Next all the protrusions on the RF-84F kit had to be removed from both fuselage halves, in the area between the lines marked. This included the front wing supports only: For the cockpit I'll use a resin copy of, IIRC the CMK Academy F-84G cockpit set. I made several resin copies of the tub years ago, against future need. They are not all exactly the same as the "G" model, but they provide a good jumping off point, faster than scratch-building a cockpit. I also used a cut down and modified version of the Monogram F-105D as the instrument panel, also as a starting point: When the bare cockpit tun and IP are painted, they are glued into the cutout cockpit section from the Heller F-84G kit, after a little knife work to fit the rear tray of the cockpit into the fuse section. The rear was reinforced underneath with a bit of scrap plastic card, and everything was glued together with clear Loctite Go2 glue, which is sort of a thick, flexible CA glue with no bad fumes. While no good for areas requiring sanding, it's the bee's knees for nose weights and stuff like this, as it sticks to most everything and is water resistant (future sanding). Well, that's it for this time. Hopefully, I'll be back soon with either this or the YF-105A or something... Ed
  16. I didn't realise until late last night that the build threads were getting going. So if I may just 'lay down a marker' for these bad boys... They have been sat in the cupboard stash for a few months - waiting for this GB to 'kick off'. I'll get some sprue shots before the weekend, but the vague idea is to do them as a 'matching' set. They will be strictly OOB and a 'just for fun' project - as my mojo has been a little lacking of late. Hopefully the 'team spirit' of a GB will give me the KUTA I need at the moment. See you at the weekend and good luck everyone, Steve
  17. As I wait for hopefully what will be my next big bird, I figured give a crack at a scale that I'm not anywhere near used to doing. I got this as a going-away present from my shop at Mildenhall (rather than the bog-standard cricket bat everyone gets) and now that I feel a little bit more able, I'm going to attempt to tackle this beastie. I'm also going to take a page from @clive_t for the bare metal, but instead of using plumber's tape, I'm thinking what would be better than something used on actual aircraft? And so, on the suggestion of a coworker, I'll be coating her in what we call in the maintenance world "speed tape!"
  18. My entry will be Emhar's 1/72 F-94C Starfire. From Wikipeadia. "The Lockheed F-94 Starfire was a first-generation jet aircraft of the United States Air Force. It was developed from the twin-seat Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star in the late 1940s as an all-weather, day/night interceptor. The aircraft reached operational service in May 1950 with Air Defense Command, replacing the piston-engined North American F-82 Twin Mustang in the all-weather interceptor role. The F-94 was the first operational USAF fighter equipped with an afterburner and was the first jet-powered all-weather fighter to enter combat during the Korean War in January 1953. It had a relatively brief operational life, being replaced in the mid-1950s by the Northrop F-89 Scorpion and North American F-86D Sabre." The kit Not a lot of plastic. Plan is to through a bit of aftermarket at it including a replacement cockpit tub.
  19. An OOB build of the outstanding Academy F-8 with the Italeri 1/72 carrier deck and Fujimi USN deck crew set. had to cut out the slats and flaps and lower the nose oleo to get that "bent forward in full afterburner look!!" Mr Colour paints with Tamiya panel line accenter and pastel chalk dusting
  20. I'm pretty excited about this next build because it's been in the making for 19 years. Bear with me... there's a little bit of story here. When I was 16, I got a Testor's F/A-18C for Christmas. I did the best job I could with the skills I had and was pretty proud of it. In college, my best friend gave me an earlier boxing of the same kit because he didn't have the patience to do it (he started it though...). A few years later I built it, but didn't finish it and it's been "mostly finished" for 19 years. So, why didn't I finish it? Well, back then, airbrushing was mostly luck for me because I was struggling with a Testors-branded Aztek airbrush and knew nothing about thinning, priming, etc. I spent more time cleaning the thing to keep the paint flowing than actually painting! In this instance, I was putting the Dark Ghost gray on, with the feathered border against the light gray, and I was doing the last half inch, when the airbrush spat out a big glob of gunk, then proceeded to spider all the thinned paint that was dammed up behind it. I figured I'd have to sand it, then repaint it. Frankly, airbrushing was so frustrating and tedious that I wasn't in a hurry to fix it, so I put it away to "cool off" before I fixed it. Then came kids, and grad school, etc. etc... and here we are. Actually, this isn't a bad thing because I've learned so much since returning to the hobby that I feel I can really do it justice. Plus, it's already assembled and filled and sanded! Here's the kit: I really wanted to do an '80's paint scheme because it's a little more interesting than the one they used in the 1990's onward. I really liked the one I did in high school -- VFA-25 "Fist of the Fleet": I looked and looked for 1980's era decals but everything seems to be from the 90's on. Probably because that's when they started to get more colorful. I liked the decals that came with the kit, but my experience with Testors decals of that era is not good. They seemed to have some sort of milky stuff on them that is hard to get off and turns yellow after only a couple of years (as you can see in the photo above -- although that build is a lot more than a couple of years old -- but you get the idea). So I really wanted after market decals. The scheme that came with the kit was the first operational Navy Hornet squadron in 1980: Those decals are in great shape. But I don't trust them. Well... I lucked out. Just last week I happened to think about this and went to ebay and sure enough found a set of '80's Hornet decals! What's more, they're for VFA-25!! I couldn't believe my luck! What's my plan? I'd originally planned to re-scribe the panel lines since I sanded most of them off, and the rest were so fine that they were hard to see. But I stink at scribing and it never comes out the way I want, so I'm going to use a fine (0.3mm) pencil to draw them on. I've tried the technique on some old models and it seems to work well if you're careful. Also, I have a huge collection of pictures of '80's Hornets and they were filthy! So, this will be my opportunity to make a dirty Hornet. I definitely plan to use salt weathering. So the first step is to sand all the old paint and panel lines off, and then primer it with Mr. Surfacer Black 1500. What's interesting about this build is it was the last one I did before my long break and it shows where my skills were at. If I hadn't had that paint accident, I would've put decals on (no gloss coat, because I didn't know any better) and dull coated it and that would've been the end of it. I really didn't know how to weather/wear jets, and was only really starting to learn how to do it on WWII a/c. What I had achieved at that point was the ability to putty and sand seams pretty well. So, because I'd done this kit in High School as well, it makes for an interesting display of how my skills had grown in 10 years: So, sorry for the long preamble. Hope this will be interesting and you'll want to follow along!
  21. Just over 6 months into 1/72 scale build of HMNZS Achilles, What a Stupid Boy!!, Based on drawings from Polish print Leander book and my Dads photos and anything else I can glean from anywhere. When I figure out how to post images I will do so. This project has a lot of detail issues not easily resolved so in the odd place I have had to go with gut instinct.
  22. Under the ship killer category - He 177A-5 with Fritz X guided missiles. In 1943 Fritz X missiles sunk the battleship Roma. I hope to do a couple more in the GB time allowing, but i will see how i get on with this one first. TFL Cheers Greg
  23. Thanks for accepting this late entry! This IS the Sharkmouth you were looking for! This is a super little kit. Really impressed by the quality and precision of the mouldings: Panels and rivet detail is a bit heavy but the detail just pops out. The detail in the rocket pods is really nice... The kit provides virtually every weapon the US Army Cobras used in the post-Vietnam era before the upgrade to the S-model, including the fearsome XM-35 cannon: The kit gives you options for different layouts, with and without XM-35, and offers both tail left and right rotor options: The clear parts are really well done, and give you the option of both canopy doors open or closed: The instruction sheet is nicely presented with full colour profiles of all the decal options: This is my choice for the groupbuild - obviously! On with the show... Alan
  24. This project has been running in the background of a number of other builds over the last couple of years. I'm afraid there are no pictures of the early stages of assembly, but we can pick things up now as I start to prepare and apply the paint. I've not done much modelling over the last few months due to work and other things, but I have some spare cycles now to finish the Sabre 4 (repair) and progress this and the Vosper. The IRIAF or the Islamic Republic Iranian Air Force, and prior to that the IIAF, or Imperial Iranian Airforce, has always fascinated me in terms of both aircraft that have served, and the style of camouflage. I seem to recall way back around the time the USAF began to apply the SEA two greens and tan camouflage, there was another "approved" American scheme referred to as Asia minor, which was brown, sand and green. I did once have the ability to reel off the FS numbers for these schemes, but right at this moment I confess I have a sheet of reference numbers giving Dark Green FS34079, Dark Brown FS 30140, Sand FS 30400 and Light Grey FS 36622. Anyway, the IRIAF scheme of that time derived form the Asia minor variety, and for some inexplicable reason, I love it! My desired "to do" list of aircraft in such a scheme includes F-5A's, B's, E's and F's, F-4D's and E's, and the good old F-14A. So this is my first example................ It's quite an old kit now, although not as old as the original F-5A "Freedom Fighter". I plan to use decals from the excellent Hi-Decal Line set no 72-052 for several Iranian F-5E/F's. I've also included an ejector seat from True details for the type. I've not quite decided on a load out, but certainly there will be a couple of "live" sidewinders on the wing tip rails, and a centre-line tank, with the wing pylons mounting either 4 x MK82SE bombs with Snakeye retarding fins, or possibly 4 BLU-27's. The story so far is best summed up in pictures I think: Those go back quite a few months when I was getting the surface undercoat to a good state. Then the real fun began with the application of the intricate 3 tone upper surface colours. I'm using Lifecolor acrylics UA 021, UA 001, UA 085 and UA 084 which reference the above mentioned FS numbers. As you can see, things start to get very interesting at this point: And then there is that moment of the great reveal! The keen eyed will notice that the blue tac has left some slight darker residue, but I have found this usually disappears under some Klear at a later stage. There is a fair bit of tidying up to do at the moment, but that's where we are at for now. More will come as things progress. Terry
  25. I was not supposed to start another kit.... But here I am. Again. Oh well, it's a sharkmouth group build and I HAVE to participate! No fancy Jukin Judy (a GWH P-61 will be built with that later on), nor a Grey Nurse (Spitfire VIII) or an Apache (A-36A!) this time but a rather more simple and "quick" build of an Airfix Mustang. I intend to model this little beauty: I have the newish Airfix-kit and some decals from Aztek so everything is ready to go.
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