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Found 3,408 results

  1. Kitchen Modeller

    The Redemption Spitfire

    Hi de ho folks - now that my current project is nearing the end, I've set my sights on the next one - which is the first in what I'm calling the redemption series. As some of you are aware, I'm not long back in this precarious hobby - After being bitten with a truly terrible attempt at building a scale model aircraft. Since then I have dived into the hobby with such abandon that it's scaring the family (as well as myself truth be told) But it's fine - I'm having a blast - those early builds where great fun and lead on to slightly better things - which brings us to the Mark V - my second attempt at building and painting a model airplane - an Airfix 1/72 Mark V It was built wheels up as I wasn't confident enough to attempt an undercarriage - this model was the first time I used filler and sanding, masking, clear coats, decal solution, washes and attempted getting the actual correct colours for the type (which still came out as a fail) In spite of it's flaws (of which there are oh so many) I still really like this kit - more due to the fact that I learned so much from it - it was a big discovery moment on what you could do with a few more bits in the toolbox. With later builds I probably took a few steps back but that's part of the learning process. But after building it, all I could think about was how I could have made a better job of it - another Spitfire was always on the cards. So this leads us to the next one which is going to be this baby I picked up on the Hannants website: Only 2 weeks all the way to New Zealand - I've ordered stuff from Aussie that took waaaay longer than that. And it was very reasonably priced.... a few beers on a friday night... browsing the internet... one thing lead to another and... I'll stop talking about hannants now. This will be my first Eduard kit - which is a treat to myself after my last build - A Dodge Charger from MPC that was the worst model I've ever built in my life. I'm won't get into it here but lets say I'm due for something that actually fits together without the loss of sanity points. I hoping this is the kit to get me there. Some sprues: There's a lot of plastic for a 1/72 model - there are 5 marking schemes and types from 5 different countries with specific parts for each one - pretty impressive. And the parts look good, can't see any flash or mold lines - again a refreshing change. The detail included is quite nice: No need to rivet - already included:) Some PE: Part 20 in the photo above is a trigger guard for the control column which made me smile - it's all insanely small so not sure I have the chops to implement this stuff but I'll give it a go. Some glassware: It's all very plush - I'm extremely happy with this kit and haven't started the build yet - hopefully things will continue in this vein. Lastly, I had to make a call on which version I'm going to build: Love this scheme - it's Czech, it's got invasion stripes and my favorite RAF camo. No contest. It might be a little while before things get started in earnest but hopefully not too long.... To be continued.
  2. I'll be assembling the recent Airfix release as, the title says, either a RAAF 21 in overall Foliage Green or a RAF X in TLS over MSG as some Hannants transfers arrived today. I've made a start but haven't uploaded any photographs.
  3. I have come to realise that as I grow older, my modelling output is declining in inverse proportion to my years. I have also come to the reluctant conclusion that I own far more kits than I shall ever build, or, realistically ever want to. So, what to do? I have imposed on myself sort of pre-new-year’s resolution. I shall not buy more kits than I finish next year. Since I haven’t finished a model all 2017 I think, I shan’t be buying much. Having made this resolution, I promptly failed, since I acquired one of the Aldi bargain Gnat’s, and have ordered some extras (masks, pitot) to help finish it. But it’s not the New Year yet! I have also realised that I have an incredibly irritating habit of starting build threads and then getting, distracted, bored or side-tracked and not completing them. So, while I shall continue my currently active builds on their own threads, any I start from now on will go here (if its 1/72). I’ve had a couple of days off work as I have been unwell. Lacking the energy or concentration to model I consoled myself with reading, and an exploration of the stash. image by jongwinnett, on Flickr As well as the Gnat, two tentatively started builds muscled their way to the top. Harrier, my favourite childhood fast(ish) jet; Hawk, because one can never have too many; and the aforementioned Gnat. Alongside the royal Apache, I have decided to try and progress these. image by jongwinnett, on Flickr They will not be brilliant, but hopefully actually getting on and making something will restore some of my enthusiasm and confidence, which have waned over the past months. The Harrier had seen the most progress, and the box contained, alongside the Airfix plastic, a Freightdog corrected tail, Master pitot, and decals which should enable me to do one of the No. 1417 Flight birds stationed in Belize (with the long term aim of doing a matching Puma of 1563 Flt) So this was this evenings gentle warm up: image by jongwinnett, on Flickr image by jongwinnett, on Flickr image by jongwinnett, on Flickr Hope the idea of a portmanteau WIP is ok, hopefully more progress tomorrow.
  4. Hi folks, With a big Zoid in the offing I thought I should build a small Zoid to figure out the process. I think I posted a picture of this snapped together a while ago, if not then it looks like this: This is the bombed-up version with leg-mounted missile launchers, extra giant wing cannon etc. Which clearly looks ludicrous! It's a bit better if you leave all that off: but then you have the issue that the legs are long and silly. I ended up transplanting the feet onto the knees to get something which works a bit better, and then put it aside because it needed filling and cleaning up. I pulled the box out this week and spent a morning with the superglue, file and sandpaper sorting out some seams and other bits and bobs. That all went quite quickly so I had two huge paint sessions yesterday and got it all primed and mostly base-coated: Ignore the Cute Tank bits and bobs. All the black parts are going to be metallic, the yellow is Chrome Oxide and the greys are Gunship Grey 2, USAF Light Grey, Light Ghost Grey and Insignia White (all Tamiya lacquers.) I'm not 100% sure about the ghost (blue) grey but it should boost the yellow and it is a very "Zoid" colour. I need to re-do the masking for the stripe on the head (it was late and I was rushing) and then mask up the wing knuckles and leading edges which are going to be a nightmare. But first I'm off to town for more Gunship Grey 2. And yes, this is a transparent attempt to show off my "look at me I'm a Pro Modeller" sticks-with-alligator-clips. They really do make the painting experience much much better Cheers, Will
  5. Corsairfoxfouruncle


    Hello everyone ... Im posting this for now, as I am still planning on joining in. That will be delayed to some degree due to a temporary loss of modeling space. Im hoping to be back at it in 3-4 weeks. This kit was a gift from a fellow member who had seen a post by myself about wanting to build one. He decided due to the complexity of Special Hobby kits, it would be best to give it to an established modeler. Rather than a new builder who may be frustrated and turned away from the hobby. I give you the interesting and quirky looking B-18 Bolo. Im still of two minds as to markings I would like to do this in. Originally I was planning on an early war Submarine hunter like this one. The plane in the center of the formation is the same as this Plane. another example of an early war Bolo. However doing research for this i found a few in Neutrality patrol markings, such as in this photo. That is now starting to pique my interest. Here are the remainder of sprue shots. Not a duplicate photo just a duplicate sprue. The kit is the RCAF Digby version thus the British markings. I could still opt to do that as a markings option as well ? The kit has a small fret of etch and resin as well. This is all the decals collected to do any of the versions i am undecided on. My plan is to move and rebuild my office asap, then get back to building. Dennis
  6. Having completed a Special hobby F-86H last year, and a hybrid CAC Avon Sabre last week (see below), this in theory gives me more time to work on the 1/72 Sedbergh glider ..................... however I'm already suffering Sabre withdrawal, so need to get another underway. RFI's for both can be found on here. I am a little spoilt for choice on the matter of which Sabre to build next: In the end the chosen one is this, mainly because I actually have two of this one! I am undecided on exactly which scheme to do at the moment, but any suggestions welcome! Progress so far is limited to some work in the cockpit to get some weight in a stable place and also make some improvements to the seat. Also, some weeks back I recall @Lord Riot was given some advice on wing fence position so I have started to work on repositioning these more appropriately. The plan is to insert a fin sliver of plastic card and shape accordingly. I used this approach on the Avon Sabre and it worked OK. You can probably just make out where the original fences were positioned, outboard of where I have made my cuts. More to come soon. Terry
  7. nimrod54

    Grumman F3F-2 "Flying Barrel"

    This little F3F will be my entry for the Group Build but I still have to make a decision on which version to build, hence the ambiguity in the topic title. I think that the main external differences between the -2 and -3 are to do with the cowling shape, so once I have chosen the version I will amend the title and include the unit details. I haven't built a Special Hobby kit before but it looks to be a nice kit and includes resin and etch parts for some of the details. Without further ado here are the obligatory box and content shots consisting of a small etch fret, a bag of resin parts, canopy, decal sheet and the plastic parts on a single sprue. All of that should make it a fun build. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  8. Reading back through the chat I realised I originally signed up for GB in 2013 with the plan to build a Hudson. My entry for this GB is Italeri 1/72 Lockheed Hudson, will be finished a 500 Squadron aircraft in the classic Dark Sea Grey / Dark Slate Grey over White.
  9. modelling minion

    Revell 1/72 Fortress Mk.II

    Time to stake my place in this STGB as I signed up for it earlier this year. I do like the B-17 but I don't have any completed ones in my collection and that is something I need to remedy. I have 5 kits in the stash in the form of Monogram's 1/48 classic B-17G, 2 X Academy/Italeri 1/72 B-17C/D's, Airfix's new 1/72 Fortress Mk.III and the subject of this build, Revell's 1/72 B-17F. I don't have a box for it, no big loss with Revells' useless end opening boxes, but here are some shots of what I do have, all of which is still sealed in it's cellophane packaging, starting with the instructions which also has the original decals included; And a shot of a couple of bags of still sealed sprues; Now I do like the options in the kit, at least one of which is already being built in this GB, but fancied doing something a bit different so I bought this set from DK Decals; As it says it has markings for 16 different RAF/RCAF B-17's ranging from early Mk.1's right through to Mk.III's in use at the end of the war. There are a couple of Fortress Mk.II's (the RAF designation for the B-17) and I'm torn between either of these Coastal Command options (8 and 9 on the instruction sheet); And these two options in use by Bomber Command for jamming purposes (10 and 11 on the sheet); I do like option 8 a lot but it has different windows in the nose than those provided by Revell in their kit so I might stick to either options 9 and 10, we will see. I am in the middle of building a Tamiya 1/48 Beaufighter at the minute so progress will not be dramatic to start with but bear with me as it is one I really do want to build. Thanks for looking in and any and all help with the build is gratefully received. Craig.
  10. Having just enjoyed building the Revell 1/144 Airbus A380 in British Airways livery, I thought I'd stick with the subject of commercial airliners and have a go at this: On opening the box its certainly much bigger than I anticipated, being 86cm, or around 2 feet 10 in old money, long. As I understand it this is the former Airfix/Heller kit reboxed by Revell, and having read other build logs, can be a bit of a pig to build, allegedly with lashings of filler required. Even Revell seem to acknowledge that a modicum of filling may be required as can be seen in their instructions.... not sure about the trowel symbols, though, hopefully one of those won't be required! No matter, one can only try one's best, so let's have at it and see how we get on! I will be building it in flight with the nose up, especially since the kind folks at Revell have supplied us with a substantial stand in the box. I always thought Concorde was a beautiful bird with the nose up, whereas she looked a bit snooty with the nose down, so nose up in flight it shall be. It also means I can ignore all that infamous and fragile "working" nose-drooping mechanism that the kit comes with. Now, one thing that a plane in flight can't do without is a crew to fly it. I looked around the web and the only suitable commercial pilots that I could find in 1/72 scale are those produced by PJ Productions thus: Out of the bag they look like this: Painting those will be a real test of the eyesight! So, on with the office! The kit's cockpit is a very simple affair...3 seats, a "dashboard", a centre console, an engineer's console and two control sticks. There are decals for the control panel, centre console, engineers console and overhead panel. Reading other build logs I've gleaned that some folks have learned the hard way that if the control panel is fixed in its intended position it will not allow the inner canopy to fit properly within the forward fuselage. In anticipation of this I sanded of the locating lugs and positioned the panel a couple of millimetres aft of where the kit would have you put it..... I hope that will suffice - time will tell. Lots of eyestrain later, here are three shots of the completed cockpit and crew. Not much of this will be visible once sealed up other than the pilots - they will be seen and i think are a must for an in-flight pose. To be continued......
  11. It's been a few months since I last posted in this forum. To be honest, I felt a need to "switch it up" and instead work on some non-aircraft subjects: Now it's time to get back to my main love, 1/72 aircraft. I've been inspired by Thorfinn's rendition of Airfix's Ford Trimotor, done up as the aircraft used in Miskatonic University's ill-fated Antarctic expedition, which is described by horror author H.P. Lovecraft in "At The Mountains of Madness". I've been a fan of Lovecraft's fiction since my teen's, so when I saw Greg's Trimotor I knew I had to have one of my own (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). I contacted Greg, and he graciously sent me files for his homemade decals. If you haven't already done so, check out Greg's RFI here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235043782-charter-flight-to-the-mountains-of-madness-airfix-172-ford-trimotor/&tab=comments#comment-3140418 Unfortunately, Greg did not do a WIP, but I found a great one by Chris "bigbadbadge" that I will use as reference: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235040494-ford-trimotor-now-finished/&tab=comments#comment-3079475 Let's get started! The kit I'm using is the venerable Airfix offering in 1/72 scale (boxed here by MPC): I originally planned to use this old Monogram kit: but it isn't as detailed as the Airfix kit and is slightly smaller than 1/72 (closer to 1/77), which wouldn't be a show-stopper but I also managed to find the Airfix kit at a good price on eBay. Even so, I'll probably steal a few items from the Monogram kit, namely the landing gear skis and maybe the dogsled and figures. I'm a sucker for aftermarket, and since the Ford's three engines are its most memorable characteristic, I picked up these to scratch my detail itch: I also hope to build an appropriately Lovecraftian vignette for my display base, based loosely on this painting: And, I'll need plenty of snow & ice... fortunately I found this book and appropriate diorama materials from AK Interactive: To be frank, I've barely opened up the box so far. Instead, I've been experimenting with snow & ice techniques and learning how to build rocky mountain walls. Here are some examples: Finally, a couple more pics for you: I anticipate progress will be slow on this build. There are challenges with this old Airfix kit, my aspirations for the diorama base will stretch my abilities, and I have a couple of business trips coming up. But with a little luck, I should have something tangible to show in the near future. Stay tuned!
  12. I'd like to join this GB with this kit. I intend to build a WWII SAAF Ventura with it. I have only done about 45 mins of research so far, but I think that I should be able build a SAAF Ventura from this kit, with relatively minor modifications. I do believe it was used for maritime patrol, so should fit nicely into the criteria of this GB. I'll post the mandatory sprue shots as well as some reference photos later. Cheers Jimmy
  13. Hello Here is my last build with this 1/72 Airfix North American B-25C from 83rd Bomb Squadron / 12th Bomber Group U.S. Army Air Force in 1942 somewhere in the North African desert area. Decals came from Xtradecal. Soon to be published in Tamiya Magazine French Edition. Patrick
  14. TheRealMrEd

    Anigrand 1/72 XF-84H "Thunderscreech"

    Not a lot to show here, simply an old Shelf of Doom model finally completed, just to sort of "show the flag". Here is how it looked before I started back on it a couple of months ago: (It's at the top right). Pretty much the fuse and interior were all assembled, and all the primer and coats of Alclad were done. Just needed t add all the final bits and a little other painting. Since I never intended to post this was, I didn't take any pics along the way, but it's just your usual resin kit. Can't remember what I did for the cockpit -- may have used a modified F-84G. Everything else is stock kit, except for the pitot tubes are tiny tubing and wire, and the use of some landing gear doors from either an F or RF-84 kit. The supplied kit decals for the wing stars and bars are too small compared to the photos I used, and the kit supplied buzz number was printed in black. I scanned those into the computer and changed the color to Insignia Blue in Photoshop, and then reprinted two sets onto clear decal paper, using my Epson inkjet printer. The two sets of decals were kind of semi-transparent, so I installed the second set atop the first set, after the fist set had dried thoroughly. Sorry for no more photos, but I am glad to finally have her join the collection. Ed
  15. I have discovered that group builds seem to be a good way for me to finish making models, so I decided to enter this group build with the following kit: The 1:72 Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk by Antares courtesy of my wallet and Mr EBay. First Impressions There is an excellent review & WIP thread for this kit here on Britmodeller by EricP from a few years ago, so I'm not going to repeat what he said in depth. My impression is that this is a basic kit, so there are fewer things to go wrong; by the same token, it's also a basic kit (with emphasis on the basic) which means a lot more work to make a decent model than the typical modern kit. But, forewarned is forearmed as they say. I'll be leveraging my spares box to the max and I've already gone ahead and sprung for an aftermarket resin R-1820 powerplant. The Aircraft I must admit I had never heard of this aircraft prior to this build and it is quite a handsome kite. Intended to replace existing the biplane and monoplane floatplanes in the Scout role for the US Navy, the Seahawk was also Curtiss’ attempt to redeem its corporate reputation after the Seamew debacle. What they produced has been described the best US floatplane of WWII. Seeing frontline action at the tail-end of WWII, the Seahawk soldiered on into the immediate post war era until being rendered obsolete by technological advances in radar gunnery and the helicopter. The Seahawk was quietly withdraw from service in 1949 with no examples surviving in wild or captivity today. More information can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtiss_SC_Seahawk Long, B. J. (2004). Naval Fighters No 38: Curtiss SC-1/2 Seahawk. Ginter Books (I think this is the definitive reference text on this aircraft) The Build As this is a maritime patrol group build, I intend to model a post-war Seahawk in floatplane configuration. I’m still vacillating on the exact scheme. Proper plastic-bashing will start after the 1st when the build officially starts.
  16. 3DBlitz kit of the Pilatus PC-21 in the new colour scheme of the Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS) based at Boscombe Down. The kit is very nicely engineered and fits together well with only a bit of filler needed. It's finished with homemade decals and Xtracolour Oxford Blue and Signal Red over Halfords Appliance White. Scratchbuilt pitot with yaw/pitch vanes Thanks for looking. Steve
  17. I bought this at the model fair at Huddersfield last year. I used to love building Fujimi kits in the ‘80’s and early ‘90’s so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this one. Also I’ve never built an Intruder before so it’s new territory. I’m not buying any additional parts, so it’s straight out of the box on this one, with perhaps a little enhancement along the way if it’s obvious and needs it. The plastic seems much harder than I’m used to with my last couple of builds being modern Airfix and Revell kits, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. The panel lines are very impressive, being fine and crisp. The sprues are also free from flash, so all good so far. The clear sprue is also very impressive, the plastic being appropriately thin and clear. The decal sheet is still in good condition and looks very usable. I think I’m going to build the aircraft on the cover, a Navy aircraft from VA-52 Knight Riders from the Vietnam war in 1969. The kit does provide a wealth of decal options and paint schemes. I’m excited about this build.
  18. Amodel kit of the CMC Leopard with homemade vacform canopy as the kit one had a flaw in it that I couldn't remove and homemade decals as the kit ones are for a scheme the aircraft never flew in. Nice kit but very fiddly due to the small size. Thanks for looking. Steve
  19. Shamelessly plagiarising @stevej60 and @06/24 build threads here and here, I have decided to try and build an new tool Airfix 1/72 every week until my impending personal Brexit next year. After a serious illness back in 2016, I’ve found it difficult to focus and concentrate and am using it as some self-prescribed therapy to get myself back into a happier place (not that I’ve much to complain about these days). My last few builds gave me a sense of focus and that I haven’t had for nearly 18 months so as a trained psychologist, I think it’s a case of “physician, heal thy self”. And the stash gets reduced woohoo! Having the luxury of my 3 station workroom plus separate dedicated spraying room, its easy to have always Airfix 1/72 on the go. As my first ever model in 30 years was this lovely beastie from said Margate Company, it seems right and loyal to continue with them. It may also be of use for some of you that have them in the stash but haven’t touched them yet, judging from my experience with FW190, I’d lay in some serious quantities of superglue and a powerful grinder… So let’s see what I can make of the others. Here’s the pile to take me through the next few months . It’ll be handy to have it in one thread and I can see if my skills are improving, plus my OCD is satisfied Progress so far: 1/72 Bf 109E-4 WIP RFI 1/72 Hurricane 1 (in 4 days!) WIP RFI 1/72 FW190A WIP RFI 1/72 Tomahawk RFI 1/72 Red Arrows Gnat WIP RFI 1/72 Spitfire 22 WIP So first up the Tomahawk, a nice gift set, no stencils and ripe for some dirtying up First up the pit: "extensive research" (aka 5 minutes on google) yielded Curtiss green as the cockpit,colour, an unpainted aluminium seat and USAAF seat belts (courtesy of Eduard) The sticky up lever thing next to the control column (something to do with the the undercarriage?) was duly hacked off and replaced with rod & coloured PVA, much nicer. Although the outside is going to get a good dirtying up, the inside is not going to be weathered as A: the canopy is closed and B: I cant be bothered...New thing for me, using my iPhone 6 and Flickr, much easier than my various assorted DSLRs, superzooms, Photoshop and FTP programs. Quality is perfectly acceptable I think, for a WIP.
  20. Beard

    RNZAF P-40K

    This will be my next build: I'll be using the Sword kit: (Wish me luck with the stripes.) Here are the sprues: The transfers: Thanks to some advice from @LDSModeller, I won't be using the upper surface colours suggested by Sword. I've made a start painting the interior but there won't be any photographs until I've stuck some bits together.
  21. The plan is for the this to be a slow time project done when I am on leave. It would have been nice to do a 427 Sqn aircraft from Leeming but I'll be using the kit decals for QB-O "Oscar", Skipton on Swale is only about 10 miles south so still close enough for local interest. I'll be adding one or two aftermarket bits and pieces which I'll mention as a I go. Here's where I am at the moment.
  22. Morning All, Well here's my start. Didn't feel the need to add a picture of the kit since Jobba already took care of that for his build. The kits' been washed. Didn't use to do this all the time but since switching to acrylics it's mandatory. Was reviewing my references and noticed a couple of things that are missing from the kit. So I will be attempting to replicate them. For example the some aerials for the Loran, Carpet III and possibly the Piperack systems. Will also build something replicating the Jostle IV for the port bombay. The instructions say the front radome is painted over but my reference states it is off white with tape or filler over the joints. We'll go with the reference unless something else to the contrary arises. Lastly it seems per my references that all the guns will have flash suppression added. May also add other bits here and there as they come to light. I am also using the Eduard mask and seat belts. Looking forward to seeing how the Airfix B-17 compares with the Revell kit. All the Best! Don
  23. Graham77

    A6E Intruder

    Evening all, here is my entry the A-6E Intruder. I picked this up fairly cheap and thought it would look good in my 1/72 US Navy jets.........however on closer inspection I have decided to turn it into a bit of an experiment to share in this GB. The kit doesn’t seem great and has some large raised panel lines, so first up I’ll try removing and rescribing those. Hopefully then I’ll get a chance to fire up the airbrush and try that out too and drift away from the faithful hairy sticks. Hopefully a fun adventure whatever the outcome with a audience full of good advice for two new techniques. Here are the pics...watch this space. Plenty to clean up before the rescribing starts, here is one of many examples may have to fish out “Flight of the Intruder” and a bottle of red for a few evenings of sanding and scribing. Cheers for now Graham
  24. An now for something completely different. The is progressing and the is DONE. So ... what next? What could be different then a WWII Bomber in 1/48?? TA DA: A Falkland era, Helicopter in 1/72 . While gearing up to start - I've noticed the instructions of this 1/72 lack almost all paint call outs of the internal parts. Looked around and found the instructions for the 1/48 Hasegawa Sea King kit ( 1999.jp.co site) and will use these for paint call out. That's it for today. Ran
  25. theplasticsurgeon

    Tim's Shamrock Special B17F

    Joining you with this Revell B-17F kit. Here are the parts still in bags. Instructions and decals. I'll be building this option Shamrock Special As can be seen, I've copied the boxtop flap idea from my B-17G colleagues.