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  1. I've got myself two of this kit, because I'm interested in building Construction Number 650 at two very different moments in its life. This aircraft was part of the Junkers Spitsbergen Expedition of 1923, registered as D-260. It spent the next decade knocking around Germany, Russia, Estonia and north Norway under various registrations, before ending up as the property of Nord-Norges Aero in 1932, registered as LN-ABH. Passengers were flown on sightseeing trips by Norway's famous aviatrix, Gidsken Jakobsen, until June 1934, when it "lost its engine" near Balest
  2. I've had this in the stash for a few years now, purchased it when it came out, & here's a good excuse to get it made. I know it may be a small thing to some but I really like the quality of the box top & the artwork that Meng employs. I'll be using the Microscale decal sheet 72-363 which has an F-102A 56-0977 of the 32nd FIS at Soesterberg & Microscale's info says it's from 1961. Here's a couple of rererence pics of mine from a few years ago of 56-1032 at the National Military Museum at Soesterberg . Got some primer & relevant paint on the
  3. Hi all! After getting ready with my Spitfires I decided to start a quick and easy project. I looked through the stash and picked this one: Some goodies that I have are CMK wheels (really only front wheel is a reasonable replacement but I will use all three), Pavla seats (bought them because no seat belts are in the kit. Unfortunately Pavla seats are too narrow and have wrong harness anyway so likely I'll not be using this), and Isradecal set for training Magisters. Kit contents: Quite a few parts for a small airplane? In fact
  4. For inspection today I have the second Matchbox Gladiator, marked as a J8 of the Swedish Air Force in 1938. Like the first, I added some (invisible) cockpit detailing, this time from Evergreen .020 Strip. Additionally, I changed the prop to a 3-bladed unit based on a photo of 8*5 of the same Squadron. Though it is missing the spinner, it looks better than having the wrong number of blades. Also similar to the first build, I chose to paint the cowling collector ring in Neutral gray, as the Vallejo copper I picked up proved to be far too bright. Next up is a Spitfire Ia (KL*B), and
  5. Oh, what the heck. I have had this 1987 boxing in my stash since the 1990's and if I don't get it built before long the decs will be well past their shelf life - if they are not already! If I have time I will try and get it built - it will be the third F-15 I have built with one more - an F-15E of the same vintage - left in my stash. The first one was either Revell or Monogram from about 1974, not long after it entered service and I remember it was painted rather badly in my take on the initial "Air Superiority Blue"scheme, but before long it was replaced with what I thought was a
  6. After a long absence from the hobby I built an Airfix Spitfire Mk Ia. I enjoyed it so much I decided to build another similar Airfix Kit; The P-40B starter set A55101. This is a desert camouflage aircraft flown by Neville Duke of 112 Squadron in Libya 1941. It started nicely. A dry fit of the wings to the fuselage showed that everything fitted together really well with almost no fettling required. I fitted the wings and cockpit. So far, so good….. After I’d painted the cockpit side walls I glued the fuselage halves together with Tamiya Extr
  7. This is my entry for the MTO GB III. On my adult return to modelling I've built a Mk.I and a Mk.Vb so this is a natural progression and I rather like the Mediterranean colour scheme. This Eduard kit is quite fancy, it will be my first go with photo etch parts
  8. My wife chose my next build for me. This Hasegawa MiG-23 has been in the stash for only about a year. I bought it with the intention of doing an East German MiG. I saw one at the Evergreen museum in Oregon and for some reason the colors in the camouflage really appealed to me. I can't say that this is the correct version of the MiG-23 to match what was in the museum, but I think it is. The decals are not entirely correct either, so this will be a somewhat-less-than-exact build. I've wanted to do a MiG-23 for a long
  9. Sopwith Pup (Beardmore Type 9901a) N6453, Sqn-Cdr E. H. Dunning, H.M.S. Furious, summer 1917. Dunning landed his Sopwith Pup on HMS Furious in Scapa Flow, Orkney on 2 August 1917. He was killed five days later, during his third landing attempt of the day, when an updraft caught his port wing, throwing his plane overboard. Knocked unconscious, he drowned in the cockpit. He is buried at St Lawrence's Church, Bradfield, between his parents. A plaque in the church states:
  10. For inspection today I have the first of 2 Matchbox 1/72 Gladiators. These kits are for the most part lovely little builds, but I found that the exhaust pipes were too fiddly to be worth bothering with, and did not attach them. Originally these were slated to be paired with an aftermarket Microscale sheet, but unfortunately, that whole sheet was prone to intense shattering. The kit decals, easily 15-20 years older, worked a treat. Go figure. In any case, here is the result: Overall, I am quite happy with the build, and especially with the (invisible) extra details I added to the coc
  11. Hi folks! I've had a good rest from doing WIPs since finishing my Matchbox biplane fest last year. These days, the frustrating reality is that the combination of my job as an ecological consultant and a very needy 19th century house to maintain (I'm currently paint stripping doors!) means that I get very little time to spend modelling, let alone on BM, let alone doing WIPs! This is particularly true in the summer months, however the nature of my work means a slack period overwinter with marginally more spare time - coupled to this, 2020 has seen me cooped up at home more than expec
  12. Hello, all! I am in the planning stages of doing a 1/72 Spitfire MK Vc with the 4-cannon fit in the mid-stone/dk earth/azure blue scheme. I want to do one with the Vokes filter and preferably from either No. 2 or 249 squadrons. I have found some color profiles, you know how that goes, but no photos for confirmation. I have that very famous photo of four No. 2 Sq Vc's in echelon formation, but the photo is from the front and above, so no serials or codes are visible. Can anybody out there help me? I have a ton of written/photo references, but nothing that really helps me. (Edgar,
  13. Good evening everyone. The de Havilland Sea Vixen is an aircraft of singular appearance is it not? You notice it. The sweep and curve of its geometry. Formed not only from the requirements of naval aviation but (covertly, one suspects) from those1950s fantasies about how fast and silver a technological future would look. It was the kind of aircraft Captain Scarlet would have trained on and was capable, if required, of protecting the Earth from UFO invasion. At least I think so. I'm going to build two of them partly for the aforementioned reasons
  14. I find myself in a bit of a quandary. When I started this GB I intended to build 3 planes, but have so far finished 5 with 2 more at the painting stage and there sre still almost 2 months left before the GB ends! Normally that would not be a problem as I would be involved in at least 2 and sometimes even 3 GB simultaneously but there is something of an hiatus at the moment - I will start one plane in the Gulf GB at the weekend and another in the Africa GB next month but the lockdown means I am building more quickly than usual, and so whilst I am waiting to do a bit of airbrushing, and then fo
  15. My entry will be a F-89J from the ANG in the late 60s in ADC gray. The kit comes with 6 wing pylons with 4 Falcon and 2 Genie missiles but I couldn't find any pictures of an ANG plane with all 6 pylons so I asked on the Cold War forum. It turns out for the ANG the USAF removed the Falcons and pylons (electrics too sensitive) leaving the Guard with nuclear rockets only. Reference material, sprue shot and decals; there are 3 Iowa ANG planes to choose from on decalsheet; photos of one are very common, so I will probably go with that. Need to finish my build in Vietnam GB now.
  16. Thanks to a reminder from @JOCKNEY I have started my (first ever?) Heller kit. I think I bought this at a BDAC show a couple of years ago; it was a bargain anyway. It’s the early 109, I’ll do it in the box art scheme. I’ve prepared the parts and done some priming, I’ll post a few pics before long. Cheers Will
  17. Time for another WIP. I must admit I cannot put my finger on why I love this plane so much. Sadly my previous attempts at building this fugly flying machine was limited to the Academy offerings. Not bad (not great either) as kits, but the decals really let them down. Tried twice, failed twice. Hopefully 3rd time is the charm. Sexy contents pics: Box art, showing two Scorpions probably turning Palmdale into a war zone. Cough. Decals, printed in Italy so should be good. Please let them be good ...
  18. I used the old Airfix Jet Provost kit as it represented a very early production aircraft with the extended wing leading edges. I replaced the canopy with one I vacformed to represent the version used on the few T2 versions which were part way between the heavily framed Provost style and the production T3/T4 style. The decals are home made. With the Jet Provost T1 demonstrator I built a few years ago using the old Airfix kit, rear fuselage and canopy of a Matchbox Provost and home made decals. Steve
  19. I realise this type of project is nothing new, but it’s something I’ve fancied doing for a while and has been a refreshing change and a welcome break from the usual kit bashing. The kit was an impulse purchase from Aldi whilst doing the weekly shopping and at less than a fiver for a starter kit I thought it rude to pass up on such a bargain. Anyway, after a minor amount of flash was trimmed off the sprue the airframe was airbrushed using the little paint pots supplied which were diluted with Tamiya X-20A thinners. Everything was then lacquered with Humbrol Gloss prior to applying the decals af
  20. Yes it's another delta - several of the the designers in the late 1950's/early 1960's seem to have been very impressed by the captured German research documentation on delta wings, and of course under "Operation Paperclip" Dr Lippisch was "imported" into the US, whilst other German scientists found themselves having a holiday in the USSR! So, my next entry is yet another Soviet tailed delta, the early Mig-21. This is the old Airfix kit released in 1967, which I built at the time (badly of course). Since then I have aquired this relatively short lived re-boxing which lasted from 198
  21. For a change I thought I would not make a delta, though having said that I seem to recall at least one book/article I read where the author described the wing as being like a delta with a triangle cut out of the rear wingroot! Assuming it gets done, this will be the fourth Lightning I have built, the first being to original Airfix F1 from around 1963. This was followed by a Frog F6, though I can't recall if it was the reboxed Hasegawa one or not, and both of these builds have long gone, or at least I can't find them. A good few years back I build the Airfix F3, which I still have,
  22. Back in 1975 Airfix issued their kit of the F-86D and I built one not long afterwards. Later I bought another one cheap to use as spares. I have used the national insignia from the decal sheet and for some reason "borrowed" the rear end of the jet tailpipe for another kit. Both the decs and the tailpipe can be replaced, and as it fits in with the time period I am modelling for this GB I thought I would have a go at building it. The decs are currently taped to a window to get rid of some yellowing. I guess most of us are fairly familiar with the development of the F-86 Sabre,
  23. Hi guys and girls, I am entering a second kit into this Heller GB. This means that I have lost my marbles: 2 kits!!! The lucky winner is the Nieuport Delage NiD 622 in 1/72. porting the kit number 80224, this is a 1993 rebox of a 1979 kit. Here are some photos: My priority build will be the Etendard IVM, but I reckon that this Nieuport will come together fairly quickly. So, it is worth the try. Cheers everybody! JR
  24. So all started with the awesome Build a HAS by @bar side on this site and wanted to have a go myself. I started with the 2 old airfix control towers, cut an shut to make the one seen below and the great @Amera Plastic Mouldings HAS. I modified the shelter and scratch built some doors more like the ones at Lakenheath. Very early days and will be a slow burner but hope y'all like the start. A few F15s in the pipeline too. Thanks for looking and all comments welcome.
  25. Good day to all, During 2020, with members of the AMP club (https://clubamp.ch/), we produced a diorama for the "Musée Militaire Vaudois" located in Morges (http://www.chateau-morges.ch/le-chateau/) In May 1944, an Me-110 G4 of the NJG5, equipped with SN2 and FUG220 radars, landed by mistake in Switzerland. The Germans, of course, wanting to recover this material, maneuver Switzerland with reprisals if it is not returned to them. After intense diplomatic negotiations, Switzerland, which did not want to return this plane, agreed to dynamite it in the presence of a German control commi
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