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  1. My second build for this GB will be the Gloster Meteor F8 which first flew in 1948, and was delivered to the RAF in 1949. I will be using the Xtrakit ex MPM boxing. Having just finished a Meteor IV in the Frog Squad GB, I have done a little research and it seems that the development of this, the RAF's first operational jet fighter, was at times almost a case of trial and error. The original Meteor I and III were not much faster than conventional late war piston engined fighters, but the more powerful engines in the Mk IV made it nearly 100mph faster. However, the wing of the Mk III was already showing signs of weakness, and the same airframe in the Mk IV was decidedly over stressed, so the wing was clipped to relieve the stress and some local strengthening was carried out. It also, like the Mk III suffered from balance problems as the original design was going to have 6 cannon, and the reduction to 4 threw the CG out resulting in the need for up to 1000lb of ballast having to be carried. The Mk 8 retained the same wing as the Mk IV, but an attempt was made to solve the balance problem by stretching the nose by 3ft and adding an extra fuel tank. However, it was then found that the Mk I/III/IV style tail was inadequate so a larger tail was fitted. That solved most of the handling problems but pilots reported that the elevators became heavy in combat manoeuvring, and the Derwent 8 engines were no more powerful than the Derwent V in the Mk IV, so all in all it was not much of an improvement on the Mk IV, though it did have an ejector seat at last. The kit gives the option of building either an early model with the old style engine intakes and the canopy with the metal rear section, or the later version with the wider "deep breather" intakes and the true bubble canopy - I will be building the latter.
  2. Hi Folks, I started this back in March as a Britmodeller newbie and having been completely distracted by the FROG Group Build, I've finally finished it. Spitfire PR Mk.XIX RM643/Z based at RAF Benson, the home of British WW2 photographic reconnaissance. A few bits of info about the kit and the AM parts used in the build; 1/72 Airfix Spitfire PRXIX Rob Taurus replacement canopy Pavla resin cockpit Aires Quickboost spinner/prop blades and exhaust Barracuda door and crowbar Xtracolor PRU Blue gloss enamel paint, airbrushed on Xtradecal transfers set Barracuda stencils Winsor & Newton matt acrylic varnish to finish The kit has come in for a fair amount of criticism over the years, but I think Airfix captured the lines of one of the best looking Spits fairly well. Obvious errors that I think are noticeable are the fairings over the Griffon engines rocker covers are too narrow, this is especially noticeable when the model sits on the shelf next to my old Fujimi Mk.XIV and the u/c legs that are too raked too far forward. There are other accuracy niggles, but I overall enjoyed the build and think it looks OK. Hope you like it. For those who want more, the build thread is here; Thanks for looking.
  3. So this was my other project to get me back into modelling after a short break. I purchased this one from Aldi last Christmas but it came with the wrong decals, I did contact Airfix and to be fair they did send out the correct decals. This is my tribute to the Tuskegee airmen ( I love that film), I don't know whether this is a re-tool but as with my previous Mustang it went together like a dream. I had two problems with both builds, having completed both builds I gave both models a couple of coats of Pledge multi surface polish and then airbrushed Tamiya Matt to the Spitfire and Semi Gloss to the Mustang and both models had what I can only call a white bloom all over them, having sorted out that problem I then varnished using Galeria and had no problems, I will never use the Tamiya varnish again! The other problems I encountered was with the canopies, normally I use PVA but this time I used Tamaya thin and it wicked upwards, that's a mistake I won't make again. Anyway, here it is, as usual all comments and critisisms are welcome. Thanks for looking.
  4. I'm going to step cautiously into this one with what I hope will be a simple build (said that before!), just have hardly got any modelling done so far this year. I have a few of the ' -'hawk' series but fancy doing this one. Haven't fully decided which scheme, erring towards the Green/ Dark Earth one, but I'll decide as I go. The obligatory box and sprue shot's, hopefully should be getting going very soon, not child-minding Grandkid's this week!
  5. Building this kit, bought earlier tonight from Aldi. As Hot Shots Fallus fighter bomber. The Navy! Using decals from anothe Gnat in my stash. Parts. I've never seen this option built up. And a very quick interior paint job.
  6. Hi everybody; here's my new project, the 1/72 Revell Eurofighter Typhoon This type entered into Italian Air Force service (AMI, Aeronautica Militare Italiana) in 2004, and it's currently deployed in three different bases: Grosseto (4° Stormo), Gioia del Colle (36° Stormo) and Trapani Birgi (37° Stormo). The kit supplied decals allow to build six different versions: two Germans, one Austrian, one British, one Spanish and one Italian, which is the one I'm doing. Typical Revell instruction sheet, with basically useless color table - it only refers to Revell paints The airframe I'm going to reproduce and the sprues (there's many of them ) The clear parts: the windshield shows some bubbles While the canopy has an annoying moulding seam going all along mid-line I'm planning to use the AM cockpit set from PAVLA More later, now I need to take care of my lawn. Ciao
  7. Hi all, Having recently joined Britmodeller I thought I'd take the plunge... When I started this it was to be an OOB/weekend build (how many times have you said that?) and of course it escalated. I wanted to do a WW2 Spitfire XIX and one from RAF Benson, the home of WW2 photographic reconnaissance, so it will be RM643/Z using the Extradecal set X72105. According to Scalemates, Airfix released the kit in 2009. It's a nice looking but simple kit. Accuracy is reputed to be good and the panel lines are OK. It got generally got good reviews and is supposed to be an easy build. The fit is generally good, but as you can see, there are a few gaps that needed filling and the wings/fuselage join needed a quite bit of work. The filler on the fuselage sides behind the cockpit isn't Airfix's fault, the fuselage needed raising slightly to model the non-pressurised canopy. As it's going to be an early unpressurised version based on the Mk.XIV, this led to an error. I'd used the Pavla cockpit (C 72085) which is well detailed (the kit's cockpit was a bit bare) but the Pavla resin cockpit isn't easy, much of the kit's cockpit detail and sidewall needs to be removed. I do like to make work for myself. But once done, the Pavla cockpit fitted surprisingly well. But it has the solid bulkhead for pressurisation behind the cockpit and I'm assuming the Mk.XIV fuselage wouldn't have had that. By the time I'd realised that, it was a bit late. The kit's wheel wells are completely bare, so I added a bit of filling and plastic card. But what colour should they be? No real concensus on Britmodeller or elsewhere. Photographers with colour film had better subjects waiting during WW2! Cheers!
  8. Hello there! My entry into the Movies & TV category is going to be a Hasegawa produced 1/72 scale YF-21 variable fighter from the anime series/movie Macross Plus. This will be a companion piece to the YF-19 I completed a few months ago (link below). I am planning on making this an in flight model, tentatively in the same orientation as the YF-19 so they look like they are flying in formation. I actually bought this kit well over a year ago along with the called out Mr. Hobby Aqueous paints. I'm mainly a Mission Models/Tamiya paint user, so am hoping the Mr. Hobby paint works as well as other people say they do. I'm planning a clean jet so no or extremely limited weathering. Based on my experience with the YF-19, I'm expecting this model to fit mostly well with some areas needing touch up with filling and light rescribing. I think the biggest decision will be whether to use the supplied decals or trying to mask off some of the larger compound areas of color blocks. I'm still a relatively new modeler, so any tips would be appreciated once I get going. I'll be wrapping up a couple projects before starting this, but thought I'd offer up box and sprue shots until then. Thanks for looking! The contents were six royal blue sprues in one plastic bag and a clear sprue in another. The clear sprue contains the canopy, sensor lenses, and navigation light covers. As you may be able to tell from the decals, there are a lot of curves and demarked areas to fit in. I'm strongly considering painting all the parts covered by the larger decals. Decals are dated 2002. Hopefully will begin soon!
  9. The third of my Japanese aircraft, an Airfix Mitsubishi Zero. Built OOB with H models decals for an aircraft captured by US Marines in June 1944 on Saipan Island. Tamiya painta nd quick oil wash for panel lines. IMGA0795 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0796 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0797 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0798 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0799 by neil Connor, on Flickr
  10. With the Hawker Hunter Mk.1 entering service in1954 with the RAF's 43 squadron and the Mk.4 and Mk.6 types both having first flights in 1954 too, I thought that one of the early types would make a suitable subject for this GB. That also means that I can return to my favourite 1/144 scale for this group build, with either a Revell or Mark1 Models (Ex-Revell) kit, using Retro Wings resin to backdate the Mk.9 fuselage and wings. I have the early wings in stock and the rear fuselage part is on order. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  11. Hi guys. As inter-mated during the last RAF launch build, here is my next ASRL. This time I'll be doing a later version; gone has the bright yellow deck and up with armament, the reason being that yellow was too noticeable by 'Jerry' pilots...you don't say. I also had these bad boys in the stash, so it will be interesting to see the comparison with the kit examples. And here is where we join the party. You'll notice that the molded nets have been ousted, the holes filled and the toe rails have also been 'done'. If you're wondering, no harbour scene this time but she will be at sea, with crew and maybe some chap in the water. Stuart
  12. Recently completed is my interpretation of an RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch of 1944 using the Airfix kit. Built mainly from the box with a few changes. MG mounts replaced with scratch items. Kit Mg's replaced with Coastal Craft offerings. Retained the kit Oerlikon mount but the Oerlikon itself was replaced with a Coastal Craft item. Aerials and rigging made from Uschi line. Hull painted with Halford's black. Deck upwards was Colourcoats enamels. Kit decals. Most of the model was weathered with a wash and then 'knocked-back' to make it more subtle. Sea base is insulation board, painted a dark blue/ grey from Halford's. Coated with layer of Liquitex Acrylic Pouring Medium and stippled with Valejo Acrylic Gel. The launch wash is made from 'teddy bear' filling. Work in Progress here: See it in the flesh at SMW at the weekend. Stuart
  13. Hello everyone... Here is the latest build in my quest to build 10 of Josef “Pip’s” Priller’s aircraft. This is an Eduard Fw-190A5 weekend kit with decals from my spares. The drop tank and rack are from spares. The A5 he flew had an early light rack instead of the later Factory rack. Other than that its strictly out of box. And a few with all of my “Pip’s” builds to date. Im not sure which of his planes will be built next. It may be a Fw.190D9 or it maybe something else ? So if you're interested check the link for updates. Here is a link to the build thread. Questions, comments, and or thoughts ? Dennis
  14. My second build in the BF 109 Night Fighter series this one with Fug 217J radar on the underside of the plane. Not much detail on this a/c all that I've come up with is it was in 4./NJG 11 late war. Markings white 7 I have modified the engine cover to reflect the G10 finished off the cockpit. What do you think of the fuselage join is it smooth enough? comments welcome. @Corsairfoxfouruncle Dennis what are your thoughts?
  15. Since work has stalled on my Flying Tigers P-40B waiting for decals, I thought I'd start another kit. I'm still in the mood to do a P-40, so I dug this one out of the stash: I bought it because of the Burma Banshee decals it had for an alternate theme, but I decided that I really liked the markings on the box art. It all turned out great, because my quest for a Burma Banshee, led me to finish my P-40M, which frankly looks way better than the markings in this kit. Not much in the way of parts: and some pretty nice looking decals: Unfortunately, being an older Hasegawa kit, there isn't much in the way of cockpit detail, and no detail on the sides of the cockpit. So, I had to make do with what I had. I painted the sides and just scuffed them up with Tamiya weathering pastels. The cockpit came out a little better though with some Eduard PE seat belts added Now, I'm just waiting for the radiator intake parts that I glued into a fuselage half to dry so I can button up the fuselage....
  16. Well with a little bit of mud modelling accomplished to finish the Loyd Carrier and continue work on the much neglected Nagmachon, I'm drawn back to Coastal Forces. I'm conscious that I haven't tried a Coastal Craft model yet, despite having several in the stash. Beefy's build has whetted my appetite BPBC 466 MTB Royal Canadian Navy I feel the need for a bit of "immediate gratification" modelling without any scratching on this one so it's an off with the 72.5ft "1941" Vosper, and I'm going to build "233" instead of "234" (Peter Dickens boat) which the kit features. There are some minor differences that we'll come to. I hope it proves to be an easier exercise than Beefy found. Here's Mark Smith's depiction of 233, as ever inspirational, from Vol 1 of "Coastal craft History", And here's some Wartime pictures, Hooning down Southampton Water!! History She was built by the Berthon Boat Company in Lymington, completed in January 1942. At the time of the above pictures and colour scheme she served with 21st Flotilla, first at HMS hornet at Gosport and then from Summer 1944 at HMS Beehive in Felixstowe. She survived the war, was disposed of in 1945 and was renamed Sea Vixen ending up at Highcliffe sailing club as their headquarters at Christchurch Priory where she was burnt and destroyed in 1971. References Build Challenges 1) The F'wd Oerlikon mounting is perforated, presumably to save weight. I've not been able to find documentary evidence and it certainly doesn't appear in any of John Lambert's drawings, that I can find. I have some ideas on how to do this that involves my newest ,latest, greatest tool.......... 2) The Hull/deck mating. The modeller who built his on 'Scale Modelling Now' used a Perma-Grit Sanding block to file down the underneath of the heavily cast resin deck so as to make it more flexible. We shall see, but regardless I am now the proud owner of said Perma-grit sanding "Flat -file" (get me !) 3) Vickers 0.5in turret guns in the Mk V turret are a nightmare to file and prepare I'm having cold sweats just thinking about it. 4) 233 as depicted carries mines. The MTBs often acted as mine layers and 'Great Little ships' do a set of "A" mines that one of the above pics show. So - let the build commence. The instructions come as a ringbound A4 booklet with history, colour scheme info and picture illustrations as a guide They are definitely not Tamiya!! And you will need external references. The kit is presented in an "A4" sized box, very neatly and safely packaged. The Hull and deck are substantial resin mouldings My kit came with an etched metal stand, the resin one on display happens to be from a BPBC kit , the resin one just seems easier to use during construction. Some careful Whittling using the reverse (noncutting side) of a No 5 Swann Morton blade to "scrape" resin away is necessary to get the hull and deck to snugly fit Some (possiby quite a lot of) filler will be needed.... The Hull is deliberately moulded too long with the expectation that you saw or file to length... It's then intended that the transom be made from card with a template provided. When the Deck and hull are sufficiently "matched" - they'll be bonded with 5min 2 part epoxy and clamped. (Don't forget to drill the portholes through the guides on the inner side of the hull!) Thanks for looking and it's good to be back in the waves again Rob
  17. The beautiful Macchi M5 will be the subject of my attentions. Although the design is based on captured Austrian machines, which in turn were based on Swiss-French Donnet-Leveque, the Italians perfected it - at least when it comes to visual appearance! Even the cumbersome tail section they managed to transform to something goodlooking, resembling a proud swan neck rather than a contraption made of odds and ends from the nearest junkyard. This is the plane someone scared of flying could acquire - just polish the wood and cruise around the lake with a boat with wings to the envy of other motorboaters. From wiki: (what’s the matter with those ailerons by the way?) There is no (normally priced) kit in the proper scale, so I will attempt my first scratchbuild. This GB is suitable with its long deadline and tradition of moving threads to the next instance - this build is highly likely to take a long time. Plans, courtesy of Mr XX (forgot, will fill in when I get home and can read the drawing) over at aerofred’s. They are really made for a flying toy to be built by balsa, but the lines seem to be good. Information about details will have to be acquired from elsewhere. I will build it up like a box, and have started cutting out the bulkheads and fuselage sides. The former from 1 mm sheet, the latter from ~0.5 mm.
  18. Next kit I be doing is the Italeri Hs129B2, the Luftwaffe's dedicated close air support aircraft. I picked this up from the big on line market for a measly £7 last week just after completing Revell's Hurricane as a IId and Italeri's A10 Thunderbolt, so CAS aircraft are a bit of theme ATM. Will be built OOB and as quickly as I can as my "stash" box has exceed SWMBO's limits and I'm not permitted to add to until its been run down. Heres the box and sprues. Didn't realise it was out of focus when I took it last night So straight into construction a very basic cockpit, sprayed already and will add some seat belts later. Wing section is made up and engine cowls assembled will be sprayed green later today. Test fit the the fuselage revealed some gaps to be filled. The Hs129 is a small aircraft for a twin engine, quick comparison against the Beaufighter I have on the go. So far 25mins construction time.
  19. My entry for FB and F II is this 1;72 Matchbox Fairey Seafox, I want to push on with my FROG GB builds before making a start on this kit, but it shouldn't be too long a wait. Here are the box and its contents photos. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  20. And without prior planning, it is fitting that this build has finally finished to be presented in the week of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. ML196's role being to guide Landing craft along narrow mine-cleared corridors. I dedicate it to all those lost during Operation Overlord and Operation Neptune. Build Log here ML196 Fairmile B - Landing Craft Control Thanks for all the huge encouragement and support! Thanks for looking Rob
  21. Hello! I've been thinking for a while that my next project has to be a 1/72 Lancaster and I've been reading up on the various pros and cons of the new tool Airfix v. Revell v. Hasegawa , etc, etc. Well, a few weeks ago my dad (who loves a sunday morning car boot sale) turned up with this venerable old beast which he'd picked up for a tenner and wondered if I wanted it... With some trepidation I peered into the slightly battered box and lo and behold everything was still bagged and untouched. On closer inspection I was amazed to see that this 40 year old kit looks crisp! There's no flash and the raised panel lines and rivets look pretty good. There's not much internal detail and the wheel bays, bomb bays, etc are bare so I think it's going to get made wheels up with pilots in place. The decals are all present and correct but a little yellowed, maybe they'll be alright though? I've very nearly finished my twin build of F35 and Harrier and promised myself I'd get them over the line before the Lanc is started, hmmm, I bet a few of us have thought that in the past... I've not really started but I couldn't resist painting up the pilots - the moulding on them looks great, better imo than recent new tool airfix pilots I've seen. I found a few tips on painting 1/72 pilots but I thought I'd explain how I've gone about it here. First I cleaned off the mould lines with a sharp knife and gave them a rinse with soapy water. I then airbrushed a base coat of xf78 wood deck tan mixed with a touch of white. Next I carefully brush painted the boots, trousers, jackets, life vests and helmets with black, xf54 dark sea grey, brown and yellow. I had a bit of a hunt around for photos of Lancaster pilots and there seemed to be some who wore RAF blue and others with leather jackets - in the end I decided the individuals probably made their own choice so did one of each. I added a few touches of detail with goggles, straps, wool cuffs and face masks and then sprayed a layer of Vallejo flat coat which got me to here: To finish them off I used oil paints, thinned with white spirit, as a wash. I think this has gone well on the clothes but doesn't look quite so good on the faces. How do others paint 1/72 figure faces - what are the tricks?!? The final step was then to add some highlights to the jackets and trousers and this is the finished pair: They should look good in the cockpit of a wheels-up Lancaster! I enjoyed painting these two so much I wondered if you could find the rest of the crew as an after market set, I've had a quick look but can anyone point me in the right direction? That's it for now, I am going to get the other two models finished before doing any more, promise!
  22. Stash clearance and seeing as how I enjoyed my Tomahawk I thought I'd try to keep an Airfix build on the boil as I tackle more complex builds for therapy? This was a Christmas present last year. Santa brought this this year A little research on the interweb led to this and this They came in the same box so they're getting built together. Plus it will help clear out the 1/72 kits in my stash. (I'm going 1/48th for all my main builds) Now seeing as how I'm under a ban on German (ahem) tail markings (which is quite ironic as I'm the one with the Jewish ancestry) and how I like to bring in the slightly esoteric if possible, I've decided to convert the Stuka to an A model in either Spanish Civil War colours or possibly Japanese (hence the K, the designation for all export models), the Gladiator was always earmarked for an Aircorp build, just not sure which of the two possible schemes I'd do, but I'm veering towards the green and silver one. Comparing the Stuka to the plans, it will need new spats, some work on the rear decking a new canopy and some remodelling of the chin radiator with perhaps some other small work. the Gladiator will just need a paint job. The cartoon pig on the spats is Jolanthe btw, this was actually the Luftwaffe nickname for the Stuka So to work, first order of business is to make a blank to mold some spats. Here it is prior to some filling to close the woodgrain. It's a sandwich of Balsa and card with the centre pieces double sided taped together so will be easy to split for molding once I get the shape right.
  23. What with theSpadgent's impressive O/400 and Moa's equally impressive O/700 WIP, I've gone and started on my own Airfix Handley Page, having been in denial for over a week I reckoned I'd start a WIP. If you're looking for the definitive, expert, mastercrafstman approach, this isn't the thread for you, go look at the other two., I will be representing the average modeler (I hope) and bodging my way through to something I'm pleased with and which hopefully won't be entirely unlike a HP O/400 (or 700) I still haven't entirely decided on the colour scheme, but I'm edging towards a nice red and silver civil scheme, rather than PC10 ( I have a lot of Sopwiths in the queue (a Snark, a Dolphin, a Snipe, a Camel and two camels that may end up as a Swallow and a Salamander respectively, all will be PC10 except possibly the Snipe, which could be silver) so I reckon I'm going to get very bored with it as a colour scheme) So first off the wings. Moa sanded them action man smooth, TheSpadgent sanded them a bit. I've tried some milliput, and sanding as well as just sanding, but with a jig made from a soft drinks tin to keep me on the straight and narrow. Lower tailplane with milliput, may sand the rib gaps down a little more. Lower wings before and after, although I've since sanded and resprayed both, not a million miles away from where I want them.
  24. Hi, I would like to enter into my second GB with Hasegawa's classic floatplane fighter. I have long been fascinated by this plane: floatplane fighters are one of the most bizarre categories of military aircraft and almost a mission impossible to design. Floats are hard to reconcile with low weights and good aerodynamics. Nevertheless, Kawanishi had done a good job with the N1K1 (based on the equally fascinating E15K fast reconnaissance aircraft). A design so sound that it was later turned into a land-based fighter, the N1K1-J. This must be one of the very few cases when a floatplane or flying boat was converted into a conventional plane and not the other way round. The only other case, I can think of, was the Piaggio P.166 which was based on the amphibian P.136. Do you know others?
  25. After three days applying the decals, and a few fit issues around the intakes, she's finally complete! It's a great kit with loads of options but test fitting is a must, it's quite complicated in parts, though generally it was nice to make. The detail is amazing and those stencils and decals really bring it to life! I chose the 767 Sqn option as something a bit different as most photos and models I've seen are 892, but I like the yellow bird and big codes on the fuselage sides. I used spray cans because I'm rubbish at brush painting, and although I'm happy with the colours I'm wondering if the EDSG is just a tad too glossy? Not sure how much weathering to add. Overall though it's an impressive kit and a nice addition to my FAA shelf. All comments and suggestions for improvement more than welcome!
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