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Found 103 results

  1. Looks like another new injection molded ship kit manufacturer, and their first kit is the light fleet carrier HMS Colossus. The box hopefully says "Easy to build plastic model kit." So that's encouraging! https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10638799 More info here: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=37762&p=796739&hilit=colossus#p796739
  2. At 17.15 on the 25th of April 1978, in Swan Hunters Neptune Yard, the wife of the Secretary of State for Defence performed the traditional christening at the launch of what would become HMS Exeter, D89. She was a Type 42 Destroyer, second batch, and carried Sea Dart missiles along with a Mk8 4.5" gun. She would go on to serve with distinction in the Royal Navy for over 28 years. Several months later, in Frimley Park Hospital, with a much reduced crowd and to a lot less ceremony, (Although I wouldn't put it passed my Dad to have opened a bottle on my head, may ask him about that) I appeared. A batch one Son, armed, eventually, with large front teeth (x2), ginger hair (as launched, over time this has thinned and darkened) and a warped sense of humour. Would go on to do a lot of stupid stuff (distinction in stupidity) around the world until being tied up (married) at the same time as Exeter was put into Extended Readiness. So this is my entry to the GB, HMS Exeter D89 1/700 by Dragon. I also have the Skywave/Pit Road boxing of this kit so I may do two entry's, well see as we go. At first I was going to build her just because She was launched in '78, was a RN ship, and there was a kit of her avaliable at a sensible price. But the more I looked into her service, and history, the more I found strange mirrors to my own life. -Falklands in '82, Just as I started school and the first thing I really remember watching on the news with my Dad, who's ex RN and had only been out a few years then. -Gulf War, same time as I moved to Secondary school. -A score of deployments to places I've subsequently been to myself. -She entered Extended Readiness at the same time I stopped wandering the world and got hitched, so She stopped having fun at the same time as me! She'll be spruced up with the White Ensign Type 42 Destroyer Photo Etch, which happily comes with enough parts for two kits(I know one set is for the extended batch 3 ships, a bit of trimming may be needed). I'm looking to do her as She was in the Falklands, with her hull coated in an experimental vivid bright blue co-polymer, anti-fouling boot topping. She also had a black stripe up from the boot topping to the funnel as the Argentinean Navy had their own Type 42's. I'm not sure that I'll do her in a sea scape, I want to but well see if time allows. Obligatory spruce shots, All untouched and in the bags, even the PE which ironically was delivered today, Just in time for the kick off of the GB! I'm really looking forward to this group build, think it'll be a lot of fun! Sorry for the long introduction, couldn't help myself! Well I'm ready to go, will be posting progress soon, and a bit of the history of the ship as we go. Any and All welcome to join in and see what happens to the kit, should be interesting. Happy Modelling All Geoff
  3. Morning All, I didn't mean to start this kit, its been in the stash for a while now waiting for me to build up some skills, and nerves. I was waiting for the canopy to dry before masking on a 1/48 Spitfire and had the glue and airbrush out, and I thought "let's have a look" The next thing I know the hulls been glued together... How'd that happen? I blame SWMBO, saying I need to reduce the stash, as if that's going to happen! I cannot say enough good thinks about Flyhawks kits. I've got the Aurora, Niad and Legion in the stash. They're superb examples of modern manufacturing. The go together easily, smart box layout to avoid breakage and can fit all budgets with the basic or the kits with extras. So on with what I've done. This is the upgrade kit, with photo etch included, I'll be leaving that lot till a bit later. Aurora can be either full hull or waterline. If normally go with waterline but I thought I'd have a look at what she was like with her bottom attached. 5 pieces, a bit of glue and you have a full hull and decks! Primed with Tamiya extra fine primer and then a blast of Lifecolour 507c all over. I masked off the boot topping, Vallejo model air black I think, then tried to get a good B20 substitute. I have the Lifecolour B20 but it looks far to grey. So I mixed up some Model air PRU faded blue and EDSG. After this flurry of activity I got fully carried away and started applying the AK interactive enamel weathering range to her. This is where I got to before I actually stopped and looked critically at her I really wasn't happy with the fake B20, and the Lifecolour grey kept flaking off every time I masked over it. I quite like most of my weathering, but I think I went a bit too heavy. So... Off it all came and start again. I used Vallejo model air sky grey and Tamiya XF-18. Vallejo hull red and model air black for the boot top. Gloss coats addedd in between everything. I think the sky is too light, but that can be corrected with weathering, and I think the xf-18 needs lightening up, again a bit of weathering should do this. Weathering to come on the hull. Whilst I was waiting for some of the layers to dry I made a start on the wooden decks, something I've never done before. Tamiya deck tan and wooden deck tan with a wash of AK interactive deck wash. I think I did about 5 coats of each colour, done in streaks, then gave it a wash with the AK. Think it needs lightening up, and a light spray to bring it all together. Very happy with it so far tho! We, that's a lot of waffle from me with only a few pics, double painting, and only 5 of the 200+bits glued together! This could take a while! Oh, and while I was taking a couple of these pics this morning, I couldn't help put some of the larger parts on, just to see... She enjoyed her little tour round the house, firing off broadsides as she went. We're all 6 years old at heart aren't we? That'll do me for now, up next, finishing off the deck, weathering the hull, working out if I'm going to put her in a seascape or on a pedestal(really should have done this earlier) and onto the really small fiddly bits, oh and pe..... Thanks for looking in. Geoff
  4. My last finish is this 1/700 IJN Shimakaze from Tamiya. Good kit, it's been fun making her. A pre-painting shot first. Nanond N.
  5. Hi all, Here is my completed 1/700 L'Arsenal HMS Collossus circa 1945 with Corsairs from the kit and Barracuda's from Shapeways. Really enjoyed this kit and highly reccomend it. It also seems dust gets everywhere even inside a sealed display case!
  6. Hi All, Here are my two work in progress 1/700 wip kits. The first is the MT Miniatures USS Intrepid kit, done as she was during her cruise during the Vietnam war. Island is the Model Monkey USS Intrepid 3D printed Island which is stunning. Lots of scratch building with this kit and lots of correcting (still not even close to perfect, but its the only game in town). Decals are the rare Starfighter decals post war essex class carriers, wish this was still in production! Its just awaiting the airwing which is about 70% done. Second is the Imperial Hobby HMS Malta kit, with a load of extras from shapeways. She still needs a lot of work doing as can be seen, but I've lost my mojo for this one for a bit.
  7. Hello peops. It’s been a while. Been busy at work, yes, but I have also suffered a major Mojo Failure since about Christmas. Of all the things I could have been building, it was the Lynx(es) wot did me in; I just cannot get myself going - and it’s been going on for so long that I need to do something else, so onto the shelf of doom they go. The shelf is getting a tad crowded, too - what with a Ton, Dido, Ark Royal 1988, Walrus, Seafire 47 and Seafang sitting there in various stages of semi-completion. [Just thought I’d say that before anyone else dropped it into the conversation]. Several of those are awaiting paint, and since my current job means living in a London flat during the week, and 90% of my free / modelling time for the foreseeable future is on weekday evenings, painting is definitely out. That leaves the Seaking and Ark 5, and both of those are not in a state to carry up and down to & from London on the train. It needs to be small / portable, engrossing and time consuming - and a bit different. But I’m here, aren’t I, so you’ll have guessed that something has got my juices going again. The something was reading David Hobbs’ “The Royal Navy’s [sic] Air Service in the Great War”, published in 2017. I knew some of the highlights, I guess - Dunning’s deck landing, the Tondern Raid, Naval 8 over the Western Front, Warneford & Bell-Davis with their VCs, etc. - but this book really opened my eyes. It’s easy to get sucked into thinking that WW1 was just the Western Front, with a dash of Jutland, Dardanelles & the occasional airship thrown in - but there was so much more, and so much of it instantly recognisable as the Fleet Air Arm that I love; slightly maverick / improvised / piratical, a bit mad, but innovative, effective, brave... just brilliant; these guys were totally making it up as they went along, and without them Naval aviation might have gone down very different paths. I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. Yes, yes, but what about the model? I have in my stash the Merit 1/350 Ark Royal 3 (1941), and the Atlantic Models 1/700 Ark Royal 4 (1978), as well as my own Ark Royal 5 (1988), heavily converted from the Airfix 1/350 Illustrious. [There is even apparently a kit available of Ark Royal 1 (1588)...] But all this talk of the RNAS will tell you that I am going for Ark Royal 2 (c.1917), using the AJM Models 1/700 kit that I stumbled on while looking something up about RNAS operations in the Dardanelles. This is the ship: [Edit: on further reflection I suspect this is her in her Pegasus guise; different rig aft, altered cranes and I think the large flat thing forward is the catapult... but you get the general drift] ...and this is the kit: It’s certainly small (note the Swann-Morton scalpel at bottom for scale), but it looks a really nice kit - though I am not sure how much I am looking forward to building a 1/700 Shorts 184 made up from 17 tiny pieces of resin and 24 even tinier pieces of PE! [Mind you, it’s got a Sopwith Schneider and a Sopwith Baby that are even tinier...] A quick question for @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies [since my knowledge of WW1 colours is almost nil]; what colour hull, operating in the Med & Gulf in c.1917? Anyway. I’m back with more madness. More soon. Crisp
  8. I have finished with the seascape for my IJN Shimakaze. The base was made with blue insulation foam, which I cut the wave pattern with a knife. It was then coated with Vallejo white stone past. I sculpted bow wave with magic sculpt. Base colors were vallejo acrylic, on top of which were coated with acrylic gel medium. Finally white foam was added with white oil paint. Nanond
  9. Glued the hull and waterline together ready for priming while I’m staying in Hospital for PTSD in Sydney as we Zero Clinics in Darwin and also you would notice I have another L Class Destroyer in the background just to keep me busy. But wait I have a big surprise coming up on another ship build, but more on that later.
  10. Hi peeps, I found an in box review of IBG Models 1/700 HMS Ithuriel: LINK and ORP Garland: LINK. Both are in Polish but the images are nice and clear. From what I can see the mouldings appear finer than IBG's Hunts and like them photoetch comes as standard. Naturally they aren't up to FlyHawk's standard but they should be a good basis for those who want to add more detail. Mike.
  11. Well the “HMAS Vendetta” build is finally finished and I only lost decal, a very small Pennant number down around the stern. Dammed the convicts for adopting the US Navy pennant number system unlike the Kiwis who still used the proper numbering system aka the RN for Commonwealth Navies. Paints used were, Tamiya Fine Surface Primer (light Grey), Humbrol Acrylic Spray Grey 64 both were in a rattle can. Humbrol Emamel Matt Black, Matt White and Humbrol Acrylic 64 which I think I’ll throw out in the end. Sovereign Colourcoats RN16 (old stock). Aftermaket parts from Shapeways in form of the 4.5” turrets, the two twin 40mm Bofors and two single 40mm Bofors. Ladders were pinched from my two Flyhawk L Class Destroyer builds. A few little school boy errors during the build, but overall a very enjoyable build in the end. But the real joy of this build was having a few old boys from the pirates who served on one of the 4 Darings retelling a few dits, and during Vendetta’s time on the gun line during the Vietnam with USN and the technical side of the Darings in the RAN. Would like to have added railings and the catwalk between fw’d and aft superstructures. Here’s the history of the build for those who haven’t been following it.
  12. Since my admission back into the Xavier Ward for PTSD at St John of God Hospital in Nth Richmond Sydney NSW, the staff has ask if I could leave one of my model ships for display? But since a couple of these a going to form apart of display, “I said I do something a wee bit special which would link in with the work done here on the Xavier Ward and why the Xavier Ward is here in the first place.” So I selected a Daring Class Destroyer by OzMods in Resin 1/700. HMAS Vendetta was the only ship of its class in the RAN to see active service and fire it’s guns in anger. It seen active service with the US 7th Fleet on the gun line during the Vietnam War and from all accounts the yanks prefer her to use her more than other ship on the gun line due her firepower and accuracy. Between October 1969 to March 1970 she fired 13,295 rds at approximately 1,750 different targets. In fact She and her crew did so well on the gun line the 7th Fleet requested for another Daring Class Destroyer from RAN to replace the Vendetta instead of the more modern Charles F Adams DDG’s that the RAN had in service at the time. This model once completed will form a part of the Veterans Week displays done by the staff and members of the Xavier Ward for PTSD at St John of God Hospital in Nth Richmond NSW Australia.
  13. Since I’m at the stage of my other two builds atm, where I’m now down at dirty end of small detail painting, assembling/ fitting and glueing PE and small parts such as guns, masts, small boats etc. I’ve started this wee build while I’m waiting for paint to set or glued parts to set etc. This build will be a slow one as main rate of effort will be on the J Class and HMS Ariadne, but it will also depends on the weather and I’m going fishing and hunting trip for most April. Today’s wee job of adding the black waterline and which will be followed by the rest of the hull.
  14. My fellow modellers good afternoon. As promised during the presentation of my previous work, the HMS Invincible, I just finished today my last tribute to the Royal Navy at the Falklands War. For this work, I used a 1/700 scale 25th anniversary of Falklands war Premium Edition Dragon Kit, that, as you know, is provided with photo-edges for railings and radar, that are still a pain for my eyes and put a strain on my nerves and my building skills. This kit was built together with the HMS INVINCIBLE, as my previous intention was to representing them together on navigation, leaving Portsmouth. But I wasn't sure they left the Royal Navy base the same day, and it turned to be represented separately. For this kit, I tried to imagine the last moments before she was hit by an Exocet missile during her navigation on the Falklands sea. Here what I have realized, I hope you like it: IMG_20190324_135652 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_135801 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_135920 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_135947 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_135957 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140011 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140021 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140044 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140130 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140159 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140214 by Franco Segato, su Flickr Now she's resting with the other previous ships/work on the display case: IMG_20190324_140533 by Franco Segato, su Flickr ...and ...down with another project! Thank you. Franco
  15. My dear modeller friends, I've just finished my interpretation of the last moments of the USS Indianapolis. I bought this Tamiya waterline series kit, on an eBay's auction, a few months ago, already provided with Gold Medal photo edge parts. I kept it on my stash for future building, but, when my company sent me on vacation in this period, I couldn't resist building. My plan was to realise the USS Indianapolis last navigation's moment when she was torpedoed by the Japanese I-58 submarine. It was the 12:14 am of July 30 1945, when she was navigating in complete radio silence on the Leyte Gulf. I think everybody saw Nicolas Cage's movie, and so I think the story is quite known. For this realization, that involved the torpedo on water, I explored a new seascape building material, the epoxy resin. A material for me absolutely unknown, and for this reason, I saw a lot of tutorials on the YouTube Channel. My first attempt was using a sea blue painted wood base with a 1 cm. thick layer of light blue painted epoxy resin over. Then when the first layer was cured, I added the torpedos on place and the second thinner layer of same light blue epoxy resin. The result wasn't so bad, but I found the torpedo's shadow on the wood base very annoying. Trying to solve the problem I came up with the idea of placing the seascape on a transparent base, and, for this reason, I used a glass, lightly back painted with a different tone of blues and greens, in order to simulate the Pacific Ocean water, and the same procedure with the epoxy resin as the previous attempt. The final result it satisfies me more, and I think it is more realistic. Anyway I don't want to bother you with unwanted explications and so, this is the result, I hope I'll like it: IMG_20190413_143222 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190413_143233 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190413_143300 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190413_143245 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190413_143321 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190413_143426 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190413_143440 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190413_143450 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190413_143533 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190413_143557 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190413_143628 by Franco Segato, su Flickr Comments and suggestions are always very welcome: Thank you and see you soon. Happy modelling! Franco
  16. For years I've been hunting Ebay for the 1/700 Dragon kit of Tarawa-class LHA. Unfortunately both original Dragon (Tarawa/Saipan/Peleliu) and Revell-boxed (Saipan) kits are fetching prices above 60 $, sometimes reaching even the three-digit level. And then some weeks ago at Scalemates I have found the assembly instruction sheet (in PDF) of Italeri 1:720 USS Nassau that I (and thousands of other people) thought to be the rebox of the crude 1970s-vintage Revell 1/720 Tarawa/Saipan kit. Then I compared the Italeri sheet with Dragon one and the conclusion shocked me totally: the 1/720 as stated on the box and instruction sheet cannot be true - this mistifaction has been done by Italeri perhaps only to "fit into" their line of 1/720 ships. And Italeri #530 USS Nassau can be easily bought for 20 Euros ! In 5 days such an opportunity appeared on Ebay and in next 3 days the kit in pristine condition (wrapped/unopened box) joined my stash. After opening the box you can find the sealed bag of plastic sprues labelled "Made in China by DRAGON" and all the sprues are identical to DRAGON 1/700 Tarawa-class ships. Even on decals set there's "1/700 USS Nassau" inscription and THIS IS THE TRUE... Nevertheless the kit features the airwing consisting of 4 AV-8B Harriers, 4 CH-46E Sea Knights and 2 CH-53E Super Stallions - the same aircraft are already standing on the deck of my 1/700 USS Wasp LHD-1 model by HobbyBoss. Wanting to differentiate these two amphibious ship class a little I decided to build the USS Nassau with her 1982 airwing. Of course 1982 means no AV-8B and no CH-53E. Moreover the aircraft supplied by Dragon/Italeri can be only called the caricatures of the original thing. So I dug my drawer a little to find several Trumpeter/HB aircraft surplus to fit the deck of USS Wasp and USS Nimitz. The lone AV-8B will be modified to represent the AV-8A, while two CH-53Es will be backdated to the CH-53D standard. Then I'd like to build 3 or 4 UH-1Ns using parts of SH-60s and (if patience allows) scratch-build some 2 or 3 OV-10 Broncos. So let's look at the Harriers: The main fuselage is almost the same. The nose must be shortened, the canopy lowered and the tailplane leading edge must be modified too. The biggest task however is modifying the wing - AV-8A had shorter span, more sweep, outriggers closer to the wingtips and the LERX must be omitted. Here you can see the AV-8A fuselage and the tailplanes after surgery (there's an unmodified AV-8B left on the same sprue): Then there are the Stallions: Here also happily the main fuselage is the same. The sponsons must be shortened, the third engine deleted (as will be one rotor blade too), the tailboom must be shortened and thinned, both vertical and horizontal tail must be shortened and the dorsal "hump" must be seriously modified. After all these operations cutting 0.8mm off each tail rotor blade and 1.4mm off each main rotor blade looks trivial. Here you have the modified CH-53D airframe next to the "stock" CH-53E also awaiting paint job: And here some old joke - a safety match just to remind you how tiny the 1/700 aircraft really are. To be continued Cheers Michael
  17. My dear modeller friends, here I am again with another tribute to the Falklands War veterans. I would like to recreate, with my modest skills, a diorama representing the return of the HMS INVINCIBLE from the Falkland war as was on this picture: HMS Invincible returns home following the Falklands Conflict, 1982 by Franco Segato, su Flickr I used a 1/700 Dragon Premium Edition Kit with the addition of 1/700 Eduard Royal Navy and Passengers figures It was quite difficult to find the celebrating boats around the aircraft carrier, but I mostly used what I had on my stash, so it's not perfectly the same as the picture... Anyway, this is the result, hoping you'll enjoy it... PS: Sorry for the pictures but I don't have a studio with the right lights IMG_20190312_175319 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190312_175348 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190312_175455 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190312_175502 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190312_175513 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190312_175328 by Franco Segato, su Flickr Now she's resting near the HMS EXETER, my previous work: IMG_20190312_175734 by Franco Segato, su Flickr HMS Sheffield next...
  18. My fellow modellers, good afternoon. I've starter this old Revell model (Note the price in Italian L'ira, so, bought before the Euro, and in my stash for a lot of time) in order to improve my skills in recreating a better seascape diorama. IMG_20190113_100952 by Franco Segato, su Flickr For this reason I've tryed a different approach from what I've used on my first attempt with the 1/700 Pearl Harbour Diorama. Instead of using the alluminium foil on a foam base, I modelled the foam using the wood stucco and creating the waves pattern. I've painted the whole base with black and blue, then I applied a coat of gel for the water transparency and finished with some cotton for the bow waves. The model was built OOB, I have just added some railrings remaining of my previous buildings. This the final result. Disclaimer: Be aware that the pictures were taken on my working bench on evening, with my phone camera. IMG_20190120_164240 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190120_164320 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190120_164251 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190120_164307 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190120_164320 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190120_164430 by Franco Segato, su Flickr Thank you for watching, and any suggestion will be appreciated. Franco
  19. My dear modeller friends, a lot of time passed before I could finish this work. But I've just finished!! It was my intention to finish the diorama for the anniversary of the Pearl Harbour attack, but personal problem took me out of my intentions. Anyway, let me present you my last work, my first 1/700 model and, last but not least, my first maritime diorama. I never tried to work on a so little model, as I was afraid for the very little pieces and difficulty on working with them, but after seeing a lot of your works, I tried. I bought the 1/700 Dragon USS Arizona winning an auction on the "bay", then during one of my trip, I found on sale the 1/700 Flyhawk USS Ward and the idea of a diorama come up. My intention was to replicate the day before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, when the battleship USS Arizona was lying down on the harbour mooring quays, and USS Ward destroyer was starting her duty on patrolling the bay. The USS Ward was the first US Navy unit to fire to a Japanese unit that was trying to enter on Pearl Harbour for a torpedo attack The 7th December 1941, during her patrolling duty she discovered a Japanese mini submarine, she attacked firing and sinking it, she also gave the alarm to the US command but her Captain's alarm was ignored. Then the disaster arrived! On reality the USS Arizona was sided with a working ship, the USS Vestal on her renoval duty, but I couldn't find any model of this scale, and so I decided to replicate a "near reality" diorama! Anyway this is my interpretation and realization.... IMG_20181231_155851 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20181231_160140 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20181231_155949 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20181231_155256 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20181231_155222 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20181231_155112 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20181231_155104 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20181231_155019 by Franco Segato, su Flickr Hope you like it. I also wish you a very very pleasant and happy new year to all of you. Franco
  20. I have wanted this ship ever since,my Dad serviced on her,and I went aboard her ,in the late 70's.I will not go into her history ,there is plenty of books and on the net.I will talk about the kit.Its not the same standard as Flyhawk or Orange hobby,but I don't care.I have added a lot of detail around the walk ways and added more detail to the bridge.All the boat decks are not wide enough and the ships boats are not correct. You will need two sets of decals ,the reason ,I will show when I down load the photo's.The photo etching is to the high stardard from Peter Hall. Ever since I received the kit I have been working on her.First had to add the stern deck.Interesting approach . I have not added that much detail in the stern ,looked at my other carriers and realised it was not worth it.
  21. No, I'm not angry with Trumpeter... I'm totally furious! There's no injection 1/700 (or even 1/720) Midway class carrier on the market. There's no decent 1/700 Forrestal class nor the CVN-65 Enterprise too. The only decent 1/700 supercarrier (save the Nimitz class) kit on the market was the Fujimi CV-63 Kitty Hawk. And now a new supercarrier kit appears! Which one? Of course the CV-63 Kitty Hawk... Has anybody of you seen this "marvel"? Is it any better than the Fujimi one? Why are those kit manufacturers so stupid? A good Midway, Forrestal or Enterprise could give them much more money than Kitty Hawk will. After all every cold war carrier modeller all over the world had 20 years time - enough to buy the Fujimi kit. Cheers Michael
  22. Dear Colleagues After 3 years work off and on I finally finished the beast. You are looking at the 1/700 Fujimi kit of Kaga from late 1941 with Fujimi’s own PE and wood planking extra. Then it is dressed with Veteran models 12.7 cm AA guns, Lion Roar 25 mm AA guns, davits, Nanodread life boats and searchlights, Rainbow launches (I could go on). The sponson supports are largely scratch built. I am particularly proud of the Zeros waiting to take off. Rather than use decals these were spray painted using my own home-made masks. She was originally designed to be a battleship but following the limits of the Washington Treaty was converted to an aircraft carrier in 1933 initially with 2 flying off decks but this was then changed to having two enclosed hanger decks in 1935. In line with the doctrine of the time she retained a battery of 8" guns for self defence. With Akagi she formed the 1st Carrier Division which struck at Pearl Harbour. She was sunk at Midway in 1942. Hope you like it? Andrew
  23. Back in the 1980s Skywave issued a series of tiny aircraft kits to go along with the Waterline Series ships in 1/700 scale. These kits were simple but nicely done; this particular set contained four B-17s and two PBY Catalinas - and there were even decals! I started with the PBY; a mere 8 parts out of the box, and the wing floats can be depicted either deployed or retracted! This was a straightforward build. The propeller hubs were .023 inch discs cut from .010 inch thick sheet plastic. Other than the wing support struts, the only other improvement I made to the kit was to add guns to the forward turret and side blisters with fine brass wire attached with Elmer’s glue.
  24. I wasn’t originally intending to document this build, but following a brief exchange in the Maritime Discussion section of the forum I have decided that I should share my trials and tribulations with this kit. Unlike my other build posts I am starting this part way through my build so there are no photographs of the box, instructions or sprue. So for the pre- amble; I was given this kit of HMS Invincible as a birthday present and it has been in languishing in my stash for a good few years along with the White Ensign PE set which I bought to go with it. Revell no longer make this kit but it is still available through Dragon along with Illustrious and Ark Royal in later guises. I have elected to depict Invincible as she was prior to the Falklands war because I have a soft spot for the blue/white colour scheme of the Sea Harriers. It is my intention to keep to the original kit as much as possible but there will be one or two minor tweeks to the kit but nothing on the scale of Bootneck’s Victorious model so this should be quite a straight forward build. As I have already mentioned I have made a start by gluing the hull components together and converting the model to waterline in common with my other ship models. This was a relatively simple evolution as the kit has a moulded line for a guide. The fo’c’sle part needed a bit of filling to mould it into the shape of hull but on the whole the parts fitted together nicely. This is the point where the modifications to the kit start. There are openings in the “garden wall” that surrounds the fo’c’sle that need to be cut out. These are for the fairleads for the fo’c’stle mooring equipment. The fairleads themselves (which I have not fitted yet) are included on the PE fret. I am using a set of Jecobin plans for reference along with a number of books I had picked up along the way. Sticking with the hull (if you excuse the pun); I have removed the moulded on markings on the flightdeck. However it is important to remember the locations of the aircraft lifts, and so I scored the positions around a template. I was tempted at cutting out a lift and depict an aircraft being moved from the hangar to the flightdeck but thought better of it in the end as it didn’t fit with the minor tweek philosophy. Next steps for the hull will be to paint the flightdeck and start the fitting the photoetch grills and details for the cut outs. Thanks for looking.
  25. Hello all! I have recently been getting interested in the older range of Tamiya 1/700 waterline ships. Over the years I have built plenty of them, but never Japanese subjects. When I was in my local model shop I noticed a couple of boxes which were cheap but had multiple kits in them, and I chose the Japanese Military Transport set. It had two kits in it, and was only £7.50. Of course, the costs did not stop there, as I feel ships are incomplete if unadorned by etch, so I ordered some Eduard stuff: IJN railings, watertight doors and inclined ladders, just to give the kits a bit more detail. First up I did the Tank transporter. I rigged it with Uni Caenis fly-tying thread, and added two lots of the etch, but found that the ladders were too big for the ship, which was a shame. I don't know if Eduard over-scaled them or something. The railings were very awkward - they had individual stanchions for fitting to the deck, and despite using CA gel and/or PVA they fell off if you just looked at them. I tried to weather the ship a bit with Tamiya weathering powders but may have overdone it a bit: One obvious thing missing to my eyes was the row of scuttles along the side. On the next kit I did, the Submarine launcher, I remedied that and drilled out scuttles following the box artwork. This time I trimmed off the stanchions and made the ship have two-bar railings. It was tricky trying to deal with the sheer on the bows and the angle down aft, and I did not quite get the rails to line up properly. Again I used UniCaenis thread for rigging, but I also used some speaker-wire cable core for the derrick cables. The masts are too thick I think, and could have done with being replaced (if I have not mangled the language) and that is the plan for my next ship from Tamiya. Once again the inclined ladders were too large. Each one of these gives me practice, I have another set with three vessels in it and they seem to be a newer mould, from in the 1990's rather than 1970's for this set. Thanks for looking, Ray PS I think I may have posted the Tank Landing Craft before, but I thought it was a good idea to show both together as they are from the same box.
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