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Found 123 results

  1. Well I started back up again as the Northern Australian build up has started for this coming Wet Season and in the last few weeks we have seen about a 100mm at both of our rural properties here in Darwin as the dry/ fire season was a little loose and crazy is probably a bit of an understatement to say the least. Will post some footage and pic’s down the track. Anyway my plan of attack was to complete for this year was too finish of the J Class, Minelayer, the two L Classes and the Cruiser. Before starting some DKM ships, but I have no cans of Sovereign Colourcoats 507c to finish of my RN ships and I don’t have a micro saw to tart up my DKM ships. So the choice got narrowed down to a couple of Wiff’s but can’t find hardware on Shapeways aka Radars and Missile etc, so I had a look at paints and bits and pieces laying about with a bit of reading along the way. So the Illustrious Class Carrier hit the W Balderstone, Sons and Co Shipyard. I’m hoping to base this build on one of the Carriers around late 41 to early 42 in the Indian Ocean/ SEA Area of Operations. Including the one that hit a wee rock during its work up in the West Indies at the time. The first lot of pictures will be on the heavy side as I have been a bit busy with some DVA stuff and medical appointments also the RWC got in the way as well. Note none of my 3 teams got to the final Ireland, Wales and the AB’s. So here goes, First off I have drilled out a number openings the blanked out by using a number of drill bits by hand using a pin hand drill and then using a file. I got a little bit loose with the file and to use some modelling bog/ putty and after it cued over night some gentle filling and sanding. I’ve adding some .2mm, but mainly its .4mm plastic card as it seems to be the right thickness and created a bit of depth and shading by placing longitudinal strips which were section off. At the stern I had to a bit of bog to seal up the gaps around the quarter deck. (See below) I started this yesterday this part of construction. The first of many sectioned beams and a lot of sand with a little bit filling has gone on to attach this wee piece of card. Once it was dry fitted and happy with it I then wack it with a bit super/ CA glue. This part is going a tad slow and maybe 1to 2 pieces a day. (See below) Today’s main effort was fitting the spaces/ beams or whatever the are called around the bottom end of the Illustrious Class Carrier and I’ve bog up the very end bits which I will attack tomorrow for an hour or so. (See below) I never thought I would be doing advanced modelling techniques that this stage as I’ve only got back into modelling 24 so mths ago. I hope I do this model some justice along the way and hopefully do a period style B&W photo shoot once I have do the other models on those dark days in 42 in the SEA area of operations and what could’ve been if all dices fell the right way?
  2. A second Nautilus build here running alongside my Pegasus Hobbies build of the same, but with totally different looks and characteristics of Jules Vern's famous submarine from the depths of 20K Leagues - or in this case, straight from the big screen back in 2004 and the 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' film staring Sean Connery. This is a hard to find and expensive kit in original release from WAVE models - there are some very cruddy resin rip-offs of it out there which I considered in past years, but having now got myself an original and having now had a good look at the very light decorative relief work on the outside of the sub, I would think that any long-run resin copies will fail to display the superb detail and probably be prone to twisting when being cast - this is a very elegant shape and could easily qualify as a Concorde of the Oceans in looks alone. Here we go.... the box. It measures in at around 14 inches in length and about 1/2 inch wide a few of the internal parts installed prior to the water intakes and propeller wells being sprayed White Aluminium
  3. The fighting might have ended with VE day or with VJ day, but, for some, there was still work to be done. Amoung those who's contribution continued after the fighting were the crews and ships of the Royal Navies minesweeper flotillas many of whom did not return home until 1946. My plan is to build Starling Model's 1/700 Algerine minesweeper as a member of the 12th Minesweeping Flotilla in summer 1945. There is a long discussion of 12th Minesweeper Flotoilla camouflage in this thread: Much of that discussion is based around a (rather spectacular) 1942/3 scheme. There is enough detail in that thread to show the ships as they were in 1945. (Iff this build works, I may come back to the 1943 scheme for another group build. Maybe the MTO GB in September?). Reference: Lots of photos at the Imperial War Museum, including a collection of (July 1945) photos of MINESWEEPERS HARD AT WORK TO MAKE SEAS SAFE AGAIN. (link https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/search?query=minesweepers hard at work ) Sorry for the shouting, I copy/pasted the IWM title.
  4. Hello all, my final build for this GB is the Fujimi IJN Matsu. This was very kindly sent to me by @PeterB last week. He has told me that the model is a bit of a hybrid, as it does not have a rounded transom, but a squared-off one which was on the later Tachibana class, and has the bridge and foremast of the early Matsu class. I will build it as it comes in the box, so it will be a Matsu-ish. Anyway, the box and contents: Note that there are not too many parts! The instructions look to be well drawn, and with English text: I have had a look at my upgrade sets which I have left over from a couple of my other projects, and I may be able to improve some aspects of the look. Now, although the instructions are in English, the paint guide on the back of the box is decidedly not: It suggests an overall grey finish, but as I cannot read the text, I am not sure. However, in the instructions there is an English section which shows this: This states that the decks were linoleum colour (light brown). Now, this gives me to wonder if I should follow the written guide, and have something a little more colourful. Peter has also suggested that some references say that some Destroyers did have lino decks in some parts, painted over in others. There are tie-down strips all over the main deck on this model, so I may well do an all-over linoleum, and try to get the brass effect for the tie-downs. I have given the hull a good spraying with Tamiya Grey Primer, and this time I am also going to try to add the scuttles. After completing the Hibiki earlier, I think a ship looks wrong without them. This model too has none moulded along the hull sides. That is it for now, more soon with luck! All the best, and thanks Peter for the model, you are a 'Top Chap'! Ray
  5. Hi, my first posting on the ships forum. I got this little kit but beautifully formed, as an exercise in rigging for as yet to be made WW1 Wingnut Wings biplanes. Like everything else ignorance can be bliss until ignorance rears its ugly head and I found out some of the rigging was not worth the patience or the trials... My colour vision is not the greatest so I've relied on AK ship weathering to help put some Atlantic crossings on the ship. Problems with posting photos I'm happy with the ropes that controlled the derricks and the mast stays but when I tried to place the ropes that would have controlled the crane hook I just couldn't work behind the rigging that had been set up previously. Still some way to go but I think I've reached the peak and now on the way to completion.
  6. Hello all. My Combrig HMS Gloucester 1910 has stalled for the time being. I need to scratch build the masts, and they are quite complex. At the moment, I cannot concentrate enough to do it justice, so I searched the stash for something a little less complex, and in the fourth hiding place place I looked, I found this: The Kumano was one of the Mogami class. It had 15 15cm guns in five triple turrets, twelve torpedo tubes and eight 12.7cm high angle guns. It was completed in 1937, and met its fate at Leyte Gulf. Beyond that, I will need to do some research! The kit was originally produced in 1971 according to the date stamp on the main runners, and to me it looks well detailed. The box states 'copyright 1994, so this is a later production run. There is very little flash or mould join lines, so should not need much cleaning up. Now, the parts: Three original runners, it is surprising how such a complex ship can have so few parts. There were two extra runners (identical to each other): These runners are for better detailed armament, ship's boats and davits, aircraft and catapaults, searchlights, and Chrysanthemum crests (two sizes). I will add some of these bits if I can figure out which are required. One thing which is needed, is the Type 94 Recon seaplane, the Alf. The detailing is much better than the original one, and there are two of them. The kit shows two in the instructions, but only one on the original runners. I wonder if the extra runners were always included with the kit? Anyway, here is Alf (parts 6, 9, and 11): The hull looks lovely, there are scuttles along the hull flanks. I usually like to add photo etch to my ships, it seems to improve them no end, but I will give that a miss on this one. I do not have a dedicated set for this, and I cannot see how to get straight railings to conform to the intense sheer at the bow: I will be using Humbrol paints, all by hairy stick. I have a rare beast, namely a Tamiya ship model with English instructions. I have used Humbrol's paint conversion charts to decide on the colours. As we cannot get to shops at the moment, I will have to use a mix of enamel and acrylic paints. I hope to get started on this tomorrow, so, any advice, hints or tips will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ray
  7. Seeing all the great Models in the group build persuaded me to get involved, as I have never done a group build before, any advice would be appreciated. I decided to use the old sky wave 1/700 scale kit, that comes with 2 O& P class destroyers in . ( the kits an old one as I'm returning to the hobby after a while, and I had to start on the stash some time ). The plan was to do one of the models as HMS Oribi, almost straight from the box with the addition of a WEM etch set A bit of research later showed that the 'R' class was slightly longer than the proceeding O & P class ships, so one of the models was lengthened at the Bow. Otherwise the O,P,Q, and R classes were almost identical visually deck detail cleared, and etch railing going down Now back to the day job, hopefully I will have an update soon
  8. One Japanese ship modeler Dai Sasahara 笹原大 builds awesome and great models in 1/700 scale. His works pushes the limits of the possible This is real nanotechnology in modeling! Everyone who makes models on a scale of 1/700 or 1/350 should get acquainted with his work and learn for yourself a lot of new and useful. And inspire yourself to new projects He wrote this books And I want to share and show his brilliant models for all of you Battleship Mutsu 1933 1/700 P.S. for moderators - If this topic is in wrong subforum, you can move them to the correct subforum.
  9. Back in around 1970 I came across the Japanese 1/700 scale waterline ship series, which was a collaboration between 4 of the main Japanese kit makers – Aoshima, Fujima, Hasegawa and Tamiya, intended to produce examples of just about all classes of ships operated by the IJN during WWII. Initially each company was allocated a particular class and built at least 2 - one early and one late version. In the case of smaller classes such as Carriers and Battleships they usually built the whole lot. Later they introduced a small number of British, German and US ships, and other companies joined in such as Trumpeter and Matchbox. I built a lot over a 10 or so year period then gave up. However, there was one ship I needed to complete all the main IJN light cruisers – a Sendai class, and about 10 years ago I got one. I now intend to build it as part of this GB. There is not much in the box but it will give me something to do in between the various stages of my EA-6A. A little background seems appropriate. In very general terms, before WWI cruisers fell into 2 groups – large, heavily armed “protected or armoured” cruisers and the smaller “unprotected” cruisers with little or no armour and smaller guns. By the end of the war they mutated into 3 groups. The armoured cruisers generally were reduced in size and restricted by treaty to 8” guns max – these were the Heavy Cruisers. However some countries also built even larger versions which were Battlecruisers. The unprotected cruisers became Light Cruisers with max 6” guns. One of the more successful wartime classes of light cruiser were the British “Town” class and the follow up C Class, and the IJN brought out their own versions starting with what I will call the Tenryu Class – there is some debate about class naming with authors varying on which ship name to use! All the following data is from Anthony Watts Ian Allan book “Japanese Warships of WWII” of 1966 – length is between perpendiculars (pp) not waterline, displacement is standard not full load, ie no crew, stores, fuel and ammo. The 2 Tenryu's of 1918 were small ships of 3230 tons, 440 ft long pp and armed initially 6 single 5.5” guns and 6x21in Torpedo Tubes (TT) – I say armed initially as armament changed on all ships over a period of time. They were followed a year or so later by the 5 ship Kuma Class – 5870 tons, 490 ft pp, 7x 5.5” and 8x24”TT, and a couple of years after that the 6 ship Nagaras – 5170tons, 490ft pp, 7x5-5” and 8x24inTT. Following the one off experimental Yubari the last of the “Town”/C Class variants was to be the 6 ship Sendai class, but only 3 were build due to a combination of tonnage restrictions in the Washington Treaty and the decision to build something more modern. Their particulars were 5195 tons. 490ft pp, 7x 5-5in and 8x24inTT. The rearrangement of the boilers and turbines meant that they had 4 funnels instead of the three in the preceding classes. More once I start. Pete
  10. Three new 144th scale sets are available now. First being a PE set for Trumpeter's popular Su-27/Su-30 kits, second – a double PE set for the rather exquisite ClearProp Ki-51 Sonia kit and the third – FuG 202 Luftwaffe WW2 radar antennae set. Three new 1/700 scale sets also have reached our shelves: IJN Cable Reels, 20mm Oerlikon Single Machine Guns and USN Mark 38 and Mark 37 Directors for Fast Battleships. Our web store remains open, the orders can be placed, but please be aware that postal services are severely limited at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemics. Any orders placed now will be packed and prepared for shipping. Important: the actual shipping will take place only after regular postal services are restored. Stay safe and best regards, Marek
  11. This build will be of IBG's HMS Zetland, a Hunt II class destroyer in 1942. I don't have much reference fo the model, so will build OOB. To give you an idea how big - or small - the model is ...
  12. This is a first for me - a resin kit. HMS Renown (together with HMS Zetland), will be my first steel ship - I've had a go at tall ship in the (distant) past, but never something this modern. The box: And, just to show how big this thing is, the hull HMS Renown was laid down in 1893, launched in 1895, and commisioned in 1897. In 1914, just before the First World War, she was sold for scrap. This build is to model HMS Renown as she was in 1905 ...
  13. Hello all! I have just finished a delightful little kit, the Flyhawk 1/700 scale German G-39 Torpedo Boat from 1916. It was a wonderful model to put together, and I added to it by obtaining the optional upgrade set with etch and three minute turned brass gun barrels. I had no issues with the model, except the titchiness of some of the parts. An example? the anchors. they had a central arm moulded in, and they needed to be cut off. Now, the anchors are as small (or smaller) than a pin-head, and, you have guessed it, one went down the maw of the carpet monster. Now, this carpet in my room is a bit of a straggly one, but within 10 seconds, my beedy eyes had found the part, and I still cannot believe it! I attached the model to the sea base early on (there are a couple of propeller guards made of etch attached aft) for safety, and I found that to be useful as a handling aid too. I only realised later that the guards would hinder the wake pattern I still had to do. Getting the masts off the runners was a heart-in-mouth moment but I did not mangle them, and I also managed to get them rigged with UNI-Caenis fly-tying thread and a hint of CA. They went on a little slack but I put a heated pin (carefully) close by and that tightened them up (and possibly bent the masts a smidge). I rigged the flag to the mast prior to adding the mast to the ship. Here she is: The paints were Colourcoats for the main hull, ventilator openings, and waterline; Humbrol H27 for the deck, and Revell for the ship's boat interiors. The torpedo handling rails(?) were picked out with a silver pencil run along the tracks. One gun barrel was scratch built because the lovely turned brass one fell off and I could not find that. Finally, the obligatory pen-shot for size comparison: Thanks for looking, now I am off to restart my 'Knight Templar' build again, I have left it alone for far too long... Ray
  14. After a very, very long build I'm calling this finished. Tamiya's USS Enterprise built out of the box except for some help from Eduard's etched set. Finished with Lifecolor paints. Cheers
  15. This is the Hobby Boss 1/700 kit, very nice indeed. All I added was a couple of Eduard crew figures. The base is polystyrene block so I could scoop out the distinctive wake pattern around the bow. I only used the upper half of the hull to make it waterlined. The rest of the sea is putty and white glue waves, acrylic painted, with gloss heavy gel for the water effect. This is a unique Special Operations attack sub in the USN - its predecessor (USS Parche, a veteran Sturgeon-class SSN) became the most highly decorated ship in the US Navy history. Looks like a long and successful career awaits the Carter! Alan
  16. Hello all! I have just finished a little beauty of a kit, the Combrig 1/700 sea-going tug. It is marketed as the Russian tug 'Rus', but the illustration on the box shows her in her earlier guise of 'Roland'. I got it from Mike at Starling Models. Built in 1903, Roland was, the the time, the world's largest ocean-going tugboat. She was bought by Russia in 1904 and was eventually sailed on the ill-fated expedition to Tsushima. She was in a collision with the Russian collier Anadyr, and after the crew were taken off, eventually sunk by Japanese vessels. I have searched high and low for references, but came up with a blank. I found an article on Wikipedia, then promptly could not find it thereafter! I have found no build of it either. I therefore (notice how I did not start that sentence with 'so'!) used the sole photograph on the box as my guide. The instructions are fairly basic (as usual with Combrig), there were no colour guides either, so what I have ended up with is conjecture. It is a small model with good detail (how accurate I know not), and went together very easily. Being resin, some parts were brittle - a davit was in four pieces when I got it, and an anchor was in two. Being a modeller, I cracked on with the job and used my initiative, so the finished result has two ship's boats rather than three, and a repaired anchor. As usual with newer Combrig kits, this came with no masts, so I was able to try out my still new-found skills at soldering. I need to find out how to solder with solder paint, it should hopefully improve the joints on these small pieces of brass. However, I cannot do that yet, so the files came out and I filed off a lot of the excess solder. Location holes for the funnels and ventilators were just the right size and needed no adjustment. Things like the bollards and capstans were just glued to the deck. For a lot of the gluing, I used PVA as most of the stuff was not load-bearing. I used AmmoMIG rigging line (0.02mm) for the rigging secured with a hint of CA. The name-plates were printed out using the 'ARIAL' font at 3 and 5pt size settings, in Bold. Railings were from Atlantic Models, their Superfine Railings. The base was MDA, covered with some textured card and painted with Humbrol enamels, a mix of Midnight Blue and Medium Sea Grey. I depicted the surface as a 'calm sea' so no white horses. The wake was a departure for me, I tried something new. I spread out some thin PVA where I thought the wake would be and mixed in some 'No Sand Polyfiller'. This is a very light mix, and with a bit of working around with a probe, produced the effect I was after. The wash on the outside of the wake was the same principle, but I worked the pollyfiller in a bit more with water, that left a more light, foamy impression. Any way, enough waffle, her she is: I may have made her going at a fair old clip. I have not been able to find out her top speed. Will you forgive me please? As a last photograph, here she is with the obligatory pen for size comparison: Thanks for looking (and reading!). All the best, Ray
  17. Hi All, Just finished this in the 'Year I was Born' GB and thought I'd put a couple of pics up here as well. If your interested then the wip can be found here. I'll be building the Dragon moulding of the same kit soon as I intended to build both in the GB but ran out of time... I'll be starting a wip for that soon. Geoff
  18. My dear modeller friends, here I am again with another tribute to the Falklands War veterans. I would like to recreate, with my modest skills, a diorama representing the return of the HMS INVINCIBLE from the Falkland war as was on this picture: HMS Invincible returns home following the Falklands Conflict, 1982 by Franco Segato, su Flickr I used a 1/700 Dragon Premium Edition Kit with the addition of 1/700 Eduard Royal Navy and Passengers figures It was quite difficult to find the celebrating boats around the aircraft carrier, but I mostly used what I had on my stash, so it's not perfectly the same as the picture... Anyway, this is the result, hoping you'll enjoy it... PS: Sorry for the pictures but I don't have a studio with the right lights IMG_20190312_175319 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190312_175348 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190312_175455 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190312_175502 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190312_175513 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190312_175328 by Franco Segato, su Flickr Now she's resting near the HMS EXETER, my previous work: IMG_20190312_175734 by Franco Segato, su Flickr HMS Sheffield next...
  19. Can anyone confirm the correct colour scheme for this model and what would be the correct paints for using Sovereign Colourcoats Paints. .
  20. Hi Guys, Bit of a long shot. For no other reason than it's my user name, what are my options for building the carrier HMS Courageous that was sunk in 1939. I know of the HP Models 1/700 offering of Courageous. Glorious and Furious but they seem as rare as hens teeth at the moment. I don't know if their are plans that could be used? I don't think their is a Courageous Class Cruiser available as a donor and what sacrilege that would be if their was. I think my only option is to wait for an HP offering, unless you guys know anything different? Stuart
  21. My last finish is this 1/700 IJN Shimakaze from Tamiya. Good kit, it's been fun making her. A pre-painting shot first. Nanond N.
  22. Morning guys, As I winkle my way through building up my destroyer stash for that rainy day, how can I get myself a battle class? Destroyers are a sideline from my usual stuff and because of that, I build them in 1/700 scale only. As far as I can tell, no kit exists in this scale, so can I cut and shut other kits or am I looking at a scratch build? TIA. Stuart
  23. At 17.15 on the 25th of April 1978, in Swan Hunters Neptune Yard, the wife of the Secretary of State for Defence performed the traditional christening at the launch of what would become HMS Exeter, D89. She was a Type 42 Destroyer, second batch, and carried Sea Dart missiles along with a Mk8 4.5" gun. She would go on to serve with distinction in the Royal Navy for over 28 years. Several months later, in Frimley Park Hospital, with a much reduced crowd and to a lot less ceremony, (Although I wouldn't put it passed my Dad to have opened a bottle on my head, may ask him about that) I appeared. A batch one Son, armed, eventually, with large front teeth (x2), ginger hair (as launched, over time this has thinned and darkened) and a warped sense of humour. Would go on to do a lot of stupid stuff (distinction in stupidity) around the world until being tied up (married) at the same time as Exeter was put into Extended Readiness. So this is my entry to the GB, HMS Exeter D89 1/700 by Dragon. I also have the Skywave/Pit Road boxing of this kit so I may do two entry's, well see as we go. At first I was going to build her just because She was launched in '78, was a RN ship, and there was a kit of her avaliable at a sensible price. But the more I looked into her service, and history, the more I found strange mirrors to my own life. -Falklands in '82, Just as I started school and the first thing I really remember watching on the news with my Dad, who's ex RN and had only been out a few years then. -Gulf War, same time as I moved to Secondary school. -A score of deployments to places I've subsequently been to myself. -She entered Extended Readiness at the same time I stopped wandering the world and got hitched, so She stopped having fun at the same time as me! She'll be spruced up with the White Ensign Type 42 Destroyer Photo Etch, which happily comes with enough parts for two kits(I know one set is for the extended batch 3 ships, a bit of trimming may be needed). I'm looking to do her as She was in the Falklands, with her hull coated in an experimental vivid bright blue co-polymer, anti-fouling boot topping. She also had a black stripe up from the boot topping to the funnel as the Argentinean Navy had their own Type 42's. I'm not sure that I'll do her in a sea scape, I want to but well see if time allows. Obligatory spruce shots, All untouched and in the bags, even the PE which ironically was delivered today, Just in time for the kick off of the GB! I'm really looking forward to this group build, think it'll be a lot of fun! Sorry for the long introduction, couldn't help myself! Well I'm ready to go, will be posting progress soon, and a bit of the history of the ship as we go. Any and All welcome to join in and see what happens to the kit, should be interesting. Happy Modelling All Geoff
  24. Can someone help me out on this on for my Illustrious Class Carrier build is it a part of the manufacturing process or someone’s half bottom attempt of a catwalk? If it is a catwalk how would one attempt to make the real McCoy and would the measurements be?
  25. Looks like another new injection molded ship kit manufacturer, and their first kit is the light fleet carrier HMS Colossus. The box hopefully says "Easy to build plastic model kit." So that's encouraging! https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10638799 More info here: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=37762&p=796739&hilit=colossus#p796739
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