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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I have just finished building the Artesania Latina revenue cutter Dallas, 1815. During the early 19th century, the American Revenue Marine (Coast Guard) was engaged in a variety of roles, from enforcement of revenue laws to the suppression of slave trading and piracy. The Dallas is typical of those cutters employed by the Revenue Marine at that time. This is my second wooden scale model ship (my first was the Artesania Latina schooner Rhoda Mary, also posted on this website). The stem-piece, keel, stern-post and rudder were of different shades of walnut wood, so I stained them to make them all look the same. I continued this theme by staining the bulwark and added a second strip of stained walnut to the wale. In addition I planked the transom using stained walnut strips, and stained the masts and spars. The eagle, stars and lettering on the transom are after market items, as are the barrel, buckets, and stand. Thank you to Cornwall Model Boats and Blue Jacket Ships for supplying these parts. The instructions in this kit were much better than those provided in the first model ship I built. This was a great model for a novice like myself to build. I would like to thank Bart Gradecki for posting photos of his build, also on this site, as they helped me tremendously, and to all who left comments and encouragement in the work in progress section. Thanks! As always, comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thanks, Iain White
  2. Hello, I have started building the Artesania Latina revenue cutter Dallas, 1815. During the early 19th century, the American Revenue Marine (Coast Guard) was engaged in a variety of roles, from enforcement of revenue laws to the suppression of slave trading and piracy. The Dallas is typical of those cutters employed by the Revenue Marine at that time. This is my second wooden scale model ship (my first was the Artesania Latina schooner Rhoda Mary, also posted on this website). This is still in its early stages but I thought I'd post some images of the build so far. I wasn't happy with the bow and stern fillers provided in the kit, so I added some balsa blocks to fill in allowing more surface area for the glue to bond to. The planking is going slowly as I only have enough plank clamps to do two planks per night, but it is beginning to take shape. As always, comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thanks, Iain White
  3. Hi folks,I looked long and hard for another build and thought I'd let the old kit lunacy continue and see what I could do with the Smer 1/48 (really 1/50) Walrus,now I did one years ago and have to say it's not a bad kit for £6:99.A good platform for a bit of scratchbuilding cockpit wise and edging back into a larger scale too.Once the Kingfisher and Seahawk are done this and the other one I'm posting will be my "Dark Nights" project.
  4. Hi folk's fourth and last build will be this behemoth! Now what possesses anyone to replace an ancient failed Frog Swordfish with something that could be mistaken for a vacform it has so much flash is anybody's guess but I have,that said I reckon with a bit of scratchbuilding(I've applied to the local council for planning permission) a decent looking model could emerge,We'll see...............
  5. Hi! SMER Re 2000. Czech incarnation of Italian ARTIPLAST 1970 - years. Modest retro. Discussion about the copy and detail of the set to anything. Similar, okay. Forgotten scale, 1/50. The casts of dusty stamps praguers put away the new decal. Reproduced Re 2000 series 3, with a dull fairing. It seems to be the Navy air force, with a duck on the keel. In a series of 1/50 of the set are not orphan: held in the hands of FIAT Cr 32 and Macchi 200. Can be, available and other airplanes. The drawings are not used, they will not help. Only photos. Stock wheels replaced with homemade ones from 2K Tamiya epoxy putty . Changed the direction of the rotation of the propeller. New blades, new canopy slider. Canopy frames with foil. Made a skirt on the hood, imitation seams and snaps. I sanded all the surfaces. Navigation lights made from colored transparent plastic, thrust trim, antenna from fishing wire 0.1 mm, pitot tubes from an injection needle. Painted a combination of ready-made acrylic paints ARM Paint «spitfire green» and «74RLM», mixing and separately, at the bottom of a «light gray MiG-29». Verde and Grigio mimetico, on the general degree of similarity, tolerable. Color alternative offered of the Swedish air force, 1945. in camouflage. That`s not really my thing. Too mottled. Monochrome same dark surface sin not to rivet. Finishing effects with artistic oil paints. Enjoy watching!
  6. I just bought a Heller 1/50 Jaguar M - the aborted French Navy version - from eBay - but it has arrived without instructions. Does anyone have a set they could please scan for me? The 1/50 Jaguar A kit instructions are likely very similar, so those would do in a pinch. TIA!
  7. I built thus a few years ago but I don’t think I ever posted on here. The base models are Corgi 1:50 die-cast but have been heavily modified! The rotator body in the Scania is scratch built to my own design and the MAN was weathered with real ash and ground glass. Wrecker 1 by Brian Mather, on Flickr Wrecker 5 by Brian Mather, on Flickr Wrecker 2 by Brian Mather, on Flickr Wrecker 3 by Brian Mather, on Flickr Wrecker 4 by Brian Mather, on Flickr Not a patch on Tiking's take on the same theme here
  8. Another old ship I built. It is a Rewing boat wiking ship, scale 1/50. Judge yourself how an attempt was made to highlight the wood and shade the sail .
  9. I was looking on the website of a company that sells 1/48 cardboard hangars and buildings on eBay & noticed that they offer aircraft kits. The kit of a Boeing 767 in 1/50 stood out to me. I assume it’s almost a print to any scale idea a bit like Scalescenes for model rail buildings, where you download a pdf and provide your own card. Has anyone seen one / built one? https://sklep.gpm.pl/modele-kartonowe/samoloty/1/50-48/boeing-767-300-er-matt
  10. *** This is not GB entry, I thought I would pop it here to be with all its friends :D. My actual entry will be started shortly I got this model about 6 years ago. It was one of the original promotional desktop models given out by General Dynamics at the beginning of the F-111C program (I believe). I had been damaged and repaired by the owner and then passed on to an ACTSMS members to repair the repairs. I was told the owner passed away and the model no longer had a home. I was offered the model so I grabbed it to refurbish it. So I eagerly started to refurbish it Then in my usual way I had issues with the repaint and put it aside for about 5 years. So I masked up the base coat and got back into it The stand was repaired as well and repainted Masking removed. And now it is re-decalled, I used the Southern Sky 'Final F-111 Scheme 2010 ' sheet for this. I just need to repair a broken intake splitter plate and seal the decals and it will be finished
  11. A new project. This is a commission job for Champion Towing here in Winnipeg. The truck is a 2015 Peterbilt 367 tri axle with a Century rotator wrecker. The model is being much modified from the First Gear 1/50 Kenworth T880 wrecker. Much of the Kenworth donor truck is die cast. To make a Perbuilt I have to scratchbuild the hood, cab and sleeper along with all the small parts. I was luck and found a PDF Pete manual online with profile drawings and when I printed it, it was almost perfectly 1/50, so I had my pattern. You can see here the start of the hood and the cab side. These are cut from 0.060 sheet. I hope to cast the cab and hood so I can do this again (well maybe), have to learn how to cast the shape of a cab, unless I do it in parts. The grill came off the yellow toy Pete in the backround. It's closer to 1/48. I casted it and shaved about 1/2 mm off each side to narrow it, but i left the height. A long way to go yet. Here's the actual truck.
  12. A bit on the dark side, but got some pics of the truck outside in the snow. I had to take it to work to get the pictures, there's a small river right beside my work that gives a nice backround. Here's the link to the build. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234990977-150-2015-kenworth-t880-fuel-truck/
  13. Since I'm waiting for decals to finish off my F-8s, I'm building a truck. I was commissioned by the KW saleman who sold the actual truck, part of a fleet to Morgan Fuels. Morgan hauls bulk fuel for Esso in southern and central Ontario and sometimes Manitoba. The model is a First Gear KW T880. I was lucky and found it on evibay. I say lucky because the truck originally had a lowboy trailer, the seller had two that he kept the trailers from. I also found an International Durastar with the near correct tank. Making one from the two. I hope to sell the IH and the leftover KW parts and get some money back. The pictures ahow the actual truck(will be #49)and the other shows what I am starting with. Had some fun with the lift axle before removing it, ever wonder what a KW would look like with hydraulics? Here's where it is right now. Lots more trimming than I expected. Lengthened the rear of the tank, this covers the hose reels. When I glue the top and bottom of the tank body, I missed seeing that it should have been a bit taller. No way to cut this up so I had to ad frame rails under the original tank frame. Added to the rear bulkhead, made a new end cap. I couldn't decide to move the under body cabinets back or just cut them off and make new ones, well I cut them off. Most of the worst parts done now. The bag of sand was inside the tank, I guess just to weigh it down for the die cast effect? Also shown is the test page for the decals.
  14. This will be my first ever aircraft WIP. It follows on from some prompting, coercing and downright bullying from Nigel and company. My last few builds (3 in the SciFi forum, and one in the vehicle forum) left me somewhat battle scarred and traumatized and I needed an easy, trouble free build to relax me after pulling my hair out in the last few builds. I have wanted to do this aircraft for a while but it got pushed off to the side and overtaken by a couple of SciFi builds. Now it is time to give it the some attention. Not knowing much about the Dauphin, I looked at what was available and the closest kit to the aircraft I wanted to replicate appeared to be the old Heller kit. I've had it in the stash for some time and had actually started gluing a few pieces together a while back. While the kit has been neglected sitting on a shelf, I have been building a folder of reference photo's. Of course, once I really started looking at the photo's I realized there was quite a lot of work to do to the Heller kit to make it represent the aircraft I wanted to model. Starting with this screen shot of one of the Heller boxings..... Rotor Head: Kit is very basic and some scratch building will be needed to make it look better. Aerial faces wrong way on kit (easy fix) and the intake looks out of scale Some scratch building required in this area for bits hanging off aircraft Actual aircraft does not have spats. Heller kit has wheels molded into spats, so will have to find some alternative, and scratch build undercarriage More scratch building required to replicate more bits hanging off real aircraft. Heller kit tail comes to a knife edge - real aircraft has flat, blunt tail edge. Fenestron linkage is wrong Exhausts are completely incorrect. Kit exhausts are parallel with each other whereas the real aircraft exhausts are angled away from each other as they exit the aircraft. Additionally, the cowling around the exhausts on the real aircraft is markedly different from the kit profile. More scratch building required. Vents and access panels on kit cowling is different than the aircraft I am basing this build on. As mentioned earlier, this was supposed to be an easy, trouble free and relaxed build, and before I've even started, I have found a whole batch of things which need changed/fixed. Such is life I guess. Initial impressions of the kit are mixed. There is some finely molded detail which looks good, but on the other hand, there are raised panel lines (which, tbh, I really don't mind), but the biggest issue I have found so far, is the lack of positive alignment features for many of the parts. I have a few ideas of how to model the aircraft, (doors open, winch fitted etc.) but haven't fixed on a particular mode yet. As far as I am aware, there is no photo etch or upgrade parts available for this particular kit, so I'll have to make do with what I have. I should mention that I plan on doing aircraft HKG-1 of the RHKAAF around the 1982 time frame. Decals don't exist so I'll need to figure out how to do my own, and I think the paint job, though relatively simple, will be extremely difficult to get accurate. If anyone knows of a more accurate kit, please speak up before I commit myself too far down this tortuous path
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